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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute is abc7nd in hd, this >> we begin with this breaking district.cross the least five more suspicious up at d.c.e turned schools, and the fbi says more
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be found throughout the day. courtney robinson is live at bancroft elementary with the latest. >> many school officials began calling the fbi this morning when they found these letters, those officials here at bancroft elementary. they saw the letter, they toucht didn't fbi, not because of yesterday's coverage of a ofilar letters but because lasts they receive just october that was almost .dentical it is another day of alarms and at dozens of the d.c. schools. >> yes, i am -- [unintelligible] >> some parents say for good reason. elementary, middle, and high school officials began discovering envelopes postmarked dallas. inside, a piece of paper with "al qaeda," "fbi,"
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"usa" analysis shows some of the starch.o be they are continuing to test the overwhelming amount of evidence lab to find who responsible. >> we are having a laboratory for hazardous material within the powder. similar occurrences occurred or around the country a number of times now. >> we have yet to see theuation's today, but fbi units are on a school grounds. the washington office anticipated more calls to come as schools check mail this morning. >> it is kind of nerve wracking. i understand that there are hoax letters.
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>> the fbi is not treating this hoax. we have more than 30 d.c. schools that of reported receiving similar letters with the white powder inside. the fbi is working to link these letters to ones that have been found across the nation. we also know this noon that d.c. ems set up a command efforts. coordinate >> we have a complete list of schools on our had their for continuously well.d coverage as president obama is thinking the today. his way to fort campbell, kentucky, to thank the covert forces behind sunday's bin laden'son compound in pakistan.
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hevice president of biden -- biden willesident troops. address the the president's visit comes as about a new details potential plot to target u.s. training spots. brianne carter has more on this and any message from al qaeda. >> we saw stepped up police presence, something that travelers called surprising but comforting. the first hearing statement from the terror network. five days after learning about laden's osama bin down, al qaeda is leaders deathir and issuing new warnings and threats. this comes a day after officials information is that bin laden was against the >> you have to go on with their
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life. >> the al qaeda leader was specifically targeting u.s. the anniversary of the attack.r 11 the plan seemed to be in the early stages. >> it is a warning, not actionable, but to the information out to those responsible for the infrastructure. >> there is so many miles of it, be impossible to secure all. air travel has a lot more hazards. >> the first a bit of from the "mother intelligence" suggests another idea, large-scale on cities on key dates. government officials say there is no imminent threat. >> i don't worry about it. >> travelers say they do not add additional security measures outside the station. they say as long as this does security.nto airport
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>> thank you very much. also new at noon today, we have a chilling new detail on how the mission to kill the bin laden and nearly went wrong. a top senator on the senate intelligence committee said that on bin laden was mess. for public and senator saxby forcesss said that the -- republican senator saxby chambliss said that the forces bullet whizzing by bin laden's head. an alexandria woman is charged setting fires to celebrate laden's debt. west virginia they have say her and two other suspects. stood -- students filled the to firesnd responded
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campuses and trash bins in a.e area adam caskey has a look at the first forecast. an important one. is mother's day and you have planned a lot for your wife. >> have it all planned out. mother's pampered on power tools on father's day. areas ofl be some it will be light in nature. 65 in martinsburg. at 68.o, you are with a disturbance moving few at storms and isolated thundershowers closer the sunset today. more about the weekend coming up. >> students at local high got really tragic news after a maryland teenager was wheel.behind the a car truck plowed into
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morning at the intersection of middlebrook and germantown road. candia-old ivar ramiro died. >> daylight revealed just how car crash was. mangled piece of metal is all audi thatft of the was carrying 3 montgomery county meant that collided with a dump .ruck by 18-year-oldn collided with a truck. died of his injuries, and , andin, rodolfo nogales injured but are expected to survive. i was worried and wondering
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.f his family was ok candiaear-old jonathan was a well-liked started the principal got on the p system about the accident asked everyone to pose for a pause for a moment of silence. >> you get something like this and you go, oh, wow. >> the driver of the dump roger terry anthony, was unharmed. the road was shut down for hours as they try to what happened, friends ofhat and the other victims too. >> an investigation is underway than 100 animals were home.d from a animal control officers removed
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small-breed dogs and birds from a house in brown's record yesterday. they found when a dog dead and downer had to be put following an examination. officials said that many of were suffering from skin conditions as well. companies added jobs in april, the third straight hiring jump. still, the unemployment rate as well, up to 9%. the government says 13.7 million people remain unemployed in april, nearly double the number before theof work recession began in 2007. last night, south carolina posted a first major debate of the 2012 election season. the debate featured congressman paul, a former governor's gary johnson,nd former senator rick santorum, herman
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the debate focused on the economy, and libya, and the laughs andgot asked to give a firm yes or no on one topic. >> raise your hand if you would support a resumption of a waterboarding under any circumstances. >> under certain circumstances? any. >> certain or any? >> any circumstances you could imagine -- [applause] >> all but ron paul and raised their hands. coming up on abc7 news at noon, warning from a popular local grocery chain. and a fight to save homes. thousands states this terrible as the mississippi
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river keeps rising. and wounded warriors hit the streets. adam will return with of the could usher in the weekend.
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door toials are going urging residents to evacuate ahead of more dangerous flooding. asy workers packed sandbags water began trickling through a levee. illinois, people are trying can as a riverey and its tributary continue to overflow.
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the best way to get around is by about. -- baot. >> time i can remember in my that it has been this road. i have concerns like the .nderground tanks >> the ohio river started to yesterday.ome spots any relief and they can get is good. our route here we have a really nice day, and looks like. >> the first of two disturbances will be moving through this evening. we don't really have the for anything it is really just not there -- >> just an annoyance. >> nuisance, an annoyance, variety, whenever you it. to call let's look at the time lapse with the sun rise over frederick. the new earth and space science center. level clouds.
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65 degrees downtown as we overlook the potomac into d.c. pitiful picture on this by afternoon -- beautiful picture annapolis along the water at 63. rising this afternoon into the lower seven days, but mid-70's south of the metro. breezy at times, especially metro.f the these are steady winds at 13 miles per hour in annapolis. it is not as bad as the dust yesterday -- gusts yesterday. cloud cover of west virginia. disturbance affecting us is really falling apart. it will not pack much of a punch at all.
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sunset this evening. second system is an area of low pressure. a little more organized than what we are getting today, but not talk much of a either. -- not pack much of a punch either. chance of a few showers, sunday morning. by the cloudy for the rest of night. temperatures doubt near 50. better of the two days this weekend. comfortable throughout the entire weekend. areas of light rain saturday night in the sunday morning. not a washout. >> you can do what is the -- mother'snside day activities inside. >> manicures, they are indoors.
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>> trader joe's says that three of splendido little tomatoes might be contaminated salmonella. the affected commandos carried and "1116" 17." the man convicted of the countyzing a montgomery synagogue will learn his fate from a judge. the 23-year-old faces up to 6.5 years of prison after a jury found him guilty of malicious .estruction of property last year, police say that baron painted swastikas and anti- epithets on at the albany.e in thousands gathered in washington take part in what is called a
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ride.r it is to bring awareness of soldiers and the challenges they've overcome. they use state-of-the-art including tricycles and bicycles. another ride is being held tomorrow in annapolis and a dozen other cities. still to come on abc7 news that new, separate fact from hollywood fiction. inside look at what when the special forces put down bin laden. tomoprah" farewell from hanks an
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on "20/20," the most picture yet of the bin laden tree the mission in pakistan. chris, is the co-host of "20/20 ." you.s good to see >> always good to see you. >> you tried this sort out the versus fiction when at ops. to special we think we know, but what we know if we see in hollywood movies, right? >> and 10 it can often be misleading could we get it right six.the leader of team we tried to give you the latest and best information about everything. we are blessed with the
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have allowed this decade -- owned this decade.r a we will bring you the timeline, start, how did it howen, who is team six, get to be so excellent, go into is tough, but i pool and tried one at that seals do that shows how special how unspecial i am. >> i saw the interview, you had created teamwho six. >> he was ordered to start team the iran hostage crisis in 1980. >> the little snippet i saw was compelling and it will be watching -- we will be watching. best, alison.
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>> and watch tonight at 10:00, at statement for abc7 news 11
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, we continued the countdown to oprah's final show with a look has saidsitive x she central -- dc central kitchen. the oprah effect, tonight at
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5:00. >> if lord out romantic found a way -- a florida man unique way to propose to girl. all the problem, it is illegal . the couple who owns that home, know anyoneven "alison." >> do you think is romantic? no. i have been asked if i am alison everyone who passes by. >> they have at 10 days to fix the door or they will be fined. cost the homeowners $1,100 to this. they are calling it an indecent proposal. >> saturday, the best, sunday,
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