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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon, everybody. we begin with breaking news in the chandra levy murder trial. the jury had reached a verdict for ingmar guandique. we are standing by d.c. superior court. >> just a few moments ago we learned that jurors had reached a verdict but we do not know
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what it is. they are willing to assemble the defense attorneys, members of the media, others involved in the case. ingmar guandique faces two counts of first-degree murder for the death of jauntily be in 2001. -- chandra levy in 2001. prosecutors base their case on circumstantial evidence, saying that guandique had murdered levy. they had jailhouse confession from one of his cell -- cellmates, but the defense says that is all overstated and there is no reason that he should be here. the jury has been deliberating since wednesday on this. on friday, they asked the judge to clarify the definition of assault as it relates to
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kidnapping, one of the underlying reasons for first- degree murder charges that guandique faces. we have a reporter in the courtroom, and as soon as we learn of the verdict, we will bring it to you. >> thank you, courtney. another big story we are following today, the tsa and the fury of frustrated passengers. this morning the agency reaffirmed its commitment to take all passengers into consideration when it comes to the pat down search is underway. we have more on the new reality of airport security. >> thomas sawyer, a bladder cancer survivor, says that he was humiliated after a pat down search broke his urination back. >> i was so embarrassed and petrified of going out into the
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airport. people could see me, smell me, i am standing in front of people in my underwear. >> a long time flight attendant and breast cancer survivors said the tsa made her take off her prospect -- prosthetic breast. >> i told her about my breast cancer, and she said that i had to show her. >> this and video of a father taking off the shirt of his son is becoming popular on the internet. >> the tsa is promising to make screening as "minimally invasive as possible" after a weekend of pressure. >> you have to constantly refined and measure whether what we are doing is the only way to
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assure the american people safety. >> managing metro crowd over the holidays can be a task, so today the transit system is taking steps to make thanksgiving travel a bit easier for you. they will have metro buses on standby at bwi and dulles airport this weekend. they will also run on their weekend schedule. metro will also put additional trains into service, if necessary. a lot of people are looking ahead to thanksgiving and a busy travel weekend. adam caskey has a look at the forecast. >> it is going to cool down for the rest of the week, so let's enjoy this while we have it.
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this is our rooftop camera. sun burning off the fog. a little bit of cloud cover overhead right now. in the high 50's right now. 56 in the district. on our way to the mid 60's today, mild, patchy fog. we will talk about the rain chances for the holiday, coming up. >> we are following a developing situation in northern virginia, where police are looking at two stabbings in manassas. the incident took place at the grant park shopping center, and it could be linked to the stabbing of an osborn high school student.
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brianna carter is there with us. >> two people face charges in connection with the stabbing that happened near this school, and they continue to investigate the stabbing that happened on saturday. meanwhile, there was a step up police presence here this morning. >> a large police presence this morning after the stabbing death friday of a 15-year-old student. authorities say he was walking home from school when he was attacked by a group of teenagers. officials believe the incident was gang-related. moments later, a 19-year-old man was stabbed in the grant park shopping center. police believe the two cases are related. >> we believe there is a gang affiliation, to what extent, we are not sure. we did made two arrests. the stabbing the night after, we
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have several people of interest. hopefully, we will be able to make an arrest soon. >> two other teenagers were arrested and charged with murder and gang participation in connection with hernandez's death. the two were both ordered held without bond. >> it was a little bit scary. what is going on at our high school? normally, my daughter would walk to work, but i drove her this morning. >> police continued to investigate the incident from friday and hope to make an arrest soon. meanwhile, those two facing charges are expected in court next month. >> thank you. meanwhile, a virginia teenager found injured on the side of the road earlier this month has
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died. kevin sullivan had been hospitalized in for an expert, being found in a ditch in spotsylvania county. he suffered up ahead finally, collapsed lung, broken ribs, and internal injuries. investigators are still not sure how the teenager was injured. a man trying to run from police crossed into oncoming traffic over the weekend, killing an innocent bystander. it happened in silver spring. montgomery county police say it all started when a woman and her boyfriend had an argument, and he took off with their newborn in their minivan. as they pulled over, he slammed into an suv, injuring five passengers and killing one. >> he cost somebody's life and injured his child. everybody in the situation is hurting.
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>> please do not know if alcohol was involved, but officials are now investigating. a man accused of killing a co- worker and dumping his body in a cardboard box is due in court. marvin palencia was arrested on saturday, accused of shooting jacobo vasquez, and then dumping his body in frederick county. the victims of roommates said that marvin palencia threatened jacobo vasquez after hearing about an affair with his wife. vincent gray spoke this morning about the state of the district's budget. lawmakers have until the end of the year to close the $19 million budget gap. gray is asking the public to make suggestions during a hearing november 30. >> this recession has hit
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everybody in this country. certainly, it has hit us. but we have to be able to prepare that we can -- to show that we are prepared to manage ourselves. >> bray says he knows that city residents are facing difficult times and says that he will not be asking for tax increases until the city can take a hard look at its spending. in montgomery county council is considering relaxing noise restrictions. county leaders will take up the issue. restrictions currently limit noise to 65 decibels during the day, and 55 at night. by comparison, normal conversation can reach 60 decibels, and heavy traffic can reach as high as 85. a warning for drivers in maryland. mobile speed cameras are up and running in laurel.
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violators face a $40 fine. when we continue, what a member of the bush clan is saying about a possible 2012 presidential contender. and what is next for the redskins after that nail biter in nashville? and we are cut -- counting down to the last dance. we will tell you which member of our abc 7 team will be in the ballroom for the "dancing with the star's" finale.
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>> the washington archbishop is celebrating his promotion to cardinal. he is 1 ft. 24 new cardinals installed over the weekend by pope benedict. back home, a new legal battle is starting over sarah palin's new book. it is due out tomorrow. over the weekend, a judge ordered the media company to pull certain pages of the book from its web site. and a former first lady is not holding anything back when it comes to her thoughts on sarah palin's rumored presidential plans. >> i thought she was beautiful, she is very happy in alaska.
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i hope she stays there. >> barbara bush made her comments in an interview with larry king. her and her husband also discussed their son, former president george w. bush and his recently released memoirs. a family with members in the national guard will be celebrating thanksgiving. organizers say, despite tough economic times, some family members will be celebrating with loved ones in afghanistan and iraq. and it is the season forgiving. local food banks say that they are having difficulty reaching record breaking demand. this year, they will distribute 30 million pounds of food. that is up from 27 million last year.
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redskins fans have reason to be thankful today, despite a game that came down to the last play. good! gano's kick is >> the redskins bounceback from that humiliating loss to the eagles with a victory over the tennessee titans. this was despite several injuries, including running back clinton portis. they take on the minnesota vikings next on sunday. >> that game will probably be a blowout. >> let's talk about the weather around here. it is nothing like minnesota. it is mild. >> there is a lot of cold air moving through the midwest. >> but we are not getting that.
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>> it could clip us, but nothing so big. it will be a tricky forecast. here we are at the congressional country club in potomac. the fog did burn off this morning, it took awhile. the sun is at less of an angle, so it takes longer to burn off. 59 degrees, wins at 3 miles per hour coming out of the northwest. 63 in lexington park. take a look at this. up from below zero. i saw ratings of - 9 in montana.
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we could get hit by a cold front tomorrow. basically, we will go from 10 degrees above average right now, to a little below average to wind up the work week. satellite and radar composite showing the morning fog burning off around 11:00. the cold front associated with that rain is going to drop in. take a look at this narrow band of storms. tomorrow, increasing clouds. this narrow band drops in and could give us a few showers. it will not amount to much. patchy clouds possible tonight. average temperatures will be in the 40, 50 costa bent.
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tonight. by wednesday, we drop down into the lower 50's. looking like a pretty good travel day, especially around the mid-atlantic. breezy but seasonable temperatures. the chance of showers around thanksgiving day. it is a tricky forecast with some different model solutions. >> thank you. meanwhile, we are continuing to monitor the breaking news out of the district. jurors have reached a verdict in the case of ingmar guandique. courtney robinson is standing by. any word on the result? >> we do not. we have a reporter in the courtroom waiting for the verdict to come down. as you can see outside of d.c. superior court, members of the media also waiting.
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we are waiting for the prosecution and defense to come out and speak. i also know that the mother of chandra levy is inside. guandique faces first-degree murder charges in relation to chandra levy's death. there was little interaction between the jury and court over the past four days of deliberation. a twist came midday friday when the jury asked the judge to clarify for them the definition of assault as it related to kidnapping, one of the underlying reason why he was charged for first-degree murder. we are outside the court room awaiting for the verdict. as soon as we get it, we will get it to you. you can also follow us online,
12:21 pm >> thank you. coming up next, how open go dancing with the stars"-- " dancing with the stars"producers are fighting voter fraud. could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> the dancing with the star's finalists get their last chance to impress the judges and viewers at home. one blogger says he produced a
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massive campaign to keep bristol palin in the competition. producers say that they will try to fight voter fraud. you could watch tonight at 8:00. to in to abc news at 5:00. cynne since then will have a report from the ballroom tonight. -- simpson will have a live report from the ballroom tonight. ad
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>> coming up tonight, answers to this winter. would you should expect after last year's incredible snowfall. i will make some specific predictions. join me for my winter outlook. >> here we are heading into a holiday week and you say the weather will be tricky? >> it will be an active weather pattern across the country. wednesday will be fine. high pressure over head. but an active pattern could lead to a few showers, thursday into friday, cooling as well. >> and we are monitoring that decision in the chandra levy trial. we will bring it to you as soon as we have it. have a great day. ♪
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