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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  May 1, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere. >> one step closer to sainthood. today, pope john paul ii is beatified. >> he was so modern in hiws own nway. >> plus, a change and traffic pattern for one major bridge. >> other sdaysay i'm arrogant. but i found a self-help tools for that. my poll numbers. >> and washington is buzzing over the president's speech.
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more than 1 m illion people gathered today. pope john paul ii's coffin and a vial of blood were displayed. the beatification process is being called one of the fastest in modern history. richard reeve is live in northwest washington. >> this is a big day for catholics. there are some that are angered by the timing. the sex abuse scandal broke out during pope john paul ii's watch. from the massive vatican crowd and a new portrait there. >> i think he was the best hope in history. >> to this shrine in sober
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spring. he was such a great person. he inspected it everybody in the whole world. >> the beatification is a special day i made the catholic church. >> there are times when everybody says, this is obvious. >> people really listened to him and identified themselves, what he was saying. >> to be sainted pope john paul ii needs another miracle. a french nun miraculously cured of parkinsons' after she prayed with the pope. >> he truly seemed like a saint. >> it took thomas more 407 years. pope john paul ii is one step away 6 years after his death. some are offended by the speed
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of this process given the slow response to the sexual abuse scandal. >> given the seriousness of the issues, it is premature. >> others say, and a fast changing world with trouble people need someone to believe in. >> we need modern examples. he was so saintly in his way as. >> so some anger but there is pride for the people of poland were pope john paul ii is from. pope benedict got the process moving by dispensing of the usual five-year waiting period after death. >> in other news, firefighters pulled a man of a channel. this happened near swan creek road. the person may have lived on ht the boat. no foul play is suspected.
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construction on the 11th street bridge is causing traffic changes. cruz close off access from outbound a 11th street bridge to martin luther king avenue and good hope road, and that has drivers are bracing for the commute over the next few months. >> officials say the latest change in traffic will be on effect for the next six months. we're talking about november before these three lanes will be reopened. their intention is to increase the size of the work zone. drivers around here say it is one more area they have to try to avoid. this president is already dreading the traffic troubles he will tface. >> it's going to be a nightmare. >> he runs the christian ministry along the good hope
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road. a new traffic pattern means a longer committed for him especially during rush hour. >> monday through saturday is congested. >> over the weekend, vdot is closing both outbound lanes forcing drivers to exit the bridge. the closings will stay on a place as crews worked to rehabilitate the 11th street bridge. officials say that is the good news. the trade-off for having all lanes closed means they should complete the project six months sooner. they will give them more time to get through the intersection. a long turn headed for those living and the area but for mark and militia who are looking to move here, it is something new. >> that is one of the key things because i need to travel south for work. i would need to have it easy
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access to the freeway. >> they have to have the project wrapped up by the end of the year. even though they are taking every step to accommodate traffic, they are suggesting finding an alternate route. turning out to the weather. it has been a drizzly, chilly sunday. what can we expect for tomorrow? >> we are watching the spotty showers throughout the afternoon and early evening hours. temperatures had a difficult time moving today. 58 degrees at dulles airport. 65 on a fredericksburg. looking at our super doppler radar, a few showers across montgomery county, stretching north into hagerstown. the beaches looking at heavier rain at this time. we of showers and thunderstorms forecast as a cold front will approach from the west. we will tell you about the full forecast in a few minutes.
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after a two week break congress goes back into session tomorrow. it is expected to be busy. one of the top priorities -- settle and the debate on the debt ceiling. the u.s. will hit the ceiling at some time this month. the president is asking congress to raise the ceiling but republicans will refuse unless serious cut in spending are made. people are still talking about last night's white house correspondents dinner. the annual event attracts politicians and celebrities. president obama poked fun at him self and his republican rivals, including donald trump. >> in an episode of "celebrity apprenticed," the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from omaha steaks. and there was a lot of blame to go around, but you mr. donald trump, recognize the real problem was a lack of leadership, so you did not blame
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little jaunt or meatloaf. you fired garry busey. and these other kinds of decisions that will keep me up at night. >> seth myers was the featured entertainment. still to come, and less than an hour the caps face off against the tampa bay lightning. >> the flight recorder from the air france flight is found. crucial information it can haul. hope amid tragedy. people that survived deadly storms headed to
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it may end the mystery of what caused an air france jet to crash two years ago. earlier today a submarine located the flight data recorder. the plane crashed into the
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atlantic en route from brazil to paris in 2009. all 28 people were killed. the recorder was found on the seafloor. still unclear if it is damaged. the latest on "endeavour"'s last flight. the shuttle is on hold until the end of the week. the 6 member crew, including commander mark kelly left florida for houston. his wife gabrielle giffords flew back on a separate flight. angry protesters in libya attacked the italian embassy today. a latest air strike killed gaddafi's son and three of his grandchildren. britain responded by expelling libya's
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ambassador to london. cleaning up
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tonight, the cleanup continues after a devastating tornado is a battered the saltless wlast weeke. the death toll stands at 240 people. >> in a seas of devastation, this sunday was a day of thanksgiving across the south. ♪ >> in one small alabama town, or tornado brought together as congregation to worship amongst their ruins. so many people, grateful to god
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to be alive. maggie and husband are newlyweds, but her wedding dress as all the tornado left her . >> god has been good. >> the twiter'sster'ws windsd hurled her 50 yards. >> faith-based charity efforts are blooming all over. >> the message is hope. we can do this. >> i never thought i would need to borrow ice from somebody. >> efforts continued to restore electricity to thousands. federal officials got a firsthand look. >> it was like a bulldozer blade your alabama. >> among the victims these children homeless from the storms. >> were we thinking? >> i was thinking god was going to protect as.
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>> hundreds of lost pets. the humane society wrested these cats and dogs hoping to reunite them with their families, including kittens. hundreds gathered on a the district this morning to race for hope. this is the 14th year people have turned out for this fund- raiser for brain cancer. they have raised more than $11 billion throughout the years. proceeds from today's race will be donated to the national brain cancer society and accelerate brain cancer cure. light rain. did not amount to a lot. it was on a sunday. the cloud stuck around. tomorrow will be a little bit better. it is back to work and school. looking outside. the clouds hanging tough. we will look for the clouds to stick around for the evening and overnight. good news. the showers will come to an end
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and just some patchy drizzle for tonight. 59 degrees at reagan national airport. wines of the east at 10 miles per hour. 10 degrees below average for this time of year. 61 degrees for our high temperature. 96, the record set and 1942. 54 after a high of 58 degrees. 54 in gaithersburg. george washington university -- the current reading of 59. temperatures at 10 degree difference as you head to the north. hagerstown at 56. 51 in manassas. warmer temperatures it really not that far away, as you travel to the south the carolinas well into the 70's. we will see temperatures in the 70's tomorrow. there will be a cold front off to the west of us. this arrives late tuesday into wednesday as it moves closer to the mid-atlantic. the clouds will stick around.
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the best chance for showers and embedded thunderstorms will come into being on tuesday night and wednesday. live doppler radar. a few light showers on a interstate270, down towards annapolis and the delmarva peninsula. we will see periods of heavy rain for the next 25 minutes. the next 48 hours clouds increase and we call for temperatures to rebound to 80 degrees. that will happen on tuesday. here is our forecast overnight. mostly cloudy. areas of drizzle. 50-55 degrees. tomorrow 78-75 with late date showers. our extended a look calls for high temperatures, near 80 on tuesday. late day showers and added thundershowers, extended into early wednesday morning. by thursday, look for temperatures of around 70 degrees. then the upcoming weekend,
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temperatures lower 70's, a chance for a few sprinkles. the cold front that moves through tuesday and wednesday -- nothing like we have last week. but it does remind us -- thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings -- need to be taken seriously. we are what? >> just a few minutes. we have been practicing our cheer. >> face of in a few minutes of the washington capitals. they need to capitalize on the i ce. fans are
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. it may be too early and this
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series to call this a must win for the capitals but if they cannot come away with the w they face an uphill climb. game two at verizon with the caps down a game. let's stay positive. but mchenry is there. >> off the bat the caps need to adjust to a different type of offense than what they saw against the rangers. tampa has much more power of the rush. coming into tonight's game, players know they need to start their power play because they wasted five opportunities in game one and they need to redress turnovers. get back to what they are used to -- controlling the game on a the neutral zone. the key to a long series is not making excuses at home. >> i do not think it was but i guess we can use that as an excuse the rest of the year. whether you have a week layoff
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or not i think we should be prepared to night for another tough game. >> bruce called it river hockey a style of play from an older year. a very difficult thing to get behind and come back. >> i think it to play the defensive system to begin with, and when they get a lead, they pull back even more. with them being in their own zone, it is tough to get chances. >> how important is it to get this game to on home ice? >> it's huge. we have to go to tampa and play back-to-back games. we'ere at home, it is time for us to have a good game. >> do not be surprised if mike -- returns tonight. when we asked the coach about it he got testy. john carlson however will be back i nthe lin the lineup tonight.
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the nationals completing their series. the world champion san francisco giants. bottom of the second inning. the right field line. lance nicks scores. to the bottom of the eights. rodriguez gets back up the middle. coming home. rodriguez -- is gunned down. the nats win 5-2. the orioles with a chance to take three i need a row. the scare was broken open in the fifth. guides to center field. the birds go on to take three from chicago. his fifth win on the season. the final six-four. a big surprise i made the nba playoffs as the grizzlies and off the thunder 11-101.
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that's 1.888.884.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get the network that d divers more. get fios. a network ahead. things changing. >> we are looking at conditions that will start to deteriorate late tuesday. tomorrow, grab the umbrella. highs near 80 on tuesday. tuesday will be the cold front. and then a cold front moves through. then wednesday only in the lower 60s. a warm up -- thursday and friday daytime highs around 70. head over to for the
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latest forecast. you can check out the many hats of and cynee simpson. >> i love it.
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