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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 10, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. a dream cruise turns into a nightmare for thousands of passengers. >> this is good morning, washington on your side. >> it's 6:00 on this wednesday morning. great to have you joining us. lisa is standing by. steve is in this morning. looking at this nice wednesday morning. with the sun rise, we'll look at temperatures. bundle up. compare that to 41 at dulles international way out west. quiet and dry going to be the
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name of the game for the next several sdis or so winds are out of the north at 5-10. rush hour commute to lisa. >> traffic seems to be handling its own. route 4, route 5. good out of analysis. columbia between 4 the 5 where you see the most action. fair county. 66 and 95 just the volume starting to grow.
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>> our top story this morning. president barak obama is reiffs in south korea today for a meeting of world leaders. tracking the latest developments >> the president does have a lot of plans. meeting with g-20 leaders. topping the list of the discussions there, the economy and trying to improve it around the world.
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in 1978, the president's mother married an indonesian man and moved there for about four years. the people here quickly made me feel at home. >> there for less than 24 hours, president barak obama visited the m mosque. >> this house of worship was designed by a christian architect. islam flourishes but so do other faiths. relations have frayed over many years. as president, i've made it a priority to begin to repair these relations. president barak obama will be talking with u.s. troops
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stationed in south korea. live for abc 7 news. >> the chandra leavy trial continues. a cell mate says he confessed to killing her. the intern disappeared back in 2001. >> authorities identify a man who died after fweing hit on the beltway this week. he was walking on the outer loop near route 1 on monday night. he taught at the smithsonian's early enrichment center. >> a developing story stretching from california to the capital. a ufo caught on tape. authorities still don't know what kwauzed the trail but
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authorities are covering everything it is a strange one. many are investigating leading many to wonder when they saw off of the coast of california about 35 miles west. experts say we are looking at a miss i'll. others say it is simple as a vapor trail of an air plane. that is what is concerning to most. they say at no point is there a threat. the mystery kins.
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some officials saying again this is just the con trail we are looking at. a big announcement for the military. offering no surprises. accused of killing 13 people and wounding 31 others. >> hundreds of people came remember the university professor.
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>> she was everyone's favorite professor. >> i don't really understand how this could happen to a really good person. >> she was found dead in her home october 25. a teen caught driving her missing jeep is considered a pe ten shal suspect. looking at the day ahead. the board of license commissioners looking into the brawl. the allegation that the bar serves underaged students. bridge inspections trigger a traffic alert.
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>> we have 46 degrees on this wednesday morning. still ahead, strandid at sea with only spam and canned crab meet. >> laugh along with tina fey. taking her place among
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>> welcome back at 6:10. good morning and good look, we can't wait for the new baby to arrive. >> we have blue skies. another 32 minutes or so. temperatures outside. wind gusts around 45 miles an hour. howard university, they have had over an inch of rain. no rain any time soon. lots of sunshine today. winds are out of the north 5-10. clouds are mainly clear.
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tomorrow looking good. a tad cooler compared to today. upper 50's to lower 60's. still, lots of sunshine. we head over to lisa. the volume in maryland. 270 is open and quiet. nothing to worry about in the district. south in maryland leaving the parkway, apparently there's been a crash. nothing complicated in virginia. quickly, we go to news chapter 7. get a feel for the pace of traffic. 6:12 is your time. >> the youngest person ever to
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win the nation's humor prize. awarded last night at the kennedy center. she thanked sarah palin for her success. >> i would be a liar and idiot if i didn't recognize her. >> fey is the youngest to be rewarded and only the third woman. many others there with her as well. >> coming up today, a jumbo
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>> welcome back. president barak obama is in south korea. the third stop on his tour. a lot of people are scratching their heads over this large
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vapor trail spotted over south california on monday. the trail resem belled a rocket in flight. elizabeth smart testified for the second day. smart said she was afraid she would be killed if she gave her real name. >> 6:16, new this morning, the rescue effort off the coast of california is now under way. thousands of people are strandid. they are about a day and a half from land. the latest on this. not a pretty picture at all for them. >> good morning to you. not such a good morning for those 3300 passengers.
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the fire was put out. no one was hurt. the ship is 80 miles off the coast. taking a navy air lift to get food on board. spam and pop tarts are be ebb serve. >> we don't know exactly how passengers feel about this. reporting live, abc 7 news. back to you. >> not a dream vacation at all.
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the plan took about four years to develop and will require help from private sponsors. >> more planes get grounded foreign begin problems. economy picks up. >> new numbers show how challenging it is to find work right now. home values fell again. on line real estate firm shows
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prices are 25% below their peek. replacing their engines. tests show oil leaks. goulg reportedly giving all employees a 10% raise and $1,000 holiday bonus reportedly trying to keep employees from deflecting to other companies. >> 46 degrees outside. another day that is quite pleasant. 47 degrees at the airport frment winds are out of the north.
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45 and 41 at dulles international. satellite and radar. the area of low pressure off the coast. going to zoom out of there. high pressure for the day, tomorrow, saturday, sunday. winds not a problem. 58-63 degrees. looking great. a lot of sunshine for thursday, friday, sunday.
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>> metro rail is your preference. 66 and 95 north to the beltway. everything open in virginia . >> police are cleaning up the accident. university boulevard looks like they are opening the road right now. that's good for you. >> thank you. 46 degrees right now. good morning, washington. cracking down on happy meals. the first time ever, a u.s. city bans toys today on oprah, talk
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show legends all in one place.
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>> there's an ap for everything these days. what if you want to know if you have an std.
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an i phone program will let users put urine or saliva on a slide and insert it into their phone. >> hate to turn to food now. >> toys would not be allowed in meals with 640 mill yams of sdalt this takes affect in december of 2011. a local teen got quite a surprise when he was honored at school. >> called out in a high school assembly yesterday. he spotted an overturned and
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burning suv and jumped to action. >> i just got out to go look at it. it came down to running towards it. >> there is no doubt he survived this event due to the actions of the heroic actions >> he is hon yeared. >> he had no idea this assembly was for him. >> 6:26. another half hour of good morning, washington. coming up, dancings final four. we'll tell you who made it through to next week's title. who he is meeting with and why. that's next.
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a lot of sunshine on the way this morning and for the remainder of the upcoming work and school week, what can
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>> america is not and never will be at war with islam. >> the latest from the president's trip overseas. glad you are joining us. we'll have more on that story in a moment. we sgin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. steve is standing by now with that forecast. plenty of sunshine for the afternoon traffic moving nicely
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across the bridge there. 45 degrees the forecast looks like this. a lot of sunshine. tomorrow, subshooin will stick around. upper 50's to lower 50's. >> easier transition. on your way to kings dominion out to the roadway. the crash where traffic merges in with e is right in the right
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lane. back to the news desk now. spraub set to meet with world leaders today. topping president barak obama's plans and meeting with that president and the chinese president. south korea has mobilized the largest mobility there. mr. obama landed in south korea about an hour ago. right before that, the president returned to indonesia.
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in 1967, the president's mother remarried an indonesian man he lived there with his mom and step father for about four years. he visited for less than 24 hours. he visited the largest mosque. the president wants to restore relations with the muslim world. the troubled u.s. economy, he talked of strengthening the u.s. economy and military ties. the president will speak to u.s. troops there. >> thank you. 6:33. an islam yik group is concern
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the the u.s. government is delaying passports. officials seed a package. by the time it was released, the sgrup missed its flight. >> there is nothing suspicious about these people, if there were, we believe the government should have come and talked to the people individually. >> the customs agency bought new tickets for different flights. >> the chandra leavy trial continues. a cell mate says he told him he
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did kill her. >> a high school student was shot and killed. a classmate with him was shot in the leg. he planned to go to college and become a poet. >> the search is under way for a man who raped a woman. the if. she was tabing out trash when she saw a man lurking in the woods. he followed her and attacked her and then took off. >> a story from california. so far, no one hajjes been able to identify the ufo caught on camera. the military is saying very
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little. a bizarre story. many asking is this a ufo or missile. none can identify exactly what they saw in california. imaginations are running wild. a television station's traffic calm are you caught the smoke and object shooting straight into the sky. officials with the navy, nassau and department of defense cannot complain what it is. that leaves many worried the u.s. is in harm.
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officials say it is likely a possibility many experts pointed to after seeing the video. >> could be the rocket pointing here. it also could be a jet aircraft con trail. >> officials there looking into all possibilities >> reporting live this morning. >> it will be interesting to see how this all turns out. >> 6:37 is the time. we have 46 degrees. another star says goodbye. who saids home after the dancing elimination. >> bracing for the worst.
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v dot is
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♪ >> welcome back.
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plenty of sunshine is expected. you'll need them. temperatures outside at this hour. 46 degrees. children's hospital at 45. we will see wind today out of the north 5-10 miles an hour. a lot of sunshine 61-66 degrees. an update on this morning's commute. >> we are hearing about a building fire near 16th street. puts it near silver spring metro
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to see if they are affected from this structure fire just reported. we have a complicated multicar crash. south bound before benning road. i'm having a morning here. on 270, only the volume to discuss. back inside. >> keep us posted on that fire in silver springs. >> coming up in washington, clashing over care. the new white house and what it means for national security. >>
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>> my exclusive conversation with maya angelou. >> if you can believe it, winter is right around the corner. local road crews aren't taking any chances. live in fair preparing for winter's worst. >> can you believe it's a possibility talking about snow. leaves haven't even fallen off
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the trees yet. record snow storms we saw last year, we want to be prepared for whatever my come our way. talking about preparations for snow and ice. will officials be able to keep up. last winter many felt buried under the snow and trafed on the streets. they will hold this later today. a lot of people hoping we do not have a repeat of last winter. >> thank you. checking news around the region. you will soon be able to buy
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liquor on sundays. fouling r finalizing an order. critic say it will hurt private stores. the team will unveil a new look for the season. tonight at stars and stripes club at national's park. if you do like the new look, you'll be able to buy those tomorrow. >> that should be fun. police issued 33 tickets during yesterday's rush hour. a bus driver was sited for blocking an intersection. similar campaigns will take place across the d.c. area
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through the end of the year. 6:47. turning now to the day's politico minute. the new congress will be facing. >> this article is how nobody really wants to take the attention off national security. >> they just weren't during the resent elections because of the focus on jobs there's a whole raft of issues that will come up next year in an attempt to bloody the president going into the 2012 election.
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president barak obama needs to give 475 days notice. palestinians can block the money to pay for those transfers >> good to soo you as always. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> a nice start to wednesday morning. 47 degrees at reagan national airport. the wind not a problem. looking for winds out of the north 5-10 as we move out through the morning and afternoon hours.
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temperatures outside. we have cooler air off to the north. we come to couple berlin, maryland. 41 and 36. the colder air off to the west. we look to the clouds this system really hasn't moved. that will keep us dry and sunny. travel plans. look foor plenty of sunshine through the day. for tonight, a few clouds here or there. we'll see 42 degrees close tort
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district. winds remain out of the north. temperatures 68-63 degrees calling for temperatures around the 60 degree mark and into the upcoming weekend. lisa has some breaking news. >> >> looking at a closure now of spring street and second avenue. news chopper 7 quick to respond this is a minor brush fire there. fire department has everything under control now. this does not affect metro. say small portion of spring street shut down until further
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notice. the 235 j birthday of the marines here they come. every year, the marines run fr here in the annual run for their birthday. while we are taking a taxi, they
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>> it is 6:54. president barak obama is in south kree a for meetings with the world's 20 largest economies. he delivered a speech in independent nosia where he reached out to muslims. >> a lot of people want to know what they saw in the sky over california. >> the trial of the man accuse $of killing chandra leavy, prison inmates say he confessed to killing her.
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>> down to the final four on dancing with the stars. >> kurt warner was voted off. next week four couples will be back to face the judges. class act. >> a great guy. >> lisa, we have a wonderful picture to show here. the 235th birthday of the marines. look at some of them now running a pouring will be affected for commuters. it makes you proud to be an american.
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just in time for cooler temperatures. a cool down for the upcoming weekend. we'll see it cool. >> that d
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