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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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washington because temperatures are again going to be in the low to mid 90's like yesterday. tomorrow will be similar. we have some scattered clouds northwest of town where we have action. you can see the temperature numbers shown in yellow there. not everybody is being affected by the rainfall. reagan national 71 degrees. 53 in martinsburg. a hrelittle lightning was detec there. a thunderstorm with heavy downpour of purple and red. that is heavy rainfall. it is moving towards hagerstown right now. this is good news. we will take every drop we can get as we are in an extreme drought there. low to mid 90's today. scattered clouds. muggy. you will feel the humidity and so tomorrow. by the weekend it will drop. now to lisa. >> moving nicely on i-70 from hagerstown to baltimore county. no problems on 270 southbound where i wanted to go southbound.
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just the growing volume. that is normal at 109. we started with an accident on the beltway. that is gone. we are good near andrews air force. travel times in your favor on 66, dulles greenway, toll road and green light on 95 from fredericksburg to baltimore. >> the future of school reform in the district is the top story. topic the agenda whether the man who will be the next mayor and controversial school chancellor can work together. we have some of the mixed signals we have seen so far. good morning. >> good morning. since the primary this has been the question. what will the future of d.c. public schools look like? for the first time the chancellor and the new mayor will discuss the future of d.c. public schools. it is scheduled for noon today
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eight days after the chancellor described the victory as devastating for school chirp and on the heels of comments by gray to wtop that she would be reopened to rehiring some of the teachers fired last year. she is getting support from the obama administration now. the education secretary tells the "washington post" he is a big fan of the chancellor and would like to see her stay but believes education reform will continue. in the past week we have heard from both saying they are looking forward to getting together and having this conversation. both believe that education reform should remain priority number one here in the district. as we have heard, we will have to wait to see how it goes. >> a virginia woman is set to be executed tonight. teresa lewis was convicted of
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arranging the 2002 murders of her husband and stepson. she will be the first woman to be executed in virginia in nearly a century. governor bob mcdonald and the supreme court say they will not intervene. house republicans will be in sterling to unveil their pledge to america calling for cuts and permit ly extending the tax cut and reforming congress. democrats say the plan is full of recycled ideas that would only compound the nation's problems. >> new consumer protection in the healthcare reform law take effect today. insurance companies can no longer set lifetime caps on medical costs. they are also banned from canceling coverage for people who get sick. parents will not -- will be able to keep adult children on policies until 26 and people will no longer have to pay for preventive care. >> a warning from intelligence officials. pension terrorists are being --
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potential terrorists are being recruited on u.s. soil. >> top intelligence officials say fighting terrorism is getting more complicated because extremists are looking from help from people within. >> a new changing facet of the threat is from home grown terrorists. >> there were three serious attempted attacks in seven months. last september's failed new york city subway plot. then the christmas day scare. and the times square bombing attempts in may. in the last year and a half at least 63 americans have been arrested or convicted of terrorism charges. >> do you believe this is an aberration or is this likely to continue? >> caution would dictate we assume it is not an aberration. >> the experts cautioned american terrorist plots are harder to detect. >> launching a larger attack perhaps more devastating attack is not worth the additional
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effort when you can get a substantial coverage and impact with smaller attacks. >> the government plans to expand a public awareness campaign about terrorism this fall. the message, if you see something, say something. >> the first congressional hearing will be held today on the ntsb report on last year's metro crash. nine were killed in onof 2009 when that trains collided on the red line. today's hearing is entitled "moving forward after the ntsb report, making metro a safety leader." witnesses will have the ntsb chair and the interim general manager. >> a developing story this morning. police arrested a juvenile male in the murder of a catholic university student. a student was shot and killed in sherman circle northwest. the juvenile is charged with first degree felony murder while
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armed. investigators are trying to find out what caused a fire that killed a mother and two of her children. it broke out in a townhouse yesterday in hagel circle in norton. a woman and two sons died in the blaze. before she died she dropped her other three children out of a second floor window to safety. a neighbor says they were terrified. >> they wanted their mommy. their brother and we tried to calm them down. >> last night family members placed flowers and candles at the scene in memory of the victims. >> virginia may have a lot of newly discovered money to pay for transportation projects. today governor mcdonald is expected to announce the findings of a tpnew audit of vd. it uncovered reportedly hundreds of millions of dollars in unspent funds over several
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different accounts. sources say that could total $500 million. >> at 6:06 when we return more questions than answers after a call for help in what turns out to be a shooting of a family pet. a popular brand of formula is being recalled. first the first full day of fall is here but it won't feel like it. another check of traffic and weather after this break.
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>> we have the forecast. we have had a little bit of upper level energy. the last bit from what we had yesterday with the isolated thunderstorms. a little left this morning so we have an isolated downpour moving toward hagerstown. so the yellow and red is heavy rainfall especially with a little bit of purple. you notice a few colors on the ridgetops and green and yellow. that is just the radar int interacting with the ridgetop. 71 currently at reagan national. 64 in gaithersburg. frederick at 63. winchester 66. employi muggy. scattered clouds. low to mid 90's for the high. yesterday at b.w.i. 91. reagan national hit 95
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yesterday. it will be a little cooler along the waterways with the water temperatures in the low 70's so that cools the locations immediately along the coast. over the weekend we will be cooler. mid 90's tomorrow, maybe a few records will fall. not today but tomorrow that is likely. in the weekend a cool-round. a cold front will drop it to mid 80's by 70's -- by saturday. >> in virginia we are slowing kind of to the normal pattern. manassas 6695 at garrisonville and potomac mills. everything is open to the beltway. gist outside the beltway we go live to news chopper 7. the storms that rolled through knocked out these signals. this is a huge intersection in beltsville powder mill and beltsville drive. be careful near the mcdonald's
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or movie theatre. right now it is going through on its own. good luck leaving beltsville drive to get to 212. i don't think they will let do you it. we will check on this and more but now to pamela and alison. >> there are some new additions to the national zoo's lion pride. three cubs were born yesterday. you can sort of see here the tiny cubs nursing. zookeepers are watching the mother and the newborn for any potential health problems. the new cubs joined four other baby lions born in the past three weeks. >> adorable. >> growing family. >> precious. it is 6:12. 70 degrees. still to come, the recession has nothing on these people. we are going to run down forbes magazine's latest list of the richest americans. >> one landover man is upset after he says officers shot and killed their family dog for no
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reason. we will have a live interview with police coming up. >> first, a bus driver reading behind the wheel? all caught on
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>> the d.c. school chance lore could soon learn her fate. they will sit down today at the wilson building as she is says she would be reopened to hiring some of the teachers that were fired. >> the new healthcare reform law may include banning insurance companies from dropping coverage for people who get sick. from setting livetime limits on medical costs. look at this video. a transit agency fired the bus
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driver reading a kindle as he drove along the interstate hoeufrplt they say he was fired from the same job four years ago after a confrontation with a passenger. >> unbelievable. 6:15 and a sailor from our area was killed in action this week in afghanistan. he was a navy seal who died in a helicopter crash. he had been a high school football player in dematha before going to the naval academy. he and aothers were killed in the crash. he was 29 years old. >> a family is demanding answers after police shot a family pet. this after a call for help on fiji avenue in landover. courtney robinson is live from police headquarters to tell us what happened here. good morning, courtney. >> good morning. we can tell you yesterday morning we understand this family tells us that one of the
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brothers pulled into the driveway. he says he was approached by two armed men who demanded his car. he was able to get away and run into the house. he got a gun and came out and fired a shot. they the police and police responded. but occurring the response the brother says he was assaulted by police officers and in the process an officer shot and killed their family dog a 4-year-old rottweiler mix. nothing was stolen during the attempted robbery and officers have not been able to locate the alleged robbers. also, the owner of this dog was arrested in the process, charged with a number of things including assaulting a police officer. joining us live we have major andy ellis of the prince george's police. what you say happened and what they say happened is different. >> our officers responded for a
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call of shots fired. the neighbors called us. the dog's owner had fired shots. so our officers responded to the scene. when they got there it was a chaotic situation, about six people in the roadway. our officers tried to put all of them on the ground for their own safety. the dog's owner refused to comply with the orders. he assaulted one of our officers. the dog reacted on the owner fighting the police. so, when the dog charged the officers, one of our officers fired one shot to protect the officers and hit the dog and unfortunately the dog died. but listen, we don't want to shoot dogs. most police officers are dog owners. but it is something the officer had to do in this situation to protect the officers on the scene. >> a lot of people have been critical in the past of your department for responding with lethal force what you are doing. is there another way to disable
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a dog rather than using a gun? >> first of all, our officers do not shoot animals very often. there was a case of a few years ago but that involved the sheriff's department, not our agency. our officers on our swat team do try to train to use other methods. we try fire extinguishers and other less lethal. but when a situation is very fast and chaotic the officers have to take whatever action they can to protect themselves and the person they are trying to arrest. >> we can say there is a full investigation into both the attempted robbery and the shooting of the animal but no officer on leave? >> that's correct. there is an investigation into the reported robbery. our special investigator response is investigating the shooting of the animal. the officer remains on full duty because there is no initial indication she acted improperly. >> thank you for being with us and i will continue to follow this story.
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>> thank you, courtney robinson in palmer park, maryland. a familiar face tops the rich list and starbucks says customers may not like something. we have those stories and more. >> good morning. the obama administration's main mortgage relief program is failing to ease the foreclosure crisis. more than half the homeowners enrolled have fallen out. some critics say the problem is too big for the government to solve. starbucks says it can no longer absorb the higher prices for coffee beans. it is hiking prices on some drinks mainly the big and hard to make ones. but many popular drinks will cost the same or perhaps even less. for the 17th straight year bill gates is on the forbes 400 list as the richest person in america. he is worth $54 billion. warren buff fit is two, worth $9 billion less.
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a 26-year-old facebook founder will donate $100 million to the new jersey public school system. that is your "money scope report". >> coming up on 6:20 and 70 degrees. time for traffic and weather. >> pretty warm. >> if you didn't look at the calendar you would assume it is july because it is hot and humid. we have something cool to show you though. we have something unusual in the sky at night. we have jupiter, very close to the earth. unusually close by 75 million kilometers. there is a look at the full moon. and it is a full moon. what we consider a super harvest moon when it coincides with the autumn al equinox. jupiter is there. if you have a telescope or a very good camera with a good zoom you will see some of the moons around you.
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you can't see it in this but if you have a camera or telescope with a good zoom. now let's go to the live superdoppler similar 7 radar. isola isolated downpour northwest of the metro approaching hagerstown. a hrelittle lightning and thund but mainly heavy rain in the red. otherwise mostly clear with a few scattered clouds. it is warm, it feels like july. in the 60's to near 70. 64 in gaithersburg. hagerstown at 67. culpeper at 61. laplata 67. dew points are up meaning moisture is in the air. dew points are for the most part low to mid 60's right now. so it feels a bit like summer. not oppressive but you do notice the humidity. cooler air to the nor. jet -- to the north. a frontal boundary delineates
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the cold to the north, hot air to the south. 90's today. locally that is. in new england highs in the 70's. that shows the difference the jetstream will make. we will have cooler temperatures in the weekends. cooler along the waterways today. near 70 today in downtown and higher elevations in the low 60's. 77 by sunday. partly cloudy. now to lisa. >> it is interesting, right now on powdermill road and beltsville the signals were dark. they are flashing now. this is a huge intersection for folks in prince george's and heading to the high school there. coming off interstate 95 it will be a complex drive. we lost that shot, let's go to virginia. no problems to report on 395 here and the 14th street bridge. >> 6:22.
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thanks for waking up with us on this thursday morning. we will be right back. building wind farms and
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>> we have important news for parents this morning. there is a popular infant formula being recalled. abbott laboratories is recalling five million containers of similac powder. they say it may be contaminated with insect parts. it doesn't affect the liquid
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formulas. >> there is another half hour of "good morning washington." coming up, joaquin phoenix comes clean more than a career after the train wreck of an interview apologizing to david letterman. >> the future of d.c. public schools could be decided today. more on the expected meeting coming up. >> it may be the first day of at all -- fall but it will feel like july. highs warmer than the average in
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>> straight ahead, from oprah's couch to the hot seat, michelle rhee sits down with vincent gray.
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good morning weren't washington on this thursday september 23. thank you for joining us. more on the meeting today in d.c. in a moment but let's begin with traffic and weather. adam is here with a lot of interesting things going on in the weather world. >> we have the video of the full moon and jupiter later on but we have a little bit of upper level energy. you hear us talk about that in the summer because it triggers thunderstorms. that is what happened yesterday with a few isolated thunderstorms. this morning one isolated downpour near hagerstown. this is the remnants of the upper level energy pushing through. the red and green is the shower pushing to the east. they need the moisture. we need it in hagerstown. you are getting a little bit this morning. that will continue to move to the east and dissipate. 71 at reagan national. leesburg at 64. low to mid 90's today. a lot of sunshine.
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a tpafew clouds but fairly sunn. hot and humid. we will feel the humidity again today. a few degrees warmer tomorrow and i think we will break a few record highs. the record high at reagan is 94. i think we will break that. >> i have heavier volume on 95 and baltimore washington parkway. to the beltway pretty decent. no problems to report on 2730 but -- 270 but look at this backup in the geico camera near 109. back to you. >> our top story this morning, two d.c. heavyweights discuss the future of d.c. schools. michelle rhee will sit down with mayoral nominee vincent gray and it has major implications for school reform in the district. we have what is at stake. a lot of anticipation leading up to the meeting. >> absolutely, good morning.
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since the primary a lot of people have been asking what will the future of d.c. public schools look like. two people who could have the answer will meet face to face today here at the wilson building. the future of schools could be decided in hours. >> thank you, district of columbia. >> more than a week after win being the primary democratic mayoral nominee vin gray today will sit down with michelle rhee. >> it pains me to be in a situation where i could be leaving this reform effort that i think has so much promise. >> this is a warrior woman. she is a warrior woman. >> rhee, who received support from oprah winfrey, is getting support from the obama administration. u.s. education secretary arne duncan says's fan of rhee. gray hasn't said whether she will stay or go but they have not always seen eye to eye on school reform.
6:33 am
this week gray told wtop he would be reopened to rehiring some of the 266 teachers rhee fired last year. >> we are going to meet i don't know how many conversations we will v. >> both have said education reform should remain a priority here in the district of columbia. both have said they are looking forward to the meeting that will take place at noon today. back to you. >> looking at the day ahead, a virginia woman convicted of arranging the murders of her husband and stepson will be in put to death tonight. she will be the first woman to be executed in virginia in nearly a century. governor bob mcdonald and the u.s. supreme court have refused to intervene. president obama will be back at the united nations today. he will speak to the u.n. general assembly in a few hours. he will tell the u.n. an
6:34 am
independent palestinian state can only be won by peaceful means and israeli security is dependent on the creation of a sovereign palestine. house republican leaders will be in sterling to unveil their mental to america. -- pledge to america calling for cuts in federal spending, extending the bush tax cuts, repealing health reform and reforming congress. democrats say the plan is full of holes and old ideas. >> a big day for healthcare reform as key changes take effect. insurance companies can no longer set lifetime caps on medical cost. they are banned from canceling coverage for people who get sick. parents will be able to keep adult children on their policies until they are 26. peel will no longer have to pay f for some preventive care. intelligence officials warn after fast growing terror threat. people being recruited on u.s. soil. top terrorism experts are testifying this week.
6:35 am
we have more on the eye-popping testimony. emily, good morning. >> good morning to you. the u.s. national counterterrorism chief testified yesterday and said in the past year there have been more significant terror developments than any time since 9/11. these are popping up more often and coming from closer to home. officials say fighting terrorism is getting more complicated because extreme eus are looking for -- extremists are looking for help win u.s. borders. janet napolitano says a new threat comes from the home grown terrorists. in the past year and a half 63 americans have been arrested or convicted of terrorism charges. they are from new york to illinois to texas. one senator said that is an astounding number and others said could it be an aberration. napolitano said it probably is not. the experts caution american
6:36 am
terror plots are hard tore detect and they are made more differ because extremists are using online efforts to recruit people in the united states. in part because of all of the terrorists the government is planning to expand a multimillion dollar public awareness campaign this fall. it is called, if you see something, say something. back to you. >> a fire that killed a mother and two children is under investigation this morning. it broke out in a townhouse yesterday in hagel circle in lorton. allie anderson was killed with her two sons. before she died she dropped her other three children out of a second floor window to safety. >> the time now is just about 6:37. when "good morning washington" continues right here, it is the
6:37 am
rally to restore sanity and is apparently striking a chord. now they are upping their crowd estimates. >> outrage after local police shoot a family pet. a story you will only see on 7. >> first, another check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes on this first full day of fall.
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the 13th annual clarendon day featuring the family fun day with health screening, live entertainment and great food all day. come on down. >> "good morning, washington." >> welcome back to "good morning, washington". we have a little upper level energy moving through north of town right now. some scattered clouds locally. mainly clear. we have a little light shower, moderate shower east of hagerstown. it is showing signs of decaying as it pushes off. temperatures in the 60's for the most part. 71 at reagan national but in the 60's in the outlying areas. gaithersburg at 64. leesburg at 64 and martinsburg 63. marshall, virginia, 67. scattered clouds today with highs in the low to mid 90's. it will feel like summer and you will feel the humidity.
6:41 am
slightly cooler along the waterwise at nearly 90 in annapolis. tonight into the low 70's downtown and low 60's in some higher elevations. mostly sunny tomorrow. i think record highs will will fall. 94 at reagan tomorrow with a chance of breaking that. >> we are going to talk about first of all traffic in virginia on braddock road eastbound slow to the beltway but a broken down vehicle before the beltway is gone. live now to news chopper 7. i'm a little bit nervous. looks ok on the american legion bridge. that is very important because i had several folks call to say there is a broken down vehicle on the outer loop once you get into virginia blocking a lane. not having an impact right now from traffic out of maryland. we will follow the news chopper
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7 and come back in a little while. >> 6:41 is the time now on this early thursday morning. 70 degrees. >> on "good morning, washington," six months since healthcare reform passed. we will look at the changes that take effect today. >> comedy central is drawing a big crowd apparently. we will tell you how many people could pack the mall for these dueling rallies. >> good morning. i'm live in palmer parker. a landover family says police shot and killed their dog for no reason. officers have a different this kenmore elite multi-motion washer... how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles.
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it is 6:45. the top stories, the long awaited meeting between mayoral nominee vincent gray and michelle rhee will take place in a few hours now. they are meeting at the wilson building and will focus on her future with the system. this as gray says he would be open to rehiring some of the teachers rhee fired last year. consumer protection in the healthcare reform law into effect today including banning insurers from dropping coverage for people who get sick and setting lifetime limits on medical costs. young adults can stay on parents' policies until they are 26. the owners of two iowa egg farms appeared before congress yesterday. one of them took the fifth amendment. the other offered an apology to consumers. the government says more than 1600 people were sickened by tainted eggs. >> first on 7 this morning, outrage in prince george's county after police kill a family pet. it started what he family called
6:46 am
police for help. when officers arrived they say they were treated like criminals. this was wednesday morning along the 1100 block of fiji lane. courtney robinson is live from palmer park with more details. >> this family says that officers shot and killed their dog for no reason. but officers here have a different story. >> sterling barlow says part of his family is gone. he says prince george's county officers shot and killed his 4-year-old dog mercedes after he called them for help. >> shot in the head for no reason. >> he said he made the call yesterday morning after his brother pulled into the driveway and was approached by two around men demanding his car. he said his brother got away, rana the house and came out with a gun firing. when officers arrived he said five wrestled him to the ground and another shot the dog. >> i begged her, my dog never
6:47 am
needed to be involved. she was in the yard. >> police confirm they did shoot the dog and arrested barlow and his brother. neighbors who saw it say officers were out of line. >> he never approached anyone. even as the officers grabbed sterling, the dog didn't do anything. >> we don't want to shoot dogs. most police officers are dog owners themselves and -- but it is something the officer had to do in this situation. >> major andy ellis tells us that in the situation barlow didn't comply with officers' orders when they arrived and that is when the dog started to lunge at officers. there will be a full investigation into this as well as the attempted robbery. >> thank you, courtney. new details on a story you first saw on 7. a person was evicted and belongings were in northwest washington.
6:48 am
volunteers saw the story on abc # and showed -- abc 7 and showed up. she will store them until she finds a new place to live. the crowd estimates are growing for jon stewart and steven colbert's dueling rallies. organize organizers expect about 60,000 people. original estimates were for 20,000. they are set for the 30th of october. 6:48 is the time now on this thursday. today, the g.o.p. debuts the pledge to america and white house marks six months into healthcare reform. we will talk about that now. thanks for being with us, sheila. we have house republican leaders in sterling today talking about the pledge to america plan. 21 pages. democrats say these are not new ideas but recycled. >> we have been waiting for them to roll this out and in many
6:49 am
ways it is intended to seal the deal. the elections are about six weeks away and this is supposed to be the final stamp. what they are saying we will introduce if we win the house back in november. >> this has been a pretty big deal. >> it is interesting that they are doing it at a lumber company in sterling, taking it far from the white house. >> just far enough to drive. >> what other topics, there is a comprehensive article that is six months in healthcare when new things will kick in. it is also a chance to look back at promises and where it has ended up. >> it is a great article about six months later where we are in the healthcare battle. six months ago democrats said that democrats running for officer would run on the bill and it would be very positive. voters would be receptive to it. we found that is not the case. the democrats who voted against it are running on it more than
6:50 am
the democrats who voted for it. >> we are glad to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> it is 6:49. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> 70 degrees this morning, adam. it will be warm. >> yes. the calendar may say the first full day of autumn but it feels like july. we had a few scattered clouds. upper level energy left over slowly pushing through our region triggering one isolated shower this morning. we will talk about that and our forecast. first i have video. we had clearing up skies to see not only the full moon and super harvest moon meaning the full moon landed on the same day as the autumn al eke in this case. if you -- equinox. you will notice a little dot here and i will point it out. that is jupiter in the night sky. you can see it again the next couple of weeks. if you have a telescope or high
6:51 am
powered camera you can see some of the moons around it. you see the light shower to the northwest because it is d dissipa dissipating. one little downpour near hagerstown. light rain otherwise. 71 at reagan national. gaithersburg at 66. leesburg 66 and camp springs 67. a mild start. you will feel the humidity. isolated thunderstorm activity locally yesterday. the weather bug site in leesburg reported .75 inch. that was the heaviest downpour. most of us didn't see any rain or had far less accumulation. a little bit of energy moving now. a few scattered showers and one cloud dissipating east of hagerstown. otherwise a lot of sunshine with scattered clouds. the coolest temperatures will be to the north in new england with highs in the 70's. locally hot and humid because of the position of the jetstream will stay north of us separating the cold air from the north and
6:52 am
warm air from the south. we will be warm until the weekend. low to mid 90's here, annapolis near 90. tomorrow we will challenge high recor records. 77 sunday and chance of showers early next week. >> we are happy to tell you that a vehicle that was broken down outer loop after the american legion bridge moved on to the shoulder. we have a live picture of that. traffic is settling down out of beltsville. there it is. look at the pace. very light right now and it made a quick recovery. in virginia, wee, northbound 39395 the normal volume toward the pentagon.
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>> it looks like all is forgiven now. joaquin phoenix apologized to david letterman for the bizarre appearance. >> what do you have to say for yourself? >> well, thank you for letting
6:56 am
me on. >> we have been dying to have you back. >> i meant last time. but this time as well. >> very different there. as you may remember he appeared on the show in 2009 with a shaggy beard and bushy hair and claimed he was giving up his career as a rap artist. it was part of a piece of performance art. letterman wasn't in on the joke. >> it is live and moving better right now. traffic first of all in maryland and virginia, no issues to report as far as beltway traffic. moving across the american legion bridge. to adam and the weather center. >> i couldn't believe how blank the beltway was. highs in the low to mid 90's today, mid 90's tomorrow and cooling by the weekend. sunday mid to upper 70's.
6:57 am
same next week. >> that is it for "good morning, washington." we will have more news at 7:25. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working,
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