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tv   Good Morning Washington  ABC  October 3, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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olympics. live, and in hd, this is "good morning washington" your side. 6:00 in the sat., october 3. we will get to the top stories in a moment. let's take a quick check of the saturday forecast. how is it looking out there? >> we have a cold front working per the region this morning. temperatures in the suburbs are in the low 50's. leesburg is 55 degrees. 53 degrees in winchester. there is some patchy fog out there that has reduced visibility. this front will slowly pushed to the east.
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most of the region is drug -- is dry. we still a couple of showers along the frontal boundary. there will be an isolated share this morning but otherwise, there will be sunshine in the mix. we will get up to 78 degrees. tomorrow is an even better day. will talk about what lies ahead next week. we like to see the sunshine. the fire storm continues over the firing of more than 315 d.c. public school workers. 229 of them were teachers. city officials say it helps to close a $44 million budget gap. the news is not sitting well with parents. >> the decision shook up the school system. we saw it firsthand at 1 ne high-school as class is let out. by the end of the day, police confirmed two people were
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arrested for disorderly conduct. the end of the school week turned violent as news of the laos quickly spread. >> they were upset to see that teachers were being escorted by police officers. >> the teachers got the nose on friday. -- the teachers got the news on friday. >> many teachers were let go or cut. i feel that was disrespectful. >> shortly after the last bell, emotions ran high. this video shows one girl on the ground. >> she was being thrown up against the gate and was being manhandled. >> this woman was being helped by an officer. >> i am in the middle of a big
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crowd and i was yelling at the top of my lungs. >> this frustration has triggered the teachers' union to step in. the group may file a lawsuit. >> there is no way you can remove 250 teacherclassroom ande repercussions. >> d.c. chance for michelle rhee says the majority of schools were not heavily infected. -- heavily affected. seniority played a small role in deciding who should be let go. thank you. this is not the only violence that d.c. schools for the d.c. national guard was called in to provide security at anacostia high school during the football game last night. this decision came hours after d.c. public schools canceled their contract with a security firm.
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there are major developments in the scandal surrounding dozens of d.c. taxi drivers and chief of staff for councilman jim graham. they are accused of paying $220,000 in bribes to the chairman of the d.c. taxi council. the fbi arrested three dozen others as part of a stink after the arrest. jim graham reiterated he has no role in this. >> this is further evidence of the fact that whatever is going on here, please, i am not the target of this investigation. >> last week, his chief of staff pleaded not guilty to charges that he promoted taxicab legislation in exchange for cash. the funerals for the victims of a murder/suicide will be held pretty vigil was held last week outside the home where they dalton family was found.
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the house been shot his wife and two children before turning the gun on himself. the funeral is set for 11:00 this morning. there are new questions surrounding maryland senator barbara mikulski. it is reported she paid $42 million in earmarked grants. $10.5 million is said to have gone to three companies who contributed to her campaign. the campaign contributions have no impact on her decision, she says. despite a speech to the international olympic committee, they voted to award the 2016 olympic games to rio de janeiro. >> the international olympic committee decision has left chicago stunned.
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>> it is heartbreaking. we don't know what to say. >> chicago was considered a front runner after president barack obama flew into the danish capital to help of a formal presentation. his adopted city was ousted earlier. >> i have no doubt that we did as good as possible. i am proud that i was able to come in and help make the case in person. >> now that his high-profile lobbying is embarrassing, critics are already attacking him. >> the world rejected obama'. >> the president was impotent and powerless and the white house does not want to put a prison in that position. >> impromptu carnival on the street in rio de janeiro erupted. it has been hard for the brazilian step to stay focused.
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>> we made it and we can do it. >> after two prior failed attempts, one citizen could not help but get emotional over the decision. >> this makes all lot of progress in my country. drivers be aware of major events around d.c. this weekend that will force street closures. today is the 23rd annual aids walk. street closures begin as early as 2:00 a.m. and will last until 3:00 this afternoon the 5. 63 degrees outside and still to come, the latest in a case from the david letterman. we will have a look at the man accused of extortion. we will have an update on michael jackson's children.
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your time and now 6:10 on saturday morning. you are looking lot of over d.c. this morning. it does not look bad this morning. a cold front is working its way through the region this morning. it has produced a couple of showers. it will be a fast-moving front. the rest of the weekend should be smooth sailing. let's show you the big picture. if we see a share this morning, which we have, it will be mainly east of the by-95 -- east of i5. the good news is, we will see that clear out. 64 degrees in fairfax.
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it will be warmer today in the upper 70's. we will get a check of the seven-day forecast coming up. a cbs employee is out on bail this morning after being charged with trying to extort millions of dollars from david letterman. he broke the story himself. >> i have or had sex with women who had worked with me on the show. my response to that is, y i have. [laughter] >> the comedian in ball being sexually involved with co- workers. robert halderman has pleaded not guilty to allegations that he demanded $2 million to not reveal the affairs. letterman got married this year. a california judge says he does not need future updates on michael jackson's children after
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it is found they are adjusting well to their grandmother's care. a court has appointed her the permanent guardian. the state has begun paying a $60,000 per month stipend to care for the children. 63 degrees outside and still ahead, some local science teachers get the lesson of a lifetime. thousands of feet above the ground. we will be right back.
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this is "good morning washington" your side. >> 6:15 and here are some of your top stores. president barack obama and his work commander had met privately to discuss the strategy for afghanistan. president barack obama was in denmark and he met with general
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stanley mcchrystal on air force one. roman polanski settled on paying the sum to his victim back in 1979. a series of earthquakes have struck a remote area of eastern california. the earthquakes had magnitudes reaching 5.2 but there have been no reports of injury or damage. there were centered southeast of the tehran -- rescued jews are still working in american samoa. -- restroom -- rescue crews are still working in american samoa. many could still be trapped. >> climbers of hope today -- a teenager and his mother pulled
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from the rubble 40 hours after the earthquake. they were conscious and without serious injury. beneath the debris, rescue voices heard voices. this woman waited as restaurants -- this woman waited. >> i saw the rocks and rubble collapsing. i thought by some would be killed. >> sides of life have rejuvenate rescuers but they say it is a large task. they have limited machinery, almost no power, and spot a communication. >> their desperate now so where do you start? we need large machinery. >> amateur video shows the heart by moments after the first
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earthquake. people scramble out of a school. others are still trapped. as rescue workers focus their efforts, there are reports of rural areas devastated and entire villages flattened. it is not clear when they will be reached. more help is needed and it is needed now. so much work left to do in jakarta. the body of an elderly woman has been found after a fire at a home. this was in the 3000 rod blagojevich o street. -- this was in the 3000 block of o street. the virginia tech student faces pendulum -- faces bindles
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in charges. police believe the 19-year-old painted graffiti on a bathroom walls across the virginia tech campus. there were references to adolf hitler and the gunman who killed 32 people on the campus in 2007. more charges may be filed. pt of doubt -- part of downtown bethesda will taste culinary delights from local restaurants. this is the taste of bethesda. the festivities kick off at 11:00 and run until 4:00 this afternoon. local teachers experienced a flight into outer space. >> this was the lesson of a lifetime for science teachers. this was beyond her wildest dreams.
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>> hi, how are you? >> my mother, has been teaching science in fairfax for more than 20 years. >> this is so neat. i feel very official. >> she was ready for the northrop grumman weightless flight for discovery for teachers. once in the air, the teachers were all smiles. they experienced what would be like to walk on mars -- >> this is amazing. >> then what would be like to walk on the moon and in weightlessness. from textbook to real-life experience -- >> the teachers are excited and they will get the students excited. that is what it is all about. >> one's back on earth, she was
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still crying. -- once back on earth, she was still crying. all's well that ends well. >> a zero gravity journey will take her to the classroom and beyond. >i cannot be more proud of my mother. she proved that science can be fun. that is so cute. >> did you see all their faces? they are all jumping around. >> absolutely, i gave the palm spaceflight a long time ago what is going on in the clouds? >> there are low clouds out there. let's get down to it. temperatures today will generay be in the low 60's
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right now. in the outlying suburbs, there will be some 50's. there is reduced visibility out there. there is low-level moisture so we start off with that. we are expecting a couple of showers. there are couple on the radar this morning. in southern maryland, east of i- 95 that we have showers. the front has drifted slowly through the area overnight. it has produced some of those light showers. our focus today will maybe he still i-95 with some shower activity. as far as the big picture, let's go to the graphics computer and
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moisture was abundant during the early morning. . we have a broken batch of clouds, north of town. we will have some peaks of sunshine. clouds will be slow to depart through lunch time. by the afternoon, they will head toward the eastern shore. things will clear out and high- pressureorks its way back and across the region. it is an improving for test as we head towards the weekend. we will have a pretty nice looking weekend. high pressure builds in the hyde and mostly sunny skies will be toward sunday. the overall weather pattern will be progressive, taking the system would quickly by the afternoon and evening. some early morning showers, mainly east of i-95, that front will trigger a couple more sprinkles. up to 79 degrees today.
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clearing skies and we will have ni bill -- visibility overnight. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and breezy, topping out in the low 70's. we will carry that whether into monday. 75 degrees and mostly sunny skies and another weather system approaches next week. it looks like a couple of showers into tuesday but behind that, super booking fall weather. -- superb looking fall weather. >> that is a good forecast. thank you so much coming up in sports, the latest on clinton portis. will he play or set out? and they won in a million stories for a pennsylvania couple.
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6:26 on the saturday morning. good morning to you and thank you for being with us. let's look at your morning sports. >> the redskins have the game plan. they went through a mental adjustment after last week's shocking loss. they're confident before tomorrow's game against the buccaneers. clinton portis' calf muscle has not healed. his availability will be came time decision. -- game time decision. >> he is a force. he loves to play. he seems ready to play. i want to play him. that is what i want to do. i also want to be smart in how we deal with this. >> the maryland terrapins open their 18th season today. they are excited. >> if we could eliminate the
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turnovers and penalties and give ourselves a chance, that would be good. i think we are right in it, if we can do that. >> lake braddock high school last night, they find the amazon and score from 5 yards out. robinson goes on to win it, 28- 21. have agreed saturday, everyone. the pennsylvania couple editor identical triplets to their family. on the third anniversary of their wedding, they welcome three new boys. doctors say the rarity of identical triplets is a million to one. they took fertility drugs and the babies are healthy and everyone is doing well. that is a nice surprise to have.
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still ahead in our next half hour, 160 -- 2 to 62 teachers ousted. -- 262 teachers ousted. >> a local woman gives birth on the sidewalk. how to avoid gridlock. our second-half starts right now. >> live, andn hd, this is " good morning washington" on your side. is 6:30 on this saturday morning. we will begin with a quick look at our forecast. good morning. if you are just rolling out of bed and trying to get an early start, we have a mixed bag out there. we have a front slowly pushing to the east. there was some patchy showers
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that came through last night. visibility is down this morning entablatures are in the 50's to low 60's. there are strong storms down to the coast of the carolinas. a couple of showers are out there. we will serve up with more clouds likely but there will be partly sunny skies throughout the day. the radar shows a couple of sprinkles around prince frederick area and calvert county. elsewhere, all is quiet. it will be up to 78 degrees today, a bit breezy this afternoon, and it gets better in the second half of the weekend. we will get into mostly sunny skies and it will be about 74 degrees. nice weather monday, a chance of showers tuesday, but wednesday, thursday, and friday a high-
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pressure will come back and that will keep it around 70 degrees. that is a nice and store work week coming ahead. the fire storm continues this morning over the firing of more than 350 d.c. public school workers. 229 of them were teachers. city officials say the move is to help close a $44 million budget gap. this does not sit well with parents. we have more on this story. >> the decision shook up the school system. we saw it first 10 in 1 ne high- school as classes let out. two people were arrested for disorderly conduct, as a result. the end of the school week turned violent at this high school as news of the light off quickly spread. >> it got very emotional. they were upset to see that teachers were being escorted by police officers. >> nearly 400 d.c. school employees, including 229
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teachers got notice on friday. this is to help close a $43 million budget shortfall. >> teachers were cut or lay off. i feel that is disrespectful. >> emotions ran high at the last bell. this was caught on camera and chose one girl on the ground. >> they were throwing her against the gate. there were men handling her. >> she is seen being held by an officer as to get caught in the chaos. >> i can't say and i am in the middle of the big crowd. i am yelling at the top of my lungs. >> this frustration has triggered the teachers' union to step in. the group may file a lawsuit. >> there is no way you could remove to enter 66 teachers from the classroom and not have that
6:32 am
affect -- 266 teachers from the classroom and not have that affect education. 60% of them -- of the schools may lose one teacher signor replace smaller role in deciding who should be let go. >> you saw a lot of motions out there. today, teachers are going back and to pack up their classrooms? >> we learned that the school system has allowed teachers to go back between 10:00 and 3:00 p.m. we will bring you that story later today. this week, on employee reports show 263,000 jobs were cut in september. it was many more than expected. 7 million workers are out of work. >> the milestone of this
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recession is mounting. the jobless rate has now doubled in the downturn. september marked the 21st consecutive month that the u.s. economy lost jobs, more than 50 million americans are now unemployed, another 9 million are underemployed. things look better in the stock market and the real-estate market but in the job market, there are currently six applicants for every opening. >> we are in a tremendous hole that will ticket number of years to get out of. we will probably not see employment get back to pre- recession levels until 2014. >> there are nearly 5.5 million americans who have been out of work six months or more. this man lost his job as a construction supervisor more than a year-and-a-half ago. >> i have gotten maybe 2 phone calls in that time. >> this father of four collected
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his last complete check. >> i think we will be fun in october but i don't know about november. >> 400,000 americans collected the last encore, checks in september. this included many who wrote to us at abc 7 a bill to extend unemployment benefits is now pending before congress. the white house has lifted in their hands. >> we will not get ahead of the legislative process. i woman speaker the president but it is an issue we will be thinking hard about we will work and going forward. >> virginia gov. tim kaine is facing fire from capitol hill
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because he has not spent highway stimulus money from the federal government. as of august, va. has begun construction on projects totaling only 17% of the money they receive from the federal government. west springfield police are saying the abduction of a 13- year-old was a hoax. police say a man driving a truck matching her description was not involved. a truck matching her description was not involved. we turn now to the virginia governor's battle. bob mcdonnell is fighting back against critics who say he is too conservative. the released a new ad responding to reports about a conservative paper he wrote a graduate school in 1989. his advertisement features women ago work with him or for him.
6:36 am
the latest polls show him leading democrat creigh deeds. a new mother went into labor on a northwest washington sidewalk. >> ashley storm said after giving birth once, the second form would be easier. she stayed in the comfort of hel own home for as long as possible. >> it felt better to be at home longer. things can go wrong and that is agy we live 5 miles from the hospital and i thought i could get ere. >> saturday morning, she felt it was time. the baby had different plans. she realized there was no way she could make it to the hospital to deliver her baelt.
6:37 am
>> she cut the baby as she came out. >> the husband was inside with their 2-year-old. >> the baby started screaming. i took her downstairs for a second time and she said she was having the baby. >> the umbilical cord was ini neck three times. the outcome could have been much worse. >> she acted immediately and on when corporate -- and unwound the accord. they loaded the mother and baby into the ambulance and the celebration began. >> they cut the cord and that was huge. we went off to the hospital. > so precious.
6:38 am
glad to see they are doing well. it is 6:38 and 64 degrees outside. we will continue with the nationals s we p -- carrying a four game winning streak into last night. we will have the latest in sports.
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>> welcome back. you are looking live over the district this morning. things are quiet out there. clouds are working their way west to east this morning. right now, we have temperatures generally in theower 60's. there is some fog out in frederick, maryland. there are a couple of showers to show you on vote radar across eastern calvert county.
6:41 am
the forecast for today shows an isolated showers or two and then a beautiful looking sunday. we'll tell you about the wor cor week coming up. let's take a look at the morning sports. >> the young washington we tionals are trying to end the season with momentum. last night, they beat the braves 6-3 for their fifth straight win. there was one home run and a second and this hit was to the right field corner. brrn n zihave erman is on his he and comes home. let's go to baltimore at camden yarorni. he unloaorni on this one with a grand slam.
6:42 am
two home runs on the night. after ling 13 straight, the orioles have won two in a row. the reornikins are favored by a touchdown over the winless tampa bay buccaneers. clinton portis nver thorni to th the rock about 25 times a game. he is out this week because of strained calf. jim zorn says his availability is a game time dewas hsion. >> he said he wants to play. it depends on how he is feeling. >> if i put him out there, are we going to do that over and over again? do we nver thd to get him wellre that is my dilemma.
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this is a guarantee you're guaranteed to love. this is "good morning washington"on your side. 6:45 is your time now. let'gens take a look at the top stories. family members of those who lost loved ones in the tsu we mi that yad american samoa on tuesday are flying to the island. 170wineople is the number of people dead the plan for overhauling the heash-care
6:46 am
system will go to a votey next week republicans called for democrats to read the bill. president barack obama has no doubt that chicago put together the s spoongest bid to win the 2016 olympics. the president has called -- has called thewinresether ae of brao congratulate him because rio de janeiro was chosen to host the games. chicago area man was wing nudewestid6 c13 ls of a sportscaster in a hotel room. he was arrested at the airport last night. he is facing federal charges of interstate stalkining the he tried to sell them to celebrity website. babies and toddlers learn
6:47 am
and begin to crawl, wal0áand explore the world around them but what happens when a young child has awinroblem. alison starling shows us robots can help. >> can we hortre lern's hop? >> this two-year-old would have been stuck on the sidelines. he was born with spinal bifida. >> i wanted him not to awn ept that he could not do anythininge >> to explore the world read him like awoul other things to awint sijad robot. mechanical engineers joined to create these robots which are con spoolled by a joystick thats simple enough for a 1-year-old to use. >> they realized quickly that they can get going. we nver thd to spoain them to e they can get going. we nver thd to spoain them to e >> this benefits babies because they bing.
6:48 am
ing thploration. the majority of brain synapses or connections formed by age 3 -- formed by age 3. age development is completed by -- formed by age 3. age development is completed by >> for a baby, is hard to overestimate how much exploration pring. >> the robot has infrared sensors that drive the chair around trothe ple spots. researchers attach a baby camera to record the child responds. for this child, h canwinerform typical toddler blows which his mother is about. >> he runs away from me like n normal toddler. he chases me down if i have his favorite toy. >> children involved in the study have different conditions. researchers are starting to loor at the impact of the robot has on hdif the children sowas halte with other kids in preschool. alison starling, abc 7 news.
6:49 am
amazing what technology they have out there. >> it gives them an opportunisid to do stuff they could normally do. >> like running away from their mom? >> there is a lot of stuff going on this weekend. there is the taste of bethesda on this weekend. there is the taste of bethesda there may be a couple of showers this morning. we are starting off with temperatures in the upper 50's. in the dis spoict, about 64 degrver ths. today will be warmer than yesterday. we will climb in the mid to e ruper su mainly our chances of showers will be along i-9n tor east. the front will slow and make its way through d.c. with minimal shower activisid. prince frederick might get a
6:50 am
little shower. it will head tdifarorni dunkirk. the rest of the weekend is dry. the radar shows that we have their way through while we slept. we have low-level clouseiness in frederick county. wing e run w that area, alldifs somen time as you hit the road. throget h the afternoon and majeninnt c look for improving conditions as high pressure builorni in. we thet stream will t system pretty quickly off to the east-northeast. this aileernoon, clearing sunshine and a nice second half of the wver thkend. the forecast t of shower this morning, partly
6:51 am
untnny skies this aileernoon ana warmer day, 74-79 degrees. skies will clear out tonight. we will have a moonlit and ay. there should be no fog development and we will start oh untnday with sonwoul,winleasanth a breeze kicking in. it will bring in a illightly a breeze kicking in. it will bring in a illightly rier air and tempers will be in the low 70's. mondaycond75 degrees, and we wil not seek warmer than 72 degrees during the week. a couple of showers late during the week. a couple of showers late thursday, friday, high pressure will come back in and it will be a nice end to the work week. i always like su
6:52 am
dawe. >> it does not mean it will happen. >> thank you. more to come on "go of america." stay with us. dd
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>> good morning washington and at the saturday morning. i'm art campbell with your complete wycombe movie guide. -- i am arch campbell with your complete weekend movie guide. "zombieland" delivers to and have stars of hilarity. ellen page discovers her roller derby power in the coming of age story "with its."
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>> you are not in three days. >>"toy story 3d" is out this weekend as well. michael more takes on greed in capitalism, a love story. here is everything you need to know this weekend. almost three stars for " jennifer's body." have a nice weekend. thank you for that. thousands of runners will lace up their shoes for the run and
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there will be intermittent road closures in arlington on sunday morning. that will begin at 7:30 and all rose should be opened by noon. for information about which road will be affected, it is the army 10-miler. i could do if i wanted to. >> it takes a lot of conditioning that i don't have any more. >> what about the weather? >> in the morning, temperatures will be in the 60's. temperatures will warm up to around 70 death degree mark. we are heading toward 74 degrees this afternoon. there is a stray shower this morning and in the next couple of days into next week, will have nice weather sunday into monday and a chance of rain on tuesday. high pressure wednesday, thursday, and friday and will be
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nice. >> that does it for us. "good morning my name is louise and this is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waff... with a quick smudge of cream cheese. at least that part's easy. there's only one way to eat an eggo... your way. l'eggo my eggo.
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th this morning, the agony of defeat. singing the olym


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