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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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still, parents have been bombarding the formula maker with phone calls and doubting their trust in the company. >> you would think you could drive the company to give you something without bugs in it. >> until similac gets to the bottom of the contamination she will turn to a different brand. but the products were sold in plastic containers that range in size. >> to find out if you have a container that has been recalled, go to -- go to tbd,com. >> news choppers seven is over the scene in manassas. take a look at these pictures. a fire has destroyed three homes and damaged five others.
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this has all happened along a sumner lake division. -- subdivision. veteran firefighters there told, "i've never seen a home disappear so fast." she gained a lot of attention in the video waiting for superman, but issue gaining the attention of her boss? it was an act -- a highly anticipated meeting. >> we are in northeast washington in front of the d.c. schools headquarters with the question, who will be running the d.c. schools in the future? vincent gray met today with
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michelis, who campaigned openly -- with michele rhee, who campaigned openly for his opponent. >> when you cut our budget by $21 million, you did not call me to ask me whether it was okay to cut summer school or not. wait a second. >> this is a public process. a vote is taken and it became the law of the district of columbia. >> after an hour and 20 minutes of meeting today, they appeared together. gray walked to the camera, speaking, while rhee kept her distance, body language looking uncomfortable. afterward, reporters pursued rhee out of the building.
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>> the chairman's comment is the only, and we are giving, thanks. >> her car arrived and she laughed. many question whether staying was an option in the campaign after her candidates lost. >> she seemed pretty clear that her loyalty was with mayor fenty. >> i think she's going to be walking, which is not good. vincent gray today said that he would have another meeting with rhee during the next couple of weeks during which he would discuss her future. yet again said that he is not the mayor and will not be the mayor until after the november elections. he said he will make no announcement the day after he is actually elected mayor. >> meanwhile, the current mayor,
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the campaign to elect him is alive and well. -- to re-elect him is alive and well. voters are encouraged to write his name in on election day. >> still ahead, we will see when we get a break from this heat. >> [no audio] as opposed to yesterday. we do have some showers. also, the drought pattern -- look at the drought pattern we have had in the mid-atlantic area.
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many are under extreme drought where the temperatures are still in the 90's for so much of the area. a lot of the trees are beginning to shed their leaves early. tomorrow we will be having our 6690-degree day. -- our 66th 90-degree day. >> we have some other things coming up as well. could a medical marijuana clinic be moving into georgetown? washington's president is calling it quits and starbucks announces it is raising some of its drink prices. >> more breaking news tonight -- the first, police arrested a teenager for the murder of a catholic university student. he was riding his bike in german circle last month when he was shot and killed. -- jane sherman circle last month when he was shot and
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killed. >> they have just arrived here at sherman circle. they will hold a news conference to announce the arrest of a murder suspect in this case. that suspect is 18-year-old eric forman. he is being arraigned in d.c. superior court as we speak. there is some relief from the net -- the residents here in this neighborhood. >> the 31-year-old catholic university student was shot to death shortly after midnight august 22 in sherman circle. the u.s. backing off from his job at the flagship restaurant. the cheap -- the tree where he collapsed is adorned with candles and photos, memento of a life cut short. >> i think we will certainly feel a little safer. this was uncalled for and unnecessary. >> i do not know the reason why it happened.
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>> since the murder, the city has trimmed it lowered trees to increase visibility, replaced more street lights and posted signs to indicate the park is closed after dark. >> the suspect in this case, once again from 818-year-old eric forman. >> a virginia woman will be put to death just four hours from now. the governor and the supreme court have both refused to allow appeal. she is accused of murdering her husband instead sent to collect insurance money. >> emaar to neighborhood is
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still reeling from a town house fire that killed a mother and two of her five children. this happened yesterday. tonight, neighbors are talking about the mother's bravery in the midst of flames. dale is live on the scene with the latest. >> you were out here last night. you know what kind of neighborhood this is. it is filled with children and alley anderson is out here every day thinking of her kids from school, working together and enjoying life. neighbors say it is just not the same as they look at this constant reminder of a family tragedy. >> saving her children. that is what any mother would do. >> the emotions are so wrong here over alley anderson, the 25-year-old mother of five. two of her sons died alongside her. today, she is regarded as a
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hero. >> he wants to know what happened to start the fire. the power had been held in the momsense monday and of family was using candles for light. -- had been out in the home since monday and to the family was using camels for light. >> she would give her life to save her children. >> a town house fire, 9639 heigl circle. >> this is what firefighters heard in the three minutes that it took them to get to the scene. >> a mother and two of her children are unaccounted for. >> today, flowers are placed in tribute to alley anderson and her three-year-old and 5-year- old sons. friends say her surviving children, two boys, six and eight, and eight two-month baby
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girl will grow up with stories of how much they were loved by their mother. >> this afternoon, those two boys are expected to be released from the hospital. the two-month baby girl will say for observation. the man that found them is also out of the hospital tonight. we will update you on what investigators of the fire and looking at. >> things are back to normal on "t" street between 13th and 14th st. nw was closed for hours as crews repaired a 6 inch water main. >> we are falling more breaking news tonight. this coming out of the united nations world summit in new york. the u.s. delegation walked out of the running and president mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech. some in the world have
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speculated that americans were actually behind the september 11 terrorist attacks, ahmadinejad sesaid. he did not explain the logic behind those statements. >> coming up, a new study about mammograms. >> a huge problem when it comes to placing a medical marijuana dispensary. >> a medical marijuana clinic is being proposed in georgetown tonight. >> and katie. is deemed to 64 sesame street? why this video with elmo -- and katie perry is
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>> police officers were coming to their defense. >> but they say the officers victimize them and ended up killing their pet instead. >> the people in his home are grieving for their doctor night at prince george's county police
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say it is their fault the dog died. >> a favorite ball in the front yard. the dog new used to play with is gone. a prince george's county police officer shot and killed the rock or other yesterday. early yesterday morning, two men pulled guns and try to carjack him in his driveway. he got away and grabbed a shotgun from his house and started firing at the thugs. a shotgun shell hit this truck nearby. >> i called police. >> neighbors say when the police arrived they treated next people who live here like christmas -- like criminals. they said that until they know what is going on everyone gets treated like bad guys. now the man is facing charges and the family dog is dead. >> if the dog's owner had just
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complied, the dog probably would have just sat there. >> officers ordered him to the ground. he believed the officers continued to treat him like a criminal long after they should have realized he was merely standing by. the officer says he would not do anything differently. [unintelligible] >> his brother faces assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest charges tonight. he could do time. meanwhile, other two carjackers got away. >> a restaurant is shut down after a cocaine bust in the district. the workers at elie meno ,
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officers say they've bought cocaine from one of the employees. they raided the restaurant and three people were arrested. they say they found money and drugs stashed inside. >> starbucks says that rock coffee products have been rising and they have been able to -- raw coffee products have been rising and they have been able to cover the costs, but not anymore. prices on regular coffee and espresso drinks are expected to stay the same. read -- netflix and breadbox kiosks have taken a financial toll on blockbuster. the video giant filed for bankruptcy this morning and is trying to overcome $1 billion in debt. >> the d.c. department of transportation is getting some help after all the money it spent during those winter snowstorms. the federal emergency management
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agency is giving vdot $3 million in grant funds to help cover the snow removal costs. the federal government has now given d.c. $5 million for the december and february storms. it is just the opposite around here. >> some counties are also applying for federal funds for drought relief. so many counties the apple crop is not quite the same and outside today did not feel like september. we have some clouds and showers and not any of the severe weather of yesterday, but our temperature -- here we are once again and 90 degrees. 64 90-degree days. the record high tomorrow, 94. i think we will give it a brand
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for the money. ocean city -- a run for the money. the ocean city, 72 degrees. in light south-southeast of the wind. temperatures right now in the 80's down to the south. but still 90 degrees in washington for you folks -- and for you folks in fredericksburg, 96 degrees. we still have really high humidity. there is that line of clouds. yesterday, some stores. -- storms. you can see on the dock there where that one little patch is for you folks in and around fairfax. there is another one out toward martial and 66. these will dissipate, as they did last evening.
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and we will see that harvest moon rising at 7:12 p.m. the humidity will diminish as we get into the afternoon. fighting it will be close to a record breaker. the record for tomorrow is 94. when you get down, temperatures will already be high humidity. 87 degrees by lunchtime. by the afternoon, perhaps a record breaker, into the mid- 90s. sunday looks fine with a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the 70's. maybe we need two more 90-degree days just to set the record. >> why not? we might as well be able to say it is a record breaker.
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my generation premiere tonight in abc7 prime time. it is about a high-school -- a group of high-school students all of iran by a documentary student for a year and then 10 years later -- followed a round by a documentary student for a year and then 10 years later. >> if you had to describe your future in one word, what would it be? >> discovery. >> clamor. >> and p 3. >> which means what? >> he will see. >> that is tonight on my generation at 8:00 p.m., followed by the premier of grey's anatomy and private practice and then abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> you will see what is coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. out of jail and back in action
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on wall street to. -- wall street two. why did virginia's department of transportation leave $500 million unspent last year? >> in an unlikely neighborhood is considered for
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>> medical marijuana is currently illegal in this region. >> but when man is proposing its. people in georgetown are considering putting one of these medicinal marijuana facilities here in georgetown. >> this is all marijuana could soon be available in one of the district's most upscale neighborhoods. a local business is convinced -- a local businessman is considering applying for a license. residents say they're worried about what it could mean for their community. >> especially in an area where you have all lot of students. >> under a new law, of 25 dispensaries could be located in
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the district. d.c. will be the 15th location in the country to allow the sales of medical marijuana. the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws says georgetown is a tough sell, but should not be overlooked. >> it has at least two or three pharmacies there. [unintelligible] >> one possible area is wisconsin avenue near georgetown university. toi'd think it will be hard find something in georgetown that is not going to be too close to a school or some other conflict. >> details on regulation and distribution are still being worked out by district authorities. proponents believe that the
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first retail outlet will not open until a least 2012. >> still to come, a $100 million donation from facebook to meler -- a very lucky school system. >>
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>> a news conference on the murder of the catholic university students just ramped -- just wrapped up. >> we are live in union circle with -- sherman circle with the latest developments. >> this is what we have been told. they have a suspect in custody today. he is 17-year-old eric forman of the district. he is being charged as an adult, a first-degree felony murder while armed. the chief also said that they believe this murder was gang- related. they believe that formans acted alone and they are not looking to make any more arrests. they believe that the victim was just innocently biking home from
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work in august when he was shot and killed. they believe the motor -- the motive in this murder was robbery, but they would not say what was taken. they say this was a particularly cold-blooded killing. apparently he shot the man while riding his bike and then walked up to them and pumped two more into liam, killing him. -- walked up to him and pumped to more into him, killing him. he is far -- charged with first- degree murder. maybe there will be some relief and closure for the victim's family. >> let's get an update on the breaking news out of manassass this morning where fires destroyed three houses and damaged four others. firefighters still on the scene. they first responded to the knee
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road about 3:03 p.m. this afternoon. one person suffered burns on his hands, but no other injuries reported yet. the fire is now under control. >> closing arguments are under way in the trial of a man accused of killing a major league baseball player. pitcher nick eberhardt grew up in washington county, maryland. he died in a crash last year, just hours after rebates the l.a. angels' season opener. the man accused has pled not guilty of three counts of second-degree murder. prosecutors have said that his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limits at the time of the crash. he could face life in prison. >> police arrested 29-year-old sean lavery last night. they say he is the man got on surveillance tape robbery -- robbing beginning his store last month.
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there are six armed robberies in all, four of them were here salons. >> a florida man has settled its suit against mcdonald's restaurant in virginia. in 2005, the man sued for $2 million after reset a fried chicken sandwich burn his mouth and lips with the searing hot grease. the case is headed for a second trial next week. >> officials now say that the work is about halfway done on this part. $413,000 of improvements are under way, including new benches, flower beds and an improved irrigation system. the park is scheduled to reopen later this year. a form of rush-hour relief could become the norm along the interstate. state leaders say that something
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needs to be done to ease what they call the 24/7 rush-hour in the area. electronic signs would warned drivers of backups a decision could come by the end of the year. >> speake of volume, let's check what is on the roads right now. >> the answer is, a lot. if you will see slow traffic on i-95 southbound. this will start at springfield and take you down to 123. that is just how it is and that is why they are looking to improve a lot of these things. the injured -- the inner loop continues to be closed because of some crashes that we had. right now you will see some very
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slow traffic heading out of the american legion bridge. that finally clears up around new hampshire. >> coming uppeof, martin greco,e guy you love to hate. i will have a preview of wall street 2 coming up. i will have a preview of wall street 2 coming up. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity
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in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> michael douglas is back as gordon gecko in wall street 2, the role that gave him an oscar. >> this is one of the most anticipated movies of the fall. >> how is it? >> well, we do not always get everything we want for christmas. michael douglas dominates the sequel to the 1987 hit, "wall street." he revises according gecko. he is older, a little wiser, and ready for action. >> pay close attention or you
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will wake up and she might be gone forever. >> michael douglas plays gordon gecko out of prison and on the make. shia leboeuff plays the man getting his daughter. this movie goes nowhere, like a lot of hollywood movies. some of the better moments include douglas starke -- sparring with financial villain -- berlin. it -- josh brolin. you will leave remembering michael douglas. the weekend best bet, "the town
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" and easy a, a machete, and never let you go. >> charlie sheen played the kid who brought that was down in the original. if you want to see a good michael douglas movie, see solitary man, which is on dvd. >> i do not like to work that hard. coming up next, kids will not be seeing singer katie. -- katie perry
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>> a new audit of the virginia department of transportation shows there's a lot of money for upcoming projects. >> but it also shows a lot of money went and used well budget cuts were being made. -- went unused while budget cuts were being made. >> the governor wants to make the point that is not
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necessarily new taxes that are needed, but better management of current funds. >> bay park on their annual trip to florida. >> we will walk the dog -- they are on their annual trip to florida. >> we will walk the dog and take a break. >> drivers said they expect virginia into provide rest stops. in the audit, independent examiners found plenty of money, $1 billion. from where? management funds already allocated. the governor is calling for the full $1 billion in funds to be used. 614 million in maintenance and construction projects within the year will include things like
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more buses to fairfax county, and the hot plains plan for the beltway and 395. in this economy, taxpayers are torn. >> if the money is to be spent, it makes sense to spend the money. especially when we have so many streets that need to be repaired. but it is a tough economy. >> [unintelligible] >> critics of the audits say that's vdot was right to be conservative and said on cash reserves. >> a controversial new study has been released about the affects of mammograms. >> they are less effective of
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detecting breast cancer over the age of 15-50. -- the age of 50. >> the study, done in norway, involved female patients over the age of 50. only one-third of those who had a chance of dying of breast cancer were alerted due to mammograms. the big concern for medical experts, that women will not get regular screenings. >> i think mammography has proven to be a very good screening tool and it is the best we have right now. >> women we spoke tuesday said they tend to disregard the study's findings. others worry that it could lead it insurance companies to reduce their coverage. >> i think insurance companies will take every opportunity they can not to cover something that may or may not need to be done, but probably should be done to
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you can find out if you are well. this is not lead to rationing of health care. >> what is the bottom line? >> women should have a choice. for the injured had a conversation to decide if mammography is right for them. >> a conversation that they say is best held between a woman and her doctor. >> in norway, a nation with a universe of care, where women have access to health care overall, it is not the same as in the united states. >> diabetes patients will be able to get a prescription for avandia only if they cannot control their blood sugar with any other medications. it has been linked to heart attack and stroke. it has been pulled off completely from the market in europe.
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>> singer kate e. peary -- katie perry is a singer that travels around, but was her performance too sexy for sesame street? well, alamo was having a good time. >> -- el loh was having a good time. >> he got an eyeful. >> it do not expected to ever make air. he shows spokesperson pulled the plug. they would not go into detail, by they did say that her office was too revealing and her dancing to suggested. -- her outfit was too revealing and her dancing too suggestive. >> facebook founder is donating $100 million to the new york
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school district. he will officially announce his donation tomorrow. now the latest list of wealthiest american citizens is out. >> and the top 400 is a bit of a family affair. not surprising, in the top 4, microsoft chairman bill gates is number one with a net worth of $54 billion. warren buffett is close behind with $45 billion. ceo, islison, oracle's third and behind him is america's wealthiest woman, kristie walton, the daughter-in- law of sam walton. you can find the entire list oat
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>> let's see what's coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. >> house republicans have unveiled a new strategy with what the country will do economically. and the first woman to be executed in nearly a century. we will talk about what to resell lewis is doing with her last hours. -- what teresa lewis is doing with her last hours. >> one more day. if we have made it through 64 and 365, we can make it through 66. -- and it through 65, we can make it through 66. and a new tropical storm has formed. this is the 13th named one,
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tropical storm matthew. it is heading over the next few days toward the coast of belize. right now, winds are 40 miles per hour. the year is the preliminary outlook. remember back in may, it look like nothing was going on for a while. now we're closing in. unfortunately, none of the main ones have been close to the u.s. or had anything major near the united states. for the next seven days, here are how things will be going. we will see the temperatures continue to be way above average. only 10 degrees above average tomorrow. our record is 94 degrees. it is forecasted to be 95 degrees. rain will not come until late
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monday or tuesday. >> this is pretty interesting, this situation. we have breaking news about the washington nationals. stan kasten has resigned. after four years as team president. britt mchenry has been at the ballpark following this story all day. this one has everybody's surprised. it was done very quietly. >> very quietly. there's hardly anyone here, but stan kasten told me that based solely on personal reasons he will have a hard time leaving washington, but the decision is not difficult to make. he is known for signing two notable players of the future, stephen strasburg, of course, and mike hoffler.
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the players were caught completely off guard. >> i do not think any of us saw lights coming. he is a part our organization and in turning things around and makes as a better team. >> i am disappointed. stanek has been a solid guy to lead on -- stan has been a solid guy to lean on. i wish him well in what every does. >> astin went on to say that he did not want to distract from tonight's game, but said he will bible to his plans -- he will divulged his plans for the rest of the season. >> hbo will air four hour-long episodes in its 24/7 franchised and it will premiere december 15.
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this rivalry has become a classic. they will face each other outdoors on new year's day. >> how great is that? >> that is going to be fine. >>
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>> the sickest kids in south east are about to get emergency -- world-class emergency care. >> the johns hospital is opening east of the anacostia river. it has everything a patient could need. >> into of having to take the bus or the metra to get to northwest were the main children's hospital is, they can get the care they need here. >> parents can breathe easier next week, a brand new
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pediatric emergency unit is the opening -- is opening. >> it gives the community of the clothes are placed to meet the needs of children. correct it will be operated by the children's national -- >> it will be operated by the children's national medical center. >> we have nurses and staff that have come from all over the country. >> and for the most severe cases, there is even a helicopter. >> in the event that we have a job that needs to be at the main campus, we do have the ability to transport this directly to children's. >> since the new department will be one of only two emergency pediatric units in the city, doctors will be treating 15,000 patients a year.
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>> and for those on the front lines, is about time. >> a celebration ceremony will take place thursday evening in the center itself will open on tuesday at 7:00 a.m. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. coming up, execution in virginia. tonight, the commonwealth will put its first woman to death since 1912. plus, a un showdown. the president of iran claims that the u.s. might have masterminded the september 11 attacks. how the u.s. is responding to that tonight. and a massive fire that has destroyed at least three homes. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 breaking news. >> and breaking news from northe


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