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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we are following breaking news from libya. the disturbing numbers of the storms are released today. plus, tales of survival. >> he said he was disappointed in my performance. i just saw "the adjustment bureau. the white house correspondents' dinner. we will tell you who attended one of washington's most glamorous events. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. live and in h.d. this is abc 7 breaking news. we begin with breaking news. libyan officials are reporting
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that several members of the family of muammar gaddafi have been killed in an air strike. richard joins us from the satellite center with the latest. >> his own spokesman is confirming that the leader escaped the missile strike. the bombing comes just hours after he called for a ceasefire in negotiations with rebel forces. the rebels called a publicity stunt. what is not clear is whether. of the'-- what is not clear is whether muammar gaddafi's youngest son and grandchildren survived. >> the rebels poured into the streets shouting for gaddafi to die tonight. >>[gunfire] the celebrations come after a nato air strike caused heavy damage to the tripoli home where gaddafi and several family members were staying. the bombing even shattered reinforced concrete inside the building.
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muammar gaddafi and his wife survived. nato is not able to confirm whether the leaders youngest son and three grandchildren were killed. >> the leader and his wife were in the house with other friends and relatives. the leader himself is in good health. he was not harmed. >> the strike comes as gaddafi is struggling to maintain his hold on the western part of libya. whatever his fate, the attack will likely boost morale among the rebel forces. what happened today is a joy says this man. the death of the murders will not go unpunished. -- the death of the murdererartyrers will not go unpunished. >> the youngest son spent time in germany. his fate is not known at this time. the rebels say they will only laid down their arms after gaddafi and his sons step down.
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new numbers are released from the most recent round of storms. wednesday is being called the second deadliest day on record for tornadoes in u.s. history. at least 340 people were killed across seven states, including virginia. today, it was announced that 2011 is the second deadliest year in virginia since 1950. at least 12 tornadoes have been confirmed in the commonwealth this week. for many, a long process of cleaning up is just beginning. >> the tornado damage stretches across seven states. it is like the aftermath of battle. >> i remember flying in the air. >> she is among those who cheated death amid the flying debris. >> how was telling myself i would not die. >> hundreds did die. her father had a heart attack when the storms hit their peak. his body was found 20 feet away. >> he flew through the air.
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>> in many communities it is the start of the cleanup. entire towns have been reduced to breathe. >> our hearts may be broken. i can truly say that all is well with our souls. >> i tried to slam the door shut. the house started shaking. it was pretty scary and intense. >> after taking cover in a linen closet he emerged to take these photographs. his car was crushed under an oak tree. >> it was a wooded area. i could see for miles. >> the neighbors are reaching out. >> we're cooking food and taking drinks and food to people. >> there is one grateful virginia family. >> we are praying for the families that did not have good news like we did.
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>> for more on what we can expect tomorrow, steve rudin is in the weather center. >> we will start the day with sunshine. there will be changes as we move through the midday hours. it will be a cold night. manassas is already down to 48. here are the weather headlines. it will remain dry for the rest of the overnight hours. by tomorrow afternoon the clouds will start to roll in from the west. with those clouds, we may see a few showers. we will look to the extended outlook. police in gaithersburg are investigating a possible attempted murder-suicides. this happened around 11:00 in the morning. the police say a 42-year-old man shot his girlfriend in the arm. the police say she pretended to be dead and waited for him to shoot himself.
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when the officers arrived, they found him dead. she was taken to the hospital where she is expected to recover. their identities are not being released. more maintenance work is causing delays. the work is being done on the red and yellow lines. on the red line, the trains are single tracking and sharing a track between to, and forced clan. on the yellow line, they are single tracking. drivers in the district will notice changes near the 11th street bridge. the ramp leading to martin luther king jr. ave is changing. the traffic is being deterred. the detour will stay in effect for the rest of the year. drivers should expect delays. in montgomery county middle school is causing controversy. parents say they do not want
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their kids bused to bethesda. they say for some students, the ride could take up to three hours roundtrip. they want the school board to come up with a different solution. the parents held a petition drive today to oppose the county plan. >> the children would have to wake up early. they would have less time to sleep. that may affect their academics and ability to learn. >> the school is scheduled to be modernized in 2013 and finished in 2015. the county says it does not have a lot of holding school options. it is concerned about the health and safety of students and teachers. the parents won the county to build a new school behind the existing structure so the students will not have to be bused. they are talking to school leaders on wednesday. . it is one of the most anticipated knights of the year in washington, the white house correspondents' dinner where journalists and celebrities gathered for a night of entertainment. john is live with the
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highlights. >> this year's dinner was filled with a lot of stars and humor. it may have been awkward for the president having dinner with republican candidates who want to take his job including one billionaire -- donald trump. collet the d.c. version of the oscars. lance armstrong and others attended. a light hearted president obama on stage. >> i found a great self-help tool -- my poll numbers. >> i came here with my friend for the white house correspondents' dinner to see some celebrities and dignitaries. >> some of the most boisterous cheers were aimed at
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celebrities. the loudest boos were for the d.c. school chancellor and donald trump. his attendance actually triggered protests. >> after two years in office, how could he not be eligible? underlying all of it is racism. no other president has been questioned in this way. >> comedian seth myers was the official, a relief. the president has shown his humorous side of the annual event before. he used a video montage to make a point about the birthers. >> tonight for the first time, i am releasing official birth video. >> the dinner has concluded. it is now off to the well known after parties. some of the proceeds tonight go
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to the college journalism scholarship fund. it was not old jokes tonight the president did encourage the press to continue doing stories on the tornadoes in alabama and asking the public to continue to pray for the victims. hundreds of people gathered in the district to help the arts in the d.c. area. arch campbell was the emcee for the gala. the corporation was formed in 1998 to help artists and organizations in the metro region. the money raised from the gallup and other events help more than 700 artists every year. still to come, the death investigation in maryland. what police believed killed the man inside his home. >> a preview of tomorrow's event in vatican city.
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. maryland state police are
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investigating the death of a man. they believe he died from an explosion inside his home. he suffered a trauma to his arm and leg. metal shrapnel was down to the scene. neighbors reported hearing an explosion. police say they have ruled out homicide. his body was found yesterday after a neighbor called 911. a judge plans to review hundreds of emails and documents from a community college the tucson shooting suspect attended. the college says the release would violate privacy laws. the judge has given the college until tuesday to turn over the documents. he will then decide whether to make them public. here is the latest on endeavour's final mission into space. nasa has scheduled a press conference. engineers are trying to fix the problem with the heating system. nasa is hoping to launch on monday. if the problem is not fixed,
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there could be at least a week's delay. we are just hours away from the beatification of pope john paul ii. thousands of people will be attending the mass tomorrow in st. peter's square. pope benedict put him on the fast track for sainthood when he waved the show additional five- year waiting time and allowed the process to begin this week. >> it is the last step on th to sainthood. we're just waiting for one more miracle. >> not everyone wants to see him beatified. critics say he turned a blind eye to the sex abuse scandal. instead of heading out on a honeymoon, prince william will be going back to work. the royal newlyweds are delaying their getaway. no reason is being given. a helicopter took them away to a secret location.
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after a quick weekend, they will head back to their home in wales on tuesday where prince william is stationed as a search and rescue pilot. students say they will treasure the lesson. today marked the second annual global youth service day. more than 100 students volunteered to help spruce up the school, restore the vegetable garden, and paint the new computer lab. the mayor joined the students to help plant new trees. it was a perfect day. it was nice out there. the two. -- the dew point levels were low. we have a few clouds rolling in from the west. that will not amount to a lot. we're looking at quiet conditions for the next couple of days. there is the temperature of reagan national airport, 55 degrees.
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the dew point level is comfortable in the 40's. normally we will see daytime highs of around 71. the record was set back in 1942. childrens hospital is a 58 degrees. earlier, they had wind gusts over 20 miles an hour. the final stop texas to damascus. it is 53 degrees when about 5 miles an hour. temperatures are down in the 40's in manassas. it is 48 degrees. there is a warm front to the west. the warm front will bring us increasing clouds late tomorrow afternoon and maybe even a sprinkle across western maryland the panhandle of west virginia. we're not expecting much, only about a 30% chance we will see anything at all. it will not add up to a lot. it is a welcome change for the east coast. no watches or warnings for severe weather.
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in the upper midwest they have blizzard warnings. more than a foot of snow has fallen. wind speeds are of to 50 miles an hour. winter is still holding on tight. here is the next 48 hours. the high pressure moves off shore. a few sprinkles in the late afternoon tomorrow. that should not affect most counties. the cold front starts to take shape late monday. by tuesday, a few thunderstorms that could become severe as the cold front pushes across the mid-atlantic. for tonight scattered clouds, cool and comfortable. the wind will be out of the west and southwest. tomorrow we will start off with lots of sunshine. clouds will increase midday. spotty showers north and west of d.c. the wind will be out of the south. here is the extended outlook. it is not bad. tuesday will be the worst of the
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days. that is when the thunderstorms will move through. it will be cooler on wednesday. highs will be in the 50's. you can go to our updated, brand new website for the latest forecast and a lot more. coming up next, a big development today for i'm your biggest
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the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers. if you know the redskins, you know they usually seek a
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flashy players and trade up to it with a one. this year, a new philosophy. it is the first time since 1995 that they moved to get picks in every round. they even traded down in the first round for ryan kerrigan. they want young players and a lot of them. they made a ninth picks today. they traded up for the fourth round choice. the skins picked a homegrown player running backs evan royster. a lot of insiders consider the redskins the winners of this year's draft. >> i thought we stayed to the draft. good. i thought we addressed a lot of needs. anytime you add 12 people and you feel good about who you added, you feel like to have some depth. every team needs that. we improved. >> that was a very good move for
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the redskins. ryan zimmerman will be out for another six to eight weeks before surgery on his abdomen. today, the club continued to soldier on without him. it was a beautiful day at nats park. jerry comes home. they were up 1-zero in the third. eli hits toe you deep left. he ties of the game. in the top of the seventh with the bases loaded, and the giants jumped ahead 2-1. there is one last chance in the night. the bases are loaded. brian wilson gets adam roach out. nats slose. >> it gets by the catcher.
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there goes brian riroberts. in the third, he drives one deep left. it is gone. two-zero. they go on to win, 6-2. even tampa bay coach was shot to -- or was he? he compared this series to david and goliath with the caps being alive. i do not know who he is trying to get riled up. he has gamesmanship down to an art. >> the team we're playing is a machine. they looked outstanding. you never know where it is going. it has been hard all year long. we are not kidding ourselves. they are going to score in the series.
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we are staying very down to earth about this. they are a more powerful team than us. sometimes it is bound to show. >> the coach took his talents to the acc. george mason replaced him. the georgia tech coach agreed to a five-year deal. he coached in the 2004 national title game that the loss to connecticut. the bruins got an early lead on the flyers. boston blew out philly tonight 7-3. they get another chance tomorrow night.
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happen. ♪ ♪ the nice weather is sticking around. >> we will wake up to sunshine tomorrow.
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the clouds will roll in midday. there's only about a 30% chance we will see showers in the afternoon to evening. it will be across the potomac and shenandoah valley. by tuesday, a cold front may bring severe thunderstorms. high temperatures in wednesday will be in the 60's. >> thank you for watching. have a great night.
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live and in h.d., this is "saturday news extra." nato airstrikes in tripoli tonight reportedly killed members of muammar gaddafi's family. his youngest son and three grandchildren were killed a bomb
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from a nato air plane hit the home. >> the nato missiles struck the one-story house in tripoli killing gaddafi's and his son and three grandchildren. the libyan leader was in his son's home when the bomb hit. he and his wife survived. news of the attack sparked celebrations in benghazi where the rebels fired weapons into the night sky. the strike comes days after reports that nato is expanding targets to get closer to gaddafi. strikes on saturday and did heavy damage on government buildings in the libyan capital. gaddafi was nearby appearing on state television saying he was ready to negotiate and calling for a cease-fire. nato rejected his offer and vowed to step up its attacks. rebel leaders also refused to negotiate, demanding gaddafi and his sons step aside. >> i think there is no solution that includes him or his family.


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