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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 4, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the natial captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. the red scans are cleaning house in hopes of building a playoff team. -- the redskins are cleaning house and most of building a playoff team. jim zorn is out as head coach after going 4-12 and his replacement is surely waiting in the wings. tim brant is live at redskins park with the latest >>
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>> jim zorn was fired as soon as they return from san diego this month. he was fired as soon as they cut back to redskin park at 1:30. this was one of the most tumultuous seasons in washington redskins football history. it was a situation that jim zorn and knew what was coming. the team lost to the detroit lions early in the season and it was downhill from there. sherman lewis was pulled out of retirement to call plays. the place had to be relayed to jason campbell. jim zorn was a lame-duck coach throughout the second half of the season. he handled the situation with class and dedication. he knew he was gone but despite the turmoil, he leaves as a popular coach among the players. >> he is a coach you wanted to play hard for. it will not be the same for him. i wish him luck.
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for the redskins, we are starting a new beginning. i appreciate that. he is a good guy. >> take a look at some numbers -- he started 6-2 with the washington redskins but has gone 6-18 cents, a 12-20 overall. there has been a new, -- news conference called for 12:30. they will talk about the firing of jim zorn and will probably talk of that a new head coach. i got off the fun with the former general manager. he was telling me he thinks it will beat mike shanahan he thinks the odds already negotiated a deal. he thinks his son kyle will be
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one of the court maters. he was trying to work out a deal with houston but has not accepted that deal. kyle shanahan is also available. mike zimmer will come in and be one of the court members under mike shanahan. he is with cincinnati but turned down a deal and one more money from cincinnati. they were not willing to pay the debt and spider may be. that is the situation up to the minute. it looks like it will be mike shanahan, kyle shanahan, and mike zimmer who will turn this program around and get back on a winning track. we will wait and see what happens. the hope is for instance excess but could be the beginning of a major rebuilding process. kathy park talked to some ban treaty joins us live with their reaction. >> fan reactions are mixed. some folks are saying this sort should have happened before the last debris others say they a
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glad it happened at all many folks we spoke with seem to agree that the team needs to look forward and hope for a winning season. redskin fans said they saw it coming months ago. >> that they had to do something, i guess if i don't know that it was his fault but they needed to do something. they had a rough season, that's for sure. >> the general manager made it official -- jim zorn is out he said that the status quo was not acceptable. i thought was necessary not to waste a moment of time to begin building this team into a winner. >> i wish the redskins the best of luck in their next phase. >> jim zorn still have one year left on his contract but after a tumultuous season, many fans say it is time for a change going into 2010. >> i hope they start winning, finally. that would be great. >> in san diego sunday, he dodged questions from reporters about his status and alluded to the future.
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>> there are a lot of things out there as far as stories. i get that. i am working at our team meeting. i'm more an hour off season schedule. until it is told on any other effort, i am getting ready. >> fans admit they are sado see him go but are eager to get back on the winning track. >> i think he tried his best brady is a good man. some kind of chemistry or something did not work. >> i hope you'll come back. i like him but -- >> believe it or not, several fos seem to agree that joe gibbs would be a good replacement but it does not look likely at this point. when the new coach arrives, the replacement will be the team's seventh since dense matter became owner back in 1999.
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thank you. let's turn to the weather. frigid is the only way we can describe today. it forced several schools to close or be delayed. in montgomery county, one school clothes for the day because they do not have enough heat. that is something we want, as much as he'd as possible. >> i was outside pumping gas earlier this morning and my years hurt. -- my ears hurt. there is a patch of ice out there on the potomac. outside today, as we look at the live camera from our roof, you can see some blue but there will be some clouds that streamed through there may even be a surpassing -- there may be a passing snow shower.
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it feels like 11 degrees in leesburg. the wind chill factor will be in the teens and 20's. how is everyone coping with the bitter cold? according robinson has more. >> no matter how you say it -- >> the windchill makes a more biting. it is death public cold. >> it is called labeouf started >> the metro region is freezing cold. temperatures are hitting in the 20's but feel more like the teens. >> i don't understand why people of this far north. >> the wind cause problems yesterday, bringing down trees and causing major power outages. today, it is just adding to the chilly factor. >> are you feeling ok? i am worried about my son.
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>> she bundled up her 3-year-old for a brief trip outside. like most, if they don't have to brave the elements, inside they will stay. >> it pays to be smart. take it easy out here. get some coffee or hot cider and get somebody to come over and love you. >> the coalition for a homeless says there shelters are (they said they are providing meals all day long. your best bet on days like this is to lawyer or to stay inside. -- layer or stay inside. wind chills in the midwest have been in single digits. florida is saying the coldest weather in nine years. areas around the great lakes will say a few more inches of snow today. parts of michigan could get up to another foot of snow. investigators are trying to find out what caused a car to
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plunge into the waters of rock creek. the 22-year-old driver of arlington was killed after his car swerved off rock creek drive into the water. police do not know how long he was in the creek but they say that i was already forming around the car. flights are running behind schedule at newark and international airport after the security scare last night shut down an entire terminal for six hours. investigators searched but could not find a man who walked the wrong way through a security checkpoint rated turns out that officials say he left for another exit the about 20 minutes later. every other passenger had to be re-screen. this is a son of the stepped-up security especially for international flights. >> this man is just in from south africa where he says he did not hear the news of the christmas day bomb plot he said
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he saw no difference in security at the johannesburg airport very . travelers in from london tell a different story. >> we have a pat down and a hand search of the bags. >> there are newly enhanced security measures on all international flights but every passenger from 14 countries will be subject to even more, including pat downs, carry on searches, and the controversial full body scans where available. the list of countries include cuba, iran, libya, and somalia. the new guidelines, as president barack obama cut short his hawaiian holiday to return to washington. the failed christmas day attack resembled one and august against prince mohamad, head of the saudi security. it was a hard to detect underwater bomb and the same explosive the top
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counterterrorism adviser, met with security officials. the work done forensic analysis and yet the christmas attempt was not caught greg >> there was no single piece of intelligence that says that the man we carry out the attack that day. >> the current security system failed. changes at the airport are not enough. by young muslim men from the d.c. area are denying they planned to carry out the terrorist attacks. police arrested the five in pakistan last month and they appeared in court. they have two weeks to prepare a case. the men aged 19 years old through a 25-year-old and have denied any ties to al qaeda. officers arrested a 44-year- old early yesterday morning, a few hours after they say the man stabbed another man to death.
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last year, the seat finished with 143 homicides, the fewest in 40 years. gilbert arenas is supposed to meet with law enforcement officers today. he is under arrest for bad judgment by bringing guns to be wizard's locking -- locker room. on friday, tolls increased by 25 cents for the toll of the main gate is now $1 and the tolls at the on and off ramps or 75 cents per the money will help pay for the metro line expansion and to dulles airport. still to come, tv helps cracked a family murder case. we have the dramatic end to the manhunt where an accused killer was found buried will take it to the top of the world. the world's new tallest building opens its doors today.
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we are following a developing story out of las vegas or a deputy u.s. marshal says a man used a shotgun to shoot at least two federal marshals in the lobby of the court house. that suspect is in custody. he was also shot. we have no word on their condition. virginia state police are looking for help to find a lexus car right. her father, 55-years old, allegedly took her from cumberland'children hospital they believe they are headed to north carolina and a blue, 1993, dodge ram pickup. family and friends from a
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missing mother are turning to the media to help find her. she disappeared almost one month ago and police have named her husband a person of interest. he is now in washington state with his two boys visiting family. a three-day blitz is being launched on youtube, facebook, and put her to help them search. >> we are still looking for susan our primary focus is the family. we want to make sure that everybody in every corner of the world knows we are looking for her. >> investigators are still trying to figure out why the father took the young sons camping in 10-degree temperature the night his wife disappeared. email was a uncovered from the wife that said she was in may -- in a troubled marriage. >> the men hunt for accused murderer is over. the man is being held without bond. police say he went on the run on
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thanksgiving when police say he shot and killed four family members including a little girl buried a motel owner recognized and after seeing his picture on "america's most wanted." >> i am really happy that the monster is in the cage. >> he is charged with killing his twin sister, an elderly aunt, and a 6-year-old cousin. the world's tallest building also carries atoll price tag, $1.5 billion. the 160-story building opened one hour ago. it stands 2,684 feet. it has a mix of residential units that are almost completely sold the district and virginia plan to seek federal help to pay off the cost of taking care of the blizzard last
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month. the area spent more than $41 million to clean up after the snowstorm. that is 2/3 of d.c.'s budget. maryland is actuallyver budget. they are not asking for federal aid. this is a special day for the been the graf family. we want to say happy birthday to bryant and baby toni who is one- years old today. its nice you guys get to share your birthday. >> we celebrated this weekend a little bit. >> happy birthday. and it is a cold day. >> outside, pumping gas this morning, it was better. -- it was bitter. here is the time lapse from early this morning.
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some clouds will come through and we could even get a passing snow shower. arlington is 26 degrees and when you factor in the wind chill, it feels like 16 degrees. here are some other numbers in the area. look at the gorgeous shot that was sent to and from bob mack broonroe. he sent that into our website. that is a beautiful looking shot. look at these other numbers out there. yesterday the high at reagan national airport was 28 degrees and their averages 43 degrees. the wind chill factor is in the teens thugh the afternoon.
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here is the satellite picture which shows you the clouds streaming in from the north. snow showers will affect western maryland and the highland areas off to the western slopes. some of that action could come across so we cannot rule out a passing snow shower this afternoon. if you're going to be outside for an extended amount of time, bumble up and lawyers. yers. we will get another shot of cold air as temperatures are too moderate midweek, another batch of cold air will arrive by the end of the week. we will go into the 20's tonight and it will feel like the teens. it will be breezy and brisk tomorrow wednesday and thursday, upper 30's, maybe a snow shower on friday and intense cold of for the upcoming
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"the washington times" showingf its new look today. they announced a new senior editor and the elimination of most local covers ptty printed edition contains two sections, one with political, national security, and local news, and a second with editorial, opening, and cultural coverage. nighttime bork will mean the delays on three of metrobus business lines. work will be done with the dream medical center and grows and our sunday-thursday to close.
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the census bureau hit the road to promote its once a decade census count would stops at the super bowl and mardi gras parade the $300 million campaign will allow residents to fill up the question form which will then be mailed to households coming up in march. one last look at the weather on best birthday monday >> will be okay. we'll be inside eating cake. we'll have some clouds through the afternoon and gusty breezes and it will be in the 30's but will feel in the 20's. we may even have a passing snow shower. brees in cold tomorrow and the cold system moving in thursday as well. continuing coverage uns emblidge --
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