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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 15, 2010 3:05am-4:00am EST

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members of both parties use them and some members of republican leadership, most notably the senate minor leader, mitch mcconnell, want to keep that in place. but that is a nonnegotiable proposition for virtually all tea partyers. they have an unlikely ally in president obama, who has endorsed an earmark ban on his own. it's going to be quite the fight to see play out in the house and senate. >> also on the agenda in the house the ethics committee opens the trial of new york democrat charles rangel. rangel is expected to present his own distance. and turning now to haiti where a desperate move is under way to teach citizens how to fight the cholera crisis. including good hygiene as well as proper food preparation. the latest estimate now is that more than 900 people have already died touring this outbreak and more than 14,000 have been hospitalized. the u.n. says up to 200,000 haitians could contract cholera before this situation improves. the british hold their version of veterans day on sunday.
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closest to november 11th, the day world war i ended. the royal family is always a part of the remembrances and this year one of them went all the way to afghanistan to mark the occasion. lama hasan has details. >> reporter: prince william touched down in afghanistan, visiting british troops and u.s. marines. >> good morning, sir. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: he paid tribute to all the servicemen and women fighting on the front lines. and on this day of remembrance, honoring those killed in war zones and past conflicts, including two of his colleagues. a soldier, sailor and an airman, william is a qualified military helicopter pilot. known in the royal air force as flying officer wales. only last month, william said that he wants to follow in the footsteps of his brother harry and one day serve in afghanistan. >> and i still have hope and faith and real determination to go out there.
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>> reporter: but for the second in line to the throne, he might not get the chance to do that. because it is simply too dangerous. remember when harry was with his unit fighting for his country in western helmand province a couple of years ago. coming under daily attacks from the taliban. his deployment was cut short when word got out. harry still hopes he'll return again soon. but for prince william there may be other pressing obligations. such as a wedding announcement. to his long-term girlfriend, kate middleton. don't forget they have been dating for eight years, eight very long years. lama hasan, abc news, london. now here is a look at your monday forecast. heavy rain along the gulf coast from houston to mobile. lighter rain from birmingham and nashville to the carolinas. rain and mountain snow from colorado and montana into the dakotas. rain from seattle to spokane. >> 54 in boise. 50 in salt lake city.
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75 in phoenix. fargo and the twin cities hover around 40. 50s from omaha up to detroit. and much of the northeast. meanwhile, 75 in the big easy. a new england family is taking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all the way to the bank. >> they just sold a rare copy of the declaration of independence at an auction for $380,000. the document is a broad side which is a large sheet of paper used for posting notices back in the 1700s. >> this one you're seeing belonged to an 18th century new hampshire judge. it was one of 200 copies carried throughout the colonies. most of them were eventually torn down and thrown away. how cool is that. >> no kidding, god bless america. we'll be right back with more. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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welcome back. now to a mystery unraveling in a small ohio town. it began with a family disappeared without a trace last week. >> now the family's 13-year-old girl has been found, bound and gagged in a basement. still no word on the where the rest of the family is. "american landscape" coverage from wsyx in columbus. >> we begin tonight with breaking news in the search for a missing family. 13-year-old sarah maynard is back home with her father tonight after she was found in a mt. vernon home. >> she was in the basement. she was bound and gagged. >> tonight, 30-year-old matthew hoffman faces charges for the kidnapping and investigators are hoping he can provide information on the missing boy and two women who haven't been seen since wednesday. good evening.
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i'm carrie sullivan. today, stunning developments cap off an agonizing five-day search that has left investigators with more questions than answers. abc 6 is working every angle of this story including new information on the suspected kidnapper. we begin with mary in knox county. >> reporter: after five days of searching, knox county sheriff's deputies finally find 13-year-old sarah maynard alive. >> she was bound and gagged. >> reporter: in the basement of matthew hoffman's home on columbus road in mt. vernon. sheriff david barber says the s.w.a.t. team raided his house around 8:00 a.m. >> we were hopeful we would find more than one. but our information was definitely that -- was most likely sarah was going to be in that house. >> reporter: her mom tina, brother kody, and neighbor stephanie sprang are still missing. >> we're optimistic. we're trying to remain optimistic. >> reporter: sheriff barber says this is still considered a missing persons investigation.
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but that's about all he'll say about the case. >> for investigative reasons, because we still have -- we have to put the case together. >> reporter: as for hoffman's role in their disappearance -- >> at this time, we don't know how he's connected to the family or whether he connected himself to the family. >> reporter: decks still have a lot of questions for him, including getting a sample of his dna as the bci labs start processing the blood found in the king beach drive home and the other evidence gathered over the past couple of days. hoffman's neighbors along columbus road say he moved into the home where the girl was found about a year ago. people we talked with say he has a history of troublesome behavior. our team coverage continues now with abc 6's shelby costo. >> everybody's always known that he's not right. >> reporter: heather and other neighbors watch as deputies remove evidence from 30-year-old matt hoffman's house. hoffman was arrested at his home on columbus road, charged with
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kidnapping. 13-year-old sarah maynard was rescued from hoffman's wastement. investigators say she was bound and gagged. >> my heart breaks for her, what she's been through. are i'm glad she's alive. i know kids are resilient. i've been praying for her. >> reporter: heather has lived near hoffman for years. she says his girlfriend recently broken up with him. she's known him in the past to be cruel to animals. she's also noticed bizarre behavior at his home. >> we've always known he's been really weird. he's really creepy. he like peeks through his blinds a lot. he just -- he has really paranoid behavior. >> reporter: tonight matthew hoffman is charged with one count of kidnapping but additional charges are expected to be filed. we did some digging tonight and found hoffman has a lengthy criminal history. abc 6 investigator chris colburn joins us with that side of the story. >> court records show hoffman was convicted of setting fire to a steamboat springs, colorado,
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condo complex ten years ago. we want to show you a mug shot you haven't seen yet of hoffman from that arrest a decade ago. investigators say he used ten gallons of gasoline to light the condo fire. it caused almost $2 million in damage and forced 16 people out of their homes. the fire was apparently set in an attempt to cover up an earlier burglary. hoffman was convicted on several charges and sentenced to eight years in prison. earlier tonight i was able to speak with a sergeant out in steamboat springs who remembers several run-ins with hoffman. the sergeant tells me hoffman never really struck him as particularly aggressive, and doesn't remember him resisting arrest. we'll continue to dig into hoffman's past and let you know what we find. >> of course a lot more questions than answers in the case so far. hopefully some more details will come out today. he is set for a bond hearing later this morning. >> i think one of the things authorities are saying that's also especially alarming, the amount of blood that was found in sarah's mother's home.
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of course, it's still a missing persons case but this has been a very bizarre one to watch play out. >> odd to hear the neighbors describe his bizarre and creepy behavior. this story far from over, clearly. coming up next, the landmark ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now get a safeway frozen turkey for just 47 cents a pound. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway.
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raising $100,000 in donations for repairs. >> reporter: and this time it was arson. >> i felt kicked. it was such a slap in the face. >> reporter: there was a moment to grieve but not a moment of doubt. so how did you get the energy to do it all again? >> it was the community, really. >> reporter: for the second time
3:21 am
in less than a year, the town started looking for grants and raising money. >> it's a very cool organization. >> reporter: they all chipped in. the town lumberyard donating wood. >> when they do rebuild it this time are there going to be any special considerations for the viagra club? >> we hope so. a special lounge. >> reporter: they've raised more than $1 million in donations and just broke ground a few weeks ago. do you feel unlucky, do you feel cursed? >> no, i feel really lucky, actually, about all of what's happened here. the depth of capacity for caring, for helping, in this town, is even greater than i thought. >> reporter: you can take away a town's center but not its heart. they hope to open by next summer. john berman, abc news, new york. >> very appropriate that chain link fence outside the store, that sign representing the phoenix rising from the ashes. twice, though. may 2008, november 2009. crazy they would have the same
3:22 am
kind of incident twice. nice they rebuilt and found that perseverance. >> they have a website in case you're interested in donating. i logged on, it's cool because they tell you how the process of matched grants helped them raise all the money they've raised so far.
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headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. "unstoppable" did great at the box office this weekend. >> for good reason. i enjoyed this one. i've been pretty critical the last 18,000 movies. the plot is not difficult. denzel washington. the grizzled veteran of the industry. coming on board here for his first couple of days. a freight train gets loose in
3:26 am
pennsylvania carrying these flammable chemicals and all this. a huge panic in pennsylvania. sets off this incredible chain of events where they have to literally stop this train before it causes what could be catastrophic damage. the company tries a few things to stop it too. including one method called a derail, throwing the train off the tracks before it got to the populated area. take a look. >> they wouldn't use it if they're wrong, all right? >> they're wrong. >> are you in or are you out? >> you want to get yourself killed, you do it alone. wait. if you're right and that derailer fails what are the odds it makes it to stanton? >> you saw the train, what do you think? >> great movie here. 4 kernels from me. dwritty acting. some folks have compared this to "speed." not all the same special effects, gritty fun, gritty acting, entertaining. based on real events so it makes it that much more exciting. really a fun time at the movies,
3:27 am
it was good. >> that's good to hear it delivered. >> oh, yeah. i was overdue. >> mine was based about our lives. >> yes. >> all about morning news. after losing her job at a local tv station, rachel mcadams decides to apply for a job at a network show and becomes the ep at a morning show that is dead last place. she's full of ambition, always got letter blackberry, always watching 24-hour news. she happens to have two anchors who loathe each other. >> excuse me. who's going to say good-bye? >> oh. uh -- doesn't really matter. mike, you don't mind -- >> who do you think the public would rather hear from last? someone who's won every broadcast award on the face of the planet? or the former miss pacoima? >> it's arizona! in case you're interested! i was miss arizona! >> there is some really funny dialogue in this. who doesn't love diane key ton and harrison ford, and rachel
3:28 am
mcadams who is excellent. i'm going to give this movie 3 kernels. i wanted to give it 2 because as someone in the industry i thought it wasn't really
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tax fight. the pending battle on capitol hill as members of congress return to work today. the president's preparations. midwest mystery. a teen found alive and a search for her family members who disappeared last week. and, finally freed. the british sailors held captive for months by pirates. it's monday, november 15th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's hard to believe that they were in basically captivity
3:31 am
for about a year. by pirates. it was one of those stories we heard so much about, then a year later we had almost forgotten about them to some extent. >> it's odd in 2010 to hear the word pirates in the news. i think it's strange to a lot of people. luckily that couple back on safe ground today. >> definitely much skinnier but definitely very happy. good morning and welcome to monday. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm rob nelson. the president is back in the white house this morning after his ten-day tour of asia. >> now the president faces a renewed battle over tax cuts with republicans still riding the wave of victory from midterm elections. here's david kerley. >> reporter: he doesn't do it often but returning from this ten-day trip to asia, the president came to the back of air force one to talk to reporters. and he was a bit reflective about what happened on election day. he had some time to think about it and this is what he told reporters. >> in that obsessive focus on policy, i neglected some things that matter a lot to people, and rightly so.
3:32 am
>> reporter: returning with disappointing results negotiating with asian allies, the president must now negotiate with a lame duck congress on those expiring tax cuts. >> i don't think there's any room to negotiate on raising taxes, particularly on smaller businesses. i hope we can get a permanent extension. >> reporter: even though the president has long called for letting the tax cuts for the rich expire, there are signs that the white house may give in to republican demands and agree, at least to a temporary extension for the rich. or -- >> what if we moved it up to $1 million? everyone below $1 million will get a tax cut but millionaires and billionaires won't. >> reporter: it's not just tax cuts facing the lame duck session. there are calls to ban earmarks, budget items directed to members' districts. lifting the military's don't ask, don't tell policy for gay service members. and a vote on a strategic missile deal with russia. the president was asked what he'll tell republican leaders at their meeting later this week. he says he'll remind them campaigning is different from governing and the american public did not give the republicans a mandate for gridlock.
3:33 am
david kerley, abc news, the white house. the ethics trial of new york congressman charlie rangel is set to begin today in the house. the former ways and means committee chairman is charged with 13 violations. rangel does not have an attorney and is actually expected to present his own defense. speaking to the full house earlier this year, rangel acknowledged making mistakes but said his actions were never corrupt. a luxury lounge at a sprawling hotel in mexico is now a pile of twisted metal and concrete. >> a powerful explosion stunned vacationers yesterday, killing seven people, mostly canadian tourists. it all may have been caused by a buildup of natural gas. ctv is in playa del carmen. good morning, omar. >> reporter: rob and vinita, good morning. the force of this blast was so strong, so powerful, it sent debris flying onto the front lawn of this luxury hotel which is popular with north american travelers. several were there for a wedding
3:34 am
and eyewitnesses say many of them had sat down for breakfast about 9:30 when all of a sudden they heard a large boom. at least one eyewitness says he thought that it was a terrorist attack. >> everyone shared the same fear. you know, the fear is, was this deliberate? so when we started hearing that it was an accident, everyone was quickly latching on to that as a means of comfort. >> reporter: mexican officials believe it's likely a natural gas explosion. what they say is that there's a swamp close to this hotel, that the swamp emits natural gas, and that somehow this gas collected under the floor of the hotel lobby and then ignited. >> it was always -- kind of a pungent smell, smelled a little bit like sulfur, rotten eggs, whatever, in the air, in and around the kitchen area. >> reporter: certainly big questions they now have to ponder. several people have been killed. many others have been injured in what has been described as a very terrifying and horrific ordeal. rob, vinita, back to you.
3:35 am
>> all right, omar, thank you. in other news, police in southern california are searching for a driver who they say played an essential role in a deadly crash. four motorcyclists and a passenger in a car were killed saturday when a car ran head-on into the cyclists. the driver of that car was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence. he says he was forced off the road by another car before plowing into the cyclists. it's the driver of that other car who police now want to find. now to the mysterious disappearance of a family not far from columbus, ohio. one victim, a teenage girl, has now been found alive. tied up in a basement. a man has been charged with her kidnapping. but the rest of the family from the small town of mt. vernon remains missing. chick sivertsen reports on this troubling case. >> reporter: in this house, ten miles from where four people disappeared, police rescued one of them. 13-year-old sarah maynard was in the basement, bound and gagged. >> she was being held against her will. she is in good condition.
3:36 am
she was taken to a hospital for evaluation. >> reporter: and they arrested a suspect, 30-year-old matthew hoffman. >> matthew is charged with one count of kidnapping. additional charges are expected to be filed. >> reporter: police aren't sure how hoffman is connected to the missing people. neighbors were stunned. >> seen all kind of sheriff cars just started pulling up. s.w.a.t. team came, then the blast i heard, they blasted the door and went in. >> we did not want to give him time to cause any harm to her. so we did use a tactical team. >> reporter: the fate of sarah's mother, tina, brother kody, and family friend stephanie sprang is unknown. the four disappeared last week from this home where police found an unusual amount of blood. tina's friend stephanie's car was parked in the garage, and late thursday night, tina's empty truck was found on the outskirts of kenyon college. search parties fanned out on foot and planes looked from the skies.
3:37 am
despite the good news, the mystery of three others missing has yet to be solved. chuck sivertsen, abc news. turning overseas now, where pro-democracy leader aung san suu kyi is speaking out against the regressive government of myanmar. the nobel peace prize winner was freed from seven years of house arrest over the weekend. now she's calling for freedom of speech and urging supporters to make their voices heard. president obama calls a new ban on israeli housing in the west bank an important step toward mideast peace. the three-month freeze on construction applies to most areas of the palestinian territories of the west bank but not east jerusalem. mideast leaders want to give palestinians and israelis three months to shape borders of side by side states. in saudi arabia the largest annual muslim pilgrimage is under way. the hajj is a four-day event that attracts about 2.5 million people every year. it's a chance for pilgrims to seek forgiveness for their sins and meditate on their faith.
3:38 am
something new this year, an 11-mile light rail line is helping everyone move around. the u.n. is out with some stunning numbers about the current cholera crisis in haiti. it says up to 200,000 haitians could contract cholera before the situation in that country improves. the most recent estimate is more than 900 people have already died in the outbreak, and more than 14,000 have been hospitalized because of the illness. we are getting a new and fascinating look at the impact of recession on american children this morning. the largest to date study on recession shows 15 million children were living in poverty in the u.s. last year. compared to 13 million in 2007. the research just released from the university of pittsburgh shows one in five american kids is living in poverty. sports news now, the cowboys/giants game went a little longer than usual because of two brief power outages in the third quarter. maybe the giants' fans were responsible, though, because their team was getting crushed. the cowboys got a first win for
3:39 am
interim head coach jason garrett. qb jon kitna threw three touchdown passes in the 33-20 win. if only our buddy willis was here this morning to hear all about a rabid giants fan, losing to what was a 1-7 team, ouch. >> you know i'm happy about the cowboys. >> i know you are. hearse a look at your monday forecast. rainy from houston to the carolinas. showers around dallas and oklahoma city. rain with up to half a foot of snow. snow in the cass dads and showers in the pacific northwest. >> 55 in seattle. 46 in billings. 50 in albuquerque. 39 in minneapolis. 55 in kansas city. 53 in chicago. 50s from boston to baltimore. sunny and 80 in miami. it takes a lot to steal the spotlight in vegas. but some mid-air dips and flips apparently did the job. >> thousands of people were captivated over the weekend by aviation nation, one of the biggest air shows in the country. the air force's famous thunderbirds headlined the event with a mesmerizing demonstration
3:40 am
of aerial prowess. >> it wasn't confined to the sky either. more than 100 airplanes were on display. everyone was invited to climb into the cockpit and check them out. kids getting a chance to do that, it's so cool. >> i've been in one of those, real cool. we'll be right back. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil. to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil®. overseas now to africa where a retired couple is free this morning after being held hostage by pirates for more than a year. >> while the journey home now begins, so does the story of just how they were released after 389 days. the bbc's andrew harding reports. >> reporter: in safe hands at last. and no pirates in sight.
3:44 am
the chandlers arriving early this morning to a small town in central somalia. not out of danger. a medical checkup for rachel. frail but remarkably composed. that goes for both of them. >> well, we're fine. we're rather skinny and bony. but we're fine. >> reporter: the journey home has complications. the chandlers' small rescue plane was diverted to somalia's notorious capital. out of the frying pan, into mogadishu. we're now in convoy with the chandlers. we went to the mogadishu airport. we're now heading into the city, the presidential palace, for a meeting there. it is frankly a very dangerous road, very risky, and very unnecessary for the chandlers who simply want to get out of
3:45 am
somalia as quickly as possible. bullet scars. two decades' worth of rubble. but the exhausted chandlers comply graciously with the formalities demanded by somalia's besieged government. >> happy to be here. desperate to see our family and friends. >> reporter: hi, andrew harding from the bbc. >> pleased to meet you. >> reporter: you must be very tired. >> we are indeed. >> reporter: take a few moments of your time. when rescue finally came for you, what was your reaction? >> a jumble of feelings, really. almost it was too good to be true. >> reporter: what was the worst time during these last 13 months? >> we refused to be separated and we were beaten as a result.
3:46 am
and that was very traumatic. >> reporter: with that, it's back on what chandler jokingly called the airport bus. the guns quiet. wielding a camera and a smile, they could almost be tourists. giddy with freedom. but they're quick to get back on their plane, knowing this really is the last leg. good-bye to somalia, to its pirates, and to the many here who have helped the chandlers to find safety. andrew harding, bbc news, mogadishu. >> it's frightening, this is a lot less isolated than people think. these pirates have captured more than 20 ships and have more than 500 hostages. these are just two. >> it says so much also, it was friends and family who raised that $430,000. >> exactly. when we return, jessica simpson and the big ring on her finger. and the former president now appearing in the "hangover" sequel. that and more in "the skinny."
3:47 am
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welcome back, everybody. good news to share about jessica simpson this morning. she is back in love, the ring's on the finger, she's getting engaged, and she's all very happy. good news that came out. "people" magazine is reporting jessica simpson is going to marry her nfl free agent boyfriend and now fiance, eric johnson. he is 31, she is 30. they've been together since may. strikes me as a quick engagement. some people questioning the timing saying, a few days ago her ex-husband, nick lachey and his new girlfriend of several years, they announced they were getting engaged. two days later, bam, jessica and her man come out saying they're going to tie the knot as well. seems like a good guy. 6'3". went to yale. been an athlete since he was young. played for the saints, the 49ers. now he and jessica will be husband and wife. >> the other interesting detail to me on this one is that in addition to only being together five months, jessica and him, he's also very recently divorced. >> oh. you're thinking rebound?
3:50 am
>> i don't know. have a necessary sa did just get engaged to her ex-husband so that has to sting. i hope the best for jessica but it does seem a bit early. >> i hope the best for her. she's a sweetheart. i hope. from your home state. >> we said this before we went to break, a former president is going to be on "the hangover 2." >> i love it. >> multiple sources are reporting bill clinton taped a cameo. so get this, he's giving a speech in thailand. if you followed him at all this past couple of weeks, he was giving a speech on clean energy. in addition to tmz and "people," they're reporting clinton will play himself in "the hangover 2." they say he was in the city to deliver that speech and they found out he was on the set, extra security was added for his presence, no one's saying what is the character though. >> i think it's very cool. you know, in addition to all his humanitarian works. lighten up a little bit and get into "the hangover." that's kind of cool, a former president in your movie. >> there's speculation, could he have just been hanging out?
3:51 am
some people are saying maybe it's not a cameo. like i said, others are saying, no, it's a cameo. there was a scene with a rickshaw, they're saying he might have been in that scene. >> we will see. >> yeah. >> that's going to be a fun combo. of course we remember the woman rachel uchitel, the first of tiger's mistresses to come out there, the first one in his downward spiral in his scandal. believe it or not it was last thanksgiving, the car accident. almost a year since all that broke. it's kind of crazy. she's giving her first interview since this all broke. she spoke to "the mail" sunday from her oceanfront balcony in malibu. "people have called me all sorts of names but they don't know me. i'm not the same as the other girls. i never, ever imagined in my wildest dreams i would be caught up in a scandal like this. if things had been different and 9/11 had never happened my life would have taken a different course. i'd be fat and happy living in a big house in long island with a load of kids. i'm only telling my story now so people can discover what sort of girl i am and learn the truth about me." so her first interview in this set. she's speaking out.
3:52 am
i never meant to hurt anybody, my life so is different because of 9/11 when her fiance was killed. addicted to pills, addicted to love as well. >> we only have ten seconds. this is the new official duet from michael jackson with akon. ♪ n honking.
3:53 am
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. heart specialists meeting in chicago today released new recommendations on salt consumption. they say if teens cut salt intake by 3,000 milligrams a day they could significantly cut risks of heart problems as adults. retail sales figures from last month are released today, it's an important gauge of the economy. facebook's new e-mail program could be unveiled today. analysts predict the web mail service could pose a threat to google's gmail. a wonderful homecoming tale sure to make your heart dance. >> earlier this month the american ballet theater gives
3:56 am
its first performance in cuba in decades. it is significant for many reasons. >> for one dancer it meant the world. jim sciutto has more from havana. >> reporter: the american ballet's performance was its first in cuba in 50 years. but for one dancer it was something even more. >> it feels really, really like a homecoming. heartwarming and inspiring. >> reporter: she fled cuba for the u.s. 18 years ago with her family. back when a trip to america was almost always a one-way journey. but then president obama ended the bush-era ban on cuban-americans visiting relatives last year. flights like hers now fly several times a day. with even more planned. still, few passengers get a welcome like this from loyal fans, old friends and family left behind. and young dancers at her old school looking to follow in her dancesteps. >> they are very proud.
3:57 am
>> they very proud. as i am proud of them. >> reporter: this is part of a wider cultural opening. jazz musician winston marsalis performed here. and a cuban musician was allowed to attend the grammy awards. this is the same hall where the cuban-american soldiers captured in the 1961 bay of pigs invasion were held. now it has americans dancing ballet. you can call it ballet diplomacy. as opening night approached, the new openness gave way to old-fashioned nerves. >> because it's so personal, you just want it to be perfect. >> reporter: and perfect it was. for the company and for one young cuban coming home. jim sciutto, abc news, havana. >> wow. >> it really is amazing to see so much openness to cuba, where for so long we hadn't seen any until president obama lifted the interactions. >> a long-awaited change in relation to that country. did you ever have ballerina dreams as a young girl, vinita? >> probably too tall and too heavy. no dreams for me.
3:58 am
>> get out of here. i do not believe that. it was good to see them in action. oh, well, well, well. look at that, i've been working out.
3:59 am