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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 15, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> what a story those parents will have for that child, when she gets older. >> a cute little baby, too. welcome. >> that's right. that's what's making news in america this wednesday morning. >> get more from abc news, later on "good morning america," or anytime at live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> breaking news, a change of command in the nation's capital. good morning, washington. i'm alison starling. >> i'm scott thuman. we will have all the latest election results in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning. happy wednesday. 4:30.
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in the belfort furniture weather center, it is a low cooler than yesterday. constable. 60 degrees in frederick. at the airport, 54 degrees. 59 in culpeper. 54 in herndon. 58 in prince frederick. a lot of sunshine today. a few scattered clouds. high temperatures in the low 80s. the average high is 80 degrees. we will have a northwesterly breeze at 5-10 miles an hour. clearing skies. constable again. -- comfortable. chance of showers by tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. not expecting much. now to lisa baden. good commuter a roundabout way. overnight construction in virginia on the beltway is gone. looks good on the dulles toll gaway.
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noaa troubles in virginia. headlights northbound headed to springfield. red is southbound on the way to richmond. a local all the way to clinton in the right lane. quiet across the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, d.c. will have a new mayor. 90% of 36 reporting, council chair vincent gray has defeated incumbent mayor adrian fenty in the democratic primary. gray came out here early this morning to declare victory. fenty's spokesman says he will concede the race. the primary victory in almost guarantees the results for greg. >> what is next for the new nominee, pamela brown? >> a busy night and busy
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morning at the washington corridor tel. a lot of enthusiastic supporters of vincent gray. gray has ousted mayor adrian fenty. a fenty spokesperson says that the mayor has conceded and that he will call vincent gray sometime soon. he was the youngest mayor and was a big backer of education. this was a referendum of controversial school chancellor michelle rhee, som said -- some say. vincent gray says that he wanted chancellor who worked with parents and teachers. he wants to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office. despite a couple of jabs at mayor fenty, greg congratulate him for running a fierce campaign and asks the crowd to applaud his efforts.
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vincent gray will have a press conference at noon at this hotel and will talk about his mayoral campaign and steps he's been taking leading to the general election in november. it appears that vincent gray is forced to become the next mayor of d.c. >> thank-you. there were some scary moments at mayor fenty's election headquarters in northwest last night. a fenty volunteer was hurt when he felt through a glass window. paramedics treated the man at the scene for minor injuries. some primary day is dotted with voting problems in d.c.. >> it is not counted automatically like it was last year. >> some polling places opened late because workers could not to get touchscreen voting machines to work properly. officials say there were minor delays at 14 stations.
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another big race was the race to succeed vincent gray as council chairman. with 90% of the precincts reporting, kwame brown has 59% of the vote. >> prince george's county voters cast their ballots to replace outgoing county executive jack johnson. rushern baker worldwide margin against his closest competitor mike jackson. brad bell spent the night at baker's celebration. >> in the middle of the six flags amusement park. a picture is better than a thousand words. prince george's county executive candidate rushern baker celebrating on this day. at 11:30 last night he claimed victory in the race for county executive over share of mike
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jackson. this has been an interesting race of two high-profile, well- funded candidates. they felt perhaps mike jackson a couple too many controversies surrounding the sheriff's department. baker has campaigned for change and he said in his acceptance speech that change is what you'll bring to the county. >> i think the people have spoken. [applause] i think the message is loud and , it isprince george's time to a medical good county great. [applause] >> this is just the primary.
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is an overwhelmingly democratic county. we understand the transition will begin very soon for rushern baker to take over as the next county executive of prince george's county. brad bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> now to the other big race, the race for governor in maryland. bob ehrlich was declared the winner. brian murphy was the challenger. bob ehrlich received an endorsement yesterday from john mccain. murphy had the support of sarah palin. that sets up a rematch with incumbent gov. martin o'malley, declared the winner against two little-known candidates in the democratic primary. maryland senator received repartees nomination for a fifth term -- barbara mikulski received the nomination of her
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party. still ahead, the power of the tea party. we will look at some of the other primary elections held around the nation. >> men are going to be men. >> sexual harassment scandal hits close to home. clinton portis under fire. >> will the nicest touch of whether stick around? that answer is comin
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>> wednesday morning. comfortable temperatures. another pleasant morning with low humidity. in virginia, 54. 54 and sterling and germantown. paul moorpark, -- palmer park, 54. us.he 50's for most of 54 at the airport in frederick. 57 in bowie. low 80's today. chance of showers late tomorrow and tomorrow night. not much to talk about on the roads. rohde work on the beltway in virginia is gone.
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-- roadwork. 66 it is quiet in rosslyn and vienna. looks good across the roosevelt bridge. looks good near the pentagon on 395. we will take you to maryland. in and out of baltimore is uneventful. clear to the airport. beltway traffic moving nicely at colesville rohde. back to you. >> thank you. 61 degrees on this wednesday. >> coming up, double trouble in the topics -- topics. two powerful storms churning up the atlantic. >> the tea party stirs the political pot
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welcome back. 4:45 on this wednesday. d.c. voters have decided to oust incumbent mayor adrian fenty. if with 90% of precincts reporting, if council chair vincent gray defeated the and 53-46%. graeme's victory in the democratic primary almost guarantees that he will be the next mayor of d.c. there will be a rematch between former gov. o'malley and governor bob ehrlich. rushern baker has declared victory in the democratic primary in prince george's county for county executive.
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>> tea party followers are celebrating this morning. from delaware attorney york. candidates backed by that group came out with big wins. emily wraps up the results. smallest the nation's states is home to one of the largest political groups. >> noel or politics as usual. >> christine o'donnell has won this time to read long term congressman mike castle with the backing of the tea party and sarah palin. >> thank you, gov. palin, for your endorsement. >> republican leaders thought mike castle could take vice- president joe biden old seat. >> i have no doubt that if she were to be the nominee by some miracle that we would lose this seed by unprecedented numbers.
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>> in new hampshire there was a senate race neck and neck. the new york governor's race, carl palodino won. >> new yorkers are as mad as hell. >> a nationwide voter refrain. >> the career politicians need to go. >> and american university study of this year's primary races shows 4 million more americans have voted democrat. new york congressman charlie rangel won easily despite 13 ethics charges against him. he says he's returning to capitol hill stronger than ever. i am emily schmidt in washington. >> stay with us all morning for your latest election coverage. >> bus drivers interest george's county are still on strike. they walked off the job monday.
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the talks broke down yesterday over several issues including health insurance coverage. half of the bus routes had some service yesterday after the company brought in replacement drivers. metro is investigating a communications failure that happened after escalators broke down. altria escalators at the wheaton station stopped working monday evening. metro closed the station. but then a train stopped there and passengers got off. metro is trying to determine why that happened. >> fairfax county police are stymied in their search for the killer of a 19-year-old woman found murdered in her car. vanessa pham was found stabbed to death in her overturned toyota in late june just off route 50 interfax. three months later, police have no suspects, motives. a new twist in the federal corruption case against indicted maryland state senator u.s. is correct.
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a judge has approved a deal for the supermarket chain at the heart of the investigation to pay $2.5 million in fines. the parent company of shoppers food and pharmacy must also operate with authorities in order to receive immunity from prosecution. the three people held hostage inside the discovery communications building earlier this month will tell their stories to oprah winfrey. the two discovered employees and a security guard but your thursday on "the oprah winfrey show". police shot and killed a gunman james lee after he entered discovery headquarters in silver spring. you'll be able to watch the interview with oprah on thursday at 4:00 on abc 7. we are getting a look at some of the trouble in the tropics. this is what hurricane igor looks like from modspace. amazing. it makes its way toward bermuda. hurricane julia is a category 3 storm with winds at 125 miles an hour.
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tropical storm karle is bearing down on mexico with winds of 45 miles an hour. >> one after the other. 4:49 on this wednesday morning, 61 degrees. >> coming up later, what the redskins ended up the center of a sideline sexual harass>> anotd weather every ten minutes.
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good morning on this wednesday. meteorologist at caskey. it is a few degrees cooler than yesterday. good sleeping weather. 56 in hagerstown. hyattsville, 62. let's go to the maps. not much in terms of cloud cover this morning. there were high, thin clouds yesterday. some mid-level clouds. it was sunny. a few patchy clouds will develop by midday. the cold front kicked up the bindle little yesterday. the breeze out of the northwest today still. we like that direction this time of year because that keep the humidity down. 82 and sunny today. increasing clouds tomorrow.
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35% chance of showers by tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. we will clear route rather quickly by friday morning. mid 80's tomorrow. that will be the warmest. no big shift in the temperature. now to traffic. it is comfortable right now. south into richmond, north into baltimore as far as the interstates, looks fine. work lingering fog 270. nothing to report on 95 or baltimore washington bartlett. in good shape on 210 the 70's d.c. and northeast. 210 andn good shape on 270.
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>> 62 degrees on wednesday. >> we will be right
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the redskins' new capt. is weighing in on a new controversy surrounding clinton portis. >> its is surrounded by some comments made about a female reporter. now the story. >> if i see somebody worth
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talking to, i am sure they would do the same thing. >> clinton portis if quickly issued a statement offering an apology. d.c. residents are still talking about what he said. if you put a woman and give route choice of 53 athletes, somebody has to be attractive to her. if they are setting sexual stuff to your daughter, you would be mad about the situation. wexford it was a controversy surrounding this woman, a television reporter allegedly sexually harassed in the new york jets' locker room. >> if a pair of jeans and white blouse are provocative, then all women of provocative -- are
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provocative. >> we caught up with donovan mcnabb at an event for children. >> you have to ask clinton portis. >> john gonsalez reporting. >> a lot more ahead in the next dawa. >> a new direction in the district. voters have shown metal adrian fenty the door. what is next for the capital city? >> in maryland, the governor's race is a rematch. and a change in prince george's county. >> noel more politics as usual -- no more politics as usual. >> "good morning washington" begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> 5:00 on this weday


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