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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 18, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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next half-hour. >> coming up, dangerous debris. a ceiling collapse shuts down one of metro's busiest stations. we'll have a live report. >> waiting for a verdict. day two of jury deliberations in the chandra levy murder trial. >> later, producers defend the "dancing with the stars" vote. "good morning washington" begins now. >> live and in h.d. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> and good thursday morning, everyone. >> thank you for joining us at 5:00 this morning. let's begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we're going to check in with lisa shortly, but adam, we check with you. we're headed towards the weekend and the weather is nice and calm. >> it is nice and calm. no heavy rain. no high winds. no storms to talk about. no storms to recap. just a november day.
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let's take a look at some of the colsde numbers i can find. most of us are above freezing. there are a few exceptions. stafford and bristow, for example. indian shed currently 34 degrees to start our morning. here is our forecast for today. increasing clouds. limited sunshine. highs in the mid 50's. 50-mile-per-hour gusts were clocked out west yesterday. >> i wish you could hear me. while you're on the air i'm talking to chris, the producer going oh, he is good. that adam caskey is good. the day of no? i love that. let's have a day of no for accidents. as long as everybody agrees, it would be so wonderful. 9 5, 66, 395, travel times in our favor with no delays to report now. and no construction.
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university of boulevard and new hampshire boulevard open. >> day of no, lisa, that works. >> our top story this morning, a metro station will reopen this morning one day after concrete from the ceiling crashed down on that platform. >> we just got word about this. the incident happened at the farragut north station. we have the latest developments. good morning. >> good morning. the station closed at 8:00 last night after that incident. as you just mentioned, according to officials the stai station will reopen this morning and be operating as normal. even though you see the gates are still closed, they stay the gates will open. debris fell inside the station on to the train platform. it started with a construction crew doing road work above
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ground where officials say jackhammering and heavy equipment was being used. somehow they believe that work caused the debris to become loose and fall. a construction engineer was called out and again the station was closed while they did that inspection. customers were advised to alternate locations. that will not be a problem, though, this morning. according to metro officials they are heading out using metro stations. the farragut station will be back up and running today. >> good news. thanks a lot. the ceiling collapse came one day before a scheduled meeting of metro's board of directors to discuss safety plans and get an update on recent escalator incidents and have a crime review. >> picking up the pieces from yesterday's severe storms. some of the worst damage was found in arlington, northeast washington and also in baltimore.
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that's where more than 350 homes and apartments were damaged by a possible tornado. the storms also knocked out trees and power lines. blew roofs off of buildings and led to some really scary moments. >> something was very wrong. i don't know what it was. >> it was like a train coming right there in the street. loud, noisy and windy. >> we should find out sometime today if it was a tornado that touched down in baltimore. there are no reports of any storm-related injuries. >> now to the day ahead. the man accused of parking a truck packed with weapons along the national small due back in court today. james patock's lawyers asked that he be moved from jail to a halfway house. >> bren best is expected to
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enter a -- the person accuse of killing principal is expected in court today. another pled guilty to first-degree murder. >> day two in the chandra levy murder trial. nine men and three women spent yesterday weighing the evidence. what's going on behind closed doors? good morning to you. >> good morning to you. that's right. those nine women and three men, they will gather once again here at d.c.'s court after six hours inside of d.c. superior court deliberating, trying to come to a consensus. >> we can't talk to you. >> the prosecutor had little to say outside of d.c.'s superior court but in closing remarks, she told the jury there was no
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doubt that ingmar guandique killed chandra levy and despite no physical evidence, circumstantial evidence links him to her murder. defense attorney has been following the case and says otherwise. >> there is no physical evidence and they are basing it on a jailhouse performance. >> it is going to be hard to find beyond a reasonable doubt. >> they heard testimony from gary condit who had an alleged affair with levy. jurors have to use the testimony and evidence already before them to determine the innocence or guilt of ingmar guandique. >> we know late yesterday the jury requested that the judge provide them with a picture of ingmar guandique taken in the park around the same time of levy's disappearance.
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it doesn't show any scrapes or cuts on him. we will be out here watching and you can get the very latest on, the online home of abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. 5:07 is the time. a developing story in new york this morning. the first guantanamo detainee to be tried in a civilian court has been acquitted in all but one charge against michigan he was convicted of conspiracy to destroy u.s. property in connection with the deadly bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa. he faces at least 20 years in jail. >> coming up on 5:o 7. >> still ahead. some are calling it the bristol backlash. >> plus another controversy. patdown
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>> 43 in arlington.
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rockville, 38 degrees. lot cooler than yesterday morning. remember yesterday at this time we were in the mid 50's and cleaning up from a storm. some of us are still cleaning up from the storm. arlington, 42. temperatures will probably drop a few more degrees until sunrise, which is shortly before 7:00 a.m.. you'll notice an increase in the cloud cover. there goes our forecast for today. let me go back with our new fancy clicker. i can actually go backwards. of course it doesn't work when i need it to. ok, it did. 56 degrees. limited sunshine. an increase in cloud cover. sunny and november-like. now let's go back to lisa. i hope her technology is working. >> we had a day too. i started off this morning and couldn't hear you guys but i was just pretending. now i'm hearing about a crash on
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george washington parkway southbound on 123. if you're going south on the george washington parkway in a few minutes, watch out. if you're going to hit the road in a few minutes, look. you're not the only one. this is at n frederick. all stations are open. >> good news. 5:1045 degrees. >> coming up, the color revolution. a look at the all new nook. >> frustration growing among passengers. i'll explain after the break. >> but first, we'll have the atest on the f.d.a
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>> our top stories at 5:15. business as usual at metro's farragut station this morning. it is back open. it had been shut down after a chunk of concrete from the ceiling fell on to the platform. officials think it was caused by road work above the station. this is day two of jury deliberations in the trial of ingmar guandique, he is the man accused of killing former intern chandra levy back in 2001. the jury deliberated for six hours yesterday without reaching a verdict. and the food and drug administration is telling the makers of alcoholic energy drinks they have to pull their products from the store shelves unless they can prove they are safe. the makers of the 4 loko drinks have agreed to remove caffeine from their recess pi.
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-- rench cipe. >> with less than a week until the holiday travel season hits high gear, the debate rages on. pamela, good morning. >> good morning. if you travel through reagan national airport you'll have one of two choice. many passengers say they should have the choice to opt out of these options if they find them intrusive. the t.s.a. says get used it. >> it may cause passengers anxiety as they go through reaction. >> if you touch my junk, i'll have you arrested >> federal agents have been able to smuggle banned items on planes. >> intelligence coupled with the
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repeated covert testing led me to believe we need to be more thorough. >> to some it means intrusive full-body scans and a patdown some consider sexual molestation. >> even the t.s.a.'s security chief admits the extra measures are uncomfortable. >> yeah, it was more invasive than what i was used to. >> children 12 and under are exempt from the heightened security measure and also pilots could be as well. many passengers are planning a protest over the thanksgiving holiday. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it is 5:17. when the new congress begins in january, some familiar faces will still be in charge. democrats elected current house
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speaker nancy pelosi to lead them. maryland congressman steny hoyer will hold the number two post. the next speaker will be john bane even. -- john boehner. sarah palin says she is considering a run for the white house in 2012. she spoke to barbara walters. >> i'm looking at the lay of the land now and trying to figure that out, if it is a good thing for the country, for the discourse, for my family, if it is a good thing. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> you can watch the entire interview with sarah palin on barbara walters' "10 most fascinating people." that show will air december 9 at 10:00 here on abc 7. >> in today's tech bytes google's new excuse to shop online. we have those stories and more. >> in today's tech bytes, google
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goes high fashion. a search engine for apparel and accessories. users can create their own boutique. the site son-in-law for women now but will expand. barnes and noble began shipping its new nook this week. the e reader has a touch screen and features including maps. it is a great way to share what you're reading. >> it has some very smart software around reading books and sharing those books. you can use the books for sharing passages on facebook or 2013 or email. you can highlight a special section of a book and share it with a friend. >> you can read the full review on the "wall street journal" website. those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson. >> and it is coming up on 5:20.
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time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. i feel we have earned some nice, calm weather. after the winds and rain and the severe weather, it is nice to have no big deal. what did you call it? >> the day of noes. no high wind, no heavy rain, no storms to talk about. just a simple day. there will be some areas of clouds today but just a november-like day. here are the coldest temperatures on the weatherbug network. 32 in stafford. 32 in bristow. but it is not that cold everywhere of course. alexandria, polk elementary. have visited them many times. 39. 43 in frederick. middleburg, 40 degrees. we have clear skies overhead now.
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high pressure in place. a little ripple in our upper level flow. it can cause areas of rain. that's in parts over the midsection of the country, the lower mississippi valley and part s of the midwest and the ohio valley. most of the rain will fizzle out before it makes it here. what we're expecting from this is an increase in the cloud cover from that little short wave. high temperatures in the mid 50's today. very seasonable. notice our average shy 56. we'll start the day can with sunshine and have an increase in the cloud cover clearing back out before tonight. temperatures just as cool tonight as they were last night. mostly sunny tomorrow. high temperatures a little bit cooler in the 50's for high temperatures. to the weekend, a lot of sunshine as well. november-like in the 50's for highs. back to lisa for the morning commute. >> with metro rail, normal system all stations open.
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a crash on the george washington parkway. one lane gets by to the right. and we take you to virginia where everything is smooth and quiet and the transition lights to the pentagon. more news now. >> 44 degrees outside. your time now is 5:22. >> coming up sports. >> a record on ice. >> and later today on oprah. makeup magic.
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>> the caps had a rematch with the sabres last night. the first of four games. 13 seconds, set up a five-on-three power play. yes, sir. it was 1-0, capitals and they were fired up early in the second period. the caps pouring it on. the puck looks like a pinball. look at this. 3-0, washington. just owning the crease. matt bradley had a goal. the caps beat buffalo 4-2. the celtics gave the wizards an up close and personal lesson on what it takes to be a champion.
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ray allen's pass deflected to kenn garnett. boston beats washington by 31. the wizards are now 3-7. there is a look at your morning sports. have a great day everybody. >> thank you. it is 5:26 now. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, the world's largest retailer takes over the nation's capital. we're going tell you where they are setting up shop. >> and falling debris causes a metro stigse close. >> we're calling it the day of noes. e'll explain and you'll
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>> the whole thing is starting to fall apart. >> straight ahead. an underground close call. chunks of concrete collapsed through a metro station ceiling. good morning washington. thank you for joining us. >> we'll have more on that scary story for a lot of people in just a moment. first we start with our traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam, kind over the calm after the storm today. >> the day of noes. no high winds. no heavy rain. no storms to talk about. none of that. just a typical november day now. let's take a look at the temperatures outside to start out thursday morning. reagan national, 33 along at
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national park. dulles airport 36. obviously we're dipping near on one occasion there at freezing but otherwise above freezing this morning. 56 the high temperature today, which is average, with increasing clouds. we'll just say limited sunshine. a lot of sunshine tomorrow but despite the sun, cooler with highs in the low 50's. let's gets the latest on the commute. what do you have? >> travel times that are safer. 66, 270. no worries on 95. traffic on the beltway looks like it is moving at speed. here is traffic southbound on 270 approaching 109. a minor crash on the george washington parkway but traffic able to get by. >> our top story this morning, it is business as usual at the farragut metro station but some passengers are raising concern about debris dangers.
5:31 am
concrete from the ceiling crashed down on the the platform yesterday and bryanne has the latest on this developing story. good morning. >> good morning to you. the station closed last night around 8:00 because of that debris but as you can see behind me the gateses are back open and it is back to business as usual here at the farragut station. during rush hour last night, the debris fell from the station inside the station on to the train's platform. it started when the construction drue crew doing road work above ground on avenue k. officials said jackhammering and heavy equipment was used during that work and somehow they believe that work caused the debris to become loose and fall. yesterday riders were reacting to what happened here at the station. >> it is not their fault. one of many problems lately.
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>> the whole thing is starting to fall apart. >> it was not large amounts of debris and thankfully there were no injuries when this happened. yesterday customers were advised to use at routes. metro officials telling us that will not be needed. the station is open and operating for this morning's rush. >> and this incident comes amid calls for major changes to the way met vow run. a task force issued a report yesterday saying the transit agency's structure has led to its decline in recent years. they are creating a commission to hold them more accountable. >> people across our region will spend another day cleaning up that mess that was left behind yesterday's severe storms. storms brought high winds that knocked down trees and power lines and blew roofs off buildings. the saturated ground couldn't hold any huge trees. some of them fell, like this one in northeast washington. baltimore was one of the areas
5:33 am
hardest hit by those fierce storms. more than 350 homes and apartments were damaged. the national weather service is investigating whether the damage was actually caused by a tornado. city's mayor called it a miracle that nobody was killed. >> and in the day ahead now, one of the suspects in the brian bets murder case is expected to plead guilty today to charges of robbery and using a hand gun to commit crime. sharif lancaster faces 25 years in prison. bets was a principal murdered in his home in silver spring back in april fool's day. the jury in the chandra levy murder trial spent all day yesterday deliberate. they will get back to work this morning.
5:34 am
>> both sides are still arguing although these jurors in deliberation. they will meet here this morning to get back underway. they spent about six hours yesterday trying to come to a consensus trying to determine the guilt or innocence of ingmar guandique. ingmar guandique faces two countsor first-degree murder in the death of chandra levy and if convicted he faces life without parole or the injury could bring back a second-degree murder with 20-life. they asked the judge to see a picture of ingmar guandique taken in rock creek park around the same time of levy's disappearance. that photo shows no visible cuts or scratches. yesterday the prosecution and defense requested to allow the jurors to review additional evidence. the judge denied those requests. we will be awaiting this verdict. it is anyone's guess as to when
5:35 am
it comes down. you can follow the latest on >> new details in the prince george's county corruption probe. in court yesterday it was revealed that f.b.i. agents said they caught police officer -- a police officer on tape taking part in two major drug deals. >> i got -- if i had a dream they was in something like that, i would confront them. >> county executive jack johnson was arrested last friday in connection with the probe. so was his life, leslie johnson. she was elected to the county council just this month. an online 70's underway to keep her from being sworn in. >> it is early thursday morning. outside, 44 degrees. >> still ahead on washington, the "dancing with the stars"
5:36 am
debate. dust bristol palin deserve a spot in the finals? plus back from the brink. g.m. gets ready to go public. >> first, another check of g.m. gets ready to go public. >> first, another check of traffic and weather. when i saw all the jobs disappearing, i knew i needed to find a better way to support my daughter. at age forty, greg flowers went back to school. i got a job as a computer applications engineer. but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like greg, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, my job, it should be my choice. don't let washington get in the way.
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>> good morning, washington! >> and it is just about 5:39 on a thursday morning, we're getting closer and closer to the weekend and further away from all the nasty weather. >> that's right. adam is going to tell us all about that today. >> mr. no today. i know that sounds negative but actually it is a positive. no heavy rain or wind to talk about. none of that going on. alexandria, 39 at polk elementary school. indian head, 34. 41 middleburg. winds calm, only 2 miles per hour. that is nothing. compared to the 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts that we had yesterday. we had some gusts up to 50-mile-per-hour. we'll start the day with sunshine and then have an
5:40 am
increase in the cloud cover, especially later this morning into the midday with high temperatures in the mid 50's later on today. it is normal for this time of year. winds about 5-13-mile-per-hour. it should be dry for a vast majority of our region. that said, a little mini sprinkle could fall over the mots today. more sunshine tomorrow, more than today. it is 5:40. let's check in with lisa for our morning commute. >> nothing disturbing to report now. across the wilson bridge, be careful out of maryland to alexandria. not sure if it is the thru lane or the local lanes because no one is there yet. along the 66 corridor, great. nothing on 66 outside the belt way. next geico camera is the belt
5:41 am
way traffic in montgomery county moving at speed toward university boulevard. >> thank you. 5:40 if the time. 45 degrees. >> coming up. the milestone. mickey, oh, my goodness! advertise 80th birthday. >> he doesn't look 80. >> no, he doesn't prrment back in the drivers seat. how g.m. is set to make history today.
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>> coming up tonight at 578 5:00, getting a fresh new look after a divorce. it is so popular some doctors are offering what they call divorce peels. our report "saving face" tonight
5:45 am
at 5:00. >> following some breaking news this morning. a police officer has been involved in a shooting in southwest d.c.. this happened around 2:30 this morning along southern avenue near branch avenue. the officer was conducting a traffic stop when he fired his weapon. one suspect has been arrested. nobody hurt. it is not clear just why the officer opened fire. we do have a crouton scene. as well more details as they become available. >> it is 5:45. let's check our other stories to have morning. the farragut station is back open this morning. a chunk of concrete fell from the ceiling. down on the platform. officials belief it was caused by road work above the station. luckily no one was injured. jurors continue deliberating in the case of ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing
5:46 am
intern chandra levy. the jury deliberated for six hours yesterday without reaching a verdict. harry reid says he will schedule a vote after thanksgiving on a bill that would repeal the military's don't ask don't tell policy which bans gays from serving openfully the military. it is not clear if there are enough votes to pass this measure. >> g.m. is moving back from the brink. a wildly popular response to yesterday's initial public offering reflects a ground swell of investor confidence. we have more on the company's future. good morning, emily. that is some good news. >> greta, good morning to you. it has been a rough, bumpy road for g.m. the past couple of years. it could take a significant, potentially record-breaking turn. in under four hours, g.m. will be traded on wall street again at $33 a share. g.m. is re-emerging as a public company less than two years
5:47 am
after bankruptcy. its initial public stock offering. the government is going to make more than $13 billion selling some of its shares today. it is going to sell more in coming years. analysts say the stock value needs to rise about 47%, around $53 per share for the government to break even on its bailout investment. president obama issued a statement saying supporting the american auto industry required tough decisions but ultimately saved jobs. a survey estimated it saved about 1.4 million american jobs. greta, back to you. >> let's check the news around the region now while wal-mart is coming to d.c., that's right, the retail giant says it will open four snorse the district. two located in northwest and one each in northeast and southeast.
5:48 am
wal-mart says it will hire 1,200 florse the stores. they are expected to open in 2012. the defense department is investigating a plan to move thousands of defense-related jobs to the marx center in alexandria. jim moran called the plan horrendous. he said it would create traffic gridlock. the investigation could delay that move for years. dr. seuss' holiday classic "how the grinch stole christmas" captured in ice at the gaylord national resort. 2 million lights, a 60-foot glass christmas tree and indoor snowfall and ice skating. >> i think i read somewhere they trucked in like 2 million pounds of ice for that. it was just incredible.
5:49 am
went last year to what was just called "ice." something similar. it didn't have the dr. seuss theme. they give you big park tice put on. it is freezing in there. kids love it. it is fun. >> i don't have kids. >> i was thinking -- >> well, you grew up in minnesota. >> it looks like fun. no ice outside today. actually nothing literally going on. >> isn't it great? >> it is. >> it is fantastic. nothing apping outside this morning. it is a typical november morning. deep breath everybody. exhale. yes. relax. let's take a look at the fm temperatures now. we do have some chilly temperatures here and there. stambingsd 34. marlin brother, 39. cumberland, ironically, lail warmer because over the cloud cover. 37 in strasburg.
5:50 am
waldorf, 35. triangle 34. we do have a little bit of active weather to our west. clear skies. clouds already over the higher elevations and the mountains. notice the precip, in the ohio valley pushing eastward. if you look closely, as this time lapse goes on, they begin to fall apoort here. a little disturbance in our atmosphere. they stir up a few showers and a few extra clouds. maybe a brief sprinkle out in west virginia and western maryland over the mountains. just a little increase in the cloud cover later this morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies. high temperatures in the mid 50's today, which is exactly average.
5:51 am
tomorrow morning, more sun but cooler tomorrow afternoon. typical november weekend. mostly sunny and partly cloudy. high temperatures in the 50's. next week, low 60's. best chance of rain comes wednesday. >> metro vail reporting that all stations are open on normal service. the crash on george washington parkway southbound after 123 is still there and traffic now gets by single file and now a delay is starting to form. callers tell me about a crash on 66 eastbound before 234 business. it is in the second lane from the left. quickly, i'm going to take you to the geico camera of traffic moving nicely to the pentagon. here we are on 395 at washington boulevard. what do we have for fun today? >> a lot of fun. do you watch "dancing with the stars" or are you in bed by then? >> i am in bed by then but i'm always intrigued and i feel kind of sad for what happened.
5:52 am
win-win or lose-lose. something like that. >> there is always controversy brewing. there is more controversy brewing now because brand eye was eliminated as to night from the show. that has some people wondering how the highest scoring performers get bumped from the show while bristol palin who had lower scores made it to the finals. each team gets a percentage of 100 of the judges' scores. voters at home had more power. >> if you want someone other than bristol to win, get home and get texting and get on the computer. if you don't, you really shouldn't complain. >> a wisconsin man faces charges because over the controversy. police say he shot his tv. >> what? >> yeah. he had a 15-hour standoff with police after he watched the show. get a life, buster. he is charged with reckless
5:53 am
endangerment. the final performances are next week. we'll bring you reaction live. >> he had allegedly b been drinking. i know that is a big surprise. >> before we go to a break, we want to wish someone a very happy birthday. mickey mouse turns 82. it was november 18, 1928 that he first appeared in that cartoon "steamboat willie." walt disney built the character out of his imagination. he was originally named mortimer but disney's wife said that was too pompous. >> hate to admit that the wife knows best. >> i think mickey is catchier than mortimer.
5:54 am
>> still ahead on "good morning washington". this is live at chick-fil-a, right? >> hoping for free chick-fil-a for a year.
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> welcome back. guess what? a new chick-fil-a restaurant is opening in just a few minute. >> that's right. look at this. this is live. people have been camping out to be near the front of the line.
5:57 am
this live picture now as people wait for the doors to open. you might know each time chick-fil-a opens one of their restaurants in a new location, it gives away free food for a year to the first 100 people in line. so some dedicate chick-fil-a fans travel country even to go to as many of these openings as they can. >> it is a fun thing to do. you get out and meet people and get to reunite with them ever so often when there is a new chick-fil-a opening. it is fun. >> well, a new location at 2200 crystal drive. understand that lady has been lined up for like more than 24 hours. she is first in line. >> i'm getting hungry already. >> there is a lot more still to come in our 6:00 hour. >> coming up. how the bell tolls for the wedding bells. surprising new numbers about americans and marriage. >> and another day of jury deliberations in the chandra levy murder trial.
5:58 am
we have the very latest on all levy murder trial. we have the very latest on all of this coming up in the 6:00
5:59 am
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