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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> >> horror at the johns hopkins spread -- john hopkins. >> a distraught gunmen opened fire shooting a doctor who was trying to treat his mother.
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only on seven, two exclusives. >> is this a shot? >> yes. >> a local woman who says the doctor is a hero. >> he was my knight in shining armor. captioned by the national captioning institute >> alive and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. >> he was really close to my mind, also. >> the brother of the johns hopkins hospital gunman speaks about the shooting. first, we have new details and reactions from the scene itself. this all unfolded at the johns hopkins top to walk -- hospital in baltimore. we are live with the team coverage. we spoke with a local patient who calls the doctor a hero.
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we are live in baltimore to break down the investigation. >> we know tonight that the gunman used a different name when he signed hint here at the hospital early this morning. hours later, he was a wanted man. he quickly moved in and the entire eighth floor of the nelson building was evacuated. a big portion of the world famous medical center was on locked down until the standoff ended. it ended on the gunman's terms. >> the doctor collapsed outside the doorway. >> a terrifying situation -- and >> it has now turned into a mysterious murder-suicides situation. we know the mother was suffering from back pain. police say during a conversation with the doctor, he was overcome with emotion. >> my boss told me what happened. there was a man running around with the gun. >> he became so distraught that
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he pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and shot the doctor. he barricaded himself in the room where his ill mother was confined to a bed. >> we had all these stairwells covered. >> after three hours, they made themselves into the room and found parties on the grounds. >> he wonders why there -- >> there might be a great idea to consider something like this. >> he was headed inside. he was forced back downstairs for hours, separated from his family. >> i called her on the phone. >> the wounded dr. david: was wounded in the abdomen. he underwent emergency surgery this afternoon. >> he is expected to survive.
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he did have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. he had minor problems with his criminal record. as for metal detectors, officials say it is unrealistic for a campus this large but they will look into it. the brother of the gunmen spoke exclusively with us about what may have driven his brother to open fire. he lived in arlington, where he looked -- where he worked for financial access. his mother was from remington, virginia. >> his brother, his neighbors in arlington, they all said the same thing. he loved his mother and could not stand to see her suffer. >> he cuts is an old photo of his mother tonight.
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he is surrounded by memories. >> i lost my mother and my brother. >> his mother had been suffering for the last couple of years. his brother was always there to help. >> he tried to help her. >> he often had his mother with him in his arlington home. neighbors say he was clearly a devoted son. >> he was very close with his mother. >> despite his work driving the elderly for metro access, neighbors say he would make time to take his mother to see a back specialist. he actually attended medical school himself for a while. >> the doctors told attempt? the operation was unsuccessful. he thought she was not going to be able to walk again.
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>> that is what he thinks drove his brother to take such drastic measures. >> he just wanted to stay with her and to be with her. >> according to his brother, paul warren pardus was not a violent man. his family knew that they had a gun. >> thank you we are learning about the doctor who was shot today. a montgomery county is talking about how she helped him through a life crippling problem. >> she feared that she may need help walking for the rest of life due to a number of serious neck and back problems. then she met an orthopedic surgeon who changed life.
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>> for years, this maryland residents struggle to understand why her back ached so bad. >> i was in and out of wheelchairs'. >> all the not ease her discomfort until she met dr. david cohen. the 48 year-old says that from 2001-to thousand seven, he performed three surgeries on her neck and back. been a car accident. >> we were just completely rear ended. >> she is out of that wheelchair, at banks to a doctor she considers a brilliant. >> key change my life completely. -- he changed my life completely. it is shocking that it happened to my surgeon. >> she even posted a message on her facebook page, calling on
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her friends to pay. >> he was my knight in shining armor. that is why i was devastated to hear about the core that happened to him. >> she hopes that the doctor who was there for her knows that this great patient is now pulling for him. >> i want him back on his feet as soon as possible. >> he is described as well respected and methodical. she tells us that he was always honest with her, never sugarcoating her condition. nightline will have more on the rash of high-profile shootings. that comes your way at 11:00 -- 11:35 deceiving. we are on storm watch tonight. fire officials say that one person was killed.
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tornado warnings were also issued. the storm caused widespread damage. we have some problems of our own in our region. we are here with a look at the local severe thunderstorm warnings. >> i want to show you the region. you can see a line of really nasty cells that has moved to new york city. on the south side of that is coming out of west virginia. that is the area of that is now officially under a severe thunderstorm morning until 11:45. that will be coming through with a bit of lightning. in martinsburg, the winds have not does it all that much. some spots ahead have -- have a half inch of rain.
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the severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for the day ahead tomorrow, quite a change from what we're having right now. blog the latest on the tropics. coming up, a former president burris is a legendary state senator and the accusation that jimmy carter is making about edward kennedy. >> first, discovery hostages speak with oprah winfrey. we will tell you about it when abc 7 news returns in
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>> former president jimmy carter is accusing edward kennedy of delaying health-care reform for years. carter says that registration fell through because kennedy did so out of spite.
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kennedy later fought the health care legislation for nearly spree decades. health care did reform for months after his death. the california man charged with harassing nancy pelosi reached a plea deal today. he admits to making harassing phone calls. he spoke directly to nancy pelosi, spreading to destroy her home. exchange -- he will spend 21 months in prison. coming up, a toddler, in a videotape, a sequence of events that led to -- >> to of the three discovery hostages talk about the ordeal.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. the secret -- the sequence of events were terrifying. a gunman holding hostages.
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for the first time, we are hearing from two of the men held spirits they said down with oprah winfrey and described how it all went forward. >> and started thinking, why would somebody be showing a gun? the man pointed to me and said, on the ground. >> little did chris would know that they had a security guard it would be at the center of a hostage situation that gained international attention james lee invaded discovery headquarters exactly two weeks ago. he was upset over their programming and what he called the overpopulation of humans on earth. >> who told you to have children? >> he made his views crystal clear to his hostages. >> you will have been sterilized, right?
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>> the men plotted their escape. i am not ready to die. this is not the way i'm going to die. chris would make a break for freedom. >> i am going not the same door that i came in the because i know one of the doors. i knew that it did not stick. >> he turned to his family. when i got home, the kids had taken a bath. i picked them up and held them tight. >> i can understand that. james lee was armed with starter pistols before he was shot and killed by police. cannot disturbing new video in cincinnati. this is a video of a toddler smoking marijuana. the child's mother was behind it. you see a two-year-old girl smoking a joint.
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the little girl's mother actually recorded the video and topics will have to smoke. the mother has been indicted on several charges. we have growing concern that smoke could cause -- metro board chair says the card is more expensive than previously thought. they thought it would cost around $2 to make the card. the actual cost is the browns' $3.40. -- is around $3.40. that is something to consider. more showers and some severe thunderstorm warnings for folks around martinsburg. we had some gusty winds and a little bit of rain today. it was a very little bits, or a bit more. this is how it looked earlier today. temperatures outside right now is still into the 70's.
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70 degrees right now. 92 degrees. let me show you right now. this is the area that is still under severe a thunderstorm morning for another half hour. i think this will really be coming down. heading toward frederick, maryland. all this is the area al toward winchester up until around 11:45. this is the weather front that is coming through tomorrow. this is what is going on in the tropics. almost half of inched of rain out around martinsburg. meanwhile, they are lined up.
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there is julia. there is igor, which is now a really increasing threat to bermuda. meanwhile, karl is well off the coast of the united states. it could become a strong threat came as a news ashore. right now, 100 miles east of veracruz. none of that is a threat to the united states. as the cut the overnight hours, we will continue to see temperatures drop. earlier today, we're up to 92 degrees. look at his burk, only 68 degrees. there is that line coming through. there is that one little left over a line of showers and thundershowers out into west virginia. by tomorrow morning, it will be out of fear. temperatures will be into the 60's per it's a lot of sunshine tomorrow.
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temperatures once again, a bit above average. the average height is 78, 79 degrees. we will continue to seek temperatures a little bit above average by next week. more sun shined. -- more sunshine. still some troubles of thunder. -- more sunshine. still some troubles of thunder.
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♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. this was his day to talk with the media and take questions on his comments about women in the locker room. instead, we got this.
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a taped interview. albert haynes were held with the taping. with that, those two cars were gone. they left the locker room and let everybody smiling as the two of them walked out. one of the best matchups on sunday will be billions -- will be williams. donovan knickknack -- >> markets is a great player. -- marcus. every week is going to be tougher. he understands and he knows that. i have confidence in trent. >> that the bush reached eight -- reached an out-of-court settlements. this week, he returned his
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heisman trophy and tonight he says it is not an admission of guilt. >> i felt like it was the most respectable thing to do. at of respect for all the people who came before me and the people who come after me. >> let's go to raleigh, north carolina. college football. what a night for russell wilson. he threw this touchdown pass. with timing out in the first half, were also wilson again. touchdown. wilson completed 21 of this 30 passes. north carolina state beat cincinnati 30-19. nyjer morgan will begin an eight-game suspension tomorrow. he was also fined. he had appealed the suspension and now says he is happy that they listen to his side of the story. they lost to date and nyjer morgan will travel with the team
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during the suspension. the redskins continue vincent jackson. he is 26 years old. the nfl says jackson can play in week five. can they make a deal if they are serious? >> right now identity-50. >> i would like to see him come
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any 80's. >> you'll be on the tennis courts. >> you'll be on the tennis courts.
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