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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  January 4, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, washington. 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. we do have a few school delays out there. greg garrett county schools will open two hours late. clark and frederick county schools will open one hour late. more precarious schools on a two-hour delay. >> let's check in with brian. we have a cold start to the new year. >> we have teens and lower at 20's but it feels like single digits when you factor in the wind. it will make for bitter day. dressed in layers. a few clouds will roland and possibly a passing snow shower. 19 in rockville. -- a few clouds will roll in. it is pretty chilly across the board. sunshine will mix in with some
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clouds. more clouds this afternoon. it will feel like the teens and 20's all afternoon long. it will look like the 30's on the thermometer but it will feel downright colder than that. we'll talk about a chance for some snow later this week. >> we have a growing volume of traffic as far as 95 and 66. in and out of baltimore looks good. do not forget about the patch ice coming out of the neighborhood. plenty of traffic and growing in germantown. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. temperatures this cold can be downright dangerous if you have to be outside for too long. >> quarter robinson is outside with how people -- courtney robinson is outside with more on
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how people are coping. >> we have all of our players on. if you're planning on heading out, definitely bundle of. we're out on dupont circle. it will read 26 blood as brian mentioned, it is bitterly cold outside. it feels more like it is in the teens. this cold weather is not going away. factor in the wind and it does make it much colder. the wind causes some issues as far as seeing tree limbs coming down. people experienced that yesterday. once those lines come down, you're dealing with a loss of heat and electricity. " we're losing heat. it is getting chilly in the house. >> crews worked overnight. the virginia power worked overnight to restore power to
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about 3000 people this morning. you're about 30 this morning without power. pepco, about 400. baltimore gas and electric, about 75. not all related to the weather. but people are very cold. if you're heading out, a bundle of. lots of layers. >> thank you. it is really cold for us out there, but we're not the only ones. the game in buffalo yesterday, it was more like a snow globe. vermont is buried in up to 3 feet of snow. there is a freeze on warning in florida. opposes a huge danger for the citrus crop. aar plunged off of rock creek park quick killing a driver. a jogger called 911 after they spotted an overturned car. this is near p street nw.
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the driver, joshua kuhlman, was taken to the hospital in grave condition and died a few hours later. there are new airport security changes. passengers will go through tougher screening. passengers from all foreign countries willxpect random screenings and baggage checks. special attention will be paid on passengers from 14 countries of interest with ties to terror. they include pakistan and yemen. all of their luggage will be hand search. flights are taking off oe again at new workeark airport iw jersey after a security scare. the terminal was put on lockdown. >> we were watching the tv out there. it came on the tv that the
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terminal in new worark was being closed down because of security. the next thing we know, they are asking everybody to leave. >> flights were groundedor about six hours. all passengers needed to be prescreen re-screened. president obama is heading back from his vacation. the first family is expected to arrive later this morning. tomorrow president will meet with top of pfizer's on the missed red flags of the christmas day bomb plot. four u.s. troops have been killed in a roadside bombing. the blast happened yesterday in southern afghanistan on. the casualties are the first u.s. combat deaths this year. a man is under arre with
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the first d.c. homicide. zachery funke was stabbed several times saturday night on mississippi avenue. he was pronounced dead early yesterday. police arrested terrance brooks who has been charged with second-degree murder. virginia police are asking for your help to find a girl who they believe is in danger. a man took his daughter alexis from a ho hospital near the richmond area. 6:06, and only 23 degrees. >> a first for eight sitting first lady. we will talk about's mo 1 in the spotlight. >> our next chance for a winter storm.
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crest here are the latest school storm. crest here are the latest school delays on this monday morning
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a very good morning. it is bitterly cold out here this morning with temperatures in the 20's and the teens. the wind chill factor is in the single digits to the teens. you can see the wind chills fluctuating. the winds are howling.
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for in germantown. it feels like 9 in reston. -- 4 in germantown. increasing clouds, maybe a passing snow shower. tomorrow, still breeze it with more sunshine. by the end of the week, maybe some snow and much colder air. the weekend could bring more arctic air. maybe not out of the 20's for saturday and sunday. >> welcome to your first canoed in 2010. you'll find things uneventful and the normal prion is waiting for you. -- welcome to your first commute in 2010. 95, we will give you the gre lights. nothing to report in and out of baltimore on the baltimore- washington parkway. nothing complicated to report
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through southeast d.c. on 295 northbound. have your traffic on the way to the naval research lab. traffic good of the way to the wilson bridge. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. it is more expensive to drive on the dulles toll road. tolls increase by 25 cents on friday. the toll at the main gate is now $1. the extra money is being used to help fund metro's silver line extension out to dulles airport. 23 degrees. >> a financial crisis. what the fed chairman blamed for the economic collapse. >> it could be a script -- a
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. we do have a few school delays to pass along. >> dear kenneth schools are opening two hours late. -- west virginia, berkeley and morgan counties schools are on a two-hour delay. bundle up as you head out. the freezing temperatures will continue. the cold weather and wind it is causing lots of trouble. most of the eastern u.s. and midwest is in the deep freeze now. >> there are new airport screening rules for passengers flying into the u.s. all international passengers will not be randomly screen. passengers from 14 countries
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will have to endure extra body scans. in florida, and man accused of killing his relatives at a thanksgiving dinner is now behind bars. he was captured at a florida keys motel on saturday after the boehner recognize his picture on tv. 6:14. multiple sources say it could be the end of the line for coach jim zorn. zorn will be fired today as head coach, according to one official. the redskins lost to the san diego chargers yesterday. coach zorn is wrapping up his second season. his dismissal has been expected. for now, it is business as usual. >> there are a lot of things out there. i get that. i am working on our team meeting
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and our off-season schedule. until i am -- until it is told that on any other effort, i am getting ready. >> the story is still developing. zorn is scheduled to have as regular post-game press conference. keep it right here. we will have the latest developments throughout the day. 6:15. most everybody heading back to work or school. let's check on the traffic. >> lisa baden is back. we missed you. >> thank you. everyone is back to the routine. the fight has not changed. if you're a resolution is not to procrastinate, you'll want to do that. there was a crash southbound on 270 after the lane divided. traffic is on the way to the inner loop. this is after traffic would
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commit to old georgetown road and having an impact early. virginia travel is typical on 66 and 95. headlights northbound. nothing reported in the hov lane up to the pentagon. let's check on the weather. >> thank you so much. we do have a bit of a chill in the air. we have gusty winds that continue to howl. it feels like 10 in fairfax. it feels like 9 up in martinsburg. let's show you what is happening. you can see the moonlight overhead. a disturbance will drop on through and bring in the chance for a passing snow shower. nothing major. old maninter will be blowing along some wind. the wind chills will be in the teens and single dudigits this
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morning. it is a blustery outside. the wind chill will make it seem downright bidder. far to the west, in the page county and into west virginia, cold. the wind will not be as strong tonight. looking ahead to tomorrow, still a bit breezy. mid 30's. the week continues to go on and we will see more sunshine and milder air. chance of some snow on thursday and friday. will not hit 30 on sunday. back over to you. >> thank you. a major milestone for the dvd. ben bernanke. figures for the financial crisis. jeremy hubbard has more. >> the head of the for a reserve says the central bank is not to blame for the financial crisis. ben bernanke said weak
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regulation was responsible for the housing bubble. he has been asking congress to grant the fed greater oversight powers. critics argue the fed kept rates too low after the 2001 recession. this week on wall street could t the tone for the rest of the year. investors will be watching for what is known as the january effect, where stocks often rise to start a new year. if the first five days are up, the year often finishes at the same way. the world's tallest tower opened in dubai today. it is part of the effort to become a world wide hub for business. the tower's height is a closely kept secret. there are more than 160 flores creek is part of a $20 billion complex. analysts say the tower is unlikely to be profitable on its
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own. two" -- ""avatar" took in more and $1 billion. james cameron is responsible for one other, "titanic." 2009 was a record-setting year at the box office. dvd sales slumped. it was the first year since 2002 that was spent more at the box office than buying movies to watch at home. coming up on "good morning america," tips to get your finances in order. five simple ways to cut costs and save thousands of dollars. i'm jeremy hubbard. 6:19, 23 degrees. >> those five local men under
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arrest in pakistan are due in court today. . prosecutors want the maximum punishment. >> later on "oprah," the best new gadgets and the best surprise oprah says she has ever had.
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>> hello. i'm not the national gallery of art. you'll see many pictures of
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picasso. they will be featured in a special exposition at the national gallery of art in 2010. good morning, washington. "avatar" rules the box office. >> philip stewart has some of the stories you'll not find on the front page. >> good morning. it is a first for a first lady. michelle obama made her reality show debuted last by. this washe appeared as a specia. she said a secret ingredient came from the white house garden. tech blogs have rumors of a new ipod. you're looking at many alleged
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mockups. this is not from apple. it will be sold for less than $1,000 and will feature a multi touch screen with three- dimensional graphics. apple is set to make an official announcement at the end of this month. we have been talking about "avatar." one anti-smoking group is upset because one of the main characters is lighting up on screen. they take aim at sigourney weaver's character who smokes. "avatar" is one of several movies they criticized for sending the wrong message. james cameron said movies should reflect reality. if it's ok for people to lie or killed, why impose an inconsistent more rollick when it comes to smoking? he goes on to say her character
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is not a role model in this movie. if she was, he might agree. >> interesting. it's been awhile since we have seen a lead character smoking. >> everybody had a cigarette in the old days. >> i saw "nine" and everybody smoke. that was back in the 1960's. a totally different thing. thank you. we take a break. we still have another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> the president's hung in effigy -- the president is hung in effigy. >> the christmas day bomb plot makes a difference. >> you can see that is better out here. cold gusty winds. maybe some snow in our future.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washginton," on your side. welcome back to "good morning washington." it is monday, january 4, 2010. we are glad you were joining us.
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we have 24 degrees outside. >> we do have some school delays. it is not snow but the bitter cold. garrett county schools are opening two hours later today. in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson, and morgan counties schools are on the two-hour delay. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. nebraska break from the cold? but it is not as windy but is bitter cold. -- any break from the cold? >> the wind makes temperatures feel five or 10here's the windc. it feels like 11 in warrenton. it fills like 11 downtown. is there real bitter day today. a wind advisory, wind chill advisory for the far west. you will still feel it around
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here. temperatures will be in the low 30's but it will feel like single digits and teams. maybe a passing snow shower. nothing major. but to not be a surprise. >> it is not good for the commute. an accident 270 southbound right at the plane provide for 495. it is right in the center of the screen. two to the right line up to access the beltway it from the legion bridge career right there in the middle of the highway is were we have this record expect delays as far as shady grove road and beyond. we take you live to virginia city get the volume of traffic growing on 395. you will slow to a wreck of the prince william parkway in the right lane. the next flight is at springfield to get to the pentagon. >> thank you.
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starting today, passengers flying into the united states will face tougher security measures. >> this fall's the attempted bombing of the detroit plane on christmas day -- this follows the attempted bombing of a detroit. on christmas day. matt brock has more. >> scrutiny has been up since this christmas day bomb plot became public. we are told it is the new normal. security heightened. just ask the passengers in on this flight from london. >> they patted me down and it literally debate full-body search. legs, everything. i have never seen that before. >> the tsa has ordered increased security measures. every passenger will be subject
6:32 am
to additional screening including pat-downs and carry on searches. the list of those countries has not been released, but cuba, iran, sudan and syria, nigeria, yemen and pakistan are on it. " i do not think it will help. the week institute rules does not increase or maximize security. it is just a panic reaction. >> that is why the christmas day -- yemen is were the christmas day plot was hatched. >> one of our american personnel said that iraq is yes to this war and if we do not act preemptively, yemen will be tomorrow's war. >> yemen. similar to afghanistan in that there is a pervasive poverty there and a weak central government. the good news is the government is working with u.s. security officials.
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matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. officials are still looking for a man behind a security scare that forced a lot down in new jersey. it had to be shut down for hours last night after a man walked through the exit without being screened. flights were grounded for about six hours. authorities are schering surveillance tapes to identify that man. a third see a worker in afghanistan has not been identified. scott roberson was one of seven cia workers who died at the blast. the 39-year-old was working as a security officer for the cia. he had worked undercover in atlanta. to lawyer for five northern virginia manetained in pakistan denied those men were going to carry out terrorist
6:34 am
attacks. there were arrested last month. today the men were ordered to prison to give police more time to prepare their case. police plan to charge the man with terrorism and seek life sentences. the secret service is investigating an apparent death threats. a large black dog was found hanging from a building in plains, georgia that had a sign with president obama's name on it. the windook a toll on people who ventured outside. temperatures in the 20's felt much colder. theinds toppled some trees. one tree came down on chain bridge road and it landed on power lines and knocked out electricity.
6:35 am
investigators are trying to find out what caused a carper to plunge into rock creek. a jogger spotted the car near p street nw. >> we got there. it probably been there for awhile. >> note telling how long the person had been in the water. but the driver has been identified as joshua kuhlman of arlington. he was taken to the hospital in grave condition but died a few hours later. maryland residents could soon pay more for electricity. they want permission to raise rates by 2.5%. pepco needs more money to protect against power outages as demand increases from customers. pepco customers in the seat would not be affected by any rate increase.
6:36 am
the district and virginia plan to seek federal help to help defray costs from this storm last long. to spend more than $41 million. the district has spent 2/3 of its budget already. maryland is over budget. they are not asking for extra cash. local governments are banking the more gambling options will bring in more revenue. the lotty is expanding into the district. powerball is spreading to maryland. -- is spreading to the district. they hope these cross sales will drop profits and create jobs. 6:36. time for a check on some business headlines. >> it doesn't look like we will have a positive open. stocks are. the gains of at least 0.5%.
6:37 am
nasdaq, more than 1%. u.s. manufacturing could have gained in december. manufacturing in china is at the highest level in five years. more global demand. more debate about what went wrong with the last one. ben bernanke said low interest rates did not cause the housing bauble. instead, he said that better regulation would have been a more effective way to keep things under control. kraft food may be about to extend its hostile bid for cadbury. this is according to analysts. under current terms of the $17 billion offer, cadbury shareholders have until tomorrow to tender their stock. craft then has until january 19 to sweeten its offer -- kraft
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then has until january 19 to sweeten its offer. >> thank you. 23 degrees. >> important information for parents with autistic children. a new study could change what you feed your child. >> brian is coming back with the latest on the next chance for a potential winter storm. >> we have some areas school delays. you're watching "good morning washington." it all starts with havinglocks more hotels to choose from.. that's why i book with expedia. so i can find someplace familiar... or somewhere more distinctive... nice! then i can compare dates to find out when i can save the most cash. done and done. we should do this more often. more choices, more savings. where you book matters. expedia. ♪ dot com
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6:40. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with brian van de graaff. he is outside our studios. it is only in the 20's. >> we're in the 20's in rosslyn. it feels like single digits because of the wind. definitely a chilly start to the day. no active wind chill advisories locally. out west, we do have some wind chill advisors. some schools will be delayed because of the cold air. we will show you some of those numbers. 20's and teens to start off. it feels like 9 downtown. arlington feels like 11. we will see clouds increase as a system swings through correct it could bring a couple of snow showers.
6:42 am
we could see some flurries later in the day. cold again and the 20's tonight. upper 30's by wednesday and thursday. that is the best we can do by this week. more cold air and the weekend may bring temperatures that cannot climb out of the 20's. we're definitely in the thick of winter in washington. >> big time. southbound crashed at the decision. at the beltway. we will take you live to the pictures. this is germantown and into rockville. the wreck has been moved out of the way. increased travel time on the virginia side. i crashed near the prince william parkway. >> thank you. nearly one in five children with autism are on a special diet. a report says there is no regrets evidence that digestive
6:43 am
problems are more common with children -- in children with autism. painful the tester problems can trigger problems and that should be treated medically. 6:43. >> a sidelined shake-up in the works at redskins park today. you're watching "good morning
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well, my resolution -- save money. last year, millions of people visited, and those who switched saved an average of over $350. no wonder it's like a party in here. [ blows horn ] [ blowing rhythm on horn ] [ rhythm continues ] i wrote that. starting the new year with savings -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, everybody. welcome back. 6:45.
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we do have some school place to pass along. >> clark and frederick county schools are opening one hour late. berkeley and morgan county schools are on a two-hour delay. time to check the top stories. no end in sight to the cold weather. the wind took a toll on everybody who ventured outside. temperatures in the 20's felt even colder because of the wind. >>ew airport screening rules. all international passengers will be randomly screen. passengers from 14 countries including nigerian and yemen will have to endure extra body scans and baggage checks. >> the nfl playoff picture was settled after the final game. the jets and ravens both came out on top to earn afc wild cards.
6:47 am
the cowboys beat the eagles forcing a wild-card rematch back in dallas on saturday. espn says it could be the end of the road for jim zorn. according to an official, zorn will be fired today as head coach. the redskins' season ended yesterday with an ugly loss to the san diego chargers. his dismial has been expected for months now. for zorn, it is business as usual, at least for now. >> there are a lot of things out there as far as stories. there already has been. i get that. i am working on our team meeting and our off-season scheduled. until i am -- until i am td on any other effort, i am getting ready. >> the sort is sti scheduled to have as regular post-game
6:48 am
press conference today at 12:25. keep it right here. we will have the latest developments throughout the day. 6:47. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will start with brian. it is chilly out there. >> temperatures are really the story this morning. it is the temperature and the wind combined. we do have wind chill factors that are intense. temperatures are mainly in the 20's. 22 in falls church. 18 in fredericksburg. when you look at the wind chills, it feels like 14 downtown. 14 in prince frederick. it feels like a single digits in some places. bitterly cold air is in place. a disturbance will swing through today. early sunshine. clouds will filter in. best chance will be in the mountains. we cannot rule that out.
6:49 am
the winds will continue to h owl. a snow shower is not out of the question in the metro area. winds were gusting -- winds will be gusting 10 to 20. 30's would just be a number. it will not feel like the 30's at all. it will feel like the teens because of the wind. more sunshine. it looks fairly calm for the middle part of the week. temperatures in the upper 30 paused to near 40. on thursday and into friday, maybe some snow to pass. -- temperatures in the upper 30's to near 40. what is impressive is the cold air that becomes -- that comes in behind this next system.
6:50 am
we may see temperatures not getting out of the 20's. it could be a true art to blast. we should be around 40 this type of year -- it could be a true architetic blast. wind chill will be a factor. we could see a glancing of snow. with the cold ground, we may get a dusting of snow in a few places. >> we have yellow and green delays on metro will. a train malfunctioned at the college park station, but that has been resolved. there is a vehicle fire. they will have to bring in a sand truck. it takes water to put out the fire. coming out of the neighborhood, remember those icy patches this morning. let's get a glimpse in the
6:51 am
camera -- there we go. southbound on 270. that crashed right there. use of the flashing lights moved into the safety paul off zone. delays expected from shady grove road. a slow down from 123 will take into lorton and then from newington to about king street. into lorton and then from newington to about king street.
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welcome back. if you stories to watch out for per jim zorn is likely out as head coach of the washington redskins. espn said he was fired ely this morning when the team returned from san diego. he has been on the sideline for the pt two seasons. >> family and friends will gather to try to remember the life of a fallen hero. the man died on monday received trying to protect his family. >> gilbert arenas is scheduled to meet with law enforcement authorities today. this stem some reportedly brought guns into the locker room at the verizon center. when life deals you lemons, you know what to do. >> make lemonade. maybe head to the bowling alley. that is the story of tom small
6:55 am
wood. he was laid off from his job so we turned to his hobby, bowling. >> i had a baby and the house. i had to find another job. it was tough. >> he was in just filling time at the bowling alley. he scrounged up enough money to enter a qualifying cool and then he made it to the pro tour. last month he bowled over the king of the pba to become the new world champion. he told his wife, give me one year to try this. if i fail, i would get a new jail. >> that is amazing. >> his old job was offered to him but he said no. >> he made the right choice. 6:55. >> things moving not so well. a stalled vehicle is blocking
6:56 am
one of the lanes. let's look what southbound close to stuart layne. a stalled vehicle was in the roadway. we will go from there to the weather center. >> called again today. it feels like single digits. -- called again today. it will be breezy. -- cold again today. i have to say happy birthday to my son today. he turns 1. happy birthday, tony. >> and happy birthday to you, brian. you share in this special day. we do want to pass along the latest school closings and delays because of the cold weather. clark county, virginia, opening one hour late. >> in was for dinner, with up
6:57 am
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