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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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is a safer place because of his death. we begin with rebecca cooper at the white house for the latest details. >> it was 9:40 last night when abc news was tilted a camera ready because the president would make an appearance. shortly before midnight, the president made the official announcement. it had taken years to find him and months to investigate every lead. the cia had become more confident recently it that osama bin laden was inside the multimillion dollar compound in a town near an islamabad. the president had to make the decision to make the raid on the one for sure. by sunday they got their man. the president made the announcement to the nation late sunday night. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader of al qaeda. >> there was no notification to the pakistan military. they scrambled to try to
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intercept the two low-flying helicopters. they had a team of more experienced navy seals. they killed five inside. they identified osama bin laden before shooting him twice in the face. >> if we had the opportunity to take him alive we would have done that. >> they were prepared to shoot if you resisted. he did. the president and his team monitored the attack from the situation room. the president spoke to the nation only after dna evidence confirmed it was bin laden. his body was buried at sea. >> officials calculated the worst thing was to have a shrine to terrorism and osama bin line. they wanted to respect the muslim burial tradition. they did within 24 hours. >> the streets surrounding the white house became filled with those celebrating the news. today white house officials announced they had decapitated the head of the snake. there has been criticism of the decision to bury his body so
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quickly at sea. white house officials say they are considering releasing photographs and other evidence to prove that it was osama bin laden killed yesterday in pakistan. reporting live at the white house, rebecca cooper for abc 7 news. people flocked to ground zero to celebrate the death of osama bin laden. more than 3000 people died in the terror attacks. families of 9/11 victims and first responders were those at the sight of blood was once the world trade center. people across the area are gathered to talk about his death and remember the attacks on americans. abc 7 was at the pentagon memorial. families stopped by to pay respects to love one's that died there when flight 77 crashed into the pentagon nearly 10 years ago. pamela? >> it is and nixon a motion
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from visitors to the memorial. -- it was mixed emotion from the visitors to the memorial. the memories flooded back. the all share the same hope that his death will bring a sense of closure to the victims' families. >> coming home and honoring family. >> just back from serving in afghanistan. she felt very emotional today after hearing the news of the death of osama bin laden. >> i left just five days ago. i want to be back with them in this time. >> now back at home, there is nowhere else she would rather be than paying her respects to the pentagon a moral. her father escaped unharmed on 9/11. others did not. >> knowing so many people in the pentagon that day it is very much something we think about on a daily basis. >> this is his 25th student to d.c. with high school student. this one carried more weight
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than ever. -- this is his 25th trip with students to d.c. he was awakened by students who cannot wait to share the news. >> they were yelling and confused and excited. just like entire country, how do you respond? >> decided to give a special tribute to the victims. >> hopefully it gives people hope for the future that nothing like this will happen again. >> it turns out a school group from iowa originally planned to put the racwreath at arlington memorial cemetery. after the news, they felt more fitting to put it here. thousands flocked to the white house after the news that osama bin laden had been killed. early this morning american flags waved over the massive crowds.
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the sound of the crowd filled the streets as young and old participated in the spontaneous celebration. al qaeda has vowed revenge for the killing of osama bin laden. that has some concerned. travelers have been warned to be on guard for possible trouble. airports are on alert. 9/11 attacks changed how americans live for ever. we are live at reagan national airport. >> here at reagan national, they did not miss a beat today. one passenger said that we have learned that you cannot let your fears paralyzed. the jubilation of the news of the death of osama bin laden was tempered most of the nation's airports today. >> i am flying today. of course you are nervous. >> could there be a retaliatory attack? that is in the back of her mind as she prepares to board a plane headed for denver.
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>> you cannot let it interfere with your plans. >> it is business at usual at the airport today. government officials will increase security at airports, train stations, and subways. >> i think it will try to do something. i just do not know what. >> should we be looking for an attempted terrorist attack now that bin lavin is dead? experts say, you bet. >> they will use this as an excuse to speed up an attack or plan one. >> the secretary of state issued a special alert to americans traveling overseas to be extra careful of the next few days and weeks. reporting live reagan national airport for abc 7 news. much more ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, including how the victims of other attacks ordered by osama bin laden are reflecting on his death. >> also, a security crackdown in the area. we will show you where you will
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see an increased police presence. >> service members killed in the war and terror are being remembered after this extraordinary development. warm temperatures now. there's a storm system out west. my forecast is just minutes away he
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. the september 11 attacks were part of a series of attacks by the al qaeda network. >> the terror group is blamed for the 1998 bombing of the u.s. embassyies. 231 people died in the attacks. a survivor. at the site of the blast. he lost his eyesight in the bombings. he says he finally has closure but wishes bin laden had been captured alive. despite the heightened alert around world, the u.s. government says it has no plans to raise the terror alert level. tenant a paulette thomas says the alerts are used only when specific -- janet nepal gitanitano says dealers are used only when specific threats have been made. she believes the world is safer. there will be increased
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patrols in the district and run the capital. officers are increasing security at mosques and synagogues. the state department is asking americans to be vigilant. metro is stepping up security amid fears of retaliation. the k-9 teams were in full force this afternoon. that is one of many procedures put in place to increase security. expect to see more uniformed officers at each station. they say in visible security measures are also in effect. still to come at 6:00, remembering those killed during the hunt for osama bin laden. we will hear from the families of service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> also elected a forecast. storms are moving this way. the forecast is coming up. >> we will see if the storms will affect the games tonight. the caps are in trouble. last night's overtime loss was quick. it was decisive. we will have a look back and head
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we continue with those who paid the altman price in the war on terrorism. americans are paying their
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respects to service members killed in the quest to find some of the modern. >> more than 6000 americans have been killed in wars in iraq and afghanistan. many of them are buried at arlington national cemetery. ben joins us with more on the national heroes. >> friends and family flooded arlington cemetery today. they came to cry and celebrate and share victory with the loved ones sacrificed to achieve it. >> i was not there to have his back when it happened. >> he served and grew up with bixler. died five years ago in iraq. he enjoyed a new beginning today and a sense of closure and triumph for a lifelong friend. >> i am glad to be here with steve today. >> people came from far and wide to visit loved ones. the afghanistan section remained
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as busy as ever. >> there were more flowers than i have seen a long time. >> i love is over. i am worried about what will happen next. -- i am glad it is over. i am worried about what will happen next. >> the very the marine who died a week ago in afghanistan. -- they buried the marine who died a week ago in afghanistan. >> if that happened a long time ago, maybe he would not have been there. >> they hope this will help him and the others rest in peace. >> i feel like he is more at peace now. he died doing what he wanted to do. now is over. >> survivors say nothing can bring their loved ones back, but the announcement last night gave them a sense of profound pride in what they gave their lives for. >> coverage of the death of osama bin laden continues tonight with an expanded edition
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of world news at 6:30, an update on abc 7 news at 11:00 and a special hour-long "nightline." you can find the news online at anytime at the wind from the south warned us up. we got close to 80. we have another one day tomorrow. it will head the other day. the rapid weather changes continue. let's look at temperatures around the area. quite a few areas are still close to 80 degrees. 79 in bethesda. the official ratings african national -- the average high is 71. 77 was the official high today. 55 was the morning low. temperatures are in the 70's and low 80s.
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with cloud cover, it will be a slow drop in temperatures. it will drop somewhat later this evening. we will be about 60 in the city by the morning. cooler to the jurors to the north and west. -- cooler temperatures to the north and west. we're finding active weather around the front. showers and thunderstorms accompanied the cold front. i think we will have partly sunny skies tomorrow. it will be warm and breezy. grafton, showers. tomorrow night we could have steady rain behind the cold front. it will take awhile on wednesday. we will start to clear things out. it will turn colder for a few days before warming up of the end of the week. there's a slight risk of severe weather tomorrow afternoon and evening. clear and mild in the morning. 75 of 82 in the afternoon with
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isolated thunderstorms. when we get to wednesday look for the rain to end. only 62 by wednesday. upper 70's on thursday. mother's day weekend will be partly sunny with a chance of showers by sunday afternoon. we have breaking news. brad bell is live on 66 where there is an accident. >> it has been a traffic nightmare out here. this is the westbound lane of 66. there is a heavy recorwrecker, police vehicle, and no traffic. a traffic accident claimed the life of one person. the family has been affected by
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the loss. the traffic has been the real story. just about every east-west road in the region is backed up. our television station is in roslyn, va.. into this two hours to get here west of fairfax for the accident occurred. traffic was taken off of 66 and put on 50. it was brought back on at 7100 fairfax parkway. at that point, traffic is flowing freely. it looks like it will be closed more. they're still working to document and clean of the wreck. back to you. the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> let's talk sports. the caps have a serious problem. they know it. they dominated the regular season. that has nothing to do with the playoffs despite the fact that they dominated statistically
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last night. they lost in overtime. they're down to their games. they are in trouble now. let's take you back downtown. they are down 2-1. the to the chance and made it pay. he not sit in -- he puts it in. there is a sloppy line change. they brought it back quickly. he never had a chance. campeau wins the game. they lead, 2-zero. -- tampa wins the game. >> if we can go to tampa and when the first one -- win the first one never know what can happen. the series is not over. it is just beginning. >> george mason officially introduced the new basketball coach today. the former georgia tech coach is the night had man in the history of the patriot program.
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he will be 38 on wednesday. the club won 27 games this past season. that is a gold mine for a man who was fired in mid-march after 11 seasons with the yellow jackets. >> this is probably the only place i would have done if this fast. i was a little beat up after my last run. it happens. it is part of the game. no hard feelings. this was just too good to turn down. >> the congressional country club is gearing up for next month's u.s. open. the second major championship begins in 44 days. the defending open champion was in town today. he talked about his win last june at pebble. he also understands the reality of the situation. >> on thursday, it is not my trophy anymore. we're all trying to win it. all i can do is prepare myself.
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>> nats against the giants tonight. they have won three of four. they're just one game below 500. rodriguez of lock it up. danny scores easily from third. he comes home. the nationals beat the giants. 5-2. tonight is military appreciation night at the ballpark. active or retired military personnel can get free tickets to the game this evening. the promotion has been planned for months. in light of recent events, timing could not have been better. >> you are right [ male announcer
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this past week has sparked one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in history. we will tell you why tornado warnings may be on the rise in how new technology is helping us better forecast tornadoes. join us at 11:00. what is the latest for us? >> one more warm day. 82 tomorrow with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. it will warm up on thursday. there may be a few showers on friday. we will be in the low 70's for a while. >> that is not bad for may. >> a special edition of abc news
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is coming up next. >> have a good night.
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