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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 23, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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family reaction to the kassel verdict. >> what are passenger as saying now regarding screenings. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this tuesday morning, november 23. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. days away from the thanksgiving holiday. the weather is a mess all over the country. >> if we do have some as the spots, especially on a request, areas of snow -- especially out west. there's a cold front pushing in our direction. most of the sellers will fall apart. let's look at the satellite and radar composite.
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we don't have the thick fog that we did yesterday. most of this hour's bushy east will fall across as they move across the mountains. a few showers will make it to the metro area around lunchtime. mid 60's today. cooler tomorrow in the 50's. in virginia going north out of springfield and tysons on the beltway, broken-down 18 wheeler in the second lane from the left between the robinson terminal and braddock road. traffic heading to the beltway leaving newington to get ballot of the pentagon is open. back to you. >> thank you. a developing story, the white house has condemned a north korean attack against a south korean island. we have video of the moment north korean artillery hit the south korean island. one of the south korean marines
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was killed and 13 others injured. south korea then scrambled five jets and fired back. -- site for jets. the white house is calling on north korea to halt its actions in response to the armistice agreement that ended the korean war. on monday a jury convicted accused killer emaar guandique the murder of chandra levy. >> courtney robinson is outside d.c. superior court. >> good morning. according to susan levy, the rollercoaster is not over. this is not closure, although she is satisfied with the verdict. the jurors are confident in the decision they made. >> we cannot bring back their
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daughter. >> but the jury of nine women and three men say that they could bring justice to the family nearly 10 years after the murder in rock creek park. >> we felt we had allot of evidence. >> i did not have doubts. >> after three and a half days of deliberating, all 12 believed guandique attacked and killed her or left her to die. it does bring some satisfaction to the family. >> it may be a guilty verdict, but i have a lifetime sentence of a missing part of our family tree. >> it was a saga that began in 2001 with her disappearance and revelations about an affair with married congressman gary
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condit. her mother says for her it will always continue. >> there will always be a feeling of sadness. >> upon hearing the verdict, guandique seemed stunned, almost frightened. he faces life in prison without parole. scheduled to be sentenced in february. live at d.c. superior court in northwest, courtney robinson. looking at the day ahead, a man who admitted murdering a d.c. middle school principal will be sentenced today. there earlier this month, 19- year-old alante saunders pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for killing brian betts addis silver spring home in april. there was a deadly arojas fire in northwest at arojas -- a
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house. they found the body of a man. this would be the 9th fire fatality this year in d.c. there was a kiosk that caught on fire at the national mall. the cause of the fire is not known, but authorities believe a malfunctioning heater may be to blame. investigators are searching for a gunman who shot the man in force bill before 9:00 last night in the 2100 block of brooke drive. the man had been shot several times and was taken to the hospital. there's no word on his condition. scary moments in the skies over northern virginia. military jets escorted a cessna after the small airplane crossed
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into restricted airspace over d.c. the area was evacuated briefly. the plan landed safely and the targets have interviewed the pilot. potential troubles over new security screenings at airports. a new survey shows a majority of people do not object to the high-tech imaging scans. americans are split about the new procedure. -- pat-down procedure. >> we have always told our children that it's not proper for someone to touch you. >> if we find a way to keep us safer without violating our freedom, we would be in good shape. >> if the transportation security administration has received 700 complaints. more than 40 million people have traveled. but tsa believes the threat of
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terrorists targeting flights israel and they say the added security measures are necessary. >> that controversy is not going away anytime soon. >> 53 degrees. >> , source of a super tuesday for the palins, a busy day ahead for the former vice presidential candidate. >> while a letter pounded parts of the midwest. >> while a letter pounded parts of the midwest. >>
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king memorial project. i am dso's it architect with the project. >> good morning, washington. -- i am the assistant architect. time to check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. 6:10. >> house the holiday week shaping up on this tuesday morning. >> it is mild with some areas of rain this afternoon. it's 52 degrees in the district, 50 at dulles airport. 53 and winchester. 43 in frederick. normally it would be in the upper 30's. there is sunshine this morning, then increasing clouds late this morning and midday. just a few showers this midday
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through the early afternoon on. high as well into the 60's. much cooler tomorrow behind the cold front with high temperatures near 50. sunshine. on thanksgiving there's a slight chance of a few sellers mostly late in the evening. best chance of rain on friday. temperatures will be in the 50's through pallet to the holiday. kullervo the weekend. now to lisa baden. it's complicated on the inner loop from springfield. tysons, the truck stop near braddock road, second lane from the left, a backup. 95 in maryland is good. volume southbound access 270, mainly allison of frederick into montgomery county. -- mainly coming from frederick. there's a black friday
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shopping incentives. walmart trying to get you in the doors. >> and a woman wakes up to find a naked intruder. lives
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welcome back. a developing story. the white house is condemning north korea's artillery attack on the south korean island. two south korean marines were killed. a salvadoran immigrant was convicted of murdering a federal intern. the jury found audika guilty of killing chandra levy in 2001. he was already convicted of attacking two other women. -- the jury found ingmar
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guandique guilty. the transportation security administration says only 700 passengers have filed complaints about the >. following breaking news this morning. olin has broken up to find a naked intruder in the house. police are searching for the suspect. brianne carter is live in northwest washington with the breaking news. >> good morning. a number of residents from disks home -- from this home or outside. it happened on ontario in northwest. police were called and quickly arrived. police brought the k-9 unit. they searched the multilevel a house and went into each unit
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and did not find anything or anyone inside. they did not find any forced entry, but they will continue to investigate this. they have not given any solid description as to the man they believe was inside. they will continue to search for the man and to investigate. most residents are back inside, but visibly shaken but what happens. courtnebrianne carter reporting. be sarah palin's book will released today. it is reflections on family, faith, and pride, a tribute to the service of veterans, the value of family, the rightness of the tea party, and more. president obama is hitting the road to a tally to the success of the automobile industry bailout.
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union leaders and others say the alliance saved thousands of jobs at four chrysler plants at an indiana city and auto makers are once again becoming profitable. the woman who told president obama that she was exhausted from defending him has lost her job. the alhart lost her job as chief financial officer with a nonprofit organization because it was looking for ways to cut costs. -- velma hart lost her job. rob nelson from abc. >> we begin your "money scope report." with higher gas prices for the holidays. americans can expect to pay an average of $2.88 a gallon, 24 cents more than last year. analysts blame the increase on a temporary shutdown at refineries and a weaker dollar.
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the government estimates the nissan leaf can travel seven the -- 73 miles on a full charge to battery. 99 miles a gallon. walmart says it will offer price matching beginning on thanksgiving day and running through the weekend. you can bring competitor adds. the offer does not apply online. netflix is offering a plan that lets you watch movies online at $8 modspace. 52 degrees in the end of november. >> everyone is trying to figure out if they're going to get away by plane or by car. >> everybody traveling by car. friday we will have some areas
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of rain. temperatures will drop. we are lucky right now. looked at these numbers. we love this kind of weather. 52 at reagan national. normally we would be in the upper 30's. clear skies overhead. you can see the skyline in the district. we don't have the dick's fault that we did yesterday. it's 53 in stafford, 51 in gaithersburg, 52 in waldorf, 46 in leesburg. i have to show this picture. look at how cold it is especially for late november in parts of the upper midwest. billings, montana, three degrees below. that is where the core of the cold air is located. yesterday the snow-- today the snow showers are in the rocky
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mountains. we have clear skies, but the clouds are continuing to increase from the west. showers are lined up along the cold front. the showers are beginning to fall large part -- to fall apart. "we will just have a few showers midday and early this afternoon. despite the cold front, high temperature is well into the 60's. upper 60's mainly south and southeast of the district. clearing out again tonight and it will be much cooler. temperatures will drop to the upper 30's for most of us. that is will we should be this time of year. near 50 tomorrow. noticeably cooler behind the cold front. thanksgiving will be in the 50's. the same thing on friday. 30% chance of showers on
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thanksgiving mainly in the evening. most of us will be dry. a better chance on friday. clearing for the weekend. the inner loop in virginia, leaving 95, traffic will be pretty bad because of a tractor- trailer at the robinson terminal but before braddock road in the second lane from the left. looking at the new hampshire avenue southbound after the beltway, two lanes to the left are getting by this accident. southbound new hampshire after the beltway. delays are well out of hillandale. back to you. >> thank you. 52 degrees on this tuesday, 6:20. >> attempt to the barbershop could save your life. >> today on "oprah," why a mother married a convicted killer serving two life sentences, and then a rare
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glimpse at a sacred ceremony at a constant, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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that's awesome. [ female announcer ] now let's say every joe in america uses it. looks like everyone likes saving money. ah, the potential of putting people first. thanks joe. know more. get better. get a smarter health plan. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back. news about toy 80. consumer advocates will release their list of the ones to avoid. the report lists the ones that
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could pose a choking hazard, contained toxic chemicals, or other problems. some barbershops nationwide are adding some medical screenings to their list of services. >> a recent study finds but the programs are effective. in d.c. is a program that targets african-american men. a practitioner visits the barbershop once a week and check the client's blood pressure. >> the majority of men don't take good care of themselves and they are not aware of their high blood pressure expands how dangerous it is. >> the program also assessed more than a thousand people in d.c. and its and cholesterol and diabetes screenings. >> a great idea. pumpkin pie is not only the perfect ending to a thanksgiving dinner, it could lead to other after dinner activities
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including sex. researchers tested 40 aromas on men between 18 and 64. the smell of pumpkin pie was the strongest stimulant. the smell produce anxiety and removed in editions. everybody is always to so tired after thanksgiving dinner. -- inhibitions. 6:25. still another half-hour or. >> the biggest night. we will look behind-the-scenes getting into the grand finale. >> adam caskey and belfort furniture weather center your on this tuesd
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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straight ahead this half- hour, a second look at controversial airport security and the new poll that shows how divided passengers really are over this. good morning, washington. it is tuesday, november 23. i'm alison starling. >> i'm scott thuman. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is in the weather center with a first check on the forecast. >> a pretty good week ahead of us. temperatures will be dropping. we have been lucky with a mild temperatures, but they will go down tonight and into tomorrow. let's take a look at our graphics and the cold front that has been pushing our way. notice the cold front in the midwest pushing toward the appalachians right now. that will march eastward. most of the rain will break up before it makes it here, but we will see some areas of showers around lunchtime at into the early afternoon. mild temperatures -- 52 in d c
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another warm day today. it is still going to be warm with highs well into the 60's. maybe some upper 60s's here and there. much cooler tonight and tomorrow. we will start the day in the upper 30's with highs tomorrow right near 50 degrees. we'll take a peek at the seven- day forecast coming up in a few minutes. 3 problems on the belt way, two in maryland, one in virginia. we start with maryland. a crash at the outer loop near exit 11, pennsylvania avenue, with the center lane squeezing around the vehicle. then in greenbelt on the outer loop between the baltimore barking to parkway -- the baltimore washington paparkway and cattle with avenue. before braddock road, that one is in the second lane to the
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left. before the lorton road on the mainline of 95, there has been a crash. two lanes get by for now. back to the news desk. we begin with a developing story. the white house is condemning a deadly clash between north and south korea. the south korean military says two marines were killed when north korea fired all too ready -- fired artillery onto a south korean island. south korea scrambled fighter jets and fired back. north korea says it will launch more attacks if the south violates their disputed border anymore. it is 6:31. our other top story -- the new security measures facing travelers this holiday season. >> a new survey shows support for the high-tech scanners, but the more in basis pat-downs are still causing concern. pamela brown has reaction from
6:32 am
passengers live from reagan national airport. >> good morning to you, scott and alison. this is the busiest travel week, but it is different from years past because of new security measures. but according to a new poll, more americans would sacrifice their comfort for safety. 2/3 of americans say they support the full body scans, but it is up close and personal downs that cause controversy. >> i do not know that they make us any safer. >> tsa says only 700 passengers have complained since the new security measures kick in, out of 40,000 travelers. >> has all of this been done perfectly? no.
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>> sandra says due to a knee replacement, she had to have the full body pat-down in which she was forced to pull down her underwear. >> she had to take her hand up my skirt. >> still, officials point to intelligence and the main reason behind the stepped-up measures. most travelers that we spoke to says they take safety over being comfortable. >> any time we can find a way to keep us even safer without violating our freedoms, i think we will be in good shape. >> some passengers protesting this measure -- these measures are asking travelers to opt out of the full-body scans in favor of the pack-downs. the hope is to create massive back up that the security lines, but so far tsa says less than 3% of travelers are choosing the pat-down procedure. we have breaking news from northwest d.c., where police are
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investigating a possible home invasion. investigators say a woman woke up to find a man inside her home in the 2400 block of ontario road. police brought in canine units to search for the man but they have been unable to find him. police say they will continue searching, and we will update you on this story. a guilty verdict nine years in the making. on the fourth day of deliberations, a jury has convened did ingmar guandique for the murder of chandra levy. courtney robinson has the latest on the case that captured nationwide attention for a decade. >> ingmar guandique will likely face the rest of his life in prison, convicted on two felony counts of first-degree murder for the death of chandra levy. she was found dead in rock creek park in 2002, 13 months after she disappeared in may of 2001. jurors say they are confident in their decision, that they
6:35 am
believe that ingmar guandique attacks, assaulted, and dragged chandra levy into the woods in rock creek park or in -- and either killed her or left her to die. we saw her mother inside the court room staring down. ingmar guandique spoke with her after the verdict came down outside -- we spoke with her after the verdict came down outside the courtroom. >> the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree. >> jurors also say the reason they took 3.5 days to deliberate -- they wanted to make sure they were throw in everything. ingmar guandique is scheduled to be sentenced in february. we are live from d.c. superior court in northwest. looking now at the day ahead, a man admitted to murdering eight d.c. school
6:36 am
principal and will be sentenced today. 19-year-old ilan k. saunders pleaded guilty for killing brian bets at his home in april. the kiosk at the national mall -- a fire. the kiosk was a total loss. a man suffered minor burns, and authorities believe a bill function heater may have started the fire. washington archbishop returns from rome today after being elevated to cardinal. the cardinal is scheduled to arrive at dulles international airport this afternoon, and is expected to speak about his elevation. on saturday benedict made him and 23 other archbishop's cardinals. outside we have 52 degrees,
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when "good morning washington" continues. >> wild weather may put the brakes on some travel plans. >> the final three couples hit the dance floor. behind-the-scenes of "in the with the stars."
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book anwelcome back.
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we kept on the -- we check on the weather and traffic. >> and doug hill has friend with him this morning, mr. duke. >> actually, one of my only children that does not ask for money all the time. >> does he have any weather in sight for us? >> mr. duke does not like to go outside when it is freezing cold. these guys have hair like a human hair. that is enough for the canine report. a good start to the day. no fog out there. take a look at this rooftop camera. look at some of these numbers right now. in the 50's already in a couple of spots. everywhere else in the 40's and 50's. 52 degrees in arlington. a cold front is on the way, and
6:41 am
it appears that some of the showers are breaking up as they come across the appalachians. but this rate is likely to stay south. this shows up in the forecast. increasing clouds after morning sunshine. afternoon showers ending this evening and clearing later on tonight, but a very mild day. a big travel day tomorrow. what will thanksgiving be like? >> thanks to you both. good to see you this morning. lisa baden, did you see howe accused mr. dukakis is? >> yes, but not as cute as skipper the wonder dog. it does not look pretty on the beltway in prince george's county paired with a crash, a multi-vehicle deal. the outer loop is closed at pennsylvania avenue. you cannot exit onto the beltway from pennsylvania avenue and miss this crash.
6:42 am
we will go back to the news desk. 52 degrees outside. your time is 6:41. >> a chief adviser is leaving sooner than expected. mike allen will have more.
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coming up tonight at 5, the perfect gift for the holidays. a new best friend for the entire family. we'll show you had just how easily you can adopt a pet. see you at 5:00. 6 of 44 is your time on this
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tuesday. weather woes are kicking off this thanksgiving week. >> one of the busiest travel week of the year. emily schmidt joins us live with details. good morning, and molly. >> good morning to you. i can safely say good morning looking at the weather here in washington. other parts of the country, that greeting may not go over so well. unseasonably bad weather is making for an extremely slow go. case in point, seattle, washington. monday's rush-hour brought to a standstill. they are expecting the same thing for rush hour this morning. in parts of california, took truckdrivers have been on duty three days straight, trying to dig people out from under 5 feet of snow. the midwest dealing with weird weather, too. they have had some out of season tornadoes. a funnel cloud blew over a school bus 80 miles north of
6:46 am
chicago. the driver and five students were slightly injured, but they will be ok. another storm ripped the roof off a home with a woman inside. it had that classic freight train sound. these storms will continue to build all throughout thanksgiving and cause problems all for about thanksgiving, just as more people this year than last year are expected to hit the road. that is the way it goes. emily schmidt, abc 7 news. checking news around the region -- defense secretary robert gates will meet with virginia governor bob mcdonnell to discuss his decision to close the joint forces command in hampton roads. it employs nearly 6000 civilian and military workers. the montgomery county council will learn more details today about the county budget deficit.
6:47 am
the office of legislative oversight will present a report to councilmembers today. it says the rising cost of the county's commitment has created a budget challenge that must be addressed. they include employee pensions and health-care benefits. d.c. is facing neighborhood to $90 million budget gap, and lawmakers have until the end of december to close it. d.c. mayor elect vincent gray is asking the public for input on what can be done and has steadily hearing for november 30. residents will make suggestions on how to deal with the city's money problems. minute,oday's politico one white house adviser says goodbye, and a new face welcomes the next phase of the president's administration. >> mike allen joins us live with details. nice to have you here. we are talking about david axelrod, right? >> the present senior adviser is moving up his departure.
6:48 am
the end of january, early february. very interesting, but the's campaign manager will be coming into the west wing in early january. he will eventually get david axelrod's sea. but we are seeing is obama 2.0. as soon as he gets in there, he will start on a reorganization of the west wing. >> political junkies to see this all the time. it is not unusual to watch members of the white house leave after a couple of years should we take away any more of from this? are there any problems? >> i think this is a good point. and a lot of presidential advisers are sort of faceless. but david is a little bit of a celebrity after leaving the 2008
6:49 am
effort. david axelrod will still be the chief strategist for the president's re-election. we will see him a lot. we will see the campaign go full force starting in the spring. david axelrod is moving out early to recharge his batteries. the reelection campaign will probably be based again from chicago, not only because of the good luck that came from the 2008 effort, but also because his family is staying there. at the turkey week. >> time now for traffic and weather. let's go to doug hill for his good morning weather. doug, what are we looking at? >> a day without fog, and that is good news. let's get started -- a camera a couple of miles from the right now on chesapeake beach,
6:50 am
looking at all. the sunrise this morning at 6:59, a few minutes away. already 56 degrees. other temperatures range through the 40's and 50's already. 43 degrees in frederick, 52 in downtown washington, 55 in annapolis. the cold front is on the way, but the front is showing the tendency to break up through our parallel, our latitude. the heavy rain will stay south of richmond. our future cast computer model shows them breaking apart across the area later this afternoon. this evening, clearing skies, a brief touch of cooler weather, so we will be in fine shape. our forecast -- it looks pretty good through today was clearing skies later tonight. a sunny day tomorrow, only 50 degrees. a great travel day. not so great across areas of the tennessee valley. temperatures across the rockies, very chilly with a few
6:51 am
showers. seattle -- just reporting on the snowstorm they are having their -- they expect a high of only 27 degrees. nasty weather other places, but not so much here. we will have at the seven-day in a minute. let's check in with lisa baden and the roads. >> the beltway in maryland was closed for 15 minutes because of a huge crash involving multi vehicles. this is north of andrews air force base, the outer loop over pennsylvania avenue. notice 3 to the left get by. notice the exit ramp from suitland toward the upper marlon -- from upper marlborough. coming out of upper marlboro to the beltway, your side it on to the beltway after this crash. one more perspective of this -- that is on the ground. beltway at pennsylvania avenue.
6:52 am
more from news chopper 7 in just a moment. >> bristol paling could win it all. -- bristol palin >> bristol paling could win it all. [ male announcer ] with fios, the movies you buy for them in the house... ♪ ...are easy to keep watching outside the house... ♪ ...even on the long road to grandma's house. for the first time, you're free to access the movies you buy on demand on all your devices. get the ultimate in kids' entertainment on the ultimate network. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities go to at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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the time now is 6:54.
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let's check our top stories this morning. the white house condemns a deadly clash between north and south korea. the south korean military says two of their marines were killed when north korea fired a barrage of artillery onto an island near their disputed border. south korea responded by scrambling fire-fighter jets and firing back. after four days of deliberations, a jury found ingmar guandique guilty of killing chandra levy in 2001. he faces life in prison for her death. he has already been convicted of attacking two other women. and abc news washington post poll finds that 2/3 of americans find that pat-downs are too aggressive. you had your dvr set, right?
6:56 am
we are talking about the most controversial season yet of "dancing with the stars." >> bristol palin, jennifer grey, kyle massey have been fierce competitors. despite the controversy over who made the finals, it all comes down to the viewer vote. >> we are thankful for the people that are connecting with me and going on this journey with me and seeing the improved every week. >> i think there is a campaign to keep going. i am fine with bristol palin, but i do not think she has the talent to win "dancing with the stars." >> cynné simpson will be live from the ballroom tonight at 7:00. we had the bulk they closed -- we had the beltway closed
6:57 am
now. now to the weather. >> shaw was very light in nature. now cooler, near 50.
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