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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 8, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. let's get started with traffic and weather. adam caskey is standing by. >> very seasonable this week. what you would expect. mornings in the 30's or nearly 40. afternoon highs near 60. every day will be like that. welcome to fantastic weather. mitchellville, md., 37 degrees, 37 in rockville. 38 in sterling, 39 in alexandria. 27 in bristow. 42 at reagan national. a lot of sunshine today with a wind. northwesterly dropping into the thirties tonight.
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the near 60 degrees. it is a beautiful ride as far as 95, 66, the greenway, a toll road. noel result of southern maryland. looks goo -- no worries out of southern maryland. between hampshire avenue and university boulevard, only one lane is getting by, but it looks like all lanes on leaving now. back to you. >> thank you. falling breaking news from southeast d.c.. police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident that happened around 1:00 a.m. on south capitol street near martin luther king. authorities have not released any more details about what happened. we will bring you the latest. as we latest. the other top stories, allen glade over the d.c. judicial
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system during the friends and family of ali muhammed will protest a decision to drop charges against the men they say killed ali muhammed after an alleged altercation outside the dc9 nightclub. courtney robinson has more. >> they will be at judiciary square and cited the d.c. u.s. attorney's office to protest the deaths of 27-year-old ali muhammed, they say justice has not been served. it started at the dc9 nightclub. four workers and the owner chased down and beat ali muhammed on october 15 after he threw a brick through the club last month. many in the ethiopian community are outraged that all those five men no longer face charges. >> it is not justice. >> the d.c. u.s. attorney tells
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us that their work is not done and the search for justice cannot be rushed and that they thel continue to pursue an inquiries. a friend of the victim says that he wants more than the nightclub to be shut down indefinitely. >> these people beat him to death. >> the d.c. u.s. attorney's investigation is not over. many people want the five men behind bars. the protest will begin at judiciary square era at 10:00 this morning. courtney robinson reporting. a sad ending to the search for missing boater. search teams found the body of timothy bourne.
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he was fishing when his boat had engine trouble. a wave washed over the boats, causing it to sink. he was 50 and was from maryland. a funeral will be held today for a 13-year-old girl murdered on october 29. angeles shot and killed on madison street in northwest. the funeral begins at 11 at unity baptist church in northwest. investigators will calm through the rubble of a falls church halls today looking for clues as to what caused a fire. it broke out early sunday morning near westmorland road. no one was searched, but it had been under construction several years according to neighbors. gerry connolly is expected to be released from the hospital today. the democrat was admitted to the hospital friday for undisclosed reasons.
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he plans to be back at work today. he had been locked in a tight reelection campaign. diplomacy in new delhi, president obama wrapped up a series of meetings with the indian prime minister. >> it is the third day of his trip to asia. now the highlights. >> good morning. just coming off a harsh reality of the midterm elections, president obama is trying to nurture economic ties and build a better business relationships abroad. he says the relationship between the u.s. and india is defining the partnership of the 21st century. his limousine was escorted to the indian president's house and greeted by dignitaries. the president touched on the recent elections, saying that he will invest money in education,
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infrastructure, and clean energy. the president said that he hoped districts would strengthen the friendship between the two nations. india is an increasingly important partner to the u.s. on trade and security. >> the partnership between india and the united states has limitless potential, i believe, to improve the lives of americans and indians, just as it has the potential to be an anger of security and prosperity and progress -- anchor. >> he plans to speak with the indian parliament with announcements expected on counterterrorism, brigitte qregional security, economic growth, and other issues. he will move on to south korea and japan as part of his 10-day
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asian trip. abc 7 news reporting. haiti received a glancing blow from hurricane tomas and it wasn't the cholera epidemic. officials tell us thousands of new cases are popping up. 500 people have died and thousands more hospitalized since the epidemic began last month. 39 degrees on this monday morning. still ahead, back in business. keith olbermann's suspension is over. politics and the economy, the latest fallout from congress. the latest fallout from congress.
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welcome back. there is a freeze advisory for st. mary's and calvert counties until 9:00 a.m. there could still be breezy conditions elsewhere. there is a freeze morning until 9:00 a.m. it is 42 at reagan national, 27 in annapmanassas, 40 in winchester, 37 in gaithersburg.
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vertical. mid 50's and sonny valentine. breeze the quick and northwesterly wind up to 25 miles an hour. high temperatures near 60 today. sunny temperatures and near 60 most of the week. now to lisa baden. moving nicely on the beltway, even at university boulevard will was work done overnight. you.lanes are ready for e on the other side of the beltway at bradley boulevard, looks nice. let's go to virginia. 395, no complications and no major problems between the beltway and the pentagon. newschopper 7 in a little while. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11, 39 degrees.
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we will tell you about the queen of all facebook friends. making the most of the midterm election victory, that story coming up. first, a deadly hit and run accident in southeast d.c.. we will have all that accident in southeast d.c.. we will have all that
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we begin our top stories with breaking news. investigators are trying to piece together a deadly pedestrian accident in southeast washington. around 1:00 this morning on south capitol street near martin luther king jr. ave. no further information about what happens. members of the d.c. ethiopian community planted better, d.c. u.s. attorney's
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office, upset about charges being dropped against five people accused of beating a man outside a nightclub last month. president obama and the indian prime minister are seeking stronger cooperation. and on the economy and fighting terrorism. mr. obama will speak about that later today in front of the indian parliament. what will the new republican leadership mean? some newly elected members of congress are promising no compromises. emily schmidt has the latest from washington. good morning. >> president if obama said on the weekend that the midterm elections reminded him that leadership is not just about legislation. communication matters. republicans are beginning to communicate how they would like to lead. as the new congress takes shape, a number of its members want that shape to be smaller than it
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was in the past. 66 more republicans will be on the hill, including tea party supporters, to cut the debt, piola the obama camp plan, and to ban earmarks. -- the repeal the health-care plan and to ban earmarks. mr. obama said that the election was a referendum on the economy. one incumbent returning is nancy pelosi. republicans say that if she remains the leader of the democrats in the house, democrats did not to get the message from voters in this election. reporting from northwest, emily schmidt. back to you. >> thank you. around the region today, it's the deadline for residents and business owners to comment on new proposals to protect the chesapeake bay. they called for a pollution
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riot. the proposals call for air pollution camp to be mandated by the environmental protection agency. d.c. officials are considering extending the school day in hopes of improving academic. d.c. public schools normally have six and a half hour school day is. some high-school in fairfax and prince george's county run seven hours or more. one d.c. council member wants to increase the school day by 30 minutes. a decision could affect a lawsuit filed. the waitresses could not build a class-action case alleging labor law violations at hooters because the notice on their application requires them to submit disputes through arbitration. their lawyer wants to say that arbitration contracts cannot be used to write about any kind of class-action claim.
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apple could not fix and iphone glitch. elizabeth i joins facebook. >> there's a new web browser that integrates social networking and requires a facebook account. there are two rows of icons. one is for friends and another is for your favorite web sites. you can chat with your friends in the browser. the alarmbug in application causing the apple iphone to ignore the daylight savings change. it will be permanently fixed by a software update later this month. queen elizabeth is among facebook's 5 million members. the page featuring videos, voters, and the updates went live this morning. corporate page and
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not a personal one. 5 assaad 18 on this monday morning, 40 degrees. time for traffic and weather. >> it was cold overnight. . we have . we have noticed that change. >> it is a boring week regarding the weather. >> but it's nice. >> very agreeable, pleasant. pretty straightforward every day this week. boring for me urologists because nothing changes all week. teorologists.r me urologis
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we will be near 60 every day this week. sunset at 5:00 p.m. by the end of the month we will have on the nine hours and 40 minutes of daylight. calvert county and san mary's county have a freeze watch until 9:00. it's 38 in lexington park. cumberland is at 45. there's an area of low pressure along the coast of new england. that is giving a wintry mix of rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain in parts of new england. that will stay away from us. we are clear for this week. how does today near 60 with a breezy northwesterly winds gusting up to 25. 58 on thursday and friday and it will be sunny.
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looks fine on the beltway. interstate travel looks good. first trains out on normal service. nothing to report in the district. we will begin in maryland. traffic moving at speed on 270. now to virginia, looking to the pentagon, no worries. back to you. >> thank you. 40 degrees, 5:21. green bay against dallas, how well can things go for the kabul is? -- cowboys. today on "oprah," a visibly the mother of michael jackson and his children.
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you cannot cry about it everything. you have to move forward. >> green bay humiliated dallas last night, 45-7. the owner of the kabul is says that he has a decision to make. wade phillips may have coached his last game in dallas.
5:25 am
the redskins will likely be without the kick returner named brandon banks. he underwent knee surgery last week. they have an upcoming game with philadelphia. michael vick is back from injury. they looked pretty solid on sunday taking on indianapolis. peyton manning was picked off, in his last drive of the game. d.c. played host to another team from the philadelphia, the flyers. some crucial slaves made to get the game into overtime. with 29 seconds, mike green had a big gold and the capitals won. they are winning in the eastern conference.
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5:25, 40 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. something else to the actual been and the rescued chilean miner celebrating his freedom. there's a lot of rage from a community after charges were dropped against five men that some witnesses say killed a man outside a popular nightclub. courtney robinson live at northwest with details on a planned protest. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. 29 in front will, the
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> if they are able to take somebody's life and get away with it, that is not fair. >> allen glade after five men accused of murder have walked free. good morning, washington. it is monday, november 8. thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. much more on that story in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather. adam caskey has been forecast. it is cold. >> let's go to good weather and other network. monday morning, welcome back. 28 in front royal. stafford in the 30's. 37 in bowie. calvert and st. mary's counties under freeze one until 9:00 a.m.
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and son today, near 60. -- calvert and st. mary's counties under a freeze warning. highs near 60 for the rest of this week with a lot of sunshine. now to lisa baden. 270 looks good. nothing in and out of baltimore. 70 between hagerstown and baltimore county looks normal. newschopper 7 will join us in a little while. moving nicely is the beltway travel. looks good on 270 edsall road. on fallas road. --at falls road. 1:00 a.m. on south capitol street near martin luther king
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avenue there was a deadly pedestrian accident. if we are continuing to follow this story to bring you more as we get it. a planned protest of five men accused of murder walking free. ali muhammed died after an alleged altercation in october of site dc9 nightclub. courtney robinson is live in northwest washington with more on that. >> 10:00 a.m. at the d.c. u.s. attorney's office, we expect to see members of the ethiopian community as well as friends and family of the victim. 27-year-old ali muhammed. they will gather in protest, upset that prosecutors dropped charges against five men of some witnesses say beat mommy to death on october 16. -- [beep] ali muhammed to death. ali muhammed to death.
5:32 am
he threw a brick through the club and four employees and the owner chased him and beat him. the investigation will continue. the city set down the dc9 nightclub indefinitely. at 10:00 this morning we expect the protest to begin. reporting live in northwest, courtney robinson. friends and family members morning loss of a man who died after a boating accident. 50-year-old timothy bourne was found on the patuxent river in calvert county. he and two friends were fishing on the boats had engine problems. they called for help and a wave tossed over the boat, causing it to sink. his body was recovered yesterday. news from calvert county. investigators will sift
5:33 am
through the remains of a falls church thomas today trying to figure that out what sparked a fire that burned it to the ground. it broke alice release sunday morning. the neighbors have called the house an eyesore and they say it has been under construction several years. gerry connolly, a freshman democrat, was admitted to the hospital for undisclosed reasons on friday. he holds a lead over republican challenger keith fimian in the virginia 11th district race. if that is small enough that keith fimian could request a recount. president obama wrapped up a meeting with the indian prime minister ante will address parliament in 90 minutes. >> live in the satellite center with the latest on what the president calls a defining moment. >> the president's plan was to
5:34 am
try to build better relationships with india, but he could not extend to the scrutiny of what happened in america last week with the election. he got into the holiday spirit at a school yesterday. children showed him how they celebrate the biggest holiday of the year in india. the president faced tough questions at a college from students. one student questions the president about the election. president obama said that he needs to make some midcourse corrections, but that is democracy. >> one of the wonderful things about democracy is that when the people are not happy, it is there obligation and they're right and their duty to express their unhappiness, much to the regrets sometimes of the incumbents, but that is a good thing. >> the president will speak to the indian parliament next and
5:35 am
you will talk about counter- terrorism, regional security, clean energy, climate change, and economic growth. then the president will move on to indonesia. natasha barrett, abc 7 news. haiti received a glancing blow from hurricane tomas. the island nation pose a cholera epidemic has been made worse by the storm. thousands of cases now. hundreds have died and thousands more have been hospitalized since the epidemic began last month. >> 5:35. calexico nbc has ended keith olbermann's suspension. >> and how to protect the capital's most famous landmark.
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in that the reptile discovery at washington national zoo.
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we hope that your day is moving at a faster pace than mine is. good morning, washington. that's how i feel on a monday morning. >> you feel like a tortoise. it is 5:38, time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> sounds of a beautiful week. >> it will be gorgeous, mostly sunny, near 60, all week. feels like southern california. it is cold this morning. in arlington there's a cool breeze. it drops the been chill down to the 20-degree range at times. it's 38 leesburg, 29 in warrenton. sunrise before 7:00 a.m. now with the time change.
5:40 am
high temperatures near 60 degrees, where they should be. a northwesterly breeze at 10-25 miles an hour or. that will make it feel cooler. still breezy and clear tonight in the 30's. 3-d tomorrow, but not as easy. the rest of the week will be near 60. now get a look at the roads with lisa baden. volume started to increase in manassas on 66, 95 near the "today" show city. looks good. no issues to report on the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road. normal travel times. the news is next. 5:40 on this monday morning, 40 degrees. a story of persistence and passion, the marathon chilean miner crosses the finish line. live on the national mall, details on how you can weigh in
5:41 am
on the security of 1 mdc's most popular monuments. on the security of 1 mdc's most popular monuments.
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tonight at 5 o'clock, cars and bicycles are not playing nice. jockeying for space on the roads. the turf war between drivers and cyclists. that's at 5:00. checking top stories, members of the ethiopian community in d.c. will gather at the u.s. attorney's office in northwest washington this morning to protest a decision to drop charges against five men accused in the deaths of 27- year-old ali muhammed, who died, dc9 nightclub on u street last month. president obama and the
5:45 am
indian prime minister said the two countries will work together on citing terrorism and the president offered to help india and pakistan settle their longstanding dispute over the kashmir region. qantas airlines has grounded .ll their airbus a380's there was an engine problem on a flight from singapore and sydney -- to sydney australia last week'. the national park service will detail ways to secure the washington monument. brianne carter is live at the national mall with details. >> people come from near and far to see the monument. you see people snapping pictures and many waiting in line. security is the issue surrounding the washington monument. there is a temporary security
5:46 am
feature, but the only prominent one is the vehicle barrier. people will get a chance to discuss a permanent security measure this evening. a number of proposals will be presented. four would require a new security entrance. the fifth would create an above- ground security area at the base of the monument. the meeting starts tonight at 5:30 and will be of the national park service headquarters located on ohio drive in southwest washington. these will be proposals presented. a number of actions will still have to be taken before any decisions are made. brianne carter reporting. a power struggle is underway in one of the largest and most influential churches. jericho city of praise in
5:47 am
landover, its co-founder died last month of cancer. now the church leaders and supporters trustees are at odds over who should be in charge. the two sides are or can it out. out.w workine working it >> they are still our family and it is a family issue. >> the board wants to handle day-to-day operations. there's a court to date set for march. the national oil spill commission will lay out the causes of the oil spill in northwest washington. they will testify at the hearing as executives from bp, halliburton, and transocean will be on hand to respond to questions and allegations.
5:48 am
gas prices are rising. crude oil is trading at nearly $90 a barrel for the first time since 2008. the nationwide average for regular is $2.85 a gallon. the average price in d.c. is to $2.91. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a look ahead to what some people may say is a beautiful day, but others are calling it bordering. -- boring. >> it is beautiful, but it is boring. even with the cold front here and there, it's nothing. ok, let's look at the conditions yesterday. all of november has been well
5:49 am
below average, especially the high temperatures. 53 yesterday at reagan national. the morning low was 36. the average high today is 60. sunrise before 7:00 a.m. since the time change. sunset around 5:00 p.m. now. there's a freeze warning in calverts and st. mary's counties until 9:00 a.m. in manassas it is 27. winchester, 37. 30 in martinsburg. 37 in frederick and gaithersburg. there's a wide range of temperatures to start the day. that is typical for the fall. we often get that in november. clear skies overhead right now. a beautiful starlet this monday morning. in new england's there is an area of low pressure off the
5:50 am
coast. that is bringing them a nasty, wintry mix to start the workweek. a lot of sunshine for us for the next couple days. there's a difference between today and the rest of the week, breezy conditions. gusting up to 25 out of the northwest. high temperatures near 60 all week. highs from about 62-58. there are no cold fronts or warm fronts. next chance of rain is sunday. things have changed for virginia. on 95 northbound, two carmax. the first is at stafford. that's where you would exit to stafford. there's another red northbound in triangle with all lanes closed on 95 at triangle. route 1 is your best
5:51 am
alternative near the marine base. don't get onto the interstate until you get into dumfries headed northbound. 395 north bound, checking of the pace of traffic at edsall road, that looks decent. back to you. >> thank you. an exciting finish at the new york city marathon. he may have heard the loudest cheers as he crossed the finish line. we are talking about the chilean miner, edison pena. five hours, 41 minutes, 50 seconds. he had a swollen knee. he survived 69 days trapped after the mine collapsed in july chile. he's a good running was his way of proving how much he wanted to
5:52 am
live. he said running the marathon was a dream. >> can you >how hot is was down there? >> i don't even like going into my basement to exercise. >> nbc has ended keith olbermann's suspension. he violated the networks will about making political donations. two days off of the air was appropriate, according to the network. he had donated $2,400 to the campaigns of three different democratic candidates. karina smirnoff is getting ready to marry a major league baseball player. he gave for 05 carat diamond engagement ring last month. they have not started planning
5:53 am
the wedding. -- gave her a 5 carat ring. congratulations. >> pretty good dancing at that wedding reception expected. 5:52, 40 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington."
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emergency in north west has a new way to attract customers in the downturn. >> the owner of the winery is holding winetasting classes on saturday mornings. if the clauses cultivate loyalty in a tough economy in which new competition makes business stuff. >> people wanted to know where to go. this was a way to bring people into the store. this is smart business. >> he brings in experts to talk about inexpensive but distinctive wines from small vineyards. he wants customers to be able to appreciate and ask for nontraditional winds, boosting sales. >> you have to be creative these days. >> still ahead -- comeback, abrien's
5:57 am
former tonight show host is getting ready for its cable television debut. president obama, what he said about the relationship with india. and where protesters are lining up already. >> lisa baden has the monday morning commute
5:58 am
5:59 am
live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this half- hour, outraged after five men accused of murder have walked free. >> and day three in new delhi, the latest from president obama's trip to india. >> there's a gold back to work forecast. today on "oprah," a visit with michael jackson's mother and his children, today 4 on abc 7. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. if we start with adam caskey. a beautiful week to look forward to. no big changes. boring


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