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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 13, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. midwest under water. entire highways covered. door-to-door searches. and extreme measures in towns across the heartland to keep rising waters out. we're live in the flood zone. a strange, new twist in the case of the long island serial killer. investigators question a former police sergeant multiple times who might have been with one of the victims right before she disappeared. what were they thinking? the 6-year-old girl forced to undergo an airport pat-down, that left her slobbing. her parents are live here. an "american idol" fan is furious, claiming she was judged for her size. now, she is fighting back
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against the show. and she's here in times square, with her story. and good morning, everyone. george, we woke up to an incredibly tragic story. a distraught mother drove her three children into the hudson river in new york, in her minivan. but left her 10-year-old son out of the car just moments before to watch in horror. he ran to a nearby firehouse. >> a sad story. a 5-year-old, 2-year-old and 11-month-old all dayed. like the susan smith case back in 1994. also, we're going to head to washington, where president obama is trying to get debt under control. we're going to have the latest behind the man with the top republican plan to reduce the deficit. later in the program, we got a lot of reaction to our interview with jenn sterger.
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we'll have more of that today. let's get right to the flooding swamping the midwest. seven states, nine rivers in flood stage. over 100 cities and towns in danger of being flooded. our barbara pinto is in one town that made a huge sacrifice to save itself. barbara? >> reporter: i'm in the crater of what used to be the georgetown baseball field. this base is all that's left. they dug it out to save this town from the raging waters. and they're calling this, the hole of hope. as nine, different rivers continued their rise, emergency workers across seven states are racing, door-to-door, checking stranded residents. the entire highway north of fargo is covered in water. all lanes. cars driving through lakes. further north, the town of oslo became an island overnight, when the last road out of town flooded over. on the other side of the river, directly in the bull's eye, tiny georgetown, minnesota. tracy gobel is the mayor.
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>> i was scared for the community. i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: with the water fast approaching, she made a difficult decision. big up the heart of this town, its baseball field, to build this dirt fortress around it. why the hole of hope? >> it gave us hope that we could save the town. >> reporter: it has so far. downtown is dry. but just outside that clay wall? this looks like a giant lake. but we're actually in the middle of a cornfield. and there are hundreds of farms and families surrounded by water. james and carol are marooned with their two cats. the only road to their home, washed out. how long can you stay like this? >> maybe, i don't know, a week to ten days? we did stock up. >> reporter: once the water recedes here, they plan to fill this hole back in. but it could be weeks before life here returns to anything that looks like normal. robin? >> barbara, such resourceful people. we wish them the best. thank you. we have a new twist in the serial killer case in long
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island. the hunt expanding now to the water. and more details emerging on at least one person who has been questioned in the case. our andrea canning is back with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're talking about a doctor with former ties to law enforcement. he's admitted to being interviewed by police. but denies having any involvement in these murders. detectives were led to him by the mother of one of the potential victims in this case. she said it all started with a bizarre call she got out of the blue. the search for bodies switched from the thick brush to the bay. as a low-flying helicopter circled what could turn out to be a watery grave. divers prepared for their next move, searching the bottom of the bay. >> people come here to enjoy and relax. >> reporter: this is as the ten sets of human remains on the ocean highway. the first four bodies were found here in december. all prostitutes who advertised
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on craigslist. three months later, more bodies. this week, two more discoveries, including just a skull. >> the location of these bodies does tell you that it's fairly well thoughtout. he lives out there. he works out there. he grew up there. but this road is part of his life in some form or fashion. >> reporter: police confirmed to abc news, they have several subjects of interest. some with links to law enforcement. and in a strange, new twist, the mother of one of the killer's possible victims, shannon gilbert, says she received a bizarre phone call from a doctor, saying her daughter had been in his house right before she disappeared. >> he called me on the phone. and he had a halfway house. and that shannan was there. >> reporter: that doctor, peter hackett, is the former head of the county's medical services and a former police sergeant. he admits the police have interviewed him as many as three
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times. but says he never even met shannon gilbert. >> i can't imagine who would do such a horrible, mean thing. i can't even imagine it happening. >> reporter: and peter hackett has not been named a suspect in this case, as of right now. and shannon gilbert is still missing. but police believe she is likely a victim of this killer. robin, we're also learning that some of the bodies appear that they have been dismembered. >> we saw you out there yesterday. can see how thick the brush is and the terrain there. >> reporter: very difficult. search divers are taking to the water today. they are also holding a press conference today at 1:00. hopefully, we'll get more information on what's going on. we're going to go to washington today, where president obama will lay out a new plan to get america's fiscal house in order. the deficit will hit a new high this year, $1.6 trillion. and the country's about to hit its credit limit, with the national debt now more than $14 trillion. jake tapper joins us from the white house. jake, one thing driving the
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timing of today's speech, the white house knows that congress won't extend our credit limit unless he comes up with a plan to reduce our debt over the long term. >> reporter: that's right, george. and for his plan, president obama, i'm told by administration officials, will lay out four ways for debt to be reduced. first of all, keeping domestic spending low. then, making cuts to the pentagon budget. health care savings in medicare and medicaid. and taking on taxes. both in terms of seeking to close tax loopholes. and also, to increase taxes on upper wage earners. president obama will talk about the republican vision, the alternative vision, in which taxes are reduced while the deficit -- while they attempt to tackle the deficit. but he'll say, you can try that. but you do that on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society because you can only do that, he'll say, by eliminating health care for seniors and the poor. and by gutting education and clean air protections, george. he'll call his a balanced
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approach. >> he says balance. that's the big sticking point, jake, the taxes. both republican leaders in the house and the senate yesterday said that any discussion of taxes is a nonstarter. >> reporter: that's right. even though speaker boehner told you last week that nothing -- that everything was on the table. he said yesterday that raising taxes is a nonstarter. inde indeed, george. >> thanks, jake. let's get reaction from chairman of the house budget committee, paul ryan of wisconsin. his plan is to cut $6 trillion. you heard jake lay out the four principles the president will be laying out today. anything you can work with? >> i'm glad he's joining the conversation. he gave us a budget about two months ago that didn't address our debt. he added $13 trillion to the debt, doubled and tripled our debt. i'm glad the president is joining the conversation. we are bringing our budget to the floor thursday, voting on it friday. lower domestic spending sounds
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good. i think that's what i heard jake say. we do cut the pentagon budget in our budget. the one thing, we don't lower taxes. we're not cutting taxes. we're keeping tax revenues where they are. we're reforming the tax code. we're getting rid of loopholes, deductions and lowering tax rates in exchange to get better economic growth. >> you're keeping tax revenues where they are. the president insists that you're going to need new revenues to get a handle on this over the long term. if you're not willing to discuss new revenues, aren't the negotiations dead before they're even born? >> the president hasn't even engaged in negotiations. so, i'm glad he's starting this conversation. we've been leading with plans. he gave us his campaign announcement last week. this week, we're bringing our budget. he's giving a speech on this this week. we'll see what kind of engagement we get. but i would say, george, we don't have a problem with our budget because americans don't pay enough taxes. we have a problem with our budget because we spend too much money. that's where we need to keep our eye. >> a matter of negotiations and
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a matter of discussion, don't they need to be on the table in order to get the negotiations started? >> i want to hear what everybody has to say. but i believe tax reform, which means you get rid of all of the special interest loopholes and deductions that the high income earners enjoy, that some make a lot of money and pay no taxes. we need to clean that up. we need economic growth. the key caveat here, george, is we want job creation. we want economic growth and spending cuts. those are the two, key combinations that you need to get the debt and deficit under control. if you don't have a growing economy, don't have people going back to work, you cannot solve this fiscal problem. let's hear what he has to say today. >> this is all against the background of the u.s. reaching the limit of being able to borrow more money. do you take what secretary geithner says that it will be a catastrophe if that limit is not extended? >> i do believe we have some time. my guess is by the end of june is when this has to get
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resolved. you could possibly go into june because of other economic circumstances. but the fault is not our option or strategy. we want to make sure as the debt limit increases, which is based on past spending, we get something to address future spending. >> you will still vote to make sure the country doesn't go into default. >> it is possible. we need to have spending cuts and spending controls in combination with the debt limit increase. i don't accept a notion that that's not possible. it is. and the president will probably be talking about that today. >> we'll talk to you in the feature. thanks for coming on today. >> thank you, george. new outrage over airport security screening. the latest controversial pat-down involves a 6-year-old girl. it was caught on tape, posted on youtube by her parents. sparking a heated debate of security procedures applied to children. we'll talk to her children in a moment. but first, sharyn alfonsi with a
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look at what happened. >> reporter: it happened at armstrong international airport in new orleans. 6-year-old anna drexel is patted down by a tsa agent. the gloved agent explaining what she's doing at each step. patting down her sides, her waistband and bottom. >> sensitive area. i touch with the back of my hand. >> reporter: afterwards, little anna cried, wondering what she had done wrong. the drexels were so outraged, they posted the incident on youtube. it's the latest in a long line of embarrassing images for the tsa. when the new pat-down procedure was announced in the fall, photographers captured this and this. and remember harry leibovitz, the man whose false hips set off the metal detectors. >> he grabbed the leg like this. and my pad came down around my ankles, in full view of everybody in the airport. >> reporter: the tsa says the officer followed proper current
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screening procedures. but they're exploring additional ways to focus its resources and move beyond a one-size fits all system. for "good morning america," sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. and joining us now, selena drexel, and her husband, dr. todd drexel, from their home in bowling green, kentucky. thank you very much for getting up and being with us this morning. we know it's very important for you to talk about this. can you just give us a little more background, selena? we know you have a 9-year-old, grace, a 2-year-old, caroline. they with were us, too. walk us through what happened, selena. >> we were leaving new orleans from a family vacation. and when we proceeded to go through the security line, we were selected to go through the new screening procedures. anna was picked to go through. pretty much everybody except the baby was picked to go through the scanner. for some reason anna was
7:14 am
selected for a pat-down. i can only speculate as to why. i didn't get a lot of information. although, i did ask questions as to why she was being selected for pat-down. i didn't really get a lot of information. i did ask for alternatives. i asked for her to be rescanned and was refused. >> they didn't -- >> a chose to videotape it because they refused. they said they were going to do what they were going to do. and not verbally. but in no uncertain terms, apparently the tsa supervisor is very skilled in nonverbal communication, letting me know there would be trouble if i caused a fuss. >> we saw the tsa agent that was patting down your daughter, was being as gentle as possible. but absolutely can understand. >> that agent was acting -- that agent was doing what she was instructed to do. >> thank you. what was anna's reaction as this was happening and afterwards?
7:15 am
>> well, i think initially she was just confused. but she's very respectful of adults. yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. this is what she was asked to do. afterwards, she broke down crying because she really didn't understand what she had done wrong. and so, we were really struggling with how do we explain this? we've really stressed to her, you know, you shouldn't be touched in certain places. now, she's been patted down in a public setting, in an airport. she was upset and crying. so, we had to try to explain this to her. it was very difficult. >> i'm sure it was confusing to her. we can hear her. she's so well-mannered. we could hear her saying yes, ma'am to the agent. there's a lot of questions as to why you decided to post this on youtube for others to see. and what is your hope will come of this, selena? >> well, my reason for posting it was that we just had a very bad feeling that, you know, what happened was wrong. and i posted it out there to get
7:16 am
other people's opinions on it and to see -- to get some other people's thoughts on it. we felt it was inappropriate. you know, we struggled to teach our child to protect themselves. to say it's not okay for folks to touch me in this way, in these areas. yet, here we are saying, it's okay for these people. we feel that for children, especially, the answer should always be no. that there needs to be different screening procedures, especially for children. and if we don't find other ways, we're making them more vulnerable to people that would harm them in that manner. >> you both bring up some excellent points. and we know the tsa does the best job that they can. and a lot of people know because of the world we live in right now, very difficult circumstances, they, too, have said they need to review their policies. thank you very much for bringing this to light. we hope that anna and the other two girls are doing all right.
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>> thank you. good morning. >> have a good day. for other stories developing right now, let's get to juju. good morning, juju. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a truly horrifying story here in new york. a distraught mother drove her minivan into the hudson river with her three children inside. seconds before hitting the water, she let her fourth child out. this morning, he is the only survivor. and linsey davis is in newburgh, new york, following the investigation. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, juju. truly horrific story. the mother involved was in a domestic dispute last night. then, she loaded up the minivan with her four kids. she drove the six blocks to this boat ramp. at which point she let out her 10-year-old son. and he then watched as his mother drove into the hudson driver with his three siblings. he went to the fire department for help. by the time they found the minivan an hour later, it was
7:18 am
too late. his mother and siblings had drowned. we're expected to get more information later at a news conference this morning. overseas now. and this morning, former egyptian president hosni mubarak and his sons have been detained for questioning by authorities. mubarak is being held in the hospital because he reportedly suffered a heart attack while being questioned. the airport destroyed in last month's tsunami partially reopened today, allowing more supplies to be flown into the region. the tsunami overtook the airport in just seconds, badly damaging the control tower and terminal. despite a huge increase in taxpayer money spent on prisons, a new study finds our corrections system needs more than 40% of ex-cons are correcting. back behind bars, even though states are spending more money on helping prisoners re-enter the society.
7:19 am
a federal judge has ruled that the controversial i heart boobies bracelets are not lewd. that's the news at 7:19. now, they're trying to get the record cleared. >> when i was going through breast cancer, i received a lot of great gifts from people. and my favorite t-shirt, save second base. >> that's historical. >> stand up with that. let's get over now to jeff smith from our new york station, wabc, in for the vacationing sam champion. >> i think we realized that the tease of 80 degrees we had at the beginning of the week was just a tease. we have rainfall in the northeast right now. in new york city, probably another half-inch or so, with scattered showers during the day. but eastern new england, cape cod, through eastern parts of maine, that could get two inches or more of rainfall. speaking of a place that doesn't
7:20 am
need more rainfall, the upper midwest. you saw the flooding video from earlier. we counted the counties in here. 140 counties. along the red river. parts of the mississippi river. parts of the minnesota river. some near-record flooding in that area. and more rain and snow expected later in the week from this system, which provides stormy weather in the pacific northwest during the day today. that will trek off to the east. some areas of rain now north
7:21 am
district and southbound of newington and near fort belvoir. it will break up and come to an end of this morning. the upper 40's at this time. is not that far from our average temperature. improvements this afternoon. robin and george, back to you. >> all right, jeff. thank you. coming up, so much ahead. a husband under suspicion after his wife vanishes. why the sheriff tells us the mother of five did not leave on her own. and "american idol" anger. the fan who says the show told her she was too fat to sit in the front row. she's firing back. now, she's here live. and the mommy wars. they hit j. crew. why pink toenail polish on this little boy is causing outrage.
7:22 am
and lots of star power in times square. we have gwyneth paltrow and jamie foxx, both here live. it was a tough game out there today. i thought i was going to be it forever, but then it was dig deep time, and i brought it... and i struck like a cobra. that was a good tag. [ male announcer ] kids take play seriously. nourish it. quaker chewy -- the goodness of whole grains, no high fructose corn syrup and 25% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks. [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] something wrong with your squeegee, kid? uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you? you're fearless! ahhhhhhhhh! atta boy! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning, it is 7:26 and wednesday, april 30. i am scott thuman with your local update. we will check on the commute with lisa baden.
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it is complex. we have had many accidents this morning. it is wet and slippery and there are a lot of the fender benders. there is nothing on the beltway now but a lot of slow traffic. there are delays from the belt boulevard upington pentagon and to the 14th street bridge. in maryland, more of the same period look at the 270 traffic, leaving father hurley theevard to the beltway and loop has a crush of georgia avenue which is now gone. we have a few more hours of will push out of here. will break up on the south end of it. oft is the last little bit pushing north. bulk of it is north of the district.
7:28 am
there is a little bit out near winchester. by lunchtime, the clouds should thin out and it will become breezy. highs in the low 60's. and 70 tomorrow. the federal budget deal news forsome good projects.sportation get $150l still safety upgrades. to agreement includes money widen rte. 1 near fort belvoir improve intersections near medicalesda naval center. another update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8. sink your teeth into some big n' toasty if you understand. good. you've got spunk. a big day calls for the new big n' toasty. wrap your hands around fried eggs, cherrywood-smoked bacon, and cheese on texas toast. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ so elegant. but he got knocked out. boxing champ, sugar ray leonard, got plenty of great scores on the dance floor. but that wasn't enough to keep him in the ballroom. he and partner, anna trebunskaya, the latest coue booted off "dancing with the stars." when you watch that, it doesn't seem fair. >> it was his highest score. he wore tights and everything. did you see the setup piece? that was hysterical. they will be joining us later. and on america's biggest talent show, are the contestants the only ones being judged? we have a fan here that was moved from the first row because she says she was told she was
7:31 am
too fat. she's here, live, taking on "american idol." we have my interview with jenn sterger, the woman at the center of the brett favre scandal. she says her mom, after all this, is the victim of sexual harassment. first, the bizarre case of a georgia mother of five who has been missing since last friday. her husband says she told the kids she was going out to rent a movie. he had left for a hunting trip. but he came back early to find her john. yunji de nies has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. investigators say they consider her a dangerous missing person. her husband told us he has no idea where she is. and he is desperate to find her. >> i've thought of every possibility of anything that could have went wrong. and i have no idea. >> reporter: he hasn't eaten or slept since his wife disappeared
7:32 am
on friday night. he had left her at home with their five children to go hunting with a friend. but he went back when he realized he had gotten the dates wrong. >> i pulled in the driveway. my buddy says, your wife's truck's not there. i look over. my jaw just dropped. i was in shock. that doesn't make sense. she just doesn't leave without telling me. >> reporter: he says he found the kids watching tv. the eldest told him his mother had just left to rent a movie at this walmart. police found her suv yesterday in this lot by the highway. inside, there were no signs of a struggle. >> something just isn't right. so, we're going to -- we're treating it as a crime scene. >> reporter: investigators say the couple exchanged some heated text messages the night she disappeared. >> they were texting back and forth. and in one of the texts he said was that she was just going to throw her phone out the window. what that means, we don't know.
7:33 am
>> reporter: she is a devout husband. he is hopingen in will recognize her. he says she would not have left on her own. >> there's no way. anybody that knows us, a loft people look at us and say, these guys are a perfect couple. a perfect family. >> reporter: we were supposed to sit down for a more formal interview. but when we met up at the sheriff's office, he had no interest in talking. why are you changing everything now? >> there's somebody trying to organize a search. and i need to get somebody out there, a contact person. >> reporter: as planned, we went to his home. but relatives said he was taking a nap and wouldn't share any details of that search. now, later today, investigators here will be interviewing that man that mr. sulieman said he went hunting with. they will also be speaking with the couple's children. george? >> thanks, yunji. for more on this, let's turn
7:34 am
to sheriff clark milsap of barlow county, georgia. what's the status of the investigation? >> we're where we started. we've gathered phone records. we're interviewing people that we can. we're pulling walmart video. we're doing everything we can. this is one that's a little different than other missing persons. we work on them as hard as we can. >> why is it different? >> it's dealing with a 30-year-old woman who stepped away from five kids. and we found her vehicle abandoned yesterday. it escalated it a little more than just a missing, endangered person. we're trying to do everything we can to find out just exactly where she is. >> you said in yunji's piece that something just isn't right about this case. i got the same feeling watching her husband as he spoke to yunji. do you have any reason to show that he had anything to do with her disappearance? >> we don't have any evidence to
7:35 am
show that at this time. he's not a suspect. he's not a person of interest. we're trying to rule out that she stepped away from family life for a little while, to take a break. if we have come across something like that, of course, we will pursue it. but at this time, i don't have evidence or anything that lead us to believe that at this time. >> according to him, she said she was going to the walmart you mentioned to rent a movie. but the car was found, what? 12 miles beyond the walmart. as you've been running this all down, can you conclude that she actually did go to the walmart? >> we're trying to pursue that now. walmart security's been very helpful to us. they're trying to pull the tapes for about that timeframe on last friday, to see if that vehicle actually entered the parking lot. or if she entered the business itself. >> you did say you've been able to retrieve some text messages that show that she and her husband had been having some kind of argument over the course
7:36 am
of the evening? >> we're trying to prove that. according to his statement and the law enforcement copy of the incident report, he stated that he had received a text from her, when he got home, something to the effect that she was just going to throw the phone out the window. that was his statement about one text he had received. we're looking into that, to see if we can corroborate that and substantiate it. and see what exact content of the text messages were that night. >> do you believe she left on her own? >> no, sir, i don't believe that. i find that hard to believe. but that's just my perspective as a law enforcement officer. we're looking into every avenue that we can. if she did, we hope she sees this broadcast or any we did yesterday and she will make contact with us, for the kids and for us. we want to try to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. >> if you don't believe it, you're treating this as a criminal case? >> we're treating it as a
7:37 am
missing, endangered person. that state was just basically my opinion. she might have left on her own. we hope that's what happened. but until we can substantiate that, we have to look at it as it may have escalated on up to something besides a missing, endangered person. >> where does the investigation go from here? >> we're going to interview as many people as possible. we're going to interview the children as soon as possible. we'll be speaking with the gentleman that was with the husband on the trip to hunting in kentucky that they had to turn around and come back on. we're going to talk to authorities down in florida, where they used to live, to see if there's history of family violence with this family. we don't have history of that here in bartow county. they've lived here for two years. we're going to turn over every rock and uncover everything we can uncover to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. >> sounds like you have a lot of work to do. but you said, you think something is just not right with this case. >> there's too many questions that we have to get answered. and we're going to take every
7:38 am
avenue that we can to try to get our answers. >> sheriff, thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thank you much. it's time to go for the weather. let's go to jeff smith from wabc. sam is on vacation. >> we've been talking about flooding in the heartland. we're going to head out to grand forks, north dakota. 20 feet above flood stage for the red river. and this has three more feet to go before this is all said and done. that will crest late tomorrow night into friday. we'll check what's going on. low pressure will develop out of the rockies and develop into a pretty big storm. providing snowfall in these flood-ravaged areas. guess what happens to snow in the spring. it melts. and moderate to severe weather from dallas to oklahoma city. that storm movering into the we some of the rain is north of
7:39 am
the potomac. there is now, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." was a fan removed from the front row at "american idol" for being overweight? she says yes. we'll talk to her coming up. and controversy surrounding j. crew's latest catalog. a little boy with pink painted toe nates has parents seeing red. and gwyneth paltrow and jamie foxx both here in times square, live. you don't want to miss it. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee time. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze. but with zyrtec® liquid gels, i get fast, 24-hour allergy relief. so i feel better by the time we tee off. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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did "american idol" tell one of their fans that she was too overweight to sit in their front row on camera? well, one die-hard fan says that's exactly what happened. 19-year-old ashley kauffman claims she was called too heavy by members of their staff and separated from her friends. we're going to talk to ashley in our studio. first, here's a look at ashley's story. 19-year-old ashley kauffman and her friends attended last week's results show taping. >> she was really excited to go, when they found out they had tickets. >> reporter: when they arrived early to grab seats up front, ashley claims "idol" studio staff told her she was too heavy
7:44 am
to sit up front. and they moved her and friends two rows back. >> they shouldn't treat anybody different because of the way they look. >> reporter: while "idol" is a talent competition, looks have played a role before. a season five contestant was on the receiving end of some pretty tough remarks about her weight, by none other than former judge, simon cowell. >> it was hurtful and mean, and the one thing i didn't want to have happen. >> reporter: but the show has had its share of heavy contesta contestants. and many of them have gone on to success. and mandisa got an apology. >> i'm humbled. come here. >> reporter: in a statement, "american idol" says it had nothing to do with looks. but everything to do with seating arrangements. the seats were in two groups of three. she and her remaining party were seated just four rows behind her friends, directly in camera shot. in some of the best seats in the
7:45 am
house. joining us live in the studio is ashley kauffman. nice to meet you, ashley. we heard just then "american idol's" side of the story. tell us what happened, in your words. >> i had went -- i went with a group of friends. there were six of us. and we were just really grateful to have gotten tickets and to be able to go. we were all excited about it. preparing for it. we got down there. we were excited. a little late, running around. insanity and stuff. and when we got there and stuff, i was told that i was just too big and too heavy. >> who told you that? >> one of their workers. a lady that works there. i was kind of taken back because the look on her face was just that i was disgusting. to me, i know that i'm heavier than some of the girls i was with. and it's -- i know i've been heavier and stuff growing up. but, like, honestly, i didn't think i was disgusting-looking.
7:46 am
>> no. of course not. >> and i always believe that god made me exactly how he wanted to make me. and he doesn't make mistakes. so, i was -- i was taken back quite a bit. >> sure. you said a second time -- >> we were being -- "idol" had said that we knew ahead of time that we were being separated. after we found out we were being separated. but they told us we were directly behind the girls in the front row. so, we were thinking, okay, we're just in the second row. it's not that big of a deal. i was hurt. but i was like, i'm not going to let it get me down. as we were following the other girls and we sat down, the guy took my ticket, an usher, and he looked me up and down. and he said, it makes sense why you're not with the skinny girls. you guys are in the back row. >> that's what he said? >> yeah. and "idol" said -- i was very grateful for my seats. i was not pushed to the back of the whole place. i was pushed to the back of the
7:47 am
section. >> i'm glad you said that. "idol" in more of their statement, said miss kauffman's party, said she did not sit alone or in the back row. >> i never said i sat alone. it was separating the two groups of three. >> a misunderstanding along the way here? >> the reporters probably wanted to make it seem a little juicier or whatever. the reasoning behind it was, that's on them. but i made sure i very clear i was in the back of the section. we were separated. like i said, we thought we were directly behind them. we didn't know we were separated by five rows. >> has anybody from "american idol" contacted you directly? have you been able to talk to anybody about this? >> no. no one has -- i had someone contact me. i'm not sure where they're from, yelling at me about how i didn't know where -- i guess "idol" has people from other places that work for them. but me -- >> what would you like to have
7:48 am
happen? >> i just want an apology. it's very offending. people think i just want fame or money. i haven't mentioned money at all. i want an apology. and i don't want this to happen to anybody else. the feeling was horrible. i'm a girl. but i didn't take it so hard that i wanted to cause harm or anything else. the wrong girl would have taken it horribly. >> you handled it with a lot of grace. >> yeah. >> appreciate you sharing your story. you have some shoes on that she wants to make sure -- okay. just saying. thank you, ashley. i know it was not the night that you were hoping for. and you handled it very well. >> thank you. >> i'm glad your dad's here with you, too. >> he's been an amazing support. >> i'm sure. well, coming up, a knockout waltz and top scores could not keep sugar ray dancing on "dancing with the stars." he'll join us with his partner, anna, in our last hour. he'll join us with his partner, anna, in our last hour. come on back. leather trim command center,
7:49 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 7:56 and this wednesday, april 13. i am scott thuman with your we will check on the morning commute with lisa baden. make sure you turn your headlights on. look at the beltway, route -- 4, you need your headlights. police are looking for a crash near andrews air
7:57 am
force base. we had a crash close to pennsylvania avenue. traffic on 66 and beltway and 270 has plenty of traffic, a slowing toll road out of the topside of the get to georgia ave. still have some areas of rain out there especially south the district moving to the the beltway, the north and north east. even northeast towards martinsburg. slowly twisting out of our region this morning. have some improvements today and mainly cloudy will come to an by lunchtime and highs will lower 60's this afternoon. there should be some great sunshine before sunset sunday near 70 tomorrow and the next storm is saturday. new battle may be brewing
7:58 am
over funding for the dulles road projects. saye and local officials more for the pay dulles airport metro station underground. we will be back with another at for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8. 8:25.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ hot wings. i want to party. this man can do it all. he's playing a chicken in "rio." >> he is a triple-threat. he can even do the weather. look at that. is there anything that man cannot do? >> watch out. >> he's re-creating ray, now.
8:01 am
>> jamie, thanks for bringing all that rain to new york. >> you never know what's going to happen when that man is here in our studio. the movie is funny, too. >> cannot wait to see it. also, gwyneth paltrow heating up our kitchen has very personal recipes and a new book. >> dedicated to her dad. we're going to talk to her in a little bit. plus, more of my exclusive interview with jenn sterger. she will talk about the price her family is paying after all of the painful headlines. also, boxing legend, sugar ray leonard, couldn't go the distance. >> knocked out. >> he and his partner, anna trebunskaya is going to be here later on. >> bianna, say her last name. >> reporter: trebunskaya. the reason bianna is here, we're going to get to the j. crew ad that is stirring up controversy. it shows a young boy with pink
8:02 am
toenails. bianna is here with more details. >> reporter: a lot of raised eyebrows out there. j. crew has been known for its cheap but conservative style. it's one of the first lady's favorite retailers. the image of a mother laughing and applying nail polish to her child's toes appears innocent enough. or does it? should it matter if that child happens to be a boy? j. crew's april catalog is filled with its signature look, known to many as preppy classic. but look at this picture. a mom paints her child's toen l toenails hot pink. the child with the pink toenails, her 5-year-old son. in a photo spread some are now saying is not so classic. the caption reads, lucky for me, i ended up with a boy chose favorite color is pink. toenail painting is way more fun
8:03 am
in neon. is it all in good fun? fox news psychologist keith ablow called it psychological sterilization on his blog. it may be fun and games now, jenna. but put some money aside for psychotherapy later. he went on. his reaction starked comments on the web. your logic is flawed and ridiculous. what year it is again? no matter what this expert says, a boy who is straight will not become transgender if his mom paints his toenails pink. >> i think it's awesome. why stereotype it? >> pink toenails? i love them. on a little boy? i'm not so sure about that. >> i think my sister painted my toenails once. i was all right.
8:04 am
>> reporter: last halloween, sara had no trouble dressing her boy up as daphne from "scooby-doo." >> if the roles had been reversed and the ad was a little girl playing in the mud with trucks, no one would have batted an eye. >> it's common behavior for little kids to cross-dress, dress up in other clothing, to play make-believe in many ways. not to worry. >> reporter: jenna lyons, also rumored to be the heir apparent to the current ceo. we reached out to j. crew and ms. lyons for a response. >> i have met jenna. >> reporter: that's an interesting point. if that was a girl playing with trucks in the mud, we wouldn't be talking about this. >> we should have people weigh in. go to our facebook page and have your say. first, back to juju for the top stories again. juju? >> good morning, everyone.
8:05 am
president obama will lay out his plan today to get the nation's debt problem under control. he is expected to propose a tax increase for wealthy americans, as well as spending cuts for medicare and medicaid and the pentagon. house speaker john boehner has said any proposal for tax increases is a nonstarter. in the upper midwest, nine rivers are at flood stage. one small town in minnesota had to dig up its baseball field to use the dirt to protect homes and businesses from the rising water. a massachusetts mother who withheld cancer drugs from her son has been charged with attempted murder. she withheld chemotherapy treatment from her 7-year-old son to protect him from sild-effects. her son died of lieu chemoin a, even though doctors had given him a good prognosis. investigators looking into that collision at jfk airport this week are taking a closer look at the size of airport
8:06 am
runways across the country and whether they can accommodate the supersize planes that seat more than 500 people. john berman has more on the safety concerns. >> reporter: it was like an ocean liner hitting a dinghy. the airbus a-380, with a wingspan the size of a city block, spinning the commuter jet like it was a toy. >> roll the emergency trucks to mike. we've been hit by an airbus. >> reporter: the small plane had just landed. was heading down a taxiway to its gate. he says the pilot stopped short, not pulling far enough forward, possibly to avoid a pickup passing by. at this same time, the airbus a-380 was traveling down an intersecting taxiway and clipped the tail. one part of the investigation may be the width of the taxiway. federal died lines calls for 100
8:07 am
feet. but jfk got an exception. it's just 75 feet. this man has been flying in and out of jfk for years. and says the congestion during taxiing is getting worse. >> you have an active runway. people taking off and landing. if you don't give it the respect it deserves, you can get in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: it may seem safer in the air, but this is what it looked like in rhode island, when a united flight got lost on the ground. >> i have a united who doesn't know where the hell he is. >> reporter: that same year, a harrowing near-miss, in chicago. >> stop. >> and john berman also reports that only 13 airports in the country can accommodate the a-380 jumbo jet. and this problem isn't going away. more airports are getting waivers to receive boeing's new jumbo jets. john travolta is set to play the late mob boss, john gotti. travolta says he is looking
8:08 am
forward to playing the man known as the dapper don. >> he had such a commitment to his moral code of the gangster life. that was an obsession of his. he lived to the very moment he left. and it would be very interesting to play that kind of real-life character that's done that. >> and another footnote, lindsay lohan is in talks to play gotti's daughter. and finally, kate middleton has taken another important step before becoming a member of the british royal family. she's been confirmed into the church of england, which means she can take communion. her former future husband will someday be the supreme governor of the church. it's a logical next move. that's the news at 8:08. time for jeff smith with the weather. good morning, jeff. >> did you see jamie foxx working the weather wall? i was concerned for my job. but he has acting. he has music. check out what's going on. we have a storm moving across the northeast. we're going to head to wpvi in
8:09 am
philadelphia. they're not holding a white piece of paper in front of the camera. that's fog. visibility down below a quarter-mile there. heaviest rain is over parts of new england. then, it's a cooling trend, into the weekend. minneapolis, if they're lucky on friday, up to 44. snow west of we still have a little bit rain south of the district the north. off to this is beginning to break up. most of the rain this morning afternoon, some partial clearing west of the metro. we are in the upper 40's right thisto near 60 george, we send it back over to
8:10 am
you. >> thank you, jeff. now, for more of my interview with jenn sterger, the jets game day interviewer that got caught in the brett favre sex scandal. when we spoke, sterger insisted she is not a victim. what hurts the most, what she regrets the most, is what the story did to her family. >> a man walked up to my mother, at one of the schools she works at, and asked what it was like to have brett favre's grand babies. >> reporter: what did she say? >> can she say nothing? it hurts my family. my father gets confronted at, you know, neighborhood barbecues because of what his daughter's dealing with. my sister who just graduated nursing school and got her first nursing job. has to go and people look at her
8:11 am
name badge and go, oh. you're related to favre girl. her sister. what's she supposed to say? >> reporter: what did you tell your parents when this broke? >> that nothing had happened. they know that. >> reporter: somebody called your dad. and said he better not see brett favre in a dark alley. >> someone called my dad and asked what he was doing. and my father said what any father in their right mind would. just wanting to protect their kid. >> reporter: the nfl launched an investigation. it concluded that sterger did nothing wrong. but fined favre $50,000 for failing to fully cooperate with the probe. you did go to the nfl. >> i cooperated with the nfl. >> reporter: what did you want to happen there? >> i just came in. i was a witness for them. that's all. i was asked to cooperate. i was compelled to cooperate. and i obliged. i was a witness. that's it. >> reporter: there have been reports that when you met with
8:12 am
the commissioner, mr. goodell, that you didn't think he was taking this all that seriously. >> i never said that. >> reporter: how did you think he was handling it? >> i think he handled it the way he's supposed to. it's a league matter. not for me to judge. a league matter. heard that statement a lot in the last couple of months. it's a league matter. it's a league issue. >> reporter: you don't sound happy about it. >> it's a league issue. how do you feel about hell razor in the next round? >> reporter: despite a tough 2010, sterger is back in the ring, on camera, doing what she loves most. >> i knew what i was getting myself into, working in sports. you know? it's the boys' club. >> reporter: you haven't been scared off. you want to keep on doing it, right? >> damn right. damn right. >> going to make sure we get that. >> it's something i love doing. i'm passionate about sports. >> reporter: what do you want to have happen next? >> to go back to work.
8:13 am
to be happy. to be able to get on the internet and not be bombarded with nasty headlines. for people to get a chance to see the real me. to get to know the real me again. and for me to be the real me again. >> and you can watch the whole interview on when we come back, jamie foxx, here live. [ male announcer ] there's a place where everyone feels at home. where the company, the conversation, and the food make all who enter feel welcome. a place that feels as warm with a crowd... as it does with just a friend. it's a place you'll find town house crackers. because they're part of what makes your place the place. ♪ welcome to town house. where good times reside.
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8:17 am
it is always good to start the day with mr. jamie foxx. you know this oscar-winner can act. you know he can sing. he has a grammy. you know he's funny. get this, in his new movie, he does all three. and you don't show that gorgeous mug of yrs. >> you know what? what was sad when we first started doing this, i showed up with makeup on. i'm in full makeup, ready for my shot. they're like, what are you doing? they said, you know you're not on camera. that's right. >> it's called "rio." >> yes. >> you're an animated, canary. >> i'm a funky canary. i'm a little bird.
8:18 am
i slept in a nest the whole time i was filming this. you know, i'm method. so, at the house, i built a little nest. and i would nestle the eggs until they hatched. i didn't know what bird it was. and i didn't care. i wanted to be there for whatever bird it was i had. and we went on to do the movie. >> tell me more about your character. and you're with >> i'm a yellow canary. i consider i'd light-skinned. i want to reach the masses. myself and everybody was in the studio doing this great music. and we got a chance to see the movie in rio, in brazil. and i've gone to brazil a lot, like sort of on the internet, just watching the different things. i've never been there myself. and so, this was the first time
8:19 am
that i've gone. and we had a great time. >> can you tell us on morning television what your experience in rio was like? >> it was fantastic. a lot of guys would like to say there was a lot of beautiful women there. i wasn't necessarily there for that. i was there for geography. >> that was morning-appropriate. thank you. >> i was there for the landscape. that's what i'm sticking to. if anybody asks me the wrong question -- >> no. i was waiting for that. i was waiting for that to happen. >> going right through a window, as soon as you ask me the wrong question. i'm telling you. i just want to talk about "rio." >> somehow, i thought that was going to be the lead. >> oh, no. >> you play -- >> i play. >> you play. this animated character. >> yes. >> and you are such a -- you're so animated yourself. was it difficult -- >> it was difficult because carlos was like, listen. all of the facial expressions, i'm not going to use that. and i went hoarse doing these
8:20 am
different things. and he let me do, this is this is how much better he is than you. we got it together. what was great about this project, anne hathaway, jesse eisenberg, it made it look like we were in the same place at the same time. it's number one in europe already. and they always say the cliche thing, it's fun for the family. it really is. i took my whole family. we had a great time. >> you want to see a clip, everybody? this is "rio." you, with your buddy, ♪ i want to party i want to party ♪ ♪ and live my life i want to party ♪ ♪ and fly fly just like a bird ♪ ♪ fly just like a rocket i need to come down ♪
8:21 am
♪ start a day ain't to stopping us ♪ >> hey, hey, hey. that's appropriate for this morning. i didn't wiggle too much. >> you know what's also appropriate? i love the button you have on right here. >> james sisnett. >> how old? >> 111 years old. it's her grandfather. we want to be so blessed. james, we see you, brother. out there in barbados, that good living out there. >> yes. when you were dancing, you reminded me of something you did at the white house recently. >> wow. >> yeah. you were there for motown. the celebration was beautiful. >> amazing. >> and you couldn't help but just mention something to the president. >> i wouldn't -- >> we have a clip. >> you have a clip? >> we're going to show it. what happened was -- >> okay. >> let's take a look at it right now. >> you want to dance for me?
8:22 am
let me do this. you're not going to dance for me just a little bit? come on, man. i saw you on "ellen." that was not the black side in you. >> and right there security, this is not right. i can turn him off from here. this is disrespectful. we had a fantastic time. it gave me the chance to go and check that out. it was the motown review. we honored barry gordie. the president was nice enough to play along. you know, sometimes as a comedian, they were following me. what are you going to say, mr. foxx? i'm going to say what's on the page. you know i'm not. i need you to laugh. if you don't laugh, everybody else is going to go to jail. so, it was real cool that he sort of laughed and had a great time.
8:23 am
it was fantastic. we got a chance to do a lot of great things. >> so much fun to watch you in action. and you are so good. everything "rio" is fun. bring the whole family. >> bring the whole family. and i'm doing casino gigs. i'm in the casino. >> are you really? >> i was in fantasy springs. and singing in palm springs. check me out. i'll be coming to a city near you. and it's a whole casino thing. >> let's listen to and "rio" opens on friday, april 15th. >> now, here. step, step. >> i will dance with you. to coe something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you. it's my number one goal. ♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunities, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book, you know, i plan to dedicate it to my school.
8:24 am
♪ those hopes and dreams that you have, you know, they're within reach. and i'm living proof. it was a tough game out there today. i thought i was going to be it forever, but then it was dig deep time, and i brought it... and i struck like a cobra. that was a good tag. [ male announcer ] kids take play seriously. nourish it. quaker chewy -- the goodness of whole grains, no high fructose corn syrup and 25% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks. no high fructose corn syrup you've been there. you pick out a makeup thinking it's your shade... until you actually try it out. now, i have a makeup that always gets it right.
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8:27 am
or you could just try this. [ chuckles ] yeah. ocean spray blueberry juice drinks -- real blueberries, real good. good morning, 8:27 is your time. let's check on traffic with lisa baden. make sure you keep your headlights on. you will need patience from manassas into centreville on 66. 95 from woodbridge has slowed the 14th street bridge. virginia are springfield to tyson's. father hurley boulevard to the beltway on 270 is slow. this crash was near pennsylvania that is gone.
8:28 am
you will see delays leaving the are this is route 50 delays in chevrolet. erley. we are on our way to sunshine tomorrow. one more dampened restart today tomorrow, a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. we're dealing with a little bit of rain today. there are some areas of light rain and is breaking up. we may have partial clearing to sunset. are near 50 degrees. we are on our way to 60 degrees. it will become breezy this afternoon. the. is about to become in the u.s.iction legalize internet gambling. a 30 day-. for congress to object expired last week. the online gaming said would be to gambler's within the
8:29 am
d.c. borders. toing in upld the first three years. update at another 8:56.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm country strong what a morning we are having here at "gma." it's not over yet. now, one of our favorite guests, gwyneth paltrow, is here live. she's bringing us her favorite family recipes. >> i have a cookbook coming out. >> there she is. she's promoting it right there. gwyneth paltrow on "good morning america." >> she is working it. how about what happened on the ballroom floor? he took ballet classes. sugar ray couldn't stay on
8:31 am
"dancing with the stars." there with the beautiful anna. >> trebunskaya. also, big cats in the city. the fearless captains from "deadliest catch" will be here in times square before they hit the seas again. that looks so terrifying. they have a hit show. they're going to be talking about the most dangerous job in the world, which is theirs. >> the guys in the studio are excited about this. they love that show. and the big reveal. who is on the cover of "people" magazine's most-beautiful issue. thank you, george? assistant managing editor, kate coyne is here to tell us. >> very exciting time of year. >> and you have other special items in this issue, don't you? >> we do. we have our shining stars feature, in which we celebrate stars who are beautiful on the inside, as well, through their charitable efforts. george clooney is highlighted there. obviously, he is quite gorgeous. and doing tremendous work with his organization.
8:32 am
>> he is. do you have anything else a little different in this issue? >> we celebrate bombshells this year. and it's a great feature that shows that you don't have to be a size zero to be sexy and glamorous and gorgeous. sof sofia vegara. >> that's wonderful. we want to see who is on the cover. any clues here? >> well, she started a new job this year. she is one of three sisters. >> okay. >> and this might give it away. she is the mother of twins. >> any idea? you guys? no? they're glued to the tube because we're going to show it. sarah jessica parker. that's a good guess. we're going to put it up on the jumbotron. drumroll, please.
8:33 am
"people" magazine's most beautiful on the cover. who is it? jennifer lopez. >> jennifer lopez, thanks to "american idol," people are seeing her more than ever. what they're seeing more than ever is just how radiant and glowing she is. you can't look away when she's on the screen. she's just so beautiful. effervescent. it's been a joy to see her blossom in her new role on tv. >> she really has blossoms. she's gorgeous. we're happy to see her back in the spotlight. kate, thanks for dropping by and sharing that with us. >> thanks. it was great. >> on the jumbotron in times square. >> everyone can see. who is outside with in a? jeff smith from wabc, for a vacationing sam champion. >> we're doing an unscientific survey out here. does everyone approve of "people" magazine's choice of jennifer lopez? a resounding yes. times square being protected. out in the west, l.a. 65. windy. san fran will be getting
8:34 am
showers. that storm affects areas to the north, toward portland and seattle. dry weather, fire danger in northwest parts of texas. showers in the northeast. warm in orlando, florida, getting up to 84 49 degrees outside right now and a few areas of lingering sprinkle. ribble come to an end in breezy withhe rest of the day the lower 60's. sunshine tomorrow nea this weather, brought to you by ocean spray. george, back up to you. >> thanks, jeff. what a year for gwyneth paltrow. parlaying the star turn on "glee." ♪ forget you >> and triple crown. at the award shows. and the grammys. to the cmas. ♪ country strong >> and capping it all off at the
8:35 am
oscars. somehow she also found the time to cook and write. she's here with the results, "my father's daughter. ." what's been the best part of this year? >> all of it's surprising. that's the best part of it. how one crazy thing has led to another. it's been a lot of fun. >> looks like you're having a lot of fun. like i said, i don't know how you found the time to do this, as well. i was thumbing through the book last night and this morning. and i just love the whole idea that it's like a long love letter to your dad. >> yeah. he was an amazing man. you know, in a lot of ways he taught me about love and how to live a happy life, which is to invest in the relationships with people that you love. he did that a lot with food and him cooking for us. and us cooking together.
8:36 am
it's been a real labor of love. it took me like three years to write the book and get it all done. but i'm really happy with how it turned out. i think he would be, too. >> you kind of got into it, i guess when you were going to u.c. santa barbara. and he was living in l.a. you would visit him and he would cook up a storm. >> i was trying to be an actress. i kept driving from santa barbara to l.a. and my mom was doing a play. and she had left us a million frozen meatballs in the refrigerator. we said, maybe we should expand a little. and one day we started to cook together. and we got super into it. we would watch the food network all the time. we would cuddle up on the couch and watch cooking shows. it became another way that we bonded. we love to watch football and cook. and, you know, it was a great way to bond. >> and i love what you write in the book. it's right up at the beginning. you say that part of your whole
8:37 am
the way you think about food, comes from balancing father and daughter. >> they help me achieve balance because when i had my daughter, i was obsessed with health and everything organic and everything homemade. but my dad taught me, there's nothing like a mallowmar and a root beer float. i'm looking for balance. >> we're looking at "the new york post." and it says, is against the next martha stewart? and martha tweeted it out. >> there is no next martha. martha is martha. i'm a mom and i'm busy. this is how i cook at home. >> that's what's great about this. the recipes are so easy to follow. anybody who is working can make it work. you had a little bit of a help with the forward, from mario
8:38 am
batali. first, he had a shoutout for you. >> hey, g.p., your biggest fan here. i want you to know how proud i am of your new book. i want to extend my congratulations. i want to let you know how everyone loves you. how cool it is that you cook. how beautiful the book is. and how great -- >> and we are here right now with the duck ragu. >> we are. so, this is a dish that i love to make. and it's simple. it's a lot of cooking time. but it's not a lot of active time. so, this is just some duck bacon, getting nice and brown. basically, what you do, is you add onions. and carrots and celery and garlic. and this is the superito, they call it in italy.
8:39 am
this is celery, onions and garlic. you cook it slowly. so, in about 15 minutes, it will look like that. see? it's not brown. and then, you add tomatoes. oh, yeah, people. some red wine. just kidding. it's a little early. and this is just a little bit of water. >> how long will that stew? >> this is about an hour and 15 minutes. you can go and do other stuff. some and stir it every once in a while. then, it will look like that. and i like to cook canned tomatoes for a long time. it will get sweet. it will look like this in about an hour and 15 minutes. you add the duck. i roasted the duck for two hours. you flip it every 30 minutes. you pull the fat off and shred the meat up. add it to the sauce, with some tomato paste.
8:40 am
and some salt. >> we're going to start to eat. >> go for it. it's so early to eat pasta. but let's do it. and it ends up looking like that. there you go. that's after about three hours. >> really tasty. >> really good. >> never too early for pasta. >> yeah? well. >> or red wine. >> or red wine. >> and you also have the muffins. >> these muffins are good. this is the gremalatto. they're made with spelt flour, which they say is easier to digest. it's all unrefined sugar. they're healthy. >> thanks for coming in today.
8:41 am
>> we're eating the pasta. >> all of the recipes on our website, you can read an except there. and when we come back, the ♪
8:42 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪
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picking pasta out of my teeth. that was delicious. he danced like a butterfly. but losing, that's got to sting like a bee. sugar ray leonard, and his
8:44 am
beautiful partner, anna trebunskaya are the third couple to be booted from "dancing with the stars." they're up bright and early this morning from los angeles. we have heavy hearts. i'm not kidding you in the least. we're not the only ones so sad to see both of you go. take a look at this. >> you know what? that's life. and i put up a good fight. i will cherish this moment. great friends. great people. great show. >> i have to say, len and i were talking during the break, as he was looking at the possibilities up there. and he said, if it's sugar ray, this guy's the heart of the show this season. and i agree with him. >> thank you. >> yes. and sugar ray, you seemed like you were having so much fun on the show. were you? >> robin, i had the best time of my life. it was an experience i never thought would take place because i'm not a ballroom dancer. but the crash course i had was wonderful. anna, my dear partner, was
8:45 am
incredible. i will miss all this. >> oh. >> well, you should have seen anna's tweet last night. it said, sugar ray is such an elegant, sweet man, on top of being a phenomenal athlete. what did you like most about working with sugar ray, anna? >> everything. the whole package. the fact that he enjoys being part of the show so much made it easy and positive. and i fed off him during live shows because he would go and sparkle once the cameras and lights would hit. we had so much fun dancing together. i laughed. and i cried. and it was the best experience. >> you're going out on a high note, as they watch right here. that was your best score of the season right there. sugar ray, are you going to keep dancing? >> i'm going to continue to ballroom dance. it's been amazing. my daughter, camille, shared tears. and all my fans and supporters. you know what?
8:46 am
it's been a wonderful experience for me. >> we had a good fight. a good fight. this single round, we did good. >> yes. okay. going forward, anna, i'll start with you. you know, there's some really good dancers out there this year. again. >> yes. yes. always. it's great. you know, people want to see good dancing. people also want to see improvement. so, i think some of the front-runners from the very first couple of weeks kind of slipped back. and some of the people went forward. and i'm very happy for petra and dmitri for doing so good. and i'm also looking forward to seeing what hines can do. >> romeo? >> romeo has a six-pack. he can't play that card anymore. now, he has to improve the dancing bit. >> what do you think, sugar ray, going forward? >> well, the competition is pretty stiff. and romeo, hines, those guys are -- >> you just love them.
8:47 am
he just loves romeo. >> i'm going to miss that. the camaraderie. the love and support. >> yeah. >> the show. my dance -- my high-heels. all that stuff. >> and the sequins. >> and getting in those tights. i know you won't forget that anytime soon. anna and sugar ray, thank you both. we had to show it one last time. sorry about this. >> oh. you had to. >> yes. but thank you. thank you. you guys were delightful. you were so much fun. and sugar, you know i've been a long-time fan of yours. known you for many years. i see you in a whole, new light right now. and i'm so appreciative of you sharing so much of yourself these last few weeks. you take care, okay. >> thanks, robin. >> all right. see you guys soon. and "dancing with the stars" will be back with patriotic dances next monday on abc. you can join us on twitter. sam will be back. he loves his twitter parties. next, the daring captains of "deadliest catch" take us to the high seas next.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
the emmy-winning reality show, "deadliest catch" is back for its seventh season. it's the harrowing look at men risking their lives to harvest crab from the bering sea. take a look at what one boat faces on its very first day out. >> only 45 minutes in the king crab season. "time bandit" is in full battle with a 600-square-mile storm. >> started to take 25-degree, 30-degree rolls. you look at the sky, water, sky, water behind me. i'm rolling around. getting a stomach exercise right now. ♪ >> part of what we sign up for.
8:51 am
we're a gluten for punishment, every year. >> and joining us now, the three captains from "deadliest catch." jonathan and andy. and zinkhanson of "the northwestern." this is what you signed up for? >> yes. >> our dad signed us up when we were kids. >> how long has this been in the family? >> our dad was a crab fisherman. so, we went on the boats as kids. we decided -- we saw big bucks and stuff. at 17, i started professionally crab fishing. >> the good-looking ladies. i wanted to be one of those guys. >> you couldn't have possibly imagined that you would have millions of people watching you do it every year? >> people, when we were coming to town, we would spend a lot of money. be generous, big hearts. >> and a lot of fun. >> the town will tell us, we missed you when you're fun. >> you have a lot of fun. but you start the seventh season with a tragedy.
8:52 am
>> we lost captain phil last year. that was tough. >> we lose a crew member at the end of this one. you'll meet him, j.t. he is on the show. j.t., right there. >> four days after. >> yep. >> what is the biggest danger out there? on the ocean? >> don't go overboard, man. >> yes. >> number one rule. don't go overboard. >> three or four minutes, you're dead, if you don't get in the suit. that's the rule. >> don't go overboard. period. >> i will remember that. what else do we have to look forward to this season? >> as far as this season -- >> broken bones. >> like a ton of fun. >> it was fun. >> you guys, but not for us. >> it's like the worse the weather is for us, the more the viewer enjoys it. >> we reconstruct this. >> was that nicky? >> yeah.
8:53 am
right to the face. >> i think he lost an eye. >> and he worked the rest of the season with that nose like that. >> we were laughing about it when he got hit with that thing. it flattened his nose. it just crushed him. and he kept working. when we got home, i had to buy him a new nose. is it going to be a george clooney? a brad pitt. we didn't know what we were going to buy him. >> he'll wake up with a peewee herman. >> i wish we had more time for you guys. but thank you for the gift. this is going to come in handy today. >> think of what you're doing, man. >> all right. more advice. take care, guys. we'll be right back. woman: mgiant -- th're fantasc.
8:54 am
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thanks for starting your day with us and watching abc news. we're always online on twitter and facebook. he's filling in for diane tonight. >> see you. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. .> and good morning everybody
8:57 am
of this rainyime wednesday morning. i am alison starling uh let's with lisa baden and traffic. a lot happening on the highway. we are saturated with vehicles this morning. the beltway and rte. 4, and was resolved. slowing on route 50 per bowie to new york ave. through laurel, southbound 95 and 295. there is heavy traffic on the in reston. the outer loop here at new hampshire avenue has a minor moved on to the shoulder after the first exit. this camera is 95. it looks gray and gloomy out there. day.n, to start the 1, 24 days have had rainfall.
8:58 am
rainis a look at some showers moving north into the district. this is just drifting as a breaks up overhead. linger for a little longer and by lunchtime, just gray skies. degrees this afternoon and aroundmperatures will be 60 and becoming breezy. perfect tomorrow, a lot of and near 70 pretty next term system hits us saturday. date is the 268 birthday of president,hird jefferson. the national park service will commemorate the event this the jefferson memorial. at celebration will begin 10:45 with a performance by the army brass quintet. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is up next.
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