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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i will tell you all about it. abc 7 news starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute days after osama bin laden's debt. >> job well done. >> new tonight a new test targeting another are qaeda leader bread a flash of money falling away from our coffers speed cameras are not going where you think they are. >> we are following the money from the tickets. >> $4 and falling while we may see some relief at the pop. >> hollow and how fast could gas prices dropped? abc 7 news starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. we begin tonight with the
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promise of revenge by al qaeda. president obama watched the raid on a video feed. we have been following this story all week. >> we are burning that there was a video feed that allow the president and his security team to watch the course of events in pakistan. everything went according to plan, and today, president obama wanted to thank those responsible for pulling off. president obama was greeted with cheers at fort campbell in kentucky. >> banks to the incredible skill, courage of countless individuals. >> privately, the president met with the navy seals. not only killing the el qaeda leader but confiscating a treasure trove of information about the organization.
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>> good job, national security team. >> this video shows the initial reaction from the white house. the president congratulating his team. >> the reason i'm calling is to tell you that we killed -- >> reaction has been heated. several hundred protesters -- al qaeda confirmed the death. the former president expressed disappointment that he was not discovered sooner. >> he called pakistan not uncovering osama bin laden a diggs look up. all qaeda says it has a pre- recorded audio message from osama bin laden that it is going
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to release. u.s. officials said they also went forward with a mission to kill american tourist trade sources said it missed the target there. he once served as an imam in falls church. he helped inspire the massacre at fort hood and the attempted bombing at times square. we're learning more about some much-needed relief at the gas pump. right now drivers in virginia are paying $3.89 for regular parade the ravaged in the district is $4.17. we are live in montgomery county with the latest.
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>> one-tenth of a cent, that is how much gasoline dropped today. we know the prices are built -- are still high. $3.96 at the liberty next door. he is not the only ones that up with $4 a gallon gas this spring. >> i do shop around. >> it makes a difference. >> it appears there might be light at the end of the gas in also. average u.s. prices are about to start going the other way. they could hit $3.50 by summer. >> it is $1,500 a month. >> the intersection in montgomery county -- with prices
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about the same, it is hard for local drivers to find a bargain. >> a sharp sell-off in commodities this week and a strengthening u.s. dollar could be signs of better numbers soon. the first clear sign of relief, oil prices fell 50%. some are skeptical. >> the price for the next two or three months is going to get higher because the summer is coming up. i doubt it. >> attorney general eric holder warned americans to be vigilant. lower oil prices could mean manipulation and artificially higher prices. we are on storm watch tonight as we get a closer look at expected flooding in the south. this is new video from mississippi. people living in that part of the country are calling this
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destruction historic and catastrophic. the situation is getting more serious in memphis, tennessee. more than a thousand households have received a flood notices. by brian joins us now with more on the flooding in the south and our local forecast. >> it is historic and it is a combination of the heavy rains and the snow melts. here is a great view from space. this is the lower mississippi there you can see, there is new orleans. look at what is moving out into the gulf of mexico. you can see the lower part of the mississippi and the mississippi delta. imagine the tons of topsoil and all those areas that are brown car -- that is in louisiana.
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imagine the tremendous amount of soil but is now moving into the mississippi and into the gulf of mexico. we had some passing showers and a rumble of thunder but dry air is coming in for us. our temperatures are dropping into the 50's. i think a pretty nice weekend coming up. there may be some passing showers, but a quiet weekend. i will tell you all the details. there is a changing at the gut -- of the guard at the university of maryland. >> gary williams is retiring after 23 years on the job. >> the atmosphere in that contest center, and it was almost surreal. i read noam terry williams until late 1960's. i never thought i would see him leave. 22 years after he resurrected
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the maryland program after 668 career wins and a hall of fame mazuma, at -- collophane resume gary williams retired. it was an emotional ordeal for him. this was his decision, made on his terms and it was time. >> i feel like i still could coach, but at the same time, you realize that there are other things out there. i started coaching at age 23. i've seen coaches were they stay too long. if you leave a little early, it is better than leaving late. >> university president said that in paris on the table name its gary valium scored at comcast center. kevin anderson did not want to talk about the coaching search. even though kevin would not talk about the new coach i will.
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coming up later in sports. we investigate where your money goes when you get caught by a speed camera. cameras are collecting millions of dollars and many of you think all that money goes back to the government. but is not the case. >> that is money rowling int when the camera flashes, someone is going at least 12 over the let's parade this camera on 95 as this year to more than 200,000 tickets since late to a dozen nine. >> is a way for the state to collect money nonstop. >> the cameras have brought in $15.8 million. $11.4 million is profits for state police. one play $5 million was spent in maintenance costs. the arrests $2.9 million so
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far, more than 18% of the revenue goes to the contractor who runs the program. it is not a cop when you get a ticket it is a contractor. >> they handle the hiring of those people, the buying of the vehicles, the equipment, and the management. >> i think it is highway robbery. i did not know that they contacted them out. >> every time that camera flashes, the contractor is making money. even though the state contract is not allow for the contractor to be paid per ticket great the contractor is making more than $7 out of the $40 ticket. in montgomery county, where there are 72 cameras, that same contractor gets $16.25 per ticket. that is a 40% cut worth more than $5.8 million last year.
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>> i expect top-quality service. >> i do not like that at all. >> it should be making money for the state not the contractor. >> official said the contract -- the camera so you down. what of its selling point to the cameras, they are proven way to increase revenue. for a more specific breakdown of where the speed camera money goes, go to >> i do not think that story is going to make a lot of people happy. coming up, how they hit a home run in more ways than one. >> gabrielle giffords takes a big step but -- forward in her recovery.
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>> it is a popular river walk project going to the birds?
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construction project in the district has literally gone to the boards. they have been stopped because of ospreys which have nested on one of the construction equipment. >> since the ospreys are a protected species it means no one is going to shoo them away. meanwhile, the rest of us will get a rare glimpse of a new osprey family. it is an unusual nesting place for this family, 75 feet above the on finished anacostia river way. >> this is absolutely wonderful. >> a male and female osprey pair has made the top of this construction crane their home. experts say nine out of 10 use
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man-made structures for nesting. location location, location. >> it has a perfect view of the river and it is safe from predators. >> it to take the nesting mother a month to have her babies. >> crews will continue working in other areas until these guests leave operate -- guests leave. >> they're coming back to the river and nesting. >> in the meantime, a rare glimpse of nature at work in the city. >> are really do believe that that is their plan. >> it will probably be about 2.5 months before crews will continue to work in the area near the nest. this testing is a good sign that the anacostia river is a viable
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food and water source for wildlife. arizona congressman gabrielle giffords went out tonight. a spokesperson said she and her husband met another couple at a restaurant in houston. they're both back in houston after the final flight of space shuttle endeavor was delayed. doctors say she is making a remarkable recovery after suffering a gunshot wound to the head. a one-of-a-kind softball team took to the field for the first time. the wounded warrior amputees softball team played against fbi agents at george mason university tonight. the players have a busy weekend had. tomorrow, they will be playing against a team of doctors and specialists who were involved in their imputations.
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>> incredible story. >> i have a feeling they will beat those doctors. >> good softball weather, too. we had a bit of everything today. here is how it looked from our storm watch camera. you can see some of those fair weather clouds, and late this afternoon, they built up enough, and there are some rain showers. our temperatures right now are 58 degrees. this weekend, it is a nice weekend. our average high temperature will be 72. we will get the temperature is dropping into the 50's. frederick, after a half of an inch of rain. a lot of spots did it a bit of rain. there is high temperatures around the country, these
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temperatures are pretty close to average. you can see the little bubble of cooler air coming on a parade that is the good news. with the weather pattern that we have, the jet stream is moving along, it means no severe weather and the good news for the folks who are suffering down in tennessee and trying to prepare for this terrible flood, it will remain dry down there. the last thing anybody needs is any more rain for them. overnight tonight those clouds break up. we will see a little bit -- there might be an afternoon shower well after 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow. in the moister states will to our south. next week, delightful. tomorrow, when you get up, a lot of sunshine parade temperatures
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will be in the 40's to low 50's. it will be one of those nice warnings -- mornings. some clouds coming in and by late tomorrow, there could be some passing showers but nothing very severe. temperatures will be into the 70's by date and the 50's by night. a great time of the year. later on in the year, there could -- later on in the week, there could be some passing showers. there were more rainbow's again today. >> coming up, his wing man was a reptile. that is only part of the story.
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a chicago man is in trouble tonight over what he calls his chick magnet. he has a pet alligator because it attracted women. i do not know which kind of women. he kept the alligator in the fish tank and only counted once a month. they typically reached up to 14 feet. the alligator was taken to the local animal welfare. >> what ever happened to just having puppies? >> that is too easy. the not go fishing.
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so long to gary land. the search for a new head coach it will happen quickly, folk
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>> gary williams stepped into retirement today with tears and his eyes. what a bittersweet afternoon it was spread -- it was. after 22 years more than 600 wins a couple of final fours and a national title the head coach said so long. >> there is no perfect time. the perfect time to do it is after you win in national championship. i was way too young then parade at 66, i am still young enough to maybe do some things that i could not do at 6970. >> you resurrected the program. to back where it was competitive. >> that was the toughest thing i ever did in coaching. i will remember that more than
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any particular when. >> sources tell me that athletic director kevin anderson has already made headway in the search for a new coach. arizona coach sean miller, it was a great recruiter, will talk with kevin anderson over the weekend. this will happen fast. one of this former assistant was hired as head coach at george washington. he has a phenomenal record. mike has 15 winning seasons already. congratulations. in baseball, the nationals and marlins went extra innings tonight down in florida. he barreled this pitch all of the wall.
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it was one-0 nationals. the final was 3-0. the nationals when. tampa bay beat baltimore 6-tier. talk about a rep. that is a monster home run. do not forget that tomorrow is the 137th run for the roses parade 20 horses in the field. >> that is you're looking in sports. >> [ male announcer ] washington,
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the gold cup is running tomorrow.
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only one thing missing. you may see a rainbow. i had it there on my blog. go to
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