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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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let's check in with lisa and just a moment. first, here is our meteorologist for defects in very active whether morning across the mid- atlantic o. it goes until 1:00 this afternoon. it does not include the panhandle of west virginia. let's take a look at our storm scam. we can see what is on the way. most of the area's leading a moderate rains. it stretches all the way off the coast. heavy rain is for the morning and afternoon hours. they really start to settle down. look at the rain totals. over an inch. head over to arlington, almost an inch of rain has already fallen. it to continue to increase. how much can we expect? anywhere from two or 5 inches protocol -- 5 inches.
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here is a look. temperatures will eventually here is a look. temperatures will eventually go in the lower 70's. coming up, we will take at -- a look at the outlook. we have a newly issued -- a flash flood warning at this time. it does include montgomery county. it is a newly issued flash flood warning. this is until 10:45 a.m. let's get an update on the rush hour news. there is a lot of breaking weather news. >> i have to separate wrecks. the first one is between the planes and marshall. the second one is near dulles.
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it is getting into the exit for gainesville this morning. hearing about a jackknifed tractor-trailer, on the inner lives, at the exit, before the exit 4 old georgetown road, for now traffic is moving through very slowly. i 70 is closed. i 70 east at 29. we will have more on the traffic same. >> a lot of problems early this morning. 5:02 is the time. low-lying regions are bracing for flooding. the rain continues to fall. people sent once a stocking up on sandbags to stop the rise in potomac river. >> we see the rain coming down there. >> it is certainly picking up. it is coming down pretty hard.
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we are done at the end of king street. they have the sign of, do not drive. the and not seen it pressed over. we are expecting it. we know they have the sand bags ready to go. it is 2 inches or 4 inches. it is something we are not add due till it in quite at a time. they are driving around old-time alexander. side streets are seeing standing water. there is some high water that has come in. you want to be on the lookout for that. it is going to affect the way your car is driving in hydroplaning. off his line to affect your --
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it is going to affect your visibility. not many are able to fix a bed this morning. >> thank you. we should tell you that people are taking precautions against flooding. residents are each allowed to take home five sandbags. i would like to have eight or tim. we are trying to ward it off. it is the last time i did not get it. >> each sandbags includes about 40 pounds of sand. they are protecting their property. we will check back and all morning long. this logon to our weather page.
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>> it is 5:04 now. developing story from southeast washington. they are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. they were shot after 10:00 p.m.. one was pronounced dead at the hospital. the others said to be in critical condition. >> new details about the death of a tour bus crashed. take a look. this is a scene after it crashed off a sky ram growing 35 feet. it killed the driver and sent dozens of children to local hospitals. authorities have identified the victims. we are joined by from the newsroom for the very latest. >> this morning. they spent the day site in the nation's capital. the driver was pronounced dead at the same.
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a kid a month early years before the official cause of the crash. >> when the bus came to a stop, witnesses and crews scramble to help the injured, mostly children. >> there is a couple in shock. listen to that. it is pretty heroine. the driver appeared to sum over. it came down through trees and brush. told passengers were sent to local hospital. crews had to extricate several passengers from the bus as police dogs searched to make sure no one objected --. >> the only thing that stands
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out is the bosnians pretty significant. i am supplying surprise or not more severe injuries. >> a team from the board will spend the day looking at the condition of the bus, roadway, and the drivers medical history. they are also awaiting the drivers of testing results. >> stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage burda coming up, we are going to hear from the heroes who helped rescue kids from the mangled bus. still ahead, the east coast under water but our coverage continues. first, part of the metro region are currently under a tornado watch. we are going to be right back with an update on your traffic and weather every 10
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>> in the morning a lot of moisture pushing from the south.
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also we do have a tornado watch until 1b8g this afternoon and includes the district, fairfax county and points towards the east. a tornado watch until 1:00. a flash flood warning has now been issued for the district surrounding counties until 1:45 this afternoon and a wind advisory for anne arundel counties and more and could see wind gusts of upwards of 50 and 60 miles an hour. lifting off towards the minority and east. we're expecting anywhere from 2 inches to 5 inches. delmarva peninsula around five inches or more. more weather and traffic after this. >> in virginia 95 north, let's see here, the two left are open,
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a multi car crash at 95 woodbridge northbound just before you go over the och kwan river, you have to stay single file to the left. two wrecks between plane and marshall. jackknifed tractor-trailer on the inner loop at the exit for 270 north before old georgetown road. a wreck on 9510u9 in maryland, the two left lanes are blocked at 212 which is the exit before you get on the beltway. 270 south at falls road a crash on the left side of the road. >> thank you, lisa. 5:12 is your time on this thursday morning. coming up in today's "tech bytes" this morning a major online alliance. facebook and skype could be teaming up. plus, how one d.c. school could end up millions of dollars in the red.
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>> hi, welcome back, everybody. it's 5:15 now on a tchurs morning. looking at this day ahead, former president jimmy carter is expected to be released from a cleveland hospital pamp being hospitalized tuesday, complaining by an upset stomach. doctors say it was likely caused by a viral infection. >> and before leaving town to campaign -- >> theyas are 268, the anyways are 160, the bill is passed. >> so the house passed a bill giving money and hack for people sickened while working in the world trade center ruins. lawmakers also approved a bill to keep the government running until december and passed a bill
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to approve overlooking spy operations and to -- against countries who manipulate their currency. >> and endorse ments from mayors, current mayor michael bloomberg will endorse michael o'malley. o'malley's campaign will get more support when president obama campaigns with him next week. meanwhile his opponent, bob ehrlich is getting support from former mayor rudy giuliani. >> the d.c. public school system could face another budget short fall because of a projected short fall in overspending in education. that estimate is part of an analysis by d.c.'s chief financial officer putting the debt at $175 million. today's "tech bytes," star wars
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on your smartphone, and a personal touch for facebook. we have more. >> in today's "tech bytes," facebook and skype talk about teaming up. published reports say they are expected to join services allowing facebooking nobes sign into skype so they are able to send video chat and facebook message while in skype. google is giving email users more control over how their inbox is organized. they can now turn off the conversation view and instead they will be able to stack them in chronological order. and star wars fanatics can buy a limited artoo-detoo phone today. verizon is selling a phone that looks like the destroyed. it comes preloaded with notification sounds, ringtones
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and wallpapers. those are your "tech bytes,." >> we are on storm watch this morning. the rain is coming down fast and furious in some areas. triggering flooding fears. >> we are not the only ones dealing with the effects of this storm. more on the impact of this massive system. emily, good morning to you. >> alison and pamela, good morning to you. no doubt about it. it is wet here in washington. but for those of you who think this kind of weather is misery. well, at least we have plenty of company. watches and warnings extend from florida up into new england. this is all a result of what was once tropical storm nicole. now it's just an unnamed weather system. a state of emergency after wilmington had eight inches of rain since sunday. that's four months worth of work
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in just 100 hours. one inch more will top a record set by hurricane floyd a time a ago. in long island they are ready for long hours as an assistant fire chief says there's always going to be one person who ignore it is high-water warning and suddenly you have a dangerous water rescue on your hands. some areas along the coast could still see as much as 14 inches of rain so that means whether you're heading north or south, you have a potential for lots of headaches as we wait for this system to move out. >> emily, thank you, very much. it's 5:19, time for weatherened traffic every 10 minutes. 12k3w4r0 steve we've been preparing for this for a good portion of the week, and it's here. then the tornado watches and warnings. >> no warnings in terms of tornadoes. earlier we had a tornado warning
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now we have watch until 1:00 this afternoon. the district. alex andrea, prince george's county. a ton of moisture. on top of the heavy rains, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel counties, rain advisories. then wind advisories in effect until this afternoon. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour then the flash flood warning that remains in effect for the entire metro area as we are looking at localized flooding. areas shadeed in yellow is the heaviest rain. to the south, shaded in green, so letting up over the next couple of hours, but we have another band of storps and showers that will move towards north for the mid-morning hours, a lot of rain will fall. take a look at these rainal totals so far on our weatherbug
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network. since midnight. huntington, 6.9, milford, virginia 6.2. over two inches of rain. the district holding consistent. howard university. head over to children's hospital. just around an inch of rain. we will see anywhere between 2-5 inches of rain by the time this system moves on out of here. localized areas may see more than that. especially off towards the east towards the delmarva peninsula. in the most of the metro area, farings, arlington, points to the east until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. lisa? >> well, we have -- let me say four separate wrecks on 95 just to get out of fredericksburg. first at the stafford airport. then two between triangle and dump fris and one before you get
5:22 am
on to the ox kwan river bridge. a jackknifed tractor-trailer rig at the exit for 270 north before old georgetown road. let's go to a live picture of traffic and see what's happening on 395. flashing lights at washington boulevard and from the pentagon toward 49 a 5. >> one thing after another. thank you. 5:22 is the time. 67 degrees. >> coming up next, the national bid farewell to d.c. so did they give their fans a parting gift of a win? >> and on oprah, confessions from aging star lets. teri hatcher, linda evans and more come clean. that's today at 4:00 on abc 7s
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms...
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>> good morning. donovan mcnabb has been asked about going philly, and it's only thursday. he has to be emotional, doesn't he? he played there for 11 years. believe me, he wants to go back in there and prove he still has it and that the redskins are a better ball club than 1-2. >> every player has a chip on their shoulder about something. is this something that i use? maybe just an added chip, i guess. but i got a whole season ahead of me. and that's what i focus on. >> nationals played the final home game of the season. this is all this guy.
5:26 am
ben francisco hit two home runs. the phillies line up with reserves. on the two regular starters for the nhl east, they beat the phyllis. >> and we have 68 degrees on this rainy thursday. the news continues with good morning, washington at 5:30. >> and still ahead in the next half-hour, john stuart's rally to restore sanity. why the president is backing the latest mark on washington. >> live in the newsroom. the latest on yesterday's highway horror on bedbed -- bethesda. the latest coming up. >> and parts of our region have already seen over 2 1/2 inches of rain. tornado watch in effect until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon for a good part of the area. we'll take a look at the
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>> and straight ahead this half hour, we are on storm watch as mother nature dumps heavy rain and high water all across the metro region. good morning, washington. great to have you along with us on this thursday, september 30. i'm pamela brown. >> and i'm alison starling. in fact, parts of the region are under a tornado watch right now. others under a flash flood warning. now we have live team m coverage tracking the storm and all of itsal effects. so let's go to steve with the with whiches and warnings. this is outside our studios in rockland? >> yes. >> that tells the story. >> we're not stake talking periods of rain, we're talking
5:30 am
sustained, heavy rain. some areas already close to three inches in rainfall since midnight. so you can see why we have the flash flood warnings and a tornado that remains in effect until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. the district. arlington, alex andrea and fairfax and points east. a tremendous amount of pressure pushing up from the south. heavy rains across northern washington at this time. heading towards baltimore and the delmarva peninsula. but bands and bands of heavy rain throughout the afternoon. our weatherbug network shows almost 3 inches of rain near huntington is. prince frederick, wheaton, rockville, moderate rain that the time. to alexandria. oxen hill. the rain not quite as intense but fairfax county looking at heavy rain at this time. we are going to look at the
5:31 am
potential for 2-5 inches of rain by the time the system moves out of here. locally, five inches-plus, especially across the delmarva peninsula. let's head over to lisa baden with a look at the traffic situation. >> i'm hearing about stalled car on the outer loop. so many things are coming in fast and furious. let's see if we can get a glimpse of a jackknifed between 270 and old georgetown road a jackknifed tractor-trailer. if you're on the inner loop and you come out of tyson's, you go across the american elegion bridge and that you know exit that would take you on the 270 north, this jackknifed accident is after that exit but before the next exit. only onelane is getting through. >> in alexandria is where we
5:32 am
find courtney watching the water el elevels. >> pamela, i can tell you we're watching a city sweeper trying to clear away debris from these storm drains. 2-4 inches in the alexandria area. five inches in some places. a sploosh flood warning in effect and will remain in effect at least until 10:45 for the alexandria area. this is a low-lying area. the street blocked off here. but this is one of those areas where we see the pa tomic crest over and usually comes over and floods some of these businesses. they are obviously well-prepared with sandbags. they know how this all works. we have not seen rain like this in quite some time, but still we've seen this morning high waters coming in areas around zhan sands. they have -- alexandria.
5:33 am
they have a trailer set up with sandbags for toes who might need it. and swift boat crews prepared to make water rescues if necessary, because this rain is coming down very quickly. look out for on the roads, low visibility as well as standing water in areas. that's going to make your commute much slower and a little bit tougher. alison and pamela? >> we go from alexandria to the district where people are also looking to protect their homes and businesses from flooding. many people have been busy sandbagging. residents were each allowed to take home five sandbags. >> i'd like to have eight or 10 if i could. the basement gets water. so we are trying to line it off. >> i'm down here, because last time i didn't get them. >> a sandbag contains 40 pounds
5:34 am
of sand. they hope it will make a difference in warding off flooding. we aol check in with courtney. log on to our web site at for more information. >> we turn to washington where investigators are looking for the gunman responsible for a deadly double shooting. two men shot after 10:00 p.m. on the 3500 block of 22nd street. one was pronounced dead and the other is in critical condition. and 270 is re-open after the deadly bus crash. one person died and dozens were hurt after this charter bus full of children crashed off of a sky ramp and rolled 50 feet down an embankment. thankfully most of the injuries were not serious but authorities are still trying to figure out what went wrong. >> good morning alison.
5:35 am
seems from the national transportation safety board, they have joined the maryland state police looking into what caused yesterday's crash. that bus was carrying several children and their parents who had spent the day sight seeing at the smith sownian and national zoo. the bus lines bus careened 45 feet off a sky ramp in bethesda and just before rush hour, so that created a massive traffic jam. crews had to extra indicate several passengers as dogs searched to make sure no one was ejected. all passengers were expected to survive but the driver from hanover pennsylvania was pronounced dead at the scene. a witness toad us he appeared to slump over just before the bus crashed. today looking into the records of the driver and his schedule and the conditions of the vehicle and the roadway. just last month the company got a safety rating. the cause of the crash will not
5:36 am
be determined for a year or more according to the ntsb. >> mike, we appreciate it. we are hearing from a man who jumped into action minutes after the accident to help the victims. moving and storage driver jorge garea was five feet behind the tour bus and suddenly the bus crashed through a barrier and before e.m.s. crews arrived he and his co-worker pulled four children from the wreckage. >> i was inside. and first of all, the windows were really high so i helped myself up a window and they hand me the children. so i do my hands and give it to the other people that was on the road. >> garea and his co-worker also found and rescued a girl who was thrown 40 feet from the bus. >> stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage of this crash investigation. coming up in our next half-hour, a call to action by triple-a. it is 5:36 on a rainy thursday
5:37 am
morning. still ahead on good morning, washington, a tropical nightmare. we're going to check out some of the problems this storm is causing for the carolinas and beyond. but first a miserable morning all around. and parts of the region under a tornado watch. others under a flash flood warning. back with a look at traffic and
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>> hi, i'm union, and we're here at jordan's paradise fitness where pole fitness is for men and women. good morning, washington. >> welcome back on this very busy thursday morning. tracking an intense area of low pressure that continues to move up from the coast. look at all the rain that's moving towards the washington metro area on our storm scan. let's head in local with our live doppler radar. you can see where the heavier rain is falling at this hour. heed over to reston and fairfax county and montgomery county to the potomac. around the district we are looking at heavy rain. areas shadeed in orange and yellow, rain rates at an inch per hour. and that's going to be the situation for the early morning hours. we've updated our rain map totals.
5:41 am
2-5 inches rain amounts as you head closer towards the bay, in excess of five inches. we also have a wind advisory in effect for anne arundel counties. also st. mary's county until 6:00 p.m. this evening tornado watch until 1:00 p.m. for the district, arlington, alexandria and montgomery counties and points east. on top of that a flash flood warning for the entire metro area. we look for conditions to eventually improve. it's going to take a little time, but by this time tomorrow we are looking at clearing skies. we'll take a look at the extended outlook in a few minutes. alisa parenti, how's traffic? >> -- lisa baden, how's traffic? >> lots of accidents. hitting walls of water and spinning out. washington boulevard.
5:42 am
this crash has been southbound and more equipment has arrived on the scene, one of many accidents that we have this morning. over in maryland we have the pace now slowing near father hurley boulevard. the crash is after falls road, but before montrose road. crash with a vehicle that has spun out. that was on the left side of the road. >> thank you, very much for the latest out there. it's a big mess. >> busy morning. 67 degrees. outside. 5:42 is your time. >> coming up in our "morning chat" a show of support for a call for sanity. >> i think it's good. >> if you're a duck. >> and heavy rain from miami to maine. in case of everyday emergencies, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. >> checking our top stories at 5:45 on his this thursday morning, investigators want to know what caused a tour bus from
5:46 am
pennsylvania to plunge 40 feet from a sky ramp in bethesda. the bus driver was killed and 12 other people including several children were hurt. the injured are expected to survive the crash. traffic was tied up for several hours yesterday. >> suspects in a deadly shooting. two men were shot last night. one of the victims died at the hospital. prosecutors say the man who tried to set off a car bomb in times square in may planned to set off a second bomb two weeks later. faisal shahzad pleaded guilty earlier this year and could be sentenced to life in prison when he is sentenced next week. pamela? >> well, alison, we are on storm watch. heavy rain falling in our area but from miami to boston, people will feel the effects of this mass ive storm. more on how people are bracing for the worst. >> it's hard to know, looking at
5:47 am
all of the rain falling all along the east coast if people are testing the water. >> it's the first tropical storm i've ever been in, so it's kind of cool. >> or if the water is testing them. north carolina's governor declared a state of emergency after wilmington had 18 inches of rain since tuesday. four months of rain in one hour. it will top water levels from a hurricane. >> it hurts everybody. >> it really hurts landscapers. emergency workers in south carolina are ready for long hours. >> there's always somebody or someone that doesn't pay attention to what they are doing. they drive in. the car stalls out and next thing you know you have a water rescue on your hands. >> flooches and -- flood watches and warnings promises to test more people before it finally passes through.
5:48 am
emily smith, abc news. >> at 5:47 looking at the day ahead now. former president jimmy carter is expected to leave a cleveland hospital. he was hospitalized on tuesday after complaining of an upset stomach. officials say it was likely caused by a viral infection and congress took care of business before they left town to campaign. >> theyas are 268, the anyways are 160. the bill is passed. >> the house passed a bill providing money and health care for people who fell ill while working in the world trade center ruins and law makers also approved a bill to keep the government running until december. but they didn't finish work on a bill to extend the bush tax cuts or school nutrition bill championed by first lady michelle obama. >> it is 5:48. looking around the region, investigators are are trying to figure out what caused yesterday's deadly fire at an
5:49 am
apartment building in northwest d.c. and are looking into whether a domestic dispute resulted in a fire. one man died when he jumped from a window. dozens of residents were displaced. d.c. police arrested a suspect in connection with a deadly shooting outside a funeral. the killing of 21 jamal coats. investigators are now searching for a second suspect. >> it is 5:49. coming up, traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> steve, we have an active morning. >> normally we don't see a tornado watch issued so early in the day, but we have a tornado watch issued until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. it includes thal district and points towards the east and the metro area. flooding already starting to happen for the metro area until 10:45 and on top of that a wind
5:50 am
advisory set to go in effect in 12 minutes for st. mayy's calvert and bin laden anne arundel counties. straight to the maps we go. moisture, especially to the south of us. all of this moving towards the washington metro area. the watches and warnings, the atmosphere becoming a bit unstable. the tornado watch at this hour heading to our local doppler radar. this is our own live doppler radar. you can see the heavier rain falling across montgomery county, gaithersburg, the rockville area. the district looking at moderate levels of rainfall toward dulles international airport around an inch per hour. the areas shaded in yellow, rainfall at an inch of rainfall per hour. going to continue to change over the next several hours. but when all is said and done, the rainfall totals, very impressive.
5:51 am
from two to five inches of rain. areas shadeed in dark green could see in excess of fife inches by the time the system finally moves out of here later today. our forecast today, turning breezy. rain heavy at times. winds 10-20 miles per hour for calvert, st. mary's and anne arundel county could see wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. becoming partly cloudy after midnight. conditions improve. for the day tomorrow, pretty nice. 72-76 degrees. a huge difference compared to today. lots of sunshine then cooler temperatures on the way for the upcoming weekend. the tornado watch in effect for the met crowe area until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. flash flood watch until 10:45. a look at a busy commute. lisa baden. >> this camera. inner loop leaving the american
5:52 am
legion bridge. going north before old georgetown road, a jackknifed tractor-trailer. look what it's done to the pace of traffic. a crash i-70 at el con city remains closed. 95, virginia. i have a series of wrecks between the stafford airport and the occoquan river bridge. you'll be able to me an ander through all of them. but add 307 minutes to your normal commute. >> lisa, thank you for the latest. sad, breaking news out of hollywood. mourning the death of an icon this morning, abc news has learned oscar-nominated actor tony curtis has died. details are not being released about his death. his real name was bernard schwarts, well known for his role in "some like it hot." his co-stars were marilyn monroe and jack lemmon. he is the father of actress
5:53 am
jamie lee curtis. he was 85 years old. i think "some like it hot" was one of the best movies ever. hysterical. >> made more than 100 movies. >> on a lighter note. it's been getting a lot of attention. jon stuart's march on washington. he's gotten a stamp of approval by the white house. president obama said he was so called amused by the call for restoring sanity and yesterday website publisher airiana huffington said she would -- anyone who stopped by her office for the district. >> i guess steven cobare is having a dueling rally at the same time. >> we'll see what happens. i read hotel resident vacations have gone up 25% for that weekend. probably going to go up even more now that huffington is -- >> the attendance will probably
5:54 am
surprise a lot of folks. >> i know. it will be interesting to see the turnout for sure. well 5:53. 66 d
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in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ >> well, millions of low income single mothers have children under the age of six. >> many of these women don't have access to affordable, quality child care. >> that makes it more difficulty
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for them to find better-paying jobs. the expense of child care is a major hurdle for workings moms. >> the cost of child care, for a single working mother here in the district of columbia is about 5 the% of your income. -- 52% of your income. it's hard to imagine how when you pay that how you can make ends meet. >> so many child care workers are themselves earning low wages and single mothers themselves. they say wages for child care workers range from $19,000 to $ 25,000 per year. on an early thursday morning rainy day out there. more to come in our 6:00 hour. >> coming up, more conflicting evidence about the benefits of mammograms. >> and it is a rainy day out here. good morning. i'm courtney robinson live in
5:58 am
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captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> here ahead this half-hour. we are on storm watch as mother nature dumps rain and water across the region. we'll have the latest watches and warnings.


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