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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 26, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm ashleigh banfield. it is sunday, september 26th. this morning, democrats on defense. they're sending out their big guns like presidents obama and clinton to bolster democrats in states where they usually win easily. will this work? facing his flock. that atlanta megachurch pastor accused of sexual relations with teenage boys is speaking to his congregation this morning for the first time since the scandal broke. what is he going to say? >> abuse of power. a police officer was so furious that his teenage daughter slept with her boyfriend that he pretended to arrest that boyfriend to teach him a lesson. now the boyfriend's parents are
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furious, and they are armed with videotape. >> and move over, bedbugs. the latest invasion to pester homeowners and businesses alike are super small and super smelly. stink bugs now spreading throughout much of the country. and we want to thank ashleigh banfield for coming in. again this morning. great to have you. >> good to be here. always thrilled to be here, especially on such a great morning, morning after. >> i know, i know. the person who usually sits here, bianna golodryga, is off this morning. she's got a great excuse. she got married last night. i was there. many of us were there. it was an amazing night. she looked beautiful. we've got a bunch of pictures to show you coming up later. also, we have some other news about our "gma" family today. our marysol castro is celebrating her last day here at "gma." i am not celebrating. i am very upset.
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about this. i will miss you making fun of me all the time. >> i'm going to miss making fun of you actually. >> you have my e-mail address. so you can continue to do so. >> it won't be at 3:00 in the morning. i will definitely sleep in on the weekends. >> the girl's getting a year's prescription to ambien. >> yes, exactly of the truth be told, wonderful wedding. i happen to on my last day at work forget to pack clothing, so, girl, this is your -- i broke into your dressing room. this is your dress. it fits like a glo i promise i'll bring it back toy >> a little secret. coming up this morning, we're going to take a look back at several moments just like that during mary's s run here on "gma." >> also this morning, something you rarely see or hear and t tar iely see or hear and from inside a jetliner as it's making an emergency landing. check it out. >> brace for impact. >> heads down, stay down. heads down, stay down. heads down, stay do you know.
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>> ooh, yeah, a delta flight with problems with the landing gear as it was coming in for a landing in new york last night. we're going to tell you exactly what happeed >> i do noticou >> i don't know. i don't think the flight a was to o cnesyou. >> it seems like she was doing her job. mrs., this morning, we have a celebrity with us. he is the star of that hit tv show "entourage." he is a frequent target of the paparazzi. prod a documentary about a kid who is only 13 who is out snappi famous faces in hollywood into the wee hours ofo this is a rather unique look into our celebrity-saturated culture. we'll talk to adrian coming up. but we'll begin wiocf1 really usually easy wins. former presiden is going to head to new england today, home to some of the bluest of the blue g d. of the bluest of the blue and the vice president and john hendren has the story now from washington. >> reporter: good morning,
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ashleigh. that's right.n s democrats are not yet putting up a good fight, and he will be back in the ring in some surprising places, places where in any other year no democrat the comeback kid is coming back. >> i know a lot of people are mad, and a lot of people are >> report for democrats, he's play defense deep in home territory. today in the solid blue states of massachusetts and >> it means there is no such thing as a safe state for democrats this year. there's no such thing as a dark blue state. there's no such thing as a safe slam dunk election. >> reporter: he's campaigning for an endangerspecs longtime politicians. connecticut attorney richard blumenthal, a senate hopeful, and 30-year congressman barney frank, whocr last opponent 2-1. in three earlier races the republicans threw up their hands running no one agai o the banking bailout is also on the endangered list. >> this is as bad a political nvi thats has bad a political
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seen in a very im a w cane inae king for somebody is bringi >> if this election is a ch about the future, we have a chance to do quite well. if it's just a referendum on people's frustration, it's a bad deal for us. >> reporter: and he's not alone. joined by the campaigner in chief on tuesday in wisconsin and vice president joe biden at penn state. next month democrats bring out the most popular resident of the white house, first lady michelle obama. her itinerary is a map of endangered democrats, wisconsin for russ feingold, illinois for alex giannoulias, illinois, come colorado for michael bennet and california for barbara boxer. they have one thing in common, both are more popular than the president. today there are new reports democrats have set up an opposition war room, and they'll be running ads targeting republicans' past using things like better business bureau filings, tax filings, even divorce proceedings. they're taking nothing for granted, ashleigh.
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>> for more on the democrats campaign strategy as we close in on election day, want to bring in now "this week" host christiane amanpour. it's nice to see you this morning, christiane. >> good morning, ashleigh. how are you? >> well, thank you. but i was up early reading my "the new york times," and i can see it says the gloves are off unleashing the biting ads earlier than ever and hearing about them sort of dispatching all the big guns to places that were once considered the safest of safe. how is this being considered in d.c.? >> well, we're going to be having on david axelrod, chief adviser to the president, and we're going to ask him these questions. as you see and heard in that report, obviously there are troubles in what have been safe democratic seats. a difficult time to have the election in view of the democrats' position because people are so worried and so angry about the economy, about jobs, spending, all of those things which we've been reporting on for all these many weeks and months and now with
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the real final push, the five weeks left to the midterm elections, they are as you say deploying the big gun, certainly, for instance, let's say wisconsin where we understand bama rstgo sin bama tobew un that is where russ feingold considered a very safe bet. he came in back in 1992 along with president clinton as sort of an outsider, and yet now he's finding his position is being compromised by the anger that is around amongst voters so i guess what they're trying to do is jazz up the voters, really try to make turnout as high as it possibly can be and especially at this time when democrats are complaining and certainly the analysts are saying that the enthusiasm gap in the democratic party for those likely voters in the midterms is less than in the republican party. >> i want to switch gears a little bit and go to something i know that was real near and dear to your heart, and that's middle east peace. because i'm watching my regular weeknight viewing "the daily show" and did not expect to see a huge sort of editorial bomb being dropped
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when king abdullah of jordan told "the daily show" host jon stewart that we might expect another war if a deadline isn't met by the end of the week in terms of those settlements in the west bank and gaza. let me run a quick clip of it and get your reaction, yigsian but, again, this is king abdullah making these comments to jon daily on "the daily show." >> if we fail on the 30th expect another war by the end of the year. >> expect another. >> war by the end of the year and more wars that i foresee in >> okay, that's scary talk. that's four days away, and essentially what this means, christiane, if they don't sort of get to the heart of the settlement issue that's it. the heart of the settlement issue that's it. global war, but certainly they'r east, and i talked to king end of this week back in new york at the unga, and jordan is one of the only arab countries that has made peace with israel, and they're very involved in the peace process, and they are very concerned that if this moratorium is lifted and, by the
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way, according to the americans and the israelis, that's at midnight tonight israel time, if the moratorium is lifted, that ay. moratorium is lifted, that now, there are obviously frantic last-ditch attempts by all the diplomats, high-level u.s. officials to try to make some kind of compromise that will keep the talks on track. the palestinians seem to be saying that they would like to continue talking, but it's going to be very difficult if they see settlements continuing to be built on the gr >> incredi >> so this is very tough times i >> so surprising to hea a war involv u. other entities around the middle east, as well. christiane, thank you. be sure to watch "this week" later this morning when christiane's guests will be as she mentioned mcconnell and queen rania o jordan. i thinkproboing >> ashleigh, we want to continue our coverage this morning of a major story overseas. in afghanistan thousands of american troops continuing
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taliban territory today. it's call ed "operation dragon strike" meant to take control of a safe haven of the taliban for yea our miguel marquez is with the troops on the front lines near kandalay, afghanistan. >> reporter: n, s expected to face dozens, perhaps hundreds of hard-core taliban fighters in very tough terrain. but because they came in with such great force, the taliban seems to have decided to fight another day. the one thing they did leave behind, though, waslots homemade bombs. in the middle of the night there was no mistaking it. soldiers of the 101st airborne division were moving into taliban territory. words of wisdom as you're heading out? >> watch where you step. >> reporter: the threat of homemade bombs so great, any possible risk was destroyed with an even greater amount of force. still, the threat is everywhere. 24-year-old first lieutenant evan peck from dallas stepped on this homemade bomb today. a broken wire saved his life. you knew exactly what it was when you --
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>> oh, yeah, it was if you bury something, it's -- >> reporter: the work these soldiers are doing is part of a massive operation. 8,000 u.s. and afghan troops to root out the taliban from the korengal river valley here. officials say control of the valley is essential if the surge strategy is ever going to work. this is it. >> this is where you separate the enemy from the people. >> reporter: the u.s. military now has enough soldiers and resources to take ground and hold it. a new base is already being built on land that was taliban controlled just two days ago. fighting like this will continue for months, say officials, all along the korengal river valley. from kandahar city all the way to helmand province. once the taliban is out, the hope then is that the young afghan government will grow. dan? >> huge challenges there, miguel marquez on the front lines once again this morning. thank you, ashleigh, to you. >> at pastor of a prominent black megachurch in georgia is going to return to the pulpit for the first time since he was accused
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of using church funds to seduce young men. will he address the crisis that is threatening his religious empire? steve osunsami is covering the story in atlanta. steve? >> reporter: good morning, ashleigh. we expect the pews at the church to be quite full this morning. all week long there have been rumors that bishop eddie long might step down today, but his people are telling us that's just not the case and that he plans to stay. >> thank god for them. >> reporter: he's the leader of one of the largest african-american churches in the world with some 25,000 members and 250 acres, and this morning's sermon is his first public response to the four young men who say he pushed them into sex. his accusers say there is a pattern. >> it's a progression and it's different with each one in terms of how it starts. sometimes it's a hug. it's a kiss, throwing your leg, will you massage me at the gym and then it progresses from there. >> reporter: in the fourth lawsuit filed on friday, 22-year-old spencer legrande
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says he was 17 when the preacher first put the moves on him. he says long had taken him on a eight-day trip to kenya with stops in london, gave him a tablet of ambien. and told him, it would help him fall asleep. the young man said they had intimate sexual contact that night and each night during the trip to kenya and they slept in the same bed. neighbors, true believers and observers across the region can't believe it. >> bishop long needs to come out and deny these charges and let everybody know that, hey, this is not true. >> 25,000 members that are questioning and wondering what's going on? >> reporter: these pictures which appear to come from the bishop's iphone haven't helped. lawyers for the young men said he e-mailed these photos and other messages to teenagers in his youth ministry but say he chose boys who were above the legal age of consent. one of the young men suing long was caught breaking into long's office this summer. he stole an iphone and an ipad. his attorneys say he may have been trying to collect more
8:14 am
evidence. prosecutors tell us that long came to them and asked them to drop the charges. >> given their action you might think he wanted us to move forward and that was not his request. he requested us to show some compassion, and he no longer wished to prosecute. >> reporter: on top of it all, long has opposed gays and gay marriage throughout his career. in a statement released friday, long's people wrote that our position about the lawsuits has not changed. bishop long categorically denies the charges. we believe that it is unfortunate the young men have chosen to take this course of action. we, of course, will hear more later today. ashleigh and dan. >> okay. thanks, steve. let's check the day's other news now with ron claiborne. good morning to you. >> late night, dan. >> for both of us. >> for both of us. good morning, everyone. residents in the upper midwest arebro cfo there's no rain in abcs hao c&t for ern c wipt
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abcsthao c&t for ern c wipt >> reporter: in central wisconsin, rivers are still rising and residents still reeling. for many here this week's rain is this morning's headache. >> this will be flooded like this for a mile in that direction. >> reporter: late saturday, tim cross watched as the wisconsin river in bearen crested. >> what's behind me is absolutely scary. the river can change in a heartbeat. >> reporter: about 200 miles west, the water in owe what ton what, minnesota, is going down. the damage is adding up. >> you're probably looking 25$2 30,000s. >> reporter: this view of maple creek from his living room is the reason eric cornell moved to maple drive. >> not so lovely right now. >> reporter: he never anticipated seeing the creek four feet high in his basement. >> this is basically my entire house all i have left to save. >> reporter: for deer reason cougar it's not so much the dollar value as it is the things she can't put a price on. >> oh, yeah, they really are wet here. >> yeah, yeah.
8:16 am
but pictures like that you can't get them back. >> reporter: mike endicott isn't even in a position of assessing the damage. he's still wringing out. you have about a foot now. what was it at its worst? >> it was up to here. >> reporter: he says everything in the basement including all their bedroom furniture is moving to the curb for trash pickup. and they like most people on maple drive don't have flood insurance. for "good morning america," linsey davis, owatonna, minnesota. police in new jersey are looking for a man who shot and killed a female student at a party near seton hall university. the man was denied access to the party then came back with a gun opening fire. 19-year-old jessica moore was killed and four other people were wounded. in eugene, oregon, police are trying to figure out what led about 400 people to riot late friday night. the crowd threw bottles and broke car windows on residential streets in the college town. nine people were arrested. and finally, a scary scene
8:17 am
aboard a delta air lines flight last night. the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at kennedy airport here in new york city when the landing gear got stuck. a passenger captured it all on cell phone video. >> brace for impact. >> heads down, stay down. heads down, stay down. heads down, stay down. heads down, stay down. >> sparks shot up as the tip of the right wing scraped along the runway, but the plane did land safely, and none of the 64 people on board was hurt. and that's a first look at the headlines. back to dan and ashleigh. >> pretty scary scene. >> i would have done heads down and then fetal position. >> right, and i wouldn't have had the wherewithal to have the cell phone ready. >> exactly. let's check the water now with marysol castro. mary, good morning again. >> good morning. we turlthough >> and good morning, weather
8:18 am
forecaster, dave zahren is here. we have a welcome change coming our way. we have light showers to the west of the city. temperatures in the 60's. over the next couple of days, we will see one to three inches of rain. and today only about >> thanks so much. more on your sunday outlook a little bit later on in the show. ashleigh. all right. marysol, thank you. we are still waging a bedbug battle across this nation that experts say may only get worse. now we're getting word brand-new creepy crawlers are invading some 29 states. they don't bite, these bugs, but they are very stinky. here's tahman bradley. >> reporter: this in this year of widespread bug pandemonium --
8:19 am
>> bedbugs are back. >> reporter: -- you've probably had your eyes fixed on your bed. now it seems you may need to turn your nose towards your air vent. >> something hits me in the back of my neck and stuff, and, you know, i'm just waving it off. >> reporter: forget bedbugs, in maryland and across the northeast, it's man versus stink bugs, an all-out war. >> they're terrible. they're everywhere. we can't get rid of them. >> reporter: they're brown, foul-smelling creatures that are popping up in vents, on walls, on windows, even in beards. omitting a foul odor when irritated or squashed, and, man, it seems, is downright helpless. the good news is they don't sting, they don't bug and they're pretty easy to catch. parker brewer, a resident of silver spring, maryland, must collect them every day. the deck of his house is under siege. >> i've tried to attack them as best as i can, but i'm losing the battle. >> reporter: as fall brings cooler temperatures the bugs have left their orchards and
8:20 am
cornfields for our homes making an already rotten year for bugs, well, really stink. >> we used to use heavy-duty residual pesticides. we don't use as many of those as we once did. this is allowing bug that is used to be suppress to increase in numbers. >> reporter: his expert opinion of how to get rid of the bugs? >> sinky is a relative thing. a lot of people say they smell like cilantro so maybe these guys with a little salsa isn't a bad idea. >> reporter: a good suggestion, they are harmless. it's pretty bad. for "good morning america," tahman bradley, abc news, silver spring, maryland. >> okay, now that we're all kind of creepy and crawly, let's switch gears to something more television friendly. >> it's our picture or we should say pictures of the morning from bianna golodryga's wedding last night. there she is looking beautiful next to her groom, peter orszag who as some of you may know used to be the budget director of the white house. it was a beautiful wedding held in new york city. she was a very happy bride, i must say.
8:21 am
they were a very happy couple. >> great picture. she looks right out of a wedding magazine. >> she does. you know what, i was particularly touched by her parents who are first generation immigrants from russia or moldova, which is a former soviet republic and they are so proud of their daughter. it was really incredible. >> and a lot of folks on the "gma" staff. >> a lot from abc news including diane sawyer, robin roberts, i could go on however we don't have that much time. >> bianna could stay out as late as she wanted. we're here for you, girlfriend. >> coming up, a serious story about a policeman who may be in trouble for staging a fake arrest of his stepdaughter's boyfriend. have you built your better breakfast? now's the time! try our better-for-you western egg white muffin melt or the dee-licious double bacon egg and cheese on toasty flatbread. subway. build your better breakfast. what if something bad happens?
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whether traveling by car or train, be prepared for major tie-ups because of the miler ending at 10 this morning. and in addition to the orange and blue and yellow lines and the closure on the fred douglas bridge. >> good morning, take that umbrella when you head, because the first time in 18 days, it's raining. temperatures in the 60's and 70's this morning. temperatures in the 60's and 70's this morning. high only
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what? >> he's going to run you over. >> [ bleep ]. what? >> the car is coming. you're going to get hit. >> okay. yikes. such is the life of a hollywood paparazzo but that particular celebrity chasing photographer is only 14 and he's the subject of a new documentary called "teenage paparazzo." we'll talk to the film's writer, director and producer, a man who is usually chased by paparazzi himself, it's "entourage" star adrian grenier.
8:31 am
good morning, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield in for the newly married bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris, good morning, as well. our congratulations to bianna and her new husband, peter. this is sunday, september 26th. also coming up this morning, we're going to say good-bye to a beloved member of our family at "gma weekend." marysol castro who has done so much more than cover the weather for us. she will be missed. before she goes we'll take a look back at some of her most memorable moments, and there are a lot of them. but we want to begin with a story about a teenage sexual experience and a very angry father who may have gone a little too far to protect his daughter. the father is a police officer in san jose, california. and he's now the subject of an investigation himself after he handcuffed and pretended to arrest his stepdaughter's boyfriend after finding out that the teenagers had had sex, and t.j. winick is here with all the details. i know that a lot of people are going to feel differently about this one, t.j.
8:32 am
>> and you have to wonder what was going through that young man's head. it was a fake arrest designed to send a real message, but now that police officer is off the job, so is he just an overly protective father, or was this a serious abuse of police power? in this cell phone video where faces have been blurred to protect the parties involved, we see a young man in handcuffs being lectured over and over again by a san jose police officer. >> the district attorney will probably file charges. >> reporter: for over 5 1/2 minutes, the 15-year-old is dressed down for having sex with a 14-year-old girl. not just any girl, the policeman's stepdaughter. >> a cop's daughter is not someone you mess around with. >> reporter: the young man's father shot the video. at one point he seemingly joins in. >> use your head. think about what he's talking to you about. listen to his words. >> reporter: now the 15-year-old's family says the officer crossed the line using his badge and handcuffs witut >> they heard noise.
8:33 am
they hd. and when they got in there, they saw their son on the floor in handcuffs. >> reporter: one former cop calls it unprofesial >> he used his profession to say that i'm a police officer, and, you know, you don't do this to a police officer's daughter, but as a parent, yeah, you know, he's acting as a parent. >orte he nts the officer brot the officer's attorney says the tape shows a concerned father who was actually given permission by the boy's parents to use scare straight tactics. >> at no time do you hear the parents of the young man objecting, getting upset, crying. >> reporter: the overprotective father is a pop culture cliche. in the movie "meet the parents" robert de niro plays a retired cia agent who hooks his future son-in-law up to a lie detector. >> have you ever watched pornographic videos? >> reporter: but is this an instance of abuse of authority or just a concerned dad? regardless of his motives, it looks as if it's the police officer in trouble with the law. now, both juveniles have since
8:34 am
been charged for having sex with a minor, and that police officer, he is on administrative leave while the district attorney and the department of internal affairs investigates what really happened. >> sounds like nobody wins here. >> i know. i'm just wondering how much the public is weighing in on this, the message boards. whenever you have these controversial stories, some people really weigh in on the part of the dad who freaks out. >> i think the big question was did the family know beforehand? tcer at'sa but the attneye fa who i spoke with last night, he calls that 100% fa >> all right. you're on it. we're going to keep watching. thank you >> he nwith ronrne. good mornin mon, a and o t.j., good morning, everyone. in the news f th bp oil spiluld ike a bigger compensation payment faster. the administrator of the victims' fund promises a better response after complaints by many gulf coast residents. the first rescue capsule built to save miners in chile has been brought to the mine.
8:35 am
it will be used to pull them out one by one by early november. almost 100 pastors around the country are taking part in pulpit freedom sunday defying federal tax law by talking politics in church. they say it's in defense of their right to free speech. and an american man was the audience's choice for the best performer of the karaoke world championships we mentioned yesterday. it took place in moscow. edward, here, won the top prize, a million russian dumplings. that's the top prize. and that is a quick look at the headlines. marysol, over to you. >> thank you, ron. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. out in the west it is steamy today. 95 degrees in los angeles. san francisco is 86. even denver, 89. these temperatures are about 10 to 20 degrees above normal and as we take a look at the hig >> and good morning, dave zahren here. for the first time in two weeks,
8:36 am
light rain. and temperatures in the 60's and this afternoon look across the nation. >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by volkswagen. dan and ashleigh. >> thanks, mary. coming up here on "good morning america," a frequent target of the paparazzi turns the cameras around making a documentary about a teenage paparazzo. we're going to talk to adrian grenier, star of "entourage" coming up next. >> also, a big fond farewell coming up to our intrepid weather reporter, food reporter, celebrity reporter and all-around go-to reporter, marysol. [ man ] blue one. recessed lighting. it's absolutely -- blue one. ♪ [ grunts ] blue one. [ children ] blue one! blue one! [ male announcer ] the routan. the only minivan with the soul of a volkswagen. can we do it again? [ boy ] yeah! sure. [ male announcer ] awarded "most appealing minivan"
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this morning we'll talk to a celebrity who plays a celebrity on tv who was has just made a movie about people who take pictures of celebrities. adrian grenier, star of hbo hit "entourage," he's also just made a documentary called "teenage paparazzo" about teenage paparazzo. check out this clip. >> i got what paparazzi call sprayed by 10 or 15
8:40 am
flash shots by the kid, and i was completely shocked, of course. and he started running away. i said, hey, wait, come back. what was that all about? what are you doing? he said, paparazzi, dude. i was totally confused. i said, you're a paparazzi? he said, yes. i said, how old are you? 13. 13 years old and you're a paparazzi? he said, yeah. >> so adrian is with us this morning. thank you for getting up early. it's really cool to meet you. i've been watching for a long time. >> thanks for having me. >> so you met this kid. how long before you decided you'll make a movie about it? >> when i first saw him, i was in complete disbelief. what are you doing? really? he's this innocent baby-faced kid half the size of the other guys, and it was pretty much immediate. i knew that there was something off about the situation. i just had to keep investigating. >> so your goal, you said, was
8:41 am
to turn the cameras on the paparazzi and to sort of talk about this celebrity-saturated culture in which we live. what did you ultimately learn? >> well, yeah, i mean i was looking at this whole culture through the eyes of this young boy, who i saw as sort of this anomaly that indicated that something greater was at work, and, you know, i learned a lot. i went pretty deep into the subject. >> did you end up walking away feeling more sympathetic toward the paparazzi because i know that a lot of celebrities really hate them. >> you know, what you don't know or don't understand can often be scary and intimidating, but after making the film, you know, of course, now i have a greater understanding of them as human beings, and they appreciate me on the human level, as well, so, yeah, there's a lot more closure. >> so were there moments, circular moments where you're taking pictures of them taking pictures of you? >> oh, yeah, definitely. the layers of meta-bizarre holomers, reflections are
8:42 am
endless. >> now, did you end up developing a close relationship with this kid, and what do you think about the fact that his parents let him stay out until 2:00, 3:00 in the morning taking pictures of celebrities? >> well, that was an obvious question. where are his parents? shouldn't they be watching them? of course, i have to interview them, and they're in the movie, and i get to know them quite well, as well so -- >> what is their answer? >> you know, it's not an easy answer. i mean, you know, as anybody who has kids know, they -- parenting is difficult. so you have to watch the movie to see. >> you know, one of the -- you've said that your idea was to explore our obsession with fame. one of the most poignant moments in the movie for me is him telling you that he kind of hopes he gets famous because of this film. >> right. that was the no wonder moment. i mean, of course. you know, in this culture where we put such a premium on fame, and, you know, i'm helping on
8:43 am
"entourage," we, you know, we present a pretty tantalizing look at celebrity lifestyles. >> and what do you think is next for him? he's 17 now? >> i think he's about to go to college, so, you know, i like to think that the film and the process of making the film with me helped to show him maybe a more constructive use of his time in taking pictures. >> so you think maybe he has matured a little bit since he said what he said to you about wanting to be famous. >> we both matured. >> you matured? >> i had a lot to learn from him. you know, it's -- when you think you're pointing the finger or teaching a lesson, inevitably sometimes you have to look right back at yourself and see how you're contributing, what you might have to learn. >> this is your second documentary film. >> yeah. >> i know you told me in the break that "entourage" starts filming again season seven in march. what else you got coming up? >> season eight. >> season eight. my bad. i am a fan. i want to say that was made out
8:44 am
of love, not total ignorance. and so what else is coming up next for you? >> you know, i have probably at least one more documentary in me somewhere. it's a long process, so i'll probably start that up again, as well. >> excellent. adrian grenier, pleasure to meet you. thank you very much for coming on. the documentary airs on hbo tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. coming up next, the time to say good-bye to an old friend. >> looks appropriately miserable. >> appropriately dressed at [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication that is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications,
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8:47 am
it is the end of an era this morning. we're saying good-bye to a "gma" weekend original. this is my friend and colleague marysol's last day with us. it's been six years, two babies, countless hurricane, blizzards, hurricane, blizzards, snowstorms and one heck of a ride, marysol. so before you take off, we want to take a look back at some of
8:48 am
your classic moments. >> good morning, everyone. it's time to take a look at the weather across the nation. >> marysol leads us off. >> marysol. >> now to mary. >> now let's see what's happening right outside your window. >> i'll get his autograph. >> aaagh! >> time now for the weather. marysol castro. >> north to evansville. could see up to 2 inches of rain. >> marysol is measuring wind speeds on long island and snow. >> there she is. >> she looks appropriately miserable. >> the wind here is the real story. >> across the state we saw that she left plenty of destruction. >> that's a quick look at the weather across the nation. >> let's take a look -- >> -- at what's happening right outside your window. >> i'm just going to saunter because that's what you do when you're in the presence of the pace car driver. >> i'm up for whatever challenge you want to throw at me. >> we're going to give you it. are you ready? >> yes. >> go. >> maybe we could go for a spin.
8:49 am
>> want to go for a drive? >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> i don't think it's in. >> no, you just sit there and look cute. >> what are some good pointers for me? >> what do you want to learn? >> i want to learn how to score a goal. >> no, tony, don't go. >> perfect. >> i would love to learn how to really slap someone. >> there's a windup, and you have to sell it. >> jerk. >> yes! >> yay! >> the hand right here. slide the hand right up the thigh. kind of bring it up to the hair. >> what am i doing? >> maybe we're studying lines, doing something. >> a little tease or a kiss. >> i can't believe i just kissed -- hi, marysol castro, nice to meet you. >> oh. >> let's do this! ♪ ♪ singing i love rock 'n' roll >> this is the scariest thing i've ever done in my entire
8:50 am
life. i've covered hurricane. i've been through labor. this is hard work. ♪ come and dance with me >> i'm suspended only from a harness and a little bar. >> aaagh! >> one, two, three. >> oh. sorry. >> definitely have to take a picture of this. proof that i made it to the top. >> we discovered that marysol had never once tasted beef jerky. >> jerky. jerk ki. >> it looks like a dog's tongue, by the way. ♪ >> no problem. taste. that's for you. >> i've been slaving away in your kitchen. >> which one is this? >> okay. ♪ >> i love it. >> my favorite.
8:51 am
>> when she was born, everybody cried because they never think she was going to make it. and so the reason you were named marysol, the sea and the sun because it was a god-given gift to us. >> what do you mean we don't look alike? of course, we look alike. i just have curly hair, and she has straight hair. >> ah. >> the kids. >> my lilly yam. >> when the show started six years ago, i didn't even know this lady. >> from a hole in the wall. >> i'm proud to call you my colleague but more importantly my friend and forever that will be the case. >> i sure do hope so. the band is breaking up, but it's a new band, and i -- i really grew up at this show. we started as strangers, and six
8:52 am
years later it's been a wonderful, wonderful ride. i've learned so much from everyone here, from you people as journalists, photographers, grips, caterers, interns, hair and makeup. i never imagined that i would work for abc news, this puerto rican kid from the bronx, new york, and it's been wonderful. and i'm truly, truly going to miss all of you. >> but you get to spend time with your babies. >> i do get to spend time with my beautiful babies, and i'm not waking up at 3:00 in the morning on fridays and saturdays. >> you can't see it, but there was a whole crowd of people who have come. >> bring it in, folks. bring it in. >> i also have to say i came in here not knowing anything about weather. >> look at you. my gosh. >> girard mcneff, max glenbo, you two have been my saviors, thank you, lilly, everyone in the control room. i adore you all. >> good luck, marysol.
8:53 am
>> good morning, everybody. from the makers of tylenol.e precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals for deep penetrating relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra women's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d, which emerging science suggests supports breast health, and calcium for bone health. centrum ultra women's. moh-ohm. -do you have your lunch? -yes. and you know where your classroom is? uh huh. mom, i can walk from here. what about your... mom, i got it. ♪
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8:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, it's 8:56, and in the news, we see cigarettes are blame for many houses in
8:57 am
manassas. officials say that the man who lived in the house where it started, put out his cigarette in a planter filled with dirt and mulch. major tie ups in the construction work of the navy five-miler, with roads closed. in addition to the orange, blue, and green lines on the metro rail, and closures on the douglas bridge. >> summer official ended on wednesday, but now today it feels like it. a mere 60 degrees and light showers falling. and with the picture on doppler, show you where the rain is on the metro area. and especially down to the southwest. and all of this is the vanguard of more significant rain coming
8:58 am
our way. and we hit 90 yesterday and today we will see the beginning of a soaking period. high temperature only 70-73 degrees. and look for showers and tomorrow and tuesday, heavy rain one to three inches. and warm up on tuesday, and then in the latter part of the week, the sun comes back. >> thanks, dave, and thank you for watching. hope you have a great day. south of laredo, there's a place...
8:59 am
gotta cross an ocean of scorpion-covered earth. so hot, rattlesnakes... combust, spontaneously. we're drawn like moths to a flaming jalapeño. but, you gotta eat bold, know what i'm sayin. [ male announcer ] subway has turned up the heat! introducing subway fiery footlong subs. the hot new turkey jalapeño melt and bold-acious buffalo chicken. eat bold! [ biker ] subway fiery footlong subs, burn the wimp right outta ya.


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