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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sion on sunday to call the attack. even without confirmation osama would be inside. >> he made what i believe was one of the most that see -- gutsy calls of any president in recent memory. >> navy seals were armed with intelligence officials best guess about where he was hiding. >> the president originally planned to do a bombing of the compound. he was worried about not having proof of what happened. he was worried about civilians. they went ahead with the air assault plan. it was much more daring and risky. they held two rehearsals. it paid off. >> inside the white house situation room, the president and his team watched with visuals and updates in real time. >> it was one of the most anxiety-ridden times in our lives.
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>> the navy seals were on the ground less than 45 minutes. they shot osama bin laden in the face. >> that also killed two facilitators his son, and wife. the navy seals gathered computers and documents. when a helicopter crashed, white house officials called it a white knuckle moment. the seals buried him at sea while the president told the country the news shortly before midnight. >> we are safer because of the death of osama bin laden. >> even rush limbaugh is praising the president and the navy seals for what is being called a flawless performance. there are some criticism. -- there are some criticisms. some are criticizing the idea of burying him at all within 24 hours because of islamic law and that may not provide enough
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evidence that it was him. some are calling for an investigation wanting to know why the pakistani government did not alert them when he was living in a mansion clearly visible to locals. there's news tonight that a new bin laden tape could be released. it is believed the message was reported shortly before his death. there is no word on what he says on the tape. dear of retaliation has police agencies on heightened alert. if you are riding a train, plane, or bus, you are likely to notice more security. we continue our coverage from the metro stop with the details of your commute. >> metro police say there is no specific threat against the system. riders will likely notice some of the 450 police officers as they their presence known.
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>> the teams scoured the station for hours today. the dogs are an added, obvious elements to the stepped up security on the transit system that began this morning after the death of osama bin laden. >> now that i know there could be retaliation, i want to have security of every train station and stop. >> metro officials say more frequent bag checks are possible. >> we do not want to give up our safety. we have to sacrifice something. >> the metro police chief pointed out the extra security has no scheduled end date. in rockville they took turns speaking out or driving through the station. >> there would be the chance of retaliation. the metro could be targeted. i did not feel unsafe getting on
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the matter today. >> the department: security has not issued new warnings for airports. passengers at reagan national felt confident as they prepared to board. sarah did change her flight to a later one to monitor the news. >> i feel completely safe. i know everyone will be on heightened awareness. this may be the safest day to fly. >> many say bin laden's death will have no effect on their commute. >> it is like giving him victory. this is our country. >> the metro general manager emailed employees today advising them to be vigilant. customers are reminded that they see anything suspicious to alert a station manager or police officer. julie parker for abc 7 news. people began to crowd into ground zero in new york city moments after the word spread about bin laden's death last
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night. many celebrated at a site where thousands died. >> is a relief for us. hopefully it will bring down the threat level. >> and national pride i feel -- the national pride i feel is so much for our country. >> new york mayor bloomberg congratulated president obama on behalf of all new york residents. there was a touching scene at the pentagon memorial. this is an emotional ending of a grief stricken chapter for the family. their son was killed at the pentagon. after his death, they made him a promise. with the news that osama bin laden was killed, they were able to fulfil the promise. jennifer is live with that story. >> it has been a long time coming. many flocked to the memorial to pay their respects to the 184 people killed here among those lost was a sailor whose parents have waited for this day.
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it was a mother's promise to her dead son. he was killed when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon where he worked. >> on 9/11, i made a promise that the de bin laden was caught i would open champagne for him. >> champagne after almost a decade of grief. >> he told me to have a nice day. that was it. he never came back. >> the man responsible for that is gone. >> he is gone. >> he was just three days shy of his 28 birthday. he had been working and the pentagon for only three months. >> i spoke to him at 830 that morning and never knew that that would be the last conversation i have with him. >> at 9:37, the plane stopped. the mastermind behind the plot is dead. he was killed by his fellow navy
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men. >> i want to tell the navy thank you. good job. >> i opened the champagne at the cemetery. >> his mother said he would be smiling at her and the bottle of champagne. >> we are smiling today. >> it eases the pain for at least a day. >> maybe tomorrow we will have the pain again. it never goes away. >> despite the monumental news, his parents say the whole in their hearts -- hole in their hearts will never be filled. family members of 9/11 victims gathered in pennsylvania. united flight 93 crossed into this field. relatives showed up just after the news broke last night only to find the blocked because of construction of the memorial. a developer's plan to open up the completed memorial in time for the september 10
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anniversary. a group of students and teachers died on the plane struck the pentagon. we went back to their school to get reaction to the news. sam? >> i am outside the elementary school in southwest washington. we heard phrases like "closure" and "justice was served." 6 teachers and students from three d.c. public schools were part of a group to go to a science fair in science -- san francisco sponsored by the national geographic. they boarded flight 77. like these kids, they were public school students. the photo in the school office shows them at dulles airport. it is the students and their sponsors just before they boarded the flight that crashed into the pentagon. the teachers remember them. >> she said that everything
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would be ok. i told her to have a safe trip and that i would see her when she got back. he was a nice young man and had a promising future. he loved basketball. >> much of it seems to be a shrine to those who perished. today, sixth graders told us about what they discussed in class. >> it was kind of messed up. the terrorists should not have done it. we did not do anything to mess with them. >> she was my father's teacher. everyone says he was loved very much. >> they were from ketchum elementary. the others were from an elementary school that is now closed. the teachers here will never forget. >> she loved the world, a geography.
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teaching was her passion. >> every time you think about 9/11 or any type of terrorism you have to relive that day. >> the "national geographic" employees were also on the flight. it was not just the people on the airplane affected here. another of two of the students here was killed in the pentagon itself when the plane hit. reporting live sfrom southwest washington, sam ford for abc 7. it came together to comment on the death of osama bin laden. >> misses a day when we can recall that his name and videos will no longer be produced to remind us of the hatred he committed.
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it is also a day to say that we have to move beyond the acts of revenge to reconciliation. >> executive director called on president obama to take the opportunity to focus on protecting civilian lives in afghanistan. one local family who can speak as muslims who also lost a loved one on nine of 11 -- on 9/11 told their story for the first time to greta. >> many forget that muslims also died on 9/11. they had to deal with fear and suspicion afterwards. they want people to know that osama bin laden was their enemy as well and they are glad he is gone. >> he and his father are muslim. they're also victims of the 9/11. their sister and daughter and her new husband both work in the north tower of the world trade center. osama bin laden's death has been
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welcome news. >> i hate him. he killed my innocence sister and brother-in-law. >> the basement has become a memorial with her focus a diploma, and jewelry. to them, osama bin laden was nothing more than a terrorist. >> our religion does not allow anyone to kill innocent people. >> that is a sentiment that true muslims to the celebration of the white house. >> it is such a relief is gone. >> in 2005, she and her husband were identified. he flew to new york to preside over the funeral. >> anyone who would question why he was brought to justice needs to remember those people.
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>> their muslim hearts were broken by osama bin laden. >> there is no point of killing innocent people. you will come to justice somehow. >> they also told me that while part of them would have liked to see him captured and brought to stand trial, they knew he would fight to the death. in the end, they say that justice was done. the last 24 hours have been emotional. when the news was announced celebrations erupted in the streets of d.c. and around world. natasha is live with more on the celebrations. >> after the announcement last night, a lot of americans say they fell to nine dead after they did -- a lot of americans say they've dealt united -- they feel united like they did after 9/11. others say it is too much. >> usa! .
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>> the chanting could be heard outside the white house. the crowds gathered to celebrate the announcement. at one point, thousands of people came together waving flags and singing the national anthem. hundreds of students also rallied in the middle of the night at the university of maryland. it is more of a quiet day outside the white house this afternoon. some were holding american flags. others took a moment of silence to reflect on the news of the day. >> certainly is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the armed forces and our intelligence agencies. i do not think it is the time to be planting trees and screening as they did last night. >> these totals were released of troops on the front lines in afghanistan watching president obama announced a world that osama bin laden was killed. >> it is amazing to be here. >> this high school group was in town for a competition. they visited the pentagon
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memorial and white house. >> if we showed that kind of emotion over here, american people in the middle east might be targeted. >> i have heard from local churches today. they're trying to come together and planned a candlelight vigil for the victims of 9/11 and our troops. live from near the white house, natasha barrett. our coverage of the death of osama bin laden continues tonight. coming up, a look at the trail that led to bin laden. we will look at news headlines from around the country. we are following breaking news of the crash and traffic back. this happened in the last hour on interstate 66 before the fairfax county parkway.
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two cars were involved. one person died. all lanes of i-66 west are blocked. traffic is being routed on to 50. traffic is blocked for miles. officials expect the lanes to be closed for several hours. it would be best to find an alternate route this evening. nasa is scrambling to prepare the space shuttle endeavour. mark kelly and his crew returned to houston. his wife also returned to her houston rehab. a spokesman said she will be going back to florida to watch her husband's shuttle launch. the nasa engineers are trying to fix a bad fuse box. gasoline prices are nearing $4 a gallon. there currently at $3.95. it is up one penny since yesterday and 9 cents since last week. the doctor accused in the
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death of michael jackson will wait to go to trial. defense lawyers say they need more time to prepare to defend him. he has pleaded not guilty to charges that he was negligent in administering drugs to jackson before his death. the trial will now begin in september. the army corps of engineers is pumping liquid explosives into a levy on the mississippi river. they're trying to decide whether to blast it to spare a small town. more rain is falling on an area that has faced unprecedented flooding. it could flood 130,000 acres of farmland and crush the local economy. there was an emergency appeal from misery to stop the blast. more tornadoes touched down last week banned in any other 24-hour time in history. analysts believe three and a 12 touched down and killed at least three and a 40 people. -- analysts believe that 312
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touched down and killed at least 340 people. >> janet napolitano made a promise to those who survived. >> it will not be a quick or immediate comeback. in my view, it will be complete when all is said and done. >> fema opened relief offices in alabama this weekend. the plan to open up more locations for storm victims to receive assistance and information. >> the devastation is incredible. >> the numbers are incredible. new advances are hoping to get the warnings out. are there more tornadoes occurring or are we seeing more of what is out there? it is an interesting story to watch. our weather story is quiet. it may not be quiet tomorrow. we may get thunderstorms. let's look at the live camera of
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chesapeake bay. they are and a small craft advisory. the seven winds are gusting. -- the southern wind is gusting. we have had some sunshine. the wind is pushing temperatures to 80 degrees in rockville. 75 in gaithersburg and 81 in manassas. you have to get up to the great lakes to see a real show in the air. 39 degrees reported in michigan. minneapolis is wondering where spring is at 30 degrees. the cool air is moving this way. it will arrive wednesday into friday. the southern wind will push ahead of the developing storm center. you can see the contrast of temperatures. anytime you see this shift with a noticeable difference in temperatures, if you can bet there is a final zone involved.
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this cold front is slow moving. we will only see clouds tonight. there may be some sprinkles out west in the mountains this evening. it will be tomorrow evening and tomorrow night when the area of low pressure will bring the chance of showers and thunderstorms. there could be steady rain overnight tomorrow into wednesday morning. colder air will bring clearing. here is a simulation. it is bringing the front through tomorrow afternoon with showers and storms. there is a steady rain pattern behind it. it should work out on wednesday. there will be cool temperatures and clearing after that. there is a chance of severe weather as it approaches the mountains tomorrow. here is what it looks like an hour express forecast. we love partly cloudy skies. it will be 60 when you wake up tomorrow. -- we will have partly cloudy
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skies. temperatures are turning cooler behind the front on tuesday. afternoon temperatures are 20 degrees cooler on tuesday. thursday will be sunny and pleasant. it will be cool at 68. the weekend looks ok. it will be partly sunny with a slight chance of a mother's day afternoon shower across the viewing area. just 17 more shows remain. you have a chance to see one of the final shows in person. we're giving away a pair of tickets every day until may 4. today's word is "evening." log on to to into the key words to win tickets. you have to be able to travel around the show date. the show is coming to a close.
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that will be the last chance. there is strong praise for the navy seals that took down osama bin laden. >> the roll social media played in spreading the word of his death. >> a house in prince william county explodes hours before the family was set to move in. we
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5:26 pm
what the home looks like. it is absolutely stunning when you see that the roof and walls blew out away from the house. the house had been five years in the making. the homeowner was getting ready to give the keys to a new family to rent. >> i am thankful. but everything she has is inside the house, except her family. >> gloria skinner moved all of her belongings into the home. she and her family were set to start their new life here today -- but not now. when they tried to pull into the industry the police officer told her the house was gone. >> removing in today. he said the house blew up. >> the owner of the home had been inside putting the finishing touches before they moved in. despite the flames, neighbors rushed in to rescue the injured honor. >> i did not think anybody would come out alive.
5:27 pm
it was the entire house. >> it was raining insulation. >> parts of the home spread out like shrapnel over homes and rooftops. no one else was hurt. >> it was blown up in a matter of seconds. >> prince william county fire executives are trying to piece together what made the house come apart. it appears that natural gas had been leaking for a while. there is no word on how or why. >> i am thankful to god that nobody was really hurt. the family was with me and everything. >> you can see where the roof is sitting on a basement windows. we understand the homeowner who was going to rent a house out is in the kind of condition where fire marshals will be able to talk to him to see what he noticed before the blast. coming up at 5:00, new
5:28 pm
details about the murder suspect, including an old restraining order against her. >> how did u.s. intelligence track down osama bin laden? i will have the dramatic details on how the navy seals practiced for the raid. that is coming up. >> in the
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you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. one of the most intriguing story to unfold is exactly how u.s. forces tracked down osama bin laden. >> all it took was the right to it to lead officials to a million-dollar compound instead of a cave. scott is in the satellite center to explain. >> this operation was so secretive that no foreign officials were told, only a small circle within the u.s. government knew what was about to happen. just how a group of elite navy seals took down the world's most wanted terrorist took years to unfold. it began with a detainee told interrogators about a man that he trusted deeply -- courier. it could be a challenge just to identify him. >> we have to get the name he was known by. we associated that with his real name. it had to be associated with
5:32 pm
other things. >> that was four years ago. two years later, they pinpointed the courier's region and last august, his home. the pace picked up rapidly. >> is president believed before he became president that he would move quickly. bin laden was never spotted there, but the clues were adding up at the custom build million- dollar home. 18 foot walls barbwire, security gates -- but no internet or telephone lines. they burned their own trash. by mid-february confidence was soaring. over the next 2.5 months, president obama led five meetings based solely on how to handle the raid. navy seals began practicing on a replica compound built inside the u.s., based on the four planned -- on the floor plan. on friday just before traveling to alabama mr. obama gave the green light. >> he made one of the gutsiest
5:33 pm
call to the president in recent memory. >> the location of the compound has caused many to wonder if the pakistanis knew that the some of the law and was living there. it is located just half a mile from the pakistani military academy with thousands of soldiers. talks between the two sides are under way. the news of his killing had an immediate reaction from local law-enforcement bracing for any type of retaliatory attack on the nation's capitol. local officials are coordinating with federal agencies and putting more police on the streets. we continue our live team coverage from northwest washington. mark? >> the calls began late last night. the mayor coordinated with his director of homeland security and the chief of police. the helicopters were deployed to oversee the crowds around the white house. now, more than 100 reserve officers have been activated.
5:34 pm
police around the metro region are on a heightened state of alert. here is the districts unified command center. the emergency command center has not been fully opera reactivated. more officers are patrolling the ground. at the marine barracks, they brought out the big guns while standing guard. >> everything is beefed up. >> does it make you feel more secure? >> sure. >> the d.c. mayor says the city is not taking any chances. >> we are the nation's capitol. we could be more of a target than anyplace else. >> for the residents and tourists we spoke with some of the possibility of retaliation did not keep them from their normal plan. >> i feel safe here. we were right down here. we see high security of the time. >> i feel safe. if something is going to happen, it is going to happen anywhere. >> sources tell abc seven that
5:35 pm
in addition to the more than 100 reserve officers, about 100 more police personnel were shifted to patrol duty today. she says her officers are including mosques, the pentagon and other areas as part of a heightened alert. >> as far as security now, i feel as good as i did yesterday or the before. >> the district director of homeland security says there is no credible threat against the district right now. police chief live nearnnear stresses that the high alert is not distracting from regular patrols in the neighborhoods. abc news will have special extended coverage tonight of osama bin laden's death. world news and "9" will both be one hour long. >> the murder suspect is
5:36 pm
painted as a stalker. he says that she used his alarm code to enter his home in 2007. brandt says norwood stole his cell phone and use it to call his new girlfriend. he filed a restraining order but said she continued to follow him. in march norwood allegedly killed murray inside the store where they both worked. part of the beltway opened after an explosion involving a tanker truck. before and 11:00 the tanker flipped on its side. crews spent a day cleaning up cooking oil that spilled out. they have charged the driver with reckless driving. he was not seriously hurt. it is time for a check on the traffic. mike joins us with details. it looks like we're still having problems on 66. >> we're looking at video of the
5:37 pm
accident. west down 66 is still shut down. all westbound lanes are locked between fair oaks and fairfax. traffic is being diverted onto westbound rte. 50. there are very heavy delays from nutley. other areas are backed up as well. the outer loop is slow to the dulles toll road. the inner loop is seen deglazelays. back to you in the studio. chris >> coming @ -- >> millions of people experienced the story of a some of the modern online through social networks. that story is next. >> at 6:00, still in danger. the mastermind al qaeda may be gone.
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social media played an important role in spreading the word of bin laden's death.
5:41 pm
>> hundreds of people went to the white house last night. millions experienced the news online. take a look at this. this search has been rated as volcanic by google. that is the highest rating for internet searches. if we switch to twitter look at all of the tweets. this is the second busiest twitter conversation ever. outside the white house, they are doing what millions have done in the past 24 hours. there posting about the death of osama bin laden. they watched facebook from home last night. >> i watched in my pajamas and felt like i was there. >> i think everyone felt was a great day. >> this man is taking a picture of 1600 pennsylvania that is heading for facebook. it was a facebook alert on his phone that woken up and gave him the news. >> we are very excited.
5:42 pm
we are here to celebrate. >> at its peak while president obama spoke to the nation, people were posting more than 5000 tweets per second. the source of the white house sent us their pictures -- people outside of the white house sent us their pictures. one twitter pakistan was unknowingly posting about the raid. he said there was a big bang and hoped it was not the start of something nasty. she posted a simple message -- thank you. around 9:30 last night, a white house official announced the president's speech on twitter. a former pentagon official tweeted that the sullivan line was dead. news sites have seen a big spike
5:43 pm
in traffic. if you have pictures to share please send them to us. >> we will try to post some of the photos online. up next -- >> you do not realize it until you see the headlines. this is something huge. >> headlines from around the world show the magnitude of bin laden's death. >> a show of navy pride in annapolis. see how they celebrated the this is the sleep numbestore, a plac% that changes lives every day. as the sleep number setting goes down, the mattress gets softer. that's nice. as the sleep number setting goes up, the bed gets firmer. it's really molding to my body. wow. they do that a lot. fourteen-hundred sleep number experts and the number that can change your life. only at the sleep number store.
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usa! . >> news of his death set off this electric celebration of the military academy. west point heard the news over the intercom just before the president spoke. around 4000 cadets came out to celebrate in the central area and then marched off to the superintendent's office. it was a similar scene at the naval academy as well. >> the navy seals risked their lives to catch and kill osama bin laden. today, their native brothers and
5:47 pm
sisters celebrated accomplishment. -- their navy seal brothers and sisters celebrated the accomplishment. >> when news of his death reached the naval academy they gathered around a tv screens. they heard the details and it was their brothers in the navy seals that carried out the raid. they erupted into a celebration that was then recorded and posted on youtube. call it navy pride. plenty in our area are feeling it. >> just knowing the navy was involved in the operation really sets my heart aflutter. >> they were visiting the navy memorial on pennsylvania avenue. the 24-year navy veteran decided to come on this day to show his wife the navy memorial devoted to those like himself. >> the hairs on my neck for standing up.
5:48 pm
>> he says he has special respect for the seals. >> i have worked with them for 24 years. i know what they're made of. >> at the naval academy tonight they're back to work and final exams. many will soon graduate. some of them will be off to combat as marines and seals. for them, the admiral had a special message. >> there is only one thing i have to say. man the torpedoes! >> that was brad bell reporting. celebrations show just how much it means to americans. this vote shows firefighters showing their support in times square as word of his death crossed the news ticker. one of them is giving two a thumbs up. >> i can imagine what they're feeling. >> it has been quite an emotional day. gordon peterson is live with
5:49 pm
a look ahead. >> what is coming up at 6:00 is more on the killing of osama bin laden. we will have a report from arlington national cemetery on the way families of those killed are reacting to the development. i will have those stories and more at 6:00. we have a look at what is coming up on abc's primetime. the remaining celebrities hit the dance floor. they will not just perform individual dances. they are also going to be participating in a group dance. we will have to see who leads the pack after the judges' scores. that is at 8:00. let's check out what doug hill has. >> we have sunshine but clouds. because of not give the temperature down. we have been able to soar to the
5:50 pm
mid-70's because of a strong wind. it is 78 and sterling. stafford is 80. it is cooler north of the metro region. i see some green across northern west virginia. those are spotty showers. they may make it to cumberland tonight. the main rain across the ohio valley will bring as increasing chances the thunderstorms tomorrow. there may be steady rain tomorrow night. 56-62 degrees tonight, miles. we will have warmer temperatures tomorrow into the 80's. showers and thunderstorms possible in the afternoon. later at night is when the heavy rain develops in the area. the storm center will come through. we will clear things out later in the day on wednesday. as far as rainfall potential when computer model puts the numbers on the map for us. you can see the final totals. around an inch or more southwest
5:51 pm
of the metro area. 60% chance of rain tomorrow night. showers on wednesday morning. isolated showers in the afternoon. there will be a slight chance of showers on sunday. that is the latest. back to you. quite an emotional day. >> it has been amazing. >> since 9/11, you think of all the people who have sacrificed since that day. the teams and players helped us put things in perspective today. >> the capitals just lost the game two heartbreaker when he got a text message from his brother. >> he said things were going crazy down by the white house. i asked if it was because we lost. he said it was because they got osama bin laden. >> after the news, we kind of
5:52 pm
forgot about the game a bit. >> i am conscientious about what went on. >> the fans last night got word by their phones. they erupted into chance of "usa!" >> they got this one right. >> the defending champion was in town today. his reaction? >> it is big news around world. terrorism is a big part of everyone's lives nowadays. growing up in northern ireland, i am familiar with it. >> williams was at the university of maryland. >> i do not consider myself someone who wants revenge. i think this was the right thing to do this. you have to show the rest of the world that we are the united states. we do not stand for anything like that to happen to our country. >> caleb is a master sergeant.
5:53 pm
he frequently sings the national eanthem at caps games. >> because a lot of deaths. he got justice. i will would want mercy, but he got justice. >> this event has put things in perspective. >> it is very unifying. >> this will be the only time i ever did police vans credit. they were great. -- this will really, ever give the phillies fans credit. they were great. headlines from around the world are
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the fbi wasted no time updating the list of most wanted terrorists. it now shows his picture with the word "deceased."
5:57 pm
he had been on that since 1999. they offered a $27 million reward for his capture or death. news of his death made its way to run a world record speed. newspaper headlines were quick to catch the attention of readers. >> people at the museum were able to see them from around the globe. >> justice served. the headlines from newspapers around the country screaming the same thing -- osama bin laden is gone. >> i was looking for the one from south carolina because that is where i am from. >> people stopped in to take part in history in the making. >> this is the most important thing since 9/11. >> "u.s. mails the --" we did that is one way to put it. >> the emotions of that morning
5:58 pm
come flooding back. she remembers a family friend killed in the twin tower. >> i noticed the box of tissues when i came in. i thought it was strange because no one would cry. now look to me. >> it makes you think back to 10 years ago and where you were when you heard it. it brings back to life old memories. >> it brings it back fresh. it was reality. this was not really closure, but it gives you something to explain to the kids. >> nostalgia aside many are curious to see how the news is indigested around the world. >> i want to see how this been handled nationally and globally. it is important. >> newseum staffers agree. they posted papers from around the world about reaction to the death of a some of the modern.
5:59 pm
that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up next, new details on the death of osama bin laden. we have team coverage of how it went down and how the world is reacting. also, a day of reflection in light of the developments. hear from those remembering the victims of 9/11. could his death sparked another attack? live and in h.d., this is abc 7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. we begin with an end to the manhunt for osama bin laden. >> osama bin laden was shot dead by navy seals during a firefight in pakistan. we have the a from abc news showing the compound after the attack. this is exclusive video. president obama says


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