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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 12, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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that's what's ma good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, november 12th. this morning, no deal. the president's trip to asia ends with a failed trade agreement and u.s. economic policy's under fire. in a press conference overnight, obama is defensive and defiant. bad for business. is the famed better business bureau making companies pay to play? brian ross shows how they are selling top ratings for top dollars. brutality on the court. this video shows a high school coach whipping players during practice. this morning, a father responds
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live. and funniest home videos. the carnival edition. all the tape from onboard. the watermelon brigade, the hot dog salad and the darkness. this honeymoon couple is back here on dry land in times square, to tell their story. and good friday morning, everyone. george, it seems like everybody onboard that carnival ship had a camera. >> absolutely. >> we're seeing the videos overnight. check this out. this was the scene on deck as choppered hovered to deliver that spam. apparently it was never opened. the cruise line adamantly saying no one ate it. >> you can't blame them for that. also this morning, more evidence about the power of goog google. it turns out that google came close to starting a war this
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week in south america. not talking metaphors. we have the latest how google's software is causing trouble at the borders. and an international dispute. the honeymoon killer case. the american jailed for the scuba diving death of his wife. after serving his sentence in australia, he could come back to the u.s. where he could be facing the death penalty. there's one thing that could save his life. >> the australians say they won't send him back unless he's assure he won't get the death penalty. we begin with president obama facing political trouble at home. he had no relief over seas. he leaves the economic summit, without two points on jobs. the president were focusing on the disagreements. but this has to be frustrating for him and his team. >> reporter: that's right, george. president obama did not achieve much of what he set out to here. but he defended himself from criticism, saying that resistance is natural when the
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u.s. is pushing hard to bring about change. at the conclusion of the g-20 summit, president obama said it is not just americans who give him an earful about the slow growth of the u.s. economy. his fellow world leaders do, too. >> their main concern is, is it growing fast enough? i think they're very interested in what are additional strategies that can be used to encourage takeoff in the u.s. economy? >> reporter: asked if he could promise the american people that they'll see noticeable job growth before he runs for re-election, the president suggests that he has already delivered. >> we've grown the economy by a million jobs over the last year. so, that's pretty noticeable. i think those million people who have been hired notice those paychecks. >> reporter: one of the biggest issues the president has been pushing here, his belief that china artificially manipulates its currency to keep its goods
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cheap, at the expense of u.s. jobs. president obama could not get the g-20 to use stronger language in the joint statement they released. but in his press conference today, he used his strongest language yet about the chinese currency. >> it is undervalued. and china spends enormous amounts of money intervening in the market to keep it undervalued. my expectation is that china's going to make progress on this issue. >> reporter: and he pushed back on accusations that the recent decision by the fed to inject $600 billion into the economy is, itself, currency manipulation. >> this decision was not one designed to have an impact on the currency, on the dollar. it was designed to grow the economy. >> reporter: how much president obama is willing to compromise on the bush tax cuts for the wealthy, in order to secure the extension of the bush tax cuts
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for the middle-class. the president said he was not going to negotiate with reporters here in seoul, south korea. but rather, would wait to meet with congressional leaders, republicans and democrat, when they come to the white house on thursday. george? >> that's right, jake. the president didn't want to tip his hand anymore. but when you were overseas, i picked up on capitol hill democrats and some administration official, some concern that the white house is a little bit adrift after the election. having trouble settling on a post-election strategy. are you getting any of that over there? and is the president ready to hit the ground running when he gets home? >> reporter: i think that that is an accurate fear and concern from democrats. and the white house is talking about some major staff changes. as you know, his campaign manager, president obama's campaign manager, david plouffe, will be joining the white house. and there's a set of relationships that the president needs to establish. most importantly, with the incoming speaker, john boehner. the president and he barely know each others for all intents and purposes.
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george? >> okay. travel safe. now, new questions about the ratings handed out by the better business bureau. brian ross has been investigating allegations that the bureau bumps up grades in exchange for cash. brian joins us now with this. this is extremely -- >> reporter: indeed. the group so well-known as a consumer watchdog, is now being accused of running a shakedown racket. a pay for play scheme. punishing those who don't pay. now, the attorney general is demanding it stop what he calls is a deceptive practice. on hollywood's biggest occasion, it's "good morning america's" own celebrity chef, wolfgang puck, who is chosen to prepare the gala dinner. yet, despite his impeccable reputation, the better business bureau has slammed parts of puck's food empire, with grades as low as an "f," which puck says he won't pay them to become a member. >> if you become a member,
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you're sure to get an "a." if you don't pay, it's very difficult to get an "a." >> reporter: our investigation, with abc news stations across the country. >> i think it stinks. >> reporter: we heard similar complaints from businesses big and small, about the better business bureau's a-f grading system. >> it's a scam. >> reporter: we were there when the manager of an antiques store was told she had to buy a membership, to craze her grade from a "c," to an "a." >> even though the complain's been resolved, i still have a "c," rating? >> reporter: she gave her credit card number. and the next business day, her "c" became an "a-plus." >> this rating system is not worthy of consumer trust or confidence. >> reporter: now, the better business bureau toasts its reputation for consumer
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watchdog. and the president says hundreds of thousands of nonmembers have received "a" grades. >> the bbb ratings is not about generating money. >> reporter: yet, earlier this year, the terror group hamas, was listed as a member and received an "a"-minus rating. it with but e wasn't hamas. it was a blogger and a group of business owners to prove a point. what did it cost to get an "a"-minus? >> this was $425. >> reporter: how did hamas become a bbb credited business with an "a" grade? >> plain and simple, we made a mistake. >> reporter: lots of mistake. and it's more than just a mistake, says the connecticut attorney general, richard blumenthal. in a set of demands set yesterday to the better business bureau, blumenthal called on them to stop using the grading system, which is harmful and potentially misleading. >> we look for bbb. we look for that label. >> reporter: you'd be surprised
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who got "fs," and who got "as." there's a neonault nazi group. a nonexistent seuushi restauran. >> i know you've been on top for this for quite some time. brian, thank you very much. you can see all of brian's report tonight on "20/20," 10:00, 9:00 central. >> neo-nazis and hamas? my goodness. we're going to get to the stranded carnival shuz ship, in port now. the passengers, every one of them seemed to have a video tape machine. they're sharing their stories after four days at sea. david wright collected some of them when the ship finally docked in san diego. david? >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a voyage these passengers won't soon forget. and they have the pictures to prove it. vacation videos, like nothing you've ever seen. who among them would have
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predicted the love boat could look like a refugee crisis. >> everybody's waiting for the onboard excitement. >> this is the show today. see a helicopter drop. >> there's no lights. a lot of people are packing in the hallway. >> reporter: gordon gilbreath, had to step over people playing cards in the hallway, because their cabins were so dark, they were spooky. >> if we turn the flashlight off, what do we see? nothing. it's completely dark. and that's how it's been on the ship, and stuffy, since monday morning. >> reporter: whennal to estrada's family boarded the ship, the kids were excited. who knew they would end up eating dry cereal in the dark? >> it turned out to be quite different. >> day three of the hostage crisis continues. >> reporter: this luxury voyage became an ocean-going camping trip. the toilets stopped flushing for a day and a half.
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with no fridges working, the food started to smell retched, too. with no elevators working, the kitchen staff had to form bucket brigades on the stairs. there was an assembly line delivery system to get watermelon to passengers. donna hobbs found time to write new lyrics for a familiar tune. ♪ on the two-day return >> reporter: christy was relieved to see her daughter back early from her honeymoon. >> we were worried. we knew they were okay. but to see her and tell me that she's okay, that's all i needed. >> reporter: her daughter reassured her, she's just fine. >> it was an experience. it was an experience of a lifetime. who says you're going to break down in the ocean 60 miles from home? >> reporter: carnival has offered all the passengers a full refund and a voucher for another cruise. george -- robin, a surprising number of the passengers told us they're happy to take them up on
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it. >> we talked to a couple yesterday that said that very thing. thank you, david. joining us now, two passengers onboard, joe and stacy noriega, newlyweds. who spent the honeymoon they weren't expecting. tomorrow's going to be one week? one-week anniversary tomorrow? and you hop on the cruise. what's the first thing you did when you got on that ship, stacy? >> we got on a little bike ride, strait to get some pizza down the road. >> some of that hot food? >> we were dieing for hot food. we were so sick of sandwiches and salad. we were ready for something different. >> we heard that no spam. no spam for you guys, either? >> we didn't see any on the ship at all. we had cold meats and veggies. >> tell us, joe. let's go back to when the ship was disabled on monday. was there panic? did you all know what was going on?
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>> he announced over the radio, john announced over the radio -- >> who is john? >> the cruise manager. >> that there was a problem with the engine room. and there was smoke filling up in the lower cobbens. we were on the first deck. we were asleep. and we had to go up to the ledo deck where there is fresh air. there wasn't too much panic. it was arranged nicely. >> and thankfully, no one was injured or killed when that happened. so, stacy, compounding this, you're pregnant? >> yes. >> you're a few months pregnant. without going into too much detail, how difficult and challenging did it make it for you, with all the smells and the things we heard about going onion on board. >> it seemed like every floor we went up, it was a different odor. and it was just so uncomfortable. then, we had to wait in line for sometimes two hours just to get something to eat. and i didn't really eat very much because they had so much
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salmon and tuna. it was just -- it was very uncomfortable. we didn't really have a fun time. >> no. i know you didn't. your new husband was concerned about you and wanted to make sure that you have something to eat and all. and we kept hearing over and over, even in david's report just now, that people were really making the best of a horrible situation. was it consistent like that? was it like that in the beginning and then it changed? anything like that? >> it was consistently like that. carnival did a good job of making light of a big situation. they did a good job of handling the food situation and everything. it wasn't as horrible as it could have been. but everybody was in a good mood. and everybody was happy that nothing worse happened. >> what was the most difficult part for you, joe? >> worrying about everything with the baby. i didn't think it was going to be safe not to have good food or cooked food for so long. and i didn't know how long we'd be on the cruise until we reached the port. >> stacy, how do you feel everybody onboard, the crew,
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handled the situation? >> the crew was actually really great about everything. they were trying to keep really good spirits. and they were laughing and having fun. like, trying to make it to where it wn't a big crisis. it may have seemed on land. we were not without anything. the only thing is we didn't get room service. >> oh, well. and you're on your honeymoon. that's the least they can do for you. we heard in david's report that carnival is stepping up. they feel horrible about this, of course. they're offering full refunds. and another trip on a carnival cruise. are you going to take them up on it? >> probably not anytime soon. >> yeah. >> it will probably be a couple years at least before we get on a boat again. >> yeah. we're enjoying the land right now and the warm showers. >> good. we hope you enjoy new york. it's a do-over for your honeymoon. >> yeah. >> all the best, joe and stacy. thanks very much. let's go to juju with the rest of the morning's news.
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juju? >> good morning, everyone. we're going to turn to haiti, where in the past 24 hours, the death toll from the cholera epidemic from haiti has risen sharply. as many as 800 people have now died. at least 11,000 are infected. hospitals are overwhelmed. doctors fear patients will soon be lying in the streets waiting for treatment. meanwhile, u.s. funding to help haiti rebuild from january's earthquake is now on its way, months after it was first promised. we're also following breaking news in afghanistan this morning. a suicide car bomb has struck a convoy of american vehicles near camp julian. no word on casualties or how bad the damage may be. a similar attack there last summer killed four americans and canadian military officers. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. "the wall street journal" says the obama administration wants to create a government watchdog to protect consumers' personal information online. currently, there are no u.s. laws protecting online privacy.
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recent crackdowns on facebook and google were carried out by prosecutors overseas and in canada. a media marriage making news this morning. the venerable, nearly 80-year-old "newsweek" magazine is pairing up with "the daily beast." tina brown will be editor of chief of both. "newsweek" was recently sold for just $1. it's time to scour your attic looking for chinese vases. a brother and sister found a 16-inch porcelain vase. and brought it to a shop. it turns out, it was commissioned by the chinese imperial family in the 1700s. somehow, it made its way to england in the 1930s. so, what's a vase like that worth? it just sold for $69 million at auction. >> wow. >> the highest price ever for a chinese artwork. the sister was so shocked, she nearly passed out. look at the beautiful detail.
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>> that never happens to us. >> keep that gavel away from it. >> juju, thanks so much. time for the weather. and a happy friday morning to sam champion. >> not that happy. but a happy friday. let's deal with what's going on in the deep south. right in the middle of the country. in a lot of places these won't be records. but they're very warm temperatures. check out chicagoland at 61 degrees. and st. louis, 75. jackson, new orleans, all on the warm side for the next couple days. the big story in the middle of the country will be the rain, behind that warm hair. from wichita, to omaha, to minneapolis. in some cases we could see two to three inches of rain. and one or two places will come up with a little bit more of that.
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7:19 and it is a perfect credit. it is on the cool side and beautiful skies again today like the past couple of days. the district is 39 degrees. royal is down to 26 degrees. -- front royal is down to 26 degrees. the forecast for today -- a lot of sunshine like the past few days at the high temperatures in the low to mid 60's. good news for the southwest this morning. the santa ana winds up to 60 miles per hour yesterday will fall back a little bit. not to warnings. but to watches during the day today.
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is google so powerful it can start wars? in the past week, it almost happened not once, but twice. mistakes in the popular google maps feature disputed border disputes in north and south africa. it's technology clashing with centuries-old conflicts and causing big trouble. >> reporter: we know google is powerful. but strong enough to start a war? almost. a long-simmering feud between nicaragua and costa rica, almost overboiled. when a military leader ordered troops on to a tiny patch of land claimed by both countries. google maps shows the area belonged to nicaragua. google maps were wrong. they put the border over here. but it's really over here. more than a mile and a half away. >> anybody who has relied on google maps or a gps turn-by-turn device, every once
7:21 am
in a while, they will tell you the wrong thing. >> reporter: even though google says it was a mistake, and nicaragua agrees, they're not moving. costa rican leaders threaten to take the dispute to the u.n. last week, google said a goat-inhabited island belonged to morocco. then, said it was spain's. neither is correct. as for the spat between nicaragua and costa rica, maybe next time military leaders should check with google's rival first. maps on microsoft's search engine, bing, put the boarder in the right place. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> now, he's going to start a trade war. that was something. >> how many times is it that you get the directions. and they aren't quite right? >> yell at the car, right? >> you don't start a war over it. that's us. coming up, caught on tape. a high school basketball coach, hitting his players. saying they deserve it. it makes them better people. but, of course, parents are
7:22 am
calling foul. the man called the honeymoon killer, after serving time for his wife's scuba diving death, what could save his life. and internet insults. why you should do a double-check the next time you read a bad review online.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and the time now is 7:26 on this friday, november 12. i am alison starling with a
7:27 am
local news update. we begin by checking on the morning commute with lisa baden. sometimes fridays are easy but not today on 66? that's true. 66 eastbound has a longstanding car wreck which is gone. we have a video of this crash. it was before glebe road and after fairfax drive. even though the crash is finally gone, that is what the pace looks like right now. that leaves 66 and about why but on 267 to get to the beltway is pretty complicated. we had to bring you some good news. adam caskey had a little girl yester day but it is good on 270 at falls road. thank you. i had a little girl on wednesday morning. kelly caskey, we are happy to have her. for the most part, we are in the
7:28 am
30's. it will be another perfect day today with a lot of sunshine and temperatures quickly climbing. this weekend it gets better, total sunshine and well into the 60's and by tuesday is their next chance of rain congratulations again. investigators are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting in northeast washington for a man was shot in the 1100 block of galloway street after 3:00 a.m. and that man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. authorities are looking for a gray suv that was seen leaving the area. we will the back with another update at 7:56. have a great weekend.
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♪ do that again. ♪ >> just like that. baby rock. >> okay. good morning, america. i laugh every time i see that baby kick his legs. >> that's the effect that has on the baby and the baby's feet like that. >> that's fantastic. we'll have a lot more of that
7:31 am
coming up. good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. also this morning, no laughing matter here. a high school basketball coach caught whipping one of his players. why he says his students deserve it. we're going to look at this case, that has parents wanting him off the basketball court right into a court of law. >> a federal lawsuit. if you didn't think service was up to par at the last hotel you say stayed at. a bad review could be bad for you. how the hotels are fighting back. we're going to begin with the jackson, mississippi, high school basketball coach that is facing a federal lawsuit this morning, after whipping a player in practice. he has admitted to paddling students. and even offered a written apology. but as steve osunsami report, he did it for all the right reasons. >> reporter: the images are blurry. but what's happening is clear. students say this is varsity
7:32 am
basketball coach, marlin dorsey, taking out his anger on athletes behind murrah high school in jackson, mississippi. dorsey issued a statement. but he never said he was sorry. instead, said he was trying to save these young men. >> they don't need saving. not in that way. >> reporter: the parents of the varsity basketball team are furious. and are now suing, accusing the coach of beating their sons, with a five-pound and ten-pound weight belt, beginning in september, because they were failing to run the basketball plays correctly. they said the coach whipped one of the boys daily. and told teammates if they told anyone, they would forfeit the ability to play basketball. >> this is what we would call coach brutal day. a police officer who would hit someone like this, would be terminated of his job or accused of violating the person's civil rights. >> reporter: for now, the coach still has his job.
7:33 am
across jackson, the parents are torn. some think he went way too far. >> i don't think it's right for somebody to put hands on somebody's child. >> reporter: others told us the children need discipline. >> if something went on, i'm going to tell your coach. the coach gets you in line. that's how it was back in the day. >> reporter: the school district banned corporal punishment nearly 20 years ago. and in a statement, said it cannot discuss personnel matters. the parents believe that schooled a traders knew what was happening at practice but turned a blind eye. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news. joining us is jason hubbard, the father of one of the players who said he was paddled by the coach. and lisa laws, who is filing the lawsuit against the coach. that tape is hard to watch. when did you become aware that the coach was paddling players like this? >> it was on october the 22nd, on a friday, when i went to that practice.
7:34 am
that's when i first noticed things were happenin inging. >> you went to practice and saw the coach paddling players? >> yes, sir, i did. >> wt did you do? >> first instinct, i was very angry. and i was outraged. but my second thought was, to be calm. and to relax. and take it in another manner, as far as getting it to stop. that's what i did. to kind of calm myself down. >> so, you went back to the practice again that weekend? >> yes, sir. i went back that sunday. and i had a phone call. so, i walked out of practice. i asked my son, did it happen again? when we got in the vehicle. he said it did. >> and then, what did you do? >> i immediately went back to practice that monday evening. and there again, the boys were getting whipped, with the weight lifting belt.
7:35 am
>> why didn't you step in and stop the coach from doing this? >> my first reaction was to do that. i thought to myself, if i retaliated out of order, the boys could see something that they shouldn't see from a parent and a coach. so, i tried to maintain my integrity, as well, to handle it through the proper protocol. >> so, you went to the principal of the school then? >> i went to the principal that tuesday. >> from talking to your son and what you saw yourself, what did you learn about how long this has been going on? and what else was going on in the practices? >> my son was hurt during the summer basketball camp. he played one or two games. but he wasn't there during those times. from what we understand, from his friends telling him, it was happening during the summer.
7:36 am
>> but he didn't tell you at the time? >> no, he did not. and that was very disturbing to me at that time. >> i'm sure it was. i'm sure you would have wanted to know earlier. here's the statement from coach dorsey. he says, quote, i took it upon myself to save these young men from the direction of self and who society has accepted and become silent to the issues our students are facing on a daily basis. i am deeply remorseful of my actions to help our students. do you accept his apology? >> i do. but at the same time, saving our boys by whipping them is not saving them. and i said to my own self, to my son, we have an honor roll student. he's not out doing bad things. so, saving him from that, we didn't need that. >> one of the other parents, gary lugg, said he made them go to study hall. made them do their homework.
7:37 am
it's been all positive. he made a huge mistake. but he's human. can you buy any of that? do you understand that side? >> i do. but at the same time, i go back to my own personal family. our son is not a thug. is not somewhere out stealing or doing bad things. so, he's an honor student. and to buy into that is kind of an excuse to me. >> ms. roth. i know you filed the lawsuit. how many players are you representing? and what are you looking for? >> i'm representing three of the young men in this case. and we're looking to receive compensatory damages for the physical and emotional harm that these young men have suffered. we also want to put an end to coach dorsey's actions. we don't want any coach at any high school in america to believe that he or she can physically or emotionally abuse
7:38 am
students for the sake of them participating in sports. in this particular case, we believe that coach dorsey overstepped any decent lines and violated these students' constitutional and civil rights. and we want to put a stop to that sort of activity. >> and you clearly believe he should not get his job back? >> well, the district's policy calls for them to suspend him or to terminate him. in this particular case, we do not have one isolated incident. we have a course of action on the part of coach dorsey, where he went in, day in -- day after day. and he repeatedly beat these young men. so, we believe that the school district should take action to him that's commensurate with what he did. >> mr. hubbard, i'm sorry for what your son went through. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> it is tough to watch that
7:39 am
video. we have to keep in mind that there's far more good coaches than bad. and the good coaches can make a positive difference in your life. i'm a living example of that. that's a difficult situation in jackson. now, new details on the so-called honeymoon killer. an american man jailed in the death of his new wife, during a scuba dive, has been released from an australian prison and could be coming to america to face justice. but there's a catch. andrea canning has that story. >> reporter: you're looking at the last image of the alabama newlywed. tina watson, looking lifeless under water, after police say her husband, gabe, turned off her oxygen tank, during a scuba diving trip on their 2003 honeymoon. >> you never think that your daughter will leave for her honeymoon and her husband will kill her. >> reporter: now, gabe watson is at the center of an international battle between australia and alabama. thursday, he was taken from jail, into immigration custody, after completing an 18-month sentence for manslaughter.
7:40 am
but australia won't send him home without one potentially life-saving guarantee from the federal government. >> australia does not deport people if there is a risk that they will be subject to capital punishment. >> it's certainly my intention to pursue the minister to issue a temporary visa, while it is being sorted out, so that he can remain in the community, rather than be incarcerated. >> reporter: gabe watson's attorney says state prosecutors have agreed not to seek the death penalty. but alabama's attorney general, says watson could be tried here again at home, because they believe he planned to kill her before leaving the states for the honeymoon. at the time of the tragedy, watson told authorities, his wife panicked under water. and he couldn't save her. but prosecutors say he was an experienced rescue diver with a motive for money. her life insurance policy. a birmingham grand jury met last month to decide whether to
7:41 am
indict gabe watson. but a decision has yet to be announced. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news. let's check out the weather again with sam. sam? >> good morning, robin. let's start with the hurricane season. it ends the end of this month, by the way. a quick check on this. there's an interesting tidbit that's come out. we had no landing hurricane on in the florida area or the east coast. not this season. and not in five years now. that's the first time that there's been a five-year chunk of time without a hurricane landfall, in the east coast. anywhere along the east coast, since we've been keeping weather records since about 1878, 1870. around there. 19 named storms this season. 12 hurricanes there. here's the thing we wanted to talk about on the west coast. the wind advisories are down just a little bit. but it's still a gusty wind and very dry. 80 degrees in l.a. we are in the 30's right now for the most part and we will be warming into the 60's this afternoon. a lot of sunshine and well into
7:42 am
the 60's this weekend and by tuesday there will be a big shift with a chance of showers. it's friday. tgif. all that weather was brought to you by kmart. robin? >> give it up. next, how hotels are fighting back over nasty web reviews. sparkling strands of lights wrap everything in a beautiful glow... ...that just makes it feel like christmas. live your christmas story at a kmart price - all ge trees & light sets are 25% off. plus, all lightshow pathway sets & globes are 33% off. it only takes a moment - and christmas begins. there's smart and there's kmart smart. but it's also rich in powerful nutrients that help cleanse and purify your body. cranberries are the ninja fruit.
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when planning a trip, a lot of us go online to check out the reviews from different hotels. but are the rankings always honest? well, a group of hotels are joining forces, hoping to make sure some of the popular travel websites are doing enough to separate fact from fiction. becky worley has more from oakland. >> reporter: when booking a vacation, vpictures tell a thousand words. but it's the written word on sites like, that
7:46 am
worry this inn keeper. >> if they're being spiteful, that's a bad thing. >> reporter: now, allegations of libellous comments and competitors with negative reviews, are calling the system into question. >> when it started, i thought it would be terrific. but it didn't occur to me that people would write reviews that aren't true. >> reporter: 800 businesses have inquired about a lawsuit against tripadviser. the lawsuit alleges there's not enough human insight. like this one that says the owner is perverted. anyone can flag this review as, please, trip adviser, take a look at it. and we look at it. >> reporter: as for accusations of fake reviews -- >> if we find a particular hotel that's writing negative reviews or trying to pump up their own rating, we will put a big, red badge on their property saying, we believe this hotel is trying to influence the rates.
7:47 am
>> reporter: with more than 40 million reviews on the site, a few spiteful ones are bound to slip through the cracks. and readers don't necessarily know the difference. >> if i hear a bad review, i pretty much take that off my list. >> reporter: we found this hotel with a good rating. but the reviews made it sound terrible. two complaints of a stuffy, mildewy smell. i didn't see any mold. three reviews complained of street noise on a dodgey neighborhood. there is a massage parlor next door. but this is two blocks from the heart of san francisco. final verdict, a clean, cute room in a central location. and for 139 bucks, it's a steal. best advice, throw out the reviews that are only gushing praise or the reviews that are only harsh criticism. trust the thoughtful, measured reviews in the middle. >> have a great weekend. >> you, too. coming up, rockin' out in (jennifer
7:48 am
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>> how about reggae? ♪ >> that's adorable. >> you can see why this got so many hits. >> he's never going to leave the car. do that at the witching hour. >> that's right. get the baby to stop crying in the car. whatever you need. >> show it again. >> that's great. maybe not?
7:53 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> hi everybody, good morning, 7:56 is your time on this friday, november 12 for a i am alison starling with your local news update. let's get started with checking on the roadways. there is a little and bourbon on 66 inside the beltway. 267 was failing to get onto 66 east bound out of mclean. it looks like we are improving a little bit. on the outer loop at the wilson
7:57 am
bridge in global lanes there is a dump truck broken down and the outer loop in maryland has delays from 95 to get to university boulevard and onto colesville road. right now, we will go to callie lou caskey's daddy. she is the little sister to teddy. the sun came up about one hour ago. total sunshine again today with crystal clear skies. it will be a beautiful day and another perfect credit. it is a little cool. leesburg is at the freezing point right now. our forecast for today calls for temperatures to quickly climb in the low to mid-60's just like the last couple of days. the weekend will be a little bit warmer. it feels not much like november. tuesday we will have a chance of showers. track work will cause delays
7:58 am
on all five metro lines this weekend. problem areas include the red line from the shady grove to twin brook and from new york avenue to rhode island avenue. the arons line from vienna avenue -- the orange line. we will be back with another update at 8:27. hope you have a good morning in a great w
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ she's got the look she's got the look ♪ ♪ she's got the look she's got the look ♪ "she's got the look." you snicker because you know what it is. >> i know what's coming. >> how far would you go to get a job? or keep the one you've got? more and more women are finding that surviving in today's job market, involves getting a lift to their look. cosmetic surgery to get a job. we'll talk about how your appearance could be affecting your career. >> there's a fierce debate over whether that is the right thing to do. also, we have our "work with
8:01 am
me" series. dan harris' turn. he has a terrific story about a man out in california that left the rat race behind. a big job in the high-tech sector. but he left it behind to live out his dreams in the california wine country. and it sparked an amazing transformation. you see him with his big smile. we'll meet him in a little bit. >> how many of us dream about that? getting out of a high-pressure job and doing what we want to do? now, "consumer reports" is ready to reveal the best deals on flat-scan tvs. also, if you want to keep winter from wrecking your skin, we have an expert that will give advice on how to protect your skin from the weather. first, let's go to juju chang with the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with another setback for president obama overseas, as he delivers some tough talk on china. leaders at the g-20 economic summit today, refused to endorse
8:02 am
the president's push to get china to stop manipulating its currency. mr. obama says china is keeping its currency under valued, keeping their goods cheap and costing americans job. there's been $164 million to battle the cholera outbreak in haiti. the disease has killed 800 people. and the numbers are staggering. experts believe 200,000 could be infected over the next year. new conversation on the russian spy ring found out last year. the double-eight was reportedly a senior official in the russian television service, who defected before the sleeper spies were exposed. the better business bureau, an organization that many trust as a consumer watchdog, is being accused of selling its ratings.
8:03 am
an abc news investigation found that businesses we being denied top grades unless they became members. you can watch brian ross' full investigation on "20/20" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. the man behind the garfield comic strip is apologizing after a veterans day blunder. thursday's strip had a garfield warning a spider that there will be a day in his honor, called national stupid day. the timing was unfortunate and regrettable. finally, were you up late last night? is that how you roll? i have good news for you. a new study finds that night owls have higher i.q.s than morning people. research has find that smarter people evolved to stay up later. can you train yourself to be a night person? not likely. your sleep preference is mostly genetic. time for weather with sam champion.
8:04 am
good morning, sam. >> good morning, juju. go ahead. let it out. [ cheers ] i think that's the perfect way to warm up. and so many great signs. young lady, where are you from? >> lexington, kentucky. >> have i ever seen you before? >> yes. back in 1980, i was your little sister and you were my big brother in the k.a. fraternity. >> thanks for saying the year up front, lisa. yeah. but we look young. we look good. >> we have aged well. >> that's what matters. it's how you age. i like that. let's get to the boards. my boss is like, get to the maps. no more about you. vail, colorado, this is what it looks like outside. it's a gorgeous snow. about two feet in the last couple of snowstorms have run through that area. you'll probably get more on monday. elsewhere, that cool air with that snow moves into the middle of the country. minneapolis, you're going down. and you'll even be a part of the snow by the time we get into saturday. i have a feeling about that. chicagoland cools, as well.
8:05 am
but it is spring-like. we'r bright sunshine and 40 right now at reagan national airport and still school in frederick. manassas is up to 28 degrees. it is warmer along the water, 50 in less invested -- lexington park. temperatures will quickly climb to the 40's and topping out in the low 60' lot of sunshine for the weekend in a chance of showers by tuesday. it's a big crowd on a chilly morning in times square. robin? >> you and lisa are looking good, sam. thanks. with millions of americans still out of work, we've heard a lot of stories about going to extremes to try to find jobs. but would you have plastic surgery if you thought it would help your chances of getting a job? juju met a couple of women who
8:06 am
did just that. didn't they? >> they did. absolutely. you and george mentioned, it's not just women. it's men, too. plastic surgeons tell me that. but there's that feeling of getting every strategic advantage in this job market. that's universal, in a culture that favors youth and beauty. it doesn't hurt that if you have the downtime to get the work done without people noticing. but is it really the right way to put your best face forward? her face is still red and blotchy from having laser skin treatment this week. but 63-year-old jamie lovci says she's feeling more comfortable. >> you peel it off. and there i am, again. >> reporter: she used this treatment to shave off years. but also to stay competitive in the job market. in april, after 20 years as an accountant, she left her job when she was forced to take a pay cut and asked to train younger colleagues. thinking her experience would land her a job, turned out
8:07 am
wasn't the case. >> if it's between an older, overweight woman, and a thin girl, the thin girl will get the job. >> reporter: the treatments could set her back from $400 to $800 a session, she's willing to take the chance to find work. last year alone, 40-year-olds to 54-year-olds, made up nearly half after owl cosmetic procedures. and minimally invasive procedures have gone up 99% in the past decade. dr. steven greenberg, a plastic surgeon in new york city, has performed 60 plastic surgeries on job-seeking clients and has a package. he offers patients a cosmetic surgery package, with botox and laser resurfacing. and the advance package includes an eye lift to a miniface-lift. if you're unemployed, shouldn't you be saving your money?
8:08 am
instead of spending it on plastic surgery? >> certainly, it's investing in their future. that's how the patients are seeing it. if they look better and feel better about themselves, they walk into a job interview, not only looking better. but more importantly, with more self-confidence, feeling great about themselves. >> reporter: last year, amy gremmo, after six months of job searching and not getting an offer, decided the problem wasn't in her resume, but in her face. >> i was told more than once, that i sounded much younger on the phone. >> reporter: so, she underwent a "y," lift. a face-lift without the surgery. she went for a job. she impressed them. but decided to start her own business instead. now, she's engaged and says her life has never been better. >> thank you, juju. one of the women you saw in her story, amy gremmo, is here with us now. and coming to us from miami this morning, our "gma" workplace contributor, tory johnson.
8:09 am
tory, i know you want to weigh in. first, amy, congratulations on the engagement. >> thank you very much. >> you looked great before. you looked great after. why did you feel it was necessary to do this? >> i felt it was necessary because when people put their houses on the market, they repaint them and fix it up. i was putting myself back on the market. the job market. and i needed an uplift. >> you really felt it helped you get the job? >> it helped me -- it helped build my confidence. and with that, i think i gave people a better perception about myself. >> and i got to tell you. tory has often talked, amy, about exuding confidence. tory, how we go in and carry ourselves. and people have different ways of going about and getting that. what do you make of all this, tory? >> well, i certainly respect amy's decision. i think she looks absolutely gorgeous. probably as gorgeous before as she does after. but i definitely think that we
8:10 am
are in trouble as a workforce and as a society, if we are telling our over-40 job-seekers that the only or the best hope is cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures to get hired. i think that confidence is king. but there are certainly other ways to boost your confidence, if plastic surgery is not an option. i don't want people to feel that they've got to mortgage their homes or they have to deplete their savings in order to go this way, in order to get hired. >> you know, tory, more so than any of us, because you're out there, day in and day out, there is a lot of pressure, especially on women. men, too. but on women, to look a certain way. especially as we get older, if we want to stay in the job market. >> absolutely. age bias is very real. and i do think that people want to maintain as youthful a look as they can. and so, sometimes that means, you know, getting a hair cut to freshen up your look. sometimes it's a little lip
8:11 am
gloss and mascara that can do the trick. sometimes, it's little things like getting enough sleep at night, and falling into a routine. especially because the job-search process can be daunting and exhausting. but you spend ten minutes with me and i'll boost your confidence like nobody's business. no knives. no needles. i was watching all of the babies in the car. crank up some music before that job interview. dance around your house like crazy. believe me, you'll feel pretty darn good. >> i know what you mean, tory. amy, you hear all of that. do you have regrets that you did that? you started your own company now. >> yes. i have no regrets about having this procedure done. it was life-changing for me. it was something that i couldn't do for myself. but dr. young did for me. and it just boosted my confidence. and it's opened up so many doors. >> and it gave you the confidence to start this own business of yours? >> yes.
8:12 am
yes. it -- i felt i was able to self-promote myself more. and i think -- when you feel very good about yourself, people want that. >> and they want to be around that. it's worked for you. and that's what you felt you needed to do. >> absolutely. >> aimee, congratulations on the business and the engagement. tory, thank you for being the cheerleader, as always. you're in miami this morning. you win. have a great weekend. >> thanks, you, too. >> all right. we want to know what you think. would you get plastic surgery to enhance your career? go to to weigh in on our shoutout board. you can get tory's tips for ways to improve your job search or career right now. she gave us some great ones. and coming up next, why one man said good-bye to his high-pressure job and raised a glass to a new life. dan harris gets to work. come on back. [ woman ] i had this deep, radiating pain everywhere...
8:13 am
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8:17 am
juju teaming up with a police officer/firefighter sister act. i worked in a steel mill, robin was a fish wholesaler. and now, it's dan harris' turn. >> everybody else had real jobs. i went to a winery. proof that i'm not a dummy. >> you win. >> all right. well, i chose the story, in part, because who wouldn't want to spend a day at a winery in the napa valley. but also, because the guy i got to work with has a fascinating take on the age-old debate. what is more important? money? or happiness? our day starts at dawn, as the tractor starts to roll through the vineyard. this place, in the middle of california's napa valley, is the office of mark skinner, a guy who has undergone a rather radical career change and
8:18 am
attitude adjustment. we were very intrigued when we first got mark's essay. he got emotional while reading it back to me. >> this is why i'm a better father, husband and person. life is not always about money. >> reporter: mark used to be a hot-shot, high-tech executive. what were you like as a guy? >> i was considered by some people as the meaning man in telecom. >> reporter: it made mark mean. but it made his wife, lisa, who he met in college, miserable. she used to work in high-tech, too. and found herself sleeping before work. >> i wasn't the person i wanted to be. see? i'm going to do it now. >> reporter: and then, a cancer scare. melanoma. >> she goes, it's a bad one. they did a biopsy. after that, it was pretty tense. >> reporter: at some point, you seemed to have a pretty radical shift. >> i just reprioritized my life.
8:19 am
>> reporter: you had a realization? >> yeah. it wasn't all about money. >> reporter: mark and lisa decided to slow down. they took pay cuts. moved their sons to the small town of calistoga. and they haven't looked back. >> you remember the mean dad? >> yeah. very much. >> reporter: very much? >> he would come home extremely grumpy. just because he hated firing people. >> reporter: mark's new gig at the small von strasser winery started at the entry level. now, he's general manager. i'll bet it's different than what you had to do. >> it was cut throat. i had to deal with qwest, enron, worldcom. >> reporter: that's who you were dealing with? >> yes. those types of people. >> reporter: now, you're picking grapes. >> now, i'm picking grapes. >> reporter: i wanted to see what makes mark so happy. he gets involved in everything
8:20 am
here, starting with picking the grapes. >> the idea is to get the best group you can. put your knife on there. >> reporter: he gave me a special, yellow work shirt, a special curved knife. and we went in and worked on the vines. do you have all your fingers? >> 9 1/2. >> reporter: 9 1/2? >> yeah. i lost this. >> reporter: oh, wow. >> this is probably about a b bottle. >> reporter: three pounds grapes. that's what it takes to produce one bottle of wine. >> this is uh what it is to take a bath, napa valley style. >> reporter: once the soup is stirred, the grape skins need to be pulled out of the tank. this is actually harder than it looks. as you see, mark, the formerly mean guy, is a jolly guy. his boss, and the owner of von strasser, says that's why he
8:21 am
hired him. >> he is contagious. and enthusiasm for his job and the way he treats people. >> reporter: as we do the wine tasting here, mixing up our "gma" blend, they teach me the delicate art of sipping without swallowing. >> you put the wine in your mouth. swish it around. give it a good swirl. >> there you go. >> reporter: mark's work days are long. but the reward, he says, is worth it, personal contentment. what's the lesson you learned? >> just look around at what makes you happy. put that first. maybe the job second. i look forward to coming home and spending time with my family. at the dinner table. >> reporter: so, from the vantage point of his spouse, is it a good change or a bad change? >> absolutely a good change. >> reporter: in this new job, this dad and husband gets to head up into the hills every day, where the winery dogs run freely. doing a job that involves interacting with people he doesn't feel compelled to yell at. instead, teaching them how to
8:22 am
enjoy life and a little wine along the way. >> cheers. >> you swallowed that last one, right? >> well -- do i have to say this on television? i might have swallowed a little bit of wine. yes, i did. in fact, i still have a lot of wine. this is the sheet of paper we have in front of us, mixing up the blend. you can see it's covered with wine. you're supposed to swallow it and do the weird thing where you bring air into your mouth. and i spit a lot of it out. a bit sloppy. by the way, mark's here. my new friend. >> you just spit up. >> my work shirt. covered in grapes. when do we get the "gma" blend we mixed up? >> you will get it in august. >> it's a lot of wine, right? >> yeah. a couple of cases. >> thank you very much. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. >> sitting around you right now, it's hard to imagine you being how some people were describing
8:23 am
you, in your former life. >> mean guy, you mean? >> mean guy and firing people. it doesn't seem like you. >> well, it was, unfortunately. take a step back. and just try to be a little more laidback. walking through downtown here, i can understand how you could be mean. >> when i was slow cutting the grapes, he threatened to fire me. >> well, that's -- that's grapes that have been in a plastic bag for a week. >> fermenting now. >> sitting by dan every weekend, was it to mark to fire or hire him? >> oh, he wouldn't make it. and i'm going to i make it. ce you in two weeks. he's a dentist so whiten your teeth. no coffee, no espresso. mm-hmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste.
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8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning everyone. i am greta kreusz and time for look at traffic and weather. on 66, it is much better to get to falls church in into roslyn. outside the beltway is beautiful. 95 in and out of baltimore is good. i wanted to take a few to to 70. this is southbound it should grow problem looks like they moved iraq out of the way. let's go close to falls road.
8:28 am
there is a crash after this camera before montrose road. they are turning the camera but i will take you live to the wilson bridge. let's change the camera. this is the outer loop, in local lanes, they will is a man on a dump truck that is broken down and blocking the left lane. there is some hope of alexandria to oxon hill. beautiful weather again today. it is similar conditions to the last couple of days. it is a little cool right now. culpeper is 37 degrees and we are on our way to the mid-60's this afternoon. the same this weekend and we will have a good chance of rain by tuesday. the warning period is over at 3 bentley -- busy intersections in d.c. red light cameras went up and
8:29 am
starting today violators will be charged $75. we will have another update at 8:56. we will have another update at 8:56. have a great day.
8:30 am
♪ you're going to make me feel like i'm the only girl in the world ♪ we're saying it loud. that's the name of the brand-new cd by rihanna. she's debuting it in a concert series event next week, right here on "gma." rihanna. be sure and join us for that. we say good morning, america. tgif. wonder if a baby hears that. >> our new test case. also, tvs you want to see. they are huge. the but the only thing bigger than them are the deals you can get. "consumer reports" has rounded up big-screen tv bargains.
8:31 am
you don't have to wait until black friday. the deals are starting right now. >> almost give them away. back in the day, so expensive. not anymore. and the weather, you can feel it all over your skin. winterizing your skin. we have professional suggestions, tips, to keep you looking great all season long. also, sandra lee will be here. she has five, delicious meals with one thing in common. every one has one surprising ingredients. from breakfast to dinner. recipes that come to life. and coffee in every, single recipe. >> really? >> i'm for it. >> you can tell i am, too. >> i drank a pot this morning. >> we all have. and "gma" put a help wanted sign up, looking for an advice guru to answer the tough questions. love, family. nothing is off the table. the response, off the charts. more than 15,000 people responded to us. >> and the e-mails have been fascinating. the team going through all of them. it's fun to watch the debates that are set up among the team
8:32 am
as they go through it all. entries are coming from all over the country. everyone from grammer students to grandmas. bianna, you've been going through it all. >> you know politics. we've been creating our guru war room. when you have an outpouring of empathy, you have a lot of reading to do. our producers have been putting in overtime, going through the entries and learning how special our viewers are. >> we want to tell you about a new venture. >> reporter: as soon as we hung the help wanted sign. >> trying to find our advice guru. >> this is a real job. >> reporter: you answered the call. >> more than 1,000 entries already. >> life is 5% about what happens to you. and 95% about how you respond to it. >> i've been a hairdresser for 32 years. and in 2003, i ran for justice court judge. >> people are really stronger than they know they are.
8:33 am
i like to hand out free advice. >> 3,000. >> 3,000. >> 7,000 people. >> reporter: the final tally blew us away. >> over 15,000 applications. >> reporter: and behind the scenes -- >> 15,000? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: our "gma" producers manned the hunt. >> a lot of ph.d.s. and a lot of moms that deal with everyday issues. >> the wisconsin girl with midwest values and girl scout training. >> reporter: reading entry, after entry, after entry. moving the favorites forward to stage two. >> we're going to go through each person and decide whether or not they should stay on this list. >> we start with carol. >> reporter: i snuck into a meeting to get the inside scoop. what are you looking for, ultimately, in a guru? >> we're looking for somebody with a lot of talent. i mean, they have to be able to write. they have to be able to really
8:34 am
dispense useful advice. >> whenever they made me smile or chuckle a little, i remembered them. >> reporter: i'm sure each of you had your favorites to fight over. >> we're going to have fights when we go forward. >> reporter: the next step, calling potential candidates. >> my name is matt. i'm calling from "good morning america." >> i'm calling because we really liked your guru application. >> reporter: some of you have already heard from us. >> waiting for your call all month. >> reporter: and many others are about to get their call, too. so, as you can see, we have our work cut out for us. the next step is to call the finalist to find out who is the best person for the job. so, if you applied, stay by that phone. it may be ringing very, very soon. >> calling 40 or 50 people? >> that's right. in the next few weeks. we're going to finally narrow down finalists. we'll introduce you to them. >> and one of the producers has his office across from mine. i hear him all morning long
8:35 am
talking to people. i can tell from his excitement, how excited people are on the other line, as well. >> no stereotypes applied here. people from across the board. it's not just erma bombeck. but bob bombeck is calling in, too. >> this doesn't mean the person will win. but there's only 1 person out of 15,000 or 16,000, that made it on every producer's list. >> how did you get that intel? he's been in the war room. we'll find out. as you said, we'll let people help weigh in on that. have a great weekend with dan. you'll be sitting here. >> go have some lunch. >> if you insist. first, to sam and the weather. >> really. hi. how are you? not just because i love her. but is that the most beautiful cover shot ever? "semi-homemade"? come on. i'm taking it with me. there's some good stuff in here. let's get to the boards.
8:36 am
one or two things going on this morning. we're going to talk about the spring-like -- we're putting in your face. we're showing off. we have one, big, warm weekend. from boston, to washington, to philly. new york city, you're involved in that. and cold air is in the middle of the country. enjoy it. that cold air swings east. snow, minneapolis, you may be light on the count. but we think you're going to get involved in some of the snow. it may not be as much as it is outside. but this will be a snowy time, friday into saturday, picking up the moisture in the middle of we are slowly more -- warming into the 40's sunny and 62 today and sunday into the 60's this weekend and by tuesday there is a chance of showers. all that weather was brought to you by las vegas. george? >> thank you, sam. you're right next to me.
8:37 am
but it feels like you're way across. >> george? >> okay. if you're in the market for a tv, now could be the best time to buy. manufacturers and the stores they work with are slashing prices. there's some big bargains out there, even before black friday. we're joined by paul reynolds, the electronics editor for "consumer reports," to tell us which of the flat-screens under $1,000 are the best price. this is something. we're seeing dramatic price cuts before the holidays. >> there's too many manufacturers out there. the very cheapest sets you see this season, may not be the best deals. what we're looking at now are sets that are a step up in price from the very cheapest you'll see. but a big step up in quality. >> let's start here. what have you got? >> these are the smallest size. 26 inches. it's hard to get a good picture in that. but this vizio, has a very good picture. and it connects wirelessly to
8:38 am
online aps. you can have a slide show running from your flickr account. >> how much is this? >> about 400 bucks. >> what do we have here? >> this is a step-up. but great for a bedroom. it's a sanyo. very good picture quality. it has a built-in dvd player. you can watch your movies in bed. >> and the flat-screens. sometimes you have a problem with the sound. you don't always get the good sound quality. >> many of these don't have good sound quality. as they made them thinner, it's hard to get good sound. >> but this one, you think you have good sound here? >> the good sound is down at the end. this is a bigger vizio. this has the wireless apps. and what's excellent with this picture quality, they're starting to make the remote controls with a full keyboard. as you use the internet more on your television set, they're coming with keyboards more of like what you would find with
8:39 am
your smartphones. >> now, an lg. >> lg is one of the best brands for track records in our ratings. this is a fine set. we're starting to get into the sizes that would be good for the main set in your living room. 42 inches and up. that's a good size for a main television set. >> and finally, the ultravision, hitachi. >> this has very good picture quality. and talking to sound, as you said. this has very good sound, which is unusual these days. and a lot of the time, you may want to connect the sets to a sound system anyway to get really good sound. >> but this one would go for how much now? >> about 800 bucks. >> everything is under $1,000. do you expect prices will go down further as we get close center. >> prices probably will go down. traditionally, that black friday weekend, friday, saturday, sunday, is where you see the lowest prices of the year. but we could see prices continue
8:40 am
to be pretty low after that, as well. particularly if these manufacturers and retailers have a lot of sets to get rid of. >> paul reynolds, thanks very much. there's a lot of tips on how to get top-rated flat-screen tvs for every screen size. get top-rated flat-screen tvs for every screen size.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
now, we all know that dropping temperatures can really take a toll on your skin and on your hair. but "self" magazine wants you to look hot when it's cold outside. elaine defarley is the beauty director. and she's here to give us tips to stay beautiful when the seasons change. >> thanks for having me. >> when the temperatures drop, our skin gets flaky and itchy and dry. what the you do to campaign
8:44 am
that? >> we are all about making your life easier. and the best way is to add moisture in the air. >> i just pulled these out the other day. >> it adds water to the air. that's going to help your hair be less flyaway. and your skin be more moisturized. >> and also nasal passages. you can get bloody noses when it's dry at night. >> the key is to keep it clean. >> hat hair is a hazard when the temperatures drop. >> this the summer, our hair filts because of humidity. in the winter, it flies away. this is a great tip. it's a toothbrush. the bristles will pick up your air hairs. you spray it with hairspray and it teams the little pieces. >> i looked in the mirror and said i had flaky skin. but you said not necessarily need to change your facial cream. >> it's not about changing your moisturizer. it's about enhancing what you're already doing. you can add in a hydrating
8:45 am
serum. this one from sk-ii is great. it works as a primer. it will add moisture to your skin, on top of your normal moisturizer that you use. >> great tip. you think it would be worth changing foundation in the wintertime. >> changing foundations is a really good idea. the elements are going to interact with your makeup. you don't want to use matte makeup like you do in the summer. look for makeup with water and glycerin in it. this one is great from cover girl. it's something of a lotion. >> it won't be shiny but hydrated. interesting. and i can't stave off the chapped lips. what do you recommend? >> they're probably not chapped. you're probably licking them too much. you want to stop licking and use a lip balm that has moisturizing ingredients in it. this one from nivea, people love
8:46 am
it. >> i get the sense that you have to get in front of it and also exfoliate on the lips, too. >> and a little toothbrush can be good for that, too. >> i was surprised by the answer for body moisturizer. you're say there's not a difference between heavy and light? >> it's not about thicker and thinner. when you wear sweaters, you need to layer your moisture ideser. you need to look for things with glycerin. if you have dry patches on your skin, aquaphor is a great tool. >> i use it on my kids. >> i keep it on my desk. you can put aquaphor on dry patches. and you can use your scrub in the shower to scrub off. you're not making your skin rougher. you're hydrating the skin and getting off the flakes. >> great tips. coming up next, cooking with >> great tips. coming up next, cooking with
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
"america's recipes" this morning. coffee is not just for breakfast anymore. sandra lee is here, from "sandra lee's semi-homemade" magazine. and she's going to show us how to use one box of coffee. here's a hint. it can go in every meal of the day? >> that's right. >> nice to see you. so, coffee, coffee, coffee. not just for breakfast. it can be used in many different ways. >> it's not just for breakfast anymore. although, i've had two cups today. >> not talking instant coffee. you can use instant coffee. >> sure. that's what this is all about. it's quick and fast. that's what "semi-homemade" is all about. one of the things i love about my magazine, is they let me do smart things. my edit staff. we have a section called one box, four ways. what it is you have something in your pantry that you use all the
8:50 am
time. and show me four different ways to use it. let's go. these are waffles. you start off with waffles. these are my chocolate coffee waffles. in here, you use one packet of instant coffee, with a third of a cup of hot water. then, baking mix, chocolate chips, oil and egg and milk. stir that up, put them into waffles and you're done. >> you forgot the parfait. >> that's last. >> oh, is that last? that's not fair. >> dessert first. welcome to the real robin. >> i love dessert. pork chops. >> these are pan-seared. two tablespoons of oil go into the pan. you want to take your pork chops and combine instant coffee with some paprika. you want to put in ground garlic, some salt and some pepper. right? >> you put it all together?
8:51 am
>> put it all together. a dry rub. put it on there. pat it in. the flavor absorbs. let it sit for 30 minutes. that's the trick. it's all rubbed in. pan sere it each side, six minutes and you have beautiful pork chops. >> six minutes. >> you're talking less than 30 minutes for dinner. let's get to dessert. you're going to take one-third of a cup of hot water. we're going different measurements of water. that will give you a stronger flavor of coffee or a more diluted flavor. for kids, that's better. or go decaf for kids. >> i was going to say, for kids, do you want to go the coffee route? >> for water, take your coffee. if it's for adults, a teaspoon of brandy. for kids, a teaspoon of vanilla.
8:52 am
then, marscapone. and whipped topping. layer with your dunked lady fingers. >> very simple. >> and all the way down here, i have a big, huge book that just came out. so, in here is my beef tenderloin with coffee gravy. that's a dry rub. >> you can see the guys. >> i have george. george is eating. i want everybody to stop. >> mark is here. >> i'm here. >> aren't you going to put the wine with each? >> i'd be happy to do that. >> at the winery, they have a coffee-flavored chocolate they hand out with the wine. >> nice. >> and you have to taste. that's part of the job. >> coffee and wine. >> what would you suggest? >> well, with the waffle and the parfait. >> right. >> probably a late harvest
8:53 am
sovignon blanc or a white wine. >> i am sandra lee. you have water with the coffee. and then, do chopped-up peppermint patties. and do that with whipped topping. if it's for george, add a shot of vanilla vodka. mary christmas. >> i'm not allowed to drink on the air. >> the beans go all out. >> the recipes and coffee-inspired treats at we learned a lot about you with
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
mark, one last assignment. can you read us off the air? >> i'll give it a whack. next week on "good morning america," travel to turkey. we're counting down to thanksgiving to make it the best one ever. >> good job.
8:57 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. here is lisa baden with a look at the traffic. on 66, 95, up 395, we have an instrument of woe on the outer loop of the american legion bridge. we will take you to 270 southbound leaving shady grove road, much improved. the delay to the legion bridges easing up. there's a crash after the bridge that caused this delay after river road to get to the toll road but all things are open. we will end with wilson bridge traffic for this is a dump truck broken down on the outer loop in local lanes. that is alexandria to get into oxon hill. we have lot of sunshine
8:58 am
right now. take a look at our weatherbug network. it is warming up of bed. we have the upper 20's here and there. 48 degrees in lorton. there will be a lot of sunshine today just like the last couple of days with ties in the 60's today through sunday and next week the weather pattern shifts and a good chance of showers by tuesday. important news for drivers in d.c. -- ohio drive will be closed this weekend. the closure will be in effect from 5:00 tonight until 5:00 monday morning. crews will be doing repaving work. thank you for watching and we will be back at noon.
8:59 am