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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 28, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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33333333333333333333333333333333 333 making news on this tuesday, september 28th. >> replacing rahm. that could be next on the president's agenda, as the white house chief of staff, prepares to make a major announcement. "obama's wars" the revealing book. taking us behind closed doors. what makes the president angriest? and fire danger in southern california. the hottest day ever. so hot, it actually broke the day r city's main thermometer. good morning. we begin this morning with a developing news story, which may be the highest resignation yet
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of president obama's inner circle. >> obama are getting for rahm emanuel, to say he is stepping down. it could come this friday. no final decision has been made. >> emanuel is a chicago native. and he wants to run for mayor there. his temporary replacement may come on friday. >> his departure would be in the heat of the midterm election campaign. and president obama will be back on the stump again today. >> emily schmidt is in washington with the developing story. good morning, emory. >> reporter: rob and vinita, good morning to you. when barack obama ran for president, in 2008, the lines at his student events usually stretch as far as the eye that can see. that excitement translated into votes. tonight, president obama is going to return to those roots. he's holding a rally at the university of wisconsin, hoping to capture that excitement again. today, the president, who inspired young voters, with hope
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and change. >> we have given young people reason to believe. >> reporter: returns to his college rally roots, to convince those youth to vote again. >> you can't sit it out. you can't suddenly just check in once every ten years or so on an exciting presidential election. and then, not pay attention during big midterm elections when we've got a real big choice, between democrats and republicans. >> reporter: mr. obama's name isn't on the ballot this time. but his party's control of congress is on the line. and youth say there's simply they're motivated. just 55% of young people say they are certain to vote in november. compared to three-quarters of older voters. >> it isn't the same engagement involvement as casting a ballot for our first election. >> i'm not disappointed. i just want more. >> reporter: that's a challenge democrats face five weeks before the election. president obama is talking the economy this week. vice president biden urged
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democrats yesterday to stop whining and consider the alternatives. the question is whether youth will back it up with their vote. >> they're paying attention. but they're starting to increase in their cynicism about the process. >> reporter: president obama's trip to wisconsin, really highlights a huge shift in the electoral landscape over the last two years. in 2008, a record number of new voters in wisconsin turned out for the democrats. this year, key races all across the states, looking much tighter. >> emily schmidt, live in washington this morning. bob woodward's new book, "obama's wars" is number two, on the best-selling list this morning. and in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer, woodward talks about top brass over the war in afghanistan. >> what's the angriest that he gets at the military? >> one of the meetings, he says, i'm pissed. and he is. they keep coming back about
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details. and they're trying to push him in that direction. and he's pushing back. >> after a three-month debate, president obama dictated an unprecedented document, in which he detailed how new troops would be sent into afghanistan. also, in the interview with diane sawyer, wootward played a tape of the president, discussing terror threats against the u.s. >> a potential game-changer would be a nuclear weapon, in the hands of terrorists, blowing up a major american city. or a weapon of mass destruction, in a major american city. so, when i go down the list of things i have to worry about, all the time, the -- that is at the top because that's one area where you can't afford any mistakes. >> woodward's book also details a secret warning the u.s. has given to pakistan.
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it says if an attack on the homeland comes from someone trained inside pakistan, that the u.s. would respond militarily. and coming up on "good morning america" today, george stephanopoulos talks with bob woodward, about that new book, "obama's wars." we mentioned potential attacks notice pakistan. we have word this morning that the cia is drastically increasing its bombing attacks inside that country. according to "the new york times," the agency has launched 20 drone attacks this month. that's the most ever in a single month. it's all part of an effort to destroy the bases the taliban and al qaeda forces use to attack u.s. troops across the boarder in afghanistan. here at home, the investigation is moving forward, into saturday's emergency landing of a small passenger jet. we've learned that the type of plane involved in that incident, has a history of landing gear problems. the landing gear doors on the crj-900, have been found to bend as the plane ages. but it's not clear if that's what caused saturday's emergency
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at kennedy airport here in new york. dozens of people in southern california are without power in southern california, after a day of record heat. a thermometer in downtown los angeles, hit 113 degrees. and then, it stopped working. >> reporter: anybody living in the city of angels got a taste of purgatory today. it hit 119 degrees in los angeles, at 12:15 p.m. it's an unexpected week of summer in the first full week of autumn, in l.a. >> end of september, i thought it would turn into fall. >> reporter: this year, angeline knows got a cool june, july and august. those not hitting the beach did whatever they could to keep cool, like using umbrellas on the sidewalk, or stepping into a fountain with their clothes on. the national weather service says the prolonged period of heat was being caused by a ridge of high pressure, that's keeping the pacific ocean's normal cool
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temperatures at a distance. that's not only a minor issue for those without amenities. >> do you have air conditioning in there? >> no. no, i don't. >> reporter: but a major problem for firefighters. >> this is the peak of our fire season. >> reporter: john miller could not be more spot-on, as a small but persistent brush fire broke in the los angeles suburb thousand oaks. although temperatures were high, there was little wind, giving some relief that the blaze would not spread so quickly. time, now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. cooling off to the mid-80s in downtown l.a. but hotter inland. light rain from seattle to tacoma. a wet day along the east coast, from miami to maine. downpours, large hail and gusty winds around philadelphia, new york and boston. >> much of the northeast will hover around the 80-degree mark. miami climbs to 87. 60s from minneapolis to detroit. and 72 in fargo. triple-digits for phoenix and sacramento. 85 in salt lake city.
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70 in seattle. your business news is next. blackberry takes on the ipad, unveiling its new tablet computer. and a major airline merger shaking up the industry again. what does the deal mean for you? plus, bristol palin's biggest supporter drops by the
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a big deal is shaking up the airline industry. southwest airs is planning to
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buy airtran. the $1.4 billion deal would move southwest into 37 new cities, including atlanta. and while southwest says it will drop airtran's baggage fees when they combine, the merger could mean fewer discounts. and time, now, for a check of market activity, starting overseas. tokyo's nikkei average lost more than 100 points today. hong kong's hang seng is down in late trading. and in london, the ftse opened lower. on monday, the dow lost 48 points. meanwhile, the nasdaq dropped 11 points. the irs will no longer send out tax forms via snail mail. that's because so many people download the files online. the move is expected to save about $10 million a year. paper forms will still be available to download or at irs offices. ben & jerry's is dropping the phrase all-natural from its containers. the ice cream isn't changing any of its ingredients. a consumer watchdog group told
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the company it shouldn't use the phrase all-natural when putting certain ingredients in the ice cream. a new tablet computer is coming to take on apple's ipad. the blackberry playbook has a seven-inch screen. it will have two cameras. and can use a wireless link to act as a larger screen for a separate blackberry device. the playbook comes out next year at about the same price as the ipad. coming up next on this tuesday, all the bans on texts and phones behind the wheel. a surprising look at whether those laws actually save lives. and new orleans welcomes some new arrivals, nine months after the super bowl win. ♪ ♪ fresh butter taste ♪ yes, that's here ♪ no hydrogenated oils ♪ so there's no trans fats here ♪ ♪ whoa... ♪ turn the tub around ♪ talking about nutrition
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also on i-40 and 95 in the carolinas. showers could make it slick on i-84 from detroit to chicago. and i-90 from milwaukee to indianapolis. >> if you're flying today, you can expect airport delays in boston, philadelphia, new york, washington, charlotte and miami. there has been disturbing testimony in the case of an army sergeant, accused of launching a plan to kill innocent 1i68ians in afghanistan. >> it's among the most serious war crime cases to come out of the afghan war so far. brian ross has more from the hearing. >> reporter: in february, in a call for help from his army base in afghanistan. adam winfield told his parents in florida, via facebook, that his staff sergeant was murdering innocent afghan civilians. but he didn't feel safe telling anyone on the base about it. >> he said, if he told anybody over there, he would never make it past that night. he would never make it home. >> reporter: winfields say they called six different army officers and a senator to get help.
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>> thank you for calling ft. lewis. >> reporter: they were either ignored or told nothing could be done. now, their son, adam, is one of those charged with murder, forced by the sergeant to take part of the killing in may of an afghan man. >> it's heartbreaking. and i've been crying ever since. >> reporter: other soldiers say the sergeant, calvin gibbs, seen here in a high school photo, forced g.i.s in his unit to pick out afghans and kill them for sport, collecting body parts as so souvenirs. on a tape obtained by abc news, corporal jeremy morlock, also convicted of murder, that sergeant gibbs was crazy. no one could tell him no. >> you don't want to cross gibbs, ever, at all. when it comes to killing people, that's too easy. >> reporter: it is shades of vietnam, including allegations that soldiers at the base, regularly used drugs, hashish,
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laced with opium, to deal with the stress of their lives in afghanistan. >> bad days. stressful days. days that we just needed escape. >> reporter: the military now confirms it is investigating the allegations that the parents of adam winfield, tried back in february to warn the army, that both innocent afghan civilians and u.s. soldiers were being put at risk. brian ross, abc news, new york. to politics, now, and some new developments in the much-watched new york governor's race. a real estate developer, backed by the tea party, just got a big boost. conservative party candidate, rick lazio, dropped out of the race yesterday, two weeks after losing the gop primary to carl paladino. with the republican party no longer split, democratic nominee andrew cuomo may have to settle for a smaller cut of the votes. the parent of the segway company has apparently falling
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to his death while riding one of the scooters. a segway was found nearby. police are not saying much about this incident. however, the family says there will be a full investigation into his death. new laws against texting while driving may not be doing much to improve safety. a new study show there's was no drop in traffic accident rates following statewide bans on texting behind the wheel. the insurance institute for highway safety says the number of crashes went up slightly among the youngest group of drivers. researchers suggest the results may mean drivers have other distractions in addition to texting. a baby-boom in new orleans is the latest evidence of the good times the city had earlier this year, as the saints made their nfl playoff run. births are up 46% in one city hospital. and they're expecting a spike soon, as the big easy marks nine months since the saints' super bowl triumph. all the new saints fans are cleverly being called the new
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dates. in the nfl, there's three undefeated teams. pittsburgh, kansas city and chicago. details on how the embassy joined that group last night from espn news. >> good morning. what a game we had for you last night on "monday night football," between the 2-0, green bay packers and the 2-0, chicago bears. pick up the action early in the fourth quarter. bears trailing 10-7. green bay punting to the always-dangerous devin hester. hester, driving through rush hour traffic. takes it to the h.o.v. lane. 62 yards for the touchdown. bears up 14-10. later in the fourth, the packers respond. aaron rogers. dives for the pylon. he's in. touchdown, packers up 17-14. under 2:30 to go. packers' ball at their own 38. driving, rogers to james jones. but it -- coughs up the football. recovered by chicago's tim
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jennings. brian urlacher forces the fumble. bears' ball. ensuing drive, eight seconds to go. robbie gould, attempting the 19-yard field goal. it is up. it is good. the bears win 20-17. they're 3-0, for the first time since 2006. phillies and nationals. philadelphia, looking to clinch the n.l. east. top of the second. jayson werth, the bomb off john lannan. werth's 26th of the year. phillies up 1-0. more than enough for roy halladay. ins the second gets roger bernadina swinging. then, in the ninth inning, halladay still in there. he gets danny espinoza. halladay with a complete game shutout. the phillies win 8-0, to clinch the n.l. east division title for the fourth-straight year. that's a look at sports this morning. i'm ducis rodgers. back to you in new york. from politician to proud mom. the spotlight was on sarah palin
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last night, as she entered the ballroom for the first time. >> palin appeared on "dancing with the stars," to cheer on her daughter, who she referred to as bristol the pistol. bristol did well. the top score went to "dirty dancer" jennifer grey. >> we'll find out tonight who will be the second celebrity to get the boot. >> they asked her if she liked hollywood or alaska? >> i like hollywood. but i like alaska better. coming up, a looming announcement from the president's inner circle. and country music's hallowed ground gets set to reopen open. "i she done more to take care of myself." . that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication
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the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. and now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this tuesday. we're likely to get some reactions to the news that white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, may be stepping down on friday. no final decision has been made yet. but emanuel may leave the administration in order to run for mayor of chicago. president obama is on a campaign-style tour of two states today. in wisconsin, he is hoping to rally the student voters who turned out to support his candidacy the last time around. red flag warnings are up in southern california, after a day of scorching heat there. thousands lost power because of increased demand for electricity. and the grand ole openry house is reopening tonight for the first time since it was flooded in may. it will feature a dozen performers, including brad paisley, keith urban and martina
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from roswell, to nevada's area 51, there's long been
4:28 am
theories about what the u.s. government knows and does not know about aliens and ufos. >> the official position is that they don't exist. but now, there's new claims from an unlikely source. air force vets. >> they say they've seen ufos over military bases. and the visitors came with a message. [ sirens ] >> this planet is being visited by beings from another world. >> reporter: these veterans admit those claims might seem out of this world. but they have seen the proof. >> a white, pulsating light in the sky. >> dark with strange markings. >> reporter: each of the seven retired air force nuclear missile officers, shared declassified information. documents that described flying discs, balls of fire. the same sight that robert saw when he was based at the malmstrom air base in 1967.
4:29 am
>> an object, hovering above our front gate. >> reporter: they say there was more to the visits. that the ufos somehow tampered with the nuclear missiles. >> they fully-illuminated round object was shining a light down on to it. >> reporter: moments later, he said the missiles were deactivated. the veterans described incidents from the '60s and '70s. but they have evidence of encounters as recent as 2003. they say the alien deactivation of nuclear weapons is a message to the human race. >> at this point in time, i'm in the banker. >> reporter: one man who doesn't buy it, the air and space museum's chief curator. >> i probe pretty hard. what kinds of evidence do you have to support this? i kr yet to see any. >> reporter: the veterans know what they saw. and they want the government to come clean.


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