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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they say the suspect broke into a home and that is how they got their man. this their blood -- neighborhood is when the serial burglar struck for the last time. the crimes took place on both sides of the river. in montgomery county and fairfax. tonight, there is really. a person in fairfax started the process. >> we received a tip from an alert since then. it called the police. officers went down and found the vehicle and stopped the vehicle and identified the driver. >> police say the suspect used pliers to force himself into the
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home. he slept in without the family dog noticing. a neighbor says she was shocked that the accused serial burglar and lived nearby. >> i am very surprised. it is so close. you never know who is who. they could have done it to everybody. >> edmonds is facing 13 counties -- 13 charges in montgomery county. julie parker, abc 7 news. breaking news tonight from the d.c. police department. one of its most recognizable
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figures is on administrative leave tonight. the assistant chief was placed on leave after allegations she was involved in compromises given to the command staff. she will remain on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. day three of jury deliberations in the chandra levy murder trial. the jury sent a note to the judge. it was a legal question about the definition of assault and pertained to kidnapping. deliberations resume on monday. some resolution tonight for the grounds zero workers who were exposed to toxic dust. they have settled their lawsuit with the city of new york. the supplement is worth $25 million. they say the city failed to
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provide protective gear for them. a major concession for the tsa. they say pilots can skip security screenings at the nation's airports. they can pass the security when they present to fall del. id -- photo id's. >> plenty of people have begun their banks in trouble. we witnessed that this is on everyone's mind. we noticed a lot of passengers trying to determine which lines would bring them to the controversial body imaging scanners and which would lead them to the traditional metal detectors. would it be the scanners or the
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pat-downs. everyone seems to have an opinion. >> i have had my love pats. >> what is next? >> former president bush even got into the act. >> the tsa is constantly on the defensive, trying to squash protects the day before. some airports are looking to replace the tsa with doubleday tsa with private security. -- replace the tsa with private security. >> if they want to see me take my clothes off, i will. >> i would rather be searched
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then blown up. >> there are still those who call it an unnecessary invasion. >> there have been over for under a complaint filed. when county wants to press charges against tsa agents conducting the past downs - pat- downs. >> there are still traditional metal to actors -- metal detectors in use. they are often reserved for secondary screening. the faa is investigating some frightening moments for passengers on an eighth delta air -- delta flight. a window was broken during the
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flight. as it is and -- a suspicious package that grounded flights for hours was a mistake. it was apparently meant to look like a bomb. it is not clear who put it there. president obama is across the atlantic tonight in portugal for the nato summit. they will agree on a gradual withdrawal from afghanistan. security will be turned over to afghan forces by 2014. newly ed -- newly elected members of congress post for the traditional class photograph. it included dozens of new house
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members, most of them republicans. coming up, another suspension and -- at msnbc. a local archbishop is hours away from an honor.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 6, on your side. toyota has lost its attempt to get dismissals or dozens of lawsuits. judges in california have refused to dismiss loss -- lawsuits. still to be decided is whether the judges will be dismissing lawsuits involving injuries. msnbc talk-show host joe
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scarborough has been suspended after making donations. he said he failed to honor the guidelines of his employment. of the suspension of fellow post -- host keith olbermann. this sculpture is one quarter of the height of the eiffel tower. it would be visible for miles around. if it is approved, it could be built within two years. coming up, local schoolchildren a lesson in leadership. schoolchildren a lesson in leadership.
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the washington archbishop is on his way to joining the college of cardinals. >> beth cooper takes us to a
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celebration at a local catholic school. >> at our lady of lourdes catholic school, the principal prepped the students. on the school steps, the students discussed details of tomorrow's ceremony. at this school, students wore red to signify the cardinal. the students here are learning about the big event. it was a similar scene in many washington-area schools. this great thing is from a school in northeast washington. he has been a familiar presence. >> he is nice and he is
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generous. i had a privilege of being an alter boy at a mass. >> he has always been a great christian a role model for all of us. >> would so many students wearing red today, this is an honor everybody can appreciate. >> i remember -- i believe they will remember this day for all their lives. rebecca cooper -- >> rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. we are going to see a cold night. all of our attention is pointing to the big trouble day. let's turn to the weatherbug network. if you live anywhere near the high school in gaithersburg, it
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is 44 degrees. there were highest in the upper-50's in the area. the officials number in washington turned out to be one degree below average. 56 was the average. the temperature was a little bit below the average temperature. it comes out to one degree below normal. it was a simple november day with lots of sunshine. down to 37 in manassas. 42 in la plata. colder temperatures across new england. tomorrow, close to 60. when the sun comes out, we will not it -- the temperature is well go up.
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-- will go up. it will be mild next week can turn colder after the thanksgiving. there could be rain on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week. nothing out there right now. you can see by the clouds that it is going to head in our direction. tomorrow, sunday and cooler. the clouds start to increase late monday and tuesday. the next complex weather system will move into the area. tomorrow looks fine. sunny and pleasant. highs close to 60 in the afternoon. sunshine and cool on sunday. increasing cloudiness on tuesday. right now, it looks like the system will bring a good chance of rain tuesday, wednesday, and
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in too is getting. it will turn slightly colder by the end of next week -- and into banking. the sound that you are hearing is a sigh of relief. unday's tennessee titans game will have porches. -- portis. the running back will mr. -- will miss the game. >> this is one of the few
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washington redskins with a reason to smile. -- wizards with a reason to smile. his performance made an impression on the coach. >> i think they call it helped him a lot. he has been a bright smart -- a bright spot over the last 10 days. >> another player you can look out for is trevor booker. he should see more playing time tonight. but mchenry, abc 7 sports. -- brit mchenry.
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>> chris let georgetown. that ball is good. the hoyas win easily. we ran into a problem while converting wrigley field into a football stadium. northwestern illinois will square off in a big match. one of the end zones is too close to the wall.
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the big tent thought that was too dangerous. they will only use the other end zone. every time there is a change of possession, the team will turn around. i am -- i have never heard of that before. that game could take forever. the former massachusetts governor and 2008 presidential hopeful, mitt romney is adjusting his 2012 campaign timeline. >> he held a conference call forces -- with his top financial supporters. he will not be able to raise money until the -- until closer
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to the 2012 election. he will not need to spend the kind of cash as he did in the 2008 race. kind of cash as he did in the 2008 race.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m., you will not believe why a district woman was given a big parking ticket during a
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snowstorm. "7 is on your side" comes to her rescue. the case of the snow ticket at 11:00 p.m. i am going to give you my four cats. take a look at the weekend for gas. near 60 tomorrow. the-50's on sunday. increasing cloudiness. it looks like rain could be an issue as we had to tuesday night, wednesday, and thursday. when say is the big trouble day. possibly some light snow in the upper-midwest. we will keep a close eye on that. >> we thank you for that. abc world news coming up next.
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when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore, it was up to me to support our family. karri danner went back to school, to become a nurse. my education made all the difference but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like karri, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, and my job,. don't let washington get in the way.
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