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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> did you put your blankets away? you might want to grab one today. i will explain. abc7 news starts now. >> the president says no. of thisa photo of osama bin laden will not be revealed. >> why the issue has caused a big divide in more ways than one. >> 7 is on your side on the new we can go green without spending a lot of green. >> going solar without breaking the bank, coming up. >> they say they are second- class citizens. the dramatic fight that led to handcuffs. >> a well-known d.c. resident among a dozen arrested. abc7 news starts now. >> life and i and hd. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. on your side. >> we begin tonight with the
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decision and reaction from all sides after president obama makes one of the biggest decisions in his presidency. the white house will not release photos of osama bin laden's corpse to the public and that decision has received praise and criticism. we have been following this story all week. >> president obama made it clear that he believes releasing the photos could do more harm than good and in fact, could create a national security risk. for three days, the question has lingered whether to release greyson poes of osama bin laden shot dead and buried at sea. >> i do not see any benefit. >> people will still doubt it. >> there is soon to be an air of an interview. president obama said he saw the photograph. >> there is no doubt we killed osama bin laden. >> he will not release the
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images. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of someone who was shot in the head are not fooling around. >> on capitol hill say there are bigger issues to explore. like where pakistan's loyalties lie. >> it is important we find out whether the pakistanis have knowledge of osama bin laden being located where he was. >> the navy seals confiscated 10 computer hard drives, 100 thumb drives and 10 cell phone. as experts combed through the technology, and christophe -- increased law-enforcement is on alert. >> he is dead, we are done with it. let's move on. >> several senators say they saw a photo of a corpse but was not
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verified as authentic. we will never know what that authentic photo looks like since the white house has been clear in saying a photo will not come from them. we asked your opinion on showed a photo of osama bin laden release? 33% of you believe a total should be released. 10% say you are not sure. 37 cent% say it should not. there is a spate of fake photos. >> we are learning about the problem and how it is tied to the internet. warning of internet links that take you to the photos, but they are viruses. social media has become the home
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of several conspiracy theories. law enforcement has stepped up security as president obama prepares to visit ground zero tomorrow. the police were more visible. the president is scheduled to lay wreaths at the towers and is expected to meet with the families of those killed in the trade center attack. the fight over voting rights turns emotional and crosses the line of legality. a protest led by a well-known member of the d.c. council leads to a dozen under arrest. >> this female lead protest has landed mary chegg behind bars. there are angry over congress's decision to ban the city from using its own local [inaudible]
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they gave three warnings and they moved in. with police wagons. being cheered on from the curb, the councilman's sat shoulder to shoulder and was detained herself. before being handcuffed and arrested the representative showed us how she came prepared ready with get out of jail money in her pocket. >> not only do we have to worry about whether we will have a vote in a body that controls those, they want to control our local funds. >> we have come today. >> the crowd of 100 demonstrators gathered to rally for voting rights and local the economy. -- autonomy. she was more than willing tonight. >> it makes me know that my elected leaders are standing up for my rights. >> hours before the civil
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disobedience the house approved the measure that would not allow abortion for low-income women. >> whether or not you support abortion rights or support school vouchers, it is not about the individual issues. it is about supporting dc's writes. >> we understand the next rally will be tomorrow morning at the courthouse when 18 of the b.c. 41 will appear before a judge. an interesting note. the wordher office never returned our calls. >> another setback for the launch of space shuttle endeavour. nasa is postponing the launch. nasa said they are testing the electrical system that caused a short circuit. that which presented --
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prevented the liftoff. another six man crew has returned to florida. >> mitt romney has a big lead in new hampshire. he has the support of 36% of likely republican voters. donald trump been%. mike huckabee and ron paul tied for third and 6%. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 0.8%. >> prince charles met with president obama at the white house this evening. they discussed energy and environmental issues in the oval office. the stock was the last on a two day trip to washington. he visited georgetown university where he gave a speech to students about environmentally friendly farming. the rain as moved out of the
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region. get ready for cold start tomorrow morning. -- a cold start tomorrow morning. >> we had some of those blasting showers and the skies are clear. look at the temperatures. out there in the shenandoah valley. you can see the temperatures are in the 40's and there are some spots that we will be saying south of peter cert -- petersburg and west virginia. that is a phrase warning that is out. temperatures will be dipping into the 30's. a great double rainbow late this afternoon. this is from arlington. i will show you many more and some video also when i join you. we will see some sunshine and quiet weather. joining you from the doppler weather center in a few minutes. >> 7 is on your side with the way for you to go green inside your home without spending tens of thousands of dollars. you could see a lot more solar panels in your neighborhood. this is because of a new low- priced option where people who
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want to harness the sun's energy. >> the son starts over here and there will have -- the sun starts here and there are 16 panels and 12 panels for the garage. >> she is going solar but she is not writing a check for tens of thousands of dollars to buy the system. premier is signed a 20-year lease, a new option for residents in maryland and the district that can cut the up- front cost to zero. >> the system will not cover the entire electric bill but it will make a significant savings per month. in the wintertime, we hope we can adjust our usage and make the meter run backwards. >> it would run a credit instead of a bill. while the silver market grew 67% in 2010, -- solar market grew 70% -- 67% in 2010 the system
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costs around $30,000. solar city captures the tax benefit but says the customer saves also. >> the system here is about a 5 kilowatt system. that will knock out 80 hours a month and may be paying $60 a month in lease payments. >> ramirez should be saving money while becoming something she has wanted to be. >> i want to be green. >> it could take months to get the panels on the roof. in the first month the company signed up 20 homeowners. four times the typical monday in sales. expect to double its workforce in maryland to keep up with growing -- they expect to double the workforce in maryland to keep up with growing demand. slots less than 20 miles away from the district. why the plan has been swept. the widow of a police
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officer killed in a shootout speaks for the first time. how she and her family are moving forward five years later. none of us like to pay tolls. $10 at the d
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. on your side. >> you may end up paying more to travel on a certain well- traveled highway. $10.75 to go through. >> soe trafford -- some transportation officials said this might happen on the dulles toll road. >> we paid $2 to ride on the toll road and those numbers have increased significantly. -- have not increased
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significantly but there is talk of a $10 told by the end of this decade. some drivers are calling it highway robbery. >> it is horrible. >> the airport authority confirming a report by the wtop that rates could jump to $5.50 in four years and $10.75 by 20/20. >> this is an expensive project but it will serve the community for decades. >> he is talking about the extension. $3.5 billion for phase 2 partly paid for with tolls. >> marcus uses the toll road nearly every day and is not happy. >> i think it is already expensive enough. most of the time it is not quicker. >> the airport authority hopes the federal loan will ease the pain. >> if we have it, it would be two-thirds of that. maybe $6. it is a huge difference.
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>> some wonder if they go into effect if drivers will be able to use other routes. >> it will be less stress on the other road. i do not think that will happen. if it goes over $5. >> vince sanders says the end of the project justifies the means. >> it has been a long time coming. the nation needs a train to go to the airport. >> folks, do not panic. this is not a done deal. they have to have a firstvote but this is a possibility. a rockville woman is fighting for her life and her husband is recovering from serious injuries. their home exploded with them both inside. it happened early this morning on ashley drive. the explosion was so big it destroyed the home and damaged
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others nearby. investigators believe but natural gas leak during the installation of a clothes dryer caused the explosion. >> the widow of slain police officer michael garbarino speaks out. >> we're not bitter or angry. that will not help us move forward. >> five years ago garbarino and another officer became the first to killed in the line of duty. >> also new tonight, a temporary slot is ascheduled to open has been delayed. it has scrapped plans for a temporary slots parlor inside a parking garage. it will construct a temporary facility in a section of the permanent casino. the new temporary facility is scheduled to open in june of
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next year and the project should be completed by october of next year. a bit chilly, a preview of autumn. we had those wonderful showers come through. how can you get two rainbows? it was that right combination of a few light rain showers and the son being low enough in the sky. 50 degrees. a lot of spots in the 40's. the average low is 61. we are warming up. look at some of the spots. tapping into the weather but network. 47 degrees. over one half inch of rain. childrens hospital in washington look at the current
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temperatures. high temperatures with that cool rain. you can see that bubble of cool air that will be over us tonight. the mid part of the country warming up once again. up and down we go. our temperature has dropped 20 degrees at the same time yesterday. we have that touch of humanity. you can see that span in the atmosphere. here is what is going in and over us. there are still some rain showers not too far to the north, up into parts of pennsylvania. you can see those of their and those rain showers will be also -- up there and those rain showers will be dying out. here is the leftovers of the morning rain shower over us tomorrow. it will be downright chilly. later, the moisture comes our way but nothing really severe. even down south, the folks down there continuing their recovery from last week's terrible
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tornadoes. temperatures tomorrow after nicole beginning will get back into the mid- to the high 60's. a light northwesterly wind but it could be low was the low 40's out toward the shenandoah valley. there is a phrase warning out. folks out there in west virginia could have some scattered frost. by tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the mid- to the high 60's. there could be an afternoon shower on friday. the weekend looks like it will be great. come into our new web site, we have a great blog on some of the aerial pictures of the terrible damage in the south. stop by their -- by there, we
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the year after betraying centerboard, jesse james is starting over. -- betraying sandra bullock jesse james is starting over. another caps collapse. i will tell you about that. how about these guys? as things along for another season. they have yet to get past the
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. moving it forward. >> the caps were eliminated tonight, swept by tampa bay 5-3.
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let the questions begin. they could not solve the lightning. the made it 3-1 tampa with that goal. after john erskine close the gap, it was 3-2. all the sudden, the caps looked like they were in the game. all the sudden, this one sealed it. this is a great shot but it is too easy. that made it 5-2. tampa bay sweeps the caps and advances in the east and brit mchenry was there. >> he seemed frustrated and saddened but not as much as the players who told me, the got -- they got outworked. >> it was frustrating.
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>> our players were stricken. we are proud of them. >> they never quit right to the end. all the coach could ask is you just keep plugging through. we thought we had a good chance to win and we did not get it done. >> the telling sign of the future. changes will come and new faces should be in the locker room next season. there will be changes. we will keep you posted. let's go to baseball. they beat the nets 7-4 and the first pitch in the fifth. see you later. a big time home run. the phils manhandled the
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nationals. the final was 7-4. the sophomore was first-team all last season. he managed a double double. almost 12 rebounds a game. the mock draft predicts he will be a first-round draft pick. other scores tonight. the bruins won. the bulls beat the hawks. that series tied at one game apiece. d.c. beat seattle. we will be right
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