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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the dry spell is over. abc7 news start right now. captioned by the national captioning institute nobody can be trusted any more. >> 9 newmar arrest on a major corruption scandal. -- nine new members arrested on a major corruption scandal. >> if you touch my job, i will have your arrested. >> wasn't really justified? >> it is going to be a beautiful time. ♪ harry potter is back.
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nine more arrests in a sweep that may not be over yet. it is a political scandal that has not been seen in this region indicates. they are charged with extortion and drug trafficking and their arrests are linked to the arrest of jack johnson and his wife. >> with just about ready talking about the widening, far-reaching public corruption and probe, the next county executive was talking about anything but that. >> monday night, the county executive elect called a press conference in the wake of a corruption scandal. >> these are not sad days in prince george's county. >> then he refused, along with other elected officials --
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>> i do not want to speak to that appeared >> federal investigators arrested nine additional people, including three police officers. >> these individuals are just bad people that need to go away. >> two of the officers are accused of being involved in a tobacco and alcohol smuggling ring. another officer faces gun and drug charges. these two cases have one important feature in common. allegedly police officers violated the trust of the people of prince george's county and committed serious criminal violations. >> those cases are related to friday's bombshell rest of present county executive jack johnson and his wife on witness tampering and destruction of evidence charges. >> let the citizens know that we know what you are feeling. we will move forward. i am in high spirits. >> his successor was quick to
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remind residents that he will keep his promise. >> what we are focused on what the needs of the people of prince george's county. >> mr. baker says his focus will be on creating jobs and inspiring business development. federal prosecutors are saying that this is not the last time any of us will hear about this far-reaching probe. they expect more arrests in the days and weeks -- in the coming days and weeks. >> stay with abc7 news for complete coverage of the prince george's county corruption scandal. whenever news breaks, we will have it here on all our newscasts. on storm watch as our dry spell comes to an end. >> we will find something that we have not seen in more than a week, what weather. -- wet weather.
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for the areas to our north, you folks will be seeing some rain. as a matter of fact, some of the heaviest rain will be out toward frederick county, md.. tomorrow will be a wet day. we may get some rain in the morning, but to do not be thinking that is the end of it. some moderate rain will be coming in as we get to the middle part of the it will be a wet one on tuesday coming up. i will tell you how long the rains will be around. police in fairfax county need your help in the search for a family of an abandoned baby. the infant girl seen here was left outside springfield church yesterday morning. >> police believe that this baby was dropped off between 6:00
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a.m. and 6:30 a.m. sunday morning. there is concern for the mother's well-being because she clearly did not have any medical systems. they are using words like "brave" and "courageous" to describe the grohmother who lefo this child. she was left in a parking lot of st. raymond's catholic church where she was promptly discovered. >> the mother knew that someone would be opening this church before the first service. she brought the baby in plenty of time to be found. >> at fairfax hospital, doctors say it is clear that the baby was born full term and will be just fine. the bigger concern now is for her mother. >> my heart and my thoughts go out to her. i think she did a wonderful thing. i know she is in need of a lot of love. >> she obviously did not have good natal care. i really worry for her. >> doctors say that leaving an
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infection are serious risks for the mother without prompt medical care. as for the baby, she is being called mary by this pro-life congregation. tonight, she and her mother are receiving hundreds of prayers. >> i am so glad that whoever this woman was had the courage to do something positive and keep the child. >> at this point, this pink and purple dufflebag will be the best clue as to who the mother might be. if you know who the bag belonged to, you are asked to call fairfax police. we arermonk -- > monitoring a story from north carolina in the details of the death of 10-year-old zahra baker. her killer dismembered her remains and place them in different locations. she was disabled. she had a prosthetic leg. she lost it to cancer. her stepmother has been in jail since last month on charges
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related to the child to death. > closing arguments are expected to more on the murder trial. prosecutors dropped two more charges of the nine charges that had been filed against the suspect. only two murder counts remained. the article 32 hearing for the man charged in the fort hood mass shooting has come to a) his lawyer spoke for only three minutes and presented no evidence. they complained they have not received key government reports about the case. he is accused in the murders of 13 people and the shootings of 32 others a year ago. hassan work in our region before moving to fort hood. a california woman has been
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charged with conspiring with a somali terrorist group. federal and this year's say that she conspired to aid al-shabab. she provided money and people to the terror group to help carry out murders in somalia. today's arrest comes after an arrest of a local man. he is facing at least 20 years in prison. the fbi is offering a $25,000 reward in the search for a serial shooter who is treating local military institutions. they have linked five shootings at military facilities across melbourne, virginia. they struck the national marine corps museum, the pentagon, and two recruiting facilities. necessary or invasive? we are learning more about the controversial security screening procedures at u.s. airports.
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>> . it began when a passenger tried to get through security and decided he was going to decline a body scan and a patdown. then he recorded what happened next on his telephone camera. >> she will touch you in the front and a tattoo on the back. job, iyou touch my will have you arrested. >> this is what has them talking about what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to security. >> privacy and personal rights. >> at reagan national, passengers go in and out of the screening area. many think about what happened to john turner in san diego when he refused to go -- john tyner in san diego when he refused to go through the scanner. >> he was a little sensitive.
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they are doing their job. >> i think there's a way to approach the public and operating without some kind of intent to be sensitive to what the public is experiencing and it will make people corporate more. >> he has prompted an internet campaign to have passengers refused the body scanning process on the day before thanksgiving. they look at the scanning and the patdown as a necessary evil. >> unfortunately, after 9/11, i do not see any recourse but that. >> to the video of his confrontation with tsa has become an internet sensation. it is prompting protest against body scanning all around the world. a maryland soldier is among the latest casualties in the war in afghanistan. the department of defense says that david lewis died last week when his unit was attacked by an
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improvised explosive device. he lived and prosper, md. and was based -- he lived and maryland and was based in kentucky. >> a 25-year-old staff sergeant will be the first living soldier to earn the medal of honor since the vietnam war. tonight, the proud family is talking about it. >> he grew and changed from a boy to a man. >> he was raised in a small iowa town before enlisting in the army. he is receiving the medal for action in october 2007 in afghanistan. he repeatedly ran into enemy fire to save american lives and rescued a fellow soldier from the taliban. the right to build a wal- mart supercenter near a civil war battlefield is heating up again. newspaper,to the news
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the hearing has been delayed. residents are trying to stop construction of the walmart saying that it is to close to the civil war wilderness battlefield. construction of a new levy to protect downtown d.c. and the national mall from potomac river flooding is scheduled to begin early next year. experts say much of the mall and downtown areas it within a 100- year flood plain. they will build a levee across 17th street near constitution ave and nw. the 8-foot-tall barrier will replace a very that was built -- will replace a levee that was built in the 1930's. police in baltimore said they found a man who broke into the suv that belonged to the city's first family. they believe that he broke into a vehicle owned by the husband and mayor stephanie rawlings but
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last week. the vehicle was parked out of the site of security officers who were on a break. this -- his fate is impacted upon everything we do. we should never diminished religious freedom. >> he spoke with our greta today while attending the bishops' conference in baltimore. he is one of 24 new cardinals. there is a major development where anyone who takes blood thinner medications to prevent strokes, a new study shows that in new experimental drug prevented strokes in people with a common heart rhythm problem. it did so without an increase of bleeding or the side effects. for years, patients have taken to maddon -- taken cumidin.
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facebook is launching its own version of an e-mail. it will combine texting, chat, e-mail, and facebook messages. executives with the social networking site say they want to simplify online correspondents. they do not want any complicated numbers and e-mail addresses. facebook says they have 350 million users who send 4 billion messages every day. here is something they can chat about. a sneak peek of the big november blockbuster that many of you folks have been waiting for. a few hundred harry potter fans got an early look at the new film. >> this is officially harry potter week. it is the beginning of the end. the first part, part one of the grand finale. it starts thursday at midnight.
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>> the longer we stay here, the stronger he gets. >> harry potter faces his final battle in the deathly hollows, but only the first half of it. the conclusion of his finale will not arrive until the summer. this preview audience seemed to like what they signed cannot wait to see the rest. so you just got out of the harry potter movie. what did you think? >> i thought it was beautiful. >> really? >> yes, i thought it was visually beautiful. i was really impressed. >> what about the lack of? >> it does not bother me because i read that incredibly long book. -- what about the length of it? >> it does not bother me because i read that incredibly long book. >> it stands in popularity alongside star wars and "lord of the rings." a once in each of a story that captures the minds of both children and adults.
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as for me, i really liked what i saw tonight. i think they make a great mix of story and special effects. they are very respectful of the material. and they brought this thing into two pieces. the way they ended it, wow, what a cliffhanger. yes, that is the word you want to hear a [laughter] . -- you want to hear. [laughter] a year after his death, michael jackson is hitting the airwaves again. ♪ ♪ every major city including ours -- i am sorry, back to michael jackson. the single "hold my hand" was released today. it was recorded in 2007. it was a duet. the full album titled "michael" will be released december 14.
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>> you know there will be a lot of proceeds. in every major city, including ours, there is their share of strange critters roaming the streets. this is when you do not see every day. that is a coyote making the rounds in downtown chicago. officials are telling residents to not worry about it. the coyote is timid. it was probably just out hunting for mice and rats in the city. this particular coyote is being tracked. >> he is probably heading south to warmer weather. [laughter] >> he has to be pretty wiley. >> you have to go there. >> these things are in there and you have to get it out. you have to get the umbrellas and rain gear out for tomorrow. it will be cool, chile, and --
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cool and chilly. the last measurable rain we had was over a week ago. over weekend, that is known in minneapolis-st. paul. look at minneapolis, 39 degrees. right now, it is 32 degrees. there is 3 inches on the ground. part of that same storm is moving to our north. we will go through the next couple of days and see this moisture come up and over. it is indirectly part of that storm that brought snow to parts of minneapolis-st. paul. in and around us, here is what is going on. you can see the area of rain continues to move in on us. there is more, down around knoxville, more rain. that will be the story for the
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next 24 hours to 36 hours. folks in northern maryland have not seen much at all, in hagerstown and frederick county. be patient. yours is coming. all of this is coming up and over. that will be the story as we go through the nighttime hours. here we are at 11:00 p.m. there is the rain. there may be a bit of a break tomorrow morning in the mid part of the morning. do not be thinking that is the end of it. by the time we get into the afternoon and evening, and more rain will be coming into the yellow areas. those will be the areas that get the most rain. here is our prediction for how things will shape up. as we go through the nighttime hours, you can see the rain adding up. some spots may be getting as much as a half an inch by noon. but the time it really tapers off tomorrow night, there will have been over an inch of rain. that is possible and likely in
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spots like winchester. temperatures, when you get up and head out, they will be in the 40's. there could be a bit of a brick. by the middle part of the afternoon, there will be some moderate rain. it will not tip off until tomorrow evening. rush-hour will be as wet as it will be tomorrow morning. then we could see lingering sprinkle on wednesday. by the afternoon, it will be little breezy and some sunshine coming out. then we will be back to the dry pattern. >> we will be prepared. one good way to get prepared is to watch our meteorologist tomorrow morning with the complete forecast during "good morning, washington." it starts at 6:30 a.m. >> get your jammies on right now [laughter] . -- right now.
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a former hot dog eating champion is learning the hard way that maybe you should not switch. this guy has a little trouble with pizza. he was hired to keep a 12-inch
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pizza in record time. but it took him a bit too long. he did it in 123 seconds. it is too soft to eat easily with a fork. what is taking place at fedex field tonight is also hard to swallow. when it rains, it pours. donovan mcnabb gets a brand new contract. but then all you know what broke loose with the eagles. what the heck happened? it is all a blur. what the heck happened? it is all a blur. it is
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and cable doesn't? yes. -i read that. -i do know that. yes, but there's a contract. at verizon, they want you to have a two year contract. i've got commitment issues. no one likes to be tied down. [ man ] so if they didn't lock you into a term contract, you'd consider switching? -oh, absolutely. -definitely. it's a no-brainer. [ man ] because now, with verizon fios,
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it got ugly in a hurry at fedex field tonight. the eagles scored on the very first play. right now, it is 59-21 as they go into the final period. both teams came together and this was before it even started tonight. it was a wild night at fedex field. meanwhile, donovan mcnabb went out to fedex field earlier to sign a new contract, a five-year deal that will pay him $78 million, $40 million guaranteed if they never get to the back
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end of that contract. if he does, donovan mcnabb will be 39 years old. >> this is a lot of things to me. it did not just happen overnight. it was coming on for some time. it signed off on a lot of levels. right now, mike shanahan is in a position of strength. he will have to be very principle with this going forward. i take this as a good sign. >> in college basketball, austin freeman scored 23 points. watch chris wright. the shot clock is going down and he shoots at the bottom. it was the defense that got him late. that was a pretty pass at the end of this play.
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georgetown meets tulane. -- george town beats -- georgetown beat tulane. now hear this, lebron james is one of the 25 finalists for oakwood time" magazine -- for " time" magazine's person of the year. >> that is crazy. what those guys did, no? the courage and what the they stand for, i should be nowhere near that list. >> unbelievable. the miami dolphins with quarterback hurt, they have signed patrick ramsey. >> do not tell me.
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keep that umbrella handy. there will be some moderate rain by tomorrow afternoon. >> ok. >> have a go
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