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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 20, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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with all the headaches that this is causing drivers. >> let me show you where i am. that is 123. about a block, people want to turn right. today, they are not going to be able to do that. as the construction continues, though still live and work here say it is all about paying attention to what is next. the latest change shuts down the ramp at 123 south. >> just leave early. >> traffic must take a road previously less traveled. it will be the main road to go west on route 7 for at least the next four months.
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>> do you think it will get better? >> no. too many people. >> orange signs stayed the original road is closed. other signs mark the detour, another let's motorist know if they are going to winchester or oval track. this is the new way to go. >> i'd been up here for 27 years. this one is a bad one. >> she looks forward to the future, when tyson's corner will be better for those riding the rails. >> i hope in the long term, it will benefit all of us. >> for the long term, it is going to be about four months. this is all a bunch of hotels here. all of these hotels have notified their guests that they have to use their back entrance to get to the hotels for now.
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some delays in tyson's corner. take a look at this. we have an update on a breaking story that we first reported at 5:00. this small plane lands on an atlantic highway. a pilot made an emergency landing on interstate 85. that is northeast of downtown atlanta. no one was hurt their. it was not clear on what forced the pilots down onto the interstate. we're learning more tonight about the man who shot the doctor at johns hopkins. he brought deep -- he bought the gun legally. he bought the gun a few years ago that has since gone out of business. a local politician was hit while riding her bike. the driver never stopped to help. the suv had her early yesterday morning near campus late.
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she is the green party candidate for the united states senate. her mother has a message for the woman who critically injured her daughter. >> i wished that the driver would have stopped. i wish she would have stopped, held her, talk to her. most importantly, i wish that she would have not laughter on the road by herself. -- left her on the road by herself. >> she was training for a triathlon money cadillac escalade hit her. >> the driver that she hit a deer. oprah winfrey says that michelle rhee is a warrior woman. >> you fired the principal at your own daughter's school. how did that go over? >> not so well.
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the parents from the school, a lot of them were upset and said, she could not have been the worst principal in the district. and i said, is that the standard that we have? >> the program focused on problems plaguing public schools and ways to fix them. her approach has earned her both praise and criticism in washington d.c. she has fired 1000 teachers. vincent gray says he is waiting for an independent report on the school reforms before he makes any decisions. president obama is speaking out on our struggling economy. a group of government economist says the recession lasted 18 months and it has been over now for more than a year. the president says there is little to celebrate. rebecca cooper is life -- live
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with the local reaction. >> the president attended a town hall hosted by cnbc. >> at today's town hall meeting, even some of the president's strong supporters in the audience said they still are not feeling an economic rebound or the change he promised as a candidate. >> i am one of your middle class americans. quite frankly, i am exhausted. >> times are tough for everybody right now. i understand your frustration. >> the president criticized a group of government economist. a new report released today declared that the recession specifically ended in june of last year.
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the president says the economy has been growing since then, businesses are gaining ground, jobs are being created, but he made sure to save best -- >> the whole was so deep, a lot of people out there are still hurting. they're still having a tough time. >> in northern virginia, people say continuing concerns about unemployment that keep them from feeling optimistic about the economy. >> what if 5 is my job? >> an lot of people are having problems finding jobs. >> a government economist says that while the economy did stop declining in june of 2009, the rate of growth has been slow compared to previous years. even if the recession did end this year, it said a new record as the longest recession since world war ii.
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the race for the midterm elections is in full swing and a republican congressman is a surprise winner. winning the value vote was congressman mike pence of indiana. mike huckabee came in second. coming up, an important message for every young woman. what arnold schwarzenegger's daughter is telling young women. a beautiful weather pattern
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right now.
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a car hit and injured two children in northeast d.c. one of the victims is in serious
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condition. the children are six and eight years old. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. a woodbridge man is behind bars and police say a teenage girl accused him of rape. he was arrested following an investigation on saturday. investigators say a 13 year old said he sexually assaulted her in his home. he remains held without bond. biking around the district got a little easier today. d.c. and arlington launched its new bike shared system. 1100 new bikes are available to rent. you pick up the bike and ride it or you need to go and you leave the bike at a station nearby. >> arnold schwarzenegger's daughter comes to the region with an important message. summer officially ends in 48 hours.
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trent williams had an mri done on his knee today. i will have the results for you. there was an awful lot of frustration at redskins park today. frustration at redskins park today. i will take you i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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she is a junior in college. allison starling spoke with her. >> she spent time in bethesda this week and talking with young girls about her new book. >> i have a ton of a young girl little girl cousins and i thought about how much the pressure the media put on them to be skinny. >> she is the daughter of two famous parents. at a very young age, catherine was self-conscious about her body. she writes in her book, i hate myself. i am ugly and i feel totally
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disgusting. i was only 10 years old and already suffering. >> all of a sudden, you go from this kid a body to having hips and you are confused and then you feel pressure in school. >> she says her open relationship with her mom and advice from her dad helped create a positive body image. and mine said that she hopes to pass on to a younger generation. -- a mindset that she hopes to pass on to younger generation. >> it was something that i had trouble with bread -- with. this weather pattern will collate sooner or later. we will have one more throwback to the summer weather.
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we're heading back to 90 degrees. >> for how long? >> just for a few days. notice the waves are crashing. there is not much beach showing up right there. this is the effect of hurricane igor. the approach of a full moon helping to create those are rough surf conditions and high water levels at the mid atlantic ocean beaches. very dry and a very clear. 76 right now. these conditions will lead to a very chilly overnight. let's go to beat -- did the official numbers. 81 was a high today. we have a record high of 94 back
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in 1895. we may get close to 90 degrees for a few days. at the moment, it is very comfortable. the dew points are a big player here. we may see some lows as low as 45 or 46 degrees in places like martinsburg. it will be a very chilly night. 60's right now through pennsylvania. that heat is a building and that will be moving in our direction later in the week. 88 in kansas city. 98 degrees in memphis. an hour ago, they were still 100 degrees. when we get these big surge as of late summer heat, it only last for a day or so. it will be a spectacular day
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tomorrow. low humidity. the big warmup starts to move and wednesday, thursday, friday. a cold front comes through the weekend. bright and sunny through the day tomorrow. haiti degrees for a high temperature. -- 82 degrees for a high temperature. a cold front comes through saturday. i was traveling this weekend, but i did see they were tied 27-27. >> there were a lot of good
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things that happens in this ball game. ted williams injured his knee yesterday and had an mri. there is no structural damage in the knee. we will get a better idea on wednesday if he will be back for sunday's game with st. louis. no structural damage according to the mri. everybody in washington is still trying to figure out how the redskins blue 8 lead against the texans. -- blew a lead against the texans. they lost that battle. >> is difficult, but that is why you are in the nfl. there is not really anything you can say about it. it doesn't really matter. if you get behind him, he will
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box you out. you decide to make the play. >> back kick should have ended the game. the second time, at he pushes it right. it should have been the game winner. >> i am a little disappointed. if i dwell on what happened, it will affect me for the next week. you just have to forget about what happened and do better. >> the redskins think it is time now to move on. >> they are a good team. you cannot take that away from them.
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to know that we gave it away, that hurts. we will move forward and get a victory next week. >> frustration at redskins park? you bet. hall said it will not happen again. >> it does not matter what he says. this is my team and my defense. i'm going to follow the receiver around. i do not care. it will not happen like that again. >> the redskins did do a lot of great things yesterday. they showed a lot of improvement. the running game is still not there. they cannot win without albert haynes worked. they needed on the defensive line.
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-- they need him on the defensive line. >> we are expecting him back next week? >> should be. dam that democrats are feeling pretty positive -- democrats are feeling pretty positive. >> politics good for his chicago mayoral bid. the party insider says all signs point to his running. the party insider says all signs point to his running.
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some of the leaves are starting to fall. >> they are drying up already. the fall colors may not be that spectacular this year. another for beautiful day tomorrow with sunshine. we will approach 94 wednesday, thursday, and friday. fall officially begins at 11:00 on wednesday night. >> that sounds pretty good. >> we will see you back here at 11:00. have a lovely evening.
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