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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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scandal keeps growing, the latest from prince george's county in a live report. a soggy start to the morning drive. how long will the rain stick around? good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this tuesday, november 16. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. thank you for joining us on this dreary tuesday morning. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden standing by. we start with adam caskey. another 24 hours of this? >> 22. it's not going to be steady rain the entire time. we can handle this. light rain for the most part. be patient today. but we will get to lisa baden in
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a moment. the rain is moving from the southwest to the northeast, especially in the shenandoah valley, and at the blue ridge. beltwaying around the and up 95. temperatures are in the mid 50's. holding steady today with some areas of rain. 56 degrees today, 62 degrees tomorrow. >> visibility is going to be poured this morning. a fender bender on norbeck at gude. no major accidents to reports as far as beltway traffic and interstate travel. back to you. >> thank you. we begin in prince george's county, where an alleged corruption scandal reaching the top ranks of local government continues to grow. nine more people, including three police officers, face charges now. the fbi arrested county
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executive jack johnson and his wife. and there could be more arrests in the coming days. brianne carter joins us from upper marlboro with the latest developments. good morning. >> after that rest of county executive jack johnson on friday, authorities said there would be additional arrests. that proved true yesterday, early monday morning where nine people were arrested included three police officers. two of the officers are accused of being involved in a tobacco and alcohol smuggling ring. another officer faces gun and drug charges. federal authorities did not explain how, but they say the cases are related to the investigation which friday led jack johnsonf john ty and his wife leslie. he would not speak about the rest, but he's continuing his
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work in upper marlboro. the next three weeks, he will continue to serve the residents of prince george's county, he says. we also heard from astern baker, you cannot address the issue, but he says "bennies" moving forward to put his new government in place and getting ready to serve the residents in the county. brianne carter reporting. -- he says that he is moving forward. we will have the latest developments on and on. at. fairfax county police have a clue as they search for the mother of an abandoned baby. the infant girl was born full term and is doing fine. she was left in a parking lot of st. raymond's catholic church in springfield early sunday morning. a church member found her and called 911. >> the mother knew that someone would be opening the church before the services. if so see brought the baby in
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plenty of time to be found and not to be hurt. >> the infant was wrapped in blankets and towels inside a pink dufflebag, which is the best clue to find the mother. they are concerned that she needs medical attention. nearly a decade since chandra levy died and nearly a month since the murder trial began. this morning the case is almost over. closing arguments are expected to begin today in the trial of ingmar guandique. courtney robinson is live in a request with what is the beginning of the end. good morning. >> good morning. ingmar guandique faces two counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors dropped seven charges yesterday. he initially faced nine. we expect closing arguments to begin today. then possibly it would be in the hands of jurors by the day's end. -- onene thelma's
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felons' word against another's. yesterday the defense rested its case, pointing to the lack of physical evidence and putting another cell mate of the suspect's on the stand from closed-circuit televisions from prison. he admitted that he was in the same jail cell as the defendant. another inmate testified that guandique violated the woman, robbed her, dragged her off the path, and then she stopped screaming and breathing. the witness pointed out that his spanish is not good. 10 years after the murder, the court is releasing a phone message from former congressman gary condit that was left on
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chandra levy voice mail does days after her disappearance. >> i have not heard from you so maybe you are out of the country. anyway, give me a call. we heard from a number of people threw out to the trial, including chandra levy's father. one person we have not heard from and will not hear from ms. ingmar guandique, himself. live in d.c. superior court, courtney robinson, abc 7 news. and marilyn soldiers among the latest casualties of the afghan war. the pentagon says the 28-year- old army specialist david lutes died last week when his unit was attacked when and improvise -- with an improvised explosive device. he's from frostburg and leaves behind a wife and two children. the first living soldier to earn the medal of honor this since the vietnam war is from iowa. president obama will or the medal today to salvatore giunta
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for his actions in afghanistan in 2007. he repeatedly ran through enemy fired to save people and rescued a fellow soldier from the taliban. 6:06 on this tuesday morning. the redskins and eagles had a historic night of football, however, the redskins or on the wrong side of the equation. >> monday night football turned out to be a monday night massacre. >> going downfield for the touchdown. he accelerates for the opening play, all the way for the touchdown. >> the eagles were moving right out of the gate and they never let up. 59-28, the most points ever by a team during monday night football. >> we are embarrassed as an organization and the football team and the players. we will respond accordingly. >> we just could not get
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ourselves out. it is a learning experience, one that all of us can look at individually. >> more on the stunning loss coming up later this hour. >> such a disappointment. >> that is not how you wrap up the bye week. 49 degrees outside. >> still ahead, we will talk about the pat-down controversy, more backlash at area airports as security gets too close for comfort. >> keeping track of metro escalators issues, we are live blogging all
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and at food and friends. by a pie at our website. good morning, washington. 6 assaad 11 on this tuesday morning. welcome back. meteorologist adam caskey live in the belfort furniture weather center of. a classic rainy day to day. -- 6:11 on this tuesday. most of the rain is south and west of the immediate metro area. steady showers from 66 to about fairfax county.
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culpeper getting some rain as well. iran is moving from the southwest to the northeast. that will remain throughout the day. if temperatures are in the upper 40's. mid 50's this afternoon with intermittent showers. that's through tonight as well, tapering off at this time tomorrow. if tomorrow will be generally sunny and windy, as in the low 60's. now let's go back to lisa baden with the soggy drive. a tractor-trailer broken- down on northbound 395 after the 14th street bridge, for the entrance for the third street tunnel. police are with it. two right lanes are closed. let's take you to the beltway near andrews air force base. moving at speed in the rain. back to you. >> thank you. here is your chance to speak out about the condition of metro's escalators. our. com will be checking out all of the nearly 600 escalators and
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they will report what they find in a live blog on their web sites and they want to hear from new. let them know about the conditions of the escalators that you ride by going to >> that should be interesting to see what people say about that. >> its been a big problem lately. 49 degrees outside. >> itunes breathes the beatles? we will have details ahead "money scope report.". the protests against new airport security screening measures, coming up. a presidential groundbreaking, a first look at a presidential groundbreaking, a first look at george w. and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone?
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gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. welcome back. nine more people face charges in connection with a wide ranging
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corruption investigation of prince george's county. three of those arrested are police officers. if the latest developments come just three days after prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie or arrested. closing arguments begin today in the trial of ingmar guandique, starts with killing federal intern chandra levy in 2001. the yesterday the defense rested its case when prosecutors dropped two more charges against auingmar guandique. former president george bush will break ground on his presidential center at southern methodist university in dallas. it will have a library and a policy institute. expected to open in 2013. a security necessity for an invasion of privacy? controversy is growing amount airport security screenings that some passengers and workers feel is too invasive.
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emily schmidt has more on this issue. good morning. >> good morning. you know that airline passengers are accustomed to taking off their shoes, their belts, and their coats to go through airline security lines. some say they are now being forced give up their privacy because of these new security measures. enhanced security screening comes in two forms. full body scanners at 60 u.s. airports and new hands on pat- down searches. one californian said that option proved too invasive. he recorded that while refusing a pat-down search on the weekend. >> if you touch my junk, i will have you arrested >> john tyner canceled his flight. passengers --one aviation expert
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says it takes about two minutes for pat-downs and it could slow security lines for everyone else. the gsa says it could find john tyner up to $11,000 for failing to complete the federal screenings -- the tsa. boback to you. >> thank you. in the days ahead, a senate panel will meet today to talk about how to close the gap in erica carr security -- in air cargo security. witnesses will include the tsa administrator and the customs and border control commissioner. new york congressman charles rangel, whether he violated house rules is being discussed. the democrat faces 13 allegations of financial and fund raising misconduct. if the panel finds that he broke house rules, he would likely
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face a house vote deploring his conduct. lawmakers will have to pass a bill to keep the government running. \ and he will have to decide whether to extend the bush tax cuts. congress will look at extending unemployment benefits, and giving a $250 check to social security recipients. the beatles and itunes are coming together. and another twist in the foreclosure crisis as well. vinita nair has those stories and more. >> good morning. we begin your "money scope report." with recent claims about the foreclosure mess. a report out today from a government watchdog fine spot foreclosure documents could cause the housing market to collapse. the group worries that the robo- signing scandal could bring questions about the validity of millions of mortgages. retail sales in october rose by the largest amount in seven months. again ins are gambling morga
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las vegas, revenues have increased. shoppers will have deals on electronics. the beatles and apple have worked out their differences. apple is expected to announce today that the group's musical finally be sold on itunes. i am vinita nair. we have some big news to tell you this morning. there has been a royal engagement in britain. prince charles'office has announced that prince william and his girlfriend kate middleton got engaged last month. they have been dating eight years now. we have learned the wedding will likely take place next spring or next summer. so much speculation about that. >> last month? >> people speculated that it happened, but there was no confirmation.
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>> my goodness. my brother may be as well. >> don't divulge any family secrets. let's talk about the weather. it's kind of yucky. >> its going to be damp outside until about this time tomorrow. virginia is getting most of the rain this morning. southern maryland's is getting a brush. crossing over the potomac and in the panhandle of west virginia. moderates hours moving from culpeper and madison. and in fauquier county. this is pushing north and east. 66 is getting steady rain at this time. parts of 95. the rain will continue throughout the day. let's look at the storm scan. a light area of rain is over him right now.
6:21 am
there's more action down to our southwest. all of this minister is getting pushed northward by a storm system that developed and will move through our region. chunks of it will be pushing through our region. we will see about and trained overall by the time this is over this time tomorrow. let's go to the maps. 0.3 inches in annandale and the district. it's 49 degrees in annandale and in the district. temperatures will be steady with some areas of rain tonight. sunny weather tomorrow. it will be gustier tomorrow. gusts of 35 miles an hour wednesday. decent weather from thursday through the weekend. now to lisa baden. 402 on the penn line is slow.
6:22 am
and it is blowing across the 14th street bridge on 395. as a broken-down truck before a exit for the third street tunnel. two right lanes are closed. 270 southbound, krystle is out of frederick to get to hyattstown. then slowing at father hurley boulevard to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 6:22 on this early tuesday morning. 49 degrees. >> coming up, the latest victim of a tough economy, thanksgiving dinner. >> today on "oprah," a historic television moment, barbra streisand and robert redford reunite, today at 4:00 on abc 7. pccar
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thanksgiving is the season of giving. >> but it does not appear people are giving as much as they have in the past. charities across the country say that 30 donations have dropped dramatically. they blame or of the economy as well as a ro--. -- turkey donations have dropped. >> we cannot provide the same kind of services we normally would in the community. serving homeless people, children, advocates of domestic violence. >> many groups have not met their goals this year. still ahead, another half
6:26 am
hour of good morning washington. >> power and the people, the results of a brand-new poll. >> the grubbs and scandal in prince george's county is expanding. i'm brianne carter. i will have the details, a live report. >> in the belfort furniture weather center on this tuesday morning, how long will the rain
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> these are not sad days in prince george's county. >> moving the community forward. prince george's county leaders are looking to the future as an a legend web of corruption keeps growing. good morning washington." november 16. i am alison starling.
6:30 am
>> we will have more of that story. we begin with traffic and weather. adam caskey is in the weather center. >> it will be damp until about this time tomorrow. we will see rain showers until tomorrow, often don. will be intermittent in nature. between 1:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. is when we will see the most rain go through. it is crossing over the potomac into parts of maryland, especially western montgomery county, infiltrating almost all of fairfax county. where you see the yellow and orange on the radar screen, such as central fauquier county, that is where we have moderate showers. it will taper off about this time tomorrow. mid-50's tomorrow -- today and tonight. doug hill is back in a few minutes with his take on the forecast. >> it is a bomber. with the rain and road spray -- it is a bummer.
6:31 am
with the rain and rhodes break, you will find volume on the beltway. the inner loop delays began at braddock road -- brad road in virginia. we had delays off and on to the pentagon. now to the news desk. will the corruption scandal in prince george's county lead to more arrests? nine more people, including three police officers now face charges. >> there could be more arrests to come. brianne carter -- live in upper marlboro now. >> good morning. we first heard, after the arrest of county executive jack johnson, that there would be more arrests coming. yesterday, that proved true. nine more people were arrested, including three police officers. it is the scandal everyone in prince george's is talking about -- everyone except the man who will soon be in charge of the
6:32 am
county. >> what we're focused on are the needs of the people of prince george's county. >> federal investigators arrested nine people, including three police officers. two of the police officers, richard delabrer and chin kim, as well as five others have been charged in connection with an option hall and tobacco smuggling ring. -- in connection with an alcohol and tobacco smuggling ring. >> these cases have one important feature in common. they allege that police officers violated the trust of people of prince george's county, sold their authority, and joined with criminals to commit serious violations. >> it led to the arrest of county executive jack johnson and his wife on friday. they also say more arrests are expected. >> we are asking the public that might have interest or information regarding any corruption within this county,
6:33 am
in any department, to contact the fbi. >> jack johnson returned to his office in upper marlboro yesterday and would not comment about the latest arrest. he said he is focused on continuing his job as county executive for the next three weeks. reporting live in the upper marlboro, brianne carter, abc 7. >> thank you very much. for more details and reaction, just log onto, the online home of abc 7 news. fairfax county -- police are intensifying their search for the mother of an abandoned baby was left outside the catholic church on sunday morning. she is doing fine. she was discovered inside a pink double bag -- dufflebag. so far, the bag is the best clue to who the mother might be. they believe she might need medical attention. the fbi is offering a
6:34 am
$20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a serial shooter targeting military buildings. investigators have linked that person to five shootings across northern virginia. looking now at today -- the closing arguments will begin in the -- began in the trial of ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing federal intern chandra levy in 2001. the defense rested its case yesterday. prosecutors dropped to two charges out of the nine. only two murder counts remained. said the change a washington archbishop is preparing to leave a washington archbishop is preparing to leave for rome where he will take on en route role. >> it is exciting and there is something humbling about it. i am fully aware that being a cardinal has to do with being archbishop of washington.
6:35 am
>> he spoke with greta kreuz while attending the national bishops conference. he is one of 24 new cardinals. only two of them are from the u.s. he will be elevated on saturday. -> today's "politico minute" - a new poll. >> we hear some of the most surprising numbers. what did you take away from this poll? >> we're always hearing that the d.c. elites have different ideas and feelings than people in so- called real america. we tested that and it turns out to be true. interestingly, people in washington -- the elite -- are taking a stronger message from the midterm elections than maybe voters intended to send. it took a very strong anti-wash. message away from the election. people in the rest of the country were not certain what the message was. >> we always see -- when we have a changing of the guard -- one
6:36 am
of the debates that pops up is over earmarks and how they're going to be handled. what are we seeing on that issue? it is always a hot button. >> this is a shocking development. the republican leader in the senate, minority leader mitch mcconnell, has reversed his long-time stance on earmarks. he was a longtime proponent of them. he is now going along with his caucus and says he will agree to this temporary ban on your marks that they are set to vote on today. >> everybody was pretty surprised by that. good to have you with us. thanks so much for your time. have a great day. is 6:36. 49 degrees outside. still ahead -- >> this is a big one. a royal surprise. big news from buckingham palace. >> good security or an invasion of privacy? we will have the latest on the air travel controversy. >> first, doug hill joins
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>> welcome back, everybody. 6:39. let's go to traffic and weather every 10 minutes. toyou're going to go right chief meteorologist doug hill for the morning weather. you said last night when you went to bed, the score was worse
6:40 am
than the temperatures outside. that is not good. >> it was 35-14. i thought maybe a second-half comeback. i got up and saw you guys this morning. >> you wanted to go back to sleep. >> if you have not ventured outside, adam has been telling you what to expect. it is not a pretty picture. let's go to live super doppler. the rain has been moving in all night long. there are some elements of heavier rain on the one tentacled upper -- 110 to pull apart. it is moving southeast to northwest. we're starting to pick up on the rain pages. 3/10 of annandale -- of an inch in annandale. the story today is plain and simple -- off and on of rain. up to an inch by the time it tapers off tomorrow.
6:41 am
54 to 58 degrees. we have eight days in a row of sunshine. now we have one day of rain and we will get through this. that is it. we looked at here in a few minutes and see what i can come up with it. >> good to see you. it is time for lisa baden with a check on the roads. alice rain affecting everything? >> it is going to tax some time on to your drives. it is spli -- slippery and wet. a link the ride leaving i-70 on -- lengthy ride leaving i-70. this is a pretty typical delay. back to the news desk. it is about 40 degrees. >> coming up on monday night -- meltdown, the redskins give the
6:42 am
game away before the first quarter really even ends. >> if you touch my job, i'm going to have you arrested. >> a growing backlash over new security screening. >> first, a royal wedding is in the works. we'll have details on the top- secret engagement
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the time now is 6:44. taking a look at one of our top stories. police officers were among the nine people arrested during the probe. two officers have been charged with extortion and a third faces drug charges. these are linked to the arrest of jack johnson and his wife. closing arguments will begin today in the troubled ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing federal in turn -- in the trial of ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing federal intern chandra levy. prosecutors dropped two charges. britain's prince william is now officially off the market. prince charles's office announced that he proposed to his long-time girlfriend, kate middleton, last month. they have been dating for eight years. there will likely get married next year. >> you sounded sad when you said he was off the market. your heading into the
6:46 am
busiest travel time of the year. tsa is facing a new concern over full body scanners or pat downs. and lee smith has the latest on this growing controversy. travel oftenliday means crowded flights. it is a preflight routine that has some passengers upset. john tyner says that is how he told the tsa he did not want a new hands-on patdown search. the canceled his flight and posted a video on youtube. >> our concern is protecting the public. >> two newt security measures prompted concerns -- 300 full body scanners are now in u.s. airports with more to come. >> they in no way resemble electronic strip searches. >> the next security layer is
6:47 am
patdowns with no chance to refuse. >> i do not like being touched like that, in personal areas. it is kind of invasive. >> tsa says john tyner be fined as much as $11,000 for not completing the screening. >> thank you. we will soon find out how many people will be taking to the roads and skies this banks giving. triple a will release its annual thanksgibing -- thanksgiving forecast in just a few hours. whether you drive or fly, we do know it will cost you more this year. adrian fenty will in -- will unveil the new curbside card chargers. it will be more convenient for owners of electric cars. that will be at the franklin d. reeves center. the washington post reports
6:48 am
there was insufficient competition. officials planned to revise the contract and put it out for another bid. they want to improve service on the lines, which have struggled to maintain and acceptable, on- time performance. let's go to doug hill in calvert county this morning. he has news on the weather. it is still dreary. >> not a lot of happy faces here. my 14-year-old son just came down. he saw the score of the game. we will get through it. we are going to turn that frown upside down. with the rain out there, it has been seven or eight days since we have seen any rain. let's check it out our live super doppler. most of the rand is west of the metro area. it is heading this direction. it will move toward the
6:49 am
northeast, through the metro area. our storm scan -- we can widen back and see more of the rain stretching well through southwestern virginia. it is part of a complex storm system. it is moving across sections of alabama right now. we will have a little bit of a warm section tonight. temperatures will stay in the 50's through early tomorrow. temperatures will go up and stay there through the afternoon and evening, probably in that range overnight. we are 8 to 10 degrees cooler than that with lots of 40's around the area. 50 degrees in arlington. 50 degrees in huntingtown. a little bit of haze, nothing like the falog and yesterday morning. once we get through tomorrow morning, we will have some clearing and we will be in fine shape. adam give you a look at the
6:50 am
seven-day in just a few minutes. i am feeling better already. tell your son that it will probably never get worse than this. he can get through this part, maybe it will be ok. >> thank you. we will have more weather and traffic when we return. we will have more weather and traffic when we return.
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one passenger got this instead. this morning, she says she was kidnapped by a cab driver. what really happens? watch "good morning america" on abc. said the change we have been talking about this all morning. -- we have been talking about this all morning. if you stayed up to watch a, you are probably wishing you had not. >> there were few signs of life. pamela brown is live in bethesda with more on the washington washout. good morning. >> one word from the players and the coach sums this up -- embarrassment. right out of the gate last night, it was clear that they were in for a brutal beating. on the first play, michael vick threw a touchdown. it was an 88-yarder.
6:54 am
vick had no mercy. he threw four touchdown passes and ran for four. mcnabb threw three interceptions. some say this had more to do with michael vick than anything else. he sat out part of the first game against the 'skins. >> i think it was a michael vick revenge type thing. we heard in the first game. he had something to prove. >> i woke up knowing that they did the best they could. >> you believe they did the best they could? >> in my heart, i have to believe that. >> the end, the score was 59-28 -- the most. given up by a team on monday night football -- points given up by a team on monday night football ever. donovan mcnabb got a contract extension worth over $70 million, $40 million guaranteed.
6:55 am
it is 6:54. the new "terry porter" film will premiere this friday -- "harry potter" film will premiere this friday. >> these are dark times, no denying. >> fans got an early look in some areas last night. they go out to face lord voldemort. time for a quick last look at the traffic and weather. >> on the inner loop of 495 college park exit after new hampshire avenue, there is a this act -- disabled tractor- trailer. everybody is jockeying for position. here is the 14th street bridge. broken-down vehicles on the d.c. side of the bridge in the left lane -- tractor-trailer broken down before that is gone. let's look at the geico camera.
6:56 am
backup begins at the beltway. this is what it looks like from the beltway passed the pentagon and across the 14th street bridge. this is live on 270. of those headlights before father hurley boulevard. we're going to the weather center with adam caskey. what we are dealing with is rain tonight and into tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be a fairly sunny day. tents bang in the 50's and holding overnight. -- temperatures in the 50's and holding overnight. a gusty wind today. we are looking good overall. we have some showers outside. the movement is from southwest to northeast. let's look at live doppler. there it is. that is the light rain. mainly in virginia, but across the potomac as we speak. >> we did have eight or nine days of street sunshine.
6:57 am
i guess we can have no -- handle this. that is going to do it for "good morning washington" this morning. "good morning washington" this morning.
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