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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 16, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us today.
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we begin with prince george's county corruption scandal that is still developing today. nine people are facing charges and county residents are wondering just how much further the investigation will stretch. we are in upper marlboro today. brianna, bring us up to date. >> that is certainly the question that residents have today after the nine arrests yesterday. it is certainly a hot topic for county residents. for residents of prince george's county, the corruption scandal is the talk of the town. >> i cannot get a handle on it. >> federal investigators arrested nine people, including three police officers. they were charged in connection with a tobacco and alcohol smuggling ring. >> these two cases have one
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important feature in common. the alleged police officers violated the trust of people in prince george's county, and sold their authority to commit various violations. >> jack johnson and his wife were charged with evidence tampering. some residents are concerned about how the allegations will affect the image of the county. >> this is going to have to be improved. >> i think it will work out well for someone to take over soon and we can put this behind us. >> a county elect officials said he is focused on this issue as he moves to county forward. >> we want to make sure we have people in there who's representation is stellar, make sure we get the best men and women to serve in store this county. >> baker also added that leslie
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johnson, who was elected to the council, should legally be sworn in with the rest of the council. meanwhile, the investigation is ongoing and more arrests could come. >> thank you. of course, this story continues to change. you can watch for the latest tonight at 5:00. we are following another developing story in prince george's county. largo high school students have been released for the day because of a strong smell of gasoline. the prince george's county firefighters found a small diesel fuel spill in the parking lot. buses were called back to school to take the students home. now to the weather. we are getting a gloomy start to the day. adam caskey, when is it going to start to clear up? >> maybe tomorrow morning.
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there could be a few stray showers, but most of it will wrap up tonight. take a look at live super doppler radar. green indicates light rain. you also have some yellow and orange south of washington. -- warrenton. those are areas of enhanced showers. southern maryland getting a bit of a break right now. i would not be surprised in st. mary's county if you got some sunshine today. here is a look at the forecast. gray skies for most of us, temperatures in the 50's for most of the afternoon, and could be climbing tonight. the rain should wrap up later tonight. we will talk about the dusty forecast, coming up. >> police say that what weather
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did play a role in the crash that left two severely injured. a car lost control and struck a utility pole at the intersection of richmond highway and buckland at -- buckmand ave. four trucks county police officers are intensifying their search for the mother of an abandoned baby. the baby was left outside of a church in springfield inside of a pink dufflebag. officers say she is doing fine, but they desperately want to get in touch with the mother, who could need medical attention. we enter into the final phase of the sean believe the murder trial. defense attorneys make their closing arguments to the jury today. -- chandra levy murder trial. courtney robinson is at the courthouse. >> we understand around 1:00 the defense will present their
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closing arguments. we expect come tomorrow, the jury will begin deliberations. 10 years after chandra leave the's murder, one month of testimony, today we are one step closer to an end. now the prosecution and defense have one final step to convince the jurors. the prosecution argues the jury should convict, saying there is enough circumstantial evidence. two women were assaulted by ingmar guandique in rock creek park around the same time of levy's deaf. more than that, they put a cell made of guandique on the stand. he said that guandique had confessed of the murder. however, defense attorneys say that there is no evidence and that confession is bogus.
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yesterday, another cell mate and fellow gang member said he never said anything about levy. under oath, he admitted many times that he was wearing headphones while inside the cell. for the jury, it will be a tough to liberation. for the family of chandra levy, possibly a few more days of agony. >> guandique faces two counts of first-degree murder. he was originally charged with nine different counts, but yesterday prosecutors dropped seven of those crimes including sexual assault, attempted robbery, and attempted kidnapping. >> thank you. we are also following some developments in the massive search for the missing family in ohio. the suspect, matthew hoffman, is due in court today.
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sunday, a spot team found a 13- year-old bound and gagged in his basement. her brother, mother, and father are still missing. a maryland soldier is among the latest casualties of the war in afghanistan. the pentagon says army specialist david lutz died when -- lutes died when his team was hit with an ied. and the president gives our nation's highest army honor to a man when he tried to risk his life to save others it in afghanistan. he helped to stop two taliban fighters from capturing the platoon leader.
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he was then released by insurgents but died from his injuries. >> this is big. i cannot take this for myself. i'm going to think about where it happens, and when it is all done, i will be thinking about them. >> the medal of honor is reserved for the most valiant of americans. he is the first living member of the armed services to receive the honor since vietnam. >> there is an excitement about it. there is also something humbling about it. i am fully aware that being named a cardinal has something to do with being archbishop of washington. >> he spoke with us while he was attending the national bishops conference. he will become one of 24 new cardinals. only two of them are from the
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u.s. a big story is breaking today in britain. we're just months away from a royal wedding. overnight, prince william and his longtime girlfriend in -- confirmed their engagement. we are in london with the voile reaction. >> it is official. prince william and his longtime love, kate middleton, are to be very >>. they are a lovely couple -- >> they are a lovely couple. we wish them every bit of happiness in the future. >> 30 years after the wedding of prince charles and princess diana. she was loved by the british, and the comparisons will be there. >> she is willing to put herself second to the job, in a way that diana was not willing to do.
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>> but kate is confident, independent, and is used to the public eye. the paparazzi has been all over it. congratulations have been pouring in. >> i am sure the whole country wants to pass along their congratulations to the happy couple. >> in this case, what is good for the royals is good for the country. >> it is similar to when diana got married, during a really bad time in the 1980's. maybe they will have a royal wedding. >> when we continue today, we are following yet another big
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announcement. coming up, the major music collection apple is adding to its itunes arsenal. and the monday night massacre. what is it anchoring fans the most? and be part of an exclusive pilot program. we will tell you about the first of hundreds of charge points coming to
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>> welcome back. there is big news today for itunes customers. the apple wide world service will begin to sell music from
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the beatles. until now, they have been the most prominent holdout from the music service. the company that managed the band's affairs had resisted until now. another story we are following, an historic night at fedex feel that most fans would rather forget. >> caught it, touchdown! never seen anything like it, ever! >> washington lost by the most points ever -- washington lost the game. the eagles had the most points ever in the first half. >> the beating began even before the game started which then carried into the openings that, when michael vick through an 88- yarder. >> the way they ran down the
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field, it was a good play. >> from there, it was all downhill, scoring 45 points before the half. >> i honestly think it was a michael vick revenge thing. we heard him in the first game. >> i think it was more good michael vick than it was bad for the washington redskins. >> there was no cohesion, no leadership. no plan. >> coach stan -- shanahan admits the game was humiliating. >> these games happened. it is embarrassing when it happens. >> we are just going to have to
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try to change this. >> however, diehard redskins fans are still not afraid to show their support today. >> the weather kind of matches the mood of fans. >> it is a good, beneficial rain, let's look at it that way. >> ok. >> she does not like it when i say that. >> it is nice to be indoors on days like this. here is a look from our camera. gray skies, some light rain. currently 55 at reagan national. manassas, 51.
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these are some of the highest readings that i could find in terms of rain. but still, look at the cool temperatures. in general, we are in the low 50's. locally and especially in maryland. here is a look at the rain moving south and north. fairfax county, prince william county -- all of this is moving to the north. that is the embedded downpour that we are still dealing with. southern maryland, you are in the clear. that does not mean that it will be that way all day, but you are dry.
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perhaps a clip of some sunshine out there. take a look at the satellite. a bit of clearing overhead on the way, but let's widen out the view. more rain will continue to move north and east. scattered showers today off and on. temperatures in the mid-50's. uniquely tonight, temperatures could hold steady and rise a few degrees. tomorrow will be windy. you will notice gusty winds up to 35 miles per hour. temperatures will top out in the low 60's. thursday will not be the sunniest day, but it will not be a washout. lots of sunshine through the weekend, however. typical temperatures for
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november. >> it is good to get the rain out in the early part of the week. thank you. the district is charged up, unveiling its first curbside charging station for elektra vehicles. it is a 240 volt charger station that is ready to go at the franklin reid center in northwest, funded by the stimulus package. it will provide 4600 public and home charging stations across the country by next august -- october. the plan is to provide a necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles across the country. >and the latest problem with the metro escalator, and how you can share your concerns about safety in the transit system. and later today on "oprah gecko: are you ready for your talk, sir?
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>> hey house ethics panel has found charlie rangel guilty of the 11 counts of breaking house rules. the full ethics committee will conduct a hearing on the appropriate punishment now for him. if possible punishments include a house vote deploring his conduct, a fine, or denial of privileges. metro passengers reporting the latest in a string of escalator issues for the transit system. a woman tells "the washington post" that she was waiting to get on an escalator but it started to move in the wrong direction. this was in vienna. metro said they never received a
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report about the incident. metro riders now have a new forum to voice their concerns about escalator safety. our colleagues at are on a mission to check out all of the transit systems escalators. if you want to report on the conditions of a metro escalator that you ride, go to
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>> does your family have a best friend? this evening, we will introduce you to rescue animals ready for adoption. they look at the joys and special concerns you need to know when you bring a new friend into your home. >> one last look at the weather forecast. we are ready to change. >> we are going to get the sun again. it has been about a week and have since we have gotten a good rain. it will be windy tomorrow. maybe an early sprinkle tomorrow. otherwise, dry, windy, and sunny. in the 50's through the week. lots of sunshine for the weekend. that is when it counts. >> you forget there are people who wake up when the sun rises.
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that must be nice. thank you for joining us. ♪
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