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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 3, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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>> yemen is emerging as the late staging ground for al qaeda. yemen is the new big word in america's fight on terrorism. a weak central government has tried and failed to stamp it out.
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recently it was a training ground for the botched terror suspect. the u.s. and british embassies were shut down, citing ongoing threat from al qaeda. yemen has a special case in the history of al qaeda. osama bin laden'familys is from there. now terrorist are believed to be flooding into the country seeking to save haven from u.s. air strikes in pakistan and afghanistan. >> iraq is yesterday's war. if we do not act preemptively, yemen will be tomorrow's war. >> these are people who were held in gitmo their return and have now gone back to the battlefield. >> president obama's top tier
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adviser says -- joining us is the white house reporter for "politico." in the wake of this attempted terror attack on that flight from amsterdam to the troy, -- to detroit. >> president obama is really looking at this issue with two different reviews. he has ordered that basically all the intelligence agencies appear in the situation room on this coming tuesday. he is coming back from hawaii, and there will be a meeting asking what they did, what went wrong, and what should be done better the next time. the lot of folks are talking about folks who will lose their
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jobs. >> there have already been some changes in airport security. >> there is a major change, you might call it was i-profiling. -- quasi-profiling. passengers from the 14 countries coming in on international flights will be subjected to some heightened level of security in the airports, an interesting move from the obama administration. i think you'll find a lot of people, regular air travelers who view a lot of these measures as an unnecessary and unhelpful. you find people who do not travel as often want to feel very secure when they apply and
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are interested in having these measures carried out. the approach of the white house is that they would rather appear to be doing something rather than nothing. they are going to try to put out a message every day that they are taking action in some respect to try to combat this threat. >> the close the embassy in yemen and britain followed suit. is it just precautionary? >> i think there is a specific threat. there were acouple of attacks carried out against al qaeda in yemen in that last couple of weeks. they have made it clear that like to retaliate for those attacks. the u.s. has pretty good intelligence that there might be an attack on the u.s. embassy there. >> the u.s. is now sending money to yemen for its efforts to fight terrorist. some may think this is a bit contradictory. >> it is an awkward situation,
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but the u.s. does not have much choice but to rely on the yemen government. it is a wobbly regime. the british government is working with the u.s. on this to try to combat the growing al qaeda presence there. we have been geing mixed messages. a couple of weeks ago they were saying they were increasingly confident with the human handling guantanamo prisoners that were being sent back there. >> we will be listening to the president who is coming back tonight. we will listen to him on tuesday. >> thank you so much. five americans arrested in pakistan are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. according to pakistan police, the young muslim men from our area were in contact with the taliban recruiter and other extremist militants.
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one set what left behind -- one left behind a video. the health-care debate is going to return to the front burner on capitol hill. the house and senate have approved legislation that would provide health care insurance for most americans at huge cost to the government. offering a public alternative to private sector help plants -- republicans opposed both -- plan is mostly because of their costs. >> we have 60 million people who do not have access to a physician on a regular basis. 45,000 may die. >> negotiations between the two houses to reconcile the bills will begin at this month and may last for weeks. >> president obama's committed to close guantanamo bay may be
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delayed until next year. the failure to meet a timetable may have cost crag his job. >> the president sees him as a friend and trusted adviser, someone whose contributions to this administration are linked the. >> the remaining detainees at guantanamo will be moved to a maximum security prison in northwester and illinois. it will need up to 10 months of construction. this week some key earnings reports are due out. this as wall street saw one of the most tumultuous years in stock market history. it has managed a stunning recovery and ends the year with optimism. 43.9% of the nasdaq -- the blue-
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chip index claremount -- remains down. monday's open on wall street is expected to see modest gains. the question is whether this that back was a bear market rally or the beginning of a new bull run. coming up, to women caught up in a sex trafficking ring in our area. we are -- will explain what is being done to stop it. plus, your next trip to the post office will cost you a little bit more. >> the wind advisory across the media metro area has come to an end, but now we see the potential for so when you're living with bipolar depression...'s easy to feel like you're fading into the background. that's because bipolar depression
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>> not a look ahead to next week. new posl rates go into effect on january 4. tomorrow, the price of first- class stamp will not change, but expect an increase for express mail, parcells select, and a 3% increase for priority mail international. the blizzard two weeks ago has nearly bankrupt snow removal budgets for the fiscal year. maryland is already nearly $1 million over budget. virginia has spent $10 million of its $27 million. maryland will now have to shift money from other areas to cover additional snow removal costs. a status hearing is set for tuesday for a former nasa
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employee accused of trying to sell classified secrets to israel. he was arrested in october in an fbi sting operation. here is a look ahead at where our washington teams stand. friday the wizards are back to take on the orlando magic. the capital start tuesday at home ainst the montreal canadiens. the capitals had to atlanta saturday to take on the thrashers. the redskins game, the team is not play off down. coming up, a car overturns in rock creek, sending cruise kremlin to try to get to the driver trapped inside -- sending crews
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>> the dc area is in the middle of a deep freeze, with some of the coldest air we have seen so far this winter. the powerful wind gusts made it feel like it was in the single digits. the wind brought down trees and knocked out power to thousands of people across the area. investigators are trying to figure out what led to a bizarre accident this morning. police say a car went off the rock creek parkway and into the icy rock creek.
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joshua kuhlman was pulled from the vehicle barely ali ad rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead this afternoon. there will be enhanced security measures for people coming to the u.s. from overseas. tsa says all passengers are eligible for random screenin anpeople coming from certain countries will undergo other security measures. getting back to the cold, we are looking at less windy. >> today is one of those days when it hurt to go outside. the wind is finally beginning to diminish, a good sign for those who may be walking your pets tomorrow morning. improving conditions, but still rather cold for this time of year, even though we are in the middle of winter. we have a current temperature of
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17 in germantown. it feels like one degree above zero. ashburton is looking at a current temperature of 17. only in the 20's across most of the area today. pittsburg is looking at 15. reagan national is at 24 degrees. lake effect snow on northern ohio into western pennsylvania. nothing to worry about for us in the immediate metro area in terms of snow. just off to the west of us, garrett and allegheny county has a winter weather advisory. a wind chill advisory for allegheny and the panhandle of west virginia until 9:00. it will remain cold for the next
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several days. here is the latest for the day tomorrow. a big difference compared to today. when gusts up to 45-50 miles an hour with improving conditions for the next couple of days. there a some changes on the way. cold and breezy tonight, tomorrow, scattered clouds. i afternoon, around 30 days for aunt -- 30 degrees for an afternoon high. winds out of the northwest at 10-15 by the late afternoon. we have mostly clear skies for tuesday, but by wednesday temperatures will warm up a little bit. there is a potential for a storm to develop late thursday
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night into friday. it looks like we have plenty of cold air so any moisture that falls would be in the form of snow. we will keep you updated. nothing to worry about right now. >> we will be watching this very closely. coming up, a young women caught up in a sex trafficking scandal coming up, a young women caught up in a sex trafficking scandal in our
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>> when you hear the term sex trafficking, you typically think of young girls internationally, but it happens in our area as well. what is being done to stop the exploitation? she is 19 years old and trying to get her life back together. >> i was in the honors program five years in a row. >> but it all fell apart. >> he told me i could really appreciate you. i thought this was a way for me to escape. >> then she found a new camp on craigslist in college park. -- a new pimp. >> it was like he cared about me. he sent me money and make sure i was somewhere safe. >> she started working for him
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out of hotels in and around a county, meeting customers through craigslist. >> for half an hour, maybe a $100 to $150. >> she could not see any way out. >> i was all the way out here there was no family to help me. >> expes say they use that financial and psychological dependence to control the girls, including drugs and alcohol. >> sadly they are stuck behind a wall. >> last year, there were 35 teen victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. >> it is not something they just decided to do. it was an act of desperation. >> the maryland human trafficking task force was formed to combat the problem.
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law enforcement says it is important to recognize young girls as victims instead of criminals. >> we do not want to take these 14 and 15 year-old girls and lock them up in jail. that will not create -- that will not create the relationship we want so that they will work with us. >> elena eventually broke free from prostitution and has a job. she is considering going back to school. she wants the world to know. >> if you see girls outside late at night, sometimes it is not their own choice. >> council member phil mendelson has introduced a bill that would prosecute both traffickers and people who buy sex. the council is expected to pick it up this february. the council is expected to pick it up this february. once there was a thing called paper money.
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>> it has been a cold, long week as we welcome in 2010, the first full week -- work and school week. you'll notice a huge differee in terms of wind chill. it will feel a lot better than it did today. wednesday and thursday, dry, but thursday night and into friday we will see the updated potential for a wintry scenario.
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>> have a great night. potential for a wintry scenario. >> have a great night.
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