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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 4, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel gd and look good too! ♪ activia! good morning, america on this first monday of the new year, january 4th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, the president is coming home from vacation just a little early to confront mounting security concerns as the u.s. embassy closes its doors in yemen under threats. we're there live. plus, arctic blasts. 40 degrees below in the midwest. sam will brave the cold for your forecast. and the latest on the search for that missing mom. investigators discover a new
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e-mail from missing susan powell as her family with a new push. and a new day and new year. we officially welcome george stephanopoulos and juju chang, the newest members of our team. . happy new year! >> happy new year. there is an embarrassing picture in that. >> i wouldn't do that. >> yes, you would, but thank you for not doing it. >> everyone back to school and work. doll we say 2010 or 2010? >> we haven't decided. >> good morning, everyone. president obama is cutting his vacation a little short as the investigation into the failed christmas attack. there are new restrictions on passengers from the world's most
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dangerous countries. >> and we saw at the newark airport, it was a mess. we have complete team coverage from the white house and the only reporter on the ground in yemen where is where the alleged christmas day bomber trained, and bob woodward the prize-winning reporter. and we'll begin with jake tapper with more of the president's week ahead. jake? >> good morning, george. prident obama is on his way back from hawaii, cutting his vacation a day short, as you mentioned, the same day that security restrictions take effect, extra screening from afghanistan, algeria, iraq, lebanon, nigeria, pakistan, saudi arabia, somalia or yemen, as well as other countries, cuba and sedan. >> reporter: the president's top counterterrorism adver john
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brennan took to the airwaves to acknowledge the system did not work in connecting the dots but also to insist that there was no obvious plot missed. >> there was no single piece of intelligence, a smoking gun, if will you, that said that mr. abdulmutallab was going to carry out the attack. >> reporter: republicans were less charitable. >> with all of the leads out there, somebody screwed up in not reporting and clearly the screening was a disaster. >> reporter: one lead, sources tell us that the christmas day attack against prince muhammad, head of saudi security. the same hard to detect underwear bomb and the same petn explosive. they met with the saudis on forensic analysis. >> there was no indication, though that al qaeda was trying to use that type of attack and that modus operandi. >> reporter: the political
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attacks too, dick cheney said low-key response is because, quote, president obama is trying to pretend we are not at war. he seems to think if he gives terrorists the rights of americans, let's them lawyer up and reading them their miranda rights, we won't be at war. >> it's disappointing to me that either the vice president and others have willfully mischaracterized the president's actions. >> and the white house is pushing back on the notion that president obama is not agress siflg fighting the war in al qaeda. arguing that this white house has spent more atttion and resources devoted to fighting al qaeda in afghanistan, pakistan and yemen than the previous one. robin. >> that's right, jake. as you said, the one area in the world under focus is yemen, the u.s. embassy has been closed over attacks of al qaeda.
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millions of dollars of aid to help fight terrorism. our senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz is in yemen. >> reporter: good morning, robin, from sanaa, u.s. officials will not give us specifics as to why the u.s. embassy is closed for the second day in a row. security at the u.s. embassy, british embassy and other targets are tighter than others today with fears of a massive attack. it wouldn't be for the first time. in september 2008, twin car bombs at the u.s. embassy killed more than a dozen people, but this would be worse. intelligence indicates that four suicide bombers are eithern their way or already inside of yemen's capital city. just outside of sanaa today, government forces are clashes and say several have been
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killed. yemeni forces are gearing up for more intense fighting in the coming days. yemen has thousands and thousands of regular army soldiers and also hundreds and hundreds of security forces, many who the u.s. is trying to train now. additional u.s. special forces are now in yemen to help with counterterrorist training and to provide intelligence and fire power. the general in charge of the security forces says al qaeda is more dangerous than ever. >> the idea is to offer the whole yemen, in one spot of yemen, al qaeda want the whole yemen. and not only to stay on yemen, but to spread all over the world, and to exploit terrorists. >> reporter: meanwhile, they're
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trying to retrace the steps of umar farouk abdulmutallab. we spoke to those who knew abdulmutallab who study there had just months ago. >> he definitely believed in that, but there s nothing extreme about it. >> reporter: but officials said as soon as abdulmutallab left the language school, he met up with al qaeda operatives who met up with the bomber. the u.s. embassy will not reopen even if they do, the threat level will remain high. >> we now learned that the japanese embassy is likely closing in yemen as well. now for "the bottom line," we meet up with bob woodward who has been writing about the american intelligence community for nearly four decades, good morning, bob. we saw in martha's piece there,
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u.s. special forces in yemen right now, they've been providing existence to yemen. john brennan pointedly did not rule out u.s. action. is that what ameca is expecting? >> probably not. it's confuse to get average person. we've gait these ground wars in iraq and afghanistan and al qaeda sanctuaries are in pakistan and in places like yemen. we do not have ground wars going on, but as martha pointed out, we're getting existence and we're giving assistance in yemen where the bred wills that taken a very aggressive stand in going after al qaeda. the key to this ground operations by forces from other countries, quite frankly. >> as we said, u.s. special forces, one in september, the two strikes in december, one may have included u.s. missiles as
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well. but what's happened here, this is almost a direct result of the u.s. pushing harder in afghanistan and pakistan. al qaeda moves to yemen? >> yes, i think that's exactly right and somalia which is another place of worry. in fact, there are dozens of places of worry where there are al qaeda cells around the world. and since 9/11, the cia and others have been fighting covertly. >> let's get to the political debate here at home. you've seen former vice president cheney come out and say one of the reasons we're seeing more attempts and failed bombing in december, that obama administration has dropped the ball. the president has been pushing back very hard against that notion. bottom line, who's got the better point here? >> bottom line, you can't become president a year ago as he did,
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and not realize we're at war. it's part of the fabric of life there. decisions of the intelligence briefings. thinformation that i have about that, it's very clear that the new administration is taking a very aggressive stance on these matters. and are, perhaps, even more than the bush administration, doing more about the al qaeda sanctuaries in places like yemen. and again, this is the key. >> in fact, they had 53 drone strikes over the last year, more than the entire bush administration. but how do you explain what happened here with the failed christmas bombing? you had all of the signal intelligence out there pointing to a possible attack by nigeria, you had the father going to the embassy saying, listen, my son has gone missing. what happened here? >> the system was asleep. people talking about connecting the dots like the multiple dots,
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if you just take two dots, the dot, that the father complained and came and said that his son has been radicalized. somebody who -- and lots of people got that report, had to ask just the simple question, does he have a visa to travel to the united states? once you got a positive answer to that, all hell should have broken loose. and this guy should have gone on the no-fly list. and been investigated. i think that's what the president's quite upset about. >> it seems that, he's called his team in. real quickly here, the president said he's going to hold his team accountable. what should we expect from the meeting tomorrow? >> you know, i don't think -- do more, do better. but here's the problem in all of this, george. all of the focus on airline security, obviously, it's a big deal. but al qaeda has capabilities to
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do other things. how about trains? how about buses? the administration has to worry about being like the generals fighting the last war. you can't fight the last terrorist attack, it can come anywhere, anyplace. >> constant vigilance is the answer. bob woodward, thanks very much. in case you haven't noticed it is cold outside, rods-breaking slow-temperature stretch from the midwest to florida. our sam champion has the latest on the wintry wallop ringing in the new year. >> happy new year, robin. 20 degrees temperature here in times square, 8 or 9-degree windchill, the cold snap probably starting by thursday or friday, that cold air responsible for 12 record-lows, first day of the cold snap, spread east and south. 2010 begins with a massive arctic blast stretching from
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most of the east from minnesota to maine all the way to florida. until new england, blizzard conditions, nearly a foot of snow in boston. along the coast of new hampshire, massive waves caused coasl flooding and erosion, 33 degrees in south vermont breaks an all-time record. and the bills battle in record-setting snow. wind gusts in washington, d.c. 45 mil$45 miles an hour, knock power lines leaving hundreds without power. and in minnesota, at least three days below zero. even in much of the south with most of the state in freeze warning. the state could be seeing much of the cold weather in nine years. farmers are preparing for the worst. at this strawberry harm in hillsborough county that means
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coating it with ice. >> it just keeps it above freezing. >> and a colder shock of arctic air is ready to let itself out in the deep south this week. that means really bad conditions for southern areas like florida, could be headed for the coldest temperatures in nine years. our steve osunsami is in florida. >> reporter: good morning, sam. we're in the middle of the $9 become citrus industry, actually underneath the trees, they're spraying water that coats the roots and the trunk. the water sucking up the cold and protects the fruit inside. if you take the same industries and put them in georgia well below 12 degrees overnight, those trees would turn into popsicles. farmers are watching it. the real danger occurs at 27 to 28 degrees. the forecast calls for those temperatures tuesday night into
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wednesday morning. sam? >> yeah, steve, we really feel like this is going to be even colder and even farther south, it's not just a florida issue. there will be probably be snow in the deep south. we'll get into that into the forecast later. but first upstairs to robin and george. happy new year, by the way. >> what's the cutoff for saying "happy new year"? >> i say today. >> sounds good. thanks, sam. >> bah humbug. we begin with security in one of the nation's business yef busiest airports. in newark. flights were grounded for hours as police search for the man but he was never found. thousands had to go through security all over again. the rescreening lasted well into the el morning hours. overseas to afghanistan where military officials are report, the first combat-related deaths.
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four u.s. troops died in two separate roadside bombings sunday. and we're beginning to see the faces of the officers killed in afghanistan, 39-year-old scott michael robinson leaves behind a wife. and jeremy wise, a former navy s.e.a.l. in medical news, a new challenge to claims by parents including celebrities with autistic children. an expert panel says there's no strong evidence that digestive problems are more common in kids with autism. and a new report says there's nothing now that indicates that special diets work for the children. but more research should be done. 1 in 5 is on a diet that's gluten and dairy-free. a number study will be published in the jurth of pediatrics. >> and james cameron is on one
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of hollywood's exclusive lists twice. his sci-fi me of tops the sales of $1 billion. that's the news at 7:16. >> so it just broke even "avatar"? >> juju good to see you. back to sam champion. >> good morning, everybody. midnight came on times square, 8 degree windchill is slowingt down. into new england and the south. tallahassee at 24 -- jacksonville at 26, orlando at 36. west palm beach at 39. new york, 33. there's lake-effect snow as the air moves across the frozen lakes.
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another shot of cold air into the weekend into the end of the weekend. look at this, omaha at 14 below. it is frigid in a lot of this country. a very good morning, brian van de graaff here, and we have some some this morning and we will get some clouds parted -- clouds. the wind chill is mainly in the single digits in the area. e winds will blow out of the northwest today and that will make the wind chill factor
7:19 am
present throughout the day. tomorrow, a little bit of sunshine through the afternoon and the middle part >> there is >> there is one place in the country where temperatures are actually a little warmer than normal. that's the southwest. phoenix at about 71 degrees. l.a. at about 77. robin, george? >> hey, sam, wait a minute, any stray confetti left over? >> no. first of all, no. it's normally -- wait, wait, wait. that is confetti. yeah, it is. >> they did a great job of cleaning up. >> it's pretty darn clean. >> yes, it is. come on inside. we do have time for our picture of the morning. we want to look at a stunning architectural feat. it is now the tallest building in the world. the burj dubai. it opens today, almost half a mile tall. you may remember, chris cuomo
7:20 am
was there, remember? last year, chris not crazy about heights but he was at the top. it is amazing. >> $1.5 billion. >> is that all? >> that's it. it's 50 stories higher than the willis tower which used to be called the sears tower in chicago. they won't say exactly how tall it is. >> they won't say exactly until this evening when they actually have the unveiling but they kept adding more stories as it was being built. >> that's for sure, the tallest. still to come on "good morning america," new details on the utah mom missing for a month as the family issues a new push to find her. and mellody hobson has five tips to jump-start your finances in 2010. be victorious. take the special k challenge. declare your victory at
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( thud ) ouch! minus the delivery price. ♪ for fresh delivery taste without the delivery price, it's digiorno. ♪ where you already save. the amazing quality of sony bravia... from the leader in unbeatable prices. save money. live better. walmart. until i had my coffee. oh, hey. sorry, i haven't had my coffee yet. welcome to mcdonald's. can i interest you in... not before i have my coffee. premium roast coffee for just a dollar? talk to me. mcdonald's new dollar menu at breakfast. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning everybody. i am alison starling. 7:22 is your time on this monday, january 4. let's begin with a look at
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traffic and lisa baden. >> welcome back, we have our first commute of 2010. not much has changed. we will show you live what to expect this morning. we have a full saturation of traffic. delays begin after father hurley boulevard on 270 gori there is a crash at the lane to divide southbound part that was moved on to the shoulder. you can still see the flashing lights in the center of the road. we will change cameras and show you the delays on 395. the delays begin at the beltway and go past duke street. we'll take a closer to the pentagon where we remain in slow traffic even across the 14th street bridge. as well as the george washington parkway. we will have weather with brian after this.
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a very good morning, it is called out there. 23 degrees downtown and when you factor in the wind, it feels like 11 degrees. through the afternoon, although we will be in the low 30's, it will feel like the 20's across the area. 33 will be the actual high today and you could see passing snow flurries or passing snow shower. because of the bitterly cold weather out there, we have a few schools delays -- garrard county public schools are now closed. in virginia, clark and frederick county schools are opening one hour later. we will be right back.
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there are multiple reports that jim zorn is gone as head coach of the redskins. we have been reporting all weekend that it was expected to happen today and now there are reports that it did happen earlier this morning when the team returned to redskins park are the disappointing season ended yesterday with another loss to the san diego chargers. the redskins had four wins, 12 losses, that is their worst record in 15 years. this is what he had to say about his future after the game yesterday. >> there are a lot of things out there.
7:27 am
i get that. i am working on our team meeting. i am working on our offseason schedule. until it is official, i am getting ready. >> jim zorn spent two seasons with the redskins. we are still awaiting official word so keep it here on abc 7. investigators are trying to find out what caused a car to plunge of rock creek parkway, killing the driver. a jogger called 911 yesterday morning after spotting the car in rock creek. the driver was a 22-year-old. he was taken to the hospital in grave condition. he died two hours later. and 11-year-old girl is believed to be injured. last night, a 55-year-old took his daughter from cumberland
7:28 am
children's hospital in the richmond area and the two are believed to be traveling in a blue pickup with an virginia (announcer) how can rice production in india, affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 80% of our mutual fundr beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and more information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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is is the scene in much of the country this morning a the new year starts off with a new blast of wintry weather. >> look at that. >> it's freezing in many parts of the country. only the southwest is warm this morning. we hope you're inside, if you're not in the southwest on this first monday of 2010. good morning, america, i'm george stephanopoulos. we've got to get this debate down. >> do you say 2010 or 2010? go to our website.
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and fixes ing your finance. mellody hobson has five tips, including the one change that could help you be rich. and we start the new year, our new anchor, george stephanopoulos. yes, your wife ali is back by popular demand. that's coming up next. >> do we have those pictures? >> yes, this is your life, george stephanopoulos. >> now that we've seen that, going to miss the first half hour. but serious news, the search for the missing utah woman. she's been missing for more than a month now. her desperate family and friends are now turning to the media and internet to try to find her. susan powell has disappeared almost a month ago. and new searches on the internet and twitter to help for search.
7:32 am
>> reporter: where is susan powell? in the salt lake city suburbs, neighbors cannot believe her husband took a 900-mile trip with his wife still missing. >> if it were me and my husband were missing i would not have left at all. my family would have come to me. >> reporter: husband joshua is now in washington state with his two boys visiting families. over the holidays, he attended a candlelight vigil for his missing wife and permitted his 2 and 4-year-old boys to visit with susan's parents who also live there. investigators have questions about why he took a camp trip just before his wife went reported missing. >> what time did you take your camp trip? >> you know, i got off to a late start. >> 9-ish?
7:33 am
>> no, it was later. a lot of times i go camping with my boys. not a big thing. overnight. we do s'mores and stuffs like that. >> reporter: investigators have also uncovered e-mail from susan in which she writes friends she's in a troubled marriage. detectives are frustrated joshua has hired a lawyer and is not answering more questions. police do not know if a crime has been committed. susan has been missing more than a month and her family and friends are desperate. for "good morning america," mike von frem von fremd. is it. >> joining us is chuck and susan. chuck, i know this has to be the hardest holiday of your life. what you can tell us how the grand kids are doing? i know you've spent a lot of time with them over the holidays. >> we've seen them three times
7:34 am
and they seem to be doing fair. it's been good to be able to see them. >> one of your grandsons just turned 3 on saturday. does he have any idea where his mom is? >> that would be braden, and i don't think so. >> has he asked you about it. >> no. he hasn't been talking about that at all. >> as we discussed before the holiday, police consider susan's husband josh now a person of interest in this case. when did you last speak to josh about this? and what has he told you? >> we've only had a few words each time, as he's got the kids off or picked the kids up. and he has had nothing to say at all about where susan might be. >> even when you ask him directly? >> yes. he told me a couple weeks ago that he didn't know where she
7:35 am
was. and there's been no change. >> how do you maintain your composure when he comes by and he won't say anything? he doesn't seem to be cooperateding with police right now. is there anything you think you can say to him or do that would at least shake him out of this stance he seems to be taking? >> it's a fficult situation when we talk. and i try to encourage him to use his attorney and talk with the police. >> what have the police been telling you about where the investigation stands right now? >> the only thing i've heard from the police, basically, is that they are actively investigating. and i have full confidence that they're investigating every lead. they're not filling me in on any details. >> so, no sense from them that they're closing in on an answer
7:36 am
on what might have happened? or closing in on a suspect if there was indeed foul play? >> i have no idea where the investigation stands, really. >> shelby, the whole social media blitz is beginning this morning. you can tell us about what exactly you're trying to do here? >> well, it's just another tool for to us get the word out. that we are still looking for susan. and our primary focus is the family and also as friends of susan. just to make sure that everybody in every corner of the world knows we're looking for her. we think that the social media blitz will reach those people who maybe don't use television or newspapers or other, what we would consider mainstream media. they're more into the social networking. additionally, it's just a way for us to exponentially increase the number of people that we're able to reach. >> we're showing the pictures that you've put out on facebook and twitter this morning. i know they're going out over the course of the next several
7:37 am
days. as you've gone over the various websites, have you gotten any kind of response at all that might be helpful? >> well, we continue to stir up new leads. they've informed that you say they've received dozens of new leads. they're doing some amazing things to run down every lead that's been provided to them. we're hopeful that somebody will remember something or something will strike them and bring that information forward. >> and chuck will you be returning with a personal update from investigators on the case? >> yes, i have some personal issues that i plan to take care of here. but i do plan to go back to utah. >> thank you. time now for the weather and sam champion. >> good morning, george. we're going to start with the cold air and it is brutally
7:38 am
cold. from the midwest to all of the nation. out of ft. lauderdale, florida. there is certainly cold air there. temperatures well below where they should be. normally 43 degrees, typically, it's 63 degrees. out of cleveland, to 2 feet of snow on the ground there and about a 25-degree high temperature. here's that cold shot of air that just kind of opens itself up. look how deep south the jet stream goes. look at the temperature. atlanta's at 37. you're normally 52. orlando's at 52. you're normally 72. new york, 33, we're normally about 43 degrees. again, the windchill in new york and times square is 8 degrees. out of the south is the only place where the air is not colder than norm you can expect a better till
7:39 am
this morning. 18 degrees in winchester. it feels like 8 degrees out there. the temperatures over the next couple o >> all tha >> all that weather was brought to you by -- george, we'll have more of that weather in a moment. purina, george. mellody hobson joins us with five tips to start your finances in the new year. there she is. wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition... and helpful resources. ♪
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look who decided to come in from the cold, sam. people were defeating, they were very concerned. your lips okay? >> my lips are unfrozen. >> we've got hot chocolate there for you. not really. according to polls, the number one new year's resolution, of
7:43 am
course, lose weight. close behind, managing debt and saving money. joining us to help restart your finances in 2010 is mellody hobson. good to see you. >> good morning and happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. people are saving money, even in the economic times. they're saving what they do have. perth savin personal savings is at an all-time high. is it time to get back into the 4 401 k. >> i think you should have a portion of the market in stock market or mutual funds at all times because that's the only place where you get consistent growth. even with the horrific years like we had in 2008. over the long, the stock market has outpoured all investments, no two ways about it. but the emphasis is the long term.
7:44 am
people are saying why go to the stock market now when we've had this huge run, up 57% since last march. one of the reasons i'm very encouraged is not only the continued economic recovery, but the fact that so much money is sitting on the sidelines. $4 trillion in money market accounts. that's up $2.5 trillion in 2007. once that money goes back in, individuals investing, that will also go to stocks which will be great. a 401(k) plan is great way to save. >> we saw a laultd of companies have stopped matching. you say still put in. >> 30% of companies changed their match. a lot of them are reinstating those matches which is great. regardless of if you have a match or not, continue to invest because you get the benefit of tax-deferred savings, so you're not paying taxes on those dollars and you also secure your retirement over the long term. >> we hear so much, and you've
7:45 am
talked about credit reports. you're saying you should check to find the accuracy. that's more than important than the score itself? >> the score is just a grade. the accuracy is extremely important. 80% of credit reports have a mistake. those mistakes cost you money. higher interest rates, prevent you from getting loans on cars houses, sometimes even a job. checking the accuracy rate is important. the only place you can get a true credit report is >> but it has such a catchy tune, the other one -- >> sometimes, there's fees involved. >> >> you talked about this last year, now, it's going to be happening. credit cards, legislation that goes into effect in february. >> february 22nd. >> what are we going to see here?
7:46 am
>> we're going to see all sorts of things. you'll have to get 60-day notification if your rate is changing. plenty of time to pay your bill, 21 days. all sorts of great things. but this is why i want to you read the fine print. the banks are trying to find other revenue sources. they're charging everything from inactivity fees from not using their cards. >> come on! >> i know, it's crazy, inactivity fees to putting a floor, not a ceiling, on fees. this is the time, the paper you need to read, that fine printed, you need to know what you're in for. >> they can charge you for not using your credit card? >> 12 months without using your card, they can charge you an inactivity fee. people having five cards in their wallet, it's possible they won't use one of them. >> all right, mellody, thanks a lot. >> it's not me. >> go to, click on "gma" and mellody's tips for those and other personal advice.
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oh, our first "watercooler" in 2010. you may have spotted a familiar face on sunday's episode of "extreme makeover: home edition." yes, you did see kermit. >> and fozzy, fozzy bear.
7:51 am
>> what's going on? >> i'm just looking at the plans. you know, it's great to be here. apple juice, soda. >> we had a great time. >> they are the most creative. the muppets are fantastic. >> i think that's the first time i've seen you close to speechless. >> looking at fozzy. as we hoped down out of the truck. that's such a great shot. the story was actually a wonderful story about the morris family. and the neighborhoods calls. and she had opened a day care center in her community. she got herself into trouble and the house was coming down. and good folks at "extreme makeover: home edition" fixed it all up. kermit driving a front-loader. it was scary because t houses were close together, so when you
7:52 am
see there's a muppet driving a front-loader, you know there's going to be damage. >> and they knocked it completely down. >> completely down. that foundation was not good. >> can i tell you, i cannot get through an episode of that show without bursting into tears. >> you know it's coming. >> what a way to start the new year for the morris family. what a way to start the new year. you're going to get to know this guy a lot better. stay tuned. but i was in pain, so i stepped out. (comedian) hey, are you walkin' out on me-- is it past your curfew? i will never make that mistake again. that's when i'd had it with frequent heartburn. and that's when i got prevacid®24hr... and my sense of humor back. (announcer) the #1 prescribed acid reducer brand over the last decade is now over-the-counter to treat frequent heartburn a full 24 hours. prevacid®24hr. when you've had it with heartburn™ prevacid®24hr. vegetables are naturally low in calories. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning. welcome back. i am alison starling with your local update. let's look at traffic and weather. things are moving well on the road. 66 out of centreville to the beltway is better than average. we have delays at 123 off and on to the bill would but that is about it. 95 is good in virginia between fredericksburg and springfield. 395 delays begin of the beltway and go across the 14th street
7:57 am
bridge and onto the freeway on 14th street, that is traffic on the left heading toward us. that is northbound 14th street and we had a crash at constitution avenue but that is completely gone. we have a car wreck on the outer loop in maryland. look at that pace. the outer loop accident is after georgia avenue but before the mormon temple. it is so cold this morning that temperatures are in the teens and the 20's and when you factor in the winter chill, it feels like single digits p. it will be cold and blustery all day with winds not as intense as yesterday but still 10-20 miles per hour. our map shows the winds are coming in from the north and west and the windchill factor will be in the teens and 20's. there may be a passing entrance -- snow shower. let's update you on school
7:58 am
closings and delays. jim zorn is out as the redskins' cch barry there will be a press conference at 12:30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ doctor ♪ doctor doctor give me the news i've got a bad case of lovin' you ♪ dr. oz and dr. roizen are here. a few days into the new year and many of us have broken resolutions already. dr. oz and roizen say all you need is a peek inside of your refrigerator to get you on track. right? two weeks. they'll tell us what to put in there. stay tuned. good morning, america, with george and sam, i'm robin.
8:01 am
>> we had the soft opening before the holidays. but now it's the real beginning of the "good morning america" team. we've got the behind the scenes with george. did you know that georges were a wrestler? a lot of things you didn't know about george. that he was a beatle? did you know he was actually in the beatles? >> he was the fifth beatle. we did not know that. >> how many times can we see that this morning? >>nitiation is going on now. >> getting the hazing out of the way. doing my best to cut that segment short. also for the new year, how to save some money in the new year. we're going to show you big ways to cut out -- without cutting out pleasures in your life. juju clang, pleahang, please sa. good morning, everyone. we begin with the touchest new airport security rules ever for most passengers flying into the united states.
8:02 am
the obama administration has ordered enhanced security techniques from anyone traveling from or through 14 countries including afghanistan, iraq, libya and pakistan, as well as countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism, such as cuba, iran and syria. the enhanced techniques include patdowns, full-body scanning and detection technology. zbloo . the u.s. embassy in yemen is closed for the second straight day. the british embassy is also closed and other western targets. three terror attacks inside of the u.s. had their roots in yemen, including the failed christmas day bombing of the northwest flight. that was an attempted bombing, obviously. a few secretaries on television have led to the capture of a man accused of murdering four members of his are family on thanksgiving day. stephanie sy has more. >> reporter: he was wanted for killing four members of his
8:03 am
family on thanksgiving and he was on the run. 34-year-old paul merhige was highing out under a different name. saturday, the owner of the motel saw "america's most wanted and called the police. >> it was the airing of "america's most wanted" that definitely did lead to the capture of whethpaul merhige. >> reporter: authorities say he killed his twin sisters and a family member and a 6-year-old daughter. >> i'm not jumping down in jubilation, at least now, i'll be able to sleep knowing the monster's not right outside of my door. >> reporter: the show "america's most wanted" a show created by john walsh whose own son was
8:04 am
murdered. merhige is being held without bond and faces at least four charges of first degree murder. for "good morning america," stephanie sy, new york. in other news, two powerful earthquakes rocked the solomon islands, a 6.2 magnitude and a second, 6.5. no one was seriously hurt. and finally, the first thing that most people say when they win the lottery is they're quitting their job. but not one woman in kansas. victoria mason was back on her job the next day. the single mom had trouble paying her bills after getting laid off in march. back to sam. is that fantastic? >> it's a different attitude. when you're a lottery winner. it's whatever. i don't need to.
8:05 am
let's get live shots out of the way here. we're talking about the cold weather when you wake up, chances are you're a little chilly like boston this morning. almost a foot of snow this weekend. you just couldn't get out of that back door low. atlanta, 18 degrees. 18 degrees yesterday as well. 37 for the high. you're normally right around 52. it's slip and slide in atlanta. anything that looks wet is not wet. it's a solid sheet of ice there. by the way, the cold temperatures do stick around for a while. look at the 9 below in minneapolis to 45 in miami. it's just about everywhere. it's a reforcing shot of cold air later in the week. it's deep in the south so that cold air will hit just about every place. even where we think will be a deep south snowstorm. we're talking about that a >> a very good morning. look at the sun coming up. temperatures in the 20's in
8:06 am
frederick. it feels as coal dust 7 degrees. we will look for some clouds to stream in today. -- if feels like 7 degrees. maybe is no sharp. maybe in the metro area. the map shares you just how cold it will feel. it will feel like 20 this ternoon. it will feel like 20 this ternoon. wind chill >> lot >> lots more weather in the new year, in this 4th of january. >> it's early. >> first week of january. >> first full week of january. and it is a new year. and it's time for to us officially welcome the newest members of our "gma" family. so we wanted you to get to know them a little bit better this week. >> come on, juju. >> what did you guys do, like rock, paper scissors. george goes first. we know you're a phenomenal
8:07 am
journalist. we know about your political back ground. >> here comes the "but." >> no, we thought we'd learn about george from people who know him best. ♪ >> george is incredibly smart. >> incredibly smart. >> intellectual. >> i think if you converted his i.q. to fahrenheit, you could -- >> george was pretty much of a nerd, as most of us were. he was very studious. he was always very well-read. i think he read "esquire" magazine in high school.
8:08 am
>> he was fun. he was a leader. he contributed so much to discussions that it was a good influence. >> he was a wrestler in high school. george wasn't a particularly great wrestler. he was probably a better wrestler in his mind than on the mat. >> when i had him in ninth and tenth grade, he was pretty much being groomed for the greek priesthood. somewhere along his junior year, probably when he took ap american history, that sparked his interest in politics. >> george stephanopoulos is the bane of my existence. i still have to go -- i still have to think about it. >> our children still have always known him by and we've referred to him as george snu
8:09 am
snuffsnuf snuff snuffleoplus. >> when i first saw george on tv, it was a little bit unbelievable. he was so handsome, so poised. >> we have george stephanopoulos' pizza. you know, the white house add viev? >> he was kind of an idol. >> i don't think george ever knew how cute. he was just handsome. >> when our 7-year-old was 3, i was lying in bed with her and we were watching "will & grace." >> what's your pleasure? >> george stephanopoulos. >> my 3-year-old turned to me and said, why do these two guys want daddy? i said, they just think he's a really great news guy. >> i'm sure george will tell you he's an outstanding poker player. he's not. it hurt when he moved out of town because he was helping to pay for my kids' college education. >> this sounds like a joke. he can't change a light bulb.
8:10 am
smart guy, rhodes scholar. can't change a bulb. >> i don't put george in a tool box. >> probably met her at the home depot. >> george is not a good driver. his mind was on world peace and deep issues. he didn't have time for mundane things like staying in his own lane. in high school, he got into his fair share of fender benders. >> he's a competitive guy. we don't play tennis anymore. and scrabble, it gets a little cut-throat. he has the cheesiest taste in music. >> george was into disco. ♪ >> i remember when we were dating, we were walking across central park. he started singing to himself. he started singing "heaven on the seventh floor ♪
8:11 am
>> and i really for about a second was about to break up with him. >> he's as romantic about his kids as he is about his wife. >> he's just a bundle of love. -i say this in all honesty. he's the greatest dad in the world. he does anything for his kids. it makes you, as his wife, adore him even more. george can sing every hannah montana song. in fact, we got miley cyrus tickets. i said, that's great. she will gwith her friends. and george goes, i'm going. i said that's great. you don't have to go. he said, i got the tickets, i'm going. he's not this stiff news person at all. he's not at all what people think because that's great. he gets the other side. >> george! >> yeah! >> it could have been a lot
8:12 am
worse. i went to our prucers, and she dropped the georgia short section. >> i didn't notice. >> i just want you to start singing miley cyrus songs. >> i can't wait for "heaven on the seventh oor" in the commercial break. >> it's actually worse than that. she got the song wrong. >> what was it? >> the -- i just blanked on it." moving in ♪ >> oh. >> that's very hip. >> it worked for about five minutes in 1979. >>t's a great song. >> you'll be hearing it before 9:00. >> so much better than "heaven on the seventh floor." >> you're next. >> oh, no.
8:13 am
>> we have two doctors here. >> we have drs. oz and roizen out there to help you get skinnier. i've had asthma for 12 years. 6 years. i've had asthma forever. i never knew why my asthma symptoms kept coming back... ...kept coming back... ...or that i could help prevent them in the first place. the problem was that my controller medicine... ...was treatinonly 1 main cause of asthma symptoms. but there are 2. airway constriction. and inflammation. unlike most controllers, advair treats both main causes. advair treats both main causes.
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8:16 am
taking it with nsaid pairelievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your medicines, including those for migraine, or if you have hi fever, confusion and stiff muscles, to address a possible life-threatening condition. tell your doctor about alcohol use, liver disease, and before you reduce or stop taking cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. ask your doctor about cymbalta. depression hurts. cymbalta can help. depression hurts. mom: mom, anybody? momhey...where's grandma?o? grandma: here! mom: how'd you fit in there? woman vo: manage your weight at unbeatable prices. woman vo: healthy living costs less at walmart. vo: save money. live better. walmart. ♪ doctor doctor give me the news
8:17 am
i got a bad case of lovin' you ♪ >> new year, new year. less than half of the people who make new year's resolutions will actually keep them. and of course, the most common resolution, lose weight. so we have brought in the authors of the newly updated edition of the best-selling book "you on a diet." dr. mehmet oz is the host of the "dr. oz show." dr. roizen is the fabulous doctor at the cleveland clinic. two weeks? >> i'm watching the show, i know what to eat. we got halt-headed. you had a fight with your spouse. work didn't go so well. you keep foraging for something. >> we start the year right saying we're going to do it. and then we sabotage ourselves. you're saying kind of reboot
8:18 am
yourself? >> detox your refrigerator. there are five ingredients that are in fact bad for us. we want to get rid of those. those are simple sugars. syrups, anything but 100% whole grain, so white flour, saturated fat and transfat. mehmet, what are we going to do? >> we're able to do this at home right now. open your refrigerator up. simple sugars come in the form of alcohol. a lot of time, pastry form. they've got to go. anything like simple sugars, syrups, they're tolerable, just like simple sugars, guess what, white bread? anything that's white, white pasta. those simple sugars. the next two we might mention are foods with saturated fats. processed ats.
8:19 am
we don't want these. the hot dogs, the bacon. these go out. they're saturated. finally, your favorite, i know, robin. >> i know. >> but when you fry foods, you create transfats. hydrogenated oils which are often seen on the ingredients list have to go. >> that is put in the refrigerator? >> sweets, nectar and agave. >> and it's sweet. >> 40% sweet. your beverage, 100 fruit juice. orange juice, 100%. >> we really want to look at the labels, don't we? >> absolutely. and the other thing is seltzer,
8:20 am
you want to see 100%, grain. for protein, salmon or chicken. those are good proteins. one of the very expensive ones is you can get salmon in cans. the overage of the alaska salmon run, so it's very healthy. and there's nothing to replace transfat, it's a poison, if will you. so what we want to do is give you something that's a little healthy, a few nuts. >> all of this sounds wonderful in some of the thingwe heard. you know, it gets a little bit into the day, into the week, you're traveling or something. you need an emergency. do you have something in place? >> step one, detox your refrigerator. we're done with that. step two, automate your meal the snacks that you go foraging to, don't do that. your drive will make you take foods in your mouth you don't want. nuts are simple tools that are easy to put in your pocket in your office. grapes the same, you can carry them around.
8:21 am
you've got to automate your breakfast. which means, eggs, fine, oatmeals. this is the magic trick. think of thats is a marketing ploy for your kids. it's got blueberries. soy protein. >> you're supposed to smile. >> that's good. >> yeah. and the recipe, by the way, on >> great. >> to really the third step is you want to lose 100 calories from what you normally eat every day. you do that you lose ten pounds in the year. all that is half a glass of soda or two cookies. really simple, get rid of 100 calories. your body won't miss it. you'll keep your metabolic rate up. >> just that. >> on your program, you're talking about all of that and more? >> today is detoxing the kitchens. one of the seven deadly sins if
8:22 am
you're not five minutes early for the meeting, you're late. here's the big news, as a heart surgeon, i've seen the ravages of keeping control of your life. >> go to our website, get a lot more on this. happy new year. what you need for less. now walmart has unbeatable dollar days. extra savings on everyday things, all over the store. it's a new way to conquer budgets. and another great day for the savers. save money. live better. walmart. vegetables are naturally low in calories. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings. it's a tast, nutritious way to mke this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's yournumber?
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8:25 am
plain tissue can irritate the sore nose issue. puffs plus with lotion is a more soothing tissue. a nose in need deserves puffs plus indeed. and try puffs plus >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. bad good morning. i am doug mckelway. we will have traffic and weather. we have a few school delays for you. clark county, virginia, opening one hour late. berkeley, was virginia, jefferson county, and morgan counties are all opening two hours later today. >> we have an accident southbound on 270. this is close to the exit for 28. it is blocking the second lane for the left. delays are coming out of
8:26 am
germantown and southbound on 270 to the outer loop of the beltway. 95 in georgia avenue. a crash near the mormon temple. that has been moved to the shoulder. this is colesville rd.. very slow. 95 virginia. northbound, the left side of the screen. notice, no delays. between fredericksburg and sprinkles, no delays. if you take the red line on metro rail, they do hav delays in the direction of glenmont. we will go to the weather after this. >> a vy good morning. we have sunshine this morning. there could be a disturbance that could bring some passing snow and showers. it feels like 16 downtown.
8:27 am
the wind is still blowing out there. over to the maps we go. clouds will streaming through this afternoon. do not be surprised. the mercury will read the 30's but it will feel like 20's. in to the 20's tonight. morning clouds tomorrow. still on the breezy a side. we will be right back.
8:28 am
some breaking news. redskins coach jim zorn is out of the job. zorn was told he was fired shortly after team returned there after losing to the chargers yesterday. there'll be a news conference at 12:30. gilbert arenas will meet with law-enforcement figures
8:29 am
today. he brought guns into the locker room at the verizon center. baristas denies that he and teammate to forest -- jarvis crittenton drew gun on each other. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a car to plunge into rock creek. the driver was killed. a jogger called 911 after spotting the overturned car. >> we got there. it had probably been there for a while. >> no telling how long the person had been in the water. >> joshua kuhlman of arlington was taken to the hospital but he died a few hours later. krajina police are looking for help to find an 11-europe -- virginia police are looking for help to find an 11-year-old girl. this is in the richmond area.
8:30 am
if father took the girl in a dodge pickup with north carolina plates. for continuing news coverage, you can tune to our sister station, news channel 8. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm not talking about the way it is and i don't want to change your life ♪ >> we promised. >> i still like that song. >> do you want to sing a little bit? >> i do not want to sing, no. >> george stephanopoulos, a fan of what his wife calls clees s music. this is the song he sang to his wife. ♪ take a drive along the beach ♪ >> or sit at home and watch tv you see it really doesn't matter. >> oh! ♪
8:31 am
>> but it was george's turn today. tomorrow, we'll introduce you to the real juju clang. >> oh, no. >> my mother looks forward to that. >> good morning on the first monday of the new year, new decade with george stephanopoulos, juju chang, sam champion. we're also celebrating another anniversary today, the 40th anniversary of "all my children." we have cameron mathis in here. we're going to see him shirtless. >> hey! >> his old pictures turned out better than mine. >> very good. >> what do you do -- moving right along. if you're waiting for your true love to pop the question, what do you do? amy adams is here. she has the answer on a new romantic comedy.
8:32 am
also, wait a minute. there's something different about amy adams. it's a new role in real life. is she becoming a mom, too? >> thank you. >> congratulations, you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> radiant. speaking of true love, you always remember jake pavelka. he didn't get it, but he won the hearts of viewers. he's back for the season of the "the bachelor." >> the process works. it's 100% real. i saw how it worked for jillian. i was so excited to have the opportunity to come back. >> you had your heart crushed last season. how was it going through it knowing you were go doing have to crush the hearts of other girls? >> that's the hardest part of
8:33 am
the entire journey. looking into someone's eyes, there's absolute any nothing wrong with saying you're amazing. i'm completely into you. that's how the show works. it's so tough for me. >> do you ve criteria looking for love? >> looking for a heart of gold. plain and simple. looking for a heart of gold. >> and did you find it -- as we say in the business, it's in the can? >> you don't have to pick anybody. i can give you this, i stayed true to myself. i didn't necessarily do what everybody expected me to do. >> oh, a cliff-hanger. "the bachelor" premieres tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. it's time for the weather with sam. >> hey, you need big numbers to get things done. and do you on the warm hearts warm coats drive with burlington. when you need the help, you call
8:34 am
in the girl scouts, right? is that what you do? junior girl scout troupe 4091 of queens. 166 coats. ladies, go ahead. bring them all in here. anta antonella, you're the leader. >> and this is my co-leader as well. >> how difficult is it to get the coats? >> we did the collection. we're fortunate to have our principal at the school. we had-d the coat drive with the children. and they helped drop all the coat as each parent dropped off their bags. >> come here for a minute. did you actually take coats off of people when they were coming in. did you steal them and run away with the coats. >> no. >> because the girl scouts wouldn't do that, right? >> no. >> there's no one out there
8:35 am
looking for their coats and it was the girl scouts that took them and ran away with them? >> no. >> because the girl scouts couldn't do that. thank you for doing that. by the way, twitter pictures in, from lockport, new york, by the way, a big cold snap hit the east coast. there are extreme measures feign to stay warm. like i grew a beard when i got back. look very closely, it was a beard. i had to get rid of it. into the northwest, the next storm moves in when means rain for the coastline. and snow into montana and also in northern idaho. this is the storm that unlocks >> is a very good morning. temperatures in the teens and the 20's this morning. it feels like 10 in rockville right now. 33 today. an afternoon
8:36 am
>> girl sc >> girl scouts helping out. let's see, all of that weather was brought to you by puffs plus. now we're going back to -- who are we going back to? robin? robin? robin, good. >> what's her name again? >> who? >> thanks sam. >> the most popular new year's resolutions as we told you last half hour, how to lose weight, following close behi, how to save money and get out of debt. that's two and three. there's a brand-new book out, it is fabulous. it is called "save big" that shows you how to do just that. it was written by our very own correspondent elisabeth leamy. >> with a forward from the fabulous robin roberts. >> we read your book, and we know how it's going to help people there, eli. >> yeah. it is different.
8:37 am
most focus on the tired advice that you should give up your morning latte to save $4. by contrast, i guarantees that every tip in my book has the potential to save you at least $1,000. watch this. hous are our number one cost. we spend an average of $19,199 a year on them. i used to live in this building right here. when i sold my condo four years ago, i saved $25,000 by selling it myself instead of hiring a realtor. and i saved on my new house, too, by actually doing all my closing paperwork and challenged $4,700 in junk fees. top cost number two, cars. americans spend about $5,637 a year on their car pamentds. while so many people race around buying brand-new cars and
8:38 am
trading them in every few years, the way to save big is to buy used. my husband and i saved even bigger, $10,000, by buying this used vehicle at a wholesale auto auction. >> what does credit mean to you? >> buy now and pay later, i guess. >> reporter: credit, interest on loans. the old me had credit card debt. the new me dug out of debt dollar by dollar. the old me had a crumby credit score. now, i ferociously protect and promote my score. what's the big deal? well, my high score helps me qualify for a better interest rate on my mortgage and saved me $116,000. top cost number four, groceries. these days the average family of four spends $10,692 a year on food and personal items. there are ways to save bigger, and they're in the book.
8:39 am
here at my house, we saved on groceries, simply by challenging ourselves to use up the forgotten food in our kitchen. finally, health care. our fifth biggest expense, $3,452 per person on average. we did the math if you pay for low co-pays going to the doctor, my family of three saves $1,100 a year by paying less up front to insurance company but more when we actually need care. so the grand total saved over the past decade, $160,000. >> okay. but what's up with the 160,000 cups here, what's up with this? >> this is a year's worth of lattes. get this, you would have to banish lattes from your life for the next 110 years to match my decade of savings. >> we'll go your route.
8:40 am
congratulations. >> thank you. >> to
8:41 am
mecca school's 5th grade didn't come from the wealthiest families. they didn't have the latest laptops. or know how a bank account worked. but they do have teacher chauncey veatch, who uses a financial literacy program made possible by visa. visa works with parents and teachers to bring these programs to millions around the world. this is mecca school. this is progress. visa. currency of progress.
8:42 am
8:43 am
an and now two-time oscar nominee amy adams is in the studio. fresh off of "julia & julia." that is not the only production you have coming? >> no. >> when are you due? >> the spring. >> do you know if it's a boy or girl? >> no, i don't know, but i'm going to find out. >> you definitely want to know? >> yeah, yeah. >> no surprises. let's talk about the movie "leap year." you play anna who is in a longtime relationship with your boyfriend and he just won't propose. >> there's a legend in ireland that on leap year, a woman can propose to a man in ireland. >> the hook is if she proposes in ireland, he has to say yes?
8:44 am
>> that's some rule? >> exactly. >> let's take a look at the clip you have here. you're in wales. your boyfriend is in london, is in dublin, but you have to get to him? >> yes. >> and you run into an unusual man that's going to help you find the way. >> yes. >> let's take a look. >> hello. thank you. >> how's that work? >> can you be careful with that, that was a girl from my boyfriend? >> he bought you a suitcase. >> it's a vuitton. >> what? >> a louis vuitton. >> come on. so, louis, can i give you a hand
8:45 am
into the car? >> your co-star, is that the first time you had worked with him? >> it was. he was natural. >> you have a natural chemistry. >> we have a natural banter, the two of us, i knew that when we first met. we do have a natural banter. >> you also felt at home in ireland which is where the movie was filmed? >> i did. the people were so welcoming. i think everyone feels at home in ireland. >> do you have irish blood? >> i must. >> red hair? >> well, it's assisted, the hair. >> there was a little bit of art imitating life. in real life, you were with your boyfriend for an awful long time. >> six years. my now fiance who is here. he's wonderful. >> have you ever attempted to ask him? >> yes, i was. the first year we were together,
8:46 am
i wanted to ask him because i was so in love with him. the second year, when he hadn't proposed to me, we were in england. >> why didn't you do it? >> you know, i knew it was important to him to ask me and that was important to me. i think if it works for relationship, then great. >> we just saw him there for a second. >> there he is. >> so when he finally did, how did it go? >> it went really well. it was very romantic. it was in central park. i kind of waylayed some of his plans because he had wanted to do this romantic dinner and didn't know he was going to propose. how about we see a play instead. we had to improvise. he did a great job. >> you're planning a wedding and a new baby. a lot going on in 2010. thanks for starting it with us. >> thank you. >> movie "leap y
8:47 am
8:48 am
wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. it's delicious. delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
8:49 am
the girl scouts are so excited because they saw amy adams and remember her from "enchanted" 40 years ago, "all my children" may its debut played by the likes of susan lucci and kelly ripa. and our own cameron mathis. 12 years. >> 12 years. i now know what it's going to be. >> it's looking good. >> it's a big facade, robin, it. but i am indeed joining from you "all my children's" brand-new home here in los angeles. over the holidays, we just packed up and moved the show across the country in l.a. after 40 years of being in new york.
8:50 am
now, while the location of the set has changed, the show itself definitely has not. still all about family, about timely social issues. and lucky for me, it's still about having a lot of fun. >> reporter: for four decades "all my children" has been a fixture of daytime division capturing the imagination of local soap fans with weddings, funerals and memorable love stories. it's been over 10,000 episodes, for my character alone, i have been married four times, engaged eight, shot four times. died, come back from the dead and had a six-month relationship with a ghost. hmm. >> it's amy, i have to talk to you, i'm coming over there right now. >> reporter: from the very beginning "all my children" creator agnes nixon sought to create a different show. >> she created sole topics that affected thinks you care about.
8:51 am
you could deal with the vietnam war and abortion. >> reporter: it's been high-profile guests such as oprah winfrey and continued to tackle timely topics, including lesbian wedding and the current economic crisis. but the characters of pine valley were not the only ones feeling the pinch, turns out "all my children's" producers were, too, which is why they made the difficult decision to move the show from new york to los angeles. the final days on the set were bittersweet. helping us through the sad moments, the homecoming of some familiar faces, talk show host kelly ripa actually met her husband mark consuelos on the set where she played haley. >> i can smell it a mile away. >> reporter: this isctually the day they met.
8:52 am
>> there's the kind of lies you ll when you want to cleat somebody and then the white lies. >> reporter: the set is going to pack up and move to los angeles. >> i'm having a hard time. being here every day is making me very emotional. if i didn't get hired for this job, i wouldn't know mark and we wouldn't have our kids. it's been very emotional. i should save this for our scenes together. >> this isood. >> reporter: mark and kelly returnedo their roles in a special 40th anniversary story line. >> i feel like my greatest accomplishment in my life was working here because it's real work. it's work. and if you can do this job, you can do any job. >> reporter: also nostalgic about the good old days, the incomparable susan lucci who has played leading lady erica cane for 40 years. episode six? >> episode ten.
8:53 am
and i got to be home for aeek or so and watch what this show was going to be about, and i remember thinking this is really good. >> reporter: the show gave me my chance 12 years ago. here's my screen test from way back when. >> he didn't tell me you had girls like you working for him. >> reporter: he didn't wear closes for like six months. on december 11th, the set of pine valley was permanently dismantled. but "all my children" fans fear not, pine valley has been reconstructed from the brand-new set in los angeles. they're hoping it will provide new opportunities, ensuring that we will be around to celebrate our golden anniversary ten years from now.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
that's it. we're going to see you tomorrow. happy new year! >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
good morning. i am doug mckelway. we have some school closin and delays. the earl b. wood school is closed because they did not have heat. clark county, virginia, opening two hours late. jefferson county and morgan county opening two hours late. >> you will find traffic is settling down in very nicely in your favor. along 66, 95, 395, no accidents. we will go live to a picture in virginia across the 14th street bridge with a brief delay. we will find out what looks like on the outer loop around to georgia avenue. we are still in stop and go traffic. a crash at the mormon temple has
8:58 am
been moved out of the way. now we zip on over to the weather center. >> tperatures are hovering in the 20's to near 30. factor in the wind, and it feels nine downtown. 14 in waldorf. it is the combination of the wind and the cold air. it will be a bettitter, biting afternoon. a snow shower is not out of the question. breezy and cold tomorrow. maybe a shot of a snow shower by friday. >> thank you. big changes in the redskins organization. coach jim zorn has been fired. there will be details at a news conference this afternoon. there will be details at a news conference this afternoon.
8:59 am
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