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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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amazing. let me, uh, tell my family about this. okay. "facebook on tv." watch this. [ ding ] boom. cool. boom. nice. wait for it. and... boom? boom. [ male announcer ] facebook on your tv and three times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. brace yourself against the big chill. >> it is a long winter. >> everyonetruggles to deal with the arctic blast, but is a warm-up on the way? >> was to pay $2 to park for an hour?
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>> parking is getting more expensive. one county put the brakes on permanent speed cameras, but will it get a green light from drivers? captioned by the national captioning institute an arctic blast has people in the washington region bundling up, and it is going to get colder. steve rudin has a look at how low the mercury will plunge. >> under mostly clear skies, temperatures will fall into the teens across most of the mid- atlantic. the belfort furniture weather center, 28 degrees at reagan national, 23 hagerstown, 18 degrees elkins. the bigger story is the wind chill factors, falling into the single digits. we will fall into the teens with the wind out of the board at 10- 15. another cold day ahead, plenty
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of sunshine. are you ready? we have a warmup on the way. we will look at the extended outlook in a few minutes. people who were out and about tonight cannot escaped the frigid temperatures. john gonzalez is live in arlington. >> many people are not enjoying the weather. from dead car batteries to people stuck on the potomac river, people are feeling the effects of the cold weather and it times is proving to be very dangerous. d.c. fire and ems says this has been an extremely -- they have been very busy rescuing people from the potomac and they're issuing a stern warning. the only safe ice is at an ice rink. >> people forget how cold it gets here. >> this is the coldest it has been this early in the d.c. area in years. >> this is really cold.
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>> it does not matter how many layers you have. >> 8 batteries were exchanged and replaced at this mechanics. and is not just cars. much of the potomac river is blanket by a sheet of ice. this 50-foot yacht found out the hard way. >> it was cutting through, but it was crazy. >> cutting through the ice and even getting stuck is not the only thing he has to deal with. >> it is harsh. everything, from the engine to the water system, it is freezing. it is a lot of maintenance. >> d.c. fire and ems spend part of the day training for the worse. although it may appear thick, the set -- the thickness of the ice can vary. >> the bad aspect is and allows
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people to fall through. but we can drill for the situation. >> these folks are the brave ones. even the people at the ice rink, the crowd is thin. one man tonight said he came from scotland two weeks ago and says their winters have nothing on ours. of course, this year that is the case. another man we spoke with said in the 31 years he has lived in the d.c. area, this is the coldest he has ever been. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. thank you, john. much of the country is gripped by the deep freeze. even the sunine state is dealing with eezing temperatures. temperatures in flores have plunged into the 20's. farmers are desperately trying to save their oranges and strawberries in florida. a lot of stores are running out of space heaters.
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to check the weather conditions around the clock, just log onto and go to the weather tab at the top of the home page. an off-duty police officers car was stolen with his gun and credentials and side. he was in a shopping center in capitol heights when two suspects in a dark green ford expedition pulled up. a suspect jumped out of the vehicle, jumped into the officer's car, and drove off. they're sll looking for the suspect. in a virginia man is being blamed for one of the commercial airliner the truck and just today. officials say he locked himself in the bathroom of an air france plane flying from sentences " and refused to return to his seat. the airplane -- an air tains plane flying from san francisco and refused to return to his
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seat. the airplane was diverted to colorado. the police say a man has been arrested for being seen in the security video walking past a checkpoint at newark airport. the terminal was cleared, thousands were screened again, and flights were delayed. >> i never could imagine he would do that. >> he is charged with the defiant trespassing and faces a five other dollars fine. the transportation security administration has been criticized because some of the cameras at the checkpoint when not working. government economic experts are giving the health care bill a mixed grade. medicare experts say would raise health-care spending slightly as a provides coverage for an additional 34 million americans, but over time, cost cutting measures would reduce the increases in health-care spending.
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parking and some d.c. neighborhoods will cost more, even on saturdays. richard reeve is live in northwest with more on what drivers need to know. >> first of all, bring extra change. we're talking about $2 per hour parking. is not just georgetown, but many of the busiest neighborhoods. georgetown on a saturday night. heavy traffic, busy store fronts, packed parking. >> it is crazy. >> now paying for the parking spaces is more expensive. >> $2 per hour is a lot. >> the district is refitting parking meters in so-called primary zones like georgetown, adams morgan, and you street. >> it is outrageous. >> from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., the free districtwide
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saturday parking is now history. >> i think that was an attraction. >> d.c. officials say the new fee is still less than at new york, l.a., and chicago. >> i guess maybe less people will be inclined to park down here and use public transportation. >> some neighborhoods are concerned about drivers who may begin using residential parking. that is happening already. >> whad to wait half an hour. >> no more feeding the meter. once the one or two hours has expired, it is time to move. >> there are not a lot of parking spaces to begin with. >> depending on where you part, you may or may not see the new rate posted. they should be clearly marked on the meter. if you don't see them, you don't have to pay the new rate. they hope to have this all start
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out by january 19. richard reeve, abc 7 news. prince george's county is making changes to speed camera plans. county executive jack johnson is scrapping a plan to install 46 cameras in school zones. he says 10 mobile cameras will be located in school zones around the county. residents have mixed feelings. >> probably not a good idea to get rid of the permanent ones, but whatever works best. >> i think if you move them around, and you don't give a heads up to people, they will be likely to meet those cameras had gone. >> it could be in place next month. they will get a $40 ticket for speeding from the cameras. leesburg today reports loudoun county is considering a plan to raise the property tax on hybrid cars. the board of supervisors wants
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to raise it from $1 to $4.20 per $100 assessed value. that will not happen if the final budget is approved. that calls for the car tax to be scrapped in favor of an income tax increase. governor kaine held his final meeting with students and faculty and family of those killed or injured at virginia tech. they were angry over new revisions to the official report on the massacre. the governor's office said the changes reflected inaccuracies and revisions last month. virgin's next governor will not be sworn in for another week, the inaugural festivities are already under way. several groups, including the irish band at seven nations, took part in governor-elect bob mcdonnell's inaugural concert. hundreds attended the event at the clarendon ballroom in arlington.
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he will take office next saturday. coming up,emperatures fall into the teens overnight. is a warm-up on the way? plus, why is harry reid making an apology to president obama? and some of america's fallen heroes, a final farewell.
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videotape of the jordanian doctor who suicide bomber killed seven cia operatives in afghanistan aired on al-jazeera and pakistani television today. he was promising to provide information on al qaeda hiding places and was invited on to the cia base. just as he was getting a pat down search, he detonated the explosives. leon panetta said, "in the past year, we have done exceptionally heavy damage to cut and the associates. that is why the extremists it backed." funerals today for some of
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the cia officers who were killed. harold brown jr. was remembered during a service in massachusetts. the father of three lived in fairfax county. >> i will love you now and forever. >> flags were lowered to half staff at the cia and the seven new stars joined the others on a wall of honor at the cia office in langley. a man with suspected ties to terrorism pled not guilty today on charges he was training for al qaeda. he was accused of lying to pakistan to get military training. he is one of two men arrested yesterday in connection with the investigation. the colorado airport driver pled not guilty last year to supporting terrorism. president barack obama accepted an apology tonight. one of his chief allies in the senate, -- accepted an apology
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tonight from one of his chief allies in the senate, senator harry reid. harry reid had said america was ready to elect a light skinned african-american. today, harry reid issued a statement, saying he sincerely apologize for offending any and all americans, especially african-americans. it people in northern california are a bit shaken up after 6.5 earthquake. the u.s. geological survey says it was centered about 30 miles off the coast. it shook buildings and knocked out power to several coastal communities, but no reports of injuries or any major damage. the phrase "there is no use crying over spilled milk" had new meeting today and nature. some drivers could not believe with assault on a highway overpass. a tractor-trailer overturned,
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spilling thousands of gallons of milk. it froze and look like ice cream covering the road. >> wow, messy situation. the cold weather in the northeast and mid-atlantic, all the way to florida. miami today, only 40 degrees, wind chill advisory, wind chill warning because it may drop into the 20's. that is called for south florida. for us, seems like another day. pennsylvania avenue, the wind is picking up out of the nthwe. clear skies allow temperatures to fall into the teens overnight. the weatherbug network, 19 degrees middletown, feels like 13. at 10 degrees germantown at the weatherbug network. the final stop, wtop radio, 23 degrees, high of 31. feels like 13. 36 at reagan national was the
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high temperature after re morning low of 23 degrees. this time of year, we should have temperatures and the low 40's. looks like we will have another three, four days and then the temperatures will finally be in the low 40's. 23 hagerstown, oregon national 28. -- reagan national 28. the core of cold air across the great plains, two degrees below zero minneapolis. miami, 39 degrees. jacksonville, fla., 24. hard freeze warning in effect for parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia, north florida. the high pressure eventually moves out for the day tomorrow. the wind changes direction, and we finally looked for a little bit of a warm-up. wind chill advisory in effect western allegany county overnight, into the morning hours until about 10:00. no advisory to worry about, but we will look for temperatures
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below average for the day tomorrow. the wind chill factors only in the 20's. the forecast, mostly clear and cold tonight, lows in the teens. in the mountains, temperatures fall into the single digits. the wind chill factor, slightly below zero. cold start sunday, eventually into the 20's, the wind out of the northwest at 10-15. the high just near freezing, but the wind chill factor will make it feel like 8-10 degrees colder than that. better days ahead with warm weather. finally, we have to wait, though. flurries and the forecast late monday into tuesday morning. then the warm up begins, low 40's wednesday, mid 40's thursday and friday. the upcoming weekend? looks like temperatures above average. late next weekend, could be looking at another winter storm. that is what the models are indicating. >> such a tease.
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a cold drizzle did not stop thousands of people from running around disneyorld this morning. 23,000 people participated in the half marathon. runners who took part in the 13- mile race were dressed in layers to keep warm. thousands of spectators watched the race. january night, what about going to orlando for vacation? speaking of cold, the capitals have been hot on the ice. tonight, they try to take down a team that is chasing them. we will show you what happened. ossman ali is a new york cab driver.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the capitals probably will not get a lot of competition for the division title. it tonight, they played the team closest to them in the standings, pounding the thrashers into the ice early. at an atlanta, in the first, left side, watch tom podie. first, alexander semin, blocks the shot. two-zero capitals.
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mike green got the steel before the end of that, and the capitals go on to win, 8-1. if you were among those attending the verizon center day watching the georgetown hoyas, you may have thought the game was over. the uconn was cruising. georgetown up by one, 33 points. less than one minute, uconn up by one. on rose shot is blocked, but the hoyas are up by one. -- 1 rove's shot is blocked. it looks like the boy is will turn it over. uconn gets a chance to get the ball back? maybe not. monroe gets it, the lead is 3. last shot to tie, stanley robinson, open 3, georgetown wins. >> felt it was all lost. we did not do what we were
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supposed to, how we were supposed to do it in the first half. but we knew if we took care of it we had a chance. the guys did a good job of focusing. it is terrific. tim brant calling the uva-nc state game. virginia wins 70-62. >> good george mason pulling away from unc-wilmington. george mason has won five of their last seven. how or drops to 2-14 with their loss to morgan state. -- howard dropped to 2-14 with their loss to morgan state. the redskins got to the nfl playoffs tonight, sort of. joe thighs men and joe gibbs were and the tv booth, could reminding us of the good old days at rfk stadium.
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mark sanchez, to dustin keller. the jets' lead 14-7, looking to pull the upset in cincinnati. the bengals got back in the game. fourth quarter, said rick benson, right side, finds a hole. 47 yards. the crowd back into it, the bengals back into it. cincinnati with a shot. not anymore, carson polymer is sacked. -- carson polymer is sacked. peyton manning becomes the first player to win the associated press' nfl mvp honors for times. manning and the colts have a bye after finishing 14-2. long time usc coach pete carroll is going back to the nfl to become head coach of the seattle seahawks.
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frigid temperatures are nothing new to north dakota. some workers in fargo may have gone too far to prove the point. it decided to take a break from their jobs by going outside with temperatures of 52 -- five degrees below zero. the temperature today? 20 degrees below in fargo. the windchill factor out there, and has been tough in the midwest. that has been rough for us. but let the cold temperatures to around tonight into tomorrow, only making it to freezing. the sunshine makes it look better outside, flurries monday night. it then the temperatures warm
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and to the low, middle 40's thursday, wednesday. thank you for joini
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