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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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qaeda has admitted online its leader is dead. vowed to avenge his killing. the statement urges pakistan to rise up and troubled and says the death will be a curse that chases the americans and their agents. their plot may be to attack u.s. railways. information seized at the compound outlined ideas to knock trains of tracks over bridges on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. security is high today at union station. >> the subway system in new york -- there is no way you can screen every that goes in. >> the fares cannot be ignored. -- the fares cannot be ignored. >> meanwhile, we are seeing for the first time, video from inside the white house after confirming they got the man behind 9/11.
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>> good job national security team. >> at the same time, it seems that we have not heard the last from 07 -- osama bin laden graves there was talk that he had recorded an audio message a week before his death. it is believed that that will be released in the next coming days. >> thank you very much. america deployed one of its most loyal heroes on the mission, a trained war dog traveled alongside the navy seals. for security reasons the military does not release the names or the braid of these four-legged finders. you will find out how a dog prepares to take down the world's most wanted terrorist. more d.c.'s schools received suspicious letters with white powder inside today. that brings the total to nearly
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40. even though these letters are not dangerous the fear is still out there. we're live in northeast washington. what is the latest? >> i am outside -- they were sent one of the letters. the post office managed to stop the letter before it arrived here at the school. however, at 6 d.c.'s schools they found letters with this white powder in them, bringing the total to 39. parents at schools were average today about letters sent to d.c.'s schools. >> it is a shame. you have people out there but you would want to harm children. >> yesterday, there was fear when school's first discovered envelops from dallas, texas containing white powder and
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saying al qaeda. 29 d.c.'s schools discovered the letters yesterday. today, staffers at six more schools found letters including this school in mount pleasant. >> we anticipated that for the day today and monday, that there would be additional lectures intercepted. >> today the postal service was on the look out. >> our postal employees are trained extensively on how to look for suspicious items. >> the fire department command center has remained open since this started. today was a lot quieter than yesterday. parents are happy the post office stop delivery, but asking what kind of people send such letters? >> it is a school. there is children here. it does not make any sense. >> it is good to know that the post office caught it, but it's
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still scary. children are supposed to be safe. >> after 9/11, someone started sending anthrax laced letters to the u.s. capitol and to d.c. postal workers. the fbi says that these letters are harmless. hundreds of these letters have been sent to locations around the country. for more on this developing story, for a full list of schools that receive the suspicious letters go to our website, severe flooding continues to plague states. many fear the worst. this is the view from the sky in and this, tennessee, where entire farms are partially submerged. today, the coast guard went door to door urging families to
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evacuate. by wednesday the flooding could match or break records setback in the 1930's. for us, some rain is heading this way but will it stick around for the weekend? >> ko'd is skies outside the weather center right now. -- cloudy skies out that the weather center right now. we will get started with the radar. the showers are starting to become a little more widespread now head of the cold front. we see showers west of frederick. there is the cold front, most of the heavy rain is over north carolina. i think we are good for scattered showers isolated thundershowers to the evening. once the front passes this evening, it will get kind of chili. for the next few hours, partly sunny. more details on the mother's day
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weekend forecast just minutes away. it is a sad day at a northwest high school after a recent graduate died in the morning car accident. a dump truck hit a car driven by a ivar ramiro candia. we are live from the crash scene. >> i just spoke with the parents of these brothers, they just got back from the hospital this afternoon. they did not feel up to talking to us on camera, but their son's only a year apart in age were very close. now one is gone and another has to deal with some very serious injuries. a single bouquet of flowers is hanging on a sign at the intersection where the 18-year- old was killed early this morning. added, matter, -- at his alma mater, classmates found out that their friend had passed.
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the principal cause for a moment of silence during school today. >> you could hear her voice breaking up. she asked for us to have a moment of silence. >> friend also said the principal was going to check on the 17-year-old brother, also a student at northwest, and his 33-year-old cousin. police say a dump truck slammed into their car and backed ivar ramiro candia had a flashing red light. the dump truck had a flashing yellow light. the younger brother was in the back seat and not wearing his seat belt. >> he was funny. he was a cool person. >> the driver of the dump truck was not hurt. as for the investigation police said they are still looking into what caused this rack.
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the parent of the brothers say they are not sure right now where the brothers and a cousin were going or coming from last night on around 1:00. let's get to the latest on the historic endeavor mission. the launch has been delayed once again. the earliest the shuttle blastoffs is may 16. last friday was the original launch date, but a teacher malfunction caused it to be scrapped. gabrielle giffords is going to return to cape canaveral for another launch attempt. her husband is commanding the mission. this is the end of an era at the university of maryland. after 22 seasons, and gary williams is stepping up the courts. -- a stepping off the court. >> there were standing ovations, a chance -- chants and cheers
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from both the coach and those who watched him say goodbye. hundreds of the door in maryland fans cheered. williams has he strode onto the floor of the comcast center. >> it has been a decision i've thought about for a while. i would like to thank, first of all -- [applause] >> william saluted the students in his spare walt -- farewell speech. >> every time he comes out your comment -- out here, he has brought players through this program that other schools would have turned down. >> the owner of r.j. bentley's says he is relieved about what his) will do next. >> he will pick up this golf
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clubs, pick up his grandchildren. >> the retirement is a surprise for many fans. >> gary change the culture of maryland. >> thank you, gary. thank you, gary. >> williams is a probable hall of famer and led his 2000 team to the national championship. his next role, he will be the assistant to the athletic director serving as ambassador for the athletic department. gary williams has been an integral part of the university of maryland and the college park to been a cheaper many years. coming up, tim brant talks with one on one with volumes about his past as well as future. >> he is still upset that the coach canceled his golf date. >> he was quite unhappy about
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that. >> 95 neglected dogs released from one maryland home. they are in bad shape. >> a sign of progress along the georgetown waterfront. this is exactly what it looked like a month ago. we will show you what it looks like now. >> 16 whales stranded along the florida keys. how rescuers are trying to set them free. >> i have some really good news about gas prices.
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still got maryland. what's in your wallet? the price at the pump is static -- saying the study that $3.98. >> we are live in northwest washington. it sounds like we are going to hear some good news. >> good news for you and your wallets. things that a little confusing today. the price for a barrel of oil is below the $100 mark. hours later, it was back up bread analysts say the price of gasoline is going to go down. >> get as much as you possibly
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can. >> making every penny count. >> i am just putting in $11. >> after the price of oil dropped over night for the first time since march a barrel was under $100. expect the price of gas to drop 2 cents every day and by memorial weekend, we could see a gallon of gas drop down to $3.50. >> i hope so. >> i will put it on my calendar. >> of $3.50 a gallon by the official kickoff week of the summer may not be enough. >> it is still more than i want to pay. >> experts believe prices will drop everywhere because of concerns about the economy.
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>> i will be back driving to work memorial weekend. >> despite high gas prices, the government announced new jobs were added to the economy last month. >> that proves how resilient the american economy is and how resilient the american worker is and that we can take a hit and keep on going forward. [applause] >> here is the correlation. when the government announced thousands of new jobs today at that is when the price for a barrel of oil shot back to the $100 mark. analysts say to ignore that. investors or speculator is have been selling off because they have been getting nervous about be unrealistically high price of gas. late this afternoon at the white house, mothers
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grandmothers, spouses were told, this is your day. first lady michelle obama hosted a special mother's day tea in the east room of the white house. she spoke about the tremendous sacrifice it takes to be a mother serving in the military. today was also a military spouse appreciation day. about 16 wells beach themselves on the shore of the keys. at least two wells have died. rescuers build a temporary and attend to several others. they were stranded in three separate areas. experts say the whales, warm clothes bonds and is not uncommon to beat as a group of only one of them become sick. that is sad. not the best weekend but it will be ok. showers tonight and maybe some
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showers on sunday. no major storms. let's get you started. let's take a look outside. that is expected because a cold front is moving our way. we are in the maximum heating powers to the showers are starting to pop up in larger numbers just to the west of the metro area. north and west of frederick, the heavier showers. we will see a little clearing after the front moves through tonight. it looks pretty good in annapolis. still some blue skies and sunshine. temperatures, they are okay, too. potomac, 71 degrees. a correct reading of 69 degrees at reagan national airport.
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temperatures across the eastern part of the country are mild. not too warm. we will get the cool air at just brushing off to the north behind the cold front tomorrow, but tonight, we will drop into the 40 pause briefly but we should bounce back into the lower 70's tomorrow. st. paul is at 70 degrees. 79 degrees in omaha right now. if you are looking for mid 70's or warmer, you will have to wait until the end of next week for that to develop around here. a lot of the clouds of fell apart today. this region from the richmond south fort is going to be the new hot spot.
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scattered showers isolated thundershowers that is what is forecast for tonight. there is another disturbance out to the west and that will pay us a visit on mother's day. a nice sunny day tomorrow, but the clouds return tomorrow afternoon. isolated shower, for mother's day, low pressure center is going to pass of the war south. there'll be a chance of a few showers, but the best chance of showers will be in the morning. not a terrible day, but not the clear blue skies that are perfect to honor mom. it is what is going to be. we will clear it out tonight turn cooler. mid 60's at midday. what were 70's in the afternoon. a 40% chance of showers in the morning of mother's day. that will give us increasing shot of -- increasing chance of showers and thundershowers in
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the middle of next week. >> thank you so much. in prime-time what would you do if you saw someone doing extreme grazing at the grocery store right out of the package? >> i did not like them that much. >> you will have to see what happens when a woman comes back. that is tonight at 9:00. coming up, as the countdown to copepods last show, we will take you to a local nonprofit u.s. in the talk-show host generosity firsthand. >> a one-of-a-kind softball team facing a big disadvantage on the field, but they will not let their war will not stop them. it is mother's day weekend what does that mean for flood damage
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the smell of burgers on the grill, those are signs of progress at the georgetown waterfront. >> almost a month after the flood waters damaged restaurants and businesses, at least one restaurant is welcoming back
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customers these days. suzanne kennedy is live in georgetown tonight. >> it is friday and it is 5:00 and that means it is happy hour. it is a very happy time at some of the restaurant here at washington harbour. the flood walls are up, the water is gone, and at least one restaurant at washington harbour is open for business. >> it is good to see them back open. >> they put out the umbrellas this morning at tawny and joe's restaurant. it has been -- is the first time it has been opened since april. the flood caused millions of dollars in property damage and lost revenue. with no kitchen, they are cooking on the grill, and keeping food on eyes, trying to get back to normal. >> we want to be back for our employees, our customers, we are out tear trying to get back up and functional.
5:26 pm
>> this weekend being mother's day would have been a busy and lucrative time for the popular restaurant. staff and busboys are eager to get back to work. >> i have a lot of bills to pay. this is a busy time for the season. >> despite a limited menu, patrons are glad to see one of the hardest hit restaurants up and running. >> i just cannot believe how the effort they have put into getting people back down to the harbor again. >> there is still interior work to be done. coming up, 95 dogs and a handful of birds and rescued
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from deplorable conditions all of them living aside when the maryland house. >> a university of maryland student efforts help its friends to get into we're with you when you're saving for your dreams.
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you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on
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your side. it is a common practice on college campuses around the country. >> he is accused of making hundreds of fake ids. brian bell is live from college park with the details. >> the feds are saying that this young man and was making driver's license is so realistic that they even had the holographic images that are on most modern licenses and they had a magnetic stripes that work properly in coded. they were apparently selling like hotcakes. >> it is alleged that in default of -- in the fall of 2009, he said at a factory in his dorm room. prosecutors claim that michael's and a roommate used a commercial aideed printer encoder to manufacture at least 15 a very realistic fake license
5:31 pm
is that under age classmates could get into bars. they were sold for $170. he could face 30 years in prison if convicted. word of the indictment and possible penalty something of a shock. >> i know it is illegal but some many people have fake ids. i was kind of surprised how harshly they are reacting. >> a spokesperson declined to elaborate on the indictment today. michaels who lives at home with the spirits, has been advised not to comment. that lawyer describes him as a straight day of business didn't and questions why this became a federal case. students say the charges may open some eyes. >> i would not get involved in it because it is a federal offense. >> it is so common that people think -- they forget that it is a crime. >> in this indictment, the feds are saying that if convicted,
5:32 pm
and they want to seek forfeiture in assets in addition to the present time. he was charged with making 15 of these cards but if you do the math he probably sold allegedly more than 100 fake ids around campus. 6 more d.c.'s schools receive suspicious letters today and a post office intercepted four letters. investigators expect to find more through monday. >> president obama just wrapped up a private meeting with the navy seals and took down osama bin laden. the president and vice president delivered a personal bank used to the seals teams at fort campbell in kentucky. the president spoke to a group of troops who recently returned to ask it -- from afghanistan. >> in recent months, reaped high
5:33 pm
school graduate died this morning. his 17-year-old brother and cousin survived. he had a flashing red light, and the dump truck at a flashing yellow lights. >> the man who described britney as a dangerous and disturbed woman before she killed her co- worker -- those who know him are not. >> we are getting a clearer picture her former boyfriend is now talking but some people know him, are. a grand jury just handed out the first-degree murder indictment of the 28-year-old. she allegedly exploited in a violent rage in bethesda, crushing her co-workers school and riddling her body would gashes. >> can i ask you a quick
5:34 pm
question? >> one man who knows her character is now talking. for years prior to the murder, her former boyfriend obtained a restraining order against her. he said that she stopped him and his then girlfriend, breaking into his home, stealing the couple's fund and threatening him. he feared for his safety and she needed anger management and psychiatric evaluation. >> the soon notes say that it is a classic story of realizing someone you are close to is not who you thought they were. >> i got to know were and they figured out that this is not right. i broke it off and it continued. >> they wonder why the restraining order it did not resonate with the authorities. >> prefer to be put on probation for work. it therapy, you know, something mandatory.
5:35 pm
>> she should go on trial in september. the owner of the store does expect to reopen the store here in bethesda. a.d.c. library now bears the name of eight civil rights icon. they celebrated the renaming of the dorothy heights library in the northeast. the library show's new artwork. the mayor says he hopes the name will encourage young people to learn about her life. it is time for a check on the traffic. >> right now, we have some heavy delays on the inner loop of the beltway. we are taking a look at the inner loop back up at groot great but switched our view and look at the albert loop. slow right now as you are making your way between college park and georgia avenue. in maryland, very slow on
5:36 pm
northbound to under 70. -- 270. let's talk about what is happening in virginia on 395. you are seeing delays on southbound 95. coming up, some local middle school students wait for a special visit from the usher but he never shows. what happened? >> the kitchen has received a lot of accolades over the years. this is in a different league. this is 0 prep. >> local nonprofits with a very special connection to oprah winfrey. >> we will show you how that will affect the way you look up
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after 25 years, our oprah countdown continues. over the years, her angel not work has donated millions to various causes. a donation means more than just
5:40 pm
money. >> before, i was into hurting people, and now i am into saving them. >> acknowledging its dark past, the 39-year-old is in a better place and giving back. >> this is part of trying to help put food on the table of folks who need help great help folks given to housing. i want to be a part of that. >> many of the people he supervises at the d.c. central kitchen come from a similar troubled backgrounds involving addiction, or time in prison. but they are all on a new journey that starts in the kitchen. >> this is an opportunity for me to work towards independence. >> the job training program is one of several programs that gives back to the community. they donate more than 4500 meals per day for local shelters, including the one upstairs. it may have been that all encompassing problem -- problem-
5:41 pm
solving spirit that drew her attention 10 years ago. he accepted a $100,000 donation from the zero brought -- from the oprah angel network at the time. ever since they use -- they use the money to expand their recycling program to more than 20 college campuses. >> the kitchen is not what you see here, it is this idea that reverberates out. >> a donation from oprah winfrey comes with much more than just money. the kitchen received more attention after that brief appearance on the show. more cities became interested in replicating the program. >> we call its the united states department of oprah winfrey state approval. >> d.c. central kitchen is among several local organizations that
5:42 pm
received awards from the internet work. some of the others include the cesar chavez public charter school and the dance institute of washington. coming up, the illinois home that was made famous by the movie open " home alone" is now on the market. see 95 neglected dogs are removed from a maryland,.
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a maryland neighborhood is buzzing tonight about what officials found in a hundred >> rescue crews took 95 neglected dogs from a home. >> that is not logging and animal. to be miserable scratching, itching. >> inside the gates of a modest, was a collection of statues figurines. a glimpse into the dark secret neighbors say they never saw. >> never heard of them. i heard that they had had some
5:46 pm
dogs but i did not think of anything like this. >> the 95 dogs and seven birds are now at the animal control center. many had hair loss and tunnel so long, at it they could not walk. -- toe nails so long, they could not walk. >> neighbors said they never saw any of the dogs vote -- outside. only flies and a moldy smell came to the door this afternoon. >> residents say they have expressed their safety concerns to the city health department about the home, but await the response. >> i cannot imagine someone doing that. >> frederick animal control officers have yet to determine a charge or charges. if you would like to adopt one of these little guys, give them a call.
5:47 pm
normally, a children are happy when school lets out at the end of the week, but these kids were pretty disappointed. that is because this morning they were told that custer would be visiting the school today to celebrate their prince william county school of excellence award. by the end of the day no sign of the pop star. >> they said that we had a special guest. they told us today that foster was coming. >> i am really disappointed. >> principal in county officials told abc 7 news that they did finally speak to the rep and says there was a bit of a mixup in communication. the school district spokesperson says the district is sorry that the kids were let down.
5:48 pm
>> you should go visit instead. >> that would terrorize those kids. >> it would be nice if usher came the house where kevin was left home alone can now be yours. the illinois home used in the open " home alone a" movie is on the market. the house features include the staircase where he went to blogging. the asking price is $2.4 million. >> it looks like it has been adopted a bit. kate middleton is having a low- key start to the royal life. the duchess of cambridge was spotted shopping at her local supermarkets. that is where prince william and kate lived.
5:49 pm
she had three police bodyguards with her. another big wedding could be happening soon in england. paul mccartney is engaged to a u.s. businesswoman. the 68-year-olds not the 61- year-old and the hamptons. this'll be his third marriage. >> he has not lost his group. -- groove. some pretty good news on the job market. more people are getting higher, even though the unemployment rate is going up. we have a look at some remarkable dogs who are helping to fight the war on terror. tomorrow will be better of
5:50 pm
the two weekend days. a lot of sunshine. per the cloudy skies temperatures and below 70's. let's get you started. we will take you in the district this morning to an area where we had a little bit of sunshine to start to the day. eventually it lead to desperate showers and thunderstorms developing in the east side of the blue ridge. a little red spot shows the thunderstorms. there is some heavier duties staff south and east towards the rich and area. -- richmond area. we are giving an indication that everything is pushing east. this is a look at this morning blue skies but slowly during
5:51 pm
the day, clouds rolled and. -- in. after the showers and, partly cloudy and cooler temperatures. over the weekend may be a shower of late in the day 72, limited sunshine. that is the latest, more coming up in the next hour. it was a big day in college park as fans came together to say goodbye to a basketball legend. >> gary williams announced his retirement. you had a chance to talk to him? >> it was a very emotional farewell for gary williams here at the university of maryland today, but it was also a celebration of all the success that he has had here. the school announced that from now on, it will be gary williams court at the comcast
5:52 pm
center. this was his decision, he is leaving on his terms. nonetheless, i did catch up with them and we went one on one. >> there is never a right time. all the sudden, you are 69 years old, and people say, get out. the coaching part, i love the practices, i love when the game starts. but there are a lot of other things that are pretty tough. i leave feeling good about the program and that is important to me when you had been here this long. >> you can talk about the 668 wins the national championship. your numbers are phenomenal. for me, one of your greatest accomplishments was resurrecting this program when you came back. >> i agree. that was the toughest thing i ever did in coaching. because of where it was when i got here. i will remember that far more than any particular when, except
5:53 pm
in national championship game. >> or some other things going through your mind today? >> i remember walt williams. we did receive the sanctions what was loyal. he decided to stay with maryland and i will never forget that. >> you screwed up this day, we were going to play golf. >> i will get that done. i have time now. >> i would rather be talking about the 18 we were supposed to be playing today on the golf course. but at 3:40 this afternoon, terry williams walked out of this arena and drove off into the sunset. coming up at 6:00, we will tell you more about the retirement date. we will also look ahead to the possibilities of the new coach. >> when you do look up, you are buying. >> i knew you were going to ask
5:54 pm
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a. one of the kind softball team is going to take the bill tonight for a first time. >> all the players are amputees. rebecca cooper is live in the norris -- in the newsroom. >> they are special the wounded warriors team is the -- many are from the washington region. they all served in iraq and afghanistan. this is a team like nine you have seen before. a crack of the bat sounds the same, but the style is unique. 11 players laughed -- lost their legs below the knee. then there is the rest of the team. >> we have three guys who lost their leg above the knee. we have a young man who lost both of those legs. >> they play and they play well.
5:58 pm
young soldiers battle tested from service in iraq, competitive, but crating the camaraderie of military brethren. >> just watch this outfielder. he has to quickly get rid of his glove to throw its great never missing a beat. they all play to their strengths. >> i've lost an arm. >> he is grateful to the country he fought and almost died for forgiving him is $100,000 leg. >> titanium and plastic. this is a computerized leg. >> the national team give some talking points at his job at the pentagon finding work for wounded war years. >> it is important for me to be able to explain to a lot of private industry or government positions when they hire a wounded warrior with their troop capabilities are. >> yes ladies, the catcher is
5:59 pm
attached. he is single. saturday, they try to beat a medical team from walter reed hospital. on sunday, it is the naval academy. >> their opponents are even going to be rooting for them. that is that for us at 5:00. coming up at 6:00, new details on what al qaeda had planned for peter attacks against americans. the d.c. schools care, day two more suspicious letters are found. we are on the latest developments. a good sign for people who spend months in the unemployment line, coming up at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side.


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