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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 19, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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go. >> not bad. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> get more news anytime at >> have a great friday and a great weekend. captioned by the national captioning institute breaking news. a deadly crash brings the morning rush to a crawl. it is for a clock 30 on this friday. good morning, washington -- is 4:30. i'm alison starling. >> and i am greta kreuz. we start with adam caskey. in my mind, the weekend is here now. >> it is your very first paintball excursion with your son and his friend. you know you will be the main target. let's look to the numbers.
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i played paintball back in the day, as well. 45 in winchester. 34 in manassas. quantico, 36 degrees. relatively cool start to our day. light west winds at 5 to 10. locally, we'll get up to about 54 or 55. we should stay in the low 50's. let's go to lisa baden. >> there is a detour for folks heading south on the baltimore washington parkway. exit at 198 and follow the detour. then you pick up the baltimore- washington parkway. there is an accident investigation underway right now. a tow truck has arrived on the scene. now we go to greta and alison. >> thank you.
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a deadly accident has shut down part of the southbound baltimore-washington parkway at this hour. the road is closed south of 198 and it will stay closed for much of the morning. a man was trying to push his broken-down car off the highway when he fell onto the road and it was struck by another vehicle. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. we will have a live report in our next half-hour. more anger in college park after another student was attacked on campus. this happened at a parking garage. john gonzales has the latest on the search for the suspect. >> usually if any incidents happened, it is off-campus. >> students admit the used to hearing about crime off school grounds.
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but news about a student being attacked on campus has many alarms. >> the crime on campus is usually pretty low. >> a student parked inside a garage when she was attacked. >> you pay tuition to come here and if we could get some security. >> police say the man followed the student and just steps from an emergency call box. he grabbed her and pushed what appeared to be a gun in her back. >> there is nothing to stop them from walking into the plots. >> she was able to fight off the attacker. >> police were going around to see if anybody saw anything from a window. >> the parking booths here now sit on manneunmanned.
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>> you would never expect that to happen. four people were taken to the hospital after a fire in northwest washington. this was a building on kennedy street. firefighters rescued people from their windows. three people suffered smoke inhalation. there is no word on what caused the fire. we are learning more about a body that was found in a box. police say 36-year-old jacobo vazquez was shot to death last friday. his body was dumped in maryland. investigators are now looking for marvin palencia of hyattsville. surveillance video shows him acting strangely the day he
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disappeared pick. they had fought over a woman. it is back to work for the jury in the chandra larry murder trial. still no verdict -- chandra levy murder trial. we have the latest from courtney robinson. still no decision on the fate of ingmar guandique from the jury. we'll see all jurist here at d.c. superior court to continue their deliberations. they are having to talk about two different size. is impossible to know what is happening in that room. we did see jurors when they came in yesterday and they seemed in good spirit. the prosecution's argument says that ingmar guandique told a former cellmate he killed
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chandra levy. there is no positive evidence that he killed chandra levy. we will be out here all day long and we will bring you the latest as soon as we hear it. >> thank you. there was a heated discussion over the metro escalator problem. one person suggested replacing the escalators. the agency cannot lose focus on a day-to-day maintenance. breaks on 40 escalators have been replaced. metro said it will take weeks to repair ceiling damage and ferric north station. it was caused by jack cameron -- jackhammering above the station. the latest toys to make the
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recall list. >> the controversy on pat-downs continues. a call to action to avoid the airport security measure. >> a sneak peek at the weekend forecast.
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welcome back, everybody. time for a check on traffic and
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weather. >> let's check in with adam caskey and find that the latest for the weekend. >> it will be a fantastic weekend. we should be at 60 degrees tomorrow. the we cool off into sunday, laura 50's. let's look at the numbers. 39 in san spring, maryland. manassas, 40. -- 39 in sandy spring, maryland. no wind chill factor to deal with. brandywine, 33. here is the forecast for today. mostly sunny skies. ms. 50's within the beltway. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. the upper 50's. a great saturday. sunday is looking good with added cloud cover. a weak cold front could slide through late saturday and that could drop the temperatures on sunday. we will have the seven-day
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forecast coming up in a bit. >> i talked to park police. southbound on 295, they are still document a fatal crash. two trucks have arrived on the scene. it looks like they are on the last stages of cleanup. let's go to georgetown. play along. let's go together. on the dc side of the bridge, water main repair. traffic coming out of georgetown has to go through the exxon gas station parking lot to get around that project. that is all pretty decent. now back to the news desk. we have 40 degrees. >> clearing the congestion. the bill on the president's desk that could make the morning commute a little bit easier. >> more people complaining they
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don't like the look or feel of airline
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welcome back, everybody. we begin at our top stories with some breaking news treat a deadly accident has close part of the the baltimore-washington parkway. a man was trying to push his car off the parkway what he felt onto the road. he was hit by another vehicle.
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that meant was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are searching for a suspect who attacked a university of maryland student. that student just parked when she was attacked. the suspects got away with her cell phone and student id card. jury deliberations go into their third day. ingmar guandique is charged with killing chandra levy. the jurors have not sent any note to the judge. the tsa is not backing down on their new common interests of security checks. emily schmidt has the latest as america gets ready for the busy holiday season. >> this is the new airline security view making many americans feel exposed. full body pat-downs in every
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airports. this is drawing complaints. >> if you touch my junk, i will have you arrested. >> she came up around my breasts and around and all in silence. >> am i going to change the policy? no. >> the tsa chief said the measures are necessary. the tsa modified some policies, exempting children under 11 from extensive pat-downs. critics say it is not enough. >> shoe bombers, we have to take off our shoes. now we're being groped because of the diaper bomber. >> one congressman wants airports to hire private security contractors.
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the tsa is posting a new fact section on there website. get ready for construction on 95 north of washington on during the hot thanksgiving week. expect major delays at the new toll plaza in both directions lasting four hours. this could begin as soon as the tuesday after thanksgiving. president obama is about an hour away from landing in portugal. while overseas, he will attend back-to-back trade summits. the meetings will focus on global security on the heels of recent terror threats.
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the house is headed for a showdown on the future of the bush tax cuts. republicans want to extend all of the tax cuts which expire december 31. president obama will discuss the issue with congressional leaders later this month. more federal employees could soon worked for home -- from home. congress passed a rule for a disease to, but policies to, but telecommuter policies. this would take cars off the road. most republicans voted against the bill because they said it would cost too much to implement. charles rangel could be censured. it was voted to recommend the full house censure the veteran democrat. he was found guilty of failing to pay taxes and use it official
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resources to raise money for a college center razed after him. >> this conduct search to undermine public trust in this institution. >> any action taken by me was not with the intention to bring any disgrace on the house or to enrich myself personally. >> the ethics committee recommended that he be censured. the full house could go in and other direction. the political pressure is tightening on one of those suspects in the prince george's county corruption scandal. an elected member of the council is urgent council member-elect leslie johnson not to take her seat. franklin says johnson should choose not to sit on the council. johnson was indicted along with her husband, jack johnson, on corruption charges. 39 degrees outside. >> hidden dangers on popular
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toys. 7 is on your side with what parents need to know. >> but first, another check on your weather every 10 minutes. >> but first, another check on your weather every 10 minutes.
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happy friday, everybody. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey will tell us
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about this lovely weekend. >> it is november. my goodness, thanksgiving in less than a week. that is a scary thought. we could have a big cooldown by this time next week. we could see a shot of some much colder air. let's keep an eye of what is going on outside. there are some clouds off to our west. we should have a sunny day today. we will have a lot of sunshine with a few scattered clouds. clarksburg, 41. la plata, 35. mostly sunny today. high temperatures in the low to mid 50's. tomorrow, a little bit warmer. flirting with 60 degrees and a lot of sunshine. by summit, a little added cloud cover. rain bye of wednesday.
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travel times are in our favor, even across the wilson bridge. good on 270, 66, the greenway, and the toll road. on the baltimore-washington parkway, southbound, police are documented a fatal crash. they hopefully will be out of there soon, like before the height of the rush hour kicks in. traffic will be impacted on 95 -- 95 on maryland is a good alternative. 40 degrees outside. >> thank you for
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welcome back. 7 is on your side with what you need to know before you boy toys this holiday season. >> a new list of recalled toys is out now. >> as your tour shopping this holiday season, remember to think safety. >> contusions, lacerations, and abrasions. >> officials with the product safety commission this sounded the alarm. an estimated 186,000 toy-related injuries were reported last year. it is up from 2005. at this toy store, parents told us they research online before
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shopping. >> try to find things that don't have a sharp point the edges that could poke people's eyes at out. i am concerned about sharp point. >> these are toys that or recently recalled. >> the stitching on the side of can become the stick attached. >> these courses were recalled. >> a small child could get their head cocked and it could become a strangulation hazard. >> the top 10 and dangerous toys should be recalled. >> you cannot trust the toy is safe because it is on a retailer's shelf. you cannot trust a product is safe because it is made by well- known toy maker. >> food for thought. >> i was thinking the same thing.
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more ahead in our next hour. >> a bizarre crashed least a driver dead and a traffic nightmare. >> school safety. >> later, metro has bigger problems with their escalators. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good friday morning. i am greta kreuz. >> i am alison starling. lescott started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden is standing by with the latest on the traffic situation where there are major issues. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> high-pressure for the next several days, meaning a great friday if ander really


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