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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cities along the mississippi
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bracing for a flood. bad news in new orleans for the coming days. very latest. as the waters of the river rise, memphis preparing for a flood. we never seen anything like this. this is historic. a wall of water flowing down mississippi. not expected to crest in memphis until midweek. evacuate it has not been mass evacuations at this point. mississippi and tennessee at least 100closed roads saturday. >> we have never seen this in our life. the flood water should come a of the record.t >> my dad told us when he was a
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boy, he remembered boats. >> in south memphis, residents were on the move. they build a tent city to shelter all of the evacuees. the flood waters will threaten rouge and new orleans in the coming week. governor bob mcdonald says the federal emergency management denied his request for assistance. virginia was hit by more than two dozen twisters. it looks like one restaurant open on the waterfront tomorrow. several restaurants were flooded out.
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the restaurant reopened after a major cleanup. the kitchen is still closed. restaurant is cutting on a grill in keeping food on ice. they say mother's day is one of themost lucrative days of year four restaurants. what do we expect tomorrow for mother's day? we have been tracking schall tracking showers all evening long. of the showers how moved of the region, well to the d.c. metro. a chance for a few sprinkles during the mother -- hours.the overnight sunshine and a few on mother's day. our extended outlook -- the 70' back into our full forecast coming up in a few minutes. the first couple headed out on the town.
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president obama and first lady michelle were spotted dining in northwest washington. the restaurant served a italian fare. it was reportedly a pre-mother's day celebration. still ahead, a child attack at a zoo. plus, plane controversy. an airline is apologizing after passengers are kicked off. and a big event tonight. pass[ male announcer ]off. looking for a complete picture of your money?
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boy climbeday a over a security fence and a leper.d the animal grabbed the boy and to bite him. the boy suffered cuts and puncture wounds. is expected to be ok.
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as set toelection begin monday in a murder trial. the mother attempted to visit daughter in jail, but she to see her mother. she will be allowed in the courtroom for the trial. atlantic southeast airlines is apologizing to two muslims off a flight. the incident happened yesterday. they boarded a flight to memphis after going through security. the plane left the gate, but the pilot ordered it to return. the pilot claims he was reacting passenger concerns. pilot stated some of the not feels did comfortable. passengers were asked, indicated they were uncomfortable. the two were put on a later
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flight without further incident. rising for months, and heading theould be other way. well prices are now falling. they fell 15% last week and are below $100 per barrel. the price fell slightly yesterday. gas is still hovering near $4 a gallon. believe prices will fall nearly 50 cents in the coming weeks. airit has only been on the months, but there is a up at oprah winfrey's network. chief operating discovery communications. on an interim basis. the network is jointly owned by harpo productions. to hundreds paid a visit
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d.c. est at showcases the best of britain. their performances by shakespearean players and a parade. >> the good times over there. the sun was shining. the rain held off until the evening hours. tomorrow, mother's day, showers in the forecast. cloudy skies. 64 degrees currently at reagan national airport. when at the northwest at 8 miles per hour. was 72 degrees, target.uch on the record was set in 1930. landover -- 64. no rain to speak up.
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a final stop texas to washington where it is 61 degrees are to birchers ranged 50's to the 60's. doppler radar shows showers to us.south of for the immediate metro, a few sprinkles here or there. it will not amount to a whole lot. showers back in the forecast for tomorrow. a 30% chance. cooler in pittsburgh. air to the south of us. give us a couple of days, and it nicer outside. temperatures will warm up on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. winds will be to the south. high pressure will build behind the system. a few showers here and there, to the west of d.c. a remoteoudy and two.r or
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48 to 55 degrees for an overnight low. a 30% to mother's day -- chance of possible showers. most of us will see partly sunny temperatures near 70 to 75 degrees. wins out of the north. is the extended outlook. mid 70's on monday, tuesday, and into wednesday. a cold front stars to take and bring in thunderstorms. upcomingr for the weekend. forecast on line 24 hours a day. you can check out our radar.tive soon, interactive extended outlook. something new. it sounds exciting. check it out. coming up
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dozens of vintage airplanes display in northern virginia today. helped to raise for a program that scholarships, internships, and other sources. we have the kentucky derby today. running of the derby went off in its usual fashion. derby went off in its usual fashion. i am sure there were we don't just make a taillight... ..we mae a sculpture. we don't just make a sunroof... ..we make the heavens wide.
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b >> when it comes to a horse racing, even the most seasoned get it wrong. american kingdom was in 12th the second turn. he went on to win it. the -- he won the most famous two minutes in sports.
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>> animal kingdom roaring down the center of the track. animal kingdom has won the derby. the first kentucky when for the writer who is uncle mo.o ride this was the first race on dirt the animal kingdom. >> a first of all, i have only really big ones. it happens, it is sur rielle. all i can tell you. you can see it. know it happens. the nationals injury problems continue. rick and keel became the latest on the disabled list.
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another player was called up from aaa syracuse. the much help out in needed laid-off duties. bases loaded. a single to center. 2-0. bottom of the third, tied at two. a great diving catch to end the inning. eighth, the former national lines to suck it. he defied gravity on that one. nationals win 5-2. out rogerrter struck davis and completed his no- tonight. is the second of his career hitter on theh no- history. he walked one player. it is the second no-hitter of the season.
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the tigers beat the blue jays 9- 0. after an emotional farewell to williams, sources close to abc 7 say arizona's head coach the terrapin's favorite. maryland is in a full-court press. anderson has reportedly meet withas vegas to miller. it is not like miller is leaving situation. he led the wildcats to the eight. the pac-10 coach of the year. decision to be based more on location rather than money. the decision could come as early as monday. oklahoma city thunder in memphis in overtime. he gets the short jumper. 101-is goes on to win it
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93. the miami heat beat the boston the celtics beat the miami heat. miami.root for do. >> the boston celtics played at home. ♪
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>> a lot of people are suffering allergies and pollen. temperatures tomorrow will be degrees. we were talking earlier about they have thatow flooding. they will continue to the flooding problem. here is the extended outlook.
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mid 70' in the here is the extended outlook. mid [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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after aly one week killed, weaden was look at the world's most wanted terrorists. the pictures we are about to see materials seized last sunday. they seem almost like home video. images show osama bin laden in hiding and off guard, possibly in the fortified he died.where the terrorist leader is watching aboutvision program


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