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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  October 4, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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-- demonstrators here at home honor those who have lost their lives. matt derek is live in a satellite center with the latest developments. >> it was the deadliest day per u.s. troops in afghanistan this year. u.s. military official said the eight soldiers were killed during an intense firefight at a remote u.s. outposts. politicians are debating troop levels as a peace activist assault to the weekend memorial just outside the white house. >> we thought we would walk down and take a look, and is staggering. >> i am glad they did this. you visually get to see what is going on, instead of just hearing about it. >> to anti-war groups set up a temporary display. since the boots when etc., eight more u.s. soldiers have been killed in afghanistan.
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>> is really touching. >> l. miller is in town for an army conference. he supports the troops, but has questions about the war. >> it does not seem like we are making any progress. >> as the president is deciding whether or not to send thousands more troops to the war, public opinion is turning. recent polls reveal the majority of americans are now opposed to the war. >> the sttegy does not belong to any political party. i can assure you that the president the united states does not plan to meet the political base. >> the war's human toll is on display on the nation's front lawn. >> there were pictures of their of a young man who had a family. >> retired marine general james jones said the request for more troops is not the only option
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for afghanistan. the president's senior advisers will meet twice this week to discuss strategy. >> thousands of people gather to pay tribute to fallen heroes today. firefighters and family members held a memorial service in maryland. the names of 103 firefighters who died in 2008 were added to the memorial. they include two firefighters from maryland and one who died during a training exercise last november. investigators are looking for the people who tried to carjack an off-duty d.c. police officer this morning. this happened on brooks drive in capitol heights. the suspects fled the scene. the officer was not injured, but he told police that he may have hit one of the suspects. 39 people arrested in connection with an alleged bribery scandal will head back to federal court tomorrow.
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all of them pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say they paid bribes to get taxicab license this. -- licenses. gramm has not been accused of any wrongdoing. redskins fans had something to cheer about tonight. they came from a hind to pull out a win over the tampa bay buccaneers. >> a win is a win, no matter how pretty it is. the redskins held off the critics by defeating the tampa bay buccaneers. a pretty pass right here, 17 yards for a touchdown. the point after is blocked, so the score is 10-9, tamp he hit santana moss in stride,
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59 yards for the touchdown. washington would to offensive touchdowns for the day. smith takes the handoff. the redskins win, and the coach and players are relieved. >> here is what i love about our football team. everybody maintained their poise in the locker room. we did not have any locker room -- we did not have been yelling, and we came back and started really moving the ball. >> redskins fans, players, and coaches were festive. >> they were wearing some pink along with their gold. >> people were handed these information cards as well as these pink ribbons when i walked into the stadium today. as part of a campaign to raise
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awareness about breast cancer. it is an issue very close to this redskins team. they are asking friends and members of the team and its staff as well as all the fans to think pink. >> patricia, and knows all too well what it takes to battle cancer. she is one of many in her family who had been diagnosed with the disease. >> it is very rough. everyone in my family did not live to be 50. i am the only one. i am 59. >> patricia traded in her burgundy and gold for pink wild cheering on the home team. is all part of the nfl's crucial catch program in collaboration with the american cancer society to raise awareness for breast cancer. outside the city, a mammogram van was set up to give free screenings and provide information. the cause was carried on to the field as well.
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from could lead to campbell, the players and coaches were thinking pink. some bands, including patricia cotton, were happy to see the men stand behind a disease that affects so many women. >> it affects so many family members. but to many people ignore the cancer. they think of breast cancer is only for women, but the men suffered just as much. they lose their mother, they lose their sister, and is very important. >> a lot of pink mixed in with the burgundy and ld today. these breast cancer awareness events will continue throughout october here at fedex field as well as throughout the season. >> some wounded warriors were among the people participating in the 25th annual army 10 mile
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race today. soldiers who lost their limbs or other body parts join nearly 30,000 soldiers and civilians and ran through the streets of arlington and washington, d.c. >> i think about how fortunate i am to still be here and be able to run. >> this is his third race. he completed the course in 84 minutes. soldiers also participated in chattel races in iraq and afghanistan. -- shadow races. we are going to look for clouds to start to increase later on tonight, just a few scattered clouds that will not amount to a whole lot. what a beautiful evening we
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have. please bill reporting in with 68. there are the clouds rolling in from the south and west. high-pressure will keep the rain away from our area for the day tomorrow. tonight, temperatures in the port of's and vicky's. what can we expect for the upcoming -- temperatures in the 40's and 50's. the supreme court gets ready to start its session. find out what message a carnal delivered to the justices at the annual red mass -- a cardinal delivered to the justices. iran agrees to allow inspectors into is newly revealed nuclear facility. the latest on this is com this
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>> iran says it will allow
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inspectors to look inside and uranium enrichment facility. inspectors will visit the facility on october 25. the announcement comes days after meetings with iran and six world powers including the united states. >> we are not interested in interminable negotiations. they have to demonstrate conclusively that their program is for peaceful uses. >> the facilities existence has heightened concerns that iran is using its civilian nuclear program as a cover for development of weapons. the annual red mousass was d today the cardinal made a plea for the rights of the unborn.
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protesters demonstrated in front of the church during the mass. tonight of fire has destroyed three homes and burned 3,500 acres in the san borodino bounce. thousands of people have been evacuated. the fire broke out yesterday in is about 10% contained right now. no reports of any injuries. still ahead, will the great weather stick around? steve has your back to work forecast. and gearing up to fight the flu. and gearing up to fight the flu.
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today marks the official start of lucy's in. thousands waited in line to get the flu vaccine -- the official vaccine --flu season.
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patients could choose to receive either shot or the nasal form of the vaccine. the seasonal flu vaccine is not the only one people are sick -- scrambling to get. the center for disease control reports that 27 states are already reporting widespread swine flu cases. this week, hospitals, health departments, schools, and doctors' offices will begin receiving the first shipments of the h1n1 vaccine. the first batch will go to health care workers, children, pregnant women, and people with health conditions who are at higher risk for complications. >> it will be a little chaotic. they want to get from a private physician, that will have to make a call to find out if their doctor has it. >> and news survey indicates that six out of 10 adults still are not sure if they will get the swine flu vaccine. people in montgomery county
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laced up their running shoes this morning for the race that is run in honor of kimberly page, who lost her life to cystic fibrosis. there was also a fun run for the kids. the money raised gs to help fund research for cystic fibrosis. we had really nice weather today across the entire middle atlantic region. take a look at the sun rise early this morning, and you will notice that the clouds started to roll in by midday. as we look alike shot downtown, it is quiet and try and really comfortable -- as we look at a live shot downtown. our first stop will take us over to washington d.c. the high was 71, with no rain to speak up.
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gaithersburg is looking at 62 after high of 70. the official high at reagan national this afterno was 72 after a morning low of 70 -- 64. temperatures slowly killing this evening with clds from the south and west. we will see temperatures in the 40's and '50's later, but right now 69 in fairfax. the cooler air is well to the north of us. reagan national is still as 68 degrees. satellite and radar shows high pressure being clearer skies and plows beginning to approach just to that west of us. we will see temperatures a bit cooler, but intown temperatures will eventually fall into the lower 50s.
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high pressure for the day tomorrow will keep us quite and dry for the overnight. a few scattered high clouds and temperatures in the 40's. for tomorrow morning, sunny and cool. temperatures quickly rebound to the 60's. winds at 5-10 miles an hour, picking up before tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the lower 70. we have a cold front that will arrive late tuesday and bring increased clouds and a chance for showers. when the conditions was the system moves through by wednesday. temperatures on thursday and friday will be in the upper 60's. the suburbs will see temperatures in the mid 60's, and out in the mountains, the upper 50's by the end of the work week. today it was beautiful, tomorrow
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almost a repeat performance. >> even redskins fans wanted to watch football today. >> they can breathe easy, at least for one more week. we'll have highlights and talk about the redskin r
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it was about as ugly a game as you could imagine, but the redskins came away with the wind. the problem started in the first quarter, jason campbell back to pass. out comes the football. adams recovers.
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this past from josh johnson to antonio bryant, diving catch in the end zone. it was an absolutely horrible first half. for some reason malcolm pulls up little bit. three interceptions on the day. jason trust rebound in the second quarter. he goes back to pass, cannot find anybody, scrambles, and this act. -- and is sacked. jason says he took a deep breath during half time and came back out. this bullet to chris cooley, 17 yards for the touchdown. the redskins are back in it. late in the third, you can do this better than campbell. a 59 yard touchdown. late in the fourth, the defense closes the door.
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the ball hit the turf. the redskins win, and the coach talks about his players' determination. next first thing i was thinking about is why is this happening? everything happens for reason. i was proud of my teammates, and the coaches never gave up on me. >> did not all of a sudden create something new and try to do things on your own. when the play is called, run the show. >> you just keep on plugging away. >> hopefully this was the big turnaround. jared gaither is crushed. he was on the field for 10 minutes and was carted off.
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dragging the ball with 32 seconds left, then he drops the ball. they beat the ravens 27-21. washington nationals can put the 2000 ninth season tibet. -- 2009 season to bed. alberta gonzales takes the ball right up the middle and the mets win th finalie. another win for tony stewart. >> so it was a win for the redskins, but stil major hesitation. >> even though it was ugly in the first half, i think they are fine. the first half, i think they are fine. >> we will see what
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>> a repeat performance for the day tomorrow. lots of sunshine, temperatures comfortable, in a cool front will arrive across the area late day on tuesday. wendy on wednesday. winds at 35 miles per hour and cooler air on thursday and friday with temperatures only in the 50's for a daime high. >> so is starting a slow descent into winter. >> we will appreciated while it lasts. thanks for joining us.
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