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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 17, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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got to hold on ♪ ♪ say you got to hold on and that is what's making ews in america th >> live and in h.d. this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> craziness. police ain't nowhere. >> straight ahead this half-hour. horror at johns hopkins after a murder/suicide inside the hospital. we'll have the latest from this investigation and reaction from the gunman's family that you'll see only here on abc 7. >> thank you so much for being here with us. more on that story in just a moment but we begin with your traffic and weather. every 10 minutes.
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we have big issues on the beltway already. we're going to talk to them about that. first here is adam. >> we got some berble -- beneficial rain yesterday. a few downpours toward the tail-end of the rain event helped up accumulation in just a few spots. over half an inch in martinsburg. my rain gauge, only .4. 83 the high temperature. gradual clearing this morning becoming mostly sunny. belt way issues, huh, tim? >> that's right. we had an accident that occurred last night.
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the beltway is still closed. you can see the flashing lights up toward the upper right corner of your screen. even is diverted off the outer loop of connecticut avenue. if you goout, take that over to wisconsin avenue go and back to the beltway from there. if you line up from the left, on to the outer loop if, you need to get to 270, you need to go through bethesda to old georgetown road. a loft question overnight did not happen because of the weather. the interloop, 236 construction is being cleared now >> it is 4:32 on this friday morning. our top story today, tragedy inside a hospital where a gunman opened fire. he shot and wounded his mother's doctor before killing his mother
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and then himself. we spoke with the gunman's brother. good morning. >> good morning. many say that the 50-year-old gunman, who lives here at this home in arlington, did everything for his ailing mother, jean davis. she has suffered from back pain for many years. a recent surgery proved unsuccessful. during a conversation with a surgeon, dr. david cohen at that point, he became overcome with emotion and pulled out a hand gun and shot the doctor in the abdomen and barricaded himself and his mother in his mother's room and shot his mother and then killed himself. his mother was confined to the bed. after about three hours they were able to get into the room. they found jean davis of course
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dead as well as paul pardon us. -- par duss. they were able to get the situation under control. john hopkins was under lockdown for quite sometime. several areas of the building were evacuated and coming up in our next half-hour we'll hear from pardus' half brother who talks about coping with the death of his half brother and now the death of his mother. >> the brother of gunman paul pardus spoke to us about what may have driven his brother to open fire inside johns hopkins hospital. he lives in arlington. his mother was from virginia, which is where we found another son of hers.
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>> he clutches on old photo of his mother tonight, walking around the family farm in recommendington, virginia, he is surrounded by memories. >> i lost my mom and my brother. >> he said his mother had been suffering for the last couple of years due to chronic back pain. his brother was always there to help. >> he tried to be with her and to do as much as he could. >> paul pardus often had his mother with him in his arlington home and neighbors say he was clearly a devoted son. >> he was very close to his mother. >> despite his work, neighbors say he would make time to take his mother to see back specialists. pardus actually attended medical school for a while himself and was determined to ease her pain. she went into back surgery and it didn't go as planned. >> the operation was unsuccessful. i guess he thought she probably
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wasn't going to be able to walk again. >> ronald gibson confident that's what drove his brother to take such drastic action, shooting a doctor, killing his mother and then taking this is own life. >> he wanted to be with her as much as he could. >> paul pardus' brother said he never knew his brother to be violent. he knew he had a gun but didn't think he would use it like this. >> meanwhile, a patient of the doctor who was shot said she was in and out of wheelchairs until he changed her life. suzanne lives in maryland and she said between 2001 and twetch dr. david cohen performed three surgery on her neck and back. she had a degenerative disk and then was in a car accident. all the advice she received did not ease her discomfort until she met dr. cohen .
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>> he was my knight in shining armor. that's why i was so devastated. i want him back on his feet as soon as possible. he certainly got me back on my feet. >> after the doctor was shot, susan posted a message on her facebook page urging her friends to pray for him >> the shooting led abc to air a warning before last night's bre broadcast of the season finale about a man who shot and killed several workers at the fictional hospital before committing suicide. for more on this story log on the >> still to come on "good morning washington". backtracking on metro. why you may not get a break on smart trip cards. >> and wait until you hear
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bizarre demands by a gunman. >> first, any more rain on the way? adam has t
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>> happy friday. 4:40 a.m.. it became cloudy yesterday. we had some beneficial rain showers move through and luckily where we needed it the most, that's where we got it, up in
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the panhandle of west virginia and maryland as well. for the most part around a half-inch up there, locally, much less than that. in the 60's now. on the way to 83 this afternoon. clearing, becoming very sunny later this morning andless humid. high temperatures in the 80's. not bad. you're a busy man this morning, right? >> yeah, we have an accident that occurred on the outer loop from connecticut avenue toward 355. you can see in the upper left corner of your screen. all the cars getting diverted off the beltway. the state trooper taking everybody off the beltway. there are a couple of cars and a tractor-trailer involved in this crash and a fuel spill that is taking a while to clean up. it is going to be a mess here for a little bit. if you get off the connecticut
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avenue, go on jones bridge, takes you to 355. go north from there, a right turn. remember, it is a left exit. back to you. >> thank you so much. new concerns this morning that smart trip card discounts may never happen. the chair said the card is more expensive than previously thought. initially they thought it costed around $2 to make the card but the actual cost is $3.40. metro said they would lose a million dollars a month in revenue. it is 4:42. tracking the tropics. hurricane karl takes aim at mexico's coast. two other storms threatening the atlantic. but first, discovery channel
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>> and good morning once again. it is 4:45 now on this friday. our top story this morning, investigators say an arlington man was responsible for yesterday's shooting at johns hopkins in baltimore. he was being briefed on his mother's condition and then shot the doctor and then killed his
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mother and himself. the doctor is expected to survive. elizabeth warren was appointed to see the new consumer protection agency. she is not being named as the permanent director so she will not need to be confirmed by the senate. the blownout well in the gulf of mexico could soon be plugged once and for all. a relief well has -- a gunman holding hostages at discovery channel headquarters. leon harris has the story. >> are we doing a production here? the man pointed at me. on the ground. on the ground. the gunman was wielding the gun
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at me and said get on the floor. >> little did they know they and a security guard would be as the center of a hostage situation that gave international attention. gunman james lee invaded the discovery channel's headquarters two weeks ago. he was upset over their programming and the overpopulation of hupes. who told you to have children nobody. he made this crystal clear to his hostages. you're going to have them sterilized, right? as i was laying on the floor, i said i'm not ready to die. >> soon after chris wood made a break for freedom and knew exactly where he was going. >> my idea was i'm going out the same day i came in. i know one door sticks. i knew the door that i went out didn't stick.
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his thoughts turned to his family. when i got home the kids were taking a bath and i picked them up and held them tight. my daughter is like daddy, let go. i'm like uh-uh. >> we have some video showing right before the deadly ambulance crash. it shows an s.u.v. going so fast you can only see a flash across the screen. the s.u.v. was on the wrong side of the road and the ambulance worked to avoid the crash. all three men in the s.u.v. died and the two medics in the ambulance survived. >> questions are being raised about what will happen to michelle rhee. she fired hundreds of teachers in an effort to reform the school system. rhee campaigned against gray and called the results devastating
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for schoolchildren. >> it pains me to be in a situation where i very shortly can be leaving. if i have in some small way make a dent in this for some group of kids somewhere, i would do it in a heartbeat. >> gray, however, says he will not be making any personnel changes until after november's general elections. peter nichols said he does not plan to work for a gray administration should the democratic nominee win. he said he plans to resign at the end of the year to ensure a smooth transition for d.c.'s next mayor. >> the white house is fighting back against republican assertion that the economic stimulus has been a failure. the administration will release a report today highlighting projects that are the white house says are creating jobs and turning around a weak economy. former president jimmy carter is accusing late senator edward
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kennedy of delaying health reform for a year. he said kennedy killed the bill out of spite. kennedy later challenged and lost to carter the democratic party nomination. >> several inches of rain on the yucatan peninsula flooding streets and knocking down trees and causing power outages there. carl was just upgraded to a category 3 storm. >> it is 4:50. we have 67 degrees. >> still to come a little bit later. we're going to introduce you to a man who just doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. >> first another check of traffic and weather every 10
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>> 4:53. happy friday morning. yesterday, 91 the high temp. that's at reagan national. at dulles we made it to 85. still, a warm day yesterday. only .03 inch of rain in the bucket at reagan national. we really needed the showers. where we needed it the most up in parts of west virginia and western maryland, that's where we got it.
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as much as a half-inch. dry weather forecast today all the way through the middle part of next week. we'll start the day with some clouds. becoming sunshine. gradual clearing as well. high temperature in the mid-to-low 80's. this weekend, in the 80's. it will be a warm weekend but sunny and pleasant. dry until the middle of next week. now breaking news on the traffic. >> we have good news now. we're looking at the beltway in montgomery county. the outer loop traffic has just been reopened. those are the headlights you see going from upper right to bottom left of the screen. the truck accident that occurred last night at about 10:00 has been cleaned up. the beltway is back open. you can make your plans now for the morning rush hour to get from college park to 270. most of the construction being
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picked up. there is a crash on the interloop exit to college park along the left side. back to you. >> thank you so much. it is 4:54. we have 67 degrees on this friday morning.
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>> maybe you don't want to get out of bed or go to work. be prepared to be inspired. listen to this story. 100 years old, a local man is
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still going strong. >> he still works 30 hours a week as a postal carrier. his co-workers celebrated his birthday. >> at age 60 when most americans settle into retirement, he was just starting a new job at the lexington post office. 40 years later he is still at it. >> it keeps me going. enjoy life. >> he has his little lunch bag in his hand. >> he says he started working at age 10 plowing farm fields. born in 1910 he lived to see both world wars start to finish. >> i remember when i was a young boy -- >> now 100 years old, his eyesight is still sharp. he drives himself to work and has had no major health issues. >> how do i feel? i feel pretty good.
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>> his secret to a long life, not smoking or drinking alcohol and attending church every sunday and eating good food. >> corn bread. sweet potatoes. >> rain, sleet or snow, mr. wingate comes to work. even on his birthday, knowing there would be a celebration in his honor, he arrived early to empty out the trash. >> he is not just motivation for his co-workers, his supervisors say he is an inspiration. >> there is not an employee in this office who would not move mountains for mr. wingate. >> how about that. there is officially no excuse. >> good for him. everybody must think of him when they start to complain about their day. if he can do it, i can do it. >> he can do it with a smile on his face. incredible. 100 years old. >> coming up in our next hour, 100 years old. >> coming up in our next hour, horror at hopkins.


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