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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  May 7, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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the camera reveals the al qaeda leader huddled in a blanket. his beard is grey. at one point he orders the camera operator to focus on the television set. when he gives a propaganda message, his beard is dyed black. bin laden is very interested in his own image. video shows bin laden apparently rehearsing. the government cut all the sound from the tapes for security reasons. these videos were among many islands sealed by the navy -- seized by the navy seals on sunday. an entire task force is working overtime to go through the volumes of files and documents. they reveal that he was still acting as a ceo of terror. >> the items gathered releasing is the largest collection ever gathered. it shows that bin laden was more
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than just a figurehead. he was involved in the operational planning. >> this shows al qaeda plotting attacks. past al qaeda plans have included blowing up dams and poisoning drinking waters, plans that no longer include a son of bin laden -- osama bin laden. john harris spoke to christiane amanpour. >> it is obviously -- obviously a historic week in washington and around the world. tell us what we learned about president obama and his handling of the bin laden death that we did not know before. >> it does not get much bigger. here you have public enemy
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number one. it happens on president obama's watch. i finally killed him. this is a big deal. first and foremost he said in the campaign that pakistan did not do it, the united states would do it. now he has done it. he has shown a clear and determined leadership. the fact of the matter is, intelligence has been working on this for years and years. they have connected the dots. in the regard of giving out all
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the information so quickly i do not know if it is to spend it right or get out as much as possible. there were some errors. the big news is that bin laden is dead and gone. >> will this change upper that obama is perceived around the world by his fellow leaders and foreign populations? does this change is perception and profile? >> i would say yes. even if it does not materially affect relationships, i think people will look at some respect that he was able to order this kind of white knuckle operation. on the other hand, this is what leadership is all -- all about. intelligence officials will tell you this is the best we are
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going to get, it is incumbent to pull the trigger. >> this sunday, what do you have in store? >> the administration pottery point of view. then we will have an exclusive with the pakistani ambassador to the united states. the president is not talking. the is the designated representative for pakistan right now. whether you like it or not pakistan is a necessary ally. there are real questions to be asked. how could this happen? it really does raise that question. not just between the u.s. and pakistan, but globally. how could that happen? then, of course, we will talk
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to allocate the experts. we'll have dick cheney on to give the bush-cheney perspective on what has gone down. we will find out what it was like to look for him under the bush administration. as john boehner said, the head of the snake is been decapitated. is the snake still alive? that is the important question. now we are going to see and have to examine what this means to out gotta in the future -- what it means to allocate a -- al queda in the future. the world has basically intervened to disrupt al qaeda. there have not been significant attacks in the past several years. the underwear bomber, the times square attempt -- there have
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been attempts that could have been bad but they have not been able to do what they did on 9/11. >> thank you. you can watch the interview here on abc 7 tomorrow morning at 10:00. tolls on the dulles toll road could surge by the year two thousand 40. that is according to the washington examiner. the numbers are said to be preliminary. the tolls could be lowered if the project can get a special federal loan to lower interest rates. a statue of president gerald ford is now in the house. the statue was dedicated in a ceremony tuesday afternoon. mr. ford was the only president who was not elected president or vice president. he was appointed president when
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president richard nixon resigned. still ahead -- >> we awakened to death. it was quite an experience. >> they risk their lives, jumped on a bus, and changed history. we will see the freedom riders coming up. >> we have a few showers out there right now. what can we expect for mo
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one of the most important moments in civil rights history began on the streets of the sea earlier this week, the mayor honored the freedom riders for their courage. >> it has been a long time. >> it has been half a century. they helped launch a remarkable and daring movement. >> i knew there were danger -- i knew there was danger. we did not know that we pushed it. we truly pushed it. >> over 400 civil rights activist, black and white
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boarded buses in 1961 to challenge segregation policies that play interstate travel. >> you have to keep the whites and blacks separate. >> this campaign met with resistance in the south. a bus set ablaze in anniston. >> it was more than we could ever a imagine. >> now retired in arlington, she was a freedom rider arrested in jackson, mississippi. they were imprisoned for months. >> i was shaken to the core because death was only a breath away. >> their endurance along with the shocking images of hate pushed the federal government to and jim crow laws on public transportation. >> i contributed. i feel darned good about making
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a contribution. >> they will soon share their trips through history with college students. >> i consider the freedom riders to be living legends. >> when you think of the freedom riders, it is a legacy that will endure. >> on sunday, a bellhop on a bus and retrace the courageous steps of a haunting past that forever changed our nation. >> after 60 years, we are glad to be alive and hope to pass on, not all the details of what we did, but the lessons of what we did. >> it begins on sunday here in washington d.c., winds its way to the park, an ins 10 days in new orleans, louisiana. this led to some of the most monumental moments in u.s.
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history -- the civil rights act of 1964 in the voting rights act of 1965. >> gadahn recount a police have kicked off their latest campaign. it is to protect drivers and pedestrians along routes to and from schools. both drivers and pedestrians violators -- >> the department of transportation is launching a program to give students electronic metro cards. passes will be replaced. the first phase of the program includes about 500 students in northwest d.c. still ahead this new movie
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a violent home invasion in georgetown. three men allegedly beat up students and tied them up. police say they escaped with
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three laptops and are still on the loose tonight. virginia gov. bob mcdonald says the federal emergency management agency has denied the state's request for disaster assistance. virginia was hit by more than two dozen twisters. the governor says he is considering whether to appeal the decision. the first couple headed out for a night of the town. president obama and michelle obama were spotted in a tent restaurant in northwest washington. the restaurant served a italian fare. the dinner was reportedly a pre mother's day celebration. >> mother's day is the big top. >> and lot of activities planned for tomorrow. a few sprinkles here and there but we will not see a washout. mostly cloudy skies. a few showers outside. they will not amount to much. 64 degrees is the current temperature at the airport.
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we had a high of 72. low-cal hot it got this time of year. a record of 95 set in 1930. 61 in herndon. 63 degrees in the winds have fizzled out. 57 in annapolis. look at our doppler radar. all the showers will to the south of the d.c. metro. we may see a few sprinkles during the overnight and a few showers for the day tomorrow. but will see more sun. all of the bad flooding toward the mississippi valley -- fortunately no rain out there right now. for us, high pressure eventually settles back into the area. that means clear skies for monday tuesday, and wednesday.
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temperatures well into the 70's. a cold front will arrive late on friday giving us a better chance for some thunderstorms. here's our forecast for tonight. mostly cloudy with some showers. opry -- upper 40's. look for partly sunny skies for mother's day. ollie a 30% chance of showers. 70 to 75 for a daytime high. a cold front late friday and a chance for some thunderstorms. nighttime lows for the most part -- in the 50's. . and click on the weather tab. >> a lot more to come. >> blockbuster season gets hammered this weekend by
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>> a new action hero swept into theaters this weekend. arch campbell talks about the new movie "thor." >> thrown out of this ancient world into modern-day new mexico "thor" mixes old and new worlds.
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it is pretty serious stuff when anthony hopkins plays your father. exiled to new mexico. >> you dare threaten me? >> once he catches natalie portman's i -- her role as a scientist makes things more interesting, especially when thor's house arrive from above. the mixture of action and goofiness helps it arise -- rise above the usual comic stuff. 3 stars. pg13 thor sores. four stars for "water for
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elephants." 3 stars for "rio." 3 stars for "the beaver." not quite 34 "forast five." have a nice weekend everybody. i am arch campbell. now it is time to meet a new star. >> ronald darby is fast. you better not blink or you might miss him. he is the maryland state champion in the 100 and 200 meter dashes. he read the tujunga meters in 21.2 seconds, the fastest time in the nation. track and field is not even his first court. he is rated the number 1 quarterback in the class of 2012 and ha


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