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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 28, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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ended. someone opened fire on a vehicle about to join the funeral procession. >> i have one person who has been taken to the hospital. one person here on the scene is deceased. >> funeral goers lined the streets and were stunned by the eruption of violence. the funeral was for young homicide victim, ashley mccray. although police have made an arrest in her killing, they expected the simmering anger and retaliation led to today's homicide. >> you hear all of the gunshots. there were 12 of them that went off. >> at this point, there are no suspects in custody. police are looking for a light- colored older model crown victoria seen fleeing from this neighborhood. >> thank you.
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police believe that today's shooting is gang-related. the family of the center of today's funeral has already felt the pain of gang violence. we continue live team coverage. >> i am outside walker memorial baptist church where the funeral took place. there were between 600 people to 700 people who were here for the funeral for daschle mccray. she was the victim of a fatal shooting. >> i heard gunshots go off. from where, i do not know. >> was there panic, sir? >> yes. >> he described the scene after paul burress had taken the body of ashley mcrae from the church. -- after pallbearers had taken the body of ashley mcrae from
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the church. >> it is very disrespectful toward our daughter and our family. they need to stop this. >> police say that today's incident had nothing to do with ashley mccray's death. that had already arrested a suspect in that case. -- they had already arrested a suspect in that case. one gang saw rival those side of the funeral and started shooting. >> they could not put down would ever be if they had for one day to at least show respect for someone who had died. >> the same type of gang violence occurred two years ago when ashley mccray's brother was shot in a plain brown. later, friends in a moral teacher sat outside the family home as police kept watch to protect the mourners.
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>> [unintelligible] >> very scary. >> debra mccray came out of the place to talk with us. we saw police stopped a young man in the street. these days, according to police, they had six officers to seven officers at the funeral. but it seems that these days it is becoming increasingly dangerous to just attend some of these funerals in the city. we now know what sent former president jimmy carter to the hospital. he was on a flight from atlanta to cleveland. rescue crews got him off of an airplane and rushed into an area hospital. he is traveling to promote his
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new book and he is expected to resume his book tour this week. we are still under a storm watch tonight. the raid took a break today. it will be coming back with a vengeance. >> we are getting a break now from this morning's rain. a whole lot more is just down the road. we have beautiful sky right now with patches of blue and no rain locally. we have had our fair share, ending this morning. what is all this talk about more heavy rain? we will show you what is happening. a new tropical depression just south of cuba looks like it will head north toward. ward.rth fo
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we're talking about a whole lot of rain, much more than what fell yesterday. for more on the storms and the rest of this week's weather, you can go to women in management positions are making more money these days, but is still a lot less than their male counterparts. bowhunting could be coming to a park near you. that and much more is coming up just ahead. a family and a high-school are mourning the loss of a teammate. force peterson died over the weekend in a car accident. we spoke with his parents and his football coach. >> this is normally the time of
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day that force peterson would be practicing with his teammates here at burqa point high school -- at brooke. -- at brookpoint high school. >> he was one of the teenagers that got the big picture. >> he was a great kid. >> he was a person who believed that serving others was more important than serving yourself. was driving home after playing in a high-school football game. he dreamed of becoming a marine corps officer. his father called him his best friend. >> he was a friend and mentor. he was somebody that i was learning more from every day. >> as the son of a marine,
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petersen moved eight times in his 17 years. only a year ago, he came here to brookpoint. >> the impact he had is just beyond belief. he had no idea that he was loved and respected at this school as he was at home. >> he was the first one to show up at practice. >> on the field where putin used to play, his no. 51 is now printed in black. his family will also honor his memory. >> i know we will talk about him every single day and sometimes we will cry. sometimes we will laugh. but we want to keep his spirit alive. >> his spirit is alive in several organ donor recipients. he did not hesitate to check the box on the back of his driver's license bets that he would be an organ donor. in fact, his heart is now
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beating in a 13-year-old girl. a worker in charles county is recovering after falling into a well in a pump station. he fell into a 30-foot well around 10:30 a.m. it took a while for rescue crews to pull him out. it was on the 2900 block of st. charles pkwy. the man is now being cleanup of hazardous chemicals that may have been in that well. hundreds of livestock were rescued by firefighters. two hundred 50 cattle -- two hundred 50 cattle were in danger when the fire started. -- 250 cattle were in danger when the fire started. after our story on water contamination, frederick and 40
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dietrich officials have joined forces to open lines of communication with the public. >> the timing of the forming of this committee is very interesting. even the commander of fort dietrich agrees with that statement. it is to tell you about future experiments at fort dietrich. in the meantime, there are people living with cancer in this area who want to know how they get sick. she's survived renal cancer and now suffers from cancer of the plasma cells in her bone marrow. >> i am terrified for my children. >> she wonders if living so close to toxic experiments of agent orange caused her cancer. >> if you talk to people in this can in a day -- in this community, it affects their
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whole family. where does it stop? >> today's leaders announced forming a committee to keep the public in the know for future laboratory studies. >> we are safe now. >> but are they safe? >> those. -- both. tot is diffraca fact that we nd confirm or deny. >> i would like to see full disclosure and truth. >> we are expecting to get the
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findings of the results of that independent study by the end of the year. still to come, why bans on texting may actually cause more accidents. what is most startling is what little progress we have made. >> while there is an increase and pay, there is still a huge gap between men and women
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said today, there are more women in leadership roles in the workplace, but that does not mean that they are making more money than the man in the office next door. >> salaries have risen, but they do not match men's salaries. congresswomanone woma is doing to change the numbers. >> they have a long way to go. the gender pay gap is shrinking, but just barely. >> that will be a lifelong issue for women. they will continue that battle.
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that is just part of womanhood. >> female managers now earn 81 cents for every dollar earned by their male manager counterparts. that is compared to 79 cents before 2000. >> it is not just here in managing positions, but a lot of positions where they are suffering pay discrimination. >> it is predominantly male. it will be a long way before that changes. >> more women than ever before are earning college and credit -- and graduate degrees. carolyn maloney called for today's hearing on the report. >> what is most startling is how little progress we have made. more women are gaining education and we are closing the education gap. but we are not closing the pay
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gap. >> the number of female managers rose to 40%. >> i am surprised by that. i heard about it for years. i thought that things had changed by now. >> manager-mothers are seeing an even more glaring difference from manager-fathers. >> very interesting. the nation's capital has some of the nation's wealthiest workers. d.c. workers have the highest salaries of any major city in the u.s.. they make a median income of a little more than $85,000 a year. the report says that the income is flat from 2008 to 2009. but every other metro area suffered a decline. police are trying to piece together why a student shot
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himself on a texas university campus. he wore a ski mask, dark clothing, and was armed with an assault rifle. he began shooting and then turned the gun on himself. no one else was hurt their. the rain has stopped and the wisconsin river is expected to receive in the next 24 hours. in southern california, they could use some of that range. the heat wave continues there. 10,000 people are without electricity. temperatures reached up to 114 degrees in parts of orange county and los angeles county. >> at the usc campus in
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downtown los angeles, it is 90 degrees there now. that is manageable. most of the country is quiet weather-wise. there is a lot of rain headed here. you saw yeste?ompared to what is coming. there was rain they came to an end early this morning. we have a little sunshine and clouds of different shapes and sizes going by. generally, it will clear out. it is 76 degrees right now in the district. it will be breezy there as well. it is 70 degrees in aspirin. -- is 78 degrees in - burashburn. we have a topical -- we have a
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tropical depression just south of cuba. it will be assigned the name nicole. as it moves northward, it will be a strong rain-maker, but it will lose its tropical storm characteristics. this will absorbable this moisture and rapidly advance it up the coast. the east coast could get 8 inches to 10 inches of rain. in some parts of the area could get 4 inches of rain. it will come and it will go. there is a 24-hour window. a lot of rain may fall with little gusty wind. we will have a beautiful friday and weekend. it is 78 in fairfax and
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gaithersburg. there is cool air off to the north and west. a lot of times, when you get a big difference in temperatures to the west, you have clear and warmer air to these. then you have a channel that sets up in the atmosphere. it acts almost like railroad tracks. the moisture just follows it straight up. that is the pattern we're expecting for tomorrow and into tomorrow night and thursday it will be much cooler and more humid air. it will head up the east coast through the day. there is a storm center over the great lakes. all this moisture will be funneled right up the east coast. there is a tornado watch set up for a couple of hours in new england. all the action is to these. cool weather is waiting to move
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in for the weekend. there will be very heavy rain and flash floods tomorrow and into thursday. rain will develop in the afternoon and bill become heavy -- and will become heavy tomorrow night. check this weekend. it will be in the 60's with sunshine. there is a real taste of autumn weather just around the corner. >> that is something to look forward to. we have the premiere of "no ordinary family." and family survives a plane crash and walks away with new superhuman powers. >> you know that superhuman thing you you keep? >> yes. >> i am fast. >> you will have to see what
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superpowers her husband and her children come away with. say which celebrity will be going home tonight on "dancing with the star's" at 9:00 p.m. amtrak is planning to get you from new york to d.c. in an hour and half. thousands are flocking to the national shrine to see a 200-year-old st.. it is only september, but thousands of holiday jobs are already popping up across the thousands of holiday jobs are already popping up across the
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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just 87 days until christmas. bring on the snow. companies are already looking for to the holidays. >> it seems we are seeing it earlier and earlier. >> exactly. >> we have a look at who is hiring these days. >> the music really threw me off. most retail experts say that we can expect a 26% increase in hiring this holiday season. so if your job hunting or know someone who is, you will want to pay close attention. >> retailers are definitely hiring this year. >> they are optimistic about the
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holiday season despite the down economy. they plan to hire 45,000 seasonal employees, doubling the current work force. >> we see an upswing in hiring. if you want a seasonal job, you need to apply now. but you may not start working until the second or third week in november. >> they are hiring in september, much earlier this year. they are anticipating bringing in more employees to work thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's. they need workers to make deliveries. macy's is looking for 65,000 seasonal workers to fill their stores across the country. >> i think that is very good. but the economy back to work. >> i think that is good because you have a lot of people looking for work. that would be good. people will be able to work for the holidays. >> i think that it is a good idea. i may try to get a job there. who knows? >> you can fill out an online
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application before you come into the store before an interview. they say that experience is not the first thing they're looking for. it is a good attitude. >> thank you. coming up, a controversy is brewing in fairfax county now that bow hunters will be taking aim in local parks. a good buy to senator stevens as he is laid to rest in arlington cemetery. stevens as he is laid to rest in arlington cemetery.
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and tonight, virginia is being connected to other crimes in other states. >> we have details and reactions from virginia's governor. >> the 46-page report is tracing guns and it is out of the guns that can be traced to specific crimes across the country. they say that & are guns that came here from the commonwealth of virginia. it is a criticism of the mayor's commission. they have been reported to have been used from hold of two
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homicides in other states. the report cites virginia's lack of background checks at gun shows as one of the reasons that the state is considered a top supplier in crime. this is a big issue for those in northern virginia as well. >> there should not be a loophole going at a gun show than going through the normal process. that does not seem like the way it should be. >> they should tighten up on the gun laws. i do not think anybody should be able to just get a gun. you have crazy people out here. >> the mayors' report connects tougher gun laws. the commonwealth gun laws are strong, says the governor. >> cracking down on criminals as good. >> anything that has to do with guns can spark controversy. >> he is bad mouthing us.
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this is virginia, always will be. what other people say, hey, i cannot help that. >> gov. mcdonnell says he will have his secretary of public transportation and safety take a look at this report, go through the details, and see if there is anything the commonwealth can learn from that. he also says you can be sure that lawmakers will bring it to the general assembly in january of next year. and tonight, a teenager is under arrest after his little brother got the whole of a gun and shot himself. 15-year-old marcus faces several charges, including letting a minor have access to a firearm. fantasia ferreira is accused of hiding the gun after the shooting. mario found the stolen gun under a bed yesterday and shot himself in the chest. the boy remains in the hospital
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in critical condition. >> members of -- members of congress gathered to remember senator stevens. he died in a plane crash over the summer. today, he was given one final tribute. >> down the winding road at arlington national cemetery, the service began with a harmonious hym. under the clear autumn sky, beneath a large oak tree, the final resting place, it was a burial with full military honors for a man who lived his life to the fullest, first as an air force pilot during world war ii and then as a public servant in washington. >> this is the most appropriate place for him. >> for this long list--- for the longest-running serving
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senator, this was a proper. he left an exemplary footprint wherever he went pierre >> most of all, you will be missed because you always left me with a smile. >> for many, the most moving moment came with a flyover. >> he was with us and then he was gone. >> his longtime friend flew in from alaska to be here on this emotional day. >> it is a humbling honor to be here. >> at arlington national cemetery, pamela brown.
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police are investigating what caused the of car crash in montgomery county. it hit the building in germantown this morning. the building did sustain some damage. no one was injured. the city of manassas is cracking down after controversy over an adult-themed store in old town. the city council voted unanimously last night to regulate all sexually-oriented services in the city. they look to keep adults shops away from schools, libraries, and churches. there is a plan to change east coast travel through high- speed rail. the plan will create high-speed tracks from highd.c. to boston by 200015.
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it would take 84 minutes from new york to boston. >> that is fast. more matra repairs means more stations closing and delays. -- more metro repairs means more stations closing and delays. an investigation in a maryland family's home. ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face.
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call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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it is time for the traffic situation this evening. >> things are not too bad, just like they worry us today. there is a belt with slowing coming out of tyson. take a look at the outer loop to the right. it is usually slow traffic. but not today. you will see some slow traffic on the inner loop. that has cleared out on connecticut avenue. there is still some slow traffic on the outer loop past kohl's will road. -- past colesville rd.
5:40 pm
it is not a bad day. it is an overcast day that does not have a lot of delays. some d.c. residents are still feeling the sun even though the summer is officially over. some of them are using solar energy to heat their water. whether these neighbors know it on not, they are going solar. >> it is not first and foremost in my day-to-day life. >> they installed these solar panels on the building's roof tops. instead of providing electricity, they are heeding the building's water appeared >> worldwide, solar hot water is bigger than wind and electric combined. >> this man is not only the tenant, but a building manager. he jumped at a chance to green
5:41 pm
his own building. >> about 90% of our water is heated in the summer and about 60% in the winter. >> the company expects to be the biggest solar energy producer in the district by the end of september. >> it is simple. everyone understands that, when you are out in the sun, it put a glass of water in the sun, it gets hot. >> the technology works by heating a liquid in the roof panels and running it down to the basement where it warm water from the city supplied. building owners only have to pay for the energy that the residents use. >> we are selling heat that we generate and we offer it at a six percentage discount from what you would have paid. >> four residential buildings in the district are using them, providing hot water for two dozen residents.
5:42 pm
>> that solar thermal technology is having a positive impact on residents wallets. it has given them to lower utility bills. coming up next, while banning texting may cause more accidents. to the deer population in the county is out of control. some residents do not like the
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wildlife experts say that the deer population in fairfax county is growing out of control. they have a controversial idea on how to fix it. >> controlled bowhunting could be coming to a park near you. >> the decision has already been made to conduct these skills with the hunters. the deer population is out of control. we are near a residential area.
5:46 pm
that is part of the problem. you cannot see them back there in the woods. there are too many deer. the county says something has to be done about it. fairfax county says that the deer population is out of control. john ellis what was running an errand and she ran into a deer. >> she could not stop and she did it appear >> in fairfax county and other areas, we have -- she hit it. >> in fairfax county and other areas, we have a lot of deer. we have no cougars and no walls. >> so they need to kill some of. so controlled kills with bow hunters will take place from mid-october through february. jennifer lives within walking distance of one of the parks where the killed will take
5:47 pm
place. >> maybe they need to go down to where there are vast amounts of woods. i do not think there are not many woods or fields that are open where there are not many children. >> the county has come under criticism from animal groups, questioning how humane bowhunting is. county officials say, do not worry, the hunts will take place at times when few, if any, people are in the parks. police have released new clues in a weakened hit-and-run in silver spring. investigators are still looking for a dark-colored older model gmc jimmy chevy as 10 pick of truck, chevy blazer, or oldsmobile. it has damage to the head and a crack in the windshield.
5:48 pm
saturday night, a pedestrian was struck by a car and it kept going. if you have any information at all, you are asked to call police. there is new research that banned texting may cause more accidents. the laws do not address the hazard of texting. the speculation is that drivers are lowering their funds so that police do not see them. -- their phones so that pipolice to do not see them. that was the topic this afternoon as we took up the drive to stay alive program.
5:49 pm
homecoming season is the most dangerous time for teenage drivers. >> we have a a warning for riders on the blue line and the orange line in columbus this weekend. get ready for some delays. they will be shutting down stations for repair work. the lower level of metro center will be closed. there will be no blue line service nor orange line service. let's see what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. this evening. >> another guilty plea on a
5:50 pm
credit card scam. we will find out who will have a chance to answer questions in a state investigation. we are looking at some heavy-duty rain headed this way. >> to get prepared. pullout the umbrella. >> not tonight. that will be tomorrow night. th t up, let's look at chesapeake beach. the wind is allied with temperatures in the upper-70's. it is a comfortable evening. there is a southerly wind at 8 miles per hour. we want to switch gears to florida. it is 71 degrees there, but 3.5 inches of rain. that is the leading edge of the
5:51 pm
new weather system that will bring us excessive rainfall because of eye and increasing tropical depression just south of cuba. -- because of an increasing tropical depression just south of cuba. it will be rapidly developing system with 2 inches or more. here is the weather map for tomorrow. this will hang out there until friday and move into the weekend. but it will force the clouds and the moisture to move north. there will be potential heavy rain and flooding at times tomorrow night and into thursday. tomorrow, there will be clouds. there will be showers in the afternoon. there will be heavy at times in the evening. friday and the the weekend looks spectacular. i am picking the redskins this weekend.
5:52 pm
is this a great time of year or what? we will start with the wizards. i love this. the wizards open with midnight madness overnight. they ended just a short while ago. we will take you ought to fairfax in sports coming up at 6:00 p.m. the eagles have been made a big favorite. they know what they are up against. they are saying all the right things leading up to this. >> the legacy that he left here will be just that, a legacy that lasts forever. he did a lot of things for this organization. that is not forgotten. >> we will not treat him different from any other team. he is on the opposite team.
5:53 pm
he is the enemy. so we are coming. >> donovan mcnabb can be heard every tuesday night right here on our sister station at 830 airtime -- 8:30 airtime. the big hitters were out in force. mark lerner was there and daniel snyder appeared they were on capitol hill. they joined together to fight childhood obesity. was it disrespectful. they stand on the nationals mound. >> if we win, we stop them from doing ed. obviously, we want to be where they are at. hopefully, one year we can
5:54 pm
celebrate on their field of the way they did on hours. ours. h way they did on hours. ours. h we will hear from s
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation.
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when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at thousands of people went by the basilica today. >> it was an emotional day for so many of. ♪ ♪ >> students from the local high school, the glass coffin bearing the relic, and train the basilica for a one-day stop. >> his hand is in the wax. >> he is taking the remains of st. john bosco and putting them in a death mask and traveling
5:58 pm
the world in celebration of what is soon to be his 200th anniversary of his birth. >> don bosco founded a religious order and dedicated his life to helping children. today, they touched a. entire families showed up. >> anything we can do to grab on to the faith, that is what i want. >> this woman praised her son will become a priest. ys person willprais become a priest. >> [unintelligible] >> you cannot just explain it. >> the relic will be here for
5:59 pm
mass at 6:30 p.m. tonight and then will be off to the next staop. at 6:00 p.m. tonight, gun fire at a funeral. a committee is morning another life lost. police tried to connect the dots after a string of deaths. how about some good economic news for a change? captioned by the national captioning institute a service for a shooting victim and another death in the district. people on you street had to run for cover when the shots rang out


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