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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 4, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz. downad! >> u.s. troops under attack in afghanistan. the deadliest day in more than a year. >> i am devastated. i feel less than a citizen. >> students in d.c. will head back to class with less teachers. >> he could touch any family member. >> redskins and their fans team up to taxol -- to tackle breast cancer. our top story, u.s. troops come under fire in afghanistan.
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eight soldiers were killed. the deadly attacks, as the white house considers a change in strategy. kris van cleave has been tracking the latest. >> it was a massive attack launched at a sensitive time. president obama is still deciding if he will send more troops to afghanistan or scaled back. there are reports that hundreds of militants stormed two u.s. bases, killing eight americans. >> a solemn memorial set up on the lips, more than 800 combat boots, a pair for each service member -- set up on the ellipse. this turned out to be the deadliest weakened for u.s. troops in afghanistan in more than a year. it >> i was in the military in the vietnam war and i had friends who got killed. it brings back memories. >> ed and kathy have a loved one in the military. they were moved by this. boots.
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>> there were pictures of a young man over there, with a family. about eight more families are grieving after a massive attack on the american outpost near the pakistan border. many u.s. troops in eastern afghanistan have been fighting in remote terrain, away from population centers. u.s. policy calls for some of those bases to bclosed. >> we must -- we must prioritize in those areas that are mst threatened. >> without reinforcing our troops, you will hear more of this. >> there was lot of debate over what to do. >> give the general what he needs. you need security in afghanistan. >> i would not commit to more combat troops. >> it is a matter of the strategy and the gold. >> more troops are necessary to secure the peace. >> the military it remains
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concerned that insurgents are preparing another assault in the same area, and all eight of the soldiers killed were stationed at fort carson, colorado. their identities have not been released. >> more details about the attacks, the militants attacked two different bases in a coordinated assault with massive firepower, including assault rifles and rocket powered grenades. u.s. troops called for backup, and the fighting lasted the entire day. students in the district will head back to cost more with less teachers in the classroom. hundreds of teachers were laid off friday. some parents and teachers are fighting to get those jobs back. richard reeve has the details. >> we spoke with one of the laid-off employees. she has been with the system more than 30 years, and long career. she got the bad news friday, and she is still trying to deal with it.
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the doors are locked. at mckinley high school is quiet tonight. >> i am distraught. i am hurt. i am totally outraged. >> 32 years with d.c. public schools, she says she will never forget what happened here friday. >> never more humiliated in all my life. >> she was among 229 teachers given layoff notices, ordered out of their place of work by police officers. >> he said to get off the premises now. >> once outside, she saw this, other teachers escorted out. students and parents were upset. the police tried to maintain control. >> they said you cannot go. how are you going to help us graduate? >> authorities arrested a 17- year-old girl. >> let us not continue to put
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this on michelle rhee and adrian fenty. let's forget about them for a moment. let's look at ourselves. what are we doing for our children? >> the future that i am hoping is that i return to mckinley technology high school. and provide service. >> an emotional time for a lot of people. parents and teachers are planning a rally outside of mckinley tomorrow. quincy gray said he will hold public hearings the next couple of weeks. we're hearing that the teachers union may file a lawsuit. richard reeve, abc 7 news. 39 people were arrested in connection with alleged bribery scandal in d.c. they will head back to federal court to more. there are mostly cab drivers, all pleading not guilty. prosecutors say they paid more than $300,000 in bribes to get cab licenses.
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the chief of staff for councilmen jim graham has pled not guilty to accepting bribes to influence legislation. jim graham has not been accused of any longer doing -- of any wrongdoing. six justices attended a mass today. on the docket, t case on the handgun ban in chicago. a plaster, the justices declared a handgun ban in the district unconstitutional -- last year, the justices declared a handgun ban and the district unconstitutional. today is the official start of the flu season, and thousands of people in maryland got the seasonal lu vaccine without getting out of their car. the lineup at a drive-through clinic in columbia, maryland. the howard county health department expected this to be the largest drive-through clinic in the country. the first swine flu vaccines will be delivered this week. at 600 doses of nasal spray and
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6 million, to 7 million injections are being shipped out. as top the list,. the women, health care workers, children, and people with -- at the top of the list, pregnant women, health care workers, children, and people with chronic illness. >> this vaccine has produced -- is produced the with annual seasonal vaccine is produced. this is a safe vaccine and it will be very effective. >> the cdc reports 27 states are already seeing widespread activity from the swine flu. thousands gathered in maryland to pay tribute to fallen heroes. firefighters and family members attended the memorial service at the national fallen firefighters' memorial in emmitsburg. the names of 103 firefighters who die in 2008 were added to
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the memorial. they included two firefighters from maryland and a woman from dale city who died during a training exercise last november. investigators are searching for two people who tried to carjack an off-duty d.c. police officer this morning on brookes ride -- brooks drive in capitol heights. the officer was getting out of his car when the people approached, displayed a handgun, and demanded keys. the officer pulled out his gun d fired at the suspects. they fired back before running away. it a long time manassas building is picking up and moving. colgan air is moving to memphis. the company's human-resources department will remain in manassas. 29 employees will lose their jobs while the others will move to memphis. the company which operates several commuter airlines has been under scrutiny since the deadly plane crash near buffalo in february. the redskins pulled out a
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victory today against the tampa bay buccaneers, and they also tackled breast cancer awareness. outside of fedex field, a mammogram vehicle was set up. the nfl team up the american cancer society for the crucial catch program. >> it could touch any family member. you just do not know. being able to promote it is important. >> the pink items worn during the game will be autographed and auctioned off to benefit the american cancer society. we will have much more on the game, including highlights and player reaction, later in sports. when it warriors were among the people participating in the army 10-miler race. nearly 30,000 service members and civilians ran through the streets of arlington and the district. joining them was a soldier who was blinded while serving on the front lines in iraq.
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>> i think about how fortunate i am to still be here. feeling pain let me know that i am still alive. >> he completed his third army 10-miler in 30 minutes. there were also shadow races in iraq and afghanistan. great day for football and running, but will the kids need a jacket at the bus stop? steve rudin joins us with the answer. i think it is yes? >> we have cooler air on the way, but tomorrow, not so bad. the temperatures will fall into the 40's. 57 degrees leesburg, 57 gaithersburg -- 50 gaithersburg. the clouds are rolling in. the forecast tonight from the belfort furniture weather center, partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 40's.
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50's and closer wntown. coming up, the showers and the cool down on the way. coming up -- a state of emergency in california as wildfires burned out of control. we have the very latest. and energy plant or a cover for developing nuclear weapons? new details about efforts to get inspectors inside the iranian facility. and rescuers searched for survivors after a devastating earthquake. the latest on the efforts. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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rescuers in indonesia have reached the more remote villages affected by wed.'s earthquake. the villages and the roads were buried by landslides. the official said at least four villages have been flattened. tents have been set up to provide aid. the net nations says at least 1100 people were killed -- the united nations says at least 1100 people were killed. it appears that iran may
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cooperate. the u.s. nuclear agency says iran will allow inspectors to visit one at a secret uranium enrichment facility on october 25. this announcement comes days after a meeting between iran and six world powers, including the united states. the u.s. welcomes the news but still wants more cooperation from iran. >> we are not interested in a interminable negotiations. they have to demonstrate conclusively is for peaceful purposes. >> the u.s. is still considering sanctions against iran. that has heightened concerned that they are using a civilian nuclear program as a cover to develop nuclear weapons. high wind is making it tough to battle a wildfire in southern california, yesterday in the sand bernadine note mountains. the flames have destroyed three homes and burned 3,500 acres. hundreds of homes are threatened with a mandatory evacuation order is in effect for the thousands of people who live
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nearby. >> if it gets on the ridge, we are toast. >> california gov. arnold schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency. the official said the fire is about 10% contained. there are no reports of injury among residents or firefighters. pumpkins are an extremely important, but you may have trouble finding one this year. farmers in the northeast say a cold, wet spring has led to the worst pumpkin season in 40 years. no reason to despair, pumpkin crops in other parts of the country are doing better. source should be able to import enough for halloween, though they may cost more. what would we have done? just around the corner, here we are in october, the days are getting shorter, the sunset before 7:00. >> a lot to talk about? >> outside at this hour,
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starting to cloud up a little bit, but we remain dry overnight. at the bus stop, dry in the morning. cool conditions, 40's in the suburbs, 53 degrees downtown. on the weatherbug, howard university, 61 degrees, daytime high at 68. 55 degrees ashburn. gaithersburg, 51, high of 70, no rain to speak of. at72 the official high at reagan national, a morning low of 64. the average this time of year is 73. the temperatures across the area, not bad. marshall 58, winchester 60. baltimo 54, 56 bowie. the cool air to the north. detroit 49 degrees. at rapid city 39 degrees. they have water storm warnings and parts of montana, where they could pick up two to four feet
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of snow. a high-pressure keeps most of the rain to the south of us. southern virginia looking for showers later tonight into tomorrow. we anticipate this will remain to the south. a mixture of sunshine and clouds tomorrow, but otherwise relatively dry. earlier today, lots of sunshine, the temperatures warm up nicely into the 70's. tomorrow, once again in the low seventies, plenty of sunshine. it looks like tuesday, into wednesday morning, a cold front will ve through. that will signal cooler temperatures and very windy conditions. partly cloudy overnight, in the 40's in the suburbs, 50's downtown. tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine, clouds, the temratures rise into the 50's and 60's. the daytime high in the low seventies. breezy conditions. the extended outlook, feast your eyes on this, the temperatures
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will cool once the cold front moves through, windy conditions wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, the daytime highs in town only in the upper 60's. cooler off to the west. the caller for the leaves is to starting to change in western maryland -- the color of the lease is to starting to change in western maryland. >> it is nice. it fls like fall. up next, a runner at leading a race takes a detour.
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a race through the streets of chicago and with a big surprise. this man s in the lead as hundreds made their way through the streets, but he suddenly stopped, grabbed a bouquet of roses, ran over to his girlfriend, and proposed. she said yes. they are planning to walk down
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the aisle next summer. he said he did not mind losing the race, and she said yes. and they run off into the sunset. the redskins, they won? >> and they say they found character. today's victory, even though it was ugly, could be the turnaround they were looking for. sports is coming up. love to sa? shop with your giant card and save on thousands of deals, like progresso vegetable classics -- 10 for $10, wisk ultra detergent -- buy one, get one free, and other weekly specials and real deal savings. enjoy more savings -- only with your giant card. tightening your purse strings? shop with your giant card and save on thousands of deals, like chef boyardee cans and microwave bowls -- 10 for $10, ivory soap ten-pack -- now $3.99, and other real deal savings and weekly specials. enjoy more savings -- only with your giant card.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> the redskins did what they had to, not win against an eert -- an inferior opponent. everyone at redskins park can breathe a little bit easier. the redskins' offense, the first pass could not have been much worse. >> i started looking at the game plan, wondering what else could go wrong. >> jason campbell was sacked on the third play of scrimmage and fumbled. the fans were fed up. the buccaneers took the lead into the locker room. >> it feels like you are on an island, 20 hours away.
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>> the team stayed calm at halftime and got a break when deangelo hall intercepted josh johnson, leading to a field goal. on the redskins' next possession, campbell hit chris cooley in the end zone. the redskins were within a 10- 9, up the extra point was blocked. >> we got into a rhythm. we actually look like you did not know what was going on. >> and jason campbell went deep for santana moss, perfect route, a perfect pass, 59 yards. britain's led, 16-10. >> -- the redskins led, 16-10. >> in the final minutes of the game, the ball was jarred loose. chris horton recovered for the redskins, and that was it, 16-13 the final. >> i liked the way that the offense bounced back.
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>> the victory, even though closer than expected, should quiet the critics and the speculation surrounding jim zorn's job, at least for now. it-i think he was happy to get this victory. >> the ball may not always bounce in your favor, but sooner or later, it will. you just keep plugging away. things are not happy in cowboy nation. a tough game for the cowboys. watch this. brendan marshall will gather the past, then he cut inside. he brks a tackle, and then cut back. he would go 51 yards, to the touchdown. progress take the lead. 5 seconds on the clock, last chance for dallas, tony romo's pass is knocked down, the cowboys have the same record as the redskins, 2-2.
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ravens-patriots, the ravens with a chance to win. that was a pretty pass, but he dropped the ball. the patriots beat baltimore. the washington nationals can finally put the 2009 season to bed, ending things with the atlanta braves today. this went into the 15th inning. gonzales takes the ball right back up the middle. base hit. the nationals win their finale. to the track, tony stewart is happy tonight. he takes the checkered flag, he wins the race. even though the baseball. the season ended today, there is unfinished business. the minnesota twins and the detroit tigers have the same record, said it will have an elimination game, squaring off tuesday in minnesota. >> the nationals into the 15th
11:29 pm
inning? they did not want to stop.
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you get the last word. >> nice day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, daytime highs in the low seventies. showers, increased clouds tuesday afternoon, into wednesday. the temperatures cool into the upper 60's thursday. i will have an updated forecast tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> have a good night. so what comes to mind
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