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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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toilets. >> a good night's sleep for the carnival cruise ship "splendor" centers after a nightmare at sea. >> are we on the brink of a trade war? good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this friday. november 12. i am greta kreuz. >> i am alison starling. glad you are joining us. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. we begin with adam caskey. welcome back. congratulations on the baby. >> teddy is a proud big brother. we are thrilled. in the belfort furniture weather center, 38 in the district, 25 in frederick.
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annapolis, 42. warmer all water. sunny and perfect to date. highs in the low to mid 60's. climbing through the morning and midday. tonight, upper 20's in outlying areas, mid to upper 30's downtown. now to lisa baden. delays are calling out of oxon hill across the hudson bridge. coming out of maryland there's a crash on the inner loop in virginia, at telegraph road. local lanes are the way to go even oxon hill to get to telegraph road. back to you. >> thank you. 6:01. details of breaking news we are following out of northeast washington. police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting.
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a man was shot in the head the circle park after 3:00 this morning and was taken to local hospital when he was pronounced dead. police are looking for today gray suv that was spotted leaving the area. we will bring you information as we get it. the united states is on the brink of a trade war. president obama and g-20 leaders have been at work trying to negotiate a last-minute currency compromise. courtney robinson is tracking developments from south korea. she joins us with the latest. >> it seems they have reached a last-minute agreement today as far as the g-20 summit is concerned. what that entails is not known. the leaders from the top 20 global economies meeting to try to rebound and stimulate the
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global economy. it's no easy feat. president obama says that he's confident they will have a last- minute agreement that will allow g-20 country to monitor country to make sure they are having sayre practices. >> no nation should assume that their prosperity is paid simply with exports to the united states. >> his main concern is quickly growing the u.s. economy. >> the progress has not come fast enough. especially when it comes to my highest priority, which is putting americans back to work. >> he wants to reach a new free- trade agreement with south korea and to push china to stop or the white house calls undervaluing currency to boost exports. no deal was reached with either country, but obama feels progress will happen. next week will be big for white
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house as democrats and republican leaders meet with the president to discuss extending the bush tax cuts. obama has made it clear that he wants to make sure taxes do not rise for middle-class families, but not for the wealthy. the man accused of going on the deadly stabbing spree in three states is scheduled to be in michigan in court today. elias abuelazam could learn today if he will be tried for murder of a michigan man in july. he's suspected of stabbing nearly 20 people in three states including virginia. five died> the grace period is over. three busy intersections in d.c.. if you are can't going to uruguay it, you'll get a $75 fine, beginning today. but light cameras went up last night on connecticut avenue at porter street.
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14th street at k street. and third street at new york. ohio drive in southwest d.c. will be closed from the roosevelt drive olver rock creek parkway to independence avenue at 23rd street. that's in effect from 11:00 tonight through 5:00 monday morning because of paving. it was an emotional tribute to d.c. teenager murdered monday night. friends and family gathered was night for a vigil for the 17- year-old joseph sharp. he attended northeast high school where he was a senior. his mother says that her son was ambitious and wanted to be a businessman. goingwould say that he's to new york you'll antes going to be the owner of espn. that was every day. he was going on a good pa
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th. >> his friend was shot and wounded. police are not sure if he knew his attacker. >> cruise ship passengers stranded at sea will be waking up too hot coffee and hot food this morning. >> we are during what they went through. emily schmidt joins us with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the vacation post cards with said they are glad to be back home for people and spent days aboard the criddle cru schickler. crippled cruise schihip. >> no lights five days.
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>> manas and bread sandwiches. they could autoclaves of rotten food because of health and safety regulations. the cabins were dark, so people slept in the hallways. they are getting a refund and a free to alter for a future cruise. some say they would take a cruise again because of what are the chances of something happening again. others say they will pass on that. the navy dropped tens of thousands of pounds for them, including cases of spam. conable last night sent out a tweet saying that none of their passengers where ever served spam. emily schmidt reporting. -- carnival sent out that tweet.
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>> will regenerators? >> they did have some backup electricity that helped with the phone system. there's an investigation going on with panamanian officials as well as our local officials. >> 40 degrees. >> still ahead, supporters of the doomed clifton elementary school take their case to the judge. >> more signs the holiday season is nearing. >> a sneak peek at the weekend forecast on this friday morn
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it is a beautiful, but chilly friday morning. it's an upper 30's in arlington. several locations of the 20's. outlying areas. let's look at the december-like temperatures in a few spots. 27 in woodstock, va., 27 in hagerstown. walkersville, 26. huntingtown, 27. 30 degrees in washington. temperatures will climb this morning quickly. ties in the low to mid 60's. pleasant and sunny today. tyres and the 60's this weekend. we will talk about the changing weather patterns for next week, coming up. adam caskey has a new daughter and is back to work already. a couple of things to warn you
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about in the letter. first, people leaving oxon hill, use local lanes. delays begin out of maryland because of a crash at telegraph road. the next camera is newschopper 7 on the other side of the beltway at new hampshire avenue. open to 270. back to you. >> thank you. the christmas shipping season is almost here and it could be busy for fedex. that company expects to handle 200 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. the busiest day will be september 13 -- december 13. and 11% pick up from last year expected. >> i am getting anxious.
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6:12, 38 degrees. >> "call of duty" sales are breaking a record. >> parents of clifton elementary school students are suing the school board. >> police found a man gunned down in host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood? (high-pitched laughter) man: hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we begin our top stories at 6:14 with breaking news. a deadly shooting in northeast d.c.. police say a man was found shot in 1100 block of galaway street streets after 3:00 this morning. he was taken to hospital menu was pronounced dead. police have not least his identity or made any arrests. president obama is in japan
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for another economic summit. before leaving the g-20 summit in zacarias, turrell leaders will come to an agreement on ways to stimulate economic growth -- have come to an agreement oncoming how to stimulate economic growth, but have not agreed on other things. the carnival cruise ship "splendor" centres had no air- conditioning or hot food. supporters of a small fairfax county school will announce a legal fight to keep the doors open. mike conneen is live at the fairfax county courthouse with what is at stake. >> good morning. clewiston parents are angry about the school board decision to close the school. -- clifton elementary parents. a fairfax county circuit court judge later this morning will hear a lawsuit that challenges
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the board's vote in july to close clifton elementary which was built in 1953. the board members mentioned decreasing enrollment projections, safety concerns from well water, and renovation costs. parents say that the qur'an school board made the decision too quickly and that the school board has changed the reasons for the closure. the official closing is still years away, depending on a school board boundaries study. the school board meeting is an 11:00 today and parents and students are expected to attend. montgomery county may be facing more painful budget cuts. county executive isolated said
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the county faces a $200 million budget gap next year. that is up from the $145 million estimate over the summer. lost revenue from the defeated ambulance fee referendum is part of a problem. he plans to release a savings plan in december. metro is investigating an incident in which a mother or separated from a young child. it happened wednesday. the woman was pushing a stroller onto a train at the west hyattsville station when the door closed suddenly. the train took off with the child. the two were reunited shortly afterwards. at the afterwards. turning to the "money scope report.", "call of duty" smashes sales records and the g-20 tries a last-minute compromise. rob nelson has those stories. >> the leaders of the world's biggest economy iranian economic
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imbalances, but they have put off tough decisions until next year. leaders refused to endorse a u.s. plan to get china to revalue its currency. boeing says of the electric panel caused a fire in the insulation material on a test flight of a 787 jetliner. it remains grounded. chevrolet hopes to give electric technology a jump- start to help some of its businesses. "call of duty" earned many more millions of dollars than its predecessor. we just want to say congratulations to adam caskey, a brand new father. >> two days old.
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i love the name callie caskey. >> is she talking yet? >> not yet. she's eating well. everybody at virginia hospital center, thanks for taking care of us. >> daddy's little girl. >> let's go to the graphics. 63 was the high temperature yesterday. it is going to be another great day with a lot of sunshine, sure. 63 yesterday. today will not be much different than yesterday. the average high is 59. we will be above that. we will be in the lotus mid 60's today for the high
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temperature. a persistent forecast. the same high pressure system over heads. no big shifts in the wind. conditions will not change until next week. it's 38 in the district's right now. if 25 in manassas. cumberland, 28. 42 in annapolis. , lot of areas in the low 50's at the waterways. cooler than yesterday. clear skies overhead, area of low pressure still aren't tuesday. that will stay in the ocean. a new developing storm system in the midwest, a cold front associated with that will move into town by monday. that will mark the beginning of our changing weather. a lot of sunshine today, temperatures climbing quickly into the low 60's by 3:00 p.m. upper 20's tonight in outlying areas. western maryland, west virginia,
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hagerstown, mostly in the 30's. a lot of sunshine this weekend, is in the mid-60s. a changing weather data next week. good chance of rain tuesday. together take a look in the geico camera of georgia avenue, things seem to be running relatively well. south of town is not so good. dingell delays out of oxon hill getting to a crash in alexandria at telegraph road. local lanes are running with no delays. local lanes at oxon hill are the way to go. headlights are northbound. metrorail is on normal service system wide. back to you. >> thank you. 38 degrees, 6:21. >> coming up, an author,
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activist, and role model, maya angelou opens up to abc 7. >> today on "oprah," men who were molested, part 2: the healinig begins, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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on your side this morning with news of a major car recall.
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nissan has announced it's recalling 600,000 vehicles because of stealing or battery cable problems. if the affected vehicles include the frontier pickup trucks, ex tharanga suv, and the nissan sentra sedan. the steering column can corrode and limit steering movement. there have been no accidents or injuries. at the warner theatre in downtown washington it was a special evening. >> pireira chance to see activist and writer maya angelou. fans were not disappointed. >> i am supposed to talk about the uniqueness of my life. the truth is everybody's life is unique. each person. >> she has such fire and passion about life and people. >> she has been through a lot and that inspires me. >> maya angelou will probably be
6:26 am
spotted during oprah winfrey's final season. they are good friends. >> an amazing lady. still another half-hour or of good morning washington. >> the smithsonian in the cross hairs, the government's plan to climb out of debt could cost you to have to pay for the visit to the museum. >> find out what we have learned was not on the menu on the cruise ship, coming up. >> adam caskey and belfort fu
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>> what are the chances that it happens twice to the same person? so i'm going with the odds. >> back on dry land this morning.
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straight ahead, the incredible stories from onboard the carnival cruise. stranded at sea. good morning, washington. it's friday, november 12. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm greta kreuz. i've never been on a cruise. but might have second thoughts. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam is in the weather center with our weather. >> weather, with greta. you always crack me up in the morning. >> eight cups of coffee in the morning, what would you do? >> you're right. she's the first one to put the pot on in the break room. 29 in martinsburg. take a look at the graphics. chilly numbers to start our day. 25 in frederick. fredericksburg, 4 the. warmer along the water. the temperatures quickly climbing today, rising into the low 60's early this afternoon.
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into the weekend, mostly sunny. similar temperatures in the 60's. let's get a look at the roads, lisa? happy friday. >> it is until you take 66. for information we're going to go to the geico camera. and news chopper 7. they are looking at this traffic inside the loop eastbound 66. the wreck is after fairfax drive. single file to the right is all that gets by. unusual backup past 495. it's through rozz land. your decision. through lanes or local lanes? the answer is lock 8 lanes. the crash -- the answer is local lanes. look at the through lane traffic crawling out of oxen hill through the crash. now back to alison and greta. >> that's a big mess on 66. we're following breaking news
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from northeast washington where police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting. a man was shot in the head in the head at a park just after 3:00 a.m. and police issued a lookout for a gray s.u.v. spotted leaving the area. police have not released any information on the victim. >> and in other top stories, we are hearing stories from those cruise ship passengers who were stranded at sea. >> passengers will wake up on dry land and have hot food and a hot shower for the first time in days. more on their time on this stranded ship. >> as tiny tug boats pulled the carnival cruise ship, many greeted those whose vacation never really began. the mexican one-week rive areaa
6:33 am
cruise vacation began. >> it's our first night on the cruise. >> but monday's engine room fire changed everything. >> all of a sudden everything started going dead. >> the fire went out. so did power. >> a ship adrift. blackness mt. room. though toilets worked. frirted foods -- frirts did not. -- refridge rators did not. >> the navy airlifted many supplies including cases of spam. carnival tweeted despite news reports, carnival cruise passengers were never served spam. >> and this will end up being
6:34 am
costly, passengers will be offered a full refund and a free cruise. the splender's next cruise is canceled so their money will be refunded and they will receive a 25% off their next cruise. >> some problem areas include the red line from shady grove to twin brook and the orange line from vienna to west falls church and the green line from prince george's plaza to college park. important news for drivers in d.c. ohio drive will be closed from the roast roosevelt bridge to independence avenue at 23rd street. from 11:00 p.m. tonight to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning so the crews can do repaving work. >> the fight over a fairfax elementary school could take a
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new twist, a judge is scheduled to hear arguments from a lot of parents suing over the decision to close clifton elementary school. it would cost too much to renovate it but the parents argue the school is too much of a fabric for the neighborhood. >> a d.c. teenager who was murdered. a vigilant i will held for 17-year-old joseph sharp. it took place at spin garn high school where sharp had been a smplet his mother says he was ambitious and constantly talked about wanting to be successful. >> he said mom, i'm going to n.y.u. and i'm going to own espn. that was every day. >> he was a young man who was trying to get his life together. >> he was walking along holbrooke street with a friend monday night when he was shot and killed. his friend was shot and wounded.
6:36 am
police are not sure if sharp knew his attacker. >> from overseas news, president barack obama arrived in japan where economy will once again be the top i can. he said the g-20 put the economy on the road to recovery but change is too slow. now with the latest from south korea. hi courtney. >> hi alison. certainly a busy day for the president. he is now in japan to meet with asian leaders to focus on global trade and growth. earlier this morning he wrapped up the g-20 summit. when that began the president said the global economy was on the brink of collapse and now is on the road to recovery. the economic global leaders reached an agreement and differences remain on trade and balances. now they are hoping to push
6:37 am
china to end what they are calling currency manipulation. no headway was made on that front. during a media conference president obama said as for extending bush era tax cuts at home, he doesn't support tax cuts for the wealthy but does support middle class tax cuts. that will be on the agenda here at home next week. courtney robinson, thank you. >> 6:37 is the time on this friday. >> still ahead on good morning, washington. a story you won't want to miss. how much a trip to the smith sownian could cost if the government gets its way. >> the spirit of mary tyler moore lives on in morning glory. i'm arch campbell with the movie guide coming up. >> first a check of weather and ♪
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♪ new look. new style. new sears. come see our brand new side. at sears.
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>> hi, i'm tammy from the smith sownian national zoo. this is our octopus, ochtative use and he loves seafood for breakfast. good morning, washington! >> 6:30 on this friday morning. it is a perfect friday morning. great day. a lot of sunshine. a little on the cool side to start the day. we're going to warm up quickly.
6:41 am
on the weatherbug network, in arlington we're in the upper 30's. but look some 20's. hagerstown 28. clarksburg, 36. bowie, 34. one reading in manassas at 30. below freezing in a few spots. highs in the low to mid 60's. just another glorious day. weather won't change much. lisa? >> adam caskey it's improving, but it will be a little bit of time before things get back to normal. interstate 10 improving through a crash. improving because the vehicles involved are on a rollback and will be leaving soon. live, we're going to take you now to news chopper 7. this is horrible. very unusual. eastbound 66. traffic on the right is eastbound leading to the crash at fairfax drive. notice single file to the right
6:42 am
is all that gets by. the wreck has been there for an hour. complicated crash. eastbound 66 to the beltway. >> thank you for watching that lisa, it's 6:42. 37 degrees. >> coming up, an uphill battle for president barack obama and his changing relationship with democrats and a look ahead to 2012. >> and one of the perks of visiting our nation's capital may be going away. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun.
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the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, do you really know who is living in your neighborhood? the shock of some when they find
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out a sex offender lives right next door. abc investigates tonight at 5:00. >> a presidential panel is recommending tough measures to dig the nation out of debt. among them, tackling social security, raising the retirement age and raising payments by the wealthy by expanding the payroll tax and hiking the gas tax and covers money spent on defense and the smith sownian museum. >> we're talking about charging for the smith sownian, right? >> yes. and this is stiring up lots of reaction, because they could soon have to start paying admission to visit the smith sonion museum. that's in an effort to erase $4 million in debt.
6:46 am
one proposal is to cut funding by millions to the smith sownian and then the visitors would have to the bear brunt of making up for that cost. charging a $7.50 admission fee would make up the difference and many said they simply don't like that idea. here's why. >> people will pay it. they will keep coming. i personally wouldn't. >> people can't afford it. and they wouldn't come here knowing that they had to pay every time they went through a door. and i would think if we wanted people to understand our nation's government and our history that we would want to be as encouraging as possible. >> and the museum has been free since 1846. proposals to inforce an admission fee have never gone well.
6:47 am
but this is something that would take time and the president would have to sign off on it. >> in today's political minute, president obama is really feeling pressure. >> speaking of that, democrats aren't happy with his tax plan and his road to re-election might be a little more narrow these days. david is here. good morning. always feels early to talk about 20 12, but we're seeing signs you guys list in this political article. >> we're actually not that far out. the primaries are just 14-15 months off. no doubt the president's election team is already in gear. they are seeing a bunch of states starting with virginia, indiana, north carolina, others president obama won for the first time in decades. a democrat hadn't carried them but now they look off the table because republicans carried the last elections.
6:48 am
>> and the hispanic vote will be critical, won't it? >> yes. here in virginia. there's a growing hispanic vote. certainly in florida. that's one area where the president went well. if there was any good news for democrats, that was it. >> and many are upset about the president's stance on the bush tax cuts. >> saying you should extend the middle class tax cuts but not for high-income earners. now the president says we saw what voters said on election day. maybe we should extend them all. >> the compromised move orbach pedaling. democrats would call it selling out. depends on your point of view. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes. checking in with adam. >> weekend will be fantastic.
6:49 am
perfect weather will continue into the weekend. take a look at this beautiful sunrise picture we have over chesapeake beach. looking east over the bay. 39 degrees right now. beautiful sunshine. smksmk in effect today as waves -- small craft advisory in effect today as waves will be up to 3 feet. currently at reagan national we're checking in at 38 degrees. 25 in harry davis field. martzenburg is 26. obviously not that cold every where. oxen hill at 39. now let's go to the map. give you a wider view of what's going on. far enough to the east where it's not affecting us that much. overhead we have high pressure. that's going to be the main player in our weather just as it has been all week, bringing us the perfect weather.
6:50 am
weather pattern hasn't shifted. same high weather pattern in shape. there is some active weather in the country. a new developing storm system. stop overhead and marking the change in our weather pattern and giving us more of an active weather pattern. highs and lows in the mid 60's. 30's around the metro area. this weekend mostly sunny. perfect november weekend. then rain by tuesday. lisa? >> i have plenty of traffic out of oxen hill but improving across the wilson bridge. crash on telegraph road is now gone. we have a huge backup on 66. chopper 7 shows eastbound traffic on 66 leaving the beltway, zooming to get out of that sunshine at fairfax drive. only single file to the right
6:51 am
was getting by. as they tilt the camera up you'll only get sun glare. but you can see this. very excited. just love fridays, because we always go to arch campbell. and we're going to do that when we return. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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>> welcome back, everyone. 6:54. a check of our top stories, police say a man was shot in the 1100 block of galloway street just after 3:00 a.m. the man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators are looking for a gray s.u.v. looking leaving the area. >> a judge is expected to hearal arguments in a lawsuit over the fairfax school board decision to close an elementary school. parents stay school is too important to close. and president obama arrived in japan this morning for another economic summit at the end of the g-20 summit in south korea he said world leaders were able to agree on ways to stimulate global economic growth but there were trade and currency issues that still need to be addressed. >> good morning, washington.
6:55 am
i'm arch campbell with your weekend movie guy. rachel mcadams stars in the television news comedy "morning glory." >> welcome to the daybreak family, mike. >> rachel mcadams discovers a clause forcing him into the anxious of chair. worth 3 1/2 stars. also opening denzel washington as a grizzled railroad engineer in "unstoppable." 2 1/2 stars. >> and a hiker that has to amputate his arm in "127 hours." too much for me. >> "due date" and "fair game" get three stars each.
6:56 am
couple of stars for "mega amind." ""127 hours" gets one star. i'm arch campbell. abc 7 entertainment. >> it will be fun to see the "morning glory" film. >> you're invited. >> i got your email. count me in. count you in on 66 eastbound with one star as arch campbell would say. look at the pace of traffic leaving the beltway at fairfax drive. not too pretty. oomingd? >> a lot of sunshine today. in the 60's through thal weekend. chance of showers by tuesday. leave you with one last photo, welcome sally caskey. wednesday morning. thank you to everyone for all the great care at virginia hospital center. hi, baby. met her yesterday. >> very cute. >> change diapers! >> pam looks great.
6:57 am
congratulations you guys. >> thank you. we're thrilled. >> that does it for us. thank you for joining us. >> have a good weekend. bye.
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