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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 29, 2010 10:05pm-11:00pm EDT

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♪ there you go. it's over with. this guy was crying the whole time. i really am embarrassed for him. well, "lost" is done, and, um, i don't know what we have left. i really don't. tonight the cast is here to, uh, reflect, to dissect and to hopefully answer the question that i think is on everyone's mind right now-- what the hell just happened? (laughter) ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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tonight, jimmy kimmel hosts the cast of "lost." brought to you by... thank you. well, six years ago, "lost" crash-landed into our living rooms with a story about love, death, good, evil, time travel, polar bears and fried chicken. and if you're expecting it all to get wrapped up tonight, well, you're probably missing the point of the show. two things i think we learned for sure, though. number one-- don't go chasing waterfalls. (laughter) and number two, all dogs don't necessarily go to heaven. (laughter) all right, well, let's, um, let's-- where better to begin than with the guy who began it all and with whom it ended, too--
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dr. jack shephard? please welcome matthew fox, everybody. (cheering) ♪ i'm so happy to see you alive right now. i really am. (cheers, applause and whistles) so that was, um, that was the first time you'd seen the ending, right? that was the first time, yeah. just sitting backstage, and, uh, it's pretty moving. yeah. you feel a little bit like tom sawyer, looking in on your own funeral? yeah, a little bit, yeah. yeah. that was, uh, it's hard to watch for me. but, um, sometime down the road, i suppose i'll go back and watch it all the way through. your neck has healed up. that's good news. yes, yeah. (laughs) so, um, i want to present you, if i could,
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with my theory on-- on what happened. okay? okay. in a lot of religions, christianity being one of them, the idea is that life is a test-- that you go through your life, and if you're good, you go to heaven or nirvana or whatever. and if you're bad, you don't. you go to hell or you don't go anywhere. my theory is that, the whole show from beginning to end, we were watching jack's test-- his test. and his life on the island, i think, was his real life. yes. and--you think. okay, good. i completely agree with that. i'm on a roll. yep, yep. and obviously, jack passed the test. yes. and maybe the characters-- maybe each of the characters has their own story and their own test. but this show, i think, was jack's test. i-i would agree with that. i mean, um-- i'm so proud of myself right now. you have no idea. (cheers and applause) but at the same time,
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i mean, that's-- i think what's beautiful with the way it ends is that there's room for interpretation depending on people's spiritual beliefs. um... mm-hmm. you know, i think there are also religions that believe that when you die, um, you go to a place-- and that place can last for a nanosecond or it can be an extended period of time-- where you have to remember your own death, and all of the people that were instrumental, that you loved the most and helped you the most and were the most important to you, you have to remember all of them. and remembering them, lead up to the moment that you died, before you can move on to whatever's next. i want to look at a clip from the first episode of this season, the final season. this is when you were on the plane again. and, well, take a look. don't worry. (rattling)
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(breathing deeply) you can let go now. (panting) it's okay. you can let go. (sighs) now i think what happened during that turbulence is jack died there. and when the plane calmed down, that's when you passed over, and maybe the whole island, the adventure, the journey, all that stuff happened in the nanosecond, as you said. that's possible. (laughter) i have another theory i've been working on. because jack was with kate, and kate was with sawyer and then jack was with juliet and juliet was with sawyer. there's another thing i'm working on-- that you were all at some sort of wife swapping, like hedonism-type key party island.
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all inclusive, of course. you don't have to pay for anything extra, but-- it was a little bit like that, that's for sure. well, you--you told us, and you've said this a number of times, that you knew what the ending was at the beginning. you knew what the ending to the show was. were you telling the truth? i knew the final image. i knew the show would end with his eye closing, and i knew that he would die. and, um, and i just hoped beyond hope that there would be redemption in that. and i, uh, i believe there is. i, um, you know, it's been an incredible, incredible experience playing this guy and to have taken him the four years to where he becomes, like, a sort of a broken man and, um, has deviated from his destiny on the island. and knows that he has to go back or he'll die. um, and then start to embrace the notion that he has this thing to do on the island and that he's gonna give his life in doing it. um, he starts to feel strong and--and, um, has given over to the notion that that's exactly what he's meant to do. and, uh... yeah. so i always knew
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that the--the show would end with his eye closing. well, that's, um--we got a lot of the gang here tonight. and, hey, can we just get one shot of your eye closing one more time? (laughter) no way. as people drift off to sleep. (laughs) we have quite an hour, uh, planned for tonight. matthew fox is with us. much of the cast is with us. we have the never before seen alternate endings to the show with damon lindelof and carlton cuse. and we'll be right back with ben linus and john locke-- michael emerson and terry o'quinn. (playing drive shaft's "you all everybody") ♪ you all, everybody ♪ you all, everybody ♪ well, i don't like you...
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♪ you all, everybody ♪ you all, everybody welcome back. matthew fox is with us as we say "aloha to lost." "lost"--the final season & complete collection is available on blu-ray and dvd on august 24th, so-- and we're honored, by the way, to have the great academy award-winning composer michael giacchino here with us tonight-- and some of the "lost" orchestra as well-- sitting in with our, uh, band, the cletones. michael, every once in a while, will you do me a favor and give me one of those, like, big "lost" blast noises? oh.
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(plays descending scale) (jimmy) excellent. that? there you are. you got it. that's great. just work that in wherever it feels right... sprinkle 'em in. you know what i'm saying? all right. you got it. together, our next two guests play four characters-- ben linus, henry gale, john locke and the monster known as smoke. they are two of the finest actors ever to grace our television sets. please welcome michael emerson and terry o'quinn. (cheering) ♪ (cheering continues) well, welcome and thank you for coming. (cheers and applause) (coughs) by the way, if all three of you are not nominated at the emmys this year, that will be a-a travesty. right? (audience) yeah!
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i'm looking for the horns, kind of, is... (michael) oh. okay. (plays descending scale) (laughter) first of all, i want to-- terry, are-- is it good terry or bad terry that we have here tonight? it's out of work terry tonight. it's out of work terry. (laughter) you guys both got to play good guys and bad guys kind of in the same guy. you went back and forth a little bit. in fact, michael, you went back and forth i think twice in the last episode. not you, of course, but your character. is it more fun to play the--the... (gong chimes) the... (laughs) (matthew laughs) nice. is more fun to play, like, the smoke monster than it is to play john locke? it's not more fun, it's just different. you know, the writing has been consistently great, so i've had fun playing-- i had fun playing both of them. i liked that period where you were playing the smoke monster and didn't know you were playing it. that was the best part, yeah. that was--that was all of season five when i was the smoke monster and didn't know it.
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you never know when you're the smoke monster. you really don't. it just kind of sneaks up on you. funny. it could be anybody. it could happen to you. i heard that, um... (laughter) i heard that you guys were hoping to do a show together after this. is that true? well, we joke around a lot on the set and-- and, uh, but a lot of times we try to think of what kind of goofy double act we could come up with, you-- you know, later on in life. but once in a while, we have kind of a half-clever idea. and, uh, we're just pitching it around on street corners and other places. are you, yeah? trying to get something going. yeah. i have to say, it's fun. i've loved working with michael and i--and i have said on many occasions that i would-- i would like to again. you should do "the amazing race" together. that would be a great start. no? (cheers and applause) then maybe go do something else. oh, yeah. if you do do a show together, i have--can i pitch you something? sure. okay. vegas magicians by night,
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forensic police officers by later at night, 'cause vegas is safe. you guys go around. somebody's killing showgirls. you guys have to go around solving crime. one of you maybe is--plays it very straight, uh, by the book. the other not so much. he plays by his own rules. i think it's a great idea. what do you guys think? and we call it... (cheers and applause) which one would be the one that didn't play by the rules? it be either one of you. i think maybe you could switch off who's playing by the rules and who's not playing by the rule. could one of them have a foreign accent? sure. whatever you guys wanna to do. you could both--you could be like siegfried and roy. you could both have foreign accents. somebody gets attacked by a tiger. the other one has to step in. and it's called "cadaver cadabra." oh. cadabra. (terry) it's a great idea. just--just think about it. i'd like to be attached to it if it happens. some titles are so great that no show could live up to the promise of them. you're right. this could be one of those, absolutely. um, well, you guys, um,
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really, i mean, the acting on the show has been phenomenal. i mean, there was some--some of the scenes tonight between-- between jack and, uh, locke were just--just phenomenal. do you guys--do you goof around during that--those scenes? i mean, or is it-- is it very serious? i mean, we--we--i mean, we goof around quite a bit. yeah. there's a lot of light stuff in between that. i mean, uh... (terry laughs) right? are you thinking of something in particular? somewhat. no, somewhat. you know, matthew's very professional. um, matthew and michael. and everybody... (jimmy) i've always said that. no, everybody on the show, truly... mm-hmm. has--has come--i mean... well, for the most part, has come, uh, prepared and-- who's the least professional on the set? (laughter) josh holloway. (jimmy) josh holloway? (cheers and applause) is he here tonight? no. he's not here? (jimmy) he's not here. it's josh holloway. josh holloway, yeah. very unprofessional.
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of the, uh, of the many scenes-- and. of course, there have been many great scenes-- what hits you as--as the most memorable for each of your characters? i still remember-- i-i can't forget in season one when we were shooting, um, the first episode that i was heavily involved in that was called "walkabout." and--and actually, in the shooting of it, i still didn't know--i had no idea where we were going, of course, and i didn't know it was going to be strong. but when i watched it, and it was when locke wiggles his toes and stands up, and--and the music-- that was when i realized what we had with michael and with jack-- that was when it all came together for me, when i said, holy mackerel, this could really be something. how about you, michael? i've had a lot of great scenes that involved food. (laughter) and there was one with cereal and there was one where i made dinner for juliet. but one i particularly remember was i was being held captive in an underwater chamber, and, uh, john locke brought me food and said it was rabbit. and i said, "did this have a number on it?"
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which is one of those moments when i knew i was in a comedy. (laughter) (laughs) but no one else. but no one else. matt, how about you? what are you-- what really sticks out for you? uh, there's so many. uh, it's hard to-- i mean, i think the very--in the pilot, the scene where, uh, kate is stitching up jack was probably just the first time-- it was a really--it was a tough scene to do. very "rambo"-esque. yeah. it was. very "rambo"-esque. and, uh, you know, it just-- just working with j.j. on that scene was amazing. he really gave me some great notes on that scene. and, um, so that stands out. that was a good one. (guitar plays chord) (laughter) not what i was expecting, but that's the show for you. i know. i was looking for the horns. never what you're expecting. all right. well, we have, uh, a lot to come. executive producers damon lindelof and carlton cuse have, uh, their alternate endings to the show. and, ooh, i got a nice drive shaft ring from michael. thank you, michael, i think we're engaged. we'll be back with more of the cast
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in our "aloha to lost." (cheering) ♪ this is how big a fan i am, right? you know the woman-- widmore's wife-- or kinda wife who shot her or whatever? i can't even keep up with that relationship, right? she was at a christmas party-- the white-haired woman, the strange one. i shrieked as i came around the corner. there was something on a cracker. it was a christmas party so who knows what it was. i looked at this woman. ah, god! and she takes me aside and she goes, "please don't do that." (laughter) (man) yahoo! mail gives you 100% unlimited storage so you never have to delete an e-mail. so even if you flash into a different time period, your e-mail will be waiting for you when you get back. and now you can get social content in yahoo! mail, like tweets from your friends, or enemies, right from your inbox. [ gasps ] buzz! [ giggles ] [ gasps ] hold on i'm coming!
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things are going well for josh, i guess. still to come tonight as we explore this mysterious show known as "lost," alternate endings-- what the producers chose not to show you tonight-- and visits from more of the cast. our next guests are foreigners to our land, so please make them feel welcome. they helped make "lost" a phenomenon around the world. please say hello to naveen andrews, daniel dae kim and emilie de ravin. (cheering) ♪ (all speaking indistinctly) (cheering continues) (speaks indistinctly) it's like a little reunion. welcome, welcome. thank you guys for coming. and, um... wow. i have a lot of sand in my shoes. and you have not seen--have-- have any of you seen the finale, the entire finale? (daniel) no. okay, good. so you have no idea what's going on, right?
10:30 pm
why are you harboring skulls, naveen? uh, it's--it's a gift from manson to--to emilie, and... from charles manson? (laughs) manson. from marilyn manson, who, uh, who is a big fan of the show. in fact, so--such a big fan of the show-- terry, i don't know if you're aware of this, but he painted a picture of john locke and, uh-- oh, i've got it. i've got it. i've got-- yeah, he gave me a-- he gave me a print of it. oh, he did? well, can we look at that? um, can we see that? looks pretty stunning. (emilie and jimmy) wow. (plays descending scale) (cheers and applause) very talented. (chuckles) i'm surprised marilyn isn't wearing his hawaiian shirt. (laughter) naveen, you don't watch the show, do you? is that true? i saw the pilot, and uh, we used to have sort of, like, um-- (laughs) he saw the pilot. i saw the-- well, you--you have to know what the piece is and what happens. uh-huh. and then we used to, like, go to each other's houses, and i used to go outside and have a cigarette, you know. but, um, no, i haven't-- i haven't seen the show. emilie, you were off the show for a year. during that time that you were off the show, did you watch?
10:31 pm
no, i didn't, consciously, 'cause i figured claire had no clue what was going on so... oh, really? wow. emilie would not either. which was preferable to you, playing, um, sweet normal claire, or, um, "can't find my hairbrush," crazy squirrel baby claire? (laughter) um, you know, i don't know. i mean, i-i actually like a lot of things about the, uh, "crazy" claire. and very luckily that was a wig so i probably--if that wasn't, i probably wouldn't be saying that, so... daniel, one of the most emotional moments of the show was when jin and sun drowned together. and yet it seemed like somebody should have stayed around for the baby. (laughter) yeah. you know, a lot of people come up to me and say that. yeah, i would think so. sure. they don't actually congratulate me on the great scene. they say, "what about the baby?" yeah. what about the baby? yeah. you know, what--what can you say, right? how many kids can angelina jolie adopt? you can't just... (laughter) um... daniel, every boat you were on exploded, it seems like.
10:32 pm
yeah, it's true. every season, i seem to be on a boat and, uh-- and it explodes. it explodes or we lose children, something. yeah, something terrible happens. (daniel laughs) something terrible has happened really to all of the characters. how many times do you think you were beaten as ben linus? (laughter) how many episodes was i in? (laughter) and just double it? it was a--it was a lot. yeah, there was a lot of beating. it was a lot. more-- more than most tv characters. were you disliked personally on the set? why all the beatings? no, and i'm happy to say i never saw a glimmer of relish in anyone's eye when they were coming after me. except me. uh-oh. (laughs) all right. well, we'll be back with more with the cast. and also gonna tell you how you can get your very own piece of the island, including delicious boxed lasagna, as our "aloha to lost" continues. (cheering) ♪ (man) "lost"--the final season & the complete collection
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(playing cass elliot's "make your own kind of music") if you, um, if you want to own a piece of "lost" history, this summer, there'll be an auction online where you can bid on, uh, such items as walt's flash comic book in español. (emilie laughs) you can get one of locke's knives.
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you can get a box of dharma initiative lasagna. and, you know, to really enjoy lasagna, you should eat it out of the box. so go to and register. all the proceeds go to charity, which is a nice thing to do. let's meet the rest of the castaways, shall we? please welcome richard alpert-- nestor carbonell, daniel widmore-- jeremy davies, charles widmore-- alan dale, and michael dawson-- harold perrineau. (cheering) ♪ well, welcome, everyone. (cheers and applause) i think we should start probably with the, uh, maybe the biggest question for nestor. are you or are you not wearing eyeliner? (laughter) um, i-i was in a bookstore about a month ago with--with my wife and my kids. and i'm, you know, we're just in line,
10:38 pm
and i feel this presence behind me. and i hear this man just say, "wow, those really are natural." (laughter) and i-i turn around. and at first, i thought he was talking about my wife. and then i was like... and then i realized he's looking at me. so i said-- i said, "thank you." that's right. people don't realize you're one-quarter raccoon and hence... (speaks indistinctly) (laughter) jeremy, i heard that, um, somebody pulled a prank on you as far as--regarding this appearance on the show? indeed. (laughs) what--what did they tell you was gonna happen here? i'm--i'm devastated... (laughs) because it's not happening. yeah, well, tell everyone what it was. and i'd like to know who told you this, too. i heard from somebody... uh-oh. (laughs) um, that there was gonna be strip poker... uh-huh. and a snowball fight. a snowball fight? and i rehearsed, man. (laughter) it's all i prepared. are you the, um, are you often the victim of little practical jokes like that?
10:39 pm
well, you really believed there was gonna be a snowball fight here? i-i did. don't worry. there'll be no snowballs. michael, um... first of all, harold, i'm sorry. i'm calling you michael. no, everybody does it, man. it happens all the time. (laughs) i don't know. why don't you just change it to michael? i might as well. they're--they're the same. i mean, michael's a nice name. friends can call you "mike." okay. but i'm harold. um, you, uh--first of all, thank you for killing ana lucia. (laughter and cheering) (woman) whoo! so... no. no, no, no. your character did some bad things... (harold) yes. and you didn't-- you weren't in the church. right. where do you think michael is? well, i-i think, you know, that--that we answered that. michael's on--he's stuck on the island. still roaming on the island? roaming on the island with the-- with the other people, just whispering to--to--to people. (whispers indistinctly) for the rest of--for eternity, whispering, and it sucks. you're sentenced to muttering. exactly! (laughs) exactly. and, alan, what do-- what do people say to you when they meet charles widmore?
10:40 pm
because i have to say, even just you walking out here, i got a little nervous. nothing. nothing, huh? nothing at all? they don't talk to me... (laughs) they don't? which is very nice. yeah, i bet. sure. in australia, you are-- you play, like, a-a very friendly tv dad. yeah, i was australia's favorite dad for many years. see, you go from being like australia's bill cosby to, um... (laughs) to charles widmore. to charles widmore, who, at the end, maybe he was redeemed somewhat as well. would you agree with that? i wish you hadn't asked me that question. i still don't know if he's a good guy or a bad guy. well, i think there are a lot of blurry lines as far as who's good and who's bad on the show. yeah. but, um, you were pretty bad. (laughter) well, i thought it was fun. harold, what happened to walt? he, uh, he's 8 feet tall now, right? and... he's 8 feet tall and dating and i don't... (laughs) that's--that's what happened to him.
10:41 pm
yeah, so it's his fault because he had to go and grow that you weren't on the show that much. well, yeah, sort of. (laughs) maybe. that's why you gotta give these kid cigarettes. well, uh, when we come back, we have something very special. we have some of the alternate endings to the show. these are things that, um, well, you can only see them here tonight. uh, but first, before we do that, let's take a quick look back at the tender moments from "lost." (debbie gibson's "lost in your eyes" playing) ♪ i get lost ♪ in your eyes ♪ and i feel ♪ my spirits rise ♪ and soar like the wind ♪ is it love ♪ that i am in? uhh! (laughter and cheering) ♪ i get weak ow! ow! ♪ in a glance
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ow! uhh! ♪ isn't this ♪ what's called romance? aah! ♪ and now i know aah! ♪ 'cause when i'm lost ♪ i can't let go he says he needs to have a word with you. uhh! ♪ oh, i'll be found ♪ when i am lost aah! ♪ in your eyes ooh! uhh! uhh! (grunting) ♪ oh, oh (cheers and applause) (horn honks, tires screech) uhh! (woman screams) (playing petula clark's "downtown") (man) portions of "jimmy kimmel live: aloha to lost" brought to you by...
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[ male announcer ] quattron from sharp. welcome back to our farewell. and thank you, michael and the cletones. executive producers damon lindelof and carlton cuse-- these are the guys that are responsible for day in, day out writing of the show. they claim they have known how "lost" would end all along since the beginning. but that does not mean there was only one ending. they actually chose from a few and even shot a few. and here now... (laughter) and, uh, you're only gonna see this here-- what they left on the cutting room floor, the alternate endings to "lost." and then... the bomb exploded... and the submarine blew up. well, that's great. so what do we do now? (leaves rustle)
10:48 pm
i'm sorry, sayid. the tribe has spoken. ("survivor" conch shell blows) what? you mean that figuratively, right? no. you gotta leave the island, man. gotta go. what are you talking about? who are you? yeah. you look familiar. are you on tv? i'm jeff probst. hello? (clicks tongue) right. you've gotta be kidding me. where have you been? (laughter) i--no idea. i did not spend five years in the republican guard, get shot by roger, get drowned in a pond, take a bomb to the stomach on a submarine to be eliminated by jeff (bleep) probst. (laughter and cheering) (whoosh)
10:49 pm
really? is--is that the way that "survivor" ends? i don't know. i've never seen it. great. (tapping keyboard button) wait. wait. damon, i've got it, okay? all right. lay it on me. let's go. all right, all right, all right. we start close on hurley's face, okay? (damon) hurley. yeah. oh, yeah. (carlton) all right, he's--he's in a diner... diner, right. and he's in a booth... oh, yeah. and he's buying a song... that's good. a song. on a jukebox. yes, carlton! yes! yes! (drive shaft) ♪ you all, everybody ♪ ♪ you all, everybody (laughter) ♪ you all, everybody (coin clinks) (styx's "come sail away" playing) (sighs) hey.
10:50 pm
hey. ♪ i'm sailing ♪ away what looks good tonight? i don't know. ♪ set an open course ♪ for the virgin sea onion rings. (sighs) it's a mistake as far as i'm concerned. ♪ to be free ♪ free to face a life (laughter) ♪ that's ahead of me (shift gears) (tires squeal) ah! jeez! (sighs) ♪ we'll search... let's focus on the good times. don't be sarcastic. isn't that what you said one time? try to remember the times that were good? i did? yeah. that's true, i guess. ♪ ♪ to carry-- (engine sputters)
10:51 pm
(shifts gears, gears grinding) ♪ (metal crunches, car alarm blares) (shift gears, gears grinding) (laughter) ♪ i thought that they were angels ♪ ♪ but to my surprise i went ahead and ordered for the table. ♪ we climbed aboard their starship ♪ ♪ we headed for the sun ♪ come sail away, come sail away ♪ hey, guys. ♪ come sail away with me (shuts van door) ♪ come sail away, come sail away ♪ i think i figured out the secret to the isl-- (laughter and groans) (whoosh) wait a minute. is that the ending to "the sopranos?" i don't know. i don't have cable. ugh! me neither! who does, carlton?
10:52 pm
hey, don't worry. we got this. we got this. mm. mnh. all right. okay. back to black. all right. interior. bedroom. right. bedroom. a light switches on... (man) no. (click) (laughter and cheering) em--emily? it's bob (bleep) newhart! (mouth full) oh, bob newhart! you won't believe the dream i just had. i-i had a--an inn in this... c-crazy little town in vermont. (cheers and applause) (click) (cheers and applause) that's funny, 'cause... i-i just had this dream that i was a castaway on... this crazy island. there was a polar bear and... a guy who turned into smoke.
10:53 pm
you're not emily. (laughter) (gasps) (screaming) (screaming) (carlton) cut! this doesn't work either. carlton thinks he's seen it. (laughter) this may be one of the most famous final shows in all of television, and you think you've seen it? yeah. get me the morris office. hey. hey, whoa. whoa. bob, hold on one second. uh, uh, we could do a-a time travel thing and go back in time. yeah, bob, what if this happens before your finale? hey, b-bob? bob? bob! bob. (scoffs) (thud) great. well... looks like it's, uh, just the two of us, freckles. (laughter) (cheering) stick around for our thrilling conclusion to the "aloha to lost" special.
10:54 pm
♪ (man) "lost"--the final season & the complete collection are available on blu-ray and dvd august 24th. individual episodes are also available on itunes.
10:55 pm
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the mike:(chuckles) all graphic tees, buy one get ne free...for everyone! ...this weekend at olllld aaavy! ♪ all right. sadly, it's time to let go. i wanna, uh, first of all, lg cns for this, uh, huge and spectacular video screen. thanks to michael giacchino and his terrific orchestra. (cheering) you guys, the music on "lost" second to none. it's phenomenal. thank you for being here.
10:57 pm
thanks to all of you for coming and participating tonight-- uh, matthew, naveen, daniel, terry, michael, harold, alan, jeremy, nestor, emilie, jorge, evangeline and josh. we're really gonna miss all of you. thanks to damon, carlton and j.j. for giving us this gift, as oprah would call it. by the way, we're gonna do we'll do a special q & a with our audience and, uh, with the cast right now online for real fans only. go to or to watch it. thanks for watching, and as they say on the island, namaste. good night. (cheering) ♪ (static crackles) (the mighty mighty bosstone's "everybody's better" playing)
10:58 pm
uhh! (crunch) (klaxon blaring) ♪ everybody's better than i am (shuffling) ♪ i think everybody's b♪ ♪ and everybody's swell, i guess ♪ ♪ they're doing well, some more or less ♪ ♪ and everybody's better than i am, i think ♪ ♪ you know ♪ to be king (knife clinks) aah! ♪ you don't need a castle dude. ♪ to row ♪ back to shore brace yourselves! hold on! ♪ why you walk around with your head low? ♪ i'm so sorry, jack. ♪ everybody's acting like i don't matter ♪ ♪ everybody's in on the act aah! uhh! ♪ too many of them to avoid, it could be that i'm paranoid ♪ ♪ i matter, as a matter of fact ♪
10:59 pm
uhh! ♪ you know ♪ to be king ♪ you don't need a castle w a i'm gonna have to ask that you to open the door, please. ♪ back to shore n sure be a hassle ♪ (boy) ow! dummy! that really hurt! (growling) (rattling and growling) (purring) ♪ da-da-da-da-dah ♪ it's the one and onlyd-o-


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