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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 23, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> good afternoon, everyone. i am alison starling. developing news from the district. a school that was once the focus of a reality tv show is a crime scene. brianne carter is standing by in northeast with the latest. this school does so much good in our community. >> it does. they were just talking two weeks ago about upgrading the facility and then this.
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they found this morning someone had broken into the bindle >> . it was really hard braking. >> he woke up telephone call about the school that he hoped that he would never hear. >> indications of a break-in. >> carella for like this morning and a group of men broke into the facility and stole laptops and projectors. -- around 4:00 this morning. >> it's not something you want to what in on, particularly when you are a service to the community. >> the filing cabinet was forced open, papers scattered. the security system may have helped to get the suspect in the act. the suspect may have been planning to use a stolen taxicab. the school was rebuilt from the ground upper during extreme
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makeover home edition anthony mata ola was a dream come true for the staff and students. members of the community cannot believe someone would want to damage a place that does so much good. >> everybody looks forward to good things there are doing for the kids in our neighborhood. >> employees say that they will have to go through their inventory to speak with the insurance co. before they know the extent of the damage. police have arrested four men in connection with the case including one juvenile. brianne carter reporting. another the big story we are following, millions of americans are counting down the minutes until they fly for their thanksgiving holiday. a lot of nervous anticipation over the controversial security measures at the airport. pamela brown is live at reagan national. what are you hearing from passengers? >> some of them are going to --
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going through airport security screening for the first time since the new measures. some are a little anxious and they are nuts the road about the new measures. the attitude is the same for the most part. passengers are willing to grin and bear it for safety. he arrived at reagan national and earlier than normal. >> we arrived early today because we did not know what to expect. >> security lines are moving along at a good pace. one group is hoping a more passengers will opt for pat- downs, which takes longer. >> protesting makes its miserable for everyone. >> this woman carefully selected her clothing today so not to
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undergo another that she had on previous trips -- undergo another pat-down. >> my sweater had some metal buttons. >> people with medical devices or prosthetics are having trouble. has no choice about how he is screened. >> they pulled down my pants in the middle of the airport. >> the tsa says its procedures are needed as long as intelligence indicates there's a threat. >> i want to be safe while traveling, but it is not fun. >> the tsa is willing to modify and procedures as conditions warrant. we have not seen a big impact on
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the security lines. the tsa it says that less than 3% of passengers received pat- downs. less than 1% receive additional screening. pamela brown reporting. >> thank you. some passengers on vre have to find alternate routes. this is in burke, where a manassas line train was heavy and got stuck on the hill. three trains are out of service. metro will honor the tickets at the franconia station. if you are driving this thanksgiving, virginia state police will be on the votes. 75% of the workforce will be on patrol starting tonight through midnight on sunday. people want to know what to
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expect outside as they get ready for their getaway. adam caskey is standing by with a look at the forecast. 68 degrees. i cannot believe that. >> that's right. temperatures are all over the place. northwest of town, 50's. southern maryland, 70. wideranging temperatures. a cold front will change the story for every once a night and especially tomorrow. let's look at that front. showers ahead of it and along it. in the mountains of west virginia, shenandoah valley, hagerstown, martinsburg seeing shall orders. -- seeing showers. pushing to the east and northeast. we will continue to see sprinkles. even possible in the metro area this afternoon. the vast majority of us in the 60's. we will talk about travelling
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tomorrow, coming up. a serial rapist may be on those in montgomery county. police released a composite sketch of the suspect. the woman said the man attacked on the weekend on georgia avenue at aspen hill. they believe the same man may be responsible for two other rapes that happens nearby. four people in manassas are under arrest in connection with the stabbing death of a student. the arrests were made yesterday during a vigil. a 17-year-old was stabbed to death on friday when walking home from high-school. the teenage suspects are believed to be gang members and police are looking into their connection to the death of another man on the weekend. 19-year-old alante saunders pleaded guilty earlier this month to first-degree murder for killing a brian betts in april.
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the family is being represented by attorney gloria allred and she represented the family of o.j. simpson's late wife nicole brown and other celebrity clients. saunders will be sentenced. the jurors have decided the fate of ingmar guandique. >> prosecutors say chandra levy it now has justice. it is closure. >> for susan, a true justice will never happen. she will never see her daughter again. the man jurors say that killed her daughter in 2001 will never gets out of prison. >> he lend someone's life.
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i don't take that lightly. i take that seriously. i am confident in the decision we made. >> they heard testimony from two women that the attack in rock creek park around the same time as chandra levy's disappearance was heard and a former cellmate made a solid case for prosecution. the jurors had no doubt that ingmar guandique left the woman to dine in a remote area of rock creek park. they have spent nine years not knowing who killed their daughter. >> it's a lifetime of broken hearts. memories of times i did spend with my daughter. >> he will face life in prison without parole, scheduled to be sentenced in february. in northwest, courtney robinson, abc 7 news. breaking news in the natalee
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holloway case. a group of prosecutors say that a job on found on the beach does not belong to the missing teenager. that was found on the beach earlier this month. the alabama teenager disappeared during a high-school graduation trip in 2005. joran van der sloot has been considered a suspect in the disappearance of gamboa he has never been charged -- although he has never been charged. save the date. we have the details as the zero royal family prepares for a wedding. and the dancing results. how politics could play a role in the final decision. at fedex field we will take you to the redskins annual frozen feast. all of that, plus live weather from across the country. we will check in with adam from across the country. we will check in with adam
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scientists are showing cautious optimism over a possible breakthrough in the fight against hiv and aids. a study funded by the bill and melinda gates foundation found that a daily pill could cut the risk of infection by 44%. it is already used to treat hiv. it is important to wait for more tests before recommending it as a form of prevention. president obama its the road to sell the success of the auto industry bailout. he and joe biden will tour a chrysler transmission plant in kokomo, indiana. if the worker is disabled and
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the amount saved thousands of jobs at four chrysler plants in that city. sarah palin is new book is on store shelves right now. reflections on family, faith, and flad. her memoir sold more than 2 million copies previously. cardinal donald wuerl returns front ro -- from rome. he has been elevated to archbishop. prince william and kate middleton have set a date. dozens of guests are expected to attend and millions more will watch on television. now details from london. >> it is official.
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prince william and kate middleton will marry on friday, april 29 at westminster abbey. >> they have been together nearly nine years. they will probably wanting to get it done. >> they chose the church for its historical connections and its beauty. their grandmother and her mother were both married at the at the that is 1000 years old. >> it is important because of his mother. >> westminster abbey is a wonderful place in the center of london. there could not be a better place. >> the wedding date will be a public holiday. the prime minister called it a momentous occasion and a holiday in shorts people will have a chance to celebrate. >> they wanted to give the country a day off. >> there is concern about throwing a lavish royal event in
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the midst of an economic crisis. the royal family has made it clear that the day and the middle ton family are paying for the wedding. >> british taxpayers will only pay for security. the couple is planning for their big day. abc news, london. one lucky turkey had something to be thankful for. at 3:00, the 45-pound turkey will receive a presidential pardon from barack obama. he will live on with the rest of his life at george washington's mount vernon estate in virginia. d.c. residents turned up at a turkey giveaway only to be empty-handed. mgiant grocery store
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refused to deliver but birds because marion barry did not pay the full bill. giant plans to deliver them tomorrow morning. the washington redskins at fedex field today, passing out butterball turkeys and other goodies. the players antithetic al- attiyah didier hiddink 137,000 pounds of food to prince george's county families in need. as people are preparing to hit the roads for the holidays, we are on storm-wise. getting video of wild weather from across the country. nasty storms have dumped heavy snow out west, from idaho to oregon and washington there could be blizzard like conditions. in the nation's midsection they are dealing with rain, wind, and a tornado. there was a touchdown reported in wisconsin and illinois.
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i used to live in seattle, which is relatively mild. but my friends are snowed in. that is unusual. >> that is thanks to all la nina. that is common in november to have the contrasts from one coast to another. you get blizzard conditions in one spot. >> almost 70 degrees in some others. >> cloud cover is increasing. mostly sunny this morning especially at sunrise. then the clouds rolling from the west and northwest in advance of the cold front moving into town. at reagan national airport, 66 degrees. the wind will shift out of the west and northwest during the evening and tonight. becoming breezy tonight. dropping temperatures the next couple days. look at the the numbers.
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70 in manassas. 59 in berkeley springs, 55 in hagerstown. 70 in king george. it's raining off to the north and west. we still have areas of rain in martinsburg, charlestown, approaching frederick, especially moving from hagerstown and parts of west virginia moving towards winchester and the interstate 81 corridor. it's part of the cold front moving to town. that just dropped into eastern and western virginia. most of the rain is falling apart as it moves over the mountains. we cannot rule out a few sprinkles. even in the metro area later this afternoon. we will clear up rapidly behind the front with mostly clear skies tonight and tomorrow morning. there is a high-pressure selling in tomorrow. the big travel day especially by air is tomorrow.
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there are few problems in the midsection of the country. colder temperatures in the upper midwest. for us it looks fantastic. alatas and sign tomorrow. then the clouds will increase from the west to the southwest on thanksgiving morning. there's a warm front thursday mining --morning. that could trigger a light areas of precipitation on thanksgiving morning early. that is something to watch for especially if you plan to travel by car. early on thanksgiving morning. that will clear out on the afternoon on thanksgiving with low chances of rain late thanksgiving night and especially friday. there's a complicated forecast for the holidays. for the rest of today, 64 degrees 5 4:00 p.m. upper 30's when you wake up early tomorrow morning with
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sunshine. noticeably cooler tomorrow than today. eight degrees cooler by this time tomorrow. then it's turkey on thanksgiving. we have a few showers mainly in the morning on thanksgiving. >> we have to get out cited today. >> tomorrow is going to be nice. >> it's almost time for the big dancing finale. next, results from a new poll that host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? is a bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush.
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woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in. woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now get a safeway frozen turkey for just 47 cents a pound. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. >> dancing with the stars will crown a winner tonight.
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the wait is almost over. >actress jennifer grey is leading the way. massey is in second place. bristol palin in third place. there's a new poll that indicates the majority of americans believe bristol palin made the finals faxed you viewer votes from her mother's political supporters. >> i don't think the millions of viewers voting are all republicans or parts of the tea party. i think people see the journey i have gone through, having no dance experience and the seeming having a good time. >> they will eads the form two dances tonight before the champion is named. cynne simpson will be alive and she will have reports tonight at 5:00 and also at 11:00. she will have reports tonight at 5:00 and also at 11:00.
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>> coming up tonight at 5 o'clock, the perfect gift, a new best friend for the entire family. we will go to a state-of-the-art facility to show you how easy it is to adopt a pet. tonight at 5 o'clock. >> a great day tomorrow for travel. sunshine near 50. some showers possible early thursday. and again on friday. >> if nothing like what
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