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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 5, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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some students say they are not giving up. >> big developments in the fight against the h1n1 swine flu. >> after a deadly day in afghanistan, is the white house ready to change its war strategy? "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am alison starling. >> and i am greta kreuz. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we start with steve rudin. >> a really nice day shaping up once again. mostly clear skies with a lot of sunshine. temperatures will warm up to the 70's. 48 degrees in gaithersburg.
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54 in fairfax. our skies were clear yesterday. now these guys are starting to clear out once again. look for a mostly sunny skies today. now let's check on the rush-hour commute. >> picking up a lot of the overnight roadwork. beltway road worked at the american legion bridge in both directions. also doing some work overnight in lorton on 66 in vienna. maybe some lingering roadwork near 198. we should see things moving smoothly. things are moving well as you make your way across route 28 across the dulles toll road. >> thank you. two months now, a major shake-up at a public schools in the district. >> more than 200 teachers heard
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the final bell. now students and teachers are fighting back with plans for a protest. >> it seems very quiet at this hour outside mckinley tech high school. later, it is expected to be busier. a protest is planned for it o'clock 45 this morning. teachers say they just want their jobs back -- in protest is planned for 8:45 this morning. this teacher was stripped of further job. >> i am hurt. i am totally outraged. >> she is among more than 300 employees that was handed a pink slip. parents and teachers are now taking action. they plan to hold a rally outside mckinley tech high school. >> the future i am hoping is
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that i return to mckinley technology high school and provide service to my students. >> some parents believed in this time to stop blaming one another and take action. >> let's forget about mayor fenty for a moment. what are we doing for our children? >> later this morning, we will have to wait and see exactly what unfolds. when those pink slips were handed out on friday, a class, they're waiting to see what happened. parents and teachers will gather here this morning. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. president obama begins another round of negotiations on how to move forward in afghanistan on.
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he will meet with his top advisors twice this week to talk war strategy. the white house is considering a request to send more troops to that region. it was the death this week down for american troops in afghanistan in more than a year. eight u.s. soldiers were killed when two bases were storm. wednesday will mark the eight- year anniversary of the war. presidt obama will meet with doctors from across the country at the white house as congress begins what could be the final weeks of debates over his health-care proposal. the president will make a small speech on health care in the rose garden later this morning. the full senate will take up the bill in the coming weeks. the supreme court takes up its first session this week. the cases will include a
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challenge to a handgun ban in chicago and also a look it weather a life without parole senses before a juvenile is too harsh. today is the deadline to register for the november 3 elections. officials say the governor's race is not sparking a lot of registration activity. because of the massive push by the campaigns to register new voters, many virginians are already in the system. 436,000 new voters registered between january and october of last year. creigh deeds will make a campaign stop in our area. he is planning to visit businesses in arlington. there will be speaking with voters about his plan to jump- start virginia's economy.
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the campaign is getting more money from the democratic national committee. the dnc plans to announce they are donating another $1 million and plans to go commit resources including staffers and expertise in technology. the dnc says they decided to step up their commitment after a bob mcdonnell's lead narrowed. redskins fans have clear reason to celebrate yesterday. coach zorn took home a win. >> campbell going deep for santana moss. touchdown! >> the offense showed some life. for some fans, players, and critics, the game was a little bit too close. we will have highlights and reaction coming up a little bit
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later. boy, did they need that wind. >> it is along season. >> today, a health warning for all americans. >> clearly it is the most ambitious vaccination program. >> we will tell you who will be first in line to get the swine flu vaccine. >> it is monday morning. we have sunshine in the forecast. a look at the forecast in a few moments. >> joe will have another look at your lisa, your family thinks you might have "roasterphobia."
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welcome back to "good morning washington." a beautiful monday morning in shaping up for us. take a look at temperatures. 54 in suitland. d.c. coming in at 53 degrees. alexandria, 53. annapolis, 51. plenty of sunshine today. we will of daytime high temperatures around 73 degrees in town. a bit cooler off to the mountains, where temperatures will get into the upper 60's.
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>> picking up some road work in maryland on 95. this is as you make your way towards 19 aids. you should find things opening in the process. -- as you make your way towards 198. this is the pace on 270 out of frederick. building volume towards rockville. but the lanes are open. >> thank you. we have good news. the ramp closures near tysons corner will be lifted this morning. this is near chain bridge road. they will be back open. they have been closed since mid august. this was all part of the hot lanes project. 5:12. >> we have details on a developing story from the west
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coast. firefighters are battling a raging wildfire. >> the fight is on to save hundreds of local jobs. i love clothes! so my girlfriend says, "shop tj maxx." "their buyers deal directly with designers... the savings come directly to me!" behold a fashionista... who's now a maxxinista! tj maxx. the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple:
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do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree. because rebuilding confidence in our ecomy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. in our top stories, laid off in d.c. school teachers plan to protest outside mckinley tech high school this morning. nearly 400 school employees on friday were let's go because of budget cuts. they will continue to be paid until november 2.
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>> iran has agreed to open up a secret enrichment facility. they will allow u.n. inspectors inside. this comes days after a meeting that included the united states. >> firefighters are continuing to battle a growing wildfire. it sparked on saturday and has destroyed three homes and urned 75 acres. thousands of people have been ordered to be evacuated. more than 7 million doses of the swine flu vaccine are ready to go. >> health care workers will be among the first to be vaccinated. doctors will receive 600,000 tubes ofn asal spra nasal spray. >> this is the most ambitious of
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vaccination program ever mounted anywhere. the number of doses of vaccine, the quickness with which the vaccine has been produced. >> about six in 10 adults are not sure they will get the vaccine. about four intent parents are not certain there will get their children vaccinated. -- about four in 10 parents are not sure they will get their children vaccinated. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we're starting the week off pretty well. this is 95 in springfield. moving at pretty good shape as you come out of dale city and on to the capital beltway. note issues on the maryland trip as you make your way around the beltway. this is through in germantown with no issues.
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>> we are looking at lots of sunshine expected to later this morning and into the afternoon hours. 68 degrees in vienna. dew point of about 61. let's look at what is going on. high clouds across the area. it will give us filtered sun shine. it will warm us up to the upper 60's to below 70's. you could look at some showers in the carolinas today. nothing will be too severe. they are moving off to the east. mostly sunny and really nice for tod, 68to 73 degrees. -- 68 to 73 degrees. out in the potomac high winds, they could see some patchy frost, but nothing for the
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immediate metro area. clouds will start to roll went by midday tomorrow. we will see showers tomorrow night. high temperature around 70 degrees. the temperatures are cooling quite a bit. windy conditions on wednesday. highs only in the upper 60's. nighttime lows in the upper 40's. there you haven't. a nice day for a monday. mondays are always nice. >> thank you. the traditional newsstand could get an upgrade. >> facebook just wants you to be happy. we have more in tech bytes. >> the newsstand is about to go digital. publisher time, inc. it's leading a venture to create a digital store for magazines. it would deliv titles to
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mobile devices like cell phones. it would not be free. the service is expected to launch next year. a new jacket will go on sale to keep you warm and charge your gadgets. this winter jacket has a built- in battery pack. the battery can be used to charge phones, cameras, and ipods. it costs about $375. 's mefacebook is a good way to measure how happy we are. there is a prototype application that charts gross national happiness. elixir have many positive and negative words people use when they update their status.
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thanksgiving was the happiest day of the entire year. a new self-service recycling station in specs your own cell phone and prints out a store credit or gift card. kiosks are being tested in omaha. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i'm jemy hubbard. >> that is a great idea, recycling your cell phone. >> absolutely. 5:20, 57 degrees. >> don't call the coroner and just yet. the redskins do have a pulse. how they came off life support to come back. >> later on "oprah," he went from singing on the street for money for swimming for tspouse r
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the group journey.
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welcome back. 5:23. the redskins rallied late in the game. the offense caught fire. >> let's look back at some of the highlights. >> the first half could not have gone much worse for the redskins' offense.
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>> what else could go wrong? >> jason campbell was sacked and fumbled, one of this three turnovers. the fans were fed up. the buccaneers today 10-0 lead. the team stayed calm. deangelo hall intercepted this pass. that led to a field goal. on their next possession, campbell hit chris cley in the end zone. >> this was the first game we had a rhythm. >> jason campbell went deep for santana moss. perfect pass. 59 yards. 16-13, the final. >> we made some big plays. we got a win in theolumn. >> the winner was closer than expected. it should quiet the critics, at
5:25 am
least for now. >> i think he was happy to get this whin. >> the nationals season came to an end on a high note. they beat atlanta two- 1. going into the off-season on a seven-game winning streak. the team now faces several questions, including whether to bring back jim riggleman as manager. linda bell joins us live with debate -- with the latest in business headlines. >> the services industry is in a big part of our economy. there is a report on that industry. they will report and it makes up nearly 90% of the economy. economists predict the services
5:26 am
industry stabilized in september. home building may no longer be a drag on growth. take a look at stock index futures, indicating a higher open. alan greenspan said over the weekend that the federal government should not consider a new stimulus package, even though he says unemployment will likely hit 10% and stay there for awhile. he also said only 40% of the economic stimulus package is currently in place. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back over to you. >> thank you. 5:27, 56 degrees. the news continues. >> still ahead, metro's latest numbers are out and they are not looking good.
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>> 8 troops killed in afghanistan. i am kathy park. i will have more. >> i am steve rudin. a beautiful monday on the way.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good monday morning. welcome back. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. brian is off today. steve rudin is in for him. >> a nice day. the power of high pressure. the rain is down to the south of us. plenty of sunshine. 7:08 is the sun rise for today. temperatures in the 50's this morning. gaithersburg, 48. we do have partly cloudy skies at this hour. we will have lots of sunshine. temperatures just around 73
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degrees for a daytime high. let's check in on the rush hour. >> a good start to the morning. no early issues. we will give you green bars on travel times as you make your way around the beltway. new reports of any problems. they're picking up road work. you want to stay to the left to get by on 270. this is the beltway at silver spring and heading into rockville. things are moving smoothly. >> thank you. as the fighting rages in afghanistan, the debate over strategy is heating up on capitol hill. >> the white house could face more pressure after a deadly weekend for u.s. troops. kathy park is live with the latest. >> the massive attack this weekend only increases the pressure on president obama's
5:31 am
administration and the strategy in afghanistan. they're divided on whether to send in more troops. the fierce gunbattle erupted saturday morning, as hundreds of insurgents stormed a reward outpost near the pakistan border. eight u.s. soldiers were killed, the deadliest attack in more than a year. troubling news overseas is troubling to the debate of the purview of this war. >> you have to have security in afghanistan. >> it is not a matter of the numbers. >> the base that was attacked was supposed to close in just days. troops were called to move towards more populated areas. >> we have to prioritize areas where the population is most threatened.
5:32 am
>> activist reminded the public of the cost of war. 800 combat boots were placed on the elipse this weekend. >> i had friends that have gotten killed and it brings back memories of how it changes a family. >> protesters will hold an anti- war rally and ended near the white house. president obama and his advisors plan to meet twice this week to discuss an afghanistan strategy. >> thank you. the cleanup continues in the south pacific from last week's deadly tsunami. a giant wave sparked by a powerful earthquake killed at least 176 people on samoa and american samoa. hundreds of supporters are on the ground right now transporting meals and water and
5:33 am
medical supplies. authorities are trying to restore normal sleep after wednesday's earthake killed hundreds and maybe thousands. schools will be back in session with counselors on hand for students. the death toll is placed at 1100. metro is using millions because fewer people are taking public transportation. train ridership was down nearly 4% in july and 2.5% in august. the red line saw the most drop, more than 10% in july and more than% in august. if this pace continues, metro will lose more than $22 million in revenue. trains have been running slower between the takoma and fort totten station since the june
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crash. metro said the repairs would be done by the end of august and pushed the date back to september. they said the work is taking longer than expected. there was a bribery scandal in d.c. and people are due back in court today. the suspects have all pleaded not guilty. prosecutors said it paid more than $300,000 in bribes to get the cab licenses. ted loza is pleaded not guilty. jim graham has not been indicted on any charges. ray lahood convened a conference in d.c. that focused on cell phone use behind the wheel. more enforcement is needed and they point to a study that says
5:35 am
cell phone use while driving causes 636,000 crashes every year, 2600 traffic fatalities. there is the sixth police- involved shooting in just a week. police are searching for two men. this happened yesterday morning at capitol heights. police say the officer was getting out of his car when two men approached him and demanded his keys. the oicer fired at him and they fired back. the officer was not hurt. yesterday was the official start to flu season. thousands rolled up their sleeves to get the vaccine. people lined up at a free drive thru flu shot clinic in columbia. patients could choose a shot or the nasal spray form of the
5:36 am
vaccine. no word on how many people showed up. suspensions have dropped as teachers look for alternative ways to deal with misbehaving students. officials are focusing on in school discipline such as providing counsellors and getting parents involved. schoolseported drops in suspension rates since changing their strategy. the army 10-miler race is being called a big success. soldis who lost limbs joined nearly 30,000 civilians and service members who ran through the district and arlington. also joining them was a soldier who was blinded. >> i think about how fortunate i am to be here.
5:37 am
i have not felt pain. i'm still alive. >> he completed his third race. there were also shatter races in iraq and afghanistan. >> what an inspiration he is. 5:37. tackling breast cancer. we'll show you how pro football joined the fight against the deadly disease. >> the swine flu vaccine becomes widely available. why officials say everyone should take it. i will have that story coming up. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again.
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more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >> hello. i'm not the national gallery. we have the only painting in the western hemisphere by leonardo de vinci. come down and meet her. good morning, washington. welcome back on this monday morning. we will see below a bit of sunshine. the sun will rise at 7:08. warrenton, 45 degrees.
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rockville, 51. cooleat just off to the west. cumberland, 44. plenty of sunshine today. daytime high temperatures in the low 70's. the wind are out of the west. >> we just heard about a crash on maryland 295. it is the exit the takes youtube the bwi airport. be aware for people heading out to the airport. note issues on 270 as you make your way towards rockville and towards the capital btway. good in virginia north on 95 heading up to the beltway. good on 395 up to the 14th street bridge. >> thank you. 5:42.
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>> david letterman becomes the butt of the late-night jokes. that is a switch. >> the final bell for hundreds of d.c. teachers. some students are fighting for their jobs. some students are fighting for their jobs. affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections
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with savings of up to 25%. so you can get what you want... when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. checking our top stories. lay-off d.c. school teachers are fighting to get their jobs back. they are planning to rally outside mckinley tech high school later this morning. nearly 400 school employees on friday were let go because of budget cuts.
5:46 am
>> authorities continue to watch several people linked to najibullah zazi, the man suspected of plotting a bomb attack. the group traveled from new york with zazi last weekend is now back in the united states. further charges are being considered. question nearly one in 10 of world's babies are being born premature. they can have a lifelong problems including cerebral palsy and learning disabilities. the fight against breast cancer is getting a boost from redskins fans, players, and coaches. >> nfl teams are aming up with the american cancer society to raise awareness about breast cancer. at yesterday's game, players were showing their support for the cause by wearing pink on their shoes and on their gloves.
5:47 am
>> it can attach any family member. >> i think too many people gnore it. -- it cannot tou touch in the fy member. >> there was a mammogram van set up outside the stadium. a lot of paint at fedex field. >> good stuff. -- a lot ofink at fedex field. your traffic and weather together ery 10 minutes. >> it is going to be really nice out there. plenty of sunshine is expected later run this morning. a cool start to our monday, 56 degrees at national cathedral. currently at suitland, 53. temperatures are holding in mid 50's. you can see a wider picture.
5:48 am
hagerstown, 57. cumberland, 55. we had clear skies, plenty of sunshine. high clouds for the overnight hours. a large area of high pressure will dominate our forecast tonight and into the first half of the day tomorrow. lots of sunshine expected today. a few scattered clouds tonight. temperatures will drop down to the 40's and 50's tonight. there could be some patchy frost in the valleys. lots of sunshine. a cold front will arrive from thwest. it will bring afternoon clouds. temperatures near 70 degrees. the wind will really start to pick up, especially for the daytime hours on wednesday. wind gusts up to 35 miles per
5:49 am
hour on thursday. temperatures in the upper 60's. the cool air will stick around on friday into the upcoming weekend. >> i am told there is a works shown on the inner loop of the beltway just as you across the woodrow wilson bridge in the local lanes. you can make the exit for route 1. be aware heading into alexandria. on the outer loop, there is a stalled vehicle. no flashers with it. you can barely seet dead center of the screen as you approach calls phil wrote. stay to the far right. -- as you approach coles ville road. the bitter fight between jon gosselin and kate has turned
5:50 am
financial. he has emptied the bank account of nearly $200,000. kate has asked a judge to hold her estranged husband in contempt. jon asked kate to delay their divorce. i heard he does not want the kids on anymore. can we just get divorced in peace? >> on the sign, his name was spelled wrong. >> are you serious? >> i would not joke about that. >> moving on. >> if you came here tonight four sacks and a talk-show host, you have the wrong studio. >> david letterman is now the butt of late-night jokes. he said someone tried to
5:51 am
blackmail him. jay leno was the first to poke fun at him. conan o'brien did not mention the story. others all had skits mocking gridavid letterman. >> glass houses. i missed it all. interesting. 5:51.
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now a few stories to watch out for. big changes for d.c. libraries. schedules and every branch will change to help the district cope with a budget crunch. >> creigh deeds will campaign across arlington today. he will talk about his plan to jump-start the economy. >> the supreme court begins a new term today. it is the first day on the bench for sonia sotomayor. some priority patients will be getting vaccinated against the h1n1 swine flu. >> this is a big step. john hendren has the details. the flu season has started and
5:55 am
americans need to be vaccinated, now more than ever. >> this is the most ambitious vaccination program ever mounted. the number of doses of vaccine, the quickness with which the vaccine has been produced. >> doctors will receive 600,000 tubes of nasal vaccine. another 50 million vaccine doses should be ready following week. many americans are not so sure. about six in 10 adults are not certain they will be vaccinated. about four in 10 parents are not sure they will get their children vaccinated. >> i am not concerned about getting the swine flu. >> if i can keep a child from getting an illness that will keep them from staying at a
5:56 am
school, practice saying something. >> the priority list includes pregnant women, young people, and people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes. caregivers are on the front lines. >> we have increased employee absences due to fevers, flu-like symptoms. >> pregnant women in particular are possible. 100 have been sent to the intensive care unit and 28 have died from the disease. 5:56. there is more still to come in our second hour. >> a state of emergency. rescue crews battle a fast- moving wildfire. >> first pink slips and now a protest.
5:57 am
that story is coming up. there is a disabled car on the the beltway.
5:58 am
i am distraught. i am hurt and i'm totally outraged.
5:59 am
>> a show of solidarity. local students planned a protest to fight for hundreds of fired teachers. >> stopping the spread of swine flu. the first round of vaccinations is making its way to high-purdy patience. >> the redskins win. it was a somewhat ugly win. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. welcome back. " you had a great weekend. i am alison starling. >> and diane greta kreuz. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we begin with steve rudin. -- and i am greta kreuz. >> it is a beautiful monday. plenty of sunshine. >> it is a beautiful monday. plenty of sunshine.


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