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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 5, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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wayne young and his wife came all the way from denver. >> we should not be the world's policeman. at is what the un is for. >> eight u.s. service members were killed over the weekend, 16 so far this month. the white house must consider general mike cryal's request for another 40,000 troops. >> be part of the conversation involved in the afghanistan. if that is not something that has been ever entertained. >> meanwhile, the insurgency is intensifying. americans are infidels, this man said. my house destroyed, my father and nephews killed. god willing, i will fight to the last. but so, too, will these protesters, more than 50 today willing to be arrested to be heard. >> we're hoping to create a mass
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movement that we can actually affect the policies. >> the white house holds several top-level beings on the direction of the rewards. but as you heard, walking away is not an option at this point. >> more events are scheduled for the rest of the week regarding the future of the war in afghanistan. a bipartisan group of congressional leaders will go to the white house to talk about the war tomorrow. protesters are planning demonstrations tomorrow and wednesy in the district. in our abc7 news poll, a lot of people still support the war in afghanistan. of those polled, 46% said they have always supported. 43% today never supported it and 21% say they suppoed at first and have since changed their
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minds. >> the un has closed all its offices in pakistan in death and the following a suicide bombing. five people were killed when a bomb exploded at the world food program building in islamabad today. officials want to know how the bomb got into the building. the world food program offices are in a fortified area and surrounded by massive, blast- proof walls. the finance committee is expected to continue its highly scrutinized health-care reform bill later this week. meanwhile, 150 doctors fill the rose garden to support -- to hear the president's latest overall pitch. >> when you cut through all the noise and all the distractions that are out there, i think what is most telling is that some of the people who are most
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supportive of theç reform are the very medical professionals who know the health care system past. >> at least one republican disagrees with the president. senator john carrasco of wyoming says many medical professionals strongly oppose the plan because of proposed met -- cuts in medicare. >> a case involving the right to bear arms is on the docket. chicago is asking the high court to overturn the cy's bann handguns. last year, the justices declared ddc handgun bill unconstitutional. >> the d.c. teachers union says it will file suit against public schools for laying off nearly 400 school employees. this comes after hundreds of d.c. students left their classrooms and demanded answers from their elected officials.
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>> the school headquarters here was one of several stops the baby todathat they made today, s and students. there were complaining that schools -- the schools chancellor was disrupting their education by firing hundreds of teachers and coselors five weeks into the school year. >> joined by some teachers, parents and community actors, hundreds of students had protests. 132-year teacher was yelling at the police all t way, escorting her out of the building. >> they treated me like i was a convict, a criminal. >> they yelled outside of school headquarters. teachers and counselors
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complained about hiring 900 new teachers over the summer and then firing the veterans. >> everybody that we know of was people who were 50 or older. >> this is absolutely absurd. these children are seniors. the aftermath of their transcripts sent out. they need to do early admissions and there's no counselor to do that anymore. >> when they learn that the chancellor was out of town, they took their protest to city hall. council members were in and outside to give them support. they invited everyone in the building where in an impromptu meeting, members, students and teachers they would question those responsible for what happened. the chancellor is out of town, scheduled to speak at cornell university tonight, her alma mater. she blamed the d.c. budget cuts for the need to fired counselors and teachers, although the city
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council chair said, no, she is using the council as a scapegoat to get rid of employees she does not want. >> we are following a developing story out of northeast washington right now, cottage city police officer was pursuing a suspect into the district. the suspect's car went to -- one out of control and struck a band. that vehicle overturned and the driver was taken to the hospital. the suspects fled on foot from the scene and they're looking for them. vandals are to blame for disrupting the bus rides for thousands of anne arundel students this morning. they've ripped the control panels about leest 14 school buses and cut fuel lines, stealing hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel into the schoolyard. >> metra reports it will lose millions of dollars in anticipated fares. train riders of has been on the decline since the deadly crash
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in june. the red wines of the largest decline, down more than 10% in july. and more than 8% in august. since july, writer ship dropped nearly 4% in july and 2.5% in august. >> coming up, nearly half a million dollar football field on a coming county high school -- at montgomery county high school is about to be torn up. we will tell you why. >> and how he might save some time at the airport. >> the weather is nothing short of spectacular. how many more days can we look forward to? that is still to come.
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the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies
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that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree. because building confidence in our economy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds. >> an investment firm is in the press of buying the assets of the largest vendor involved in the registered vendor traveler program for $200 per year, a trusd travelers were allowed to pass more quickly through airport security checkpoints. ck of financing of the program in june. dulles international airport is expected to get $154 million in
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federal stimulus funds to be used for and in my baggage handling system that enhances explosive detection and eliminates the need for passengers to walk their backs to a screening sites before heading to security checkpoints. more than one dozen airports nationwide will also get the funds. >> the southern maryland collective -- electric cooperative is expected to cut rates that reach an all-time high last year. now they are forecast to decrease over the next three years. it translates to a 1 cent per kilowatt price cut ofour customers. >> a turf war over a local high school football field. i will fill you in on the controversy, coming up. >> a beautiful fall day today. doug hill is back with his forecast. >> the question begs, will yesterday's big third quarter kickstart the redskins?
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>> the football field at the montgomery county high-school will some be torn up and replaced. >> but parents are crying foul. the state has a libbin on the ground for six months. -- they say it has only been the ground for six months. >> that is right, they say this field at the high school costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to be put in only to be taken out after a few months of use. the parents say it is a huge waste of money. >> at walter johnson high school, a lot of people are excited about a new artificial turf service scheduled to be installed later this school year. >> i think it will be safer in the long run. >> as part of ongoing in renovations at the school, last year they dug up the stadium field and this summer replaced with a grass field. but this field will be dug up in a few months and a local parents group is upset about that. >> it is an incredible waste of
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money everybody's on this bandwagon to get artificial turf. >> parents claim the school system spent $400,000 on a dashon new turf only to have it dug up after a few months of use. >> i do not know if it is never good to stand for under $32,000 on a football field is put -- $432,000 on a football field is prudent, but right now, can we afford to be doing this? >> but the school system says they will not go to waste. >> most of it will still be used when the artificial turf is installed. >> the underground sprinkler system will be removed and taken to another school that needs a new field in the spring. the parents group says, if that is possible, they want to know how much it will cost.
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>> a beautiful weekend for football. >> tomorrow, clouds will roll in. but generally, a fine weather week. the days are getting shorter. we have got a little less than half an hour to go of daylight on this monday, but spectacular sunshine. the air is cool and dry and we will have a very chilly tuesday morning. we will head down the river to quantico, 68 there, high of 71. 68 degrees in belleville, and frederick, 65. there dewpoint is 59. let's get to the forg board and a fact -- check out the official numbers. picture perfect as far as the highs and lows. 71 is the official high.
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96 and 37 are the existing records. right now, 70 in fairfax. it a very pleasant weather across the mid-atlantic. much cooler tendersç to the wam -- to the north and much warmer to the south. a bubble of high pressure is writer had and that gave us the incredle day yesterday as well as today. this is moving off to the east and it is not going to so much out these laws to return, but the door is open for the clouds out west to move in and that is associated with a cloud front -- a cold front across the nebraska panhandle right now. tamara, we will still be under the influence of this high pressure centered off the coast. and increasing clouds -- wednesday afternoon. breezy weather by wednesday afternoon.
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tomorrow, lots of sunshine, 42 to 52 will be the range in the morning. 66 at midday. after the clouds increase. partly sunny and windy in the afrnoon, but pleasant on wednesday. sunny and delightful on thursday. friday, the next cold front and it should clear by sunday. > >> before we begin, let me say two words on behalf of the boy redskins, they won. >> they did win, you're exactly right the skins hung in there and scored 16 points in the third quarter. before that, you ought to give them of lot of cdit. jason campbell, he threw two touchdowns. then he aired a doubt -- aired
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it out. campbell did not look panicked after its worst first half ever. >> the best thing about our football team is nobody pactiv deanne. -- pat in. that was it is a sign of strength within our football team. they did a nice job of coming back out and playing hard. >> but campbell cod not hit the broad side of a barn in the first half. he looked squarely and could not get settled. the -- squirrely and could not get settled. the coach stuck with campbell despite the fans screaming for a change. >> everybody likes to be supported. everyone wants to know that you are part of the puzzle. i've been going through this since the off-season.
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>> more bad news for the redskins, the punter pulled a groin muscle yesterday and probably cannot. at carolina on sunday. but he does get to be the holder on field goals. and even when they've pushed it to grow suggs into brady's leg and he tried to avoid pretty, they still through the plate. but they changed the game. the patriots go on to win and ray lewis did not like it. >> it is embarrassing for a player to play his heart out and you call something like that. you cannot call back and say personal foul. he is a man. they can be had just like us. >> so, take the skirt off tom brady. whether you like brett favre or not, you have to be wondering and watching as he goes against his old teammates.
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>> if it does not mean a lot you, you should not be playing. it is obviously important. >> the nationals are the first team in major league history to finish the season 7-0 after starting 0-7. and there never 1 draft pick stephen strasbourg pitches for the first time in arizona. two strikeouts, no walks, and he will pitch again october 11. it and chris ebbert and greg norman have called it quits after 15 months of marriage. >> there is a handicap there somewhere. >> you got that right. >> chairman max baucus man brought congress closer to -- than it ever has been to passing senate finance reform.
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where the discussions happening now? >> they are happening discreetly in the back rooms of the democrats will begin have been hovering next week to know the two senate bills that are competing they're keeping their favorites out of the play in helping tmç have at a better chance for the bills merge. helping tmç have at a better chance for the bills merge.
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>> coming to the end of a beautiful monday. >> you are looking off to the west as the sun slowly sinks. it will be a cool night. bright and sunny tomorrow morning. clouds will increase near the afternoon showers wednesday morning and then clearing in the afternoon triggered beautiful weather thursday and frida and may be another thunderstorm on
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