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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 14, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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ti, your time. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> could afternoon. it is primary day. voters are making their choices in maryland and d.c..
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it is down to the wire in the fierce primary battle between mayor adrian fenty and vincent gray. there also choosing candidates to run for council chair and other seats. in prince george's county, the race to watch is the race for county executive. we are getting reports of voting problems across the region. we have complete team coverage with brianne carter monitoring issues in prince george's county, and pamela brown has the fight to deficient in d.c.'s may laurel race. >> good afternoon. the long, contentious d.c. mayoral primary race culminates today. voters have been piling into the polling stations, including this one behind me. both vincent gray and mayor adrian fenty have been out trying to break in as many last minute votes as possible before
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the stations close tonight. just after doors opened in southeast d.c., vincent gray made his final pitch. >> i am the only candidate who has set forward exactly what i would do as mayor in terms of education, economic development, public safety, and the public trust. >> vincent gray has held a steady lead. >> the polls have been all over the place. we have paid more attention to the campaign we wanted to run. >> across town, mayor adrian fenty says he is fighting for every last vote he can get. >> everywhere we are going people are pumped up. >> he acknowledges some of his actions have been controversial, but says they have brought results to the city. >> they should vote on results. schools have gotten better. >> at precincts across d.c., voters are divided where they
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want change, or staying the course. >> i think he has the city moving in the right direction. >> i think mayor adrian fenty is not it. we need to change. >> the x factor might come with early voting ballots for more than 20,000 residents. not everything has gone smoothly. technical glitches at at least 15 polling senators have caused problems. >> right now, the vincent gray camp is pushing for some of the centers to stay open later. as of now, they are expected to stay open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> thank you. the polls are also open in the battleground maryland. brianne carter has our coverage in greenbelt. >> the polls opened at 7:00 a.m.
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this morning, and voters have been trickling in. the have not been alone. the candidates have been trying to get as many votes as possible before the polls closed. after months of hitting the campaign trail, primary day has finally come for the top two candidates vying for prince george's county county executive. michael jackson was out pounding the pavement early this morning. he is confident his record as sheriff's will lead to votes. >> the citizens have seen a proven leader, and a leader that they know, and they trust. >> his chief rival, rushern baker, is making his own push. >> i feel confident that we have done everything we need to do. it is in the voters' hands. >> many voters are not looking at the past. they are focusing on what candidates will do to better the future. >> it is time for change.
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>> both baker and jackson are talking education and jobs as top priorities. there issues that are prairies' for voters turned >> someone who will be able to lift prince george's county from the lower ranks into the upper echelon. >> one small glitch -- at the clinton united methodist polling place, six of the 18 boating machines were not working. no delays for voters. the polls will stay open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. there might be a gubernatorial rematch in battleground maryland. incumbent governor martin o'malley is expected to get his party's nomination. on the republican side, voters will be choosing between brian murphy and former governor
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robert ehrlich. murphy has the support of sarah palin. across the country, tea party challenges are hoping for victory. mike castle is in a race against christine o'donnell who also has the backing of the former alaska governor in delaware. >> there is a tidal wave coming to delaware. [applause] we are writing it, and he is drowning in it. >> i have a considerable record as far as congress -- a conservative record as far as social issues. in new york, the republican race for governor is a dead heat. the winner there will face democrat andrew cuomo. in our area, it is a perfect day to wait in line.
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adam caskey has a look at our first forecast. >> you cannot blame the weather. it is a fantastic day. we have a cold front moving through. it has not moved through the entire area. it is in western suburbs. you will notice the breeze picking up and the humidity plummeting. sometimes, they bring in showers, and it would be much needed. this has hardly any cloud cover. we are tracking it at abc belfort furniture weather center. when church -- winchester is at 74. stafford is 82. they are waiting on the cold front. mostly sunny, made a the's for most of us. a little cooler northwest of town. we'll talk more about this and the tropics coming up. a man is in critical condition after being hit by a police cruiser.
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the crash happened early this morning near central avenue in capitol heights. the 62-year-old was crossing the road outside of the crosswalk when he was struck. police have not identified the officer or the victim. another pedestrian was hurt in montgomery county, along metropolitan avenue in kensington. there is no word on the extent of the woman's injuries. the accident forced the closure of nearby train tracks. metro is on the hunt for answers to what led to a meltdown on the red line. passengers were stranded at the station that was supposed to be shut down because of power problems. courtney robinson has the latest. >> red line writers were dropped off at the closed wheaton metro
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station. it's in serious, but metro says it did not seem serious. >> we got on the escalator to go up because we did not know it was closed. >> one of the writers told us he and other passengers were told to get off of the escalators because power was running through them and it was dangerous. >> they said one was electrified. >> metro representatives denied that they had power running through them. the biggest issue is why they were dropped off here, a station they had closed. the agency closed the system because escalators and elevators broke down, which meant locking the gates and passengers inside. >> this is part of the story that happens all the time. you just get used to it. >> at this point, they're not sure why the train operator did not know it was closed.
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passengers were able to get another shuttle. they are confused by the admitted communication now down. lawmakers are back from vacation and entering a partisan showdown over taxes. >> now, they want to drive another nail in the coffin. >> he wants the billionaire to receive a $100,000 tax cut, a tax cut most have not asked for, and many do not need. >> the white house wants to extend cuts for those earning less than two and $8,000. republicans want to extend all of the cuts. the president is facing resistance from conservative democrats. the obama administration is hoping a federal judge will toss out a lawsuit claiming the health-care overhaul is unconstitutional. the cases being considered in
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florida, which is what the 20 states challenging the law. the case could go all the way to the supreme court. president obama has a back- to-school message for the nation's students, telling students nothing is beyond their reach. the president is on his way to philadelphia to deliver a nationally-televised pep talk. still to come -- finally free after more than one year behind bars. an american woman is on her way home from iraq. we will have the latest. >> i am taking it day-by-day. it is not something that will happen overnight. >> a neighborhood destroyed. new surveillance video shows the impact of that explosion. plus, it is back and better than ever. will take you inside the new season of "who wants to be a
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a u.s. official says one of the three american citizens detained in iran has been released. sarah shourd is on her way home, where -- after spending more than a year in solitary confinement. today, a judge it -- a judge issued a release order. her two friends are still in prison. all three were accused of espionage. the former illinois governor
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wants a judge to overturn the only guilty decision in his trial. he was found guilty of lying to the fbi. prosecutors are planning to retry him on the 23 caucus that left the jury deadlocked. new surveillance video shows residents ducking for cover in a san bruno supermarket. they can be seen crouching down the floor. outside, four people died when a gas pipeline ruptured in golfing part of the neighborhood. walter mccaffrey was one of the first to start recording the aftermath. >> i can see my neighbors read up the hill. i was making sure everyone was out of the house. >> the gas company plans to start writing checks this week. federal investigators hope the
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tragedy will serve as a wake-up call to other states with these aging pipelines. time to turn to the weather situation. it is beautiful and pleasant. i know you will say we need rain. >> quite often, this time of year what helps us destroy remnants of tropical systems. say a low-and system hits the gulf coast, it will give us a day or two of rain. it often helps us. we have a few systems on the atlantic. will they bring this rain? it does not look like it. we do not want the court to make land for anywhere reached to make land fall anywhere. julia, is the newest one, and is on the lower right-hand side of your screen. it might strengthen over the next day or so.
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they are down just south of cuba, with a high likelihood of turning into a depression. we will keep an eye on that. let's go to our weatherbug network. we have a time lapse of the sunrise. look at this beautiful sunrise. mostly sunny skies. if you send clouds. deficit. sometimes, -- a few clouds. that is it. sometimes, the cold front princess clouds. temperatures are right around 80. la plata is at 77. generally a very comfortable day. you can probably keep the air conditioner off. you might need for a few hours this afternoon. we have a good northwesterly wind pushing in that drier air. that will create a breeze.
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dew point of 3 degrees that is an error in our weatherbug system. 85 was the highest it. the average is 80. we'll be in the 50's tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, right near 80 degrees. that is where we should be. a chance of showers thursday night into friday morning. it is not looking like a great chance. i wish it would be a washout, but it does not look like it. >> it is still a million-dollar forecast. that is my said white. do you want to be a millionaire? we are joined by the host for a sneak peek inside the new season of "who wants to be a millionaire?"
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>> nice segue. snoot. >> i worked on that. it sounds like the look of the show is different. tell us about that. >> it is a little different, and less predictable. there is no hot seat. the contestants were getting a a little too relaxed. now, the -- they have the ability to rome the stage. -- roam the stage. we have a beautiful new monitor. that is where the contestant -- the contestant sees the game play. we have switched up the game. we have two rounds. we have randomized the question and the dollar amount. they used to get progressively more difficult, not any more.
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you could be facing the hardest question first, or the east just one. you do not know. it makes it a little riskier. >> testing. you have a new lifeline. >> we do. it is called jump the question. you do not know how much money you are jumping over. we have seen contestants said that could be the big money amount. it makes it a lot of fun for us and for the audience. >> it is clearly a lot of fun for you. this is your ninth season. you are now the most prolific female game show host in history. >> really? >> that is what they tell me. >> you are a big deal.
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>> i am going to demand more money. i am so lucky to have the job. it has been a great ride. it is fun to switch up the game. after nine years, it is nice to have some change. one of the reasons it was so popular was because it was new and fresh. also, this year, we're giving everyone a free trip to australia. wait, i think that as oprah. >> good to see you. we will be sure to watch. >> thank you. still to come -- >> nasty. >> hand-washing and your help -- your health. a new study separates fact from fiction. later today on "oprah,"
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we are on your side with a new survey that will send a message, especially to amend the -- wash your hands. health experts went undercover and found that 85% of adults when to wash their hands. if you separate men and women, the numbers change. in atlanta, 98% of women wash their hands. one out of three men locked the bathroom,, walking past the sink. >> nasty. >> it is always a thing. >> hopefully you are not. >> i am one that does.
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>> men that do not multi-test. >> that is the excuse. they looked at residents
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here's a look at our seven- day forecast. a lot of sunshine today. today.mid 80's
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temperatures will drop into the 70's friday
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