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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 3, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> bitterly cold temperatures leave washington in a deep freeze. some people are struggling to cope with the cold without heat or electricity. plus, terrorist threats from
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security changes at airports. important information travelers need to know. rescuers ramble, trying to get a man trapped in an overturned car in rock creek. the d.c. region is in a deep freeze tonight. the effects are being felt all over that area. thousands of people are without electricity tonight. some schools will open one hour late tomorrow. in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson, and morgan county schools are delayed by two hours. steve joins us with the very latest conditions. >> improving conditions in terms of the wind, especially around the immediate metro area. we are looking at wednesday at
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about 15 in d.c., ocean city 18 miles per hour winds. just a moment ago we talked about the school delays in garrett county and western maryland. there is a winter weather advisory until 6:00 in the evening tomorrow. they could pick up 4 to 5 inches of snow. there is a win -- when jill advisory for the panhandle area. -- when the chill advisory. tomorrow, daytime high temperatures just around freezing. a look at the extended forecast in just a few minutes. >> people forced to go out in the cold tonight bundled up, but some could not escape the freezing temperatures even in their own homes. we have more on how people are facing -- people are facing these frigid temperatures. >> this is one of those days where trees toppled like
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dominoes. >> the most ridiculous whether to be walking around in. >> the wind took a toll on anyone walking -- anyone stepping into mother nature's path. >> it feels like it is pulling your skin off. >> temperatures in the 20's felt more miserable thanks to powerful gusts. >> the entire thing-year dry dock. >> families in northwest washington awoke to this. a snap of tree landed on power lines, damaging this suv and knocking out electricity for hours. >> we are losing heat and is getting pretty chilly in the house. >> they are grateful for the wires that held up the tree.
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>> it fell over the garage. >> there was plenty of duty on this winter night in washington. in the planning of beauty. >> let's look at some power outages. dominion is reporting 1100 in northern virginia. >> to check on the forecast around the clock, just log on to our website at good morning washington starts tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.. the threat of terrorism leads to security changes at u.s. airports. a security scare triggered a lot down in newark international airport tonight. clots rounded and thousands of passengers had to be -- with our live at dulles international is new details on changes for
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airline passengers. baxter continues to be a heightened awareness of security. if you are coming to dullest amar to fly out, you probably will not notice any of these new tsa rules -- if you are coming to dulles airport to fly out. for this live from heathrow, it was impossible to miss the stepped up security in place after thefailed christmas day attack. >> they patted me down and literally did a full body -- and i had never seen anything like that before. >> starting at midnight, the transportation security administration has ordered enhanced procedures for all flights coming in to the united states.
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every single passenger of from 14 terrorism prone countries will be subject to additional screening, including being patted down and having their carry-on items searched. while the full list of countries was not released, political -- "politico reports several that are on the list. >> i do not think it will help. i think it does not increase or maximize security. it is just a panic reaction. >> it is fine with me. >> there are also reports that other countries on the list of those 14 nations include yemen, pakistan, nigeria, saudi arabia, iraq, algeria, and 11 on. one tsa official describes it as a significant step forward. one other thing included in the
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new mandates, they continue to leave the one hour rule where you may or may not have to have things put away and stay in your seats. they are leaving that up to the captain of the flight. all of these go into effect at midnight. >> in the meantime, u.s. and british officials have closed their embassies in yemen. there are indications allegedly that al qaeda is planning an attack and that the u.s. is the target. it is not clear when the embassies will reopen. a man is dead after his car went off rock creek parkway and into the water. a passer-by called 911 this morning after spotting the overturned car. authorities say it took 10 minutes to find the car in the partially frozen water. they were able to free 23ear- old joshua kuhlman of arlington.
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he was barely alive when he was taken to the hospital, where he died a few hours later. >> a lot of bad things can happen. >> an autopsy will be conducted to find out what led to his death. authorities need your help to find an 11-year-old girl who was allegedly taken by her father. they said 55-year-old abdul cartwright took his daughter alexis and she might be in danger. they are believed to be traveling in a blue 1993 dodge ram pickup. if you see them, you are asked to call police. you might want to give yourself some extra time if you plan on writing metro late at night. starting tonight, trains will use a single track on some lines. they will be replacing ralph fasteners and concrete slabs.
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writers should take an extra 30 minutes for their trip. >> coming up, bitterly cold temperatures in the area tonight and the threat of snow out in the forecast. as jim zorn coached his last game with the redskins? i know what he had today -- had to say today.
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>> authorities have caught up with a florida man wanted for allegedly killing four family members on thanksgiving day. >> i am really happy that the monster is in a cage. >> he appeared in court just hours after being arrested. the owner of a motel in the florida keys called police after seeing the suspects picture on "america's most wanted." several suspected immigrant smugglers are behind bars after
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police raided a home in phoenix. authorities went to the home after receiving tips that the smugglers role in more than a dozen emigrants against their will. police say they had been held for more than a week. some told investigators they had been beaten. they are expected to be deported. and errors on a family is reeling after a teenage girl accidentally ran over and killed her brother. -- and arizona family. they were playing around a mall parking lot when the girl -- when the boy jump in front of the car. the boy was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. there's no word if any charges will be filed. aghast as pollution -- and gas explosion injured 11 people. buildings and windows were p
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>> tight security will be in place when the world's tallest building opens a few hours from now. it has luxury apartments, offices, and a hotel inside. it will be nearly 2,700 feet tall. it also has the most stories and the highest occupied for of any building in the world. it comes as dubai struggles to pay billions of dollars in debt. people in vermont are digging out from a record snowfall, a whopping 32 inches of snow accumulated in south burlington, setting an all-time record for one snowstorm. is not over yet. the area is expected to get a few more inches before morning. that is pretty incredible. >> it keeps things in perspective. we had a lot of snow here that melted quickly.
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the wind is finally beginning to subside, so some good news on the way. the advisory for them immediate metro area has expired. a cold night ahead, but western maryland is full of winter conditions. we will talk about that in just a second. you can see the flag blowing. the wind chill factor built like to degrees below zero in germantown at this hour. they had a daytime high of only 20. it feels like 3 degrees in upper northwest the sea. -- nw dc. 28 degrees at reagan national airport. when gusts up 46 miles per hour this afternoon. it will diminish in the overnight hours, but we will have a cold temperatures in the
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forecast for the next several days. 26 degrees in richmond, 15 in pittsburg. cleveland is looking at 21 degrees. minneapolis is at one degree below zero. it is just cold outside and will remain cold for the upcoming week, below average by about 10 degrees or so. across portions of ohio and garrett county of western maryland, they still have a winter weather advisory and a two-hour delay tomorrow morning. they could pick up another two-4 inches of snow. not very pleasant out there. you also have a wind chill advisory for allegheny county until tomorrow morning. across our immediate area, there is nothing to worry about. a cold start to monday morning and the first full week of 2010.
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a few flurries mainly to the north. here is the forecast, cold and freezing for tonight. 22 degrees downtown, with other west at 15-20 miles an hour. by afternoon, the high around 30 degrees. the average for this time of year is 43. here is the extended outlook. you might want to pay attention to this one. 35 degrees on wednesday, amid 30's on thursday, but friday at coastal storm that could potentially bring snow to the area. the reason we are thinking snow is because the temperatures are cold enough to support snow.
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we will let the computer models interpret everything. >> will be right back. coming up, classmates take >> will be right back. coming up, classmates take
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>> for washington redskins fans, the long winter our discontent is mercifully over. they ended in san diego the way they started in new york, with a loss. the chargers are a good team.
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in large part because of philip rivers. a 12 yard touchdown. in the second, the chargers rucker up 13-0. here is the big play we have been looking policies and long. campbell with a bullet to malcolm kelly. he runs 84 yards, pulled down at the chargers' four. a couple of plays later, more play action. suddenly the redskins take the lead, 17-16. now let's move to the fourth quarter. offsides, derrick dockery. the chargers get the ball and march right down the field. he drops it. that would have sealed the game. instead, another chance.
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he stops just before the goal line. two plays later, the chargers win, 23-20. jim zorn making his final comment as this games had scope to. >> there are a lot of things out there -- i did that, but i am working on over to the meeting, i am working on our off-season schedule. >> he taught me some things i can continue to keep working on in my nfl game as a quarterback. if it is the end of an era here, that i wish him the best wherever he goes. >> this season is on the line for the baltimore ravens. they have to beat the raiders to get into the playoffs. watch him right tackle and throw
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off defenders. maguey and the ravens win 21-13. they are in the playoffs. to the third, felix jones. jones goes 49 yards and the cowboys' turn back philly. a solid game, second have action. sean mostly gets it, back in that quarter. turks went 93--- terps win. georgetown wins, 67-50. the jets vs. the bingles just ended. the jets win because and will take on the bengals' next week.
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>> less windy and still call will be the name of the game for the next few days. 31 degrees for the day tomorrow, flurries on tuesday. wednesday and thursday will be
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dry, but friday looks like it has the potential for a cold system to bring us some snow. we will update you tomorrow.
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