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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 8, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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she was a nurse at the hospital. >> the baby was not breathing or moving. i started giving cpr. >> the girl -- and officer then took over. he called this one of the worst things that he has seen. >> would you see children, it is very difficult. >> the baby's mother was not hurt, but was in shock according to witnesses. >> there are hon. crosswalk messages. some areas carry 60,000 vehicles a day. officered johnson called on his cpr training today and was eagerly awaiting to see his own voice tonight. the mother lives in pennsylvania. she was here visiting family and friends.
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the baby was the only person hurt. the driver has not been charged. julie parker, abc 7 news. >> a woman charged with a deadly hit and run said that she did not know that she had an accident. she appeared in court and based voluntary manslaughter charges -- involuntary manslaughter charges for the >> the jury is out. she says that she had no idea that she had an accident. prosecutors are having a hard time buying that since the victim was thrown more than 20 ft.. >> the evidence at the scene, the black mercedes with a gash in its side, a large get into another car -- a dent in another car, the victim was ricocheted to the pavement 21 ft. from the
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point of impact. police found the 31 -- year-old about 5 mi. away. she apparently acted surprised when police swooped in on her. she said that she had been driving, but did not remember hitting anything. she subsequently failed a sobriety test. ryan had just gotten out of a car when she was struck. a witness got a tag number and when prosecutors showed him the suspect, he said that was definitely her. >her attorney asked that she be released on her own recognizance, but the judge said that she should turn in her passport and driver's license. the judge said that he is more concerned about her getting drunk and running over someone else than her fleeing the country.
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>> the search is on for a man who tried to snatch a 7 -- year- old boy from a park. the boy was playing when a man tried to kidnap him. he was unable to get away with the board, but police are now searching for the suspect. breaking news of a gas main break in northeast washington. the avenue is closed from 16th street to division avenue due to a gas leak. >> we have picture-perfect weather today. things will only get better for the weekend. we have a first check of the forecast. >> i remember this day very well. we did not know what the weekend was going to do. we are in good shape. let's start with a picture- perfect picture.
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the delightful to perchers at this hour are ranging in the '70s. 76 in rockville, 80 degrees in clear and comfortable is the forecast with temperatures in the 70's. we expect a seasonably cool night. when will we see the next chance of rain? that forecast is just minutes away. >> great weather for all the events going on in dc as well. road closures could make things i see. sam ford is live downtown with word on what you need to know if your point to be headed into the district this weekend. >> the key words are patience and planning. track work will begin downtown
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and continue nonstop through monday night. it is one to be a busy three day weekend for metro riders. a concert at the horizon center -- verizon says her, and the redskins are in landover. all of them are on the orange line that will be under construction. >> the people that need to use the metro rail system to get to this offense should give themselves 40 minutes of additional travel time xxx the orange and blue line trouble will see a stations closed and writers will bless -- and bus riders will ride the bus. protesters on been trying to get attention. they marched from the imf to the white house. >> we are gathered here at the imf.
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>> they were not exactly protesters, but thousands are walking for a cure. >> i lost my baby sister to breast cancer. >> back to metro construction, it has angered some passengers. >> you do not need to close on a holiday weekend. >> metro says that the job is too big for one night. metro center will be open for the bread line, but closed for the orange and blue. >> another thing that the metro spokesman said for orange and blue line passengers is that if you are moving around downtown, you might save a lot of time by just walking, particularly on monday morning when workers will be back and the metro will not be. for more information on just what is and is not open, go to our web site at reporting live, sam ford, abc 7
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news. >> coming up, they appear to be good samaritans helping an elderly woman find her way home, but they turned out to be thieves. she was the voice of dora the explore, but now she is suing the collodion. a number of americans with of ladas are on the rise and it could be due to wait for it all of that is still ahead. >> fairfax county police are looking for an elusive serial burger. the police chief hosted a first online discussion and answer questions about the recent spree of home break-ins. >> the people are very concerned about their house being violated. their families and themselves also possibly being violated. >> police are investigating 91 home and car break-ins the chief says that the burglar is targeting homes with large lots and striking at night.
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turn on your outside lights as a precaution. >> a man accused of killing a daughter was ruled on today. witnesses are generally not allowed to hear other testimony. the suspect pled not guilty to murdering the capitol hill intern durocher body was found one year later. >> police say that a man found dead inside his fairfax home was murdered. he was found dead in the home but the suspect is still missing. we have the story and a reaction. >> we got some new information from our sources in fairfax county. they think that this man's murder was not random. they think that this man may have been targeted.
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police officers have been guarding this house all day long. just a second ago, another detective made their way into this house. we are hearing more about who this man was. he was a very well-known businessman who owned at least one local car wash. he bought his home with his wife in 2003. fairfax county real estate executives say that he spent more than $1 million for the house and 5 a. of land. >> it is tragic. >> a neighbor talked to us off camera. many are concerned that the killer is still out there. police say that a woman called 911 yes today asking for help . when officers arrived, they found a 61 -- year-old dead. >> one of the detectives said
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that there was nothing to worry about for the neighbors. >> neighbors described the couple is very polite and you would see them when their dog got out. >> these were mild, gentle people. >> so far, detectors are not saying how this man was killed for the will not release that, but that are saying that they are still looking for this man whose vehicle was missing when they got there. it is a gold lexus suv. license tags are xyw-8197. live from fairfax, abc 7 news. >> president barack obama is calling for the release of a nobel prize winner. he was serving an 11 year sentence for calling for a
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democratic china. the chinese government censors of black out the news for the >> coming up, it could be 24 hours before they see the light of day for the first time in two months. >> it is not just say -- botrytis could be linked to your weight. wheat was of that for you in just a moment. -- we will have that for you in just a moment. -- we will have that for you in just a moment. >>
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woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed.
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man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do. play outside in the front yard.
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this time, they were making their movie debut. it is the new romantic comedy "life as we know it." the she beat out hundreds for the will. >> they have a blast. >> the shop for 11 weeks in atlanta. they were supposed to get equal spring time -- screen time, but it realized that each girl had their own. >> they did pretty much what they were told. there were a little feisty. when you got something really good, it could go the other way. >> the trio bonded with the movie's stars. the mom said that the crew knew the key to success was keeping the girls on a schedule. >> we work around that.
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they ate and slept. >> today, the family has a few mementos from their hollywood experience they will not remember their time in the spotlight, but based -- their parents say life as they know it will always be part of their life. >> it will be a time capsule for them and for us. >> they may not remember the experience, but they will always have to look back on. >> ultimately, this ended up being a family affair. they got an extra will in the film. as for any future obligations, their mother says that if the right opportunity comes along, she would considerate. >> reporting live in frederick, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> the voice of a popular
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animated character is suing nickelodeon television. the 40 -- year-old was hired in 2007 to be the voice of for the explorer. she was pressured to sign a contract. officials say that the contract was extended to a plea -- was extensively negotiated. >> another complication of obesity. arthritis is on the rise in this country. more than one-fifth of americans suffer from the painful condition. researchers say that excess weight puts stress on joints. the food and drug administration has asked the company to pull a drug. canada is also pulling the drug off the market.
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>> workers in florida or three after falling into a water tower. they fell about 160 ft.. >> the men were sandblasted the inside of the tower when a scalpel and broke loose. one of the man was unconscious -- when a scuffle broke loose. -- scaffolding broke loose. >> it is nice to have a friday when you do not have any weather worries. coverage with a view of one of our weather bauxites. -- whether blood sites. -- bug sites. this is a very pretty sight across the city.
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there is more to come as we had through the next few weeks. temperatures are above average for a change. 76 degrees in upper marlboro. frederick is 75 degrees with a high of 76. you will keep clear skies tonight, and temperatures will drop. the wind will keep this in this direction. temperatures of 49 degrees by early tomorrow morning. we are still enjoying numbers in the upper 70's. quantico is 76. we are a little bit above average. we are starting to notice a pretty good spike of heat moving up from the deep south and into the mississippi river valley.
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temperatures in minneapolis st. paul or 89. it is 90 in omaha. that he will probably not get here. -- that he will probably not get here. -- heat will probably not get here. we will have to watch this pattern. we could see this by the middle of next week. it will be interesting to watch. the key is that no adverse weather conditions will be any time soon permi. we have a few showers antipater's in omaha near 90. that will be welcome. if you want a warm weekend, that is what the maps look like.
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we are not featuring much change in existing conditions. the formal system will pass through and change the wind direction. by monday morning, that high will dissipate and we will pick up a southwesterly wind. columbus day will be back to 80 degrees. here is the forecast for your weekend through the day saturday, 80 degrees with moseley -- mostly sunny skies and the back to the 80 degree mark on columbus day. the sea temperatures a little above average and the next best chance of rain is not until late tuesday or wednesday with the next cold front coming. >> there is a look inside a new movie called catfish. the photographer starts an
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online relationship with a 18 -- year-old girl and her family after the girl asked to paint pictures of his photographs. >> i did not have a lot going on. it was so fast. >> when he meets the girl's sister, he forms an online romantic relationship with her and things take a turn. 20/20 talks to the filmmakers to night, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> >> hear the story behind her mission. >> there is no doubt that they are lucky to come here. >> coming up in sports, white was tiger woods in dc today? >> that is coming up
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>> they have been trapped underground for two months and now the miners may only have to endure a few more days. >> rescue crews are working round-the-clock to put the final touches on the machine that will pull those men to safety. >> once the men are reached, it will take days to get them out, but they have been instructed to begin even more vigorous
5:26 pm
exercise to prepare both mentally and physically for the challenges they will face. >> outside, the families continue to hold vigils. inside the minds of darkness, the men know that they are closer to freedom. the minister of mines says that there are just 250 ft. from completing the rescue shaft. today, it is targeted for completion. >> and the best scenario would be to start the risky process. -- the rest the process. [unintelligible] >> before the men are allowed to come out, they will be equipped with sunglasses to help protect their eyes from the sun's glare.
5:27 pm
>> the problems the men will face besides being in the sun for the first time in two months, they have skin problems and there are concerns about the psychological well-being. not only from the time spent underground, but from the intense ascension -- attention these men are expected to receive. >> what your kids do not know about the internet could hurt them and their reputation. online privacy is nowhere to be found. how do you keep your kids say? >> icc savings greeted north sea knights. >> elderly drivers are found by sea knights. >> elderly drivers are found by to scam
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>> you were watching abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m., on your side. >> an elderly woman fell victim to two men that she thought were good samaritans. >> they were nothing more than thieves. we are live with the story. >> she went out to tenter close to her home and got a little turned round. she was driving by herself and went the wrong way, ending up near leesburg. that is when she encountered trouble. >> they did not have to be a
5:31 pm
good samaritan and then steal her car. >> it was her elderly aunt who had her car stolen in an apparent stand for the 89 -- year-old woman prefers to protect her privacy. >> she was on route 7 going west when she thought she was going east on rte. 7. she became lost. >> she said that two men approached her when she stopped to ask directions in a parking lot. one man said he would take her home to maclaine in her car, for a fee. when they arrive, she paid the man and he took her money and said goodbye, and her car keys were later discovered missing. her car looks like the one pictured here. the tug on the car is virginia 426-2000. they have spoken to neighbors to see if anyone saw the man get
5:32 pm
into the mercedes. the woman was very clear about how she got home and the men that offered her a ride. all.was not injured at she has been able to speak to police about this case. investigators say that they think that she was approached because she seemed invulnerable. she was probably just a victim of an opportunistic type of crime. reporting live in virginia, gail pennybacker, 87 news. >> a little girl overdosed on [inaudible] to people are charged with reckless endangerment of a charge -- of a child. the child and adjusted pot a hotel room where the couple was staying. >> rockville holmes were shaken up last night because of
5:33 pm
overnight paving. we will find out how long it will last and where it is going next. >> it checks the house of lot. >> parking spots on epsilon court were empty friday afternoon. the residents were not at work, they were at hotels. >> of the earth was crumbling. >> starting friday evening, trucks started work. the work begins at 8:00 p.m. and goes through 7:00 a.m.. because there is so much going on during the day, the work has to be done at night. >> the work has to be done in a long continuous movement for safety reasons. we have to do it at night. >> equipment like this are guilty for the noise. it lets out low frequency vibrations and that could cause house as to shake. >> it is really late. i do not get that much sleep.
5:34 pm
>> the company offered hotel rooms to everyone affected within 500 ft. of the site. trucks have been equipped with white noise backup alarms so that instead of the deep -- the beep, it is quieter. >> if you live off of georgia avenue, you are next. that are expected to be complete by end january 2011. >> the voice of the homeland's security agency is coming to an area near you. there is a new public awareness message that began airing at dc metro stations. it is a public awareness campaign. they go record new messages in coming weeks. changes are coming for drivers and walkers.
5:35 pm
this story will become a one-way street. -- this street will become a one-way street. these changes are part of construction on the new metro entrance. >> it is time for a chuckle the traffic situation. -- for a check on the traffic situation. >> there is slow traffic throughout the area. the beltway on the left side of your screen slows around arlington boulevard and that will continue to green belt. -- continue to green -- belt. -- greenbelt. are some brief interchange delays but then you were really into delays from 270 headed down into virginia. 270 is jammed badly because of a series of crashes.
5:36 pm
you will be encountering delays on 270 up to near 109. taking a look at what is going on in virginia. it is no better. traffic is barely moving. that will continue all the way to fredericksburg. i am at thomas at metro traffic, back to you in the studio. >> coming up, an old case from a 1970's case could lead to a new investigation. >> in the name of her sister, how she started the breast cancer foundation with to hundred dollars and a shoe box. >> and word on former president
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>> it is a long walk and a mission to be breast cancer. the thousands of people left national stadium this morning for a three day what for the tier. participants will walk 50 mi. throughout the nation's capital. the event ends with a rally on sunday. october is breast cancer awareness month and no organization has done more than
5:40 pm
the susan g. coleman search for a cure. we have more with today's working woman. >> my sister was the cutest girl. >> she remembers this black and white photo like it was just a day. the goodman sisters, nancy and her older sister susan were inseparable. >> we became really good friends. >> susan g. coleman was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. she died three years later. breast cancer was rarely discussed in 1977. the word brest was not even allowed in newspapers. >> some people thought her disease was contagious. >> in the final days, she made a
5:41 pm
promise to her sister. >> she looked at me and said that when i get better, i want you to help me in the breast cancer. >> it was a foundation that started with $200 and a shoebox with contact names in that has now raised $1.5 billion. the color pink has been transformed to a worldwide symbol of the fight. and what she called a high point in her life, she was awarded the presidential medal -- medal of freedom. and other breast cancer survivor has a message for all women. >> if you know this, reach out as fast as you can. >> she has never gotten over her sister's death but knows that her sister would be proud the foundation named in her honor. alison starling, abc 7 news. >> up next, how and why the
5:42 pm
university of michigan have an election website. >> he called john stuart a big hit -- eighth
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>> george washington university may be making a change to its dorms. changes to make gay lesbian and transgendered students more comfortable. we have more details. >> it is called gender neutral housing. about 50 schools in the country have that including dartmouth, cornell and stanford. it will let students choose to live with whoever they want, male or female. >> george washington university is considering gender neutral housing on campus. it is an effort spearheaded by the gay, lesbian, and trans gender community. >> at least one residence hall would be available. it is up to authorities. >> it would ease tensions for
5:46 pm
those forced to live with same- sex roommates who do not agree with their lifestyle. >> i have heard horror stories of straight guys living with gay guys. >> it translates to a heterosexual students who prefer mixed company. >> there is a lot of drama with five girls. it is difficult to find a lot of people who work together. if there is a mix, it would be easier. >> some fear that allowing men and women to share bedrooms sends the wrong message. >> students who do not want that on their floor, that is totally legitimate. you have people who come from conservative backgrounds who do not want to have that. >> supporters know that 19 of 22 organizations have endorsed gender neutral housing. >> the university is expected to make a decision by the end of the semester in mid december. if they in -- approve it, it
5:47 pm
will be implemented next fall. >> a recording can ship a new light on the shootings at kent state university. there is the sound of pistol shots service and its -- 70 seconds earlier than originally thought. >> rick sanchez is taking the blame for his firing by cnn. he called comedian john stuart a bigot during a radio interview. sanchez said that he did not believe that jews were a real minority in america and said that executives were like stewart. he was fired 24 hours later. on good morning america today, he said that he made a mistake. >> that is not what i meant.
5:48 pm
i apologize. it was wrong. but it happened and i cannot take it back. i have to stand up and be responsible. >> he said that he called stewart on monday to apologize for his conduct. >> a university professor explained how he hacked into a d.c. elections test voting site. hackers were invited to try to hack into the program. a computer science professor explained how he gained control of the server in the say. -- nbc. the district is working on a secure system. >> who could be the next generation of doctors and scientists. 600 middle schoolers for montgomery county got an early look at the jobs ahead. they attended a career fair and looked through microscopes and learned about how science of ex-
5:49 pm
wife from cancer to the bp oil spill. >> i bet that was fun. let's see what is coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m.. >> gordon peterson is live. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., major developments in the foreclosure process. we will have the latest bad news for housing. also, politicians never learn. an associate used an offensive word. that is a big story today. that is coming up at 6:00 p.m.. >> let's see how many different ways doug can say this is one to be a beautiful weekend. >> i will just do it in french. it will be very nice. let's start out with a look at a time lapse.
5:50 pm
we will set this in motion at about 9:30 a.m. this morning. the showers come in and there was no weather to speak of. it was absolutely gorgeous conditions. we will cool off a little later tonight. let's get to the forecast. we will stay clear. 48 to 55 will be the range of temperatures. the appalachians and the allegheny mountains will have moderate colors in the higher elevations we will keep you up- to-date as we get into the fall season. a tropical update on this eighth day of october, that this hurricane otto. it is out in the middle of the atlantic ocean and is expected to head north east and diminished. -- diminished. let's talk about what is coming up for the weekend.
5:51 pm
80 with sunshine tomorrow. a mix of clouds and son on monday. the less chance of rain, and then to birchers will settle down by the end of that week. that is the very latest. back to you. >> we got some sad news today. this is tragic. the brother of defensive linemen albert and is worth was killed in a motorcycle crash last month. police say that the 23 -- year- old was riding his motorcycle at a very high rate of speed when he collided with a car pulling out of the parking lot. his excessive speed is said to be the cause of the accident. there is no evidence of of all or drugs in his system. -- of alcohol or drugs in his system. >> what he is going through right now is paramount.
5:52 pm
we sent his family our prayers and thoughts. that is the main concern. >> no word on when haynes worth will return, but our thoughts and prayers are with the phellogen my. tiger woods joined to scholars this afternoon as a host at an assembly of ninth graders. when i spoke with tighter, he was touched by their enthusiasm. >> when you walk into this room and see the excitement that you generate, what is your feeling? >> i am so proud. i am honored and proud. we are lucky to have this opportunity to come here. this is something we have been working on for four years. to have it come to fruition is exciting. >> i saw the wall in there. >> we are headed in the right
5:53 pm
direction. this is a model that we can replicate. not just here domestically, but around the world. we do not have to build a big center, we can build something like this on a small-scale and serve the kids the way that we are. >> i have to tell you that i have not seen tiger as cordial and really moved in a long time. as he continues to rebuild his life and rebuild the foundation. >> up next, with bullying and sexting running rampant, how do you protect your child? >>
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medicare supplement insurance plans, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. >> as kids, teenagers and parents become more internet
5:57 pm
sadly, online safety is an issue. >> what they can fall into when they get into social media and other dangers. >> from facebook to myspace to twitter, social networking is believed to have greeted a privacy vacuum for kids. a poll shows that more than 90% of parents think their children share too much online. 75% say that social networking sites are doing a negative job of protecting online privacy. the polls sponsored it will launch a campaign on monday to teach kids how to protect their information and reputations online. that is something that this prosecutor points out about how information spreads of the web. >> when people go on line in published pictures and stories, instead of being published for five or six people, it is for an
5:58 pm
entire school or an entire town. >> or an entire cost the entire world. -- or the entire world. >> what is remarkable about this is that for a new college graduate to bat -- to be that naive is pretty outrageous. >> with story after story of online bullying, some say that internet discretion education is a good start. >> as part of controlling this internet bullying and internet exploitation, we have to teach our kids that they cannot do this stuff. >> common-sense media held a round table with federal officials about increasing privacy fourteens. >> that is all for us. coming up at 6:00 p.m., the foreclosure fiasco.
5:59 pm
why top lawmakers are getting involved plus, a woman charged in a hit and run and why she is being released. for california's governor turns even uglier. >> live and in high-definition, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> tonight, a move that could affect hundreds of thousands of homeowners. >> bankamerica has decided to freeze foreclosures across the entire country, a move made in light of accusations that they were wrong only -- wrongly kicking people out of their homes for we are live on capitol hill with the latest development. >> all of this began when public officials began to question the foreclosure process. they said that sloppy practices and the stakes with paperwork


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