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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 8, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the bin laden tapes. the pentagon releases five videos found inside osama bin laden's compound. they offer a fascinating look at the terrorist leader's secret life from dying his beard to watching himself on television. what new analysis of the tapes tell us this morning. flood watch. nearly 4 million people are bracing for a once in a century flood as the mighty mississippi overflows. towns are submerged, and thousands are being told to evacuate today. so why are so many deciding to stay? true survivor. an incredible story of survival on this mother's day. the mom lost in the wilderness for seven weeks surviving only on water and trail mix. she is safe this morning, but now they are searching for her
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missing husband. and rescue and release. a heroic effort by dozens of volunteers pays off. stranded whales near death just two days ago now set free back into the sea. we'll tell you how these men and women stood in the water for hours holding and nursing them back to health. and we should say again happy mother's day to everybody at home. happy mother's day to dr. nancy lee harris and johnna golodryga. my mom and of course all the moms in america. >> johnna is coming to new york. >> johnna is in new york. yes, i'm going to see her for a day. we'll have a fun day. mother's day gifts going around, my grandmother, as well. >> happy mother's day and we have a big mother's day segment. >> we'll put some moms to work doing something different. we usually have our experts review those as seen on tv products. but today we're getting the real
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experts, of course, moms from across the country, we're getting them to try those out and put them to the test, so you know this commercial, the bowl that claims to never spill, but does it really work? moms have the answer. >> moms gave that bowl to a 21/2-year-old and let him sprint around the house. we'll tell you the results coming up. it has been a year now since a university of virginia lacrosse player by the name of yeardley love was murdered. this was a huge case. she was allegedly killed by her boyfriend. today for the first time we're going to hear from her family and her close friends. taste coming up. have. but we do begin with a stunning new look at osama bin laden as we've never seen him before. the glimpse into how the terrorist leader was living comes courtesy of home videos found in his hideout. david kerley is in washington with the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. these are just five short clips but they are remarkable in what they show and the message that the u.s. hopes they send to members of al qaeda. it is the most candid and revealing video of osama bin
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laden we have ever seen. there he is with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, a tv remote in his hand. a gray beard as he flips around the channels looking at pictures of himself holding a rifle then telling the person with the camera to focus on that. vanity? possibly. but this was work too. >> he's been ahead of his time as a media producer and even a media innovator. >> reporter: we were able match the scene on the tv to a news conference held in january of last year. also released by u.s. officials four other clips showing bin laden's making propaganda statements but look at the difference. the candid shots, the gray beard. the propaganda tape, the beard has been dyed black. >> this was a man who was obsessed with his image and rightly so. this is in many ways al qaeda's most powerful tool was its use of video and its use of the internet. >> reporter: the u.s. stripped all the audio from the clips saying they didn't want to deliver bin laden's message. some are outtakes. in one a light goes out.
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bin laden seems to miss a cue. in this candid video we see a second tv, a computer, a calculator and all the documents and files scooped up here proves an intelligence official says that bin laden was an active player, not a figure head. he was planning attacks and had a continuing interest to attack u.s. transportation and infrastructure systems and was relying on his courier network to get out his orders, which means this compound was a command and control center for al qaeda, and releasing the clips is a u.s. attempt to send a message to the terror network. more on the dna identification of bin laden. the senior intelligence official says they used a broad database meaning it was more than one relative of bin laden's that they matched against and said the chance that it was not bin laden is 1 -- are you ready -- a 1 chance in 11.8 quadrillion this isn't bin laden. dan, don't forget, we have seen just a fraction of what they
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found in that compound. >> perhaps a lot more to come, david kerley in washington, thank you. for more on the bin laden tapes, we've got jack cloonan with us. he's a former fbi security and counterterrorism expert who was assigned to the agency's elite bin laden unit. jack, good morning. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. let's start with this indelible image of osama bin laden wrapped in a blanket looking frail watching himself on tv. "the new york times" says it looks like an aging actor imagining his comeback. when you see this, what's your reaction? >> i agree. i think he looks like an aging actor. frankly, does he look to you like he is the commander of a worldwide terrorist network? he doesn't. he looks obsessed with his image, and, frankly, i don't think this is the image he wants to project at all. >> the other image that the u.s. government released is this stuff with him dying his beard black. when you pair that with the stuff of him watching himself on tv, it seems like the government is trying to say this is an elderly and vain individual. >> sure, they're trying to discredit his image worldwide. i mean obviously this is stage managed.
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he rehearses, and this is not exactly what we want to see. i mean, frankly, when i look at that, i say, that's not the leader that we've been looking at for ten years. >> so what seems to me somewhat contradictory is on the one hand they're trying to portray him as elderly and vain and on the other hand, they're saying he was the active leader of al qaeda. in fact, we've done some close-ups here. you can see that what he's got in his room is a television, a telephone -- actually no telephone, a television, a calculator and computer. is that enough to be running a global terror network? >> frankly, it isn't. and you would expect a lot more, wouldn't you? this tells me a lot is in the details. we haven't seen, frankly, what this treasure trove of information has. that doesn't convince me that he was in charge of a terrorist network. >> you were on the front lines of this hunt for a long time. when you heard he was caught, what did you think and feel? >> i was very, very proud of the intelligence community, obviously the military for what they did. i think the message that was delivered a week ago today was powerful, personal and lethal.
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we've got to sustain that. >> and you've expressed some displeasure with the fact, though, that the u.s. government is portraying what they found as a treasure trove of intelligence. >> i think information is power, and i think going quiet right now is the most powerful thing we can do. we understand that there's a treasure trove. let's not talk about it again. strength is in our -- in the information that we have and going silent right now because the other leaders out there have to be wondering, when are they coming for me? let's not give them a heads-up. >> jack cloonan, we appreciate your insights. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> bianna, over to you. >> all right, we want to turn to christiane christiane now, the host of abc's "this week." she's covered bin laden extensively, and she joins us from washington at the newseum and, christiane, you're not on set. tell us where you're standing. >> we're just a floor up from our set in the newseum right behind me. it's the managinged tower,
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that antenna on the north tower of the world trade center building and collapsed obviously on 9/11, and it's been brought here and also headlines from here and around the world the day after 9/11, so today it's really important to be here. >> christiane, i want to ask for your reaction to the government's release of these specific images of bin laden as a tired, old man. >> well, i think precisely as your previous guest said, this is not the face of the mastermind of terror, the terrifying man who we've all thought about over the last ten years. the images that we have seen broadcast were very carefully managed. osama bin laden on one knee firing a kalashnikov. osama bin laden giving interviews, osama bin laden giving those, you know, rather terrifying low voice somewhat mysterious image cultivating that he did all these long years. here he was bereft of all that. no image to cultivate, just an old man sitting in a room watching himself on television. >> and to think he's the most hunted man in the world. you have an exclusive interview this morning with pakistan's ambassador to the u.s., and, of course, the question still remains, how did pakistan not know that bin laden was right
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there under their nose living in two cities for up to eight years? >> well, it is really extraordinary and not just two cities, in military garrisons and, remember that khalid shaikh mohammed, the previous high-value target was also found in a military garrison near islamabad. these are extremely important questions to ask, and pakistan, we're going to ask whether they're going to hold those responsible accountable, whether there will be a meaningful investigation into what happened, whether there will be heads that roll, but more importantly, whether they will change their strategic view that india is a bigger threat to them than terrorism and al qaeda, which is what they believe right now. >> well, maybe the pakistanis should have listened to you, christiane, back in 2008. i want to play a clip of a video from "realtime with bill maher" when you were on the show in 2008 when you specifically said that one of your sources said bin laden wasn't in a cave in afghanistan but rather in a villa in pakistan. let's take a look. >> i wish. >> he's in a cave somewhere. >> he's not. i just talked to somebody very
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knowledgeable. >> she knows osama bin laden? >> well, she doesn't think -- this woman -- >> by the way, sarah palin -- >> in a nice comfortable villa in pakistan, not a cave, that's all. >> a villa, a nice comfortable villa. and come to think all these years later that's exactly where he was. why did your source believe that he was living in a villa in pakistan? >> that was quite rambunctious on "the bill maher show," but i got it out. basically it was a cia official just left the agency involved in the hunt for bin laden and their gut or her gut was telling her that, frankly, to be able to put out those videos, to be able to put out all those audio, nothing about him told her that he was living in a care, somewhere where he had access to people, to technology. >> and she was absolutely right and, christiane, before we leave i want to say happy mother's day to you. i hope you have a great day with your family and obviously you've got a busy show coming up, as well. christiane will be sitting down with the president's national security adviser as well as condoleezza rice. >> dan?
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>> amazing she made that prediction back in 2008. now we are going to move to what they're calling a slow-motion disaster along the mississippi river. take a look at the map. it shows where flooding is forecast to hit in the coming days, south from tennessee to mississippi then down to louisiana. thousands of the 4 million people who live along the river have already evacuated, and our steve osunsami is in memphis where some areas are already underwater. steve, i want to say good morning to you, but for a lot of people there, it is not a good morning at all. >> reporter: it is not a good morning for so many people. this is a poor neighborhood on the south end of memphis. the mississippi river has traveled five miles to swallow these homes. most of the families who live here tell us they do not have flood insurance, they never thought they'd need it. they can't believe this is happening. from southern illinois to the gulf of mexico, more than 4 million people live in the areas next to the mississippi, and from now until the end of may, most of them will be nervously watching the rising river. all weekend long authorities
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from arkansas to tennessee have been urging thousands of families in harm's way to leave their homes because the river is coming. >> we have to get a u-haul truck and we'll have to evacuate. >> reporter: the river is expected to crest in memphis at 48 feet on monday, two days earlier than they first thought. >> and it's raining again. >> i'm thinking probably up halfway to that window before it's over with. >> larry hunt and most of his family listened to authorities and evacuated before several feet of water poured into this neighborhood. >> we're looking at another week and a half, at least a week and a half. >> reporter: his mother refuses to leave. the family has tried convincing her, pointing to the floodwaters gathering inches from her home. her grandson told us he's tried too. >> this is going to take to the point that the water is actually coming in the house. >> reporter: don't you think you should leave now? >> not now. >> reporter: not now. on historic beale street in memphis, the birthplace of the blues, the street is now under several feet of water.
8:13 am
>> reminds us who is in charge and it ain't us. >> that's right. >> reporter: the rivers are forcing cities and counties in at least three states to close roads. >> we got 91 locations according to the engineer they need to check out, and from there we have to make a decision which ones are going to have to be closed. >> reporter: once the mississippi crests, the high water is expected to remain for days. dan and bianna, this is all putting tremendous pressure on the levee and flood control systems all along the mississippi. >> steve, thank you. this is going to be a huge story in the coming weeks. steve, thanks again. let's get the rest of the morning's headlines with ron claiborne. good morning. >> hey, good morning, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. well, there are gun battles raging in the streets of kandahar for a second straight day. afghan security forces are fighting militants holed up in a hotel in the southern city. the taliban launched a major assault on saturday attacking government buildings including the government's compound's mayor's office. none of the buildings were
8:14 am
breached by the militants. nearly 200 have been arrested in egypt after clashes between muslims and christians that left at least ten people dead. mobs set two churches on fire and gunshots were fired in the western cairo neighborhood sparked by rumors that a christian woman married a muslim man. and a long shot winner was the unlikely winner of the kentucky derby yesterday. animal kingdom overcame 20-1 odds winning the 137th run for the roses in front of a record crowd at churchill downs in kentucky, of course, the second leg of the triple crown the preakness is in narld in two weeks. near perfection in baseball. yesterday detroit tigers pitcher justin verlander threw a no-hitter beating toronto 9-0 but he barely missed a perfect game. his only blemish was a walk in the eighth inning. it was ver lander's second no-hitter, the second one in baseball this year. this week minnesota's francisco liriano threw a perfect game, sorry, a no-hitter. almost a perfect game.
8:15 am
>> verlander was magnanimous. he had that one walk i believe in the eighth inning and he actually said the ump made the right call. >> and he could have argued with the ump and gotten thrown out of the game. >> absolutely, ron, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> let's get the morning's weather with jackie meretsky. jackie, good morning. >> happy mother's day to everyone. just switching gears i'm thinking about all the mothers that live along the flood zone and that have to gather their families together to evacuate. a dire situation. the expected crest along the mississippi river at memphis is monday. now, meanwhile, we've also got some thunderstorms pushing through the area. however, really the damage is done because of all the rain that fell in april. a huge storm system west of the continental divide, we're talking about extremely gusty winds in the southwest. we've got some fire danger there and rain and snow. in fact, if you live in and around western montana, one to two feet of snow is expected. >> good morning. day, motherer's
8:16 am
with the being stingy sunshine. south.owers to the here is doppler radar. showers.s county, rain storyill be the day.ghout the temperatures close to 60 degrees. mostly overcast skies in the hours with a sprinkle or two. >> bianna, happy mother's day to you and your mom. >> happy mother's day to you, jackie. thank you. well, it was one year ago today that the university of virginia lacrosse player yeardley love was found beaten to death had her apartment. her ex-boyfriend george huguely also a uva lacrosse player confessed to the murder. her teammate, coaches and family have remained silent until now. many of them are speaking exclusively to "gma" about how they're keeping love's spirit alive. here's ashleigh banfield. >> she was compassionate and fun and kind-hearted and smart and
8:17 am
just had like a lot of things going for her. >> thee truly saw the world through sunshine-colored glasses, just everything in a positive light. >> reporter: a year after her tragic death, it is the happy memories of yeardley love that friends and close family like cousin sharon robinson remember. most of all. >> when i think about her growing up, i think of her smiling and i think of her laughing. >> reporter: a life with big dream, teacher and coach erin gillen says yeardley had one special goal growing up >> ever since i've known yeardley she always wanted to play lacrosse at uva. >> i look back at pictures that i have of her and probably 6, 7, 8 years old wearing virginia lacrosse shorts or t-shirts. >> she was tenacious, she gave you her best all the time. as a coach that's the greatest gift an athlete can give you. >> reporter: after her death an outpouring of love. people around the country reaching out. >> and we got letters from so many people who were truly touched by her kindness and goodness and so before too long, i just said we wanted to do something to honor her memory.
8:18 am
>> the one love foundation was established to bring out the yeardley in everyone. the point of the foundation to try to give positive experiences to adolescents. >> it really means the world to all of us and particularly to sharon and to lexie to know that yeardley did touch somebody's life. >> reporter: and on the field uva pays the ultimate tribute. coach julie meyers and the women's lacrosse team retiring yeardley number 1 jersey this spring. >> we still her locker. her locker plate is still up. we all take a glance and very privately kind of think for a few minutes when we see it. she still has a way of making us reflect back but making us feel good about reflecting. >> reporter: now one year later her teachers, coaches, friends and family remember yeardley and her legacy. >> her spirit of positivity and perseverance and silliness will live on because she made that big of an impact on all of us. >> she was a friend. you know, she was a daughter. she was a sister. she was my cousin, and we all loved her for who she was. >> and our thanks to ashleigh
8:19 am
banfield for that report. and this morning we've got an update on that mission to rescue a family of whales off the keys in florida. volunteers have been working around the clock since thursday and now they are celebrating some success. here's matt gutman. >> here we go. here we go. animal in the water. >> reporter: this was the moment so many worked so hard for. >> then we got them in successfully. they swam away together and the whole -- everyone just went off cheering. >> reporter: two pilot whales near death 48 hours ago released back into the ocean. [ cheers ] >> reporter: teams of rescuers had so carefully hoisted them onto barges and motored miles out to sea keeping these whales, so powerful in the water and so fragile out of it, wet and hydrated throughout. they've been part of a pod, a family of at least 20 whales that beached itself in cujo key, florida, thursday afternoon triggering this massive rescue effort. dozens of volunteers working in shifts around the clock standing in the water holding the whales
8:20 am
afloat, keeping them alive. sadly, as of this morning, at least 14 have died. 5 other whales too weak to float and breathe on their own are still being held as veterinarians closely monitor their status, and the mystery remains, why would healthy whales like the ones freed last night beach themselves along with the sick ones effectively committing mass suicide with their families? scientists think they can rule out that a loud noise caused this mass stranding so that narrows it down to a couple of other thing, possibly toxins in the water or disease. those whales that were set free were outfitted with satellite tracking devices so biologists can better understand their movements, and as for the five survivors, they'll be sent to rehabilitation centers in the hope that they too eventually will be set free. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> it is incredible what those people have done for those animals. and coming up, we have
8:21 am
another story of survival. a woman lost in the wilderness for seven weeks with only trail mix and water. how did she survive? we've got her amazing story, but what happened to her husband? and nothing but net. look at this video. an amazing trick shot or is it all a trick? ron claiborne has his doubts. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day.
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♪ good morning [ male announcer ] there are sixteen fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each carton of tropicana pure premium and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. tropicana -- we put the good in morning. >> good morning. in the news, and virginia governor says fema has denied for disasterequest assistance.
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morgan two doesn't twister's in virginia twistersn two doesn' went through the virginia area in april. now let's get a check on the weather. >> a few scattered showers out of there. for the most part it will be rain free. not a bad day out of there as we the low 70's. >> thanks. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister.
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♪ they're playing basketball >> whoa. that is amazing. we have cued up the classic hip-hop track "basketball" by kurtis blow from 1984 in case anybody is checking as a soundtrack for this amazing clip which we're going to explain to you in a little bit and when i saw this for the first time, it brought to mind that other classic from the film "caddyshack." check this out. >> it's in the hole. it's in the hole. >> hey. >> i saw that a thousand times. good morning, america, i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. love that song. playing basketball. i could sing it all morning but it is also an important morning, because it's sunday, may 8th. it's also mother's day so happy mother's day to all of you moms out there. a special shout-out to our "gma" team of mom testers. we asked three
8:31 am
mothers from across the country to test out those as seen on tv products. we'll tell you which ones lived up to mom's expectation and which ones, well, were a disappointment. but we're going to begin with an amazing story of survival. a canadian woman has been found alive in a remote section of northeastern nevada nearly seven weeks after she and her husband disappeared. jeremy hubbard is here with the latest details. good morning, jeremy. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. she lived on nothing but water and trail mix. this morning she's in the hospital 20 to 30 pounds lighter but walking around and seemingly in good health as the search goes on for her still missing husband. the family of albert and rita chretien was stunned when they got the call friday. rita was still alive. >> absolutely incredible. it came as a total surprise. we believe it's a miracle. >> reporter: march 19th is when they were last heard from setting out on a 1,200-mile road trip from their home in british columbia headed for a trade show in las vegas. that afternoon they buy gas at this convenience store in oregon. this surveillance video is the
8:32 am
last anyone would see of them. back on the road they make their way to nevada opting for a scenic route, but they get stranded on a desolate logging road. >> for two days they were getting stuck and unstuck in their vehicle over and over again until eventually the husband said, i'm going to go out and look for help, and that was the last she had seen of him. >> reporter: that was day three. while she waits in their van alone with nothing but water and trail mix to eat, their family fears the worst. on march 30th, day 11, they're reported missing. >> wherever they are, they're not safe. they would be home. they would have contacted us if they were going to be delayed. >> reporter: what follows is a massive search across three states, friends, family, even the royal canadian mounted police combing over a 3,000-square-mile search area, then finally friday, some 49 days after it all started, their van is spotted by a group of hunters. rita is rushed to a hospital in twin falls, idaho. >> she is in relatively good condition through what she's gone through, and she's coherent and been speaking with my
8:33 am
nephew. >> reporter: police say she is upset and wants to find her husband. the family says they've already been on the receiving end of one stunning surprise. now they're praying for another. >> we believe possibly that god could grant us another miracle for albert and happy mother's day to rita and her three sons. >> and the family says rita is telling them she now doubts whether she would have made it three more days out there alone in the wild. she had been keeping a journal to let her family know what had happened and police are hoping to get more information from rita about which direction albert was headed so hopefully that will sort of point them in the right way to go. >> it is fascinating when you think about her role as a mother. the first thing she did was apologize to her children for having to worry. >> putting them through it. how about that? >> jeremy, thank you. >> you bet. let's get the rest of the headlines of the morning, and ron claiborne is here once again. >> good morning again, dan and bianna, jeremy. good morning, everyone. in the news we're getting a remarkable look at osama bin laden's secret life in his compound. the government has released five
8:34 am
video clips seized by navy s.e.a.l.s. intelligence officials say the evidence proves he was active in planning al qaeda attacks. japan says it is sifting through nuclear power despite the disaster caused by march's earthquake and tsunami. a top official there says they will maintain atomic power as a major part of its energy policy. religious leaders in alabama are calling for super sunday and they're preparing for an outpouring of volunteers to help clean up last month's deadly tornadoes. at least 329 people across 7 states were killed. and finally, high honors for a fallen navy s.e.a.l. the mother of lieutenant michael murphy, who was killed in a firefight in afghanistan, christened a warship bearing his name. saturday would have been murphy's 35th birthday. time for the weather and jackie meretsky. jackie? >> hey, ron, and we do have a lot of active weather to get to. first of all, severe storms. okay, we have two areas with convective outlooks up in the north, the northern plains, south dakota, even into western iowa. can't rule out the possibility
8:35 am
of a few tornadoes and also in texas from san angelo up to southern oklahoma. we could also see some very aggressive storms there. now, meanwhile, we have a surface low and an upper level low combining to give us high fire danger. look at this. 40 to 60-mile-per-hour winds, and that takes us all the way westward into southern california, and, of course, it is mother's day. happy mother's day to everyone. look at this, in mothers arms island, florida, i believe that's >> good morning i am dave zahren mother's day morning. a few clouds out of their. mild around 72, we will top >> today's weather has been brought to you by macy's. dan and bianna. >> jackie, thank you. come you go up on "good morning america" --
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meet our team of mom testers. we asked them to put some of those as seen on tv products to the test. we'll tell you which ones are approved. >> some of these get a little messy. we told you all week about the amazing navy s.e.a.l. dog involved in the raid on bin laden's compound. what about the top secret and very deadly squad of military cats? you think this is real, bianna? >> only you could find this. that's coming up. it's tough to run with congestion.
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it is mother's day, and while traditionally moms get the day off on this day, we are putting some moms to work. we often review products here on "gma," but there are some products, like the ones in front of us, that we feel needed the mom's seal of approval. >> that is true. so we reached out to moms across the country to see who wanted to be one of our mom testers, and, becky worley, well, she is a mom herself, and she's joining us from oakland, california, via skype with the results. these are some tough graders, becky. >> they were tough. they were serious, and they had a real chore here because ads for infomercials target moms squarely. simpler cooking, easier cleaning. so with that target on moms, we asked our mom testers to target infomercial products.
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>> hi. >> reporter: meet "gma's" team of mom testers. three women tasked with testing those as seen on tv products with big promises that have us wondering whether they really make a mom's life easier. from winter park, florida, ashley van, two kids with one on the way susan woods from los angeles, california, son harry. and buffalo, new york's andrea pusateri with a toddler and a baby girl. we shipped them four products and asked for their rating, the ultimate mom approved or the heart-wrenching mom disappointed. first up the gyro bowl. >> magically stays open side up mo matter what. >> spinning around. and it's not supposed to spill. oh, my gosh. that's crazy. >> reporter: susan's impressed. ashley tests the product and then presents it to the target market, son brian. >> do you like that bowl, brian? >> yeah, it's for a baby.
8:41 am
>> reporter: andrea's son gianni has "good morning america" to thank for this. >> and go. >> whoops. >> that's okay. keep going. >> reporter: ashley and susan give the gyro bowl mom approved. >> my little boy loved carrying it around and it was fun, right, brian? >> yes. >> reporter: andrea who sent her son sprinting around the house, well, she had a little cleaning up to do. >> the gyro bowl is a mom disappointed. >> reporter: rating for the gyro bowl, two moms approved and one's disappointed. now on to the total pillow. >> total pillow supports your neck, ankles, knees. >> reporter: works great for andrea. >> i can sit back and relax. it's pretty comfortable. yay! >> reporter: how is the total pillow faring in los angeles? >> it's good. >> i think it's really uncomfortable. >> put your finger in front of the lens. >> reporter: back in florida with ashley's daughter louise operating the camera. >> my arm is hurting right here. >> okay. this was mom disappointed. every member of the family tried it. we just thought it was too firm. >> reporter: total pillow, one
8:42 am
mom approves, two are disappointed. next, you got to love this. the robostir. >> it stirs so you don't have to. >> reporter: susan's intrigued because she enjoys being in the kitchen, but it takes a few tries to figure out. >> kind of feel like it's not stirring fast enough. oh, my gosh. here we -- j.p., we have to do the whole thing now. it has different speeds. >> reporter: for andrea, having free hands is important. >> i feel pretty comfortable that i can walk away and go put the baby down and get the rest of the meal ready. >> reporter: and ashley is looking at time management. >> so we are just waiting for it to pick up some momentum. it's been about 12 minutes, and it's really going to town. >> reporter: all moms agree this gets the mom's steel of approval. >> moving on to the microwavable pasta boat. >> without the hassle. >> reporter: the testing begins. >> you fill up one of the handles, it's enough for two servings. you set this on high for 18
8:43 am
minutes, and that's supposed to cook it. okay. we'll get back to you. >> reporter: does it work? >> we'll just see how it tastes. >> reporter: and after all of that, two moms approve. but andrea raises a point. >> the spaghetti looks cooks, and i'm sure it tastes delicious but nowhere on the packaging does it say it's bpa free so i do not feel comfortable feeding this to my family, so in the end, mom disappointed. >> reporter: the mom tester test actually came in handy for ashley's time management needs. one pasta boat and robostir test later and dinner is on the table and the most important seal of approval. >> how does the spaghetti taste? the noodles? >> super-duper-duper good. >> mom approved. i think it's delicious. >> reporter: now, the makers of pasta boat tell us that their product is made with food grade fda approved plastic, but for many who are concerned about bpa that's still controversy. bottom line on the robostir, i
8:44 am
got to disagree with our testers. i made gravy with it, and one pot stirred by hand came out silky smooth. the one stirred by robostir was horrors, lumpy. guy, i don't know. >> at least you're able to open it. dan has been sitting here for three minutes trying to open the package. >> yeah. you need a flame thrower to open this thing. it's crazy. >> he's like a kid in a candy store. testing out all these products. >> i've given up. >> becky, thank you. happy mother's day. >> you guys too. >> well, if you would like to be one of our mom testers or dan tester, you can go -- >> if you can open the package. >> -- to our website,"gma" or our facebook page to find out how. >> and coming up here on "good morning america," trick basketball shots and the cats of war. just two of the things we're fixated on this week. details on both of those -- look at that kitty cat storming the beach. >> you're fixated. >> we'll be right back. i can't wait to take 'em out, throw 'em away and never see them again. [ male announcer ] know the feeling?
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♪ well, we are back with our new segment where we show you stories, images and videos that caught our attention this week and that we just had to share. dan, we're going to start with you. >> we still haven't named the segment. >> no. >> we'll get to that in a bit. so this is the thing, a lot of people e-mailed me this week, we've been talking all week about the fact there was this dog involved in the navy s.e.a.l. raid to get bin laden, a dog with titanium teeth. did you know there are a lot of cats involved in military work? there are some pictures circulating. that's a cat storming the beach in world war ii. we also have some pictures of some parachuting cats. they don't actually need parachutes because they land on
8:49 am
their feet every time, and there's also a picture -- this is actually from the raid of a cat sneaking up on one of osama bin laden's aides. obviously this is all a joke. this is all photo shopped. it comes from "slate" magazine. there is a cat in the situation room monitoring events. >> is this what you're hoping for for your cat? >> no, my cat is too dumb to do anything like that. >> okay. >> i didn't mean it. >> no. >> jackie, you're fixated on something. >> all right, well, let's switch gears. let's talk about mother's day a bit. the good folks at, they're making a case that moms should have life insurance policies, not just the breadwinner, typically the dad. they're saying if something happened to mom, here's what you would have to pay an expert to do all the duties that mom does so a couple thing, cooking, they're saying over the course of the year about $7,000, taking care of the kids, i think it's way more than $20,000. and another one, guys, that i came up with, because i'm going through this with my 2 1/2-year-old, a toilet
8:50 am
training expert, and i looked this up online. i looked it up, and it would cost from $100 to $500 a week and that could last for months. >> you're underpaid, jackie. >> i know. i know my husband is watching now. >> speaking of mother's day, i was fixated with what was on on friday. emeril lagasse every year has his breakfast in bed. this year it went to mary tyson. she was obviously as you can see very excited to win. this woman has an incredible story, though. she's raised six children of her own and on top of that, her eight siblings. her parents died at a young age, and she raised them all of them as if they were her own. she never celebrated a birthday. they didn't have money -- >> i was fixated on a couple of basketball tricks, amazing things on video. check this one out. now, this one i'm going to show you is a guy hitting a basketball with a golf club from 100 feet away. >> unbelievable. >> into the basket. >> you think that's real?
8:51 am
>> i'll tell you, i do. i was skeptical at first but i talked with the kids. they go to olentangy high school outside of columbus, ohio, and they sounded believable. and another trick involving throwing a basket from the top of the ohio state football stadium into the basket there. they told me that they had to do that one, the second trick, about 83 times before they got it right. the first one, 137 times. >> right, so that's the trick. >> before they got it right. yeah. a lot of people think they photoshopped this. i believe them. >> who has time for this? >> high school students. >> high school. by the way, we should say we are in the home stretch of the segment having no name, and we've reached out to a lot of people on the internet to get some suggestions. some the standouts include "obsession confession." we also had one called "anchor management" which -- >> i like that. >> and also "bianna's gold" was suggested to us.
8:52 am
it's not too late though if you have an idea, let us know on twitter or and on twitter @gma. we'll be right back. do you like that? "bianna's gold." looks like the number one contender. >> swish. or i just forget. but look. this is doing fine. why? it's planted in miracle-gro moisture control potting mix. it holds 33% more water... than ordinary potting soil. releasing it as plants need it. not when i get around to it. and there's miracle-gro plant food mixed in. so you get miracle-gro results... i like that. [ female announcer ] miracle-gro moisture control potting mix. success starts with the soil. imagine a day free of worry, a day when we can eat what we want, drink what we want, and sleep soundly through the night. finally that day has arrived with prevacid®24hr. just one pill helps keep you heartburn-free for a full 24 hours.
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8:56 am
i don't want to name any names, but somebody at this table suggested we rename the entire broadcast "bianna's gold." >> i like it. what do you think? >> thanks for watching, everybody. we're always online at where are you going, ron? >> i'm going to call my mom. okay? >> absolutely, see you, ron. >> happy mother's day. see you later for christiane christiane and david muir with "world news." >> call your mom. >> call your mom. >> good morning. d.c. police are investigating a southbound 295 capitol street. a pedestrian was struck early morning in the died at the scene.
8:57 am
maryland police are investigating another incident involving a pedestrian. it happened just before 3:00 this morning. the victim went to the hospital in critical condition. hasmacdonald says fema fored the state's request assistance. requested help after last of deadlyring tornadoes. the governor is considering appeal thenot to decision. here is dave zahren for a book a cover forecast. i am more encouraged than i about thisours ago mother day. high clouds. is storms can what we have the washington area. a low pressure center moving to the south east. it is headed down towards virginia beach. to heaviest showers down northern virginia. the threat of showers will be in
8:58 am
but it will be a low possibility. to indulge ine outdoor plants. right now around 50 degrees. as we go through the day, we talk about between 70 and 75 degrees. i think the risk for raindrops is rather low. not a bad mother's day. look at the sunshine coming our through wednesday. >> thank you for watching. happy mother's day.
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